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Girls Night Out

A/N: Hey guys! This is for @wildfirewinchester Meg’s Birthday Challenge. My song prompt was bartender by lady antebellum. Please enjoy. All feedback is appreciated. If you want on my tag list you can add yourself here.  

Summary: Dean breaks up with you, hurting and in pain you finally decide to have a girls night out with your friends Blaire and Emma.

Dean x Reader (past)

Warnings: Angst, Depression, Drinking

Words: 1475 (lyrics included)

Beta’d by the wonderful @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname

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It had been a month since your break up with Dean.  There were empty ice creams bowls on the floor from where the trash over flowed.

Tissues and chocolate wrappers all over the coffee table, a whole month of basically nothing but laying on the couch and watching cliche romantic movies.

You couldn’t help it though; you had promised yourself to never fall so in love with a guy that, if it ended, you became one of the sappy broken-hearted girls from the movies.

But here you were: crushed and doing exactly what you never wanted. You couldn’t help it though, it was so hard NOT to fall for Dean.

He had been sweet, caring, funny, and protective. Just a little too protective.

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  • psychic: *reads my mind*
  • me: okay but why aren't immortalbabs and immortalanex more loved by the fandom??? literaly there are 749 reasons to ship these guys and yes I counted. jakey and aleks wrote songs together and literally started the all mighty missioncraft and generally were fuckin dorks and they'd known each other since they were teens and aleks has mentioned a jake several times an the 7 birches twitter fucking made a post about aleks' birthday and I'm NOT CRYING YOU'RE CRYING. and don't get me started on aleks and kevin. kevin literally wants to fuck aleks okay, he started a joke in which aleks was his - and jakey's!!! - wife and that wasn't just in missioncraft, he also talked bout marriage at the beginning of skylanders, and kevin fawns over aleks like crazy and basically fuckin proposed to him at a panel in front of an entire crowd of people and and has called aleks cute on several occasions and aleks literally has a h a w k tattooed on his chest and kevins ask.fm was filled to the brim with immortalanex. he fuckin put on a captain's hat when asked if he shipped immortalanex, I swear these ships are canon. just imagine jakey running his hands through aleks' long hair anfd kevin dotting on aleks like a good boyfriend and everyone being fuckin nerds and honestly if you can't see this I think you're crazy. I swear I sold my sold to the satan of shipping ages ago and I now follow the holy book of missioncraft and I've read every possible fanfic I could find and scoured tumblr and really these ships just need more fucking stuff. these are god-level otps and are supported by an entire series where aleks was an interior decorating wife and kevin and jakey were his lacklustre husbands, and what do you mean they are dead???? they aren't fucking dead, immortalanex and immortalbabs will forever live as long as my heart is still beating in my chest, seriously fucking hel these three have ruined my life and my existence and I just cant fucking deal-
  • psychic: what the fuck

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A Year in the Life (Chapter 14) by Netsrik1 /grabnetsrik1/ @Netsrik39

The Story Within Our Hearts and Scars by shadoweddawn / shadoweddawn / @chasingalways

Hold On Forever and A Sleepless Night by Skygirl55 /  skygirl5 / @skygirl55

100 Ways to Say (Chapter 29) by Soprano193 / soprano193 / @soprano193

Before You Fell by thenameisdenise / talkoncornerswhitelightinblue / @ASoloCello

Close to the Heart (Adventures in ‘Baby’-Wearing) by Trinity Everett / bunysliper / @bunysliper

Open Our Hearts by whatifellinlovewith / whatifellinlovewith / @whatifellinlove

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