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naaah i get so angry that it’s not canon i wanna punch a wall lmao. also fanfiction was ruined for me by that time i was a beta on a naruto fansite and had to read some really horrible stuff at the delicate age of 13….rip

1) Listen to this with headphones.

2. Listen to this and think of Shawn.

3) Listen to this and think of how you feel when you hear his voice.

4) Listen to this and think of how much love you have for him in this very moment.

 5) Now listen to this from Shawn’s perspective.

That’s exactly how much he loves you

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Fanfic Friday #36

My darling, you look wonderful tonight by kittymannequin
Legend of Korra - Korrasami - Rated: General Audiences

My contribution to second day of Avatar Femslash Week, this time going for the topic: Night!

Drarry fic recs I

Umm, so I’ve read a *lot* of Drarry in the past couple of months. SO MUCH DRARRY. And I have feelings. Here is a list of a few that I’ve loved so far. Keep in mind that my taste is usually a lil’ on the darker side when it comes to this ship (meaning I enjoy angst and actively seek out stories that will make me cry) and I have a thing for mentor!Snape. Without further ado~

Turn (306k) - This is my favorite thing ever and the best one I’ve read in a LONG LONG time. It’s essentially this epic 300k tale of Harry learning how to live his life to the fullest, and it has the most exquisite characterization of Draco, and you. won’t. be. able. to. put. it. down. For real. It’s even CANON COMPLIANT (i.e. not EWE) when it starts so you can just adopt it straight to your headcanon and live the rest of your life in happy Drarry heaven.

Reparations (87k) - IF YOU DON’T ALREADY LOVE DRARRY, THIS IS THE PERFECT INTRODUCTION. This is everything I adore about this pairing and it has all this fantastic flirting, pining, and sexual tension. It is all to die for and I want to stay in this fic ‘verse until the end of time. Also check out its lovely sequel Foundations (and everything else this author has ever written).

A Thousand Beautiful Things (104k) - I’m so thoroughly taken with this fic and it’s such a wonderfully well-written piece that I didn’t even think about how long it took for the Drarry part to happen until I’d already finished it. Spy!Draco and war/post-war and touching friendships galore. I’ve cried so much, and it has this lovely mentor!Snape, and your heart will break for them all, but it’s all so beautiful, and I can’t rec it enough. Seriously, don’t miss it.

Tempus Fugit (93k) - This is the kind of fic that is so beautifully written that I want to read every word out loud just to feel how they taste in my mouth (and if you don’t recognize this feeling, I AM SO SORRY). Drarry has such amazing passion together here, the sort of romance I love to read but so rarely find. Deals with future-travel and all that greatness. It will really tug at your heart strings, and the writing is so rich and eloquent. 

Chaos Theory (102k) - This fic BROKE ME. IT KILLED ME. I AM DEAD. It tore my heart into tiny, tiny shreds, and eventually I was just begging for mercy, barely able to see what I read at certain points because I. could. not. stop. crying. Haven’t cried so much over a fic in years, if ever. But it was the most beautiful, beautiful thing. I loved it so much. Genius!Draco and mentor!Snape and the most soul-touching love story there is. It comes with SERIOUS trigger warnings though, so proceed carefully. Read the tags.

Cunning and Ambition (371k WIP) - I love Slytherin!Harry and this is the best one I’ve found. It’s a canon rewrite of all the books, but it’s so much darker and deals with things like the Dursleys’ abuse. I have cried myself to pieces every time I’ve read this one, and it is a thing of BEAUTY. It also has the most amazing mentor!Snape, and I just really like how you can feel Harry & co age in this, from their innocence as first years to the arrival of puberty in their teens later. I mean, Harry and Draco are best friends. Sooo good.

Secrets (411k) - BAMF!Harry, anyone? This is a 400k+ monster with the most badass characterization of Harry I’ve ever seen, and it’s such a thoroughly indulgent and enjoyable read that I had endless fun with. I can’t wait to read it again–soon. It was written pre-DH but some of this author’s ideas about Horcruxes are even better than in canon. This fic is not for everyone, I think, but do give it a try. You might end up loving it just as much as I did.

He Who Must Not Be Normal (40k) - THIS ONE MESSED ME UP. The writing style is so unique to this author, Draco and Harry are so desperate and dysfunctional that it HURTS, and it is glorious. It is beautiful. It will break your heart a little. Also check out The Boy Who Only Lived Twice.

Touch Me Fall (23k) - One of those fics that stayed with me for a good while after finishing it. This is such a lovely piece of writing and this author writes such a fantastic Drarry that I could weep. Harry also makes this really controversial speech in front of the Ministry in it and it. gave. me. chills

Then Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain (21k) - This is going to sound strange but I just adore the way this author writes kissing. I’ve read all her stories and her Drarry is gorgeous, you have to see it for yourself. This one is my fave because it is such an adorable bundle of fluff and fuzzy feelings, so well-written you won’t even notice the lack of a proper plot.

… this post is long enough already, so I’m just going to save the rest for a second part that I’ll hopefully write at some point. Meanwhile– enjoy! 

(Part II)

PS: If you read something that made you cry, I WANT TO KNOW.

I would like a fanfic where Steve gives Tony the usual “You’re not disciplined, you don’t take orders well, and you rely too much on your armor” spiel….

Natasha: Ho don’t do it –
Steve: So I’m going to teach you hand-to-hand fighting.
Natash: Oh my god

And they go to the mats, and Steve starts off slow with a couple of demonstration moves, and Tony nods along very focused and very poker-faced, and then they try an actual fight and Tony just destroys him.

For like half an hour Tony kicks his ass around the room, Steve can’t get a hand on him. And finally Steve’s like “What…the fuck” and Tony’s like “Who told you I couldn’t defend myself outside the suit? You know I wasn’t born in it, right? I mean Howard was good but he wasn’t that good.”

Steve: *bewildered face*
Natasha: *sips tea*

(She filmed it on her phone to show Clint and Bruce later.)


I do love Shadamy…but the fanfic are just…..

It Feels Right When I’m With You

sappy and very generic 2009!phan but I’ve never written them before so here is a very short fic

Genre: Fluff and not angst but like it’s not ALL happy ygm

Words: 1.8k yes it’s short sorry

Warnings: None! (actually I reference the video like a tiny bit but like it’s not that bad)

A/N: So idek why I never read/write 2009 but here we are and I can’t believe I’ve written 2012 before this fluffball oh my god anyway let’s hope it’s okay and this might be it for a while unless I do that teacherxteacher fic I want to write but I have like 2 in drafts which I’m doing and Redamancy which is like pushed to the side whyyy

anyway enjoy!

It turned from messages to Skype calls, and now Dan Howell’s standing on platform 3, waiting for his train to Manchester. It’s insignificant, but his eyes trace the letter 3 above his head as his hand grips his coffee slightly too tight as ridges form in his palm and the warmth is barely bearable. His stomach flips as the train edges closer, businessmen filing on and then there’s Dan; the newly turned adult with an out-of-date haircut and shaking hands and legs which he’d have sworn if his eyes weren’t currently fixed on the floor that they’d somehow have turned into jelly. He makes his way to the back of the train, taking up three seats of hesitation and he’s more than thankful the train is almost empty. He opens his phone and sees a text from Phil, cursing himself that he’d let himself get caught up in his nerves and never replied to him.

To Phil:

im fine omg soz <3

From Phil:

i got nervous :c x

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Drew this tonight dedicated to my most fave MakoHaru fic: Losing Makoto by Tinni. If you haven’t read it, go read it now, son. (n˘v˘•)¬

I hardly get hook to fanfiction but this one really got to me. Made me smile and laugh. And what makes this great is that it’s greatly written and the author has done research. :) I was obviously rooting for MakoHaru, right? But then Rin (I adore Rin here so funny this lad), this precious boy his feelings for Makoto are genuine and I ended up cheering for him because MakoRin is also my OTP. And now I swear, I’m so torn I don’t know what to do?? (so I ended up drawing the boy they both want haha) Ok I am babbling too much but I just really wanna thank the author for writing this. :’D Truly, truly a beautiful story with no smut. <3 And I apologize for such a random fanart of your fanfiction OTL Please don’t kill me. Ah yes, this art btw kinda shows Makoto being a model, which in fact the whole story is all about! ( ´ ◡ ` )


Chubby puppy werewolf Rin and chubby mummy Sou return! ( ´∀`)ノ~ ♡ 

Sosuke likes taking his afternoon naps while Rin is “distracted.” This pup unfortunately drops everything he’s chewing on and dashes to try and sleep with Sosuke. He wins every time~ (-ω-   ) 

Look nightcloak-chan-san! I continued it! I dedicate this to you! (*ノωノ) ♡

oops my hand slipped and i accidentally dug myself into a hole because of this

Big-Makoto is pretty enough to be on TV and Haru can’t stop looking at his face and wondering how it changed.

I’m continuing my make-fanarts-out-of-makoharu-fanfics-that-I-love. And here’s another one of my faves: Half A Meter Until You by Shimegami. IT’S THE CUTEST THING EVER and I hope I at least showed that in this fanart I made orz Matching MakoHaru outfit just because /o/

The gist is that Haru woke up as a toddler in the present and he couldn’t fathom the mere fact that Makoto, his best friend the cry baby Makoto, is now this big handsome 17-year-old high school boy. One cannot avoid having a crush even little Haru-chan is no exception! It’s so adorable I couldn’t resist doing this because the point of view of this little boy just makes me laugh and smile. PURE GOLD. I won’t reveal the rest because I want you to read it and experience the adorableness! I’d like to thank the author for sharing and writing this enjoyable story it never fails to make me smile whenever I reread it! :‘D 

UPDATE! this is already on deviantART!

All I Want For Christmas is You (Wrapped Up in Lace)

thanks to @cafephan for the idea to turn this into a Christmas fic after I reminded you of this very hilarious omegle video (although I do imagine Dan to be a lot sexier) xD hope it’s okay! just to clarify as well that both Dan and Phil in this story are 18, Phil 5 months older (and nearing 19) but neither are minors.

Words: 2.4k

Summary: Phil’s bored, his English assignment is nothing but a bore and he decides typing Christmas into Omegle is a good idea, but he gets more than he bargined for.

Genre: Smut, honestly merry fucking Christmas you flilthy sinners :P after all ‘tis the season to be jolly

Phil’s eyes sting from exhaustion, his mind’s cloudy and his pen’s starting to scrawl intangible letters which resemble nothing more defined than scribbles from a waxy crayon which a child proudly drew, except it’s sapphire ink and Phil certainly not proud, in fact he’s far from it. His calendar has five days crossed off, and a cheesy red circle encompassing the ninth. Usually he’d look forward to the end of term, the decorations and typical Christmas songs bounding off of his cream bedroom walls so loudly that his brother would more often than not shout at him to turn it down. Fairy lights are a must at this time of year, as are an array holiday scented candles sat on his windowsill, and the jingle of bells above his door. It’s safe to say Christmas is his favourite holiday, and thinks nothing of donning a bright jumper whilst making a peppermint hot chocolate with an abundance of whipped cream - it is Christmas after all.
He throws his pen on the page, a huff scrawled from his lips as it leaves a black puddle which would most certainly stain the next page one, if not the next few. He murmurs a string of curses before closing his textbook and standing up, wiggling his festively socked-feet in the soft carpet. His brother jokes that he resembles a Christmas tree, and perhaps he does, but Phil’s tired of coffee-coloured jumpers and black socks, baby blue button ups and denim shorts, deeming none of them suitable for the festive season. He boils the kettle and nearly burns himself in the process (an improvement from leaving the butter in it’s aluminium foil in the microwave before heating up his coffee last week), and almost catches his finger as he bashes the candy canes with a wooden spoon, but the hot chocolate is made leaving Phil relatively unharmed. He switches on his fairy lights, allowing a smile to cut through his cheeks and by the time he finally stops scrolling through Tumblr, his hot chocolate is nothing warmer than a British summer’s day (so in fact, not very hot at all). He still drinks it, and attempts to salvage the remaining pieces of the candy cane from the bottom of the mug until he decides perhaps the dishwasher would do a better job and promptly stops. Phil sits for a while, fingers hovering over the keys, precariously close yet not quite touching. He’s at a loss of what to do. Not quite tired enough to sleep but certainly couldn’t write anymore on ‘how Shakespeare has captivated the world’, because in Phil’s mind he hasn’t, not one bit. It’s safe to say despite Phil’s love for English, the assignments certainly don’t make him smile, especially paired with constant eye-bags and dark circles, skid under his eyes as if mauve paint had been placed thickly at the stroke of a brush. His professors were decent, not the best but definitely not the worst - he think’s PJ might’ve gotten the rough end of the stick on that front, but then he gets to spend his days creating films and Phil’s stuck in a lecturing hall, swings and roundabouts he reckons.

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When the wrench hit the Jeep’s windshield, the glass cracked but did not break apart completely. Stiles stood there for a moment, breathing heavily and staring at his broken-down car. It was over. His legs became heavy then and he sat down, leaning against the front wheel. It was over.

The rain had stopped a while ago, but now a chilly breeze swept through the streets and across his wet skin. Heaving and shaking with the cold, Stiles took out his phone.

He had known right from the beginning that Scott wouldn’t believe him. And that Scott wouldn’t be okay with what Stiles had done. What he had had to do to protect Scott and his father. That he didn’t have a choice. If Scott would’ve just let him explain…

Perhaps he shouldn’t have yelled at him. Perhaps they could’ve sorted things out. But it made Stiles so angry that his best friend just wouldn’t understand. It had been an accident. And it hurt that Scott didn’t believe him. It was true what he had told Theo. It had felt good when it had finally been over. But not because he had enjoyed it.

Stiles was about to press the call button when he realized whose number he had just typed in. Staring at the bright display, he was surprised whom he was about to call. He hadn’t dialed that number in a long time, but he could still remember it by heart.

His thumb hovered over the green button and Stiles stared down at the number on the display, uncertain if he wanted to talk to anyone at all right now. They hadn’t spoken in weeks. Not since Mexico. And what if Scott was right? What if it was Stiles’ fault? Would he believe him? Would he care enough to listen? Would he even be able to tell him the whole story?

He was scared. He couldn’t handle another rejection. Not from him. Especially not from him. But he was his last chance. His last hope.

His mouth went dry when he pressed the call button after all. It took a few seconds for the call to connect.

‘Stiles?’ It made his heart skip a beat to finally hear the voice on the other end of the line. Then his heart started beating rapidly – he still recognized his number!

He took a deep breath and swallowed several times before he was able to say anything.

‘Hey, Derek…,’ Stiles winced at the tremble in his own voice.

‘Are you okay?’ asked Derek with concern.

It wasn’t until now Stiles realized he had waited for someone to ask him this question. For someone to care for his side of the story. To care for him. But, now Derek had asked, it was so much harder to actually talk about it.

‘Yeah,’ a short, weak laugh. ‘Yeah, I’m okay. I’m fine. Great actually.’

Derek scoffed at that, and Stiles could practically hear Derek rolling his eyes at him. It was obvious he didn’t fall for that.

‘What happened?’

For a moment Stiles wanted to hang up. It would be so easy to just hang up. But he couldn’t hold it back anymore. And so he told Derek everything that had happened in the past few weeks. Everything about Theo, the Dread Doctors, the chimeras, Donovan. And about Scott… Stiles told him what he should’ve said to Scott. He told him how Scott wouldn’t understand.

Derek did not interrupt him, let him talk until he could say no more and then just fell silent. And so at last he had shared the pain and guilt with someone who might understand. Someone, he hoped, would understand.

When he stopped talking there was silence for a few seconds.

Then Derek hummed. ‘I believe you.’


marvey week [day 5]: au verse

Shock. That’s what Harvey feels when he opens the door to find Mike on the other side, even though the word isn’t nearly powerful enough to convey the full scope and depth of what Harvey is feeling right now. He checks his watch, because it’s entirely possible his sense of time has become somewhat distorted due to the emotions of the day, but no, it’s 4pm. The exact time Mike and Rachel’s wedding ceremony was supposed to begin.

“What are you doing here?”

“What do you think?” Mike says, voice tinged ever so slightly with anger, before he storms into the apartment.

Harvey slowly closes the door, taking a moment to gather his wits before heading into the apartment to face Mike.

“Tell me why,” Mike demands.

Harvey lets out a resigned sigh, shaking his head. “No.”

“Harvey, I asked you to be my best man, and when you said no, I accepted that, even though it fucking hurt. But if that wasn’t bad enough, yesterday you tell me that you aren’t coming to the ceremony and refuse to tell me why. I mean, what the hell man? After everything -” Mike cuts himself off, taking in a shaky breath like he isn’t sure he can go on. Harvey wants to say something, but he knows Mike too well now, knows he’s just getting started, and interrupting him would just make things worse. Mike takes one more deep breath before continuing, “This morning, when I was supposed to be getting ready for the most important day of my life, all I could think about was you. I was on the verge of a goddamn panic attack because the most important person in my life wasn’t going to be present for the most important day of my life and you…" Mike trails off, his face distorting with realization. “Oh my God, you fucking knew, didn’t you? You knew that I was really in love with you and that was why you weren’t going to come to the wedding.”

Harvey feels like he can’t breathe. He doesn’t even think about it, taking a small step forward. “Mike, believe me when I tell you, I didn’t know.”

Mike looks nervous, chest rising and falling like he’s just run a mile. “You didn’t?”

Harvey shakes his head. “All I knew was that I was in love with you. And I couldn’t just sit there and watch you marry someone else. That’s why I said no to being your best man. It’s why I couldn’t go to your wedding.”

Mike just looks at him for a moment. “Why didn’t you ever tell me?” he asks, plaintively.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me?” Harvey counters.

“Because I didn’t know!” Mike exclaims, indignant.

“Yeah, well, now you do,” Harvey says defensively.

Mike just looks at him for a moment before bursting out into laughter, his whole body sagging with it. It isn’t long before Harvey joins him.

“We’re ridiculous,” Mike says, grinning.

Harvey smiles. “Agreed.”

Mike takes a step forward. “Kiss me.”

“Gladly,” Harvey replies, before doing just that.

“ Everything you do it sends me
Higher than the moon with every
Twinkle in your eye
You strike a match that lights my heart on fire

When you’re near, I hide my blushing face
And trip on my shoelaces
Grace just isn’t my forté
But it brings me to my knees when you say

Hello, how are you, my darling today?
I fall into a pile on the floor
Puppy love is hard to ignore
When every little thing you do, I do adore “

based on this song and this fanfiction

just as a MAJOUR aside, please do not make your comments on this fanfiction strictly about my art.  the author puts a lot of time and energy into this thing and the fact that a good lot of the people who comment aren’t giving them the support they need is really ticking me off. i’m ok with you guys commenting about my art so long as you ALSO comment about the fanfiction and give the author feedback k thanks bye

this is based off of chapter 8

go check out the author’s blog they’re hella rad 

headcanon where abby gets injured gathering medical supplies and kane has to carry her back to camp [inspired by]

Just a lil something something for theoburr
I saw this in my files… Let’s just say I had a sudden huge love for you and finished it up.

Here is the fic that created this image: Everyday Kind of Love

petition for deconnick & wilson to co-write a carol/kamala team-up miniseries