i will gladly buy you

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Hello! Just want to say you are a VERY gifted writer and one of my favorites. Hope you publish someday; I would gladly buy. I had a prompt idea should you have the time in the future? Thought it might be interesting to see Rick and Michonne as soldiers in the military who don't really like each at first and keep trying to outdo each other in training. Of course, true love is inevitable ☺️ Have a fantastic day!

😩Thank you so much! I really appreciate that. 🖤And this sounds like an awesome prompt (although ngl, I know nothing about the military, lol). If you don’t mind waiting, I’d be glad to tackle it!

I hope you have a fantastic day, too!
I'm voting third party

If you have an issue with that, if it pisses you off so fucking much, I’ll gladly buy you some grade a bleach to wash down all that salt. Just send me your address, and I’ll mail you the bottle. If voting third party is a vote for the candidate you don’t like, it’s just as much a vote for the candidate you do like to those on the other side, so it cancels out. Get over it. It’s either third party or no vote for me. And I’d rather vote. I’m not wasting my vote on a greasy, loud-mouthed cheeto or a slimey, two-faced criminal, so don’t try to sway me. I’m fucking sick of seeing posts trying to guilt or scare people out of voting third party or into voting for trump or clinton.

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If you ever do skeleton head commissions, I'll gladly buy one, I've been trying to make my own custom ghost rider cosplay as well

No kidding! I’d have to get them all set up, but sure thing! You’d also need to tell me which Rider you want it based on.

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I would gladly buy a photoset or something of you in the mega milk shirt because it's perfect tbh

Damn well I’ll gladly put one up!! I need to start doing more photosets tbh I usually just do videos