i will go to japan someday

The first time Victor asks Yuuri to marry him is 2 Long Island Iced Teas later after the banquet. He’s drooling on Chris’ tailored suit, and describing in detail their wedding. Chris pats his head and texts his husband their room number because there is now way in hell he’s carrying 200 lbs of drunk in love Russian by himself. 

The second is a joke over dinner when they’ve been dancing around each other for weeks. Yuuri hands him a plate of something and tells him to “Just try it!” Victor gasps at the delicious flavor and without thinking shouts, “God, I could marry you right now.” 
Mari snorts at their matching blushing faces, and how they pointedly ignore the fact they’ve been holding hands for 20 mins now. 

The third time is in a cramped hotel in Fukuoka after 3 days without each other. Yuuri smells like the cheap bar soap that came with the room, and Makkachin is drooling onto the back of Victor’s leg. Victor stares at the ceiling and realizes.
“I’m going to marry you.” He whispers. “I’m going to marry you someday, and I can’t wait.” 
Yuuri snorts in his sleep. Victor considers it a yes. 

The gold catches the lights of Barcelona in a way that the silver medal can’t. Yuuri holds Victor’s hand the entire ride back to the hotel enjoying the quiet between. The peace after the ride of what the last two days have been. Their time together is short since Victor would be heading back to Russia to train for nationals while Yuuri did the same in Japan. They don’t talk about it.

Instead, Victor draws the ring to his lips and asks him again. “Will you marry me?” 

Yuuri laughs and tugs him in for a slow kiss. “You could ask me a thousand time and my answer will be the same Vitya. Yes.” 

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Scenario where Kuroo is defending and comforting their insecure s/o because they are a foreigner and their skin color and accent makes them stick out like a sore thumb in Japan, and people often stare at them? Had this on my mind for a while now actually. Being black, I often get deterred from traveling to the far East (or anywhere out of the country) because I'm worried how they'll receive me there 😔 love Love LOVE your work! Keep it up you beautiful human, you!

Of course!! It must be pretty hard for you to want to travel to Japan if people keep discouraging that… I’m often surrounded by people of different races than mine with very few of people who actually have the same roots as I do, which can be kind of weird sometimes and cause some staring since that’s pretty much my friend group too. I hope that one day you really do get to go!! Please enjoy this scenario, and thank you kindly for the words and the request! -Admin 4AM

“Oh my gosh, look at their skin,” a couple points. Against your own will, you look at the couple and find that they indeed are pointing at you. You look away quickly and fidget a little bit. Where was he?

“Their face too… a little…” Some dumb face is made and a giggle is heard, “Like that, you know?”

“Can you stop saying things about me?” You loudly accuse, the couple stop and slightly pale when they realize you speak their native tongue. The mumble apologies and then turn away to whisper more nasty things. You swear you were about to scream when you hear them talk about your pronunciation and accent.

“You know, that’s not very nice to whisper things about someone when you’re obviously not from here yourself.” Kuroo! The couple turns around and grimaces slightly when they see your boyfriend, standing there with his arms crossed and his jaw clenched.

“We’re from here, what d’ya mean, huh?” Kuroo smirks and gives them a light, almost mocking chuckle. His laughing smile drops and now he wears a glare with a frown. And then he walks towards the couple.

“I’m talking about…” Deep breath, “You acting all high and mighty as if you lived in this city being filthy rich, when you’re from the country and have looked down on yourselves for being such. We’re not that special out here, so what makes you think that you have every right to look down on someone now that you are in the city? We don’t do that you do, never-”  Kuroo looks at you, his hostile look is completely wiped away with an endearing smile, “-do that to my lover.”

The couple exchange a couple of words to each other and then scurry away, already embarrassed by Kuroo’s confrontation and the attention they received from the other people walking about. Kuroo has to bite his lip to keep himself from letting out a series of laughs when he sees your face. Mouth opened, eyes wide, and some red cheeks.

“Kuroo…” You say when your boyfriend walks over to you finally.

“Beloved.” He laughs this time when you smack him, and you can’t help but do so as well. “I’m serious though… what’s not to love?”

Taka on Hiro and MY FIRST STORY

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Oh my Goodness …..  learning Japanese is such a big uphill battle for me. The long video and the translation had been viral in OOR fandom like crazy. For a Storyteller member like me, I’m more interested in these two parts, of course.

  (^^) Thank you Tomo-chan for the video and for editing it right down to the parts that MY FIRST STORY fans wanted to hear the most. ….. because I didn’t watch it live.

About Hiro:

『寛? 寛樹と連絡最近をとってない、でも… まぁ … 実の兄弟だからね。実の … やっぱり… 応援してますよ!』
『Hiro? Hiroki to renraku saikin wo totte nai. Demo … ma .. jitsu no kyoudai da kara ne. Jitsu no … yappari … ouen shitemasu yo!』
“Hiro? I haven’t been in touch with Hiroki recently. But, well, we’re flesh and blood brothers, you know. So, of course, I’m cheering for him..!“

“Even if Hiroki and I don’t contact each other more often BUT believe me, we’re brothers and that bond will always be there and I’ll always be there for him.“

About performing with MY FIRST STORY:

The Question:

『マイファスをゲストに呼んで一緒にライブ できる ?』
『Maifasu wo gesuto yonde isshou ni raibu dekiru?』
“Will you be ok if you get invited to be a guest for MY FIRST STORY?”

The Answer:

『Hmm (^^) … そう日がいつか来ればいいね~。』
『Hmm (^^) …. sou hi ga itsuka kureba ii ne.』
“Hmm (^^) ….. if that day comes someday, it would be nice.”

“I hope that day will come someday.”

\(^^)/ \(^^)/ \(^^)/

Yup, after listening to it for probably 25x …. at least XD, I then had to refer to my dear Japanese friend Mai. Thank you so much Mai-chan for helping me with the many words I failed to get. My listening skill really sucks. So frustrating that all the words he said at these parts were within my vocabulary but I couldn’t hear very well. Couldn’t catch “jitsu no” and “ouen” at all ….. among some. I swear his “saikin" sounded like “saikyou" to me there. Still does. I was confused like hell because it threw the translation to the opposite direction. 

m(_ _)m

At the rate I’m going, I will definitely get lost in the middle of nowhere again if I go to visit Japan in the future.

My thoughts:

His smile when talking about MY FIRST STORY …… aww ….. he’s always been supportive of them (^^). Someday. He said “someday”. Now is not the right time. Not yet (^_-)

At one point this stunning blonde walks over to me, taps me on my shoulder and says, “Hello, I’m Jamie Shoop and Prince would like you to escort him to the mens room.” How bizarre I thought. Certainly a line I’ll never forget. “Who,” I asked. “Prince!” she said contemplating my response. Didn’t I know who Prince was. She pointed to him and I nonchalantly glanced over my shoulder in his direction. What an eyeful this boy. “What’s wrong,” I said. “Can’t he hold it himself?” This was of course the beginning of a communication line based on sheer poetry. He had the biggest doe eyes I’d ever seen. “Wait here I’ll go and get him” Jamie said. He sauntered over as if on a catwalk with more than enough confidence trying hard not to smile. Obviously somebody famous because everyone was looking his way. I regret to say that I did not. You see I’d been in Japan for the last year and hadn’t kept up with the latest music in the U.S.A. Approximately six months previous to this moment I recalled seeing his face in a record shop in Japan. For a split second I thought to myself, “I wouldn’t mind meeting up with this guy someday. He kind of looks like he could be my brother.”

So here he was, asking me if I wanted to go outside and get some fresh air. Obviously the bathroom line wasn’t working. Michael Jackson passed by trying hard not to be noticed. What was he doing in a place like this then. I stopped to say hello followed by a quick goodbye with Prince nudging me to leave. Once outside I could hear by his speech that he was a little tipsy. He kept asking and repeating my name over and over again. Then he totally shifted gears by asking if he could try on my coat. I laughed a little and thought, “why not?” He looked pretty good in it but then again I determined that he might very well be gay.

—  Vanity, excerpt from an unreleased version of Blame it on Vanity

I was listening to a song called Togetsukyo - Kimi Omou - and searching up the English translation. It comes from the latest endings of Detective Conan and during the ending, it shows the animation of a long bridge upon a river surrounded by forests with their leaves colored by autumn. I was marveling at the animation because it looked absolutely amazing and it also made me long to go to a place like that. 

But while I was looking up the English translation for the song, I saw that there was a line that read, ‘On the Togetsu Bridge…’ and I suddenly got curious which lead to me looking up this bridge and boy, did I fall in love immediately. 

The full name of it is Togetsukyo and it means ‘bridge to the moon’ or ‘Moon Crossing Bridge’ and this is a place that I definitely aim to go to whenever I get the chance to visit Japan. It’s in the outskirts of Kyoto and in Arashiyama which is a famous tourist attraction. It looks like a place where you go and clear your head while marveling at the beauty of nature that surrounds you. I’m still trying to get my head wrapped around the fact that a place like this actually exists and I may be able to visit it someday. It’s just…it’s so beautiful and it looks so serene. 

I am having a lot of feels right now.

And the meaning of the name: Moon Crossing Bridge

I am completely in love. 

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Where do you two want to go on vacation!? I am dying to check out Europe someday and would love to go back to Japan.

Tweek: I’ve wWanted t-to go with Craig to Ethiopia to tRY theIR coFfeE.

Craig: anywhere besides peru. maybe croatia or something like that

Tweek: dDoesnt jJapan … like… thThey have like perVert old dudDes that gGrab yoUr ass a-ANd take piCTures of underpPAnts on suBways?? GAH!

Craig: dont worry. their phone wont work when i shove it down their throat if they try

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Mukuro's s/o wanting to change their name to get away from family. How would he react? Scenario please~


admin Adelheid

~I hope this is okay, Anon. Thank you for the ask.~

He just happened on them by pure accident.

You had a habit of borrowing his books and conveniently ‘forgetting’ to return them to him even though it had been months since you finished them. Mukuro thought it was cute and he had since considered it a game between the two of you when he would steal into your house to begin the Easter egg hunt that involved his books and the various places in your apartment you might have hidden it. He had even found one in your underwear drawer once. It had been quite an interesting find that led to more interesting things.

So when he found an odd looking loose floorboard protruding slightly from the carpet of your bedroom he had thought he had hit the jackpot. He did think it odd that you would go out of your way to ruin your floors just for the sake of your game, though.

It was there that he found the passports with your face but none of your names on them. There was also a large amount of cash. He had also found a gun with its serial number filed off and several nicks in the barrel to make it indiscernible if one fired a shot from it.

He was sitting on your bed staring at the box, a mix of denial and disbelief chasing each other across his hetero chromatic eyes when you found him. And your heart broke all over again.

“What is this?” he asked, his voice hoarse as though he had been gargling glass.

You sucked a deep breath in and closed your eyes against the stinging tears threatening to spill to your cheeks. You had never wanted to hurt him. You loved him too much for this but… but… “I can’t do it anymore, Mukuro. I just… can’t.”

Mukuro shook his head at your words and tried again. “I don’t understand.”

“They made me kill children!”

“That was a mistake.” He told you between gritted teeth, remembering the incident where you had accidentally blown up a school bus full of children with your Flames as you chased and cornered a traitor. An incident that Mukuro had personally taken pains to sweep under the rug and made the media and authorities declare the incident as the fault of drunk driving. “You didn’t know. You didn’t mean to―”

It doesn’t matter!” you cried out as tears fell from your eyes like a veritable waterfall. “I’m sorry, Mukuro, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me but it doesn’t change the fact that I killed them! They haunt me in my sleep! They cry out for me when I wake up! I see their faces everywhere I go blaming me! Consigning me to hell! And now every time I take a mission I’m always afraid and I’m even more scared I’ll get someone killed because of my mistakes… I can’t do this anymore! I just can’t!”

“And do you think changing your name and running away from the Mafia will solve all that?!”

“It’s better than staying here and going mad!”

He watched you tremble and shake and cry. Mukuro suddenly understood that it was too late to help you. Too late for you to turn back. You were ruined. Ruined by the same beautiful conscience that he had fallen in love with the moment he had first spoken to you. Ruined by the honor that had attracted him to you in the first place. Keeping you here would only break you… And he loved you too much to see you despair.

And yet the selfish possessiveness so ingrained in his heart refused to let you go. “So what do you want me to do? Give you up? Let you leave?”

“Run away with me, Mukuro.” His heart stopped at the words. He could hardly believe what he had just heard. You approached him, knelt between his legs, wrapped your arms around him and kissed the bottom of his chin in a way that made him close his eyes. “Surely… Surely you want some peace too?”

He couldn’t stop himself from kissing you back and taking you on your bed with the dizzying desperation of the damned. You made him feel things. You made him want the things he couldn’t have! He wanted to marry you! And as he kissed you back and thrust inside you his heart repeated the tempting litany like a siren’s song.

Maybe he could come with you? Maybe he could leave? Maybe you could still be together despite all the odds…?

But even as he stared at your sleeping face after the seemingly endless night of lovemaking he knew that there was no way out for him. He was a Vongola Guardian. His fate was tied the moment Sawada Tsunayoshi bailed him out of Vindicare. How could he turn his back on the only man who had willingly accepted him despite his person being engulfed in sins too terrible to forgive?

He was nothing like you. You did not come to the Mafia tainted. It was the Mafia who had tainted you. It was to be expected that you would break down after an ordeal like that. Your heart was too good. It was not etched in madness. You deserved more than what the Mafia could give you.

You deserved more than him

He kissed your forehead tenderly and held you close to his chest as you slept. Decision already manifesting in his will as he allowed his indigo Flames to engulf you through his touch even as bitter tears flowed from his chin to soak into your hair.

“I love you…” he whispered fiercely as he held you desperately close. “I’ll always love you…”

A few days later you were at the airport waiting for your flight to be called. Once you heard it over the airport’s announcement you started dragging your luggage behind you. On the way you bumped into a man making you drop your passport.

“I’m sorry!” you apologized as you bent to pick your fallen credentials up.

However a larger, gloved hand beat you to it and you blink when the papers were offered to you by the stranger. “No, the fault was all mine.”

You look up and blinked. In front of you was a handsome man with red and blue eyes. You were arrested at their sheer beauty even as the wry smirk on his lips made you want to smile back.

“Japan, is it?” he asked, peeking at your tickets as you took them in your hand. “I’ve heard it’s a lovely place.”

“It is!” you chirped with a bright smile at the charming stranger. Strange… you thought. Why do I suddenly want to cry? “You should come visit some time!”

He nodded. As regal and poised as a nobleman in storybooks. “Perhaps I will. Someday. Have a safe flight.”

“Ah! You too! Oh!” you started as the speakers called your flight again and you started to rush. “I need to go or they’ll leave without me! Goodbye!”

Mukuro watched you rush away; his eyes dull and lifeless. He had already briefed Tsunayoshi that you would not be returning. And though the Vongola Decimo seemed to suspect that something else was going on he deigned to feign an ignorance Mukuro was grateful for.

“I love you…” He whispered wearily even as the busy airport crowd passed him by. “I will always love you…”


Some Reasons why I love Peniel’s VLOGS:

Let’s start from the very basic: 

1, The editing is dope!  

 And by that, I mean really, really good. Most of his shots and the quality of contents are above average!  I usually feel bored easily when watching vlog, but Peniel’s camera point of view is so beautiful as he showed the view in between places, from train, car, (also time lapse and stuffs) and.. yeah it also makes me even more excited to visit Japan again, someday. (hiks). And, remembering his profession as an active singer slash celebrity with packed schedule. I really admire Peniel’s commitment in shooting, editing and everything. 

2. The very simple titles given:

Well done! 1st! My worst enemy! or.. Tokyo! Udon! New Camera!

I love the very simple title, some are only consisted of one or two words. And the title given even makes me feel more curious to see the content compare to other Vlogs with such long title like here, here, and here.
I guess he is the kind of like really easy going man so he just name the video what ever is on his head at that time, and (again) it’s kinda cute for me, lol

3. No cliche opening, ending, like, subscribe or anything.

Everytime I watch a youtubers or vlogs, I will always skip the last few second since it will be the same all over again. Please like, subscribe, blah blah blah, which is very cliche and… boring. And Peniel doesn’t do that! (teehee)

4. He speaks in English (almost all the time)! so I can do something else while watching his video.
Like revising. Tried this before and it’s kinda work for me. Fun!

5. The content shows fans his daily activities and what are behind the scene of his profession. Like MV making, how long he’s waiting. Dry rehearsal, camera rehearsal, make up, change clothes, so on and so forth. Like it is kinda interesting to know about this stuffs directly from an idol perspective! (especially for international fans)

6. The background songs! it is usually one song per video which is good because it’s simple. But,,, what I like even more is, the songs are so good as well! Peniel rarely ever pick other artist’s song, so either it was BTOB’s songs, or his mixtape songs, which are very original! Represents his mood, preference, and profession, and make the audience feel even closer to his vlogs.

7. You can see BTOB members appeared randomly here and there in some of the videos. Either only their voice, in the background, or they’re singing, sleeping, sometimes giving random jokes; which is… super fun! Mostly those members will pop out speaking in little random english as well, bcs Peniel is speaking in fluent english, so again, yea that’s cute to see!

8. His english is pretty cute!

Like in my opinion (from what I heard), Peniel has a lisp right? and his english is nearly perfect as well (no grammar mistake whatsoever) which makes it become very pleasant to hear.

9. Bringing camera to every where. Rather than snapchat-ting or Insta Story-ing, why not youtubeing?

Yea at the first few videos my reaction was like… oh well why does he have to carry a camera or go pro to almost everywhere? Like it’s not really the culture for Korean or Japanese people bringing Gopro with the stabiliser at public space. But.. when I think about it again, Well other artists like Jessi and Tiffany (only two that I know) very often be seen  holding their phones for snapchatting as well during events.
So, rather than filming for something that will only last for 24 hours, why not making it available for days, months, or even years? Yea Peniel’s idea is at a different level obviously saying.

10. He has manner, guys

Peniel doesn’t just record everywhere anytime out of nowhere. He often whispered, or typed, in order just not to bother other passengers or people around him. I think if he really wants to, he can just ignore those kind of situations, shoot in more places to create more fun contents. But, he will not shoot where he is not supposed to, to show respect towards other’s people privacy, then just say sorry to the audience (even when he doesn’t have to) and told us afterwards what was happening instead.

11. Last but not least, his effort in providing Korean subtitles!

I thought Peniel just has to edit videos and upload it directly so I didn’t get it at first when he mentioned about “I gotta do subtitle and stuff..”. And then… because he mention it very often (or I’ve just watched too many of his videos), just reckon that he has to translate ALL what he said (in English) into Korean to treat Korean fans/watchers.Well, job of editing and everything isn’t little already. And I can imagine, translating isn’t an easy (or fun) deal too.

But then, that’s probably why fans love his videos with all of the efforts given SO MUCH, and I hope he knows how so many people enjoy his videos and vlogging activities. And of course, including for me, I enjoy it very very much. Thank you Peniel! haaha..

Some of my recommendations (few of my most favourites) are..


-> the best part in this video is obviously… Changsub with his “OH MY CAP, OH MY CAP, OOHHHH IM SORRY” LOLL. Seriously you guys should watch it. It’s just sooo funny! haha.


-> I like the background song of this video very much, which makes me discover BTOB’s awesome Japanese songs as well. The content are awesome in this video too, lots of stuffs that makes me want to visit Japan. Anddd lastly, you can see  BTOB’s member’s randomness (with their english) popping out here and there too, lol.

// DO NOT take content away without permission PLEASE.

I’ve got enough with a random someone who paraphrase the whole content of this post, publish it at a Korean Entertainment News Portal and got noticed by Peniel on twitter -__- )) 

If you are a true writer or fan please respect the existence of copyright hence at least give proper credit to the actual writer. cheers! //

ID #33666

Name: Laura
Age: 18
Country: UK

Ello, I’m laura. I’m either a very tired girl or a night owl kind of girl though despite this, I’ll always be here for you.
I identify as bisexual and I’m currently in a relationship with a lovely French guy who has the loveliest dog and the fattest cat ever.
My interests - I’m pretty damn obsessed with Studio Ghibli movies, learning about mythology and classics, anime and stargazing (I’m truly in love with the stars). I also love reading, taking adventures in different cities (and someday the world).
Music wise I’m more into hip hop & rap (especially the 90s-00s), classical music, some Frank Sinatra and anything with a chill beat.
I chose not to go to university this year and probably also next year too because I don’t think my mental health will take all the pressure and stress so right now I’m trying to take a break and save up so I can live in France with my bf for a while and then I hope to take a full immersion course in Japan for either 6 months or a year (depending on how much I manage to save up)

Preferences: I’m not too fussy about the form of communication whether it’s online or snail mail, I’m open to anything!
I would prefer to communicate with people aged 17+
LGBTQIA+ friendly
Also prefer anyone who considers themselves a leftie


Happy birthday my favorite seiyuu, singer, and entertainer from the land of my dream, Mamoru Miyano❤ Thank you for being born. Thank you for all your hardwork. Thank you for the songs, fantastic album, and amazing concert with your blessed voice. Thank you for always put smile and laugh on our face. Your smile, your laugh, your humbleness, your dedication, your personality, all of them never stop amaze us from time to time. You always caring towards other so much, so friendly as well, you get your success in such a young age but you keep down-to-earth. Oh really, I can’t describe how much I adore you and love you until now. Now you become one of my dreams. I’ll go to Japan someday and meet you. To tell you how much you always amaze me since 5 years ago, how much you already become part of my life, and how much I love you until now and then. Once again, happy birthday my dearest Mamoru Miyano-san. Never stop showing your amazing work to the world. So more people will know how talented you are, how amazing your voice, and getting more love and support because you really are deserves that. Open your wings wider and fly higher. You have your tour outside Japan for the first time earlier this year, so I hope you can come to Indonesia someday. I love you, 宮野真守. And this love will never change. Now and forever.

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The Grouch In The Cabin In Alaska

A/N: I might start writing bits and pieces of this. We shall see. As for the title…WHAT ELSE WAS I SUPPOSED TO TITLE IT SO THAT YOU STRAWBERRIES WOULD RECOGNIZE IT?!?

It was obvious I’d end up alone in Alaska someday. 

Even back when the rumor of Alaska had just begun to spread across the Russian border and spilled into the minds of the Europeans, I had a feeling that it was calling to me. And not for gold, not for land.

I just wanted peace.

I kept notes to myself, not a diary, don’t confuse me for a sissy, just a patchwork made up of a few dog-eared pages, that reminded me to go back to Japan in 1981. She’d be born in 1981. And I’d see her again. 

I never did make it back there though. 

Keep reading

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I know that your ask Box is closing, and I do not request a immediate answer, but I'm going away for a while so can I request Yandere 2p Axis (Germany, Italy and Japan) plus 2p Russia confronting their love interest only for them to politely decline?

2p!Germany/Lutz Beilschmidt-

Surely such a sweet kitten…misheard him, yes? Why doesn’t he repeat it, a little closer to your ear, and a little closer to your body. Just a little closer kitten, he won’t bite. Unless he really wants to. He doesn’t accept that you don’t care for him, that isn’t possible. You’ll be his…someday.

2p!Italy/Luciano Vargas-

Oh…aren’t you precious? Clearly you’re mistaken. He’s interested in you, that makes you special, yeah? To him. Him. You’re his. Understand? No? Don’t worry, you will, soon enough.

2p!Japan/Kuro Honda-

While you wound his pride, it doesn’t last. This only means that he must admire his little flower from afar. Keep other suiters away, far, far away. Only he is good enough for you, and that will be made known. Slow and steady wins the race. 

2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky-

Calm, collected. Was he perhaps to rough? Too upfront? Well…he’ll just have to work on himself a little. But he’ll be aorund, peeking from corners, leaving small tokens of his love. Oh yes, he’ll be around, and you’ll always have him.

anonymous asked:

Can u do a little introduction of yourself?

Of course I can!!!!

My name is Aero and very few people call me by my full name, Aerosin. I’m a prolific writer of original works, I’m very young, I maintain my studies even with everything else going on, and I write fanfiction every now and then as a hobby. I love to travel and I always save up and make time for it! 

I’ve traveled all over the world already! Be it by comped conferences, invitationals, family reunions, or vacations – I will travel any way that I can. My next travel destination is likely going to be Norway, which isn’t very far away from me at all, but I’ll be going there to swim with killer whales. Even typing that out sounds crazy because if you follow my main blog, you’d know they’re one of my favorite animals and I’m always inherently terrified of them. I hate knowing something is beneath me and I can’t see it, that’s like a phobia of mine, but I want to have the experience of seeing them in their natural habitat, so I’m just going to suck it up, swallow my fear, and go for it. After that, I’ll be returning to Japan for an extended stay to be with my babe @hijikata-han again because I miss her so much it hurts. I also want to visit a super inspiring and incredible person ((@agakv // @kvei)) someday because I just ???? I don’t even know how to explain it. I have so much love for this person oh my god. So, yeah, anyway, I travel all the time and can’t get enough of it.

I’m a really laid back kind of person and I’ve overcome a lot of stuff to get to where I am. My motto is: Be kind, but take no shit. I love to make people laugh and smile, it’s one of my favorite things! That’s one of the reasons I love being a writer so much – not only do I get to share my characters and worlds, but I can make people happy with my work and I can’t ask for much more than that! 

So, there’s a little intro! If there’s anything you’d like to know, feel free to ask

hello!! my name is cindy (but i’ll respond to any nicknames). i’m a new studyblr and i’m so excited to join the community (just joined as of today)! after just an hour scrolling through the studyblr tag, i immediately fell in love with the positive community and i’d really like to be a part of that. so, in order to get to know me a bit better, here are a few facts about me:

about me:

  • i’m fourteen (i’ll be a sophomore in the upcoming school year)
  • i’m from california
  • infj / hufflepuff / scorpio
  • i love plants so much (i currently have eight plants!)
  • very introverted and socially anxious (so please understand if i’m a lil distant/awkward at first, i swear i’m friendly!)
  • i’m starting the transition into a more minimal and environmentally conscious lifestyle


  • big space nerd!!
  • i’m an artist/aspiring animator
  • i stopped taking piano lessons years ago, but am continuing to improve by myself :)
  • i used to do track in middle school, and am considering starting it again in hs
  • this summer i started working out at the gym and i mainly do cardio/swimming!
  • i’m a member of my school’s environmental club!
  • i listen to lofi/jazzhop (check out my spotify here!)
  • languages i speak are english, vietnamese, and i’m learning spanish!
  • oH MY gOsh i am so in love with dogs and cats (sadly enough, i’m allergic to cats)

current/future education:

  • i’m currently taking an online geometry course over the summer and completing summer schoolwork for english and ap world history
  • when school starts, i’ll be taking ap world, chem, spanish 2, english 2, compression (which is algebra 2 and precalc combined!), and art 2 (because i go to an art centered highschool, there isn’t much wiggle room to get into more advanced classes)
  • leaning towards an astrophysics/astronomy/astronautical major, but because of my interest in art i’m also looking into majors in architecture and environmental/entertainment design!

goals (life and study-wise):

  • get better at studying and being on top of my work (i’m a very bad procrastinator)
  • become a vegetarian (and a better cook!)
  • be more fluent in vietnamese (especially with reading and writing)
  • adopt a healthier and more active lifestyle
  • maybe graduate top of my class?
  • get a dog or two in the future
  • learn a bit of japanese for when i go to japan someday!

studyblrs that motivated me to get one:

@studyquill, @studyign, @studyblr, @bionctes, @emmastudies, @noteriser, @fuckstudy​, and @stillstudies (if you’re a studyblr please reblog/like; i’d love to check out your blog!)

i made this studyblr mainly to improve my time management and improve my studying habits. I also would love to make some new friends and crawl out of my shell a bit more. thanks for reading, hope to get to know you all better!

Today at work
  • *Dude comes in with his wife and 2 kids*
  • Dude: Hey I like your nose ring!
  • Me: Thanks!
  • Dude: I used to have one but I had to take it out cause I'm a 40 year old man.
  • Me: Aww man, I'm sorry, you should've kept it!
  • Dude: Me too, but that's just not okay in this society.
  • Me: We should change that.
  • *Coworker walks up*
  • Coworker: Hey man, I like your tattoos!
  • Dude: Thanks! They're not finished yet. They're going to be full sleeves someday.
  • Me: That's awesome! I wish I could get full sleeves.
  • Dude: You can!
  • Me: But I'm trying to be an actress. That wouldn't fly in the acting world. It would take too much expensive makeup to cover up.
  • Dude: So? Vin Diesel. He's covered in tattoos!
  • Me: Yes but he's a man. It doesn't work that way for women.
  • Dude: We should change that.
  • Me: Yes we should.

a-villainous-cat  asked:

How would the 2ps react to a lovey-dovey scene in a TV show or movie they're watching (possibly with reader)?

2P: *is watching a movie with you when suddenly there’s a romantic scene that’s undeniably adorable*

2p!america: *side-glances at you* ayy, you smilin’ over there dollface? *chuckles* i’m not gettin’ it though. we’d make such a cuter couple~ *ruffles your hair* .., don’tcha think?

2p!china: *grins at you* this could be us, you know ;))))))

2p!england: *coos* aren’t they precious~~

2p!france: bleh. fast forward this shit

2p!russia: *uncomfortable* d-did you notice how the lighting has changed drastically

2p!italy: *mutters* holden caulfield would agree they’re phonies

2p!germany: *jokingly fist pumps for the male lead* U GO BRO, U MADE IT TO FIRST BASE

2p!japan: *disgruntled noise* this is why i told you we should have gone with a historical film instead

2p!canada: *too bored out of his mind to acknowledge anything*


2p!austria: *laughs and tips head towards you* someday i shall one up this cheesy movie and impress you until you look at me and see galaxies

2p!prussia: *rolls around the couch* this is so cute i can’t *smiles until his face hurts* i’m so glad you showed me this movie omg * 7 *

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1) Name/nickname: Maiika

2) Gender: Female

3) Star sign: Gemini

4) Height: 5’4"

5) Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

6) Favourite animal: Lantern fish

7) Hours of sleep: lately it’s been 6-7hrs, which is frustrating because I’m the type that needs my full 8

8) Dogs or cats: dogs :’(  (my pup just passed away a week ago)

9) Number of blankets: 2

10) Dream trip: Japan - I almost went once but never made it.  I will go there someday

11) Dream Job: a bestselling author

12) Time: 9:02am (shit it’s getting late)

13) Birthday: May 28

14) Favourite Bands: lately it’s been Shinedown, Portugal. The Man, twenty one pilots, and Arctic Monkeys

15) Favourite Solo Artists: Elton John, Alicia Keys, Fiona Apple, Billy Joel…I’m a sucker for piano

16) Song Stuck In My Head: the Westworld theme song (jnstrumental, it’s sooo good)

17) Last Movie I Watched: Bird on a Wire w/Goldie Hawn and Mel Gibson

18) Last Show I Watched: The Sopranos (I’ve been binge watching the series)

19) When Did I Create My Blog: October/November 2016

20) What Do I Post/Reblog: Dragon Ball/Z, writing-related posts, fanfiction, occasional GoT or Oz but it’s rare to see anything outside of writing or DB

21) Last Thing I Googled: “merde"…one of my characters in my original story needed to say “shit” and apparently the correct Italian is “merda”, not “merde”, but I’m so used to hearing it in the Southern Italian dialect that I find it hard to trust that

22) Other Blogs: @myrivalshipkakavege is my kakavege-shipping blog, where I blog about my kakavege fanfics as well as anything Goku and Vegeta-related

23) Do I Get Asks: I got a ton when I first started this blog, some nice, some not so nice.  I went through a quiet period and now I get occasional asks.  Currently have one in my inbox I mean to get to later

24) Why I Choose My URL: I wanted “Maiika”, but it wasn’t available (damn people using my fandom name), so I settled for the next best thing and added writer to my name.  This way, people know what this blogger does

25) Following: 217

26) Followers: 346

27) Lucky Number: none.  Luck does not know me

28) Favourite Instrument: Piano if I’m listening, but I can’t play shit, so I’d go with voice if it’s the instrument I like to use

29) What Am I Wearing: a yoga top and yoga leggings bc I was going to go to the gym this morning…but I feel a migraine coming on and all I want to do is write, so I probably won’t get there

30) Favorite Food: dark chocolate.  If I could live off it, I would

31) Nationality: American

32) Favorite Song: Lately, it’s Wish I Knew You by The Revivalists

33) Last Book Read: The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allan Poe (but that’s a short story, so don’t know if that counts).  The most recent full novel I read was Warbreaker by Brandon Sanderson

34) Top Three Fictional Universes I’d Like To Join: Dragon Ball, Westworld, and (honestly most of my favorite stories have universes I would not want to be a part of) but if I have to choose a third, I guess The Simpsons, because why not?

I’m tagging: @redasuki, @meztliel, @daddygoten96, @cozymochi and @kerghan-mb