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Hey! Mark! I just wanted to show you a little something out of all this negative you’ve been seeing. Maybe, hopefully, you’ll see this, and know how INSPIRING just the smallest amounts of positivity can be. Even in the darkest moments….

In 2014 I was very heavy depressed, anxious, and without much hope for my future. I had just gotten out of highschool and had no idea what I wanted to do. I was very down in the dumps, fresh out of an unhealthy long term relationship, living by myself, and my weight was getting to the point where it was endangering my health.

But then my friend showed me some of your videos. I found myself laughing for a long while for the first time in a long time. Because human laughter is contagious. Whether it be through a computer screen or anything else. You and a few other youtubers filled my house with positivity, and your messages of hope, happiness, BETTERING YOURSELF, and being a force for good in this world inspired me to change.

So I got up and did something about it.

It’s now 2017. I am over 100 pounds lighter and STILL working! I am following my dreams and trying my best to push those around me to keep going, Keep fighting. Even though I’m still a work in progress,but everyday I get a little better. I just wanted to (hopefully) show you what being a beacon of hope can do for those around you (or 5,000 miles away.) Thanks for continuing to be an inspiration for those of us who needed a little extra push to fight for ourselves.

pastelynch  asked:

Hi!! if you are still doing prompts: Neil overworking himself and blowing out his arms again? and Andrew comforting him? i'm jumping on the angst train. Also i love your writing! it's so nice to read :)

(thank you darlin, sorry it took a while!)

Neil’s vision judders a little bit, like exhaustion is picking him up and shaking him. He can feel the sharp sting of sweat in his eyes and the open wound of his lungs, and the net looks farther away every time he blinks.

“Again,” Kevin calls. “But without your form crumpling in on itself.”

Neil grits his teeth. “I don’t see the point,” he says for the dozenth time. Kevin’s getting him to run drills with his left hand, and missing easy targets is starting to run cold and tedious. It’s a lesson in humility, maybe. Some sort of sociopathic vindication on Kevin’s part.

“You’re only half an athlete,” Kevin replies firmly. “Half your potential is squandered every time you hit the top of whatever box you’ve put yourself in and just accept it.”

Neil twirls his racquet and tosses it from one hand to another. He doesn’t like the weight of it in his wrong hand. His left bicep is screaming at being used so much, and his stronger arm is twitching jealously. He feels like he’s trying to talk without his tongue for no reason.

“If I’m using the wrong arm I’m just making myself a smaller box,” Neil argues. “It’s not necessary. Just because you have a handicap doesn’t mean you should impose it on everyone else.”

Kevin stiffens in the goal, and Neil can see his fingers spasming from halfway across the court.

“Fine. Limit yourself. You’ve never used even a fraction of your potential.”

“Then teach me,” Neil challenges. “Stop trying to prove something about your own versatility and help me hone my strengths. Or do you want to lose, next month?”

Kevin drops his racquet and it makes a wrenching clatter. “I’m going to win. If you’re not going to put in the effort then you can teach yourself.” He collects his fallen equipment on his way out of the court, the tendons in his neck straining the whole time. Neil looks back out towards the outer court where Andrew is watching, sprawled backwards on his hands with his head cocked.

Kevin meets up with him and jabs one hand back towards Neil, speaking in intense sentences punctuated by backwards looks. Andrew accepts whatever he’s saying by refusing to react, his face a perfect balance. Neil tries to watch the shape of their mouths but he can only see Andrew properly, and he’s not talking.

After thirty seconds of one-sided bitching Kevin makes a production of stalking off, and Andrew quietly follows behind. Something annoyed throbs in Neil’s stomach. He foolishly expected Andrew to come and confront him instead, maybe even end up taking his side.

He tightens his grip on his racquet and seethes in frustration, testing his left grip then right, left then right, until the difference feels too huge to be real, an uncrossable gulf.

He remembers detachedly when his now preferred racquet felt impossibly heavy. He remembers when he would rather have seen Andrew gone from the team than in his bed.

He looks back at the bucket of balls and the empty court, and everything tightens up: the muscles in his left arm, the walls of the court, that uncrossable gulf. Ichirou’s warning — the barbed wire around his heart —tightens too.

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Misery Needs Company

it sounded like @copperbadge was having One of Those Weekends, so i asked if he’d like some fic and he requested someone with a headache getting coddled

feel better!

“Tony!” Pepper calls and he flinches.

A headache going on day three is sitting like a pulsating rock in his frontal lobe and the pitch of her voice is enough to send a needle point of pain inward.

Pepper pauses, looks at him for five seconds, and then says, voice lowered, “When did it start?”

“On the way home from NBC?” Tony tries because he honestly isn’t sure.

Pepper stares at him. “That was two days ago.”

“Yeah,” Tony sighs.

Tony,” she says, sounding appalled.

“What?” he replies defensively. “I’ve gotten six hours of sleep the last four nights, I’ve eaten regularly, I’ve only had like four cups of coffee per day, and I haven’t gone over the recommended dose of over-the-counter painkillers even though I know you can go over that and be fine!”

“Tony, that wasn’t criticism,” Pepper says, her expression sympathetic and her hand light on his arm.

“Oh,” Tony says, and deflates. “I’m tired and I’ve been sleeping,” he whines. “How is that fair?”

“It’s not.” She nudges him forward gently and Tony moves as directed, reaching up to dig his knuckles into his forehead. If he presses hard enough, it briefly dulls the pain. “Come on. We’re done for today.”

Tony should protest. There’s still a lot to do. But it feels good to have someone take the reins and he doesn’t have it in him to fight when he wants to do what she says so badly.

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I get why most reactionaries respond to any criticism of law enforcement and the institutions of law by acting like it’s a binary choice between upholding the status quo and having no institutions of law whatsoever.

What I don’t get is why so many leftists - on this site and elsewhere - seem to be happy to grant them that rhetorical point.

Like, even most points on the anarcho-whatsit spectrum recognise that some institutions of law will always be necessary; even in a perfect world, there are going to be situations where harsh language punctuated by the occasional impromptu lynch mob just isn’t going to suffice.

Why are we so prepared to let reactionary whackjobs define the terms of the debate like that, especially with such a blatant false dilemma?

In person, it can sometimes be tough to jump right into a debate with someone who adamantly defends the status quo, someone who uses extensive bourgeois ideology and “common sense” to defend the capitalist mode of production. We all naturally get frazzled because it’s an uphill battle trying to win people over, away from the safe ideology they’ve grown up absorbing. Not only that, but there’s also a whole set of ideas and facts (noted in the above picture) that probably need to come together for someone of that nature to arrive at socialism. Trying to condense all of the above facts into quick little soundbites is a super uphill battle, and I wish there was some way we could have this process made easier for the lot of us. 

Most capitalism-apologists rely on a few basic ideological points, each of them off-base. Here are eight of perhaps the most important:

  1. Capitalism is about voluntary exchange and it’s pretty much any economic activity that doesn’t involve the state
  2. Capitalism is the end of history and the pinnacle of human development
  3. Capitalism is the same thing as markets
  4. The state is antithetical to the interests of the capitalist class
  5. Socialism is when the government does stuff; the more stuff the government does, the socialister it is
  6. “Small government” and anarchism imply laissez-faire capitalism
  7. There can only be top-down control of the economy by a bunch of separate capitalists (private capitalism) or top-down control of the economy by a concentrated state apparatus (state capitalism)
  8. Imperialism is caused by corrupt politicians, disconnected from an economic system that demands endless growth and capital accumulation among elites

I feel like the above picture covers most of these ideas in a very quick way and puts them to rest; further elaboration on each of the points is necessary of course, but that’s to be expected. Destroying these bullshit claims ought to be of paramount importance if you ever find yourself in some kind of political argument with a cappy. 

All being said, I can totally understand if there are those of you who just have no fucking interest in debating cappies. It’s a draining, disheartening process. Avoiding debate can be a self-care tactic, honestly. I generally only recommend it if you think there is any chance of converting them – if they’re running around in expensive suits handing out Cato Institute newspapers, then our arguments about capitalism being a particular historical development rooted in bloody conquest will probably have little to no effect whatsoever. There are, however, plenty of working-class and middle-class people who may be much more receptive if you meet them where they’re at, point to history, and commit some time and energy to talking to them about the topic; usually this works best with people you already know. 

Any further input on this topic is encouraged and appreciated.

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Okay but you just know some lil shit psychology major would try and study one of the faeries and it would most likely end up very badly for them

I’ve got a bunch of asks regarding psyche majors to get through, and you know what’s amazing? You uniformly agree on this point.


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Hey! I'm a cisgendered straight woman who wants to tell the stories of LGBTQ+ people through my writing (anything from fluffy love stories to serious representations of discrimination). I'm worried that me writing this would be offensive to people in the LGBTQ+ community, and the last thing I would want to do is to overstep my boundaries. You're an author that I really respect and whose writing I really love, so I value your opinion on this: is it ok for someone like myself to write this? <3

Hi! Its interesting, we were just talking about this yesterday! I received some great input from a number of different writers on tumblr :) I’m going to do this in bullet points as a I try to get my thoughts in order.

I think it’s absolutely okay for you to write about LGBT+ characters, but you have to handle them well.

  1. Research, research, research. Read books by LGBTQIA+ authors ( check out @lgbtqreads) and go find people who don’t mind talking about their experiences.
  2. Understand that you’re going to make mistakes. Be okay with that, be open to listening, and be open to accepting criticism. And then use the comments to be better.
  3. Understand that not everyone will agree it’s okay. Not everyone is going to look at you and think it’s okay for you to be writing LGBT characters. There are voices in the community and it’s true that as a cisgendered, straight woman you’re more likely to be heard than they are. You can understand that and still write, but I feel it’s important to acknowledge that you do have privilege here.
  4. Avoid the hell out of tropes. Lesbian couple finally gets together and then one of them dies for Tragedy™. Gay couple somehow miraculously fits into heterosexual gender roles (one has more stereotypical feminine interests while the other has more stereotypical masculine interests.).  I’m not saying that these things don’t happen, but they’re often used to make gayness #acceptable in media.

But you know what? These are just the rules that I have for myself in my own writing. I have a very narrow field of vision because of my own identity. So here’s a bunch of sources you should definitely check out about this issue!

(X)  (X) (X) (X) 

anonymous asked:

I notice that in a lot of your art, you put a lot of detail into shading around the eyelids and nose. What would your art look like without that?

well i thought about it for a while on what that would look like if my recent art would look without those details. then i was looking through though some of my art and i realized that it would just look like my older art style from late 2015 to mid 2016. 

i noticed that the way i drew my noses didnt really give me enough “room” to put in a lot of details (but you can tell im trying tho heheh) and most of of the time my headshapes were very ,, “squished” and in a way to where i really didnt have enough room to do much of anything with the features. And at the time i didnt really know how to shade faces all that well so the way i would shade the nose would just make it look in-caved and awkward. 

now im gonna put my recent art here as a sort of comparison

(keep in mind i tried picking the art that clearly shows the details in the eyelids and the noses the most. i promise that not all of the people i draw look sleepy 24/7 …………. or at least i dont think they do…………. i tend to draw the sleepy look a lot…. idk)
because you mention the detail to the eyes and nose i started to realized that ive been adding more to those aspects because i now have room to do so. Cuz my faceshapes have become less squished and more realistic looking (and less baby like haha) 

thank you so much for the input! it really got my head gears turning!! 

I’m Tired

I’m going to be abandoning this blog as an archive. My other main blog is on a mutual-only basis but consists of absolutely no fandom content. If we are mutuals and you are interested, IM me. 

Please be kind to that post about my mom that’s still going around (yes, the Naruto one). Makes me uncomfortable as hell that it exploded like it did and I don’t like info about my family being spread so far and wide and outside my control. Don’t screencap it or post it to other sites, thanks.

Sleep Without You

Requested: Can you do one based of the song sleep without you by brett young please?? o you’re amazing :)

a/n: I was stoked to see this request because this song was one of the songs I listened to so much over this past summer so I pretty much know it inside and out. I know that the song is from the guy’s point of view, I normally write it from the girls point of view, so I just did that, but it still follows the song.



I’m on my way home You text Shawn as soon as you get into the cab with your three best friends. You had all gone out for a girl’s night, no boyfriends allowed. Shawn was fine with that, which is one of the things you love about him. Some of the other girl’s boyfriends questioned why they weren’t allowed to come, asking them if they were going to be flirting with other boys, but that thought never crossed Shawn’s mind, and he didn’t even ask anything about that. He wanted you to be able to spend time with just your girl friends. He stayed home. Brian had come over to play video games and hang out, but he had gone home a couple hours ago, so Shawn’s been home alone since then. You only knew because you had texted Shawn an hour ago, knowing it was already pretty late. You told him you would be out a little longer and that he should just go to bed. He told you that he probably wouldn’t and to text him when you were on your way home.

When you stumble into the house about forty minutes later, maybe a little drunk, you make your way straight to the bedroom. The bedroom light is still on and you can’t say you’re surprised. Shawn had left the kitchen light on for you and the door unlocked too. No matter how many times you’ve told him to lock the door, he won’t if he knows you’re coming home. But yet, if you leave the door unlocked waiting for him, he freaks out saying that it’s dangerous.

When you enter the bedroom, the clock on the wall signals that it’s nearly two am. You had a lot of fun, these girls nights don’t come around too often. You half expect Shawn to be asleep, even though you know that the light and the tv are both on, but when you enter the room you see that Shawn’s still awake. He’s shirtless in your bed, but he doesn’t look like he’s slept at all yet. “What are you doing up?” You ask him as you stand in the doorway.

“You’re home,” He says, a lazy smile on his face, “I couldn’t sleep without you.” He tells you. And you immediately enter the room, taking off your heels, and sliding out of your dress to pull on one of Shawn’s t-shirts. After brushing your teeth and removing your makeup, you turn off the lights and then crawl into Shawn’s waiting arms. “How was your night?” He asks.

“It was fun.” You tell him, “It was nice to be with just girls, as much as I love you hanging out with us, it was nice to have no boyfriends there.”

“Yeah, I know baby, I’m glad that you got to spend time with just them.” He says, puling you even closer to himself.

“Yeah,” You remark, closing your eyes. Before you even have a chance to finish thinking and winding down, before you have a chance to say goodnight to Shawn, he’s already snoring next to you and you just chuckle, knowing he only stayed up because he was waiting for you to get home.

                                                             a thank you.

okay today i reached the 400 follower mark and i knew i was getting close, but until this morning, when i innocently realised that a couple of extra people had followed.  and then came the crying and the shaking that has kept going all day.  i am in awe.  the thought that there are 400 individuals out there who have at one point made the decision to be here, to read my writing, is INCREDIBLE. it’s just something almost u n f a t h o m a b l e to me. i never expected this.

some of you followed me on MYRCELLA,   and i remember that when i made her, i thought i was picking someone that would be liked, instead of someone i cared about. (pls don’t get me wrong, i love her, but this whole blog was me trying to be likeable)  and then i came here, and i found my feet. i started to write a character that i care about so, so much,  in a way i haven’t felt in a long time. i love willas,  he has developed so much and become more than i ever thought in just the short space of time that i have been here. i firmly believe that a lot of this is down to you, my darling, dear partners.  you make willas who he is, make me feel comfortable enough to explore in this way.

so i want to say THANK YOU. last night i posted that i had a headache, and so many of you came to me to make sure that i felt better. you are the very best of this community. every fandom, every group has it’s bad periods, and i know and understand the anxiety here,   but you – the people reading this – are amazing. you make one girl in rainy SCOTLAND so damn happy,  you give a person, who six months ago could barely leave her house without her boyfriend because of her anxiety, the confidence to find herself. you don’t fix my life or cure my mental health or anything like that,  but you give ACCEPTANCE,  and that - my darlings - is the most important thing in the world. you make me happy, you give me a space to express myself and be honest and creative, you accept me.   and that,   is worth all the weight of gold in the world.  I LOVE YOU. you are such a light point in my life.  please know, if you ever need me,  i am here.

please remember that you,  the person who is reading this,  are doing an amazing thing for a person you do not know that well.  and that is incredible.  soon, i will do a giveaway – or something – for you all, but i have a holiday booked and this is all i can offer for now.

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yall keep asking me about why silver chose to put the *vague possibility* that thomas is alive into flint’s head so.. [takes deep breath] 

this could mean so many things and its still early days believe it or not so i cant be sure. but the way i see it is that silver truly cares for flint and doesnt want this war to be the end of him. he doesnt want it to get to the point where he has to choose between him and madi “it is some kind of hell to be forced to choose one irreplaceable thing over another” like !!!! if there is ANYTHING that could stop him from going down that path john will use it. he cares about flint /so much/ thats why he didnt outright say what max told him because if he did he knew flint would do something reckless. so instead, he just asked him ‘what if’. because i do believe that /john/ believes its a possibility, you could see it in his face when max mentioned it. like he /WANTS/ flint to be happy, and he cant bare the thought of eventually leaving him. he is his only friend, hes the /only/ reason flint is still alive, flint is literally /living/ for john at this point and john knows this.. “thank you for opening that door” he /KNOWS/ this. the only reason flint keeps on going is because of him, and he knows that if he is forced to leave him in the end that it would mean james loses the last person in the world that he cares about, and that with that loss he would then give up everything 

so yes, this is a Very Sensitive Subject™ >:) he chose to only vaguely hint it to him because he is still /FULL/ of questions about thomas. he doesnt know if james would even want thomas to see him as he is now if he were alive. LOTS of midnight chats about gay feelings by the fire are still to be had!!! and who knows, if they’ve jumped onto the unrequited love train john might know about flints feelings for him, after all he knows he is at least bi so like..?? he doesnt want to break flints heart. it has been broken SO MANY TIMES. this being said if they /both/ had feelings for each other that would be the greatest motive for john wanting flint to be happy. flint had miranda and thomas like john now has madi, but now flint has no one but john. hes got no one to /live for/ no one he wants to /protect/ but john. so if there is even the slightest chance that thomas is still alive.. wouldnt john do everything he could to seek it out?? to see if thomas could end flint instead of himself having to do it? to let thomas mend his heart instead of him being forced to break it again?? like i said there are SO MANY THINGS this could mean, but when it comes down to it i truly believe everything john is doing, his motives, they are all driven by his love for those closest to him, and there is no one closer to flint in the world right now than john silver

... waiting for my ship to come in...

I am still frustrated. I am still unsure. There are still questions that don’t have answers… may NEVER have answers… 

I do wonder if the reset of the premiere in September had anything to do with these latest antics.  Recall things were ramping up to look pretty good until that announcement… and then boom we get IFH 2.0, The night the Lights went Out in Georgia, and the return of Shipper Hater from a Galaxy far far away… perhaps a few stall tactics were necessary to push out any kind of outing of a relationship until it can be used to sell s3. 

Those things make me seriously go hmmm… but I am not ready to try to start concocting conspiracy theories at this point because I am tired still. Serious tired. I am sure Sam and Cait are too and I hope some day we get answers to the mysteries. I do hope from this point forward that we see respect shown by THEM to their supposed SO’s. I.E… don’t treat them like doormats folks… thank them at award shows… smile in their presence… gasp… introduce them?? I know. Crazy. But if these really are important people in your life then say so. You don’t have to tell us their social security numbers but acknowledge them for cripes sake and then say you don’t want to speak about it again. If they are just your friends, well then fine and dandy… but stop using and abusing them. They are not the solution to keeping the trolls at bay. 

For now though it looks like I am watching the ship from the shore… at least for the time being. I will certainly be here watching closely with my binoculars… and I am sure (if history is any judge) that they will find a way to suck me back into the vortex of this crazy ride. 

But for now I am still frustrated, still puzzled, but maybe just a little less so day by day. 

I am looking for the return of the people I saw years ago…. Maybe they were never there in the first place, maybe they were a figment of my imagination… a mirage of sorts… but my gut tells me there is more to the story still. So I wait, and watch… for the ship to come in. 

This is my first time writing Malec. I’m not an intense Malec shipper, so I don’t really know where this came from. I’m not that confident we’ll get a cute, soft boyfriends, bed scene between them in the next episode so I figured I’d write one preemptively. I may go in and edit this at some point as I ran out of steam towards the end. Even so, hope you enjoy!

Magnus lay with his head propped up on his fist as he watched a slumbering Alec in the small, flickering glow of the candles on his bedside table. It had been hours since Alec had backed him into his room, his eyes smouldering in a way Magnus had never quite seen them before. Now those eyes lay closed, his dark lashes a contrast against his olive skin. He was beautiful. Magnus had seen many beautiful things, many beautiful people but none of them quite captured the word like the boy before him. Alexander. His Alexander.

Magnus had never known anyone else with such quiet strength. He was fierce but reserved. Nothing he did was overt or for show. Alec could take down a demon in the blink of an eye and with not a second thought, yet there was this layer of innocence. It was easy to forget about it when you looked at his outer shell but sometimes Alec wore that innocence and vulnerability on his sleeve. And while it was the part that scared the heck out of Magnus, it was also the part he loved most.

In those times he was reminded just how much younger Alec was, in years and experience, and questioned whether this was right. If they were right together. However, it was also in those times that Magnus realised just how lucky he was to see that side of Alec at all. Vulnerability wasn’t something Shadowhunters often admitted to. How could Magnus ever turn Alec away now that he’d let him in like that? No, it wasn’t possible. So Magnus would remain Alec’s for as long as Alec let him. He hoped it would be a long time and that he would have many nights to lie and watch his love’s angelic features as he slept.

A smile rose on Magnus’ lips for no particular reason other than sheer happiness. Post coital bliss. This was not how he expected the even to pan out but then nothing about Alec had been expected. Magnus took his free hand and tentatively reached out, running his fingertips across Alec’s collarbone. He was shirtless and the thin sheet draped just below Alec’s navel, giving Magnus a perfect view of Alec’s broad chest. His fingers then made a slow journey down the centre of Alec’s chest, the soft furred skin sending sparks up his fingertips.

Alec’s eyes fluttered open, waking to Magnus’ gentle touch. Figures he wouldn’t be a heavy sleeper. A dreamy smile spread upon Alec’s lips as his eyes focused on Magnus. He rolled his shoulders before resting his hand over Magnus’ which still lay against his breastbone. Alec’s thumb brushed over Magnus’ polished nails as he glanced down to their joined hands for a moment.

“Hey,” Magnus said, finally breaking the silence as he too looked at their hands. He was still blown away by the simple intimacy despite the new phase of their relationship they’d entered last night.

“Hi,” Alec replied, his voice still thick with sleep. “Have you been awake long?”

“I didn’t sleep,” Magnus said, his gaze picking up from their hands to rest back on Alec’s face. He really was a sight to behold. “I thought I would replace those memories of watching you while you were unconscious with something a little sweeter.” There was a half smile on Magnus’ lips but Alec found no humour in his eyes. Not knowing whether Alec would ever wake up had been one of the most scary and painful things Magnus had been through in recent times. Not only for his sake. A world without Alexander Lightwood in it just seemed such a darker place for everyone.

A crease formed on Alec’s brow and his hand left atop of Magnus’ to cup his cheek instead. His thumb gently brushed over the smudged eye liner under Magnus’ eye. “Did it work?”

Magnus turned his cheek into Alec’s palm before laying a soft kiss against it. “No. I’ll never forget the moment I thought I had lost you, Alexander, but perhaps that’s for the best. Those memories will make sure I fight all that much harder so it never happens again.”

Alec slid his hand down Magnus’ neck and with a palm on his chest he pushed Magnus over on to his back. Alec moved to loom over Magnus, his hands on either side of Magnus’ head. The muscles in his arms were taut as they held up his bulky frame. There it was, that smoulder. Magnus’ chest rose and fell a little faster as he stared up at Alec, waiting for him to make a move. Any move. Magnus watched as those smouldering eyes travelled down his exposed torso. He felt them like a touch that ignited a path of fire that disappeared beneath the sheet and collected there. The air around them became thick with tension and Magnus was sure there was an audible click of his throat as he swallowed when Alec’s eyes met his once more.

“So uh… last night was something,” Alec said and for a split second uncertainty passed over his handsome features. It seemed ridiculous to Magnus that there would be even a small doubt in Alec’s mind that what they’d shared had been anything less than perfect. Even as Alec hovered over Magnus, all strength and beauty, with chemistry and heat radiating between them, he still wasn’t completely secure in the knowledge that he was enough for Magnus. Or good enough for Magnus.

“It was perfect, Alexander,” Magnus replied, putting extra emphasis on the word perfect. Because that was the only word that truly captured what last night had been. There had been the initial intensity, the slowing down and taking their time. Exploring each other. There had been serious moments and moments where they had laughed and teased each other. Times when Magnus had guided Alec and Alec had benefited from his experience but mostly they just learned each other. It was beautiful and messy and it felt like coming home. But if Magnus had to use one word to describe the first time they made love, that word would be perfect.

For a split second Magnus thought Alec would disagree, or at least say something slightly self deprecating. He might ask Magnus to justify using that word and Magnus could, boy could he, but Alec didn’t. A small, impish half smile rose on his lips instead. “Yeah, it really was,” Alec replied simply.

A moment later Alec leaned in and pressed a gentle kiss against Magnus’ lips. As Alec pulled back, Magnus chased his lips before giving up and opening his eyes to look up at Alec again. “Do you want to…?” Alec asked, raising his eyebrows a couple of times. Magnus rolled his eyes but it was mostly for show.

“Do I want to what?” Magnus replied, cocking an eyebrow. If they were going to be having sex, Alec would have to learn to say the word. They were grown men after all, even if one slightly more than the other. Though, Magnus would also settle for make love.

“Sex, do you want to do sex? Have sex?” Alec said in return, muddling his words as he got a little flustered being put on the spot. A guy that looked like Alec really had no right being so damn adorable but Magnus wasn’t complaining.

“Yes, let’s do sex, Alexander,” Magnus chuckled as he brought his hands up. One to rest on the small of Alec’s back, pressing their bodies closer, while the other cupped the back of Alec’s head and pulled him into a firmer kiss than the one before. Alec tilted his head one way and Magnus tilted his the opposite as they deepened the kiss. When their tongues met, a small sound of relief escaped one of them but Magnus wasn’t sure who. All he knew was that he was more than ready for another taste of that perfection.

brainofthought  asked:

Have you ever been involved with food not bombs? Do you know anything about what they do exactly or how to get involved with doing this kind of work? (or could you maybe point me to someone who does? idk, i cant find much discussion on it here but im interested)

I haven’t, no - don’t think it’s a difficult thing to get into though, check on facebook for a local page, if there’s none in your area start one yourself:

Seven steps to organizing a Food Not Bombs chapter in your community

I’m sure I have followers who do it, anyone have some advice for this person?

anonymous asked:

not trying to be like "your opinion is bad" but what about the yorknew city arc makes it your favorite? i was looking on some forums a bit back and a lot of people like that one a bunch but it seemed kinda boring to me and had a lame ending compared to greed island or chimera ants

yeah! no worries, i got u – i almost wrote it out anyway in that last post, haha

yorknew feels like the first “real” arc of hxh. obviously we’re still getting new characters and learning more about nen, but by this point we’re well-rounded on the world that hxh takes place in, nen, and the main characters. this means togashi can write much more complex scenes and throw a whole bunch of other stuff at us.

it’s the first arc that takes place post-exam (considering heaven’s arena was technically still a part of it); we no longer have examiners or teachers to guide our protagonists – they are largely on their own now, which raises the stakes drastically. basically, everything pre-yorknew was building up to yorknew. we finally have a glimpse of what professional hunter life is like – and it’s really damn intense.

the yorknew arc introduces a ton of new characters – good guys, bad guys, and a bunch of guys inbetween. every character is unique and interesting, with their own unique and interesting nen abilities. everyone plays a part in the story – there are no useless or fillers characters. we also get a bunch of new, diverse female characters, which is a true rarity in shounen manga.

in comparison, i would say that greed island’s strength and weakness is the same thing – togashi introduces a new and complicated “magic system” (the cards and binders) which eventually leads to one of the best battles in all of hxh but tbh i felt a little overwhelmed by it. greed island also has the most boring and typical “bad guys” – we don’t even ever get their motive for being dicks to everyone!

the chimera ant arc is so complicated and beautifully woven together and gives us some of the best character building moments in the whole series but, as many others have said before, i also think the pacing is too slow. my first time going into the the chimera ant arc i felt like i was waiting foreeeeever for each ant to be killed off. i really didn’t care for most of them, and yet more and more kept being introduced! it’s also an incredibly tense arc, and that tension lasts for much longer. yorknew has periods of tension, but they come in short bursts with relief inbetween so you don’t feel quite so exhausted by it.

anyway, those are my reasons! i hope i wrote this decently enough, i’m so sleepy right now, haha. sorry if there’s anything incoherent, i’ll reread this later and fix any typos…

windona  asked:

Miraculous Ladybug characters meet some DC comics superheroes. What would happen? (Which DC heroes are up to you)

  • Bruce Wayne adopts Adrien Agreste at a party when it becomes clear that Gabriel Agreste doesn’t really pay attention to him.
  • Wonder Woman teaches Ladybug some cool lasso/yo-yo tricks.
  • Kara Danvers comes to Paris to do an investigative journalism piece on the Miraculous Duo.  Ladybug tries to keep her from getting into too much trouble and even calls her Lois Lane at one point.  Kara is severely miffed.  Surprisingly Ladybug a bit of fan of Supergirl.
  • Batgirl(s) feels a certain kindred ship with Ladybug thanks to her ingenuity.  
  • Robin/Nightwing/Dick Grayson enjoys pun offs with Chat Noir.  Ladybug and Batman sit together making “I’m done with you” faces.

Don’t know a lot about DC but I hope some of these fit your bill :)