i will go down in history

Yes, I did just start crying in the middle of school.

Someone posted the gifs of the part of 6x09 when Liam asked what Theo was doing and he said being the bait and then posted the gif of Liam running to the closed elevator door screaming “NO!” 

and i just started crying because i love thiam so much and liam’s reaction makes me emotional and  they are nine out of ten i am crying at all things thiam. 

your neighborhood black fairy here

hi! ive hit hard times…. yet again. but this time im literally at rock bottom

i wrote about this a bit ago, but during hurricane irma i was raped while trying to help a man on the street (please dont ask details)

which added to my already long list of mental health issues (i have a history of major depression, alcoholism, self harm, panic disorder and generalized anxiety)

but recently ive been showing signs of a possible personality disorder that im going to get evaluated for + days inpatient stay for diagnosis and treatment. i cant work anymore.

i qualify for government assistance and disability as result of my inability to hold down a job because of these illnesses. i recently had a job i had to leave because i’d keep having panic attacks and seeing things

the paperwork will be processed soon but until take a few weeks and until then… i have no income. ive asked alot over the last time from the community (everyone coming together to try to save my cat sokka is still something ill never forget)

but really im lost… im at the bottom.. so i ask one time last time if my content as ever made you laugh, think or just help uplift you, donate anything

including clothes (i gained 20 pounds so most my clothes dont fit anymore) and even e-gift certificates.

im literally on my last leg right now and i dont know what else i could do. i never have any spoons or anything

my paypal is: krisdine@naver.com or paypal.me/blackfairy

all the money will be used towards food, transportation to and from appointments (it literally costs $5 for a bus right to and back from places here, fuck MARTA) and any other necessities

i thank you all in advance

Chapter 3 of Heathens is now on AO3 & ff.net. This was supposed to be the last chapter, but things got longer than intended. One more chapter to go.

“No,” she says. “But this all feels inevitable, doesn’t it? Prim, Seneca, Gale. I can’t let you die because of me.”

“That’s bullshit,” he says. “I know what kind of person you are. You would be living a completely different life if you had stayed.”

“You can’t rewrite history. You know what kind of person I am because you saw it yourself.”

He knows she’s thinking of that night seven years ago, the last time he saw her before she left town. He tried to calm her down, reassure her, but she wouldn’t listen.

“You know why I pulled you off my mother, don’t you?” he asks.

“I was going to kill her,” Katniss says flatly.

“Yes,” he says. “Then you’d be arrested. They’d take you away from me. In that moment, the only person I was afraid for was you. I only stopped you because I didn’t want you to end up here.”

“Well,” she says, waving an arm around her cell. “Sorry to disappoint.”

drecona replied to your post “so much of this movie is Megamind attempting to re-frame his history…”

*brEAKS DOWN THE DOOR* ADDITION: WHEN ROXANE ASKS HIM IF HE THOUGHT SHE WOULD EVER BE WITH HIM HE SAYS NO sorry about your door i’ll just *pulls door back up and disappears into the void*

oooh, but, see–I’m not sure that is Megamind trying to reframe things to make them less awful, like– “I did believe you might be with me, but now that you’ve said that, I’m going to say no, and pretend that I never thought that, so that way it hurts less.”

I really think he’s telling the truth when he says no. He doesn’t believe she would ever be with him. He never did. He runs after her in the rain anyway, and asks her anyway, tries anyway, begs to be allowed to explain anyway

–but I don’t think he ever, ever expected any of that to work. He believes the entire time that it’s going to fail, but he loves her too much not to try his utmost anyway.

( Roxanne says, later, that Megamind’s best quality is his refusal to give up even when he knows he can’t win. )

(( Megamind goes to fight someone with the power of a god with nothing but a handful of technological parlor tricks and sheer fucking audacity and he laughs that he’s going to die, and Roxanne is right, I think, there really is something incredibly beautiful about that kind of hopeless defiance. ))

I love butch lesbians so much like…….. I love them….. I want them in my life….. In my arms…….. No one is as enchanting and alluring as a butch lesbian….. No one…

Things my friends have said as musicals:


Phantom of the opera ~ “but would it be okay to kidnap someone if I love them? I would look after them.”

Hamilton ~ “You know what, I freaking love history like bitches of the past!”

Great comet ~ “Maybe we can run away together and have lots of babies!”

Rent ~ “When I’m older I’m not going to pay my rent, I refuse to because people are dying and they should help them instead.”
Me: Okay???

The Book of Mormon ~ “RELIGION IS SEXY!!!!!”

Falsettos ~ “I was robbed, they took it away when it was mine!” (I’m sorry but they deserved the tony)

Wicked ~ “My sexuality is pink, wait no… green! Yeah green!”

Dear Evan Hansen ~ “I am not noticed by anyone, but when I die I will become a natural phenomenon!”

Be more chill ~ “Is joining the play being gay, I’m not gay but is that gay?”

Come from away ~ “let’s move to Canada, it’s so nice there, I love Canada.”

Waitress ~ “ADULTERY IS FUN! Just kidding don’t be a dick.”

Newsies ~ “Okay but seriously I’m sexually attracted to newspapers! HELP ME!”

Something rotten ~ “Why does everyone hate me? I’m amazing!”

If Sansa ever pulled the shit Arya just did, she would be eaten alive. The hate would be overwhelming. She’d be crucified & it would never be forgotten.

Arya accused her in most awful & cruelest manner of actually killing Ned when she saw her screaming for his life while she was being restrained. Dismissed all her suffering & pain without even bothering to consider her plight when she has gone through more than almost anyone on the whole show. Threatened to fucking skin her (like Ramsay loved doing) & wear her face like the deranged psychopath she is. Threatened her life in the one place she was supposed to be safe in after finally fleeing all her many abusers.

Had the audacity to rip into her for not killing the Lannisters when her spiteful, hypocritical ass SERVED Tywin Lannister and never did a damn thing! No, she just prioritized her own safety even though she had way more opportunity than Sansa- the fucking prisoner of war that was beaten, humiliated, tortured- had. Had the nerve to say Sansa didn’t do enough to save Ned- she got down on her fucking knees in the throne room & begged Joffery for mercy, then did the same at his execution. Pray tell, what the fuck did Arya do- apart from close her damn eyes & then do a runner?

Why didn’t she go up there & save her father, then strike down Joffrey, Cersei, Illyn Payne, one by one? Oh, it’s one set of rules for her ass & another for Sansa? Sounds familiar!

I don’t care if Sansa forgives & forgets like nothing even happened. This is some of the worst writing in the show’s history & has ruined both Arya’s character & her relationship with Sansa.

i don’t think we, as a collective society and culture appreciate holes (2003) like we really should,,,i mean where do i begin to list the things that this movie has that years later other movies cannot even begin to top

  • an actual diverse cast of characters  
  • three separate story lines that somehow all manage to line up together at the end perfectly  
  • the best romance ever seen in cinema history done in five minutes
  • kissin’ fuckin kate barlow 
  • the entire scene of louise the warden being introduced driving her cadillac to the digging site
  • sam the onion man
  • stanley stealing mr sirs truck to go save hector and crashing it .5 seconds later
  • “I can fix that”
  • hector zeroni hitting that gross ass counselor on the head with a shovel and leaning right down to him and saying “DIG” 
  • a well-developed female anti-hero and a well-developed female villain 
  • hector finding his mom at the end
  • “no good dirty rotten pig stealin’ great-great grandfather”
  • a happy ending for all of the boys at the camp and not just stanley 
BTS as Dad Tweets

Namjoon: One thing I definitely underestimated when I first became a father was the great amount of joy embarrassing my kids would bring me.

Seokjin: I constantly google “how to put your kids up for adoption” so my kids can find it on my search history and know that I’m not messing around.

[in car drop off line at school]

Dad, this isn’t even our school.

“Look kids…Daddy’s hungover. Just go in there & learn something, ok?”

Hoseok: Parents say a lot of things over and over. For example, I just said “Please don’t pull Daddy’s pants down in public.” for the 500th time

Jimin: I hope I never hit that dad phase where I think it’s a good idea to buy a minivan.

Taehyung: My son can now reach the light switches so don’t come over to our house unless you’re really into raves or want to have a seizure


Child: What’s neglect mean?

Me: Shhh daddy’s playing video games

Supergirl loses her Superphone during a fight and is of course Panicked™. Not because she keeps any personal information on it but because if they go to her google search history, they’ll see

  • Is it normal to be jealous when your best friend’s ex comes into town
  • Was that an earthquake or is the world ending
  • How much food can one person order at McDonald’s before they get suspicious
  • I think I’m in love with my best friend
  • Top 10 Superman fails 
  • My boss is mean but also has faith in me what do I do
  • Tips to calm down after a panic/anxiety attack
  • Is an unlimited buffet really unlimited
  • How to erase the memory of walking in on your sister having sex
  • Where to find Plumerias
  • How to tell your best friend you love them
  • Top 10 Supergirl saves
  • Energy sources that don’t harm the planet
  • Lena Luthor TED talk
  • Alien shelters around the world
  • How to volunteer at alien shelters
  • Do I have ptsd
  • Who makes money off of Supergirl/Superman merchandise
  • Pop culture everyone should know
  • Romantic restaurants for a first date

Whoever finds that phone is going to be very confused

Between Two Lungs by caramelle/caramelkru

Cassian doesn’t exactly mean to, but as he’s coming up from his bow, he sort of accidentally on purpose makes eye contact with the young Erso heiress.

Her glance merely passes over him, and her face remains perfectly and diplomatically blank.

And yet, somehow, he instantly feels like he’s already managed to offend her.

Amazing Regency/Pride & Prejudice AU one-shot! Read it on AO3.

A Window View - Peter Parker

request -  Can you do a peter x stark!reader where when he first meets her, she’s sleeping on Tony’s couch in a weird way when Tony’s about to introduce peter to her. Peter just finds it absolutely adorable and when she wakes up and sees peter she gets all awkward while getting off the couch and trips a little. Btw love your blog its amazing. Everything on her is absolutely amazing

a/n - thank you so much for 3k!!! all of the love and support i’ve been getting has made me so grateful, thank you for everything :) hopefully this fic isn’t too trashy and a flop like me but don’t forget to request a peter parker/spider-man fic if you’d like and follow!

The alarm on my phone rang at an amazingly annoying tone for the third time during a 20 minute period. The sun was just peeking through the windows into the living room, having the awakened chatter of the city commence at this hour. The tower was beginning to wake up as the sun rose higher into the sky, while I was doing the complete opposite.

I groaned, lifting my head and scrambling for my phone that was on the coffee table. It was nearly 10 AM, but I didn’t know, and I also didn’t care. I was up until two o’clock in the morning the night before, studying for a test that I would be having later this evening. I seemed to have become so concentrated that my head was on top of my History textbook, having the page still open to the same one from last night.

Shut up.” I hissed at my phone, squinting at the screen as I turned the alarm off. I hummed in content as I turned my head back around, grabbing my pencil pouch and cuddling it close to my body as I fell back asleep. Considering my situation, and just how lazy I became, I just really didn’t give it a second thought these days. No one would be up here until noon most days, so I was content with it.

I was already too deep in my slumber to hear the doors slide open, only to have my father and someone else come in.

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