i will get alcohol poisoning with this ship

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misskdc: Brandy! Bottoms up James. 😜

@inkinterrupted - every time he grunts??!? You’ll have us all dead from alcohol poisoning… :D

>> Real Talk that is!! LOL

You know, I may have to add it to a chapter of Still Waters.

One night on the ship they are playing a drinking game - they take a drink every time James grunts or emits an equally strange sound.  Except James is the only one NOT in on the game and he can’t figure out why everyone gets so stinking drunk so fast.   Poor Lorna doesn’t last 30 minutes and switches to tea.   Godfrey unceremoniously slips beneath the table shortly after. The battle comes down to Atticus and Cholmondeley, neither willing to give in which only makes James grunt more in confusion.  They both groan and Atticus casts an evil one eye’d glare, “yer an evil bastard James.”

James grunts.

Cholmondeley uncorks a new bottle.

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The way Gina plays this, you can really see how emotionally connected she is to Nate, that’s not just a working relationship, she’s really shaken.

Dean Devlin

[Image: Two people not in a relationship, apparently.]

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Talk about Sophie, our exciting and dramatic QUEEN!

WHERE TO BEGIN. I HAVE NOVELLA LENGTH THOUGHTS ABOUT SOPHIE IN VARIOUS TOPICS. I’ll focus on Sophie in season 4, specifically, while I’m quite happy with the way they’re handling Nate/Sophie they’ve sort of a hit a plateau with Sophie’s character development this season, not because I think they’re doing a terrible job at it, I think it’s more to do with the fact that Sophie is a better person and has overall changed the most. 

The premiere (Long Way Down Job) was really kind of the peak of where Sophie’s going this season, so far she’s essentially been a crutch–a support, she is pro-actively helping the other members of the team develop. You learn when you con. Okay. So Sophie almost never reveals who she is to the mark unless Nate is doing the taunt. This is also usually Nate’s part of the con - the instigator, because frankly that’s when he gets punched by the mark, and they never put Sophie in that position unless Eliot is with them. The way Drexstal grabs a hold of her is a bit frightening, but then you truly see how scary Sophie is. Much like the way Eliot can break someone’s neck in 10 different ways in 2 seconds; Parker can trapeze through motion sensors and pick locks and pockets like a coordinated dance; and Hardison can bring down a government through his smart phone. In the same quiet and deadly way Sophie can read people like an open book, adapt to her environment, and be 5 steps ahead with a different accent. Nate literally tells Sophie to “run dis shit”, and has all the faith in her, because Sophie is Nate’s “Nate”–“That’s my girl!” That’s how he knows she’s scary–she is just as ruthless and conniving and manipulative, if anyone has an agenda it’s Sophie. I can go on and on about how Sophie and Nate are at their best when they’re being the worst. I see a lot of the criticism against them because they’re not always as loveable as Eliot, Parker, and Hardison, and I’m like yeah, because they don’t try to be–not meant to be, Nate is a drunk asshole and Sophie’s a conniving, very scary person who has a believable mob alias, that is only likeable in fiction and when it’s yourself. And to borrow a tag from Aly: #suddenly the praying mantis shrine that is nate’s bedroom makes more sense. 

SHAMELESS NATE AND SOPHIE STAN, PRETTY MUCH. I love that Nate  trumps all the terrible things everyone’s done because he is the best at being the worst you forget everyone else is a criminal. OTP: SCARY AND LOVES IT.