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Oops | Archie Andrews

In which reader is totally in love with Archie and is basically the last person to find out about his relationshi(t) with Miss Grundy. 

warnings: cursing, teen angst

word count: 1244

for anon who requested numbers
29) “You still awake?”
48) “Don’t touch me!”
49) “Get away from me!”
82) “I thought you were nice.”
100) “Sit still, for the love of all that is holy.”

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gif creds // @dailycwriverdale


You sat at Pop’s alone in the back booth stirring your strawberry milkshake, watching it melt slowly. You wouldn’t be able to tell people how long you’ve been sitting here, or how many times the cute frail waiter asked if you needed anything else. All you could think of was Archie.

Archie with his stupid soft hair and gorgeous face. The same Archie that was in a secret relationship with the seductress of a music teacher Miss Grundy. The same Archie that told you, his best friend, all his secrets. Or so you thought, considering you were the last person to find out what was happening with Miss Grundy. 

You had received a text from Betty asking if you would be in the same class now that Grundy was gone, and she was the one to break the news to you. She too was shocked that Archie hadn’t told you. She was the only one you had talked to in the past couple of hours while you skimmed through your thoughts. 

You heard the door open and felt a chill against your feet. You heard the voice of the last person you wanted to see right now.

“Y/N, thank God you’re okay! We’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Archie spoke and slid in the booth across you. You crossed your arms and sat straight. 

I thought you were nice. I thought we were best friends.” You muttered, looking dead into his deep brown eyes. You had to quickly look away, because your heart began to race. You couldn’t let those eyes distract you from what you had to say.

“We are best friends, Y/N. Where is this coming from?” he questioned, leaning forward onto his elbows. He furrowed his brows and looked as though he was trying to read your mind.

“Why did I have to hear from Betty that you were sexing up with Miss Grundy?” you snapped and started sipping your melted milkshake. 

“Why are you so mad about this? I don’t think you need to know every detail about my life, Y/N.” he scoffed and rolled his eyes. 

“We tell each other everything, Arch. What the hell, you know every damn thing about me. You even know when I had my fir-” you were cut off by Archie slamming his hand on the table. It startled you and you felt your words crushed in your throat.

“Yeah well, you tell me that on your own. I never asked! Shit, Y/N, you aren’t my parent or my girlfriend (or boyfriend, you know). Butt out of my life for once, just because your love life is shit doesn’t mean you can tell me how to run mine!” he stopped at once, looking up at you. You felt warmth on your cheeks and you ran the back of your hand over them.

“This is bullshit, Archie. I’m not going to sit here and have you yell about me caring for you. You know how much you mean to me, and yet you cut deeper and deeper. You know why my love life is shit, Arch. It’s because I love you too much to even give anyone else a second of my attention!” Without thinking you grabbed your now completely melted shake and threw it on him, tinting his face pinker than it already was. You grabbed your backpack and flung it over your shoulder as you ran for the door. 

You felt a cool, sticky hand grab yours and pull you back. You ripped your hand from his grip and wiped your eyes again.

Don’t touch me! Don’t look at me!” You shouted at him. 

“Come on Y/N/N, I’m sorry! Please.” He pleaded. 

“Get away from me! And stay the hell away from me, I’m not joking.” You cried out and ran the rest of the way home. 


“I’ve gotta get to bed babes, I have a test tomorrow,” Veronica whispered over the phone. You sighed and looked at the clock. It was 2:47 in the morning. 

“Sorry to keep you up Ronnie, love you.” You smiled weakly and hung up the FaceTime call after she blew a kiss to you. 

You turned off your bedside lamp and pulled the blankets closer around you. As you started drifting to sleep, your phone illuminated the room. You lifted it and saw a text.

From Archiekins - You still awake? 

You did the first thing that came to mind, send him a picture of your middle finger raised. You locked the phone and slammed it on your bedside table. A few minutes later you heard a scratching at the window. 

‘That son of a bit-’ Your thoughts were cut off when Archie flung himself in your room wearing just a pair of tight grey sweatpants. 

“You idiot, you’re going to get a cold.” You scolded and threw your blanket at him. It was your habit, to take care of him. He grabbed it and walked over to your bed. He plopped himself on ‘his’ side of the bed and draped the fabric over the both of you. 

“I’m sorry. I was being inconsiderate. I was rude. I don’t know why you deal with me.” He looked up at the dark ceiling. His hand found yours under the blanket and he grabbed it with trembling fingers. 

“I don’t either.” You whispered, and wrapped your fingers around his, “Why didn’t you tell me? Be honest, Arch.” 

“I knew it would break you. I couldn’t live with myself if I hurt you that deeply, and I went and did it anyway.” His leg started shaking, a nervous habit he’s had forever. You had no response, you just sat in the dark. You sat there for five minutes before you cracked.

Sit still, for the love of all that is holy.You moved and draped your body over his, “You know how nervous you make me when you’re nervous.” 

You looked down into his dark eyes, barely visible in the night. You felt your heartbeat quicken and you tried to calm yourself. You had already told him how you felt, you didn’t need to physically show him as well. 

His now warm hand rubbed your upper back in slow circles. It crawled up and settled on your neck, giving you goosebumps. He pulled himself up and pushed his lips against yours. Your breath stopped all together and he quickly pulled back. 

“Oops, you slipped.” He tried to joke with you. 

“Archie, don’t.” You warned and sat up straight, still straddling his body. 

“I love you. And don’t think I’m messing with you now because of what has happened. I’ve always loved you. Betty swore she thought you knew and Veronica and Kevin said they can smell the tension from a mile away. Honestly, Y/N/N, I love you. It took me almost losing you completely to finally tell you.” He told you, taking in deep breaths. 

“You’re a loser, Archie Andrews.” You smiled at him in the dark.

“I’m your loser though, Y/N Y/L/N.” He pulled your lips back to his and you pushed your hands against his bare chest.


You grinned to yourself as you tucked the blanket tighter around Archie. He sneezed and groaned. 

“Told you you’d catch a cold, you loser.” 


Please give feedback, this is my first time writing in a loooong time. xo


hElloo again - its been a while since i’ve posted so here’s a little drabble I did. Also I just watched Split and I think it was pretty good. (this isn’t a promotion, i’m just putting a little opinion out there :)) anywayssss, gummies became life savers ~ constructive criticism encouraged ~ enjoy!

Embarrassment and fear are slowly creeping up on you with every clap of thunder. But how ironic is that? You spend almost all your time fighting monsters and getting injured, facing things that could be really hard to imagine - and understand, at that. But of course, of all things to be scared of, it was thunderstorms.

But everyone has a weakness, right? No matter how strong you are, mentally and physically.

Wave after wave of booming thunder rolled through the bunker. Even through what you thought was the impenetrable pile of blankets layering on top of you. And every roar was followed by your muttered whimpering.

You were trying your darndest hardest to not scream like a little bitch - you fought monsters for cryin’ out loud! But one would occasionally slip through. Which would make your childhood fears spike once again, thinking you had upset the storm since an even louder thunder clap would sound out.

You may have figured out a way to keep you at least a little bit protected from the anger boiling outside, but location was never a strong suit for you. You never handled the map on hunts and you never lead the group in or out of anyplace with more than 2 floors.

So in what was a blind panic, you huddled up underneath the table in the main room. Waiting for the cows to leave home; for the light to turn red; for the bully to stop bullying. And yet, it felt like it would never come.

After a few silent moments, you were convinced the storm had rolled through. The layers were peeled back as you peered at your surrounding from under the table, as if the storm were physically inside the bunker searching for you.

You crawled out from under the table, scanning your environment. “[y/n], there you are! Me and Dean have been looking all over for you.”

Another jolt of thunder shook the bunker as you were getting ready to respond. Your hands went straight for your ears as your body gave out underneath you, curling into a tight ball. A squeal left your mouth; of course when your boyfriend was around, self-embarrassment became your replacement.

Sam rushed by your side, trying to keep his laugh down. As his arms wrapped around your balled up body, he felt the intense shaking that pulsed throughout your body. It seemed like the thunder was getting closer as it got louder and louder.

Suddenly, the excessively loud thunder was drowned out by some music you couldn’t put your finger on. The comforter was pulled over you and Sam as you began to realize the quick transition from the main room floor to the cold sheets. Warmth soon took over as Sam pulled you closer into his chest, his hand rubbing your back.

He knew you couldn’t hear him, for all sound was being drowned out by some random music choice. But he still spoke the knowledge that you were silently becoming aware of: “I won’t let anything hurt you, ever.”

What's Dumb?

Ethan sighed in frustration, causing Mark too look up from his phone.
“W-what?” Mark asked quizzically.
Ethan looked down, “This is dumb.”
“What’s dumb?” Mark questioned, still confused.

“Holding hands,” Ethan replied, as though it were obvious.
Mark looked down at their intertwined hands; he didn’t see anything wrong.

When Ethan gave no further explanation, Mark slowly let go of Ethan’s hand.
“Okay then,” Mark mumbled, returning his attention to his phone.

“I don’t mean I don’t like it. I just don’t get it,” Ethan added after a few minutes of silence.

Mark furrowed his brow. “I’m lost.”
“Like…Why would you hold someone’s hand when you can hold all of them?” Ethan pondered, not meeting Mark’s eyes.

Mark began laughing, which made Ethan the one with the questioning look this time. “You could’ve just asked me to cuddle you, Ethan,” Mark said through his laughs.

Ethan was blushing, and probably would’ve said something defensive if Mark hadn’t pulled the younger boy onto his lap and began pressing kisses into his neck.

I’m slowly getting to things [fighting with baby to go to sleep]. I appreciate patience… I love you all but just don’t rush me. It honestly makes me not want to reply and has been killing my inspiration for this muse. I am a stay at home mom and thus my baby comes first. Anyways sorry for being so assertive but… I’d hate for this muse to just die off because of lack of understanding. Anyways, I’ll reply in any order I see fit (I almost always do first come first serve, but I’ll be replying to whatever I can at the time now) and I think I’ll be doing mutuals only from now on as well. Also please refer to my rules in regards to shipping and other things - let’s write stories not just smut… Smut is fun but uh let’s have some meaning to it yea?

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5 Things Meeeeeme

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5 things you’ll find in my bag

1. A tin of pencils/charcoals/knives/etc
2. Makeup I kidded myself into thinking I was going to put on
3. advil/excedrin
4. epi-pen, if I remembered to swich bags
5. a hundred thousand crumpled up reciepts

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom

1. Grand Moff Tarkin body pillow
2. a huge stack of guns and lightsabers that I keep insisting I’m going to find some way to store and instead leave in a pile on my desk
3. 500 glasses of slowly evaporating water
4. pegboard with all my tools on it
5. an empty dresser and a full floor depression is great you guys

5 things I’m currently into

1. That “A Man Like Putin” parody song that Last Week Tonight did I can’t get it out of my goddamn head
2. Uncharted, apparently. 
3. Self loathing
4. Spending 6 hrs per day in the digital art labs and having no friends.
5. Dunkin Donuts coldbrew coffee.

5 things on my to-do list

1. Find somewhere to live by april.
2. Get my car fixed and emissions checked.
3. Get health insurance somehow and maybe see a doctor about how much I want to kill myself lmao 
4. Lose 50 pounds ffs so I can stop finding myself physically repulsive
5. Get paid out for my PTO from my job that laid me off in january

5 things people may not know about me

1. I have an autographed note to me from Barack Obama from when he was a senator
2. yall probably know about my tattoos idk
3. there’s a sign outside my window that says “YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL” and boy howdy I’m going to miss that when I move lmao I’m going to miss everything when I move
4. I play the banjo but not very well
5. man idk I want to die but I bet you all knew that lol everything just seems really hopeless.

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nickname:  i have no nickname haha

star sign: taurus

height: 159 cm

time right now: 13:30 pm

last thing i googled: soundcloud

favourite musical artist(s): tinashe,kendrick lamar,flume,mura masa,dean,frank ocean,krystal,Miso,jorja smith

song stuck in my head: i can’t remember cause i am listening to music right now haha

last movie watched: i can’t remember huhuhu TT

last tv show watched: the vampire diaries (slowly yelling) (i have to watch something yk)

what im wearing right now: crop top with a zipper and sweatpants

when i created my blog: this blog is about a year old, but i had another one since 2011

what kind of content i post: it’s all about the feeling i get from pictures

any other blogs: @mandarijnen the url makes me happy

do you get asks regularly: nope

why did you choose your url: i wanted a nice url so i googled stuff about gemstones ( somebody get my crystals). FineGem is basically the nice crystals you buy in a store (i think??)

gender: women

hogwarts house: i don’t know 

pokemon team: My mom hated pokemon so she told me and my sister that we couldn’t watch pokemon because it was too violent. So i have no clue 

favorite color: atm red

average hours of sleep: 8 or more. 8 feels like 6 hours btw 

how many blankets do you sleep with: 1

dream job: music artist

following: my heart ;^)

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anonymous asked:

Emma could feel the blood pounding in her *scalp*. She hadn’t even known that was possible. She shut her eyes against the harsh light from the kitchen where her boys were cleaning up, willing the migraine to go away. Gentle fingers in her hair startled her, she obviously had dozed off. “Shh, I’ve got you, love. Henry’s gone out to meet with his young lady so I can take proper care of my lady.” 1/5

Emma smiled painfully into Killian’s palm, allowing him to get comfortable behind her before lying back onto him. He put his hand back in her hair, rubbing circles at her roots, inch by inch. She felt shivers all through her body as the tension slowly leaked out of her. Just as she was getting drowsy from his lovely ministrations, the slow motions his other arm had begun registered in her brain. 2/5 

He had gotten his hook all the way to her waistband without her noticing and it took the cool metal sliding under her shirt to get her attention. Emma leaned her head back on Killian’s shoulder, mouth seeking his, and let her legs fall open in invitation. He chuckled softly into her throat before cupping her jaw and capturing her questing lips. He traced his hook up her stomach, teasing at her breasts. 3/5

Emma lost track of time while he scraped her nipples in turn and explored her mouth lazily. When she had long past melted into a burning puddle of affection, he brought the hook back down, and pushed her waistband out of its way. It wasn’t long at all before the sweeping strokes had her shuddering apart, the lights behind her eyes dazzling for an entirely different reason than before. 4/5

“Better, darling?” “Mmhmm.” She nodded into his shoulder and curved herself to fit under his jaw. He kissed her hair softly as she drifted off. 5/5 💖💫  

Oh, anon. Hi. Hello. You did a great thing yesterday when you sent this. I cannot explain the full magnitude of how much emotional pain I was in yesterday, and then this popped up in my inbox last night. And as someone who suffers from migraines, this was even more perfect. It’s like I could feel some of my tension easing away (even if in a *ahem* less pleasurable way) as Emma’s did. 

This put a smile on my face, and I thank you wholeheartedly for dropping by my inbox for storytelling. *massive hugs*


SO, the series is slowly coming to an end, and by that i mean in 3 days my life will crumble away to nothing because one of the most amazing series this year is going to end….

i have a feeling that victor won’t go back to competitive figure skating (unless im proven wrong by the new episode and then this little thing i made wont make any sense lol) but i wanted to make something for him just because… i feel like i get sadder looking at victor with each passing episode, like deep down he wasn’t really happy or something like that or maybe he was letting down his fans since they wanted to keep watching him skate etc etc etc and so by the last episode, i want him to be honestly truly happy  



Prologue Part II 

AHHHH!!! I’ve been working on this for a while and I’m so happy I finally get to show you guys! 

This is a BTS x Mystic Messenger AU story. The reader (YOU!) accidentally enters Bangtan’s private chatroom and you slowly get to know them by talking to them through this app. 


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hEY FRIENDS \(^o^)/ it’s been a long while― sorry for the inactivity! Slowly getting used to the rhythm of school,, it’s only the third week and things are already getting hectic! Hope 2017 has been kind to you so far, and wishing y'all a good week ahead (^O^)

sidenote: omg I’m so obsessed with the la la land soundtrack and I died today when dodie and jon uploaded their cover of city of stars i'm :“”

artstudygram // what stationery am i using?

Saving myself would require love. That is all. I have to love myself in order to care enough to even save myself. There are so many ways to slowly destroy myself: not eating right, not getting washed, isolating myself, leaving my personal area a mess. But you have to care. You have to make yourself better. Not anyone else. Because no one else will. Not because they don’t love you or because they don’t care. But because they have to save themselves. YOU are the most important person in your life. Not anyone else. You are the star. You were born with your Self and you will die with your Self. When I look in the mirror, it is I that I see. Not anyone else. Same with you. Being your own hero can mean just getting up and brushing your teeth. I know these things can be hard because I struggle too. But you have to want it. You have to want to get better. Once you have that strong desire, you’ll get to where you want. Little by little. And if not there, you’ll get to where you need to be.

I have a tendency to do things backwards, but I’m slowly adding on to my growing list of posts about reading tarot cards using the lenormand reading style

For those new to this, I much prefer the reading system of lenormand than I do of tarot, but I like the symbols and history of tarot, as well as the many more cards (which is multiplied when you consider tarot has reversals and lenormand does not). So I created a system to combine the two.

I’ll eventually get to the suits, but above are all the majors and their reversals broken down into (noun) keyword (my own interpretation of the cards, fyi) and other parts of speech (noun, adjective, verb and adverb). 

For those TOTALLY new to lenormand, lenormand cards are pulled in multiples and never singly (i.e. no single card draws). The cards are read in combination of one another in a sentence-like manner (i.e. one card as subject and the others as modifiers).

Three card or more draws include stringing together the subject with various parts of speech to make a coherent sentence.

So anyway, I broke each major card into the parts of speech for reference when reading tarot in lenormand style. The 4 suits will be coming at some point for a complete reference. 

dex has red hair

i have red hair too, which is pretty awesome. and also horrible, sometimes, because being ginger affects so much more than the just the pigment of your hair. so anyways here are some facts about dex and his hair bc i can relate:

  • he’s so pale
    • he’s so pale
    • even when he kind of manages to get a little darker after a sunburn fades, he’s still paler than everyone else’s normal skin tone
  • he does not tan. ever.
    • yeah sure, he may work on a lobster boat all summer, but buddy, i promise you, he’s not gonna come out of it looking nice and bronze
      • (why do people write fics where he comes back from the summer with a killer tan??? no bro, he probably just looks like a lobster. it sucks)
    • his skin just slowly gets pinker until he has a terrible sunburn, and then sometimes if he’s lucky it will turn out a little tanner when it fades
    • he probably uses at least spf 50, lbr here
      • actually, nah probably higher than that if we’re being honest
      • and he has to apply it like every hour
    • ugh and oh my god, he probably gets splotchy sunburns!!!
      • basically you think you’ve put sunscreen everywhere and spread it evenly but NOPE
      • random blotches of your skin will just be bright red while the rest is ridiculously pale and you look like you have some sort of disease-ridden rash
      • it has probably happened on his face and it’s the saddest thing
  • he has freckles for dayssssss (especially after the summer because they come back in full force during that season)
    • freckles everywhere
    • in the most random places
    • some are on his lips and on the back of his knees and his elbows and just very odd places
    • its a never ending cycle of freckles fading while new freckles form
    • he kind of gets a tan through his freckles??? 
      • bc he has so many and as they fade they kind of blotch together and make him look tan, but when you look really close you’re just like, oh, those are just tiny dots bunched together, not the actual pigmentation of your skin
    • he has. SO MANY. freckles on his shoulders
      • if you are of the male specimen, you probably go out shirtless in the summertime, and the sun hits you really hard on your shoulders, and thus, so. many. freckles. there.
      • (this is literally the most prominent place of freckles for redhead boys. please ask my brother and all of my cousins)
  • “does the carpet match the drapes?” ;)
    • why do people ask this
    • he gets this all the time, and it’s not just from people hitting on him
    • and it’s super awkward
    • especially when they don’t match. bc um. a lot of times they don’t. just so you know.
    • “haha, firecrotch, huh?”
      • will wouldn’t find this funny even if it were accurate
  • back to the sunburn thing, it’s nice in the winter when he doesn’t get fried!! JUST KIDDING BC BLUSHING IS A THING
    • yeah anytime he gets remotely embarrassed or flustered, his face is the color of a tomato okay
    • even if he’s not actually uncomfortable, it still happens
      • “dex, nice shirt, man.” ➝ red face
      • “dude, nice assist!”➝ red face
      • *accidentally bumps into someone* ➝ red face
    • anytime nursey says anything ever, his face is red. i promise you this. i know this to be true
    • or pink or orange, for that matter
    • (but i mean he goes to samwell so the red thing is kind of hard)
    • he unintentionally gravitates towards green and blue clothing bc his mom probably accidentally instilled in him that they compliment his hair as a child
      • this is so real. this is the realest, most relatable thing
    • going to samwell was probably super weird bc he had to start buying spirit wear and stuff and when he did, he realized he didn’t own any other red clothing
  • people always make irish jokes or assume he is irish, especially around st. patricks day
    • dex has no idea if he is irish
  • people always ask if another redhead they know is related to him
    • no
  • he has heard every “ginger” joke under the sun
    • no one has ever actually bullied him for it
    • but everyone makes the same jokes
    • will basically mouths the words as people say them bc he knows them so well at this point
    • he’s not actually bothered or offended, it’s just like… dude. he’s heard this before. you’re not being original
      • it’s very boring and a little irritating
    • but if he gets annoyed or doesn’t laugh people think he is a bad sport, so!!! he laughs them off even though he’s very disinterested and wants to tell them to maybe get some new material so they can actually say something remotely humorous next time
    • and he totally knows its not a big deal at all, bc some people have to deal with racist or homophobic jokes, and this doesn’t remotely compare. it’s just… very eye-roll inducing.
  • he gets horrible bruises for the stupidest shit, and sometimes just randomly and he’s not sure where they came from, bc ya gotta love that sensitive skin!!
  • oh and back to the ginger jokes thing, someone always makes a comment about that redhead temper!!
    • which is kind of unfortunate, bc dex kind of does have some temper issues
    • those jokes do not make him less angry either
      • (dex, seriously man. just chill for a sec)

wow this got really long and i could go on forever and ever but yeah basically this is the gist of it. also i’m aware some of this can apply to lots of people but anyways hooray for redheads!!

President Obama, thank you. This feels too small, it always will, but today of all days it feels minuscule and insignificant. “Thank You” feels like a man with a briefcase, standing stoically in front of the Tiananmen tank, rolling slowly at us. We’ll say it, over and over like a mantra in the months to come. Thank you, for the man you were, and for the man you became over the 8 years you lead. Thank you for the patience and measured grace you held in response to so much hatred and prejudice. For the battlefield of bigotry and bullshit you crawled, walked, ran and leapt through to get to where you are. Thank you for how you are handling this transition; I know a roar is in your throat watching all you’ve built be threatened by big bad wolves who care for nothing more than destruction and blowing it down, but you stand proud, defiantly hopeful. Thank you for that Hope, it will be the bricks that hold it, and us, together. Let them huff, let them puff, let them scream, for this hope will hold. Thank you for how you love, honestly and simply, full of adoration and amazement for the woman who stands by your side. Thank you for the tears down cheeks that showed men and boys across this country that no matter what they were told, the most powerful man in the world believes in emotion and the demonstration of it. That real men experience the whole of this life, the joys and the sorrows, with equal passion. Thank you for your laughter and quick wit and the light hearted way you deflected so much ridiculous nonsense aimed your way. Thank you for where we are as a nation, thank you for being such a force in proving that love is love and all of us, in all corners of this continent, deserve the right to it. Thank you. For these things and a million more that will sprout like freshly watered seeds in the seasons to come. Yours will be flowers of juxtaposition and we will never pick them or cut them down. Know that we will continue what you have begun, we will fight for you, with you, against the tide of intolerance. We are here, full of gratitude and a fire from the spark you lit, and we will not be extinguished. Thank you, though it feels too small. Thank you, Thank you.

Better Get Permission…

Umbridge: Permission form to Hogsmeade?

Umbridge: Oh I’m sorry! I didn’t realize I was in the presence of ROYALTY! 

Umbridge: Oh my god he’s so DREAMY!

Umbridge: Oh Mr. Potter, Mr. Potter! Will you play me a song on your guitar! 

*stunned silence* 

Umbridge: Because then you wouldn’t be able to play the guitar anymore… and then all your little friends would just leave you alone. 

Umbridge: *turns slowly to face Harry* 

minneapolis winter aesthetic, driving edition

  • periodic car horns outside (’f you ask me they sound vaguely like ducks with bad senses of direction who just scream whenever they get too close to each other)
  • driving very slowly down a hill with a four wheel drive truck patiently following your snail’s pace ass because listen buddy We’ve All Been There
  • guestimating where the parking spaces in the lot Probably are
  • plan an extra thirty minutes to brush six inches of frozen nonsense off your windshield and dig trenches behind your wheels before starting your commute
  • the windshield wiper thing when you park and pull them up so they don’t freeze and your car looks like a bug with antennae 
  • the knowledge deep within your soul that if necessary you will pilot this vehicle directly into a snowbank and you have made your Peace with this reality
  • lane dividers are a thing of the past just stick to the right of the road and pray
  • that look/nod of We’re All Doing Our Best It’s Okay when you fuck up and panic and the other driver sees you

Hey there, YOI fandom!

While we’re all still recovering from that beautiful pair skate and slowly trying to process that Yuri on Ice is now over, I was wondering whether we could put our spare energy into something, that thing being thanking Kubo-sensei for creating this great anime.

And of course, Kubo-sensei wasn’t the only one involved in the project but she’s the writer of the story and most importantly she reads all the Tweets she receives.

Do you know where I’m going with this yet? I’d like us, the fanbase, to organize ourselves and send our thanks to Kubo on her Twitter, but wait, there’s more.

While you can do this in English, I’m quite certain that she might find herself confused at more complex messages or might skip over them because checking what they mean may take too long.

I was thinking of creating a tweet template in Japanese which we could all use (just copy and paste) and send our feelings over to Kubo-sensei. And here I mean more than just thanking her for the anime - I would also like to feature thanking her for Victor and Yuuri’s romantic relationship and a small wish for the next season.

You might think that’s going too far, but from what we’ve seen so far it’s clear that Kubo-sensei aims to please us. I’ve also heard a rumor that she got some homophobic backlash for Victor and Yuuri’s engagement after ep 10 and I would like all of us to reassure her that this is what we want and this is good.

I think most of us would like to have some influence on the creation of the anime and this may just be our time to shine. Through our support we may show the creators that they can commit to Victor and Yuuri’s relationship, that it’s not ‘risky’ or ‘going too far’, that they’re in fact doing the right thing by showing them the way they do. And we can all do this with something as simple as a Tweet.

This is where I would like to ask the Japanese-speaking part of the YOI fandom for help, because I don’t quite have the confidence to write this template out on my own. I’ve created a draft of what I think the message could look like but I’d like to get some feedback on whether it’s correct and clear but also polite enough. It looks thus:

ユーリオンアイスという作品を作って下さってありがとうございました!この作品が大好きです !特にヴィクトルと勇利のロマンスの表現がすばらしくてまだまだ見たいです。第2シーズンで結婚式をお楽しみにしています!#yurionice #thankyousensei

It translates more or less as “Thank you for creating Yuri on Ice! I loved this anime! I especially found the presentation of Victor and Yuuri’s romantic relationship to be amazing and I would love to see more of it. I am looking forward to the wedding in season 2! #yurionice #thankyousensei”

This is just my initial idea (and also it doesn’t need to say “wedding” it can also be “pair skate” or anything else you could want - I could easily translate it if it’s a matter of one word) and I’m more than willing to refine the actual text and the message and just improve it so that it gets our feelings across (while also not sounding like a demand or a joke). I’ll accept any ideas and suggestions, either in reblogs/comments to this post or in asks.

Or, if you perhaps have an idea for an entirely different message to send to Kubo, I’ll also gladly hear it. I just want her to know that she has our support and that explicitly showing Victor and Yuuri’s love (like the rings, for example) isn’t a bad or dangerous idea that could get her backlash, but that it’s what the fans want, and what the anime industry needs.

The Japanese fans will be expressing their wishes for season 2 (including the homophobic ones). Let’s not get left behind and also let Kubo-sensei feel our appreciation for the thing so many of us loved so much in this anime.

Find You (Part 3)

Summary: Bucky has moved into a new apartment, not knowing that its previous tenant thinks they still live there. And he’s the only one that can see them.

Word Count: 1,215

Warnings: None.

Part 1 Part 2

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this very short third part! Let me know :D Things are about to get even better, I promise!

Originally posted by sebjpeg

Bucky kept his promise to you, getting up early the next morning and sitting down with you at his dining room table. Slowly chewing on his cereal, he looks at you and quirks a brow.

“Do you remember what happened before you woke up in my bathroom?”

You narrow your eyes at him, not missing the different pronunciation when it came to him declaring whose bathroom it was. Yet, your mind tries to travel further back than you crying in the bathroom, and you come up blank.

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Pretty (Lazy)

Context: So our Paladin and I (the Rogue) were really badly poisoned after we all split up. My character recovered quickly while he was slowly dying. We were going to leave him like that until he started whining he was dying when we were going through the loot.

Paladin: C'mon, guys, it’s getting worse?

Me (OOC): DM, can I put this magic makeup on him so he shuts up?

DM(OOC): You… you don’t want to check it first? To see if it’s cursed or anything?

Sorceress(OOC): Can’t we do that afterwards?

DM: Alright, fine.

Me: Alright, makeup applied. [Sorceress], do your thing.

*rolls magic check*

DM: You notice that the makeup is not cursed. It also did not heal him. He is still dying, but he looks fabulous.

Paladin: Score. *fails check and passes out*

Freaky Friday: Part 3

Sirius: Hey there… *grins* Pads. 

Remus: *drags Sirius into an empty room* 

Sirius: *glances down at the bandage taped to his side*

Remus: God-damn-hair-

Remus: Me running around starkers is not-

Sirius: Correction… “scantily clad”. 

Remus: *snarls* Me running around “scantily clad” is not being inconspicuous Sirius! 

Sirius: Hey, if you keep calling me that, then we’re definitely going to run into trouble.

Remus: … You’re getting such a kick out of this you asshole.

Sirius: C’mon Moons… live a little. 

Remus: *grits teeth*

Remus: You’ve just found yourself in some quicksand… and you’re sinking fast.

Sirius: Almost as much as I love terrible metaphors. 

Remus: *leans forward slowly* *jabs finger into Sirius’s chest* I swear to all the Gods I can think of… By the time I’m through with you-

Remus: Beast is an understatement… You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into Black. 

Sirius: *grin falters slightly at the look on Remus’s face* 

To Be Continued