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Earlier in the dungeon, there was a room which the DM described as “Dank”, as in dark and dank. All the players laughed, but he rolled with it and said there was marijuana growing in the room.
Later on, while they were fighting a gelatinous cube:

Barbarian (lowest intelligence character): “Look, you’re stupid, I’m stupid, let’s just sit down and hang out.”

DM: “The gelatinous cube wiggles.”

Barbarian: “I throw an ounce of weed into it”

DM: “Um.. okay, the gelatinous cube wiggles slowly in a relaxed way. Congratulations, you beat my favorite monster by getting it high”

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It starts with the two of you sitting together on the sofa. You're watching some movie, but get distracted by Bucky brushing your hair back. A minute later, feather-light kisses are pressed to your neck, and his nose is nuzzling your skin. His hand finds his way to your thigh, easing up your leg slowly as you find it totally impossible to watch the film. All is lost the second he whispers in your ear: "I need you."

oh god I loveeee needy Bucky 

Sinful Sunday™

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Ooh these prompts are all great! I'd choose 20 if I could. Could you do 75 with Sombra please?

I’m going to start making these a little shorter as I have 110 requests and need to get through these prompts ones quickly. I’m sorry if this is shorter than you were expecting but I hope its still okay for you :)

75: “You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

Slowly, your consciousness creeped back to you and you opened your eyes slightly a little wary of what you may see. You couldn’t quite remember when you had gone to sleep or even how since the last thing you could recall was standing in the common room chatting to a couple of your comrades. 

Now you could see three faces looking down at you, one much closer than the others, and you started to make out some of what they were saying.

“Sombra, don’t get so close you’ll scare them!” Now that was definitely Mercy.

“I’m just trying to see if they’re awake.” Ah, so the closer face was Sombra then.

“Well they’re clearly awake and confused, give them some space.” You thought that was either Jack or Gabe but couldn’t be sure. 

As you regained consciousness fully, you opened your eyes wider and all faces reared back in shock.

“Y/N, you’re awake!” Mercy cried, rushing toward you to check your temperature and pulse rate quickly.

“Wha’ happen’d?” you asked groggily and Sombra giggled.

“You fainted, straight into my arms. You know if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”

A blush tainted your cheeks and you bit your lip nervously. Fainted? You racked your brains for what must have happened. Enough food? Check. Enough sleep? Check. Enough water? Oh. You hadn’t drank a thing all day since you were so busy running from meeting to meeting.

“I was dehydrated, I think.” you mumbled and all the faces looked on you with annoyance, however fond it may have been.

“Drink more.” Came a voice that you now knew to be Gabe’s before he sauntered off and a small smile came to your face. That was a sign of great care from him.

Before Mercy began a rant on how important it is to drink water, you pulled Sombra closer to you to whisper in her ear, a playful smile dancing on you face.

“So, what less extreme ways are there to get your attention?”

It was Sombra’s turn to blush this time.

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Hey so I've been slowly getting more into fanfiction, especially for domestic avengers and do you have any sort of fic recommends for someone who just wants to see all of them interacting with each other nicely no drama just them screwing around like no wars or anything? I'm asking because I don't know how to look it up myself I'm sorry. (or something also great would be the avengers *that actually care about tony lmao* notice his unhealthy lifestyle. esp. Emotionally and try to help him)

Ah. Okay. So…the only fics I read are SteveTony so the fics will all be of that ship, but here are a few good ones I found while searching.

The Things Unseen by Scifigrl47 (Mature, 41k)

24 hours by Wordsplat (teen, 11k)

Phil Coulson’s Case Files of The Toasterverse by Scifigrl47 (Mature, 280k series of 20 works)

Do Not Steal Steve’s Fricken Pencils (Or Poke Tony’s Bottom With Your Ruler) by Greymantledlady (general audiences, 4k)

The Jar by Sineala (Teen, 10k)

They are just a few, and a lot of them are really good authors, so I’ve linked them for your to check out! I’m not sure how much you know about fanfic, so I’m gonna go ahead and go to the real basics here. 

If you’ll be wanting to search for more, I suggest using Archive of Our Own (otherwise known as ao3). There are other sites, but ao3 is my personal favourite.

So. You’re on ao3. Easy part, considering I linked it (gonna link everything to make life easy for u). Where to next? 

Well,I don’t use the search bar often (literally never unless people have asked me for recs), but I guess this is where it comes in useful. In the top left corner of the website, you should see the word ‘search’. Click it.

It should take you to this page, if you’re wondering. 

But yeah. So you’ve got all these search bars n shit. It might look a bit confusing, but it really isn’t. You just type in your desires into the required boxes n bam. All the Domestic Avengers your heart could possibly desire. 

I personally choose to just surf bookmarks, which basically involves finding an author who’s judgement u trust and looking at all their bookmarked fics,before finding a different one, but I’m pretty sure most people just use the search option on ao3. That’s what you’ll be wanting if you desire more fic in future, anon! Sorry for the shitty explanation lmao

Meth has changed my life in so many ways. I thought it made me a stronger person when in reality I was very weak. Weak because I lacked the inability too stop myself when I knew I should have.
See meth is sneaky little bitch.
Because it slowly takes ahold of you. Gradually taking control of your life. You won’t even realize how much it’s changed you, you’ll still believe you have complete control of your life.
Until one day you realize that meth isn’t the only thing making you numb anymore, because just like how you use to get really high when you smoked but that high eventually got weaker and weaker as your body built up a tolerance…
All the effects …the energy, the numbness, the Invincibleness, the never slowing down to eat…all those effects become weaker,
But you don’t even realize it, because you still feel numb right?
That’s because now it’s your own mind that helps numb the world out, or more like makes you not give a fuck, because why?
Because your addicted. After using for so long your brain adjust to meth. It gets use to it being around. Starts depending on it to be there. You get this idgaf attitude about life. You shut the rest of the world out, push everyone trying to help you away…because your brain is dependent on meth now, so it becomes your top priority. You don’t have time for emotional stuff. You don’t have time to consider the consequences of your addiction.
You don’t have time to care what people think.
You don’t have time for emotions period.
So your mind turns those bitches off and focuses on feeding that addiction.

It took me a long time to realize how much addiction was controlling my life. I didn’t wanna believe it. Or admit to it. I still don’t.
Don’t ever fool yourself into thinking you can control this drug.
Don’t allow addiction too control your life

-To all of those who are thinking about trying meth…
-Any fresh new users.-
-Quit now before meth grabs ahold of your life

Don’t be afraid to ask for help….
Don’t allow the thought of a normal life without meth scare you away from the search for sobriety.

Any person who needs someone
To talk too about anything your welcome to message me, whether your a recovery addict, a currant drug user, or neither

Intimidating Black Mask’s henchman…

*cut scenes of each of Jason’s weapons all over his body as he puts his clothes back on*

Henchman: *whimpers*

Tim: I think he gets it.

Jason: Just film the confessions, Timmy, don’t editorialize!

Jason: *to henchman* Do you get it?

Henchman: Yes! Please!

Jason: Because I swear to Batman, I will strip back down and show you all over again -

Henchman: No, I get it, I get it! You have a lotta guns -

Jason: And a knife, which I am going to push *mock demo* very slowly into your urethra -

Tim: *groans in secondhand embarrassment* Ew.

me and @littlelooneyluna have decided that, now that the “best husband” mug is an actual thing that exists, it has the potential to become a ‘time out’ of sorts for robert.

for instance, aaron will slowly let rob use the mug as a sign of forgiveness, i suppose, like when they get up in the morning aaron will make them a brew and let rob drink from the “best husband” mug (not every morning though).

but when rob does something ‘naughty’ he doesn’t get to use it. say, he doesn’t put the bins out or he doesn’t sort the dishwasher when it was his turn, aaron could be all ‘you’ve done something bad so now your can’t use the mug for ten minutes (while he finishes his brew).

Life update

I think it’s time to post a small life update just so that everyone knows what’s going on. Thanks to a radical change in diet and medication my physical health is improving but it’ll be a while until I’m 100% again. I also recently started therapy for my mental issues and I’m actively working with my therapist to help sort my life out. Also Me and my family are going on a mini vacation at the end of the week and I think that will be very good for me.

I’m slowly starting to get back into drawing but I’m still rusty and out of practice. Thank you to everyone who supported me during this time. I think things will go back to normal in June if all goes well.

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this fucking ship shit is getting ridiculous (srry 4 language) like it's not that hard to make something yourself- anywayy I kinda wanna see how the anon/kanon look so far if you're okay with showing

iz ok it is kinda getting ridic like i understand kinda if people want me to do things w models i havent released yet?? (but it’s pushing me to the point where i dont want to release them at all lawllululu) but w models i already do have released…….m mmm……… was my time really wasted…….. to release those models……

honestly i don’t even know how it started, like the weddingapocalypse was funny (and now it’s slowly dying thank da lord) but this is kinda just ships left n right and its not like i hate all ships or anything but it’s more like y is this happening???? like i never reblogged a shipmeme did i lmao

like i’d ignore the asks but some people like resend the ask like 50 times and i also feel extremely guilty and terrible as a human being when i ignore shit zzz and if i just give 1 person a terrible pic its like zzzz now i feel bad again zzzzz

otherwise see i forgot which file i put anon in (i only started her so far bc there’s an ask in my inbox asking how i flatten boobs so that’s smth for a later date):

but well here she is:

not that spectacular and she’s been put on hold for like 2 months probably heh

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I need advice I'm new to the whole daddy kink thing, I just started dating this guy and we both share this kink along side dom/sub. We both aren't into the whole like little girl aspect of this kink. Just more the dom/sub aspects of it. Since we just started dating what's a good way to slowly get into this since it's something we both are into without rushing right into sex. Any advice would be great thanks - L

I’ve thought about your question all day.. and have come to this conclusion. date the person, take time to get to know the person. With time you’ll know his liked and dislikes as in what he finds sexually attractive. There are no shortcuts. hate to break the new to you. You’ll have to pour your heart into it, if you want something truly magnificent


Hi, guys I slowly wanna try and come back to rping, I’ve been sick for three months ish, and I’ve missed you all so terribly, rping was the one thing that made me not feel like a complete failure so I wanna try again, I’ve deleted so things trying to start fresh, so send me memes, drabbles prompts etc, and I promise I’ll try and get to them, I’m gonna say a special thank you every rp partner that’s close to my heart. @irasciblempresse @miss-loonylove @mxrmoreal @slumberingscarlet @ofmadnessandtea @muchness-and-madness @lookingformuchness @sirtarranthightop @havokisamust @tea-time-and-tara @themadandthebroken @godsxelves

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I have always found it hard to open up about the chapters that are closed now, I have always found it very difficult to explain myself, I don’t know how to put it all into words, everything that makes me .
So I will slowly introduce you to myself through my favourite quotes and songs that hold past experiences and memories and hopes, through the places on a map, I have always liked quite places, my itineraries will reveal that about me. The way I spend my Sundays and the things I keep collecting and the memories I can’t get rid of and keep bringing them up in odd ways in our talks and from the things I flinch at and the things that send a wave of peace .
You will have to read me. That’s the only way you will ever get to know me slowly.
—  kriti-g 
Stop criticising our work.

If its not the ears, its the eyes. If it’s not the eyes, its the skin tone. If it’s not the skin tone it’s the shape of the face. If it’s not exactly how you picture it, you get on your high horse’s and criticise our work. 

I love this fandom, but seriously guys, you have got to stop criticising our work. 

You do realise that we do this work for fun, right? Me and the other artists aren’t doing this because we have to or because we are contracted to, but because we want to. Because it’s fun. It’s very slowly not becoming fun. The more work I upload, the more negativity I get thrown at me and the more possessive people become of these characters. 

The next time you go to criticise an artists FAN ART of a character, take a step back and look at the bigger picture; this is a fictional character and we as artists are not doing anyone an injustice here. 

I apologise to all of the incredibly supportive people out there who have to read this, this isnt for you guys - especially when you all outweigh the negativity! But the negativity is there and it has got to stop.

Stop tearing Sarah down with criticism and stop tearing down the artists of this fandom with criticism. It isn’t constructive and it isn’t fair. 

Ok, rant over. 

GoTG Meet Avengers

Peter stares, watching them all a little blankly. By his side, Tony has his head in his hands. He’s been groaning for the past twenty seconds.

“So… you went on a ten-year murder spree where you joined a terror organisation of your own free will in order to kill Tony, who wasn’t even responsible for the death of your parents in the first place- and then decide that just Tony isn’t murderous enough for you, and go for the rest of his team for some reason, too?”

Across the room, Wanda bristles. “It wasn’t like-”

“And then your team leader let you on the team you were trying to murder? Almost immediately after the one single fight you helped them with?” Gamora interrupts. Her eyes are cold and dangerous. 

Steve opens his mouth to defend himself, but Drax cuts in. “And you,” he gestures harshly at clint, “you were willing to abandon your family and get yourself arrested, just so you could involve yourself in a matter that did not concern you anyway?”

“You think I wanted to be arrested? That was all Tony-” Clint begins, but Drax roars, and Clint rears back, eyes wide and hand reaching for the bow at his hip.


“Drax, stay calm. These people are breakable,” Gamora warns, although she is staring at them all as if she wants nothing better than to let Drax get himself worked up over them. 

“You know, Tony has only been giving you his view on everything that happened,” Steve counters. He’s looking at Tony like… like he’s disappointed in him, and that’s enough to get Rocket yelling angrily.

“Oh, so you sayin’ you didn’t tear the team he invested his time, his love, his effort into, apart- all so you could save a guy that Tony had offered to rehabilitate in the first place anyway? Or what about the fact you didn’t tell him that your best bud murdered his parents? That a lie too?” He snarls, and on his shoulder, Groot’s arms are slowly growing, pricklier and heavier- he can feel the weight on his shoulders.

“I think everyone needs to calm down, here-” Sam begins, but Gamora silences him, knuckles cracking as she steps forward.

Sam, wisely, takes a step back.

 “You do not get to talk- not when you chose to put your trust in a man you met for three seconds, whilst he was breaking into Tony’s compound, over the actual Avenger and team-mate himself,” she hisses, hands thrown up into the air as she turns to face all of them now.

“You sicken me. I may fight and argue and be frustrated with my team- but at the end of the day, they are still my family. They are still the people I would trust without a second thought,” she shoots a glare at Sam, “who I would always tell the truth to, even if it hurts,” Steve looked at the floor, jaw set in a grim line, “and who I would never, ever ask to be on the same team as a woman who subdued them to their worst fears and tried to kill them. I would rather die.”

She spat on the floor, and then turned away. “I am going back to the ship. You may continue your discussions if you must, but I am finished. I will only kill one of them if this continues.”

“That would be a shame,” Drax says quietly, his voice low and threatening.

Tony, who spent the majority of the conversation absolutely silent, speaks up at that point. “Hey! Drax used sarcasm!”

No one laughs. He goes back to holding his head in his hand.

Peter just looks slightly sick. His hand is wrapped very, very tightly around Tony’s.

“You know that post of text that Tony showed us a few weeks ago? He called it a… a me-me? With the breadsticks and the asshole date?” Rocket pipes up after a few seconds of silence, gun still spinning ominously in his fingers. “I think it’s time for us to shove Tony in our spaceship and say we have to go, right now, immediately.”

Despite everything, Tony lets a huff of laughter escape at that. Peter- seeming to suddenly snap out of his horrified trance- nods his head approvingly, beginning to tug on Tony’s hand. “Yes. I agree. Wonderful though this diplomatic meeting of teams was, I’m afraid we have urgent business to attend to. We have to… show Tony… something awesome.”

“Yes. LOVE, AFFECTION AND VALIDATION!” Drax roars again, curling an arm around Tony’s shoulders and placing the most violent and angry kiss possible on top of his hair.

“Later, losers!” Rocket calls out, sticking his middle finger up behind him and then turning to punch Tony’s thigh gently before scarpering back to the ship.

Groot hops down from Rocket and then latches on to Tony’s forearm, clambering up his arm until he was resting on Tony’s shoulder instead. Tony glances over at him and grins happily. He’s always had a bit of a soft spot for Groot.

“hey,” he whispers, as the tiny tree alien quickly began to grow a few flowers, and then plucked them off his hand and tucked them into Tony’s hair. “I am Groot,” he whispers right back in reply.

Tony smiles, rolling his eyes. “Yeah yeah, I know. Don’t worry about them- I left them behind a long time ago.”

Steve hears that. He looks at tony for a long time, his eyes a little sad and regretful.

Tony just stares right back, and then raises his eyebrows and shrugs, adjusting the beginning of the flower-crown Groot was making for him.

“Call me the next time it gets too much for you guys to handle,” he calls out after them, as Peter and Drax both steer him hurriedly back toward the ship and away from his old team.

Groot giggles on his shoulder, and then places another flower behind his ear. “I am Groot!”

“I agree,” Tony says, just as Peter nods his own approval, gently bumping their shoulders together. “Let’s go and play Space-Tag.”

His || Jungkook || 0.18

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Angst, Fluff, Smut.

Teaser | 0.1 | 0.2 | 0.3 | 0.4 | 0.5 | 0.6 | 0.7 | 0.8 | 0.9 | 0.10 | 0.11 | 0.12 | 0.13| 0.14 | 0.15 | 0.16 | 0.17 | 0.18

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swipe right [smut]

A;N: Things and people you meet are not always what they seem. 

Pairing: StilesxReader

Author: thelittlestkitsune

Warnings: Smut. 18+ Explicit Content.

Word count: .9,612

Listen to me.

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I still don't know if he ever got his coffee

I’m not 100% sure this even belongs here and I’ve posted this story elsewhere so some of you might have read it already.

Some background: I work in a rather specialised area of Forensics. Officially I’m employed by Police Scotland but they tend to let other law enforcement agencies, universities, etc borrow us from time to time. A lot of the time it’s for consulting work or guest lecturing but sometimes we’re sent to teach training courses.

About 18 months ago I was asked to lecture at a training course for some of the CID higher-ups in an English Police force. It was the first time I’d done anything like it and I was crapping myself.

I met with the conveners and other officials for dinner the night before my first day, and after dinner and drinks, I was dropped back at my hotel.

So to set the scene; it’s about 10pm, I’m all dressed up in my evening wear and I’m sitting at the bar in the hotel lounge. The place is dead, it’s just me and the barman so I’ve taken off my heels and am unraveling my hair having just ordered a hot chocolate. The barman asks if I want mini marshmallows on my hot chocolate. Yes, of course I want mini marshmallows on my hot chocolate. No I don’t mind waiting while you run to the kitchen.

So I’m sit there trying to trick my phone into connecting to the hotels WiFi when Angry Man walks in.

He stomped into the room and slammed his fist down on the bar about 3 ft from me and barked out one word:


I didn’t know it but apparently that attempt at communication was aimed at me; a fact I learned a moment later when Angry Man moved right up next to me, bent over me so his face was practically in mine and barked out again;


In an attempt to get away from the screaming coffee man I slipped off the bar stool, putting it between the two of us. Extremely confused and more than a little terrified, it didn’t immediately occur to me that he thought I worked there, hell it wasn’t even registering that he wanted a coffee. He was just repeating it the same way a toddler does when they learn a new word but don’t entirely know what it means.

I’m going to blame the confusion, fear and tiredness for my completely moronic response, which was to parrot the word back at him.

Me: “Coffee?”

Angry Man: “COFFEE”

Then he slammed his fist down on the bar again. This time I noticed that he was actually throwing down money.

My brain suddenly came back online.

Me: “Oh. Eh, the barman should be back in a sec. H-”

Angry Man: “Get me a coffee. Now.”

Ooooh four new words. Progress.

Me: “I’m sorry, mate, I don’t work here.”

Angry man (shouting now) “You fucking lazy liar!! Do you think I’m fucking stupid?”

Yes, actually, but I’ll be keeping that to myself.

Angry Man: “Get off your fucking phone and get me a shitting coffee”

Me: “I really don’t-”

Cue rant about me being the only person in the lounge so of course I must work there and I was just being lazy and did I take him for an idiot. All while I’m slowly backing away from the bar so he can’t pin me between it and the bar stools. Then he throws in this:

Angry Man: “Do you have any idea who I am? Do you have any idea how important I am?”

I never got to find out how important this guy thought he was. Instead Angry Man’s Friend came wandering in.

He took one look at me; pretty much cornered by Angry Man who is now screaming about how he’ll make sure I never work again while I’m trying to calmly tell him to back off and he tries to intervene.

He took Angry Man by the shoulders and moved him back away from me while asking him what was going on.

Angry Man: “This stupid little whore is refusing to serve me”

Me: “I really don’t work here”

Angry Man’s Friend: “She doesn’t work here. Let’s just all try to calm down”

There was a few moments of Angry Man’s Friend trying to calm Angry Man while he ranted about getting me fired until two barman arrived, one of them with my hot chocolate. The presence of the three men distracted Angry Man enough for me to grab my shoes and escape with my chocolatey goodness.

As I left I could hear him demanding to speak to a manager.

The next day, after being introduced to a lecture theatre full of high ranking CID Officers, I stood and walked to the podium only to be greeted by one guy in the audience laughing hysterically.

I just sort of froze trying to figure out the joke. Did I have food on my face? Was my shirt on inside out?

A quick check confirmed that, no. I’d managed to adult that morning.

A few other people began to chuckle as this guy struggled to get a hold of himself. As he regained control he pointed to his left.

Where a very red looking Angry Man was sitting.

I think it was the sheer relief that he wasn’t actually laughing at me that caused me to open my mouth and say to Angry Man;

“Oh did you get your coffee in the end?”

He walked out and I didn’t see him for the rest of the course.

Irate - 3

(Part 1) | (Part 2)


Y/N’s curious, clumsy, and has a knack for asking the wrong questions at the wrong time. Bucky’s a hot-headed prick with a dark past and communication issues. Both are paired for training, and neither party is all too thrilled.

Word count: 1465

“Can I ask you a question?”

You want to say you sound suave and totally collected, but really, it comes out more like you’re being suffocated simultaneously. Bucky’d decided that you were severely out of shape and proposed going for a run. It was a great idea in theory, but now you’re starting to think the running is more for him to be able to rub in your face the fact that he’s fit and you’re not.


You ask anyway. “Steve mentioned these abilities I could have. What did he mean?” The question’s been bugging you for a while. Given the chances, you should have gotten at least one opportunity where your supposed abilities got their time to shine, but nada. Do you even have powers? What if it’s something pathetic, like conjuring hot sauce at the snap of your fingers?

You’re so busy snapping your fingers that you almost don’t notice that he doesn’t respond, or even acknowledge that you asked a question.

“Why are you so grumpy all the time?” You’re not the kind of person to snap at someone else, especially not someone that’s supposed to be your superior. Plus, it’s not even among the questions you have in mind, but it’s just such a pressing issue. How can someone be so angry twenty-four seven anyway?

His face takes on a look that you’ve become pretty accustomed to in the last few days: He stares straight ahead of him, not a single emotion flickering over his features, and you know that he’s supressing an eye-roll.

He doesn’t answer.

“See what I mean?” You widen your eyes dramatically and throw your hands up. “You can’t even give me an answer!”

If he’s riled up, he doesn’t show it, and in all honesty, it’s getting you riled up. You’re not going to back down until he gives you some kind of response. Maybe you can even unlock his cliché backstory. So you press further.

“C'mon! There’s got to be something.” No response.

“Even Batman has a reason to be brooding all the time!” He turns to glare at you and you falter for a moment. “Okay, okay, cool, nothing about Batman.”

Bucky closes his eyes and exhales slowly, then faces forward again and picks up the pace. You struggle to keep up with him as he runs you up a hill and through a trail in the forest. You run in silence as you catch your breath and relish in the cool shade of the trees, until you can’t bite your tongue any longer.

“Are you afraid of bats?”

He halts without warning, digging his heels into the ground to come to a complete stop. You keep going, not even noticing that he’s stopped, until you’re running into him. Literally.

Bucky gives you a look of pure exasperation as he grabs your wrists, stepping forward and pulling you in until your hands are resting against his chest. There are so many other questions on your mind, but you can’t remember a single one all of a sudden.

“Shut. Up.” He growls. Your hands can feel the vibrations of his chest.

You’re not scared of Bucky Barnes. You're not. It’s not your fault your voice is an octave higher when you stammer out a meek “sorry.”

So maybe you’re a little scared of Bucky Barnes, but you’re starting to figure him out. His intimidation tactics are straight from the book: glares, low tone of voice, and the whole invasion of personal space thing he’s got going on.

Like right now. You’re wedged between the railing of the training room’s mezzanine and Bucky’s chest. It’s not necessarily uncomfortable, but you’re hyperaware of everything around you, and every time he speaks, you can feel your own body reverberate. At best, it’s distracting.

“Hold it like this.” Bucky’s breath fans the side of your neck when you speak, and it takes all your willpower to not squirm. His hands grab the gun with yours, but really, he’s doing most of the work. You can barely concentrate, and the gun feels so heavy in your hands you feel like you may drop it if he lets go.

“Aim carefully, and then shoot.” He pulls the trigger. You’re not ready for the kickback, and the force of the gun firing presses you further back into his chest. Bucky doesn’t move an inch. Instead, he opts to kick your left foot forward. You almost topple over, and this time, you swear you can feel him rolling his eyes.

“Hit that target.” He points to the outline of a body near the back of the room, then lets go of the gun, placing his hands on the railing on either side of you so that your back is still against his chest, though now, you barely notice. Your palms feel sweaty and gun feels so wrong in your hands. There’s a little voice at the back of your head telling you that you can’t do it, and you almost turn to look at Bucky for reassurance. Almost.

You aim, or at least, you hope you’re aiming, and this time you prepare yourself for the kickback. Your finger moves slowly across the trigger, and you screw your eyes shut as the gun fires.

This time the sound makes you flinch, and you don’t even have to open your eyes to know that you missed. Bucky sighs, pushing off of the railing and stepping back.

“Great job, rookie. You only missed by twenty fucking feet.”

Sure enough, there’s a hole in the target at the far left of the room.

“What’s the deal with him?”

It’s been five days since you missed every single target in the training room, and Bucky and you have come no closer to being acquainted than you were when you first showed up at the compound. The only thing he seems to do is be too close too often, effectively shutting you up. Part of you is resentful towards yourself for being so intimidated.

Bucky’s on a mission, and for once you’ve gotten time off. You savour it by curling yourself up in blankets, with a hot water bottle pressed against your sore muscles, and complaining to Sam about how Bucky is unreasonably training (you prefer the word ‘torturing’) you everyday.

Sam laughs, giving you a warm smile, and you wonder why Bucky can’t also just, y'know, smile or something? Show some form of emotion that isn’t cold and menacing?

“He’s a tough one,” Sam says.

“How do you even put up with him?” You throw your hands up in exasperation to prove your point, but regret it immediately as pain flares up your sore arms. Sam laughs again.

“Steve trusts him. I trust Steve.”

Steve must be some kind of altruistic hero if everyone seems to like him so much, and if he can handle someone like Bucky. You’ve seen him around a few times here and there, and he always passes you a small smile, but he never seems to have time to stop and talk, and his face is constantly riddled with stress. Not the life you want to live.

“Anyway,” Sam continues. “When Wanda gets back, she’ll probably take over for him. She’s enhanced too, so she’ll make a better trainer in your case.”

There’s that word again. Enhanced. You’ve tried every possible thing you can think of: snapping your fingers, all the possible hand movements you’ve seen in the movies and that the gaps in your memory let you recall, but nothing. (The memory thing is a whole other issue that should keep you up at night, but by the time you go to bed, Bucky’s exhausted you to the point where you can barely keep your eyes open, let alone think). The whole situation is so muddled, and it ignites this panic in your stomach that you’re trying to diminish by not thinking about it. Your thoughts flash back to the words Bucky had said when he was first assigned to train with you.

“He said I can’t be trusted,” you say, turning to face Sam. You wince at the soreness of your muscles, then look at Sam expectantly. “Is it– are there enhanced people–,” the word sounds weird in your mouth. “Am I dangerous?”

Sam frowns. “I don’t think,” he pauses, collecting his thoughts. “He was probably talking about himself, not you.”

It’s your turn to be confused, but before you have a chance to ask him what he means, Steve rushes into the room, a pained look on his face.

“Sam, I–”

Sam stands up. “Hey man, what’s wrong?”

Steve’s entire body is tense as he looks between the two of you, then he sighs, putting his head in his hands.

“It’s Bucky. He’s been shot.”

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