i will go to japan someday

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Name? sarai

Nicknames? boo, little bit, uhhh?

Zodiac? scorpio sun!

Sexual Orientation? aromantic bisexual

Ethnicity? white/hispanic

Favorite Fruit? coconut, strawberries, pineapple, bananas

Favorite Season? autumn ofc

Favorite Flower? there are so many i like but i always go back to tulips

Favorite Scent? frankincense, firewood, rose, lily of the valley, wine.

Favorite Animal? CATS, penguins, sloths and foxes!

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate? whenever someone is boiling water i ask for hot cocoa (w/ marshmallows)

Cat or dog? CATS but i love all animals

Dream Trip? japan is probably at the top but i’m just really hoping to see europe someday

Number of Followers? oh i never liked this question over 1000 but not quite 2000

What do I post about? mainly video games but my interests are all over the place. i post movies, anime, astrology, humorized depression text posts, aesthetics, etc

Do I get asks on a regular basis? not really? i get some personal ones but mainly they’re ask memes or requests for a meme i’m doing

Favorite Band? i have too many i like so i can’t choose sorry!

Aesthetic? mist, button up blouses with gold buttons, the color of blush, cotton, sun peaking through dark clouds, sunflowers in a crystal vase, circle eyeglasses, hair parted down the middle, chopin playing softly as it rains. (anything that tends to romanticize depression :3)

Fictional Character I’d Date? chloe price EMILY KALDWIN omg but chris redfield has always been that one character. IDK THERE’RE SO MANY don’t make me do this

Hogwarts House? i’m not much into the hp series but every test i’ve taken has told me i’d be for gryffindor but whenever i researched i always felt like ravenclaw fit me better

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You've said how you used to learn Mandarin, would you consider ever learning it again (or a different East Asian language like Japanese, Korean, etc.)? Love your blog btw :) and sorry if any of my English was off (non-native)

idk ive certainly considered it but i dont think its likely ill go back to it any time soon if ever. im rlly keen to visit japan someday so its likely ill try to at least refresh my year 7 japanese in anticipation of that but otherwise im not particularly interested in any non european languages atm. dw ur english looks perfect to me but even if it wasnt u defs wouldnt need to apologise!! x

italy: [touches fingers to window] when will my husband return from the war…

germany: are you talking about me, feli?? i’m right here

italy: sometimes i still hear his voice

germany: feliciano all i did was go out for drinks with japan, it’s only been thirty minutes

italy: i know he will return to me, someday,


Evidently Normani and Val are in Okinawa, Japan right now and I’m so fascinated and excited by everything he posts because hey! I’ve been there! Lived there in the mid 90s for 3 years from age 5 to 8! Military family. 😊

I’ve always wanted to go back someday!

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I've always been frustrated with how immensely large the KnB fandom is in japan but in western it's not that big!! Like, i really want to live/go there and understand japanese language because of this. So super THANK U for sharing with us experiences with KnB, i swear someday I'll go there and drown myself in merch and fan stuff.

Aww thank you! I hope you can go to Japan and kill your wallet with lots of KnB merch XD

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Name: Alyssa or tamatanz

Nicknames: Lyssa or tama im creative yeaahh

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Orientation: uh.. i like guys.. does that count-

Ethnicity: Chinese race and Malaysian

Favorite fruit: Apples and grapes! sometimes peaches

Favorite season: Winter (even though Malaysia is practically summer forever)

Favorite flower: Roses

Favorite scent: The ocean

Favorite color(s): Red and black

Favorite animal: marine creatures..and my dog

Coffee, Tea, or Hot chocolate: Tea

Average hours of sleep: 5-8 hours(?)

Cat or Dog Person: Dogos

Ideal Trip: anywhere overseas (id really like to go to japan someday tho)

Blog Created: December 2015 holy crap

UH i don’t wanna tag anyone so… if you wanna do it just say i tagged you lmao

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Do you think it'd be advisable to wait in case the Germany doll becomes available to pre-order elsewhere later on? As in... after the bulk of people in Japan have ordered exclusively from them, perhaps it'd be opened up to a wider audience for more sales afterwards? I'm not keen on going through the trouble of a proxy if there's a chance AmiAmi will list him someday.

I’m not much into dolls as a hobby but it seems unless the character is REALLY, REALLY popular (ex. Hatsune Miku with multiple Dolfie Dream re-releases), the chances of a re-release for a later date is very, very low.

I would just use ZenMarket as a proxy so that you only have to pay 300 yen plus domestic Japanese shipping costs. They will buy the item on your behalf so you don’t have to fill out the address form or anything like that. 

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🌟, ✏, 📅, 🌎

🌟 - A wish you’ll wish for? 

I want to stop being so confused, and to stop holding myself ;

✏ - Random fact about yourself. 

I can make some stuff with my body that normally people aren’t able to do, such as: I can move some bones, I have more mobility in my arms, etc;

📅 - Favorite time of the year?

When is cold, like autumn and winter( spring could be here too). I don’t like when is hot ::p;

🌎 - A country you would visit? 

Well, I want to go to japan someday, but there’s more places, and I want to visit my friends too someday too ( U too luci ^w^).

  • Reita: "Thanx,Vancouver.
  • I'm blessed to have all of these.
  • Let's meet again someday."
  • Reita: Thank you, Vancouver! today we sweat so unbelievably. worked up a good sweat. great job, everyone! please be careful on your way home, you guysー!
  • Reita: we’re finally going back to Japan. after more than 3 weeks. please please, let it not be raining.
  • Reita: it’s seriously raining?! please do something by the time we get back home! I’m begging you. there shouldn’t be anything you guys can’t do.
  • Ruki: "Thanx.Vancouver🇨🇦🤘
  • Today's live was so crazy.
  • See you later👋
  • Luv."
  • Ruki: we finished the first half of the world tour here in Vancouver ! ! owing to the language barrier there were some things in the beginning we weren’t really able to trigger so well but one way or another we conveyed our feelings, right? but I’ve learned a great deal!
  • to all the people who came from many different countries, above all to the fans who came all the way from Japan, thank you so so much🙂
  • seeing your faces set my mind at rest. be careful on your way back home, ok?
  • Ruki: and we, the GazettE, are going back to Japan for a while.
  • next will be the middle part of the tour, our first ever time in ASIA! Taiwan! Shanghai!请稍候*🙏🎩
  • *Chinese for: Please wait for us!
  • Aoi: Vancouver! thank you!
  • my pedalboard was in a slightly bad shape so sometimes the sound came out kinda weird but I’m so glad we were able to do a show in Vancouver. I hope we can meet again!
  • thanks, Vancouver! thanks Canada!
  • Aoi: my wah sensor went out of control and it was like wah wah waaah! since I won’t even have the time to fix it, I’ll buy a new one when we get to Japan! this failure was my weak spot...
  • Aoi: some equipment breaking is one thing, the success of the show is another! I had a lot of fun in Vancouver💪
  • see yaー!


Hi yall sorry bout the lack of haikyuu doodles and hack & slash updates lately, i’ve been adjusting to life in Japan!

The program here is great and the people are great and the food is AMAZING and it’s city as far as I can see
I fell in love with Kyoto I have to go back someday I wanna live there
I’m in Tokyo now for school for the next month, and it’s wonderful and whimsical and wild and I love it

Eventually arts will happen once I settle into a routine here where I have time, but for now here’s some photos of my shenanigans


Thanks to JB movie I encountered amazing person like JLY! and was also able to meet some wonderful friends. This movie brought me so many good things! This has become a treasure for me. ;-) One year passed in no time while I thought only of him. Of course now and forever…. And someday, I dream of the day that I can meet him in person! Anyway I’m going to watch JB movie again and again today. :-p It’s a memorial day!!

Hi Taylor! I’m Lily!

I introduce myself. I’m Japanese swiftie since RED era. because I went to your show that was held in Tokyo.
This is my first experience with your music. but I listened to your music for the first time ‘Fifteen’ in 2009.
After that, you and your songs make my everyday. You are my role model, princess, and best friend in my mind.
So I have to say ‘Thank you’ to you directly someday.
Anyway, I’m gonna go to Tampa from Japan for your show next month. I’m so excited!
I’m gonna wear a Japanese traditional dress and bring some Japanese candy because of HALLOWEEN 🎃✨! How do you think?

See you there Taylor! I wish I could meet you!
Please find me in the crowd!
(section 213 row L seat 13&14 in Raymond James Stadium)

Halloween night is gonna be perfect!!!