i will friends it's just a matter of time

My dog has loved me from my days of health to my lowest weight to my muscular body to my highest weight to now.
He doesn’t care about what I look like.
He just cares that we spend time together each day and that I take care of both of us so we can be happy.
He doesn’t mind that my body’s changed, and I guess this just goes to show that those who truly love, like and care for you don’t mind what your body looks like or your unique gravitational pull to the earth. They like you for you, and you are much more than your body.
Search for those that want you. Not your body.

“Those that mind don’t matter, and those that matter don’t mind.”

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What's wrong mod ellie?

im,,,, frustrated to say the least. i have friends that dont rlly listen to me, that only come to me for their own problems when countless times ive told them i cant takl about certain things bc its kinda a rlly big trigger, but it doesnt matter and when i say that then im being a bad friend. but its like can u just respect me enough not to talk about these things???? FSDFGHDSFDSGFSHDFS
n i have my own issues to deal with and just mental health is so bAd rn idk??? thank u for asking dear anon im glad to be able to kinda vent a little ily. -mod ellie

Lady Lazarus

Adrinette Month Day 9: Akumatized

Soooo this got a lot longer than intended and it’s three days late and I’ve missed every other day including the past two days and probably today if I’m being realistic, but here’s my contribution anyways? 



Holding her breath, Marinette watches the shimmering mass of ladybugs cascade over Chat Noir’s body. With a swish, the last trace of the swarm disappears, and with it, the last trace of her hope. Chat is still motionless before her. Her fingers still come away sticky with blood when she presses them futilely against his wound.

Apparently every classic book, movie, and fairy tale was right. No amount of magic can bring back the dead.

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Its the end of an era. Im thankful for the past 4 years. Im thankful because i saw 5 incredible girls become adults. Im thankful because now i have so many amazing people in my life (my best friends, sisters…) thanks to Fifth Harmony.
Im not shocked because i was expecting this but im still sad. Im a fan since 2012, i went to so many shows, so many meet and greets and i always supported them. Its natural to be sad…
im just thankful for everything and i’m glad to have lived in a time where Fifth Harmony was the biggest girl group of the decade. Im gonna support the girls and Camila no matter what.

I cant wait to hear CC1 and 5H3. I love new beginnings and this one was necessary for both parts. Te amo!!

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you wanna know what fucks me up. how much oikawa and iwaizumi’s friendship means to them. and i know everyone already knows this and i know a million posts have been made about it, but i just wanted to let you think about this. it doesn’t matter if they have feelings for each other or not. that’s not the point. it’s the fact that if it made the other happy, if it helped the other in any way, oikawa or iwaizumi would do it. even if it hurt them, oikawa or iwaizumi would still do it because the happiness of their friend mattered more to them than thier own. even if it involved pushing their friend away, if that was the course of action that would be best, they would do it. so yes this post has been done a million times. but i wanted to put into perspective just how much the other means to these two guys, and how this kind of friendship has its own depth incomparable to others.

its 4 am and i have to be up early but here i am drawing gay

not gonna lie, since that time I got an anon being worried about l/eorio’s and k/urapika’s ages when seeing me reblogging shipping stuff, i’ve been hesitating with tagging their ages each time i post something risky so there’s no missunderstanding that they only have a two years age gap and are both currently above 18.

since my followers aren’t all online at the same time and considering how those d/iscourses can get out of hands i’ve been a little jumpy about it, i don’t want to be always reminding that this ship is chill everytime I post about it but i’m getting anxious of getting a far-less-nice anon about it. 

There’s just a time where you know it’s over. No matter how many themes you make, or no matter how many times you try and comeback because you want to have muse, you want to be with your friends but it happened. You’ve officially moved on. You no longer want to be here, friends or not. You just don’t have muse. It’s been a wonderful, horrible, amazing, trying and rewarding four years. I’ve done this for so long. Most of it, I was working from home and had the time to be here while I was working. But now, I work full time and am getting a promotion to a management position soon. I have time though, I have days off and I have time where I can do replies and be around. But at the end of the day, I simply do not have the will or want to be here.

There’s no reason for it. I loved my time here but my love for K-pop ( which is what brought me here to begin with ) has been dead for a year now and why be involved in something you no longer love. I haven’t loved anything recently. It’s not about the people I’ve plotted with, or the community as a whole ( though granted some of this community as a cyst that needs to be severed ). I’ve made great friends and love all of them, keeping my aim open because I want to remain in contact with them. It’s just I do not have fun anymore. It’s a chore to come be active, and it should never be like that. I’ve tried to code themes, and make new graphics, write starters that never existed or happened, do replies I never got to. I just couldn’t do it.

And for me to love a muse so much, but have no desire to write, it spoke to me. My time here is done. I’m older. I’m getting my life together. I’ve grown out of it.

This is long, rest under the cut including the tags list.

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biology class

in my tenth grade biology class, we had to dissect some things and also find living things in nature. the boys in the class were just… rly amped up abt dissecting something, i guess. so we go outside to find living things and the boys find a lizard. it didnt help matters that they were all friends and mostly white, jock, country guys.

anyway, we all find our things but the guys are,,,, weirdly obsessing over the lizard. we go back inside. we show the living things we found to the teacher. he was just kinda over the rest of the day, i guess, so we had a lot of free time in class left over. the boys then begin to dissect the lizard ALIVE and cut off its tail with WHATEVER they could find.

it eventually came off but they weren’t done yet. they begin decapitating it with a plastic fork and a multitude of other things. they got it off and started throwing it around to each other, dodging and shit. eventually, the main guy, “j”, wound up with it and decided throwing it at his ex-gf at the time.

it landed inside her shirt, between her boobs. it stayed there for awhile without her noticing. everyone else knew. she eventually found out but i didn’t know what her reaction was bc i felt very sick and left before i knew what she said. abt 4 years later, they are dating again. she was a really good person when i knew her. i don’t know why she stays with “j”.

Friends are the family we choose for ourselves.

One of the many beautiful things about Agents of Shield is the plethora of friendships and family. No matter who you ship romantically, we can all agree that there are some pretty great relationships that have a basis in friendship, trust, and love.

February 19-25th will be a week celebrating these friendships. Fics, gifs, graphics, etc. anything and everything is encouraged and wanted. Just tag it as aosbrotpweek so we can all enjoy it!

Day one: Canon Brotp/3 - whether it’s your favorite moment, scene, or quote, show us a canon friendship that you just can’t get enough of!

Day two: Fanon Brotp/3 - maybe there’s a friendship we’ve seen very little of, or none at all. Well, this is a day dedicated to the brotp we never got but definitely deserved!

Day three: Rare Brotp/3 - show a little love for your fav friendships (canon or fanon) that don’t get enough attention.

Day four: Little things - small gestures, little moments, what little things do you love?

Day five: Headcanons - what are your headcanons?

Day six: AUs - let your imaginations go wild! What AU would (or has) lent itself well to your brotps and found families? College AU, Friends AU, Band AU, canon divergent stories, whatever you’ve got! (And this isn’t limited to the fic writers, graphic posts, headcanons, rambly this would be so cool posts, all strongly encouraged)

Day seven: Cast Brotps - because IRL friendships are just as important as the fictional ones.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions please contact us via private message or inbox @buskidsburgade and/or @agentcalliope

We can’t wait to celebrate all our favorite friendships with you! 

even when you start to realize you’re Not Straight, heteronormativity is deeply-ingrained and takes a long time to fully recognize and break out of. so now matter how long you’ve been out, its natural to still suddenly remember childhood experiences you never realized were gay, or if you still feel expectations to behave like straight people (i.e. being around any reasonably okay-looking dude and thinking you’re supposed to want him bc you’re A Girl), these are normal parts of everyones queer experience and you are no less valid for it

hi friends can i pls take a moment of your time to talk about a matter very dear to my heart, kuroken:

  • they’re over at each other’s house so often their parents don’t even blink when there’s one extra person at the dinner table
  • their closets are a mix of their own and the other’s clothes
  • kuroo often gets random 3 am calls from kenma “did i leave my charger at your house again”
  • they show up together everywhere, until their friends just know that if you invite one, you get the other one for free
  • study sessions where kuroo’s actually really good at explaining formulas and concepts
  • the next day kuroo finds tiny cats doodled all over his notebooks
  • weekends where they stay up all night marathoning some new anime or just play video games until kuroo tires of losing all the time
  • their text logs just full of emoticons back and forth and dumb and dumber names to call each other
  • kenma just crawling over to lean against kuroo while he plays on his PSP and kuroo reads his novels
  • sharing a set of earphones on the train ride home
  • texting each other even though they’re sitting right next to each other
  • they visit every cafe to find out which apple pie is better
  • when kenma is feeling bad, kuroo turns off the lights and they lie in the darkness with kenma’s favourite playlist washing over them
  • when kuroo is feeling bad, kenma agrees faster than usual to go with him to the gym to volleyball some more
  • casual, easy touches that kenma doesn’t allow for anyone else
  • sharing waterbottles, scarves, lunches without extra words
  • kuroo retelling stories and shenanigans just to hear kenma make those soft snorts and his face all scrunched up
  • random poking wars when they end up sitting next to each other
  • cuddles. no excuses, just. kuroken cuddles.
  • i just love kuroken a lot okay
  • pls appreciate them with me

I had breakfast with my little sister this morning and she spent a good chunk of time talking about the Harry Potter self-insert fanfic she was writing with one of her friends (since 11 is the perfect age) and I’m just? so happy?? like the way her face lit up while he was talking about it and the adventures that she and her friend were going to have and talking about how their Charms professor had it out for them and put them in detention and Luna Lovegood was teaching Defense Against the Dark Arts??? and a whole subplot with an evil professor who was a Metamorphmagus and was trying to corrupt her daughter and using the Imperius Curse to mislead people… it was so creative and wonderful and I’m so happy I had a chance to talk to her and encourage her and show interest in what she’s doing!


idk if its actually a paradox but I have been thinking about it a lot since my nerd friends had an argument about it in English like a fortnight ago. anyways, the brain twister is: if you were to stop time, physically move, and then restart time would that be considered moving very fast or teleportation? I say its teleportation because u cant have speed without time and teleportation is just moving through space in an instant. But some other friends of mine think since you, yourself, moved through space then time doesn’t matter because you still moved at some speed and since it was all in a moment you had just moved really fast. I have debated emailing NASA but im just a lonely chicken nugget, so science side of tumblr please help!

Needs to be said ❤

Just know that no matter who you are, what u believe in, or where you are from, know that i care about you. So talk with me, message me if you want, because no matter what happens this is what this blog is for. Yes its a blog about Mark and Jack but more than that its a blog based on the communities and what we stand for like Love, Respect, and helping others in times of need; and for this reason know that i am here for you. Mark and Jack cant see everything, so just know that because of them we are family. I love u guys so much and u have all helped me so much ❤💚so if u ever need a friend, someone to laugh with, or even dealing with tough times know i am here and I BELIEVE IN U.

#that time kane went through a boiling hot tiny maintenance shaft to rescue his ‘people’ #but upon seeing abby ignores everybody and goes straight to her to cuddle

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ok but can we talk about the able bodied people who make disabled people's struggles about them?? like bitch you ain't the one with this shit shut the hell up

mmmmm this dumb shit, i get it all the time.

“do you have any idea how this is affecting me???? youre not the only one suffering!” like what the fuck,

i get that other people have issues amd that they can feel upset and bad for what i go through but my pain is something i feel alone, it isnt about my abled parents or friends or partners, its about me and my struggle as a disabled person facing something no abled person, no matter how hard they try, can understand.

“im just so tired of watching you go through this, it hurts me” like yeah, imagine how i feel buddy.