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Camping with the boys - Part Two

Storyline: Y/N’s been best friends with Calum, Luke, Michael and Ashton her whole life. The five of them are off for a camping trip and things get interesting.

Requested: Yes.

(***smut warning***)

Camping with the boys - Part Two

(part one here)

After Michael and Calum had returned with two girls of their own we had continued our game daring each other to do silly things or asking each other personal questions. About two hours later the girls said their goodbyes leaving the drunken boys and I to the flickering glow of the fire. 

“So, who’s up for another round?” Calum giggled drunkenly, tossing twigs into the fire.

“Why not, it’s not like we have anything better to do.” Ashton said playing with the phone in his hands.

 “Luke.” I grinned watching him carefully as he brought his eyes to mine. “Truth or dare?” I asked biting down on my lip lightly.

 “Truth.” He said confidently as he relaxed back into his chair.

 “What’s your biggest turn on?” I asked raising my eyebrows as I took a small sip of the beer I had moved onto.

 “Oh god, neck kissing for sure.” He groaned before pushing his tongue over his piercing and licking his lips. I nodded and sat back relaxing; ready to watch the boys embarrass themselves.

 “Y/N.” Luke said taking me off guard. Slowly I brought my eyes to his recognizing the smirk on his face. “Truth or dare?” He asked his eyes darkening.

 “Dare.” I swallowed carefully as the alcohol pumped through my veins keeping me confident.

 “I dare you” he started still smirking “to sit on Mike’s lap and jerk him off. The best you can without us noticing. You can start whenever you want, we’ll continue the game. If you can get him to come with none of us noticing you win and get to pick what we do tomorrow. If one of us notices you they win and you have to make out with them, understand?” His voice was confident and hot and I felt my stomach lurch as I looked towards Michael meeting his wide eyes with mine.

 “Uhm yeah. Okay. If that’s okay with Michael?” I asked looking towards Michael who just shrugged and nodded. Calum and Ashton smirked as they watched me stand up and walk over to Michael.

 “You’re on bud.” Ashton grimaced at Calum. Swallowing I sat down onto Michael’s lap and let him wrap his arms around my waist. I nodded at the boys to start up the game and they did, Michael and I had been excused for obvious reasons. About five minutes into the game I leaned backwards against Michael arching my back a little and resting the back of my head on his shoulder. This completely covering any open space that would allow the boys to notice anything, but still giving me enough room to reach one hand behind myself. I waited till the boys were involved in one of their dares and brought my hand behind myself, making it look like I was just using it to support my weight. Hard and slowly I grinded my hand down palming him through his jeans. I felt him harden against my touch, but not fully.

 “Come on Mikey.” I whispered into his ear still working with my hand. “Get hard for me please.” I looked up through my lashes at him and a small moan passed his lips as I felt him harden fully. Letting out a small breath of my own I unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped him. I reached into his boxers and stopped, watching the boys in front of us. They had seemed to have gotten into some kind of argument leaving their attention off of us. Taking this as an advantage I reached into his boxers and pulled out his cock, slowly stroking him. Once he had managed to find a steady pace of breathing I began to pump his length, staring in front of me, my eyes never leaving the boys.

 “Fuck.” He groaned through his teeth quietly as I began to pull and jerk him harder. I ran my thumb over the tip gently spreading around the pre cum and I heard his breath catch in his throat. Smirking to myself I giggled as I continued working at him. I could tell he was close by the uneven heavy breaths he let out, his fingers digging into my hips as he held me tightly. I felt his dick twitch and grinned as a loud moan passed his lips. I watched as Luke, Calum and Ashton all turned towards us leaving their argument and bringing their eyes to us. I continued to work Michael however through his high as he came into my hand.

 “HA! CAUGHT YOU.” Ashton grinned as he pointed at us. I giggled as I pulled my hand out from behind me and wriggled it in front of them.

 “Sorry Ash, the bet was I won if I made him come without any of you catching us, and well; he came.” I smirked as I brought my fingers to my mouth and slipped them between my lips tasting Michael’s sweetness. The boys all stared at me; their eyes wide as I licked my fingers clean.

 “Right.” Ashton swallowed as he brought his hand through his hair. “Of course.”  

 “Alright, tomorrow we’re going boating.” I giggled. “That’s enough staring at me like I’m an alien. I just gave him a handy.” I shrugged sitting up off of Michael’s lap and standing up allowing him to button his pants back up.

 “Yeah. A handy behind your back.” Ashton stated.

 “And you made him come. You should get an award or something.” Calum added pointing a finger at me. I laughed and brought my eyes to Luke who was staring at me his eyes still that dark colour with his familiar smirk plastered to his face.

 “Why don’t we call it a night guys?” Luke finally spoke up walking to grab the bucket of water used to put out the fire. All the boys looked up then nodded and stood up. I watched as Calum and Michael stumbled off together laughing.

 “You can go to the tent and get changed or whatever, we’ll take care of out here.” Luke spoke up from beside me making me jump. I hadn’t noticed him come up to me.

 “Oh. Okay, thanks.” I smiled before heading off towards the tent. When I got inside I zipped the tent back up and leaned over my bag pulling out a baggy shirt that one of the boys had given to me a while back. I unzipped my jeans and shimmied out of them tossing them back into my bag and tugged the hoodie over my head throwing it on top of my bag as well. I reached behind myself and unclasped my bra sliding it off and shoved it into my bag.

 I was just about to reach for the shirt that was laying on my sleeping bag when I heard the tent unzip, Ashton and Luke walking in laughing.

 “Half naked here.” I sighed holding my arms crossed over my chest.

 “Oh.” Ashton said his eyes raking my body. I swallowed hard remembering I had decided to wear my red lacy panties that read “You Wish” on the front.

 “Sorry.” Luke said but I could tell he wasn’t really at all.

 “Would you guys mind closing your eyes or something?” I suggested.

“Oh yeah of course.” Luke said and I waited till they had closed their eyes to drop my arms and grab the shirt. I went to put it on and realized it was all tangled so I tried my hardest to get it straightened out quickly, but knew it was too late. I looked up and met two wide-eyed boys staring down at me with their mouths parted.

 “Holy fuck.” Luke said not even hiding that he was staring at my boobs.

 “Are those real?” Ashton asked. “Hell are you real?” He groaned licking his lips.

 “ASH! Of course they’re real you asshole.” I spat back at him.

 “Feisty.” Ashton grinned as he took a step forward.

 “I hate you two.” I snapped not bothering to hide my chest anymore.

 “Fuck you’re hot when you’re angry.” Luke said stepping closer; it came out messy and hot like a moan. I swallowed, hard. Their was something inviting about the two of them staring at me their eyes filled with lust. At this point they were both on either side of me, watching me intently.

 “Can I?” Ashton asked gesturing towards my chest. I bit on my lip nervously before nodding. I watched him gently cup my boobs grinning as he did. Slowly he started to massage and knead them, pulling on my now hardened nipples. I let out a soft moan, which encouraged Ashton, him gently taking one nipple into his mouth sucking on it while kneading and tweaking the other. I felt two long muscular arms wrap around me from behind before light pressured kisses were applied to my shoulders and neck. I moaned louder now feeling Luke’s erect length pressed against my back through his jeans.

 “Stop.” I breathed out. “Stop, stop, stop.” I watched as both of them pulled away, the same look of worry in their eyes.

 “Is there something wrong beautiful?” Ashton asked taking my small hand into his large one.

 “Yes. Something’s very, very wrong.” I groaned as I looked at them. “Too much clothing. Get it off, now.” I whined. I watched as they looked back and forth from each other who were fully clothed, then back to me who had nothing but a tiny thong on. They grinned and nodded shrugging off their jeans and kicking them off. I watched as both of them pulled their shirts over their heads, their muscular bodies now bare and open, leaving the two of them in their boxers.

 “So…” Luke started as we all eyed each other. Our eyes danced along each other’s bodies taking in every line, curve, and scar. Sure we had seen each other naked before, but not like this. Not since that time when we were all 14 that one summer and had gone skinny-dipping in Calum’s pool. We were all developed now, larger and shaped more where it counted.

 “Oh fuck, just continue.” I moaned and just like that they were both against me, me in the middle of their two strong towering bodies. Luke took me from the front this time, his soft lips crashing into mine hungrily as he played with my thong. Ashton’s lips were attached to my neck nipping, licking and sucking my skin, which would definitely be covered with small purple marks in the morning. I moaned into Luke’s mouth as Ashton’s teeth grazed over my sweet spot. Groaning loudly Luke pushed his fingers into my underwear, roughly rubbing my clit.

 “Fuck.” I groaned my lips falling from his as I bit down on my lip in pleasure.

 “You like that princess?” Luke asked his breath hot against my cheek. I nodded and pushed my lips back against his, our tongues exploring each other’s mouths. He ran his finger down my slit agonizingly slow before finally pushing one finger into me. I moaned and pushed one hand into his boxers gripping hard on his cock. I smiled against his lips as he groaned biting down on my lip. I reached behind me and did the same to Ashton earning a loud moan against my neck. Luke pushed another finger into me as I began to pump my hand skillfully on both of their lengths.

 I could feel myself nearing towards my release as the warmness built in my stomach. Luke reading this on my face began to pump his fingers in and out of me quicker and reached his thumb up, rubbing fast figure eight’s into my clit.

 I came onto his fingers hard and shuddering, thankful for their strong bodies to hold me still on my feet. Luke grinned and pulled his fingers out from my panties and I tried my hardest to jerk them off as my bliss filled head spun. I looked up breathless and watched as Luke stuck one of his fingers into his mouth, licking it clean.

 “She tastes great.” Luke licked his lips as he offered his other finger to Ashton who took it into his mouth and sucked it clean.

 “Mmmm.” Ashton grinned as he turned me around to face him. Sliding down to his knees he looked up before giving me a few light kisses on my inner thighs. “My turn.” He growled as he yanked off my thong and hooked one arm under my ass supporting me and placed the other leg over his shoulder. My free hand flew to his hair instantly as he connected his lips to my clit, sucking hard on the bundle of nerves.

 “Ash fuck.” I moaned as my other hand still tugged on Luke’s cock. He licked up my slit and stuck his tongue into me, repeatedly. I shuddered against him as he continued the pattern bringing his thumb up to my clit and rubbing it in fast circles. Profanities spilled out of my mouth in a rush as I came for the second time that night, my head dizzy. I moaned and shook as Ashton continued to lick up all my juices while I came down from my high.

 “Alright baby girl lay down.” Luke cooed into my ear as Ashton helped me find my balance. I did as I was told and laid down on the ground where our sleeping bags were. I watched as Luke grabbed for his jeans pulling out a familiar small foil packet in his hand. Looking up for my approval I nodded taking my lower lip between my teeth. Slipping out of his boxers I watched him rip open the packet with his teeth before rolling it down onto his length. Spreading apart my legs with a steady hand he positioned himself overtop of me and placed his tip at my entrance. He then quickly pushed himself all the way in, filling me up as we both let out a sigh of pleasure. Slowly he pulled all the way out then rammed himself into me again.

 “Alright gorgeous, lets see what those pretty lips can do.” Ashton smirked as he pushed his cock into my mouth. I hollowed out my cheeks as Ashton pushed his hips forward, sucking as he swore continuously. Luke had begun a steady pace of moving; both of our hips meeting as he pushed himself in and out of me.

 “Fuck Luke.” I hummed against Ashton causing him to moan. Luke grabbed onto my hips roughly before picking up the pace, his cock finding my g-spot with each thrust. I had become a moaning mess as Ashton used my mouth with his own thrusts, forcing me to swallow him fully. After a couple more hip movements Ashton came into my mouth in three large spurts and I swallowed grinning up at him through my eyelashes. Pulling away from my mouth he sat back and watched, slightly stroking himself as he came down from his high.

 “Fuck Y/N, so fucking tight.” Luke groaned into my ear before bringing his lips to mine, our tongues dancing around roughly. I raked my nails down his back as he continued a harder and faster pace my stomach tightening as I felt the pleasure building up. Remembering what he had said earlier I pulled my lips away from his and attached my lips to his neck grazing over his heated skin gently. Luke moaned messily as he thrusted even deeper into me.

 “Luke, I-I’m close.” I stuttered as I felt the heat in my stomach taking over quickly.

 “Me too babe, me too.” He groaned his hands still digging into my hips. I shuddered against him as he hit my g-spot over and over again. “Come for me baby girl.” He breathed into my ear. And I did, him following close behind me as he watched me come undone underneath him shaking and swearing as my body filled with bliss from head to toe. He rode through our highs slowly and gently until we had both came down and found ourselves lying still as we panted heavily. Rolling off of me Luke took the condom off and tied it off before tossing it in the small trash bag by our sleeping bags.

 “Holy fuck.” Ashton grinned as he crawled up beside us pushing the sleeping bags up over us for warmth.

 “We should definitely have sleepovers more often.” Luke smiled as he wrapped an arm around me and placed a kiss on my cheek.

 “Yeah, and maybe next time you could invite us to join!” Calum yelled from the other tent.

 “Shut up Calum!” Luke shouted back before the three of us burst into a fit of laughter.

We fell silent quickly after that; our loud laughter turning into heavy breathing as we fell asleep cuddled together. 

anonymous asked:

Helloooo perfect, I saw another anon asking about tutorials; and I was just wondering about like the face and hair and stuff? Like the head i guess idk OMG (I'm so awkward sorry omgomg) and like proportion? Because I've been trying to draw the boys a lot lately and I can do like basic chibi but I'd love to be able to do something more... Realistic??? Man idk omg. And when I try drawing full body the head is massive compared to the body; I just wondered if you could give some tips? Thank you! <33

Hello! Thank you for coming by with your fantastic question! It wasn’t awkward at all, so don’t sweat it. :)) Boys can be tricky if you’re not as comfortable or used to drawing them, but all it takes is practice. Men’s proportions are very similar to that of women, but their bodies don’t have the soft or more dramatic curves. They are also a bit broader and straighter. But I ramble– I will do my very best to explain my process and give some tips. It may get a bit lengthy, so I apologize beforehand. For this tutorial, I will be using Ezio Auditore. :)

1) In this base here, I have two colors: Pink and blue. At this point of my drawing escapades, I skip right to rough sketches (the blue), so I forego the whole guidelines bit (pink) most of the time. But, if you don’t know what goes where just yet, doing the pink guidelines is very useful. The main guidelines are for these things: The ear starts and ends where your eyes begin (halfway down the head) and your nose ends (up until the bottom quarter of the head). Your mouth is halfway down between the nose and the chin; its width is from the middle of one eye to the middle of the another. Eyes are a quarter each way from the front of the face (but it’s a bit skewed here do to the turn of the head). You can look at more placements on google with face proportions, but this is a nice one. (Of course, however, everyone has different faces, so things can be different!)

2) Now the actually drawing comes into play. See all the stuff I mentioned in part 1 about what belongs where? Well, if you did the guidelines, it will make it even easier to plot out the eyes, nose, ears, and mouth out. So, go ahead and do that! I’ll give a detail on how I do eyes here:

Next, hair!

3) So, as you can see, I got rid of the sketch/guidelines. Why? Because you’re down the skeletal structure. All what’s left is hair, and that’s not…part of the skeletal structure (I guess that’s the way I can describe it, haha). All you must remember for hair is to not make it too poofy by starting your hair far too up. It rests on top of your head and hugs it! The hairline is about a tenth from the top of the head. Even if the person’s hair is poofy naturally, keep that in mind! Respect that hairline! Anyway, now, you asked how I did hair, no? :

So, this is a really dumb detail shot (and this will be an even dumber explanation; i’m trying) but hair isn’t too difficult. I honestly just stroke in lines (and this is messy here, so as you can see, I kinda just go with it). There’s two things to remember about hair: Hair part and hair flow. Your hair at the part should be stemming from it, branching off into the appropriate direction. Ezio Auditore has a hair part in the middle, so his bangs and hair fall sideways evenly down the middle. Just remember: Flow and direction. That part is crucial. And, to note, don’t be afraid to draw in those strands! Hair isn’t a block; it has detail. You don’t have to go hyper detail, however, for that can really make the work look clunky. Just keep practicing and it really will come to you, and easier than the others (like eyes, nose, lips, etc., in my opinion). 

BAM. Ezio. I just pooped on clothes… Sorry, Ezio. Your assassin gear is a pain in the butt.

Now, about full body, the way to differ from chibi to, say, realism, is the proportion. Chibi ignores the rules of proportion in relation to the head, but if you want it to be more realistic, you can’t do that. You can bend rules for cartoons, etc., of course, but to note, to bend these rules and make it still look purposefully stylized and not flat out wrong, you still must know the rules. To bend them, one must first understand them. Anyway, the human body is 7 ½ heads tall.

(Ezio is so happy and so dazzled by your beauty.) But that’s how it is! Thighs are roughly the width of your head. Shoulders extend about a head away from the center. The width of the torso extend just a bit beyond the ears of the head in both directions before tapering a bit thinner to the waist and rounding about again at the hips. This is a good reference image.

Anyway, I suck at tutorials, but, hey, I tried! Happy drawing, as always!