i will give you babies


gentle daily reminder to do tons of research before bringing home new fishy friends <3

Most of the time if you ask about stock, I’m NOT going to give you a short answer. If you’re asking “can x fish go in y size tank?” or “i have w, x, y fish, can i add z fish?”, *most* of the time I’m NOT going to tell you “OMG YES DO IT” or “OMG NO WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT YOURE HORRIBLE ASLDFJ;AFDH”.

(i mean, if youre gonna give your betta  20 gallon heavily planted aquarium or the equivalent for another fish/animal…i’m just gonna go ahead and say hell yes tho lol no sense in changing your mind when youre already going above and beyond for your babies)

I’m most likely going to give you a few references, tell you what I might do/try, then explain my philosophy towards fishkeeping:

If you put your fish first, you’ll have more success….its that simple…
Basically, if you find conflicting information on tank size, school size, etc. choose the larger option, or whatever is safer/in the best interest of your fishy friends!! :)

Minimum tank size is either 10 or 20? go with 20.
Minimum shoal size is either 3 or 6? go with 6.

and then I’m gonna tell you to DO AS MUCH RESEARCH AS HUMANLY POSSIIIIBBBLLLLE. Dont just take my word for it! Go and pour over forums, and *multiple* caresheets if you can find a few different ones :) Never stop learning <3

Say it with me!:

fantastic ^-^ well done ^-^ I love you all ^-^

continue scrolling, and happy fishkeeping! :)


“And I would give you everything, baby. But can you feel this energy? Take it. And you can have the best of me, baby…” Lights Down Low -MAX


“You’re going to do great.” You say, your head testing on my chest. I smile down at you a kiss your forehead.

“You always say that and then I goof up.” I tell you. You look up at me and I search your eyes. You smile.

“But it’s cute when you do. It gives me something to tease you about.” You giggle. I smile and start tickling your stomach, sending your one giggle, into a fit of them.

“Tooommm. Stop it!” You squeal, trying to push my hands away.

“No.” I say, tickling your sides whenever you moved my hands away from your stomach. We continued laughing until you finally had the strength to tackle me onto the couch.

“Hey!” I chuckled. You start showering me with kisses and I groan.

“How do you like it now?” She says, kissing my forehead and then cheeks.

“I love it,” I say, cupping your face and brining it down for a peck.

“I love you darling.” I say, staring into your eyes. You stare down at me and smile.

“I love you too Tom.”


I ran beside the gurney, the nurse shouting orders. I stared at your body, an oxygen mask over your mouth, blood caked over your face.

“Patient is loosing blood rapidly. The oxygen tank isn’t doing too well either.” the nurse yelled.

“Will she be okay?” I ask. She looks at me and snaps her fingers to a nurse passing by.

“Come with me sir.” He says, touching my arm. I give him a wild look.

“I’m not leaving her side.” I say through gritted teeth.

“If you want her to live, you will for now.” He says, his eyes sad. I look back and you’re gone, wheeled away from me. I hang my head and follow the male nurse to the waiting room. He brings me a cup of water and sits next to me.

“Look kid… this ain’t easy.” He sighs. I take a sip of water and roll my eyes.

“When is it?” I say. He lets out a chuckle but goes back to his solemn mood.

“This happened to me. A year ago actually. It was my fault.” He says, his eyes clouding.

“We were out driving out on the mountain. A dog ran from its owner and we saw them chasing after it. I swerved the car and we rolled down a small hill. I remember gaining consciousness and turning to see her. She had her head down and didn’t look like she was breathing. We were taken and since I was in training, I told them my injuries and what I needed. She-” his voice cracks..

“It’s okay.. ” I reassure him. He smiles and I see tears stinging his eyes.

“She snapped her neck, dying instantly. There was no way of her surviving.” He finishes, dabbing his eyes with his shirt. I place a hand on his shoulder and give it a squeeze.

“It wasn’t your fault. ” I tell him. He gives me a weak smile and nods.

“I guess.”


I’ve been waiting for almost an hour and haven’t heard anything. I went over to the cafeteria, a small part of it looking like a cafe. I went over and got myself some tea and a bagel and sat down, slowly chewing. I look up and saw the doctor walking towards me, his head down. Harrison came as soon as I had called him, and was sitting next to me, bouncing his leg. We both stood up and went to the doctor.

“How is she?” We both ask. He sighs.

“She’s breathing but… this isn’t easy.” He says.

“Go on. Spill it.” Harrison says. He gives us a look and sighs.

“She doesn’t remember anything. At all. Just her name.” He says.

“What are you saying..?” I ask.

“I’m saying.. she doesn’t remember who you are or who anyone else is.” The doctor says, handing me a packet. I looked down at it and huge words in bold stare back at me:


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Calloused hands grip your hips from behind as you feel a hard body drape itself over your bent form. A deep voice vibrates through you as he Gladios growls into your neck. "Hello there beautiful, I couldn't help but notice that you were bent over so nicely for me. That lovely ass of yours just begging for attention. I hope you can hold that position because I'm gonna give you the ride of your life."


*freezes in bent over position*

Well, Gladio, I know you don’t take me for a common thot, like I’ll just let you have your way with me whenever you feel like trapping me against your rock hard body and your equally hard…

*considers his proposition further*



supernatural out of context

♥ нappy вιrтнday, ѕнιro! ♥ 2•29

i couldn’t wait to post this on his birthday.. so happy early birthday, my fav space dad! i can’t believe he’s turning 5! they grow up so fast,,..

I’m here. I love you. I don’t care if you need to stay up crying all night long, I will stay with you. There’s nothing you can ever do to lose my love. I will protect you until you die, and after your death I will still protect you. I am stronger than Depression and I am braver than Loneliness and nothing will ever exhaust me.

Some things I love individually about each of the kids:

Gaten: His kindness. He is so sweet it’s almost unbelievable and you can just tell he’s the type of person that makes anyone feel welcome.

Caleb: this kid has the best fashion sense and some awesome dance moves but outside of that he is also so supportive and encouraging not just towards people he knows but to everybody

Noah: Noah is the sweetest thing with the best taste in shoes. This guy has the best smile I’ve ever seen and the cutest laugh I’ve ever heard not to mention this guy can rock a bowl cut.

Finn: the actual coolest kid. He has the coolest sense of humor and while he likes to meme and be silly is seriously mature and reasonable.

Millie: she has a way with words if you watch interviews she’s just very amazing at wording things. She also is outgoing and confident. Not to mention this girl can rock the curls

I love these kids equally but for different reasons and yes they’re amazing together but apart they’re just as amazing


So I’m gay. What of it? What are you gonna do about it?



Soooo I have a headcanon (well…I guess it’s a headcanon, but it’s something I hope might actually happen) that Chas filmed the speeches at Robron’s wedding reception.

Like…I found it a bit odd that Robert mentioned his speech (to Aaron outside the pub), but we didn’t get to see it. So I have this headcanon that it did happen, that Robert probably did make some long soppy speech, and maybe Aaron said a few words too (not a lot, and certainly not he way Robert did!) and that Chas filmed it (as she appeared to be filming them dancing/cuddling too).

So my headcanon is, that at some point over the next few weeks/however long Aaron is inside, Robert is going to watch these videos. Like just sit there in the quiet and watch them. I can imagine Chas telling him that she’s put all the wedding stuff on a disk for him, but he can’t bring himself to watch (because he’s sort of embarrassed, but also he just can’t bring himself to watch them without Aaron) but one day he just….he can’t stand being away from Aaron any longer, and just needs to feel close to him, so he brings himself to watch the footage of them on the happiest day of their lives.

I would love this so so so much if Emmerdale actually like….showed this. Like you can’t say (twice!) about Robert making a speech and then not show it. So imagine if they did show it, just weeks later, with Robert watching it on the TV or on his laptop. Like wobbly home-movie style footage with Chas “aww’ing” over the top of it.

I mean I don’t actually think this will happen, but bY GOD I would love it if it did. Either way, it’s going to happen in my mind <3