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My god it’s so hilarious seeing Stydiots lose their fucking minds as they slowly realize they won’t be getting shit in the finale!! Sterek’s are getting DEREK CARRYING STILES BRIDAL STYLE AND STEREK BEING PRACTICALLY GLUED TO EACH OTHER, PROTECTING EACH OTHER! Jydia gets an epic run and hug!

Stydia… might get hand holding?? From everything I’ve heard, there’s absolutely ZERO ROMANTIC SCENES!! There’s no acknowledgment they are together and it’s just so hilarious!! You assholes talked soooo much shit all these years, and you still ain’t shit!

I can’t wait to hear Jeff further crush you after the finale.

SO this happened earlier this week and I was entirely too busy to acknowledge it. It’s kind of surreal, really. I have been sorely inactive and yet you all have still signed up for disappointment  content.

I would like to celebrate in some way! I have been feeling a bit better mentally lately, and I have been wanting to do some Fall themed writing, but don’t really have any ideas. So instead of opening requests, I’m asking for ideas. I don’t promise to write anything specifically (school is killing me slowly and may inhibit writing. Woo senior year), but I need help getting the creative waters flowing.

So please send me some fall/autumn scenarios/ideas!

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It is currently 19:12 and i'm thinking about wanting Kuron to become part of the team and help team Voltron, but also of all the fluff that will be after they find Shiro and i HOPE AND WISH that Kuron and Shiro get's a brotherly relationship full of sibling banter, and that Kuron slowly becomes his own person.

oh my god same. please let kuron be good and become a part of the team. let him become like a brother to shiro and let them bond over all of the shit that the galra did to them. let kuron become his own person 😭😭😭😭😭

send me an anon telling me what time it is and what you’re thinking about

Falling In Love - Mini Series - Dabin/DPR LIVE

You didn’t get to choose who you fell for,it just happened.

Slowly and then all at once.

It encompassed you like a flame to oil,slowly catching you alight before sparks ignited the collision of souls,that had finally found their way home.

The many stages of falling in Love…

Stage Nine:


‘I think I love you’

It was those words that made your heart stop.

Those three words.

“‘I love you.”

You had been facing Dabin,the both of you lying in bed spending your day off lounging around his apartment.You had stayed in bed the majority of the day,him brushing strands of hair from your face as you traced your fingertips over his skin.The both of you silently bathing in the tranquility.

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I’ve been feeling so drained these last few months. A new job, family troubles, hurricanes, and a new teenage daughter… and the most recent event has left me in such sorrow.
In the midst of all that was surrounding my life, I realized I’ve forgotten to take care of myself and have put everything else above. It’s very easy for me in my caring nature to get so swept away. Looking at how I’ve been feeling lately and realizing the cause of leading to my lack of energy I’ve been slowly shifting some focus back on myself… practicing yoga, eating right, meditating..

It doesn’t change the past, it doesn’t get easier, at least not right away; you grow. You get stronger. You can only look to a brighter future. Have gratitude for each moment, for every lesson, for every memory.

Get In Losers, We’re Going Curse Breaking.

I’ve been doing some research today (I can neither confirm nor deny I’m writing the sequel chapter to Dial Tone) and I just found out that Draco Malfoy’s wife Astoria supposedly dies really young due to a curse placed on her ancestor, which leaves both Scorpius and Malfoy devastated and I’m just…are you fucking kidding me????

Are you telling me that instead of the shitheap of fiction that was The Cursed Child, we could have instead had a story about young Scorpius Malfoy finding out about the curse laid on his mother, and being the Slytherin child that he is, deciding to find a way to break it. 

Like the possibilities, I can’t even, my brain is just…running away with the idea of what you could do with a story like that. Scorpius Malfoy finds out about his mother’s curse, and how his birth shortens her life, I mean…it’s like…there, in the title??? The Cursed Child???!?

And then you have Albus “Al” Potter being sorted into Slytherin but that doesn’t make him any less like his dad so when he finds out what his friend is trying to do he’s there, he’s 100% there to help, whatever his friend needs, Albus Severus Potter is there. His dad gave him the invisibility cloak after all, what’s to stop them using it to get into the Library and reading all the books. They get caught of course, and Professor McGonagall has this surreal moment of not quite déjà vu, at having a Potter and a Malfoy breaking the rules in front of her again, but as friends??? And they’re…they’re reading about healing magic and protection spells at 3am??? Slytherins??? Is…is it too soon to consider early retirement??? Asking for a friend???

And because Al is the precious little Slytherin that he is, he has absolutely no qualms about breaking into his Dad’s office, aka Harry Fucking Potter’s Office, at the ministry and finding out all he can about the most powerful ways to break curses. But first he needs to get there and maybe a few years ago asking his dad if he could come visit on the weekend might not have been weird but it’s weird now. Everything’s been weird since he got sorted into Slytherin but that’s not important now. What is important is he’s pretty sure he remembers a giant book chained to his dad’s office desk and he needs to get to it, but he’s a bit of a squib when it comes to flying, and apparition is still beyond him, but Rose can fly. 

And even though she’s been sorted into Gryfindor and they don’t talk as often as they used to it’s worth a shot right? And initially she calls him mad for wanting to do what he wants to do (just, a moment of pure Hermione shines through, “no, absolutely not, you’re going to get us expelled or worse”) but as she listens to him, the more he pleads adamantly and vocally on behalf of his friend who is just staring at the floor, the more she realizes, they’re serious. Scorpius hasn’t even attempted to flirt with her yet…or…at all really, not recently…and she can’t help but notice he looks a little thinner, a little paler, and the dark circles under his eyes look like bruises, and when he looks up there’s a look of harrowing sorrow behind those bright eyes and Rose Granger-Weasley says slowly, “No, I’m not stealing a broom just so I can fly Albus to the Ministry…” takes a deep breath and licks her lips, determination settling over her shoulders like a well-fitted cloak. “We’re all going. But first we need to get to the Burrow.”

“The Burrow?” Al frowns, doing that weird hopping skip of a run he does to keep up with Rose’s long strides as she turns. “Why are we going to the Burrow?”

“Because, you can fit more in the trunk of a Ford Anglia.”

But no, that’s fine I guess. We’ll just get some muddled bullshit about Bad Parenting, time turners and alternate universes, feat the deranged lovechild of HimWithoutANose and RacistLeStrange. Sure. Great.

Innocence [M]

Originally posted by jeonsshi

Pairing: Jimin x Female Reader

Genre: Roommate AU!Smut, One Shot, You have been warned; this fiction is full of smut.

Words Count : Almost 2,1k

Warnings : [M] for Mature Content, this fiction is pure smut.

Author’s Note: Hi guys admin Sunshine is here, so I’ve asked you guys about smut fiction ideas and then I mixed them up a bit, I hope y’all can enjoy this long sinful fiction

“S-i-x fucking months” You said out loud.

That was true actually. It’s been already six-months since you had sex, you were already horny and your roommate’s existence didn’t help at all. You were like a cat in heat, you wanted to have sex but you didn’t trust anyone about sex, they didn’t know your body—they were not good enough for you. You took a deep sigh, your roommate was at the next room and he was sleeping although it wasn’t that late. You were getting hornier and you couldn’t hold yourself any longer; you started to play with yourself. At first you thought this could be the only solution for your little-horny-problem but you forgot how thin the house’s walls were. 

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Another kinky wager

Summary: As he previously promised, Bucky helps you work out all those irritating little kinks in your pool game.
Characters: Bucky x Reader
Warnings: Absolutely NSFW. It’s all sex and pool tables folks, please walk away unless you’re over 18.  

A/N: Decided to write a follow-up to ‘Pool balls and underpants’, because I just couldn’t move on without a smutty sequel. This can read as a stand-alone story, but it will make more sense why Bucky’s wearing Steve’s underwear if you read the first part. And besides, who doesn’t love reading sassy sexual innuendos from Bucky Barnes?

Also, I meant this to be short, and once again my imagination spiralled out of control, and here we are. I regret nothing.

Pool balls and underpants 

He’s startled for a moment, before a sly smile stretches across his face, and he whips around to follow, white socks slipping and sliding on the smooth tiles as he chases after you.

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No, zat vas a yoke

This is actually from a larp I npc for, not a table top, but long context short, last weekend the GMs brought back a character I play, a very very old, curse happy Viking witch, to finish up one of the PC’s, Serenity’s, personal plots. Serenity’s parents showed up and were tearing into her for all the dangerous and (by their culture’s standards) sinful things she’s been up to. And then I had to go and break a curse I placed on their bloodline that anyone that line falls in love with will die unless they sacrifice themselves in their place. I do the thing.

Other PC to Serenity’s boyfriend: Oh good, now you won’t die!

Serenity’s mother: wHAT??? *proceeds to make the biggest scene ever, including interrogating the boyfriend and asking if he intended to marry her daughter*

My curse happy witch: *walks slowly away to other people* Vell, Zis is getting messy, even for me. I sink I might stop cursing people…

Other people: Good! We would thank you for it!

My witch: No, zat vas yoke, zat is all I do. Zis is zee most fun I hef hed in years.

  • Sherlock: *lying on the sofa, in his mind palace*
  • Mary: *sighs*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Mary: The posh boy loves the pathologist.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Mary: Aren't you listening to me?
  • Sherlock: Nope.
  • Mary: You can't ignore it.
  • Sherlock: *still in his mind palace* Yes, I can. See? This is me. Ignoring it.
  • Mary: The silver fox has been barking up that tree for years.
  • Mary: Meat Dagger's keeping an open mind.
  • Mary: And then there's the consulting criminal-
  • Sherlock: *through gritted teeth* He's dead.
  • Mary: *scoffs* So am I. Doesn't stop me getting in your head.
  • Sherlock: *sighs; sits up* Fine. What do I do?
  • Mary: *shrugs* Not sure. But you might want to hurry up. Silver fox is taking hot doctor death to dinner.
  • Sherlock: *stands up* What? Why didn't you tell me?
  • Mary: *gestures* Coke-brain, remember?
  • Sherlock: *huffs; runs out the door*
  • Mary: COAT!
  • Sherlock: *runs back and grabs his coat; leaves*
  • Mary: KEYS!
  • Sherlock: *hurries in and takes his keys; annoyed* Anything else?
  • Mary: Yeah, don't forget to snog her.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* See you later, Mary *leaves the flat*

anonymous asked:

I really really want to start drawing too and I know the hard work will probably pay off in like what? 30 years? But uh I really don't have the aptitude for it and everything I have so far is really scribbly and bad and well uh do you have any more drawing advice for absolutely COMPLETE beginners like me?

Apart from a neverending practice and some patience, I think yes!

Try to appreciate the little progress that you have done, maybe those steps you’re making aren’t as drastic and huge as you’d want them to be, but they are STEPS! Try to get rid of that impatient mentality. I know how much you want to be able to draw the way you see in your head, or as good as other artists you like do, but it’s not how it works. Like, you have to draw. And at first you are going to be bad at it, you can’t get great immediately. If you don’t draw because you draw badly, you will never be able to become good at drawing. Out of those amazing artists you see on the internet or in galleries, very few were born gifted. The simple majority has to work for it.

It’s all about that suffering and unsatisfaction, and those little glimpses of pride you get when you notice you improved a bit. Remind yourself that you are a beginner. And how great you draw for a beginner! I mean, you draw! That’s alone is so huge.

Your hard work WILL pay off. Most likely sooner than in 30 years, it’s going to be paying you slowly but deliberately. Always remind yourself that you are going to be good eventually, and work for it. Start off with tutorials on the internet, they will make your progress easier and your understanding of what you’re doing to develop a bit quicker and steadier. You want to draw something? Look at drawing tutorials from it, find the one you understand the most and draw.

I know I literally always say work work practise practise, and I feel like you guys get so annoyed at me for it. BUT THAT’S HOW REAL LIFE WORKS. There’s no sorcery that will suddenly make one good.

You see amazing artists you love so much at this point where they are now, and you think they have it easy, and you want to be like them. But you don’t want to endure the same struggles, the same amount of time that has to pass, the same tears they had when they were just as unsatisfied as you. You just wanna be great. So….Patiently work for it. Draw things. Sometimes you’re going to draw things that make  you proud, and you’ll get addicted to that feeling and you will want to achieve it again. 

Artists are such competitive and greedy creatures I feel like they always want to be like that and to draw like this and to visualize like something else, but first of all they always compete with themselves and it’s what get them going farther and farther.

dangerous waters (m) | pkjm

fratboy!jimin smut
a sleazy fratboy thinks he could get any girl he wants, until he meets you
word count: 2774
genre: smut SMUT!! SMUT!! S MU T 
warning: sleazy jimin, dom!jimin, explicit language, oral

[a/n]: you’ve been warned!!! this is mature content read at own risk !! this is my FIRST smut EVER !! i apologize in advance if its super bad and super cringe like i have no idea wtf i was doing, i just wrote and props to ppl who write smut bc that shit is hard 

Originally posted by 9taefox

You had a huge biochemistry lab the next morning, a calculus test right after, and a literature lecture after bunch. Instead of studying for your classes and sleeping early, you were at some random fraternity party that your friend, Hoseok, dragged you to.

Parties weren’t ever really your scene. You were, a lack for a better term, a goody two shoes. You enjoyed staying in and reading. Cafes, libraries, and parks were your favorite places. You were an overall excellent student, almost top of the class with outstanding remarks. You studied whenever you had the chance to, it was the only way you were able to keep up with classes.

You weren’t completely cookie cutter though. Occasionally, you went to parties when workload was minimal and you didn’t despise frats/sororities. Some of your friends were in sororities and you usually went to their parties, not anyone you were unfamiliar with.

However, Hoseok begged you to join him at the campus’ most popular fraternity’s party. That specific frat had the cutest, hottest boys. They maintained the highest number of hook ups in one night and parties in one week. You avoided them at all cost because even though they were attractive, they were all assholes. 

Their parties were usually majority guys and a sprinkle of girls. You were extremely hesitant, but Hoseok wouldn’t stop messing up your lecture notes until you gave in.

“Geez, Hoseok. There are literally no girls here.” You whispered as you made your way to the kitchen. His laugh was barely audible over the heavy music they were playing. 

“They’re probably all upstairs..” He paused and pointed to the closed rooms. “In the rooms.” 

“That’s so gross.” You rolled your eyes and poured yourself a drink. Their fruit punch was spiked and you almost puked at the first sip. “This is gross.”

“Your tongue becomes numb after a few more sips.” Hoseok’s head darted towards the door. A small group of girls from the sorority down the street had entered. “Enjoy yourself, (Y/N).” He smirked before heading towards them.

“Hoseok—” It was too late. You lost your only friend to the crowd. Glancing around, you noticed that people were either drinking, smoking, or dancing. You weren’t really into any of that. You were regretting your decision of showing up.

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Breaking the Rules - part 2

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  Modern!AU You hate James Barnes with a burning passion and the feeling is entirely mutual. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you are tricked into attending his sister’s wedding as his girlfriend. Stuck with a bunch of strangers, you come up with a set of rules that are not going to last long.

Word Count:2,205

Warnings: The usual + Angst

A/N: I’m spamming you guys with fics lol sorry. Also please, don’t let this series flop, I beg you! Alright, I’ll stop whining now. Enjoy :)

Breaking the Rules - Masterpage

Originally posted by lowkeysebastianstan

You woke up from your nap and stretched your arms over your head since there was no one sitting next to you. The book Bucky asked ordered you to read was on the empty seat next to yours. With a heavy sigh, you picked it up, threw it in your travel bag and left.

Bucky was waiting for you on the platform, his foot tapping impatiently. The next couple of days were going to be the longest of your life.

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you’re not alone anymore
I know that it felt like all you had was you
so you made your skin your armor, your face a weapon
you built up walls around your heart

because you have so much love to give
but no one who took the time to truly know you
and you slowly stopped believing that anyone would

but, my darling, I’ve always got you
we’ve been in this together since the very first fall
and that’s not changing anytime soon
because I swore a vow to you and I always keep my promises

and yeah, you need me, need me to keep you from losing all feeling
I need you too, don’t you understand, I need you
to keep me breathing when the air gets sucked out
to keep me hoping when the odds seem stacked against us

and I won’t say it, because you aren’t ready to hear it
because it would sound too much like a goodbye
but when the universe grants us time it’ll be the easiest thing 
oh beloved, you are the love of my life

—  Unfinished Stories #407 by Abby S
BTS reaction to walking in on you masturbating

Guess what? it’s another request from @notmoose23 HONESTLY girl you rule your requests are the most fun to write, for obvious reasons… hehe

the following content is for mature minds only ;)

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