i will give you 10 whole dollars

trash-galaxyuu  asked:

I would buy some art from you but Im broke and dont understand the whole points system of Deviantart. 0:


plus the least amount of points you can buy is 400 for 5 bucks

I only charge 10 points for my pixel commissions, which is 10 cents, but most of the time deviantart eats 2 cents of that so I’m left with 8 cents per commission. I also have to actually wait until deviantart gives me my money.

at least I’m getting something, though.

so anyway 500 points would be about the equivalent of 5 dollars

10 days of Pratchett
Day 9. What You Fancy - The Canting Crew

The beggars were not in fact this well versed in folkloric practice. They were just making a din in the well-founded hope that people would give them money to stop.
It was just possible to make out consensus song in there somewhere.

“Hogswatch is coming,
The pig is getting fat,
Please put a dollar in the old man’s hat
If you ain’t got a dollar a penny will do-”

“And if you ain’t got a penny,” Foul Ole Ron yodeled, solo, ‘Then- fghfgh yffg mfmfmf…“ The Duck man had, with great Presence of mind, clamped a hand over Ron’s mouth.”

/Terry Pratchett, Hogfather/