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Which do you find more important in drawing a character: Expression and energy of the piece, or staying accurate to the design?

Personally, I find expression and energy in a drawing are far more important than accuracy. Of course I think its important that the character stays somewhat on model. They need to look recognizable and also not be so out of whack that they just look silly. 

However, for me, being bound by trying to keep every proportion correct and every detail spot on can drain the life out of a drawing.

Movement, acting, expression, and energy all give life to a character and a good drawing with all those things can reveal a character’s personality and story within a single image. 

My personal goal as an artist is to share my characters and their stories. There are so many ways you can do that. I find I am most happy though when I do it by drawing various actions and expressions. 

Decorated my supplies for Anatomy class with stickers I made of rainbow medical diagrams 💖💛💚💙💜

SVT College AU  -  Seokmin

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summary: ^^^^^^^^^^^ this gif. that’s it. that’s all the summary you need for college DK. 

genre: comedic fluff

a/n: thank you to the anon who requested!! help put my kid he needs help as in 

wake him up wake him up inside (he can’t wake up) wake him up inside 


also this is gonna be a series hell fuckin yeeeEAAAHHHHHHHHH


-let’s get this show on the road then ok 

-lee seokmin

-leap sockman

-is currently screaming at 3 AM


-there’s a cockroach in the bathroom

-how it got there? 

-ask soonyoung

-or seungkwan 


-seokmin is in college!

-he’s sharing a dorm with seungkwan and soonyoung!

-he’s doing music!


-he’s still screaming about the cockroach!

-him screaming at 3 AM isn’t rare

-he normally screams

-whale noise

-he has a very lovely singing voice

-like the god of singing 

-oh hi orpheus you thought that the super powers thing was over try again bitch 

-so other than him screaming at 3 AM people don’t mind just as long as they’re blessed with his singing talents in the morning

-he would just sit on the balcony 

-balconies?! where is this college i wanna go–

-yeah so he would sit on the balcony and just sing

-and everyone’s day would be 100% better

-”hey why are you so happy this morning??”

-”oh in our apartments we have this dude who sings every morning….he’s got the voice of an angel”


-our lovely seokmin is a very sociable person

-there’s not one person in his class that doesn’t enjoy his presence

-and he likes everyone 

-so it’s very hard to hate this kid


-well….it’s true

-even you didn’t mind him

-and you haven’t even met him yet!

-yes you’re in the same college and you’re taking guitar

-no seriously you can take guitar as a course

-and you’re living in the same building as seokmin and soonyoung and seungkwan

-one morning you’re jus minding your own business on the green

-trying to play your guitar

-without the chords or the strings fucking up god damn that was the worst

-but all of a sudden the strings were ok!


-so you started playing one of the songs you’re learning for the talent showcase 

-you and talent go hand in hand

-but audiences

-large ones

-the whole college

-oh no 

-shyness and stage fright consumed your life from the very start

-well shit

-anyways you started to play chasing cars by snow patrol

-that song reminds me of mingyu ily tol ass 

-anyways seokmin heard you from his balcony 

-which was easy because he was on the first floor

-and he just started to sing along like??????

-you hear his voice and you’re just taken back 

-h o w    d o e s    a    m a n    h a v e     s u c h    a n     a n g e l i c    v o i c e 

-you smile to him after you finished and he smiles back and inside your heart is fluttering but you don’t really know why but you did know that he be looking adorable like wtf 

-he was so cute to you


-hey cupid we got another lost cause help ‘em out will ya?


-you get back inside and he’s just there at the door

-”you’re really good at guitar.”

-”w-whoa thank you….i could say the same thing about your singing!! it’s so lovely.”

-”i’m seokmin, and your name is…?”

-”oh i’m y/n. nice to meet you seokmin.”

-and that’s where it started

-you two became singing and guitar buddies after that

-any day you had free was spent with him just singing and playing the guitar

-and making memes out of soonyoung for your ict class too

-ah the good life

-but….there was one overbearing thing still there


-the talent showcase

-you had no problem performing in front of seokmin 

-because you kind of expected him to say things like

-”holy shit that was crazy cool!!”


-”that finger work was just amazing!!”

-not in that way how many times do i have to say this woooooow

-anyways it was nice an all 

-but you were anxious about performing 

-and you were more focused on practicing

-so unfortunately rain checks came in a plenty for seokmin from you

-”hey can we go and sing outside today??”

-”i’m sorry seok i have to practice…maybe another time?”

-”yea…sure…don’t worry”


-yeah he was kind of worried about you practicing a whole bunch

-so one day he just came round to yours

-sat you down 

-and asked what the fuck was going on

-”it’s….the talent showcase”

-”oh i’m in that too!”

-”really? that’s great and all….but i’m scared of performing and stuff in front of people…my teacher said not to take part….but i have to prove something to him…”

-”ok first of all you’re stressing yourself out over this second of all you gotta put the guitar down…just for today? we can watch a movie or something….just to clear your mind alright?”

-”ok……which movie?”

-”i have shrek….or the bee movie…”


-”ask soonyoung”


-so you two chose to watch shrek and it was great an all

-but it was kind o flate

-and you get hella tired

-so you just..

-fell asleep on him

-he didn’t look like he cared

-but ooooooh boy was his heart racing like mad


-if you weren’t asleep you could hear his heart beating for you and make a song up on your guitar for him to confess but that would be the cheesy way out

-ok we gotta make this cute as heck

-every other day after that you practiced 

-and you were getting the hang of it

-of course seokmin was there on the sidelines cheering you on and checking on you like the #1 supportive crush he is cause he cares for you a lot

-so the day came sooner than you could say

-ulgo sipji nYEAC NYEAC

-and you were just backstage 

-but you wore the prettiest dress

-it was black and had a large bunch embroidered roses embellished on it on the skirt part and it was so beautiful

-your roommate did your hair and makeup too and she did a really good job 

-you’re just waiting to go on

-and you’re also lowkey freaking out because oh my god there’s a LOT of people out there 

-oh jeuss sihfdhdsfjhdsf

-but then

-you hear his voice

-seokmin’s honey angel voice to calm your nerves

-it wasn’t the practicing that you needed

-you just needed seokmin to be there just to say good luck or to even sing to calm your nerves

-but…you were actually on the verge of tears

-because his voice was so soft and he was amazing

-there was one more person in front 

-and just as they went on

-seokmin came off

-”you were amazing seokmin….”

-”thank you y/n…you ready?”

-”i guess….i feel numb from the head down so let’s fuck shit up”

-”that’s my girl”




-either he was quoting fifth harmony

-or he actually meant it

-the awkward silence that just erupted between you was cut short due to the person coming off stage

-who knew that comedy could be an actual college course

-and there you were

-standing on the side of the stage 

-ready to have yourself a good time

-but to also climb into a hole and die 

-but most of all you were calm 

-you didn’t care if you fucked it up

-you gave it your best 

-that’s all that would matter in the end

-ah…but there’s one more thing

-”y/n good luck and knock them dead!”

-”or revive them from when you knocked them dead…because they were still dead when the comedian was on”

-he wasn’t very good to say the least

-out of the blue….just out of thin air

-he took the little flower that was clipped onto his shirt

-and just pinned in your hair

-you nodded and gave him a smile before entering the war zone

-”hi….i’m y/n and i’m dedicating these two songs to someone really close to me i hope you all enjoy!!”

-guess who you dedicated those two songs to??????

-that’s right!

-it was seokmin!

-but while you said the opening you looked to him and he knew straight away 


-everything became so clear to him now

-the two songs?

-can’t help falling in love and all of me

-cheesy yes 

-but he loved them so much

-and the crowd did too!! wow!!

-you did an amazing job! 

-and not once did you back down!

-you got backstage 

-but you couldn’t find seokmin anywhere



-he’s right behind you!

-you turn around and you just have the biggest smile on your face

-and bam

-he just

-picks you up and spins around and hugs you

-he’s so proud of you

-from not being able to do it due to self doubt

-to actually making a crowd happy and cheer for you!!

-”y/n you did so well! i’m so happy for you!”

-”thank you seokmin.”

-”also…thank you for that little shoutout thing you did out there. it was really cute and special just like you”

-ok now your heart waS EXPLODING


-it was about to get even louder

-after the ending

-he walked you back you your dorm

-and all the way back 

-he would not let go of your hand

-at all

-your hand was superglued to his

-and he had gorilla glue 

-he had no intention of letting you go without a little something something

-uhuh here we go now

-you were just about to open your door and say goodnight bUT THENNNNN

-”so…uh….y/n….don’t leave just yet…i have something i want to ask you…”

-he said that just as he leaned in 



-boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom 

-out of just pure reaction and instinct

-you lean in too and just kiss him


-his lips were soft

-like a silk pillow 


-really soft

-it was a light kiss


-but it was so sweet 

-like wow 

-he was a little taken back but eventually kissed back 


-he’s been waiting to do that for ages 

-any minute now this boy was going to give you a heart attack


-”w-wait to what? to being my–”

“to being your everything. goodnight seokmin.”

-and that’s the story of how seokmin got you to be his girlfriend

-this is also the story of how you single handedly stole his heart

-yeah this is the metropolitan police force please give this young man his heart back he needs it to live to keep on loving you pleASE GIVE IT BACK


-”y/n? you’re smiling like a lunatic”

-”what happened? seokmin took you back here and he asked you to be his but you kissed him and said yes anyways?”





My demented mind, I swear…

Just about to go to sleep when suddenly my brain comes up with an idea for Part 9 (even though I’m working on Part 7). Not going to say much, other than this:
- I’m going to have to do more unnecessary unnerving medical/surgical operation research
- it’s going to be graphic, oh man will it be graphic
- it’ll be unsettling, intense, and have quite a lot of feels
- everyone will probably hate me(??)

Like fuck, I have a clear picture of what’ll happen, and oh BOY, it’s going to be a ride - again. I’m disturbed just thinking about it.

I’m convinced my inner psychopath comes out at night XD

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Hi, could I get some reassurance? Our system recently found about a new alter, who views himself as a black slave, and while I know alters aren't pick-and-choose and can even understand why he formed that way, anxiety is really bad today... I hope your week goes really well

I’m sorry you’re struggling so much. It really isn’t something that can be controlled unfortunately, but do not fret, with time and healing, perhaps he’ll see himself as a free and empowered person. Through acceptance, therapy, self care, and patience, even the most upsetting of identity labels can be healed.


I’m having the time of my life scaring a guy with horror stories from my time in cegep as payback for him asking me a hundred questions a day about the stupidest stuff

So far the funniest thing I’ve told him is that “sleep is for vacations”

He sounds so horrified 😂


I’ve had to sink my teeth into a role that was probably a fried-chicken dinner and make it into a filet mignon.

               Happy Birthday Queen Viola Davis! (11 August 1965)

ok but imagine Pidge as the Toddler From Hell™ terrorizing teenage Matt and Shiro (but mostly Matt)

  • Shiro comes over to hang out with Matt and they’re left home alone to look after Pidge. Somehow Shiro accidentally lets the f-word slip in front of lil toddler Pidge and suddenly Pidge is running around the house screaming “FUCK” at the top of her lungs.
    • Matt is chasing her, completely pale and trying to shush her while Shiro just: “SHIT I’m so sorry oh wait cRAP I DIDN’T MEAN TO–ohmygod I should shut up now I am so sorry….”
    • Pidge: “FUCK!! SHIT!! CRAP!!” (Matt is screaming in the background)
    • Later that night at dinner….
      • Sam @ Pidge: “So, sweetie, did you have fun with Matt and Shiro today?”
      • Pidge: “FUCK!!”
      • Matt goes white as a sheet, Sam turns red, and Colleen nearly faints
        • Matt takes the fall and says he accidentally said the f-word in front of Pidge, not Shiro
      • Years later, Pidge is like “holy crap isn’t Shiro the one who actually taught me the f-word” and Shiro’s like “oh fuck, I meAN SHIT I MEAN I DIDN’T, IT WASN’T ME IT WAS MATT!!”
  • Pidge tattled on Matt ALL THE TIME. Like the time he wanted to try driving their dad’s car and backed it into a trash can. Rip Matt.
    • Shiro actually caught Pidge in the act but he decided to join in rather than stop her
    • Later she secretly watches them play from the doorway when she got up to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night aND SHE FIGURES OUT THEY WERE GOING EASY ON HER SO SHE SITS HER ASS DOWN AND THROWS A FUCKING TANTRUM RIGHT THERE
    • The next time they play, Shiro and Matt play fairly per Pidge’s request, but of course she loses and proceeds to throw another tantrum :’)
  • Matt brings home a girl he has a crush on and PIDGE SHOWS HER HIS DIARY
    • Matt: “That is NOT MINE”
    • Pidge, with her hands on her hips: “Well my name isn’t MATT” *points at where Matt signed his name at the bottom of the page*
    • Shiro pops in to drop off something he borrowed from Matt and notices Matt and the girl are getting along really well and calls out, “Oh so you told her you like her?? That’s great buddy!!” and gives him a thumbs up. Matt wants to crawl into a hole and die.
      • The girl leaves 30 mins later and Shiro’s casually hanging around the kitchen like “uhhh sorry man I didn’t mean to fuck that up for you” and Matt just gives him A Look.
    • Shiro wins after Matt finally gets his tiny sister off him
    • Matt: “You’re my sister!! Who’s side are you on?!?!”
    • Pidge, sitting in Shiro’s lap with a sHIT-EATING GRIN ON HER FACE: “Shiro’s” :DDDDD (MATT FEELS SO BETRAYED)
  • Now Matt questions how he even dealt with Pidge as a kid and she’s just like “idk but you still love me so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯”

my first contribution (of many, hopefully) to the tododeku ship HAHAHA

ft. howl’s moving castle AU in todoroki’s dream

*read left to right!! 


akaashi will kill everyone in the room, and then himself
original post by ayedah :”D

also!! will be accepting commissions real soon! so please watch out for it :)

post-emoji movie Trauma

WARNING: the following text contains spoilers and can be considered disturbing to some readers. especially my brain, because it’s leaking out my ears after typing this.

This is the first movie ever I’ve gone to see on opening night. And let me just say that, for the record, I’m glad I went to watch with friends. Without them, I would have most likely calmly exited the room, climbed up to the roof, and dived straight off.

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