i will go off the deepend



Iron Fist: Hi!  I’m Danny Rand!  I survived a plane crash when I was a kid and now I want my company back.

Me: Oh, looks like you’re a hobo now.

Iron Fist: Yep!  But no worries! If I tell my friends Ward and Joyce that I’m Danny, they’ll believe me!

Me: This would be easier if you just told them stuff you personally knew about them that they didn’t tell anyone else.  You’re wasting a full hour of my time here…


Me: Um…

Iron Fist: NOW HE’S DEAD!

Me: What?!

Iron Fist: OH NO!  Joyce drugged me now I’m in an insane asylum!  CONSTANT FLASHBACKS OF MY PARENTS DYING!

Me: You played these like 3 times now.

Iron Fist: Really?  Well it’s time for me to tell the Doctors at this insane asylum here about it.

Me: Can you please talk about Kun Lun…

Iron Fist: Also, my father’s best friend died and came back to life and now leaves in this penthouse he can’t leave or else the Hand gets mad.  He’s also a dick to his son and obsesses over me with cameras.

Me: That’s…kind of cool, but he’s the obvious villain.

Iron Fist: Also, I found this girl name Colleen Wing who owns a dojo and call her from the asylum.  We seriously connected I approached her talking in Chinese and she’s Asian.

Me: That sounds kind of racist…

Iron Fist: Now that I escaped prison, I’m going to approach Hoggarth to sue my company to get back in business!

Me: Wasn’t she a horrible person in Jessica Jones?

Iron Fist: Never mind that!  Now the case has been dropped cause villain wants me in the company and forced his son to let me be 51% shareholder!

Me: So the legal stuff didn’t matter?

Iron Fist: Matters as much as the fucks I give about this company!  I’m pretty much telling them to do things for the people, close down plants, and I never show up at meetings!

Me: Why did you want to be the head of the company so badly if you don’t give a rats ass about it?!

Iron Fist: Oh!  We need to stop the drugs!  Colleen is helping!  Also Claire is here!

Me: WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS?!  And why does Claire feel so out of place?!

Iron Fist: Oh, Colleen is also in illegal fight clubs.

Me: That’s kind of cool

Iron Fist: GREAT! Cause it’s only a plot element for 2 episodes!


Iron Fist: Now we’re fighting the Hand lead by Madame Gao!

Me: Wait, wasn’t she a competing group against the Hand in Daredevil? Why is she part of the Hand now?  And why isn’t she speaking Chinese? 

Iron Fist: Now we have this Russian chemist who we need to rescue his daughter by going through fighting challenges

Me: That’s actually kind of cool.

Iron Fist: In fact, I beat Bride of Nine Spiders in a 5 minute cameo!

Me: WHAT?!  Bride of Nine Spiders is another Immortal Weapon!  She’s pretty much another defender of Kun Lun and is equal to the Iron Fist!

Iron Fist: VIIIIIIILLLAAAANNNNN!  Anyways, we got Russian guy’s daughter back!

Me: Great.

Iron Fist: But then Russian guy dies.

Me: We don’t see the daughter again.

Iron Fist: You don’t see the daughter again.

Me: Figures.

Iron Fist: OH! I have sex with Colleen!

Me: Didn’t you swear to celibacy an episode ago?

Iron Fist: Now we’re going to China to bust Gao! 

Me: This looks nothing like China.  This looks like a Warehouse in NYC with Chinese signs slapped all over them.

Iron Fist: WOAAAAAH!  Now Claire, Colleen and I are fighting off Hand Ninjas!

Me: How the hell is Claire beating fully trained Hand Ninjas?!

Iron Fist: Now we captured Gao!  But Colleen is poisoned!

Me: I feel like the hero being injured in a Netflix show for an episode is par for the course…

Iron Fist: But have no fear!  Now her sensei appears and tells me to use the Iron Fist to heal her and now we’re going to his compound.

Me: This sensei guy feels like he came out of nowhere.


Me: There’s only 5 episodes left!

Iron Fist:  BTW, Ward is now going insane cause I bail from his business meetings and his dad is forcing him to hide bodies!

Me: Christ, what an asshole-

Iron Fist: And now Ward killed his father

Me: Oh, sort of saw that comi-

Iron Fist: But now his dad is alive again and is wondering the street terrorizing children and sticking his hand in boiling hot dog water.

Me: …okay, I’m laughing my ass off at this stuff and I don’t know if it’s meant to be funny.

Iron Fist: 


Iron Fist: So yeah, he’s gone off the deepend, and now Ward is CRAAAAZY!

Me: That’s kind of interesting.

Iron Fist: Back to me!  Now I’m in a college campus and Gao is captured!

Me: Hurray!

Iron Fist: But it turns out that this campus is really ran by the Hand!

Me: What?

Iron Fist: And Colleen Wing is part of the Hand too!

Me: WHAT?!

Iron Fist: See, there are separate factions of the Hand, both named the Hand, and the Gao side and Colleen side hate each other.

Me: I need to lie down.

Iron Fist: As I escape, Colleen’s pupil got injured!

Me: Why do I get the feeling he’s going to disappear from the story…

Iron Fist: Now Colleen and I are on bad terms.

Me: Ugh, this is boring.  How is Faramir doing?

Iron Fist: Oh, he just shot the old black guy who was the head of Rand because he booted Joyce, Ward and Danny from the company.


Iron Fist: Also, this guy hijacks a Burrito car and makes shurikens

Me: Seems like an asshole.

Iron Fist: Well that asshole is my best friend and now he’s helping me fight the Hand!


Iron Fist: Yep!  And he’s saying I’m doing a shit job leaving Kun Lun!


Iron Fist: Anyways, we now must stop the Colleen side of the Hand leader!

Me: Who I don’t care about.

Iron Fist: Colleen Won, but we won’t kill him.

Me: Why fight with a sword if you don’t kill?!

Iron Fist: Oh, but my best friend killed him.

Me: I feel like that’s his only purpose in this story.

Iron Fist: Now me and my friend are fighting!

Me: Please stop.

Iron Fist: Now I hate my best friend!  Oh, the dead body is gone too.

Me: Of course

Iron Fist: OH NO!  Now Faramir has taken control of the company again!

Me: Is nobody going to question how a dead man took over a company?


Me: How are you losing to Faramir?!  He’s fighting with a pole and has no Kung Fu skills!  How are you losing so badly to him?!

Iron Fist:  LOOK!  The dragon!

Me: Those are just red eyes…

Iron Fist: Ward shot his father!  Now the day is saved!  Better burn his body.

Me: I feel like Ward is the only character with a solid character arc.

Iron Fist: Which is why Joyce is now conspiring with my best friend and Gao as a future villain!

Me: Why though?

Iron Fist: Now Colleen and I are going to Kun Lun and…OH NO!  Kun Lun was invaded because I was not guarding it as the Iron Fist!


Iron Fist: Still, bet you were disappointed to not see Kun Lun.

Me: Honestly, with how much talking you did about it, I was doubting it even appearing.

Iron Fist: So what do you think.

Me: I felt you were leading me somewhere but it turned out to be shit.

Iron Fist: Oh, you don’t like me cause I’m not Asian.

Me: Your whole show could be a multiracial trans rainbow of diversity, and it would still suck.  Give me back my 13 hours.


“Sirius wait!”, you called after Sirius. He was just about to run after some Slytherin boys who messed with a younger Gryffindor. “Sirius, you will only get into more trouble”, you said to him. He just brushed your words off.

“Give me one good reason to why I shouldn’t go after them!”, he said, but before he had a chance to run you took a pulled the hood of his sweater back so you stood him. He turned around, his eyes black of eager to give those boys revenge. At that point you didn’t even think, you just pulled him close to you and pressed her lips to his. The kiss deepend end and you both lost track of time. After a while you needed to pull back, gasping for air.

“That, Y/N, was a hell of a good reason”.

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Negan’s Authority

Negan x reader ONE SHOT

Summary: Reader is not only the best scavenger, but also very stubborn


Warning: Lots of cursing

“Baby look at me.”


“Look at me. Please.” Negan looked at you, his eyes were demanding, you had no idea how you resisted, but you did.

“I give up my wives for you, I insist on taking care of you, giving you the fucking easy life, how can be so fucking ungrateful?” He looked out you with pained eyes now, a confused expression. He was really awestruck, he didn’t understand.

You finally looked at him, forcing your eyes to be cold, unwavering.

“I didn’t ask you to do anything-”


“Let me finish!” you yelled. His jaw dropped, but he promptly closed it.

“Look,” you softened your expression. “I didn’t ask you to do anything. I made clear my standards, that I wouldn’t be with a man who had other women. You decided that you were going to try and meet that standard for me-”

“Yes, for you, Sweetheart, all for you, I don’t know why you can’t fucking see how much I already gave up to just be with you, you’re making it really fucking hard!”

“Oh! I’m sorry, you gave up 5 other whores you didn’t give a shit on whether or not you came home!” His lips parted, eyes softened. “I care, Negan, and you won’t find that in any one else here. They didn’t care about you like I do. That one whore, fucking forgot her name, sends your men out for fucking face cream, for fucking shoes and skirts that she doesn’t even wear, another one is fucking terrified for her life, I know another one of them fucking despises you -”

“They all signed up freely!” He yelled back angrily now, defending his actions.

“Yeah and so did I-”

“Not true, I had to give them up.” He pointed at you, eyebrows raised.

“I didn’t ask you, Negan, you did because you wanted me.” You almost laughed, you did chuckle but only because his argument was so batshit crazy, you haven’t heard something so fucking funny since someone had told you that the world was ending.

“I don’t know what you saw in me, but obviously you fucking saw something important enough, something that you fucking wanted so bad that you had DECIDED to give them up.”

He stood there, lips parted again, awestruck by the points that you were making. You looked down.

“If I’m not enough for you Negan, than that’s fine-”


“Or maybe I’m too much, and if so, that’s alright.” You looked back up, his eyes now sad. “But I’m not going to change. I’m grateful that you gave up your wives for me, I know that was a lot, and I appreciate you trying to take care of me.” Your words came out slow almost fragile. “But I’m not going to change because you want me to.” You looked back down. “I’m still going to go on runs, and I’m still going to be gone for days at a time-”

“No, you don’t have to, being with me means that you don’t have to do dangerous shit like that-”

“And I’m going to bring back supplies for us, not because of points, but because I care about this community that we’ve got going on here.” You looked back up at him, eyes dark and bold, lashes longer than what they were just a moment ago.


You didn’t want to look back up. You leaned up against the wall, knowing that the argument was either almost over, or the two of you were heading into round two.

He stepped forward, closing the space between you too, he took your chin in his hand  and brought your face up to his. His eyes dark, but softer than yours.

“I need you.” He said. “I need you to be real, and if this is how you stay real, then I won’t argue with you anymore. I just…” His voice almost fell. He looked up and closed his eyes. “You are one of our best runners, but I’m sorry if I just don’t see the fucking point of sending you out there when we’ve got three communities providing for us. When I can keep you safe, sweetheart.”

“What about the time that I raided the local hospital Negal? For the supplies that THREE pregnant women needed that the Hilltop and the Kingdom just didn’t have?”

“The time that you went without telling me?” He looked back down at you. “When you almost fucking died?” He was angry again.

“I still care of my own. Of our own, Negan.”

“Yeah but shit like that sure as shit won’t fucking happen again.” He growled.

“Who’s gonna fucking stop me?” You smiled and shook your head.

“Everybody knows you’re with me now, and if I fucking tell them to, they will.”

“Good luck with that.” You dared. “I’m really excited to see how that turns out. Only then you’ll be pissed off that not only had I left when you told me not to, but I was also able to get out, despite all your men.”

He shot a threatening glance at you.

“Don’t make me do something that I don’t wanna do, baby.”

“Sure. Have fun with stopping me.”

You began to walk away.

“Hey wait a second, get the fuck back here, we’re not done here yet!” You could hear him yelling, taking long strides to catch up to you.

“Oh I think we are.” you stated as you picked up your pace. He went to grab your wrist but then quickly retracted it, knowing how well that played out the last time. His expression went from confused to angry, back to confused.

your reached your hand out to grab a door knob, but he quickly slammed the door shut. Putting himself between you and the door, he continued on with his rant.

“If you fucking go out there I’ll-” He started.

“You’ll do what?” You cocked your head to the side, a calm smirk appearing on your face, challenging him once again.

“I-” You cut him off once again, kissing him. He was caught by surprise, but you quickly and sloppily deepend it, locking your arms around his neck.

“You’re trying to change the sub-” He broke away, but you quickly brought him back. Soon enough, he wrapped his arms around your waist, eventually leading to grope your ass. You tightened your grip on him, embracing him as much as you could - then you quickly threw him out of your way and onto the ground. 

“What the FUCK!” He exclaimed as you ran down the hall, down the stairs and out.

You couldn’t help but giggle, like a teen that knew that they had just fucked up, but didn’t care because who gives a fuck?

“Don’t do this!” You could hear him scream as he tried to catch up to you. Of course, you’re one of the best runners of the group and he had lost too much ground to catch up to you now.

you continued to giggle as you hid away in one of the close by closets. You muffled yourself while you listened into the conversation.

“I fucking want you to fucking find her, and so help me god if she fucking leaves the ground, I’m going to -” 


“Dwight? Have you seen (Y/N)?”

“No, what happened?” He asked. you quickly got bored of the convo, knowing full damn well where it was going. You undid a nearby vent and made your way, knowing that it’ll only be a matter of minutes before everybody was looking for you.

The vent had emptied out into a boiler room of some sort. You had placed a bag in there, just in case, full of supplies that would last you a week or two. You grabbed it then made your way out of the complex, readying yourself for a world unprotected. Excitement washed over you, and you made your way to the closest town. 

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caroline's at a gym and it's her first time. klaus happens to be next to her. thinking he's one of the trainers or a person who works at the gym she asks for help/tips. even though klaus should say 'no' and tell her he doesn't work here, klaus decides to go along with it.

Happy Monday! So I took some liberties with this one and changed it up a bit! Hope you enjoy! 

Personal Training

Caroline shoved her gym bag into her locker, securing the lock as she took a look around the room. She was in the women’s locker room of the newest gym in New Orleans, Stryx Fitness. Normally Caroline didn’t go to the gym, but Louisiana had a particularly cold winter this year and she was unable to get her normal weekly cardio routine in without a small bout of frostbite. Her best friend, Katherine, had recommended the new fitness center to her last week, and she was able to get a reduced trial membership discount if she signed up for a personal one-on-one training session.

Her appointment with the trainer, Lucien, was in a half hour, but she arrived earlier to stretch out and get loose so that she didn’t make a total fool out of herself when the session started. She hoped that he was good at what he did because the trial membership fees were still ridiculous despite the discount.

Caroline made her way out of the locker room, tying up her hair into a ponytail as she eyed the people around her. There were a group of sweaty, muscled men over in the corner lifting weights. Every once in awhile, a man would drop the dumbbells on the ground and his friends would cheer loudly. She rolled her eyes and made her way over to the front desk to check in for her appointment.

Over at the desk, an extremely attractive male was leaning against the outside of it, his piercing gaze settled on her. He was dressed in a loose fitting pair of shorts and a well-worn gray cut off shirt. His dirty blond curls were tousled messily, and his plump lips were fixed in a smirk that showed off his irresistible dimples. Caroline blushed a little as she stood by the desk, his eyes raking over her appreciatively.

“Do you mind?” she managed, stepping away from him.

He was making her feel strangely on display, and as attractive as his leering gaze was, it was a little creepy.

“Not at all,” the man answered as he continued to check her out, and her heart flipped at the low British accent.

So not fair.

“Welcome to Stryx Fitness, My name is Marcel,” the dark-skinned man sitting at the desk said kindly. “What can I do for you?”

“I need to check in with my trainer,” she said, turning away from the strange man who just took a step closer.

“Name?” Marcel grinned, looking up her amusedly.

“Yes, tell me your name, love,” the man chimed in, propping his arms up on the desk next to her.

She glared at him, crossing her arms over her chest as she turned to pointedly ignore him. Unfortunately, that only enhanced her cleavage and his eyes traveled down to her chest before looking back at her.

“Caroline Forbes,” she bit out, side-eying the infuriatingly attractive, accented stranger.

“Lucien’s appointment,” Marcel muttered, writing in the notebook in front of him. “Okay he-”

“Was unable to make it in,” the man interrupted with a smirk. “Fortunately, I will be your replacement.”

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Preference #47: 4/4 Blurb caught in a heated moment leads to concern.

Request: Do you think you can do a 4/4 where you two get caught in a heated moment by his parents/siblings & it worries them bc you’re younger then him (by like 2 years) & if you can tag 13raquel? ^.^

A/N: So for Ashton I did his mother because obviously his siblings are young and I didn’t feel comfortable writing that his young sibling walked in on you. Also for Ashton I changed it to an awkward moment, since Ashton is 20 the girl would be 18 therefore an adult, so there would be no problem with a sexual relationship. And for Michael I did his mother too because obviously he is an only child so a sibling just wouldn’t make sense. However, for Luke I did his brother Ben walking in on you. And for Calum I did his sister Mali walking in on the two of you. Note I am British so put ‘Mum’ just replace it to whatever you’d say. I hope you like it, enjoy! Feel free to make requests.

Ashton had been away for three months, and the two of you had missed each other. You had called each other and Skyped each other but it wasn’t the same as being in the same room as each other. You had some free time and decided to book a flight to London to see him on a spur of the moment thing. After a long flight you arrived and got into a cab and drove to the venue you knew he would be performing at. You waited outside by the tour bus and when he came out of the stadium he saw you and immediately ran over to you. You got on the tour bus and went back to the hotel. Ashton was sharing a room with Luke but Luke left you too alone knowing you’d want a moment. Ashton kissed you passionately once Luke left the room and things escalated quickly and eventually your clothes were off a part from your underwear. Ashton climbed on top of you and kissed his way down your body then the door burst open “Ashton honey” a woman’s voice called. “Oh my god mum” Ashton said. You were extremely embarrassed and pulled the covers over you to hide, it seemed like his mother had the same idea to surprise her son. His mother Anne saw what happened “oh…” and just slowly backed out of the room. It completly ruined the moment.

You had joined Calum in New York just like his mother and sister had. You didn’t get too spend as much time with him as you hoped because of his family being there, but you respected his family and were glad that he put them first. Since family is the most important thing. Although you didn’t get to spend the day with him, you were spending the evening with him in his hotel room. The two of you made up for the time you’d missed and things began to get heated. You were straddling him kissing his chest, then you planted a passionate kiss on his lips when his sister barged into the room “Cal…” she didn’t finish what she was saying when she noticed the two of you. You shrieked and jumped off of the bed and hid on the floor extremely embarrased. You grabbed your shirt off of the bed and put it up and made an excuse to leave. “Calum she’s seventeen” Mali said to her brother once you had left. “Yeah and?” he said. “Isn’t she too young?” Mali asked worried about the situation. “I think she is old enough to make her own decisions” Calum replied.

You and Luke had ben dating for a while and came to the agreement of taking your relationship to the next level. You were sixteen but you felt ready, so the two of you took that next step. You kissed passionatly as Luke’s hands explored your body, you laced your fingers through his hair and deepend the kiss. Luke unbuttoned your shirt and slowly slid it off of your body when his brother Ben walked in “Luke” he screamed. You quickly buttoned your shirt up and stood up embarrased at being caught “she’s sixteen Luke” he said firmly. “I…I should go” you said kissing Luke before leaving quickly. “She is sixteen Luke, she’s far to young to be doing that sort of thing” he said. “She wanted it, I didn’t push her into anything we aren’t doing anything wrong” Luke said pleading his case. “I’m just worried you’re taking things way to fast, especially when she is so young” he said.

Michael had returned from tour just for a couple of days and the two f you took full advantage of this. The moment you saw each other again the two of you couldn’t keep your hands off of each other. The two of you made you way up stairs kissing each other passionately as his hands explored your body which he had missed so much. When you got to his room he kicked his door closed, and pulled your clothes off practically ripping them in the process. But luckily they were somehow still intact. The two off you fell onto his double bed, now both naked. He kissed down your body all the way to your sweet spot. Then you heard his mother Kerry’s voice “Michael…” she said as she walked through the door. She saw the two of you and gasped before leaving. This ruined the moment and you quickly got dressed and left. Once you left Michael sighed “thanks for the cockblock mum” he said. “Michael she’s seventeen, I don’t think you should be doing that sort of thing. I’m worried she’s too young” Kerry said. Michael sighed and went to his room, in order to avoid a lecture.

Michael Imagine - "It's been a long day."

hi this is my first smut

I can’t even begin to describe the day I’ve had today. First, on of my co-workers decided to be a bitch today and throw her coffee on me. It burned. A lot. Then, my boss thought it would be great to drop a few stacks of files for me to sort. Thats fantastic too. Finally, as I’m about to leave, I get a call from my mother talking about my sister’s wedding that I had no idea about, and wasn’t invited to. What a great way to end the day.

I drove home on the verge of tears. I couldn’t keep my thoughts straight. Nothing had worked out today. It was just shit.

As I pulled up to my driveway, I sighed as I exited my car. God please don’t let anything else bad happen…

I unlocked my front door, and stepped in to my house. I took off my shoes and my coat and set them on the floor and rack.

“I’m home!” I called out. No answer. Then, there was a crash coming from the kitchen. I rushed over to the direction it came from and my eyes widened at what I saw.

“Hey princess!” Michael looked up and smiled. My jaw dropped. The whole kitchen looked like a cupcake exploded all over it.

“Michael what did you- I- what?!” I cried. I ran a hand through my hair and stood there in shock. “Can you please explain what happened?”

“Well, I-uh…” He chuckled nervously. “I was gonna make you a cake to suprise you…” He looked around the kitchen. “Clearly it didn’t work out.”

He looked at my face and frowned at my expression. “Did you have a bad day today? Oh god-I’m so sorry. I’m such a terrible boyfriend.” He said worriedly, scrambling to clean up his mess. You felt guilty for making him feel bad, but smiled a little as you noticed he had flour all over his hair. When I mean all over, I mean ALL OVER. I walked over to him, watching out for frosting on the floor, and stood in front of him. He looked at me with sad eyes and I wanted to cry for him. I wiped some flour off of his face and caressed his cheek. He gave me a cute grin and I smiled even wider. He gave me a passionate kiss on my lips and wrapped his hands around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck and deepend the kiss. He pushed me against the countertop, and I jumped to sit on top of it. At this point, we were fully making out and he wanted to go further.

He positioned himself between my legs, and I could feel his buldge. I know what he wanted. I wanted it, too.

I broke the kiss. “Mikey, why don’t I meet you upstairs and you clean yourself up?” His eyes widened and he nodded frantically. I giggled and hopped off the counter, shaking my ass as I did. I ran up the stairs and quickly changed into my sexiest lingerie I had. (It was from Easter.)

I went to the washroom and messed my hair up a bit, taking my makeup off and jewelry. Michael always told me that he liked it when I would be natural, and it made me feel confident about myself.

I heard footsteps rushing up the stairs as I jumped atop the bed. He opened the bedroom door, laughing.

“Y/N, you should’ve seen what just happened, I-” he stopped when he saw me. His eyes turned darker.

“What did you do, Michael?” I asked seductively. He just stood there as the buldge in his pants grew. He made his way over towards me and crawled on top of me, straddling me. He leaned over me, his lips hovering over my neck.

“Well,” He started making a trail of kisses down my neck to my collarbone. “Being the clumsy ass I am, I nearly fell down the stairs,” He kissed my neck until he found my sweet spot, making me moan. He smirked, sucking at it. That’s going to leave a mark.

“I fell down the stairs because I thought of you. And how I’m going to make you feel so good, baby girl.”

I shivered at his words. I was getting wetter by the minute. He placed a kiss on my lips, and made his way down to my breasts. He massaged them and kissed both of them. He placed one hand firmly on my hip, and the other one slowly making its way to my panties. He snapped the waistband, making me yelp in pain. He slid them down, ever so painfully, making me squirm.

“Now now, Princess. Daddy’s got some plans for you tonight.” He discarded my panties, throwing them across the room. He massaged the inside of my thighs, and started rubbing my clit.

“F-fuck Michael just like th-that.” I breathed out. Michael stopped moving his fingers. I glared at him, shooting daggers.

“What did you just say, darling?” He growled, his voice so much deeper than it had been before. He slid two fingers into my pussy, pumping very fast. I screamed and covered my mouth. “Daddy, i-it feels so good! Shit!” I moaned. He started pumping faster, and I was a moaning mess by then.

“I-I’m so close.” I gasped.

“Hold it in baby.” He replied, still pumping. I made a small scream as he removed his fingers. I laid there with my eyes closed, trying to catch my breath. I heard the shuffling of him taking off his jeans and rolling a condom on. I was so dizzy from the pleasure that I was surprised when he slammed into me. I moaned loud and grabbed the sheets. He pounded into me slowly. His tip would be at the entrance of my pussy, then he would slam into me, hitting my G-Spot every time.

“Daddy, pl-please go faster.” I begged. He started speeding up. “What was that, princess?”

It felt so good. “Please fuck me harder, Daddy. It feels so good.” I managed to gasp. “Alright baby.” He sped up his pace, making us both fall into a sea of moans.

“Fuck you’re so tight.” He mumbled, sweat eminent on his forehead. We were both close to our climaxs, and I could feel mine coming close. “Fuck I’m coming!” I screamed. He nodded in approval for me to let go. I groaned as my high rode out on his cock and as his thrusts became sloppy. He leaned down and kissed me, keeping our lips together as he moaned into my mouth and rode out his high.

He rolled over beside me and pulled me close to him. He kissed my forehead and rested his hand on my waist.

“So, tell me babe, how was your day today?”