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BΔSTILLE Song Catalogue

[Last updated: 25/03/17]
This is a list of every Bastille song we know about!

If you can’t find a copy of anything in the list, feel free to message me and I can probably hook you up. At the bottom of the list I’ve also included songs by Dan Smith before Bastille formed and songs he created with Ralph PelleyMounter.

If I’ve missed anything please reply/message me so I can update the list! I’ll be updating it periodically anyway with new stuff they release.

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Kiwi || Part Four

Hello my lovelies, sorry for the delay, i’m in the final weeks of my first trimester back at uni for the year and so assessments and exams have left me little time for writing. I’m so happy to be back writing, i hope you enjoy this one too. Please don’t be too mad, it’s a bit of a bore this one.. THE NEXT ONE WILL BE GOOD I PROMISE. ALL. THE. DRAMA. 

And here, if you haven’t already you can read PART ONE || PART TWO || PART THREE||

Three weeks. It had been three weeks since that day at Anne’s and apart from him confirming your pregnancy you hadn’t heard from him. Total radio silence. Your patience was wearing thin, not that you had great patience to begin with but pregnancy hormones had managed to deplete what little patience you had left, and now Harry keeping his distance when he said he’d be in touch was pushing you over the edge. 

Gemma could sense the lack of patience in you, and so to keep you from driving yourself crazy three days ago she took it upon herself to pack a bag full of clothes and move into your very small apartment with you and camp on your couch. You would have offered her half of your bed, but with the bump growing by the day and the big ass maternity pillow that was a requirement in order for you to get any form of sleep, the couch would have to suffice. It was fun having Gemma around, she took it upon herself to enrol you both in some pregnancy classes, today had been pregnancy pilates. She insisted on joining you, donning her best lycra clothes. She looked odd with her slim frame standing in a room full of heavily pregnant woman, but her confidence didn’t fail her. To be honest, you loved having her around.. She was quite the good distraction. When the two of you finish up, you walk home making a quick pit stop to the bakery down the road on your way to grab a pretzel. The bakery down the road had a great range of pretzels handmade by a sweet little old German lady. You had tried the whole menu at least twice over during the last three weeks, but today you gave all the weird and wonderful flavourings a miss choosing to go with the plain salted one you’d grown to crave. 

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anonymous asked:

Oh Emily please write more BestFriend!Harry. Like the first time they tell their families that they're dating and their reactions and of course all of the boys reactions. Please please please! 😍

(The BestFriend!Harry Harry Talks are completely unrelated to the story; in the story, the missus and Harry start off as best friends before they dated but this little AU Harry Talk is completely unrelated to the story).

It would be around the Summer time when they tell everyone about them getting together, close to the Dunkirk release date. And Harry throws a party slash barbecue for all his friends and his family, inviting (YN)’s family out of common courtesy because he’s become a good part of their lives, in case they wanted to pay a visit to see everyone. And the missus has stayed round for the night so she can help him set up and make his garden look pleasing to the eye and very-much like something you’d see on Pinterest or Instagram or Tumblr. The table in the kitchen filled with covered foods that they’d spent making the day before, the barbecue filled with coal and ready to be lit, and the lounge-chairs out and ready to be lounged upon by his guests, and a shelf in the fridge holding cakes and pastries for when people got snacky during the late hours of the night that could be washed down with a cup of coffee or tea. 

And as they set up, they’re stealing kisses from one another and squeezing bums as they walk past each other, with Harry stealing sips of the alcoholic beverages the missus was making and the missus sticking her fingers into the potato salad that he was mixing up to set on the table. And she’s dressed in her laced knickers and one of his t-shirts because it’s the first thing she grabbed from the floor that morning, to cover her naked chest and to save herself having to to rummage around the room to find her clothes, possibly waking Harry up in the process and she didn’t want to wake him because the day was going to be long. Planning on popping upstairs to change into the outfit she’d brought for the day, to lounge around in the sun and to mingle with their friends and family.

“You’re ready to tell people today right? Because, if we don’t, nothing would be suspicious. We’d just have to knock back the snogging,” he smirks, looking across to her as she stirs the beverage inside the pitcher held tightly in her hand, a wooden spoon stuck into the liquid as she adds raspberries and cut-up strawberries into the mix, “I’m ready to tell if you are.” 

“This party may as well be to celebrate us getting together. How vain is that? I know you’re a narcissist but, this is a whole new level for you,” she laughs, hissing out when he pushes a bare foot out and steps on her toes, “hey now. I was kidding. Don’t go breaking my toes now.”

“This is just a get-together. We don’t even have to tell them. We’ll let them figure it out for themselves,” he suggests, snaking an arm around her waist and pulling her into his arms, “I mean, if you stay dressed like that, people will definitely know. Unless their first thought is friends with benefits.” 

“We tried that like 3 years ago and we felt too weird. They know that,” she mutters against his chest, “this is girlfriend and boyfriend stuff now. No friends with benefits anymore. There are genuine feelings between us right now.”

And behind the sweet moment, as they sway from side to side at the kitchen counter, they’re clueless to Gemma and his mum walking in, with Robin close behind them. His sister standing in the doorway with a stunned but excited looking Anne. And it’s Robin’s voice that breaks the scene up.

“Why are you both standing here? My arms are going to drop off if I hold these bags any longer.”

Both Harry and the missus spin around in shock, cheeks flushing when they realise they’re only standing in clothes that they’d pulled on that morning, after a night of being intimate and loving one another. Boxers on his body. Knickers and a t-shirt on hers. Necks still slightly littered with bite marks and love marks.

“You’re, uh, you’re early.”

“The traffic was easy-going on the way from Chapel this morning. We popped through to get Gem, expecting her to take forever but she was dressed and ready to go when we arrived. Thought we’d just come through and help you,” Anne explains, a grin bright and wide on her lips, “it looks like you’ve already got some help though. What’s going on here?”

“They fucked, mum. They’re very much together and in love and dating one another. Look at their faces,” Gemma teases, walking over towards them both and pinching their cheeks, “it’s about bloody time! I thought we were going to have to spell it out for you.”

“Piss off, Gem,” Harry grumbles, pushing her arm away and taking your hand, pulling you towards the kitchen door, “we should go and get dressed now. You, uh, you know where everything is if you need anything. Help yourself to drinks. Stick the food on the table. We’ll be back down soon.” xx

I’m forever yours, faithfully

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A/N: This was requested by crystalbaby12. I hope you enjoy!

Request: “Can you please do an imagine with Jax based off the song Faithfully by Journey. Love your writing btw!! 😍 Keep it up! ☺”


Highway run, Into the midnight sun, Wheels go round and round, You’re on my mind, Restless hearts, Sleep alone tonight, Sending all my love, Along the wire.


Jax was currently on a run with the club while I was home nine months pregnant. Gemma would come check on me frequently while Jax was gone but it wasn’t the same as when he was here. I was currently getting ready for bed when my phone began to ring.

“Hello?” I questioned into the device.

“Hey, darlin’. How are you?” A smile immediately spread across my face at the sound of Jax’s voice.

“I’m alright besides the baby kicking me every chance he gets, how about you?” Jax chuckled before responding.

“Ehh, I’m not the same without you here. I miss you,” I smiled at his words.

“I miss you more,” I said while sliding into bed. “I hate sleeping when you’re not here,” Jax sighed, I held the phone close while silence filled the line.

“I know baby, just three more days and I’ll be back with my arms wrapped around you,” My heart filled with warmth at the sound of his words.

“I know baby, I should let you go. It’s getting pretty late,” I said before yawning. Jax chuckled as he spoke.

“Alright, baby. I love you forever and always,” I smiled one last time.

“I love you forever and always,” We hung up the phone while I reached over and laid my phone on the bedside table.

I closed my eyes with sweet dreams of Jax filling my head.

They say that the road, Ain’t no place to start a family, Right down the line, It’s been you and me, And lovin’ a music man, Ain’t always what it’s supposed to be, Oh, girl, you stand by me, I’m forever yours, Faithfully.


Two more days. Just two more days.

I hated when Jax had to go on long runs especially while I’m pregnant. I always feared that he would miss the big moments of my pregnancy, especially my doctor’s appointments but he never did. He always made sure he was home.

I’ve had people tell me time and time again that I shouldn’t start a family with a man who is constantly on the road but I never listened. Jax was a faithful man and I knew he would never cheat and he knew I never would cheat. I loved Jax with all my heart and I knew he loved me with all his heart. It has always been me and him and it always is.

I was sitting at the kitchen table sipping on a bottle of water when my phone went off.

It was Jax.

He had been trying to face time me. I accepted the call as his face soon popped up onto my screen.

“Hey, baby!” A big smile came across my face when I saw him.

“Hey, Jax!” I said with the same amount of enthusiasm as him.

“How’s my baby mama feeling?” Jax said as I moved the camera away to reveal my beach ball size of a belly.

“Oh, you know, just sitting here with another human inside of me,” Jax chuckled at me before speaking up.

“God, I think you’ve gotten sexier since I last saw you,” I blushed at him before speaking up.

“Oh God Jax! Shut it!” I said while giggling.

“It’s true baby! I can’t wait to get home and ravish that body,” Jax said with his usual Teller smirk.

“How could you possibly want me when I look like this?” I questioned while Jax had a proud smile come over his face.

“How could I not? I mean look at you! You’re as beautiful as the day I met you and no pregnancy is going to change that,” I blushed again as a big smile spread across my face.

“Jax Teller, you always know how to make me smile,” Jax smiled proudly before I spoke again. “I soon have to go because your mom wants to go shopping for more baby stuff but I wanted to ask you something,” Jax nodded for me to continue. “I know the rule, what happens on a run stays on a run but have you been faithful?” I felt my heart skip a little faster as I awaited his reply.

“Yes, I have. I would never cheat on you. For one, I would lose that sexy body you have, for two, I love you too much to do it and for three, well, my third reason is sitting on your fourth finger,” I smiled at his honesty before glancing down at my engagement ring. A knock came to the door and ripped me away from my thoughts.

“Thank you, baby, I too have been faithful for the same reasons as you and also for the fact that I am nine months pregnant but I do have to run baby, your mom’s here.” Jax nodded before responding.

“Alright, I love you forever and always,” I smiled at him once more.

“I love you forever and always,”

Circus lives, Under the big top world, We all need the clowns, To make us smile, Through space and time, Always another show, Wondering where I am, Lost without you.


The club life is never easy. No matter how good you think you got it something will always arise and it usually happens with a bang. They always happened at the most inconvenient of times.

This bang wasn’t as big the ones we’ve had before. This time was the most inconvenient especially since my due date was a day away and Jax was supposed to be home tomorrow.

My phone rang. ‘UKNOWN CALLER’ appeared on the screen. I furrowed my brows while beginning to reach for my phone to answer the call.

“Hello?” I questioned hastily.

“Baby, it’s me,” I felt my heart leave my throat and my stomach drop at the sound of Jax’s voice.

“Oh, baby it’s just you. What happened to your phone?” I questioned confused.

“I had to get rid of it, our phones were rigged by the Mayans and now we’re having a bit of trouble,”

“Trouble?! What kind of trouble?!” I questioned in a panic.

“Nothing to stress about. Just listen, we’re going to be a day or two late coming home,” I frowned at his words before speaking up.

“But baby, our due date is in a few days, will you be here for the birth of out child?” I questioned as sadness laced my words.

“I will, I promise but right now I got to go, I love you forever and always,”

“I love you forever and always,” I sighed as I hung up the phone.

I know Jax has never broken a promise to me but I think this time might be different.

And being apart, Ain’t easy on this love affair, Two strangers learn to fall in love again
I get the joy of rediscovering you, Oh, girl, you stand by me, I’m forever yours, Faithfully.

A million thoughts ran through my head.

Jax never called me today, he never texted nor did he facetime. My mind was racing at a mile a minute.

‘What if he’s dead?’, ‘What if he’s kidnapped?’, ‘What if he doesn’t want me anymore?’, ‘What if he found someone else?’

I finally gave up arguing with myself as I began dialing Opie’s number.

“Hello?” Opie’s gruff voice picked up on the other end while I took a deep breath.

“Opie! It’s (Y/N)! Have you seen or heard from Jax in a while?” I questioned rather quickly as Opie took a moment before replying.

“Uh, yeah. I think he’s gone to talk to the Mayans. Is anything wrong?” Ope questioned with concern.

“No, nothing’s wrong. I just wanted to talk with him, I haven’t heard from him in awhile and I didn’t know if anything had happened,” I tried to sound positive and happy as I spoke. Opie chuckled before speaking.

“Don’t worry, everything’s fine. When he gets back I’ll make sure he calls you,” I smiled.

“Thanks, Ope,” I went to tell Opie goodbye when he suddenly spoke up.

“Oh and (Y/N)?”

“Yeah?” I questioned with curiosity and concern.

“He’s been faithful,” I smiled into the phone before telling Ope thanking him for telling me and hanging up.

I leaned against the counter with a smile until I felt this sudden cramp came across my abdomen. I started to take deep breaths and soon enough the pain subsided. I began to stand back up as I felt the sensation that I was peeing came on. My eyes widened before I reached for my phone attempting to call Gemma. While I was in the process of dialing Gemma’s number another cramp feeling came across my abdomen again.

“Fuck!” I screamed out in pain as I knelt to the ground. I finished dialing Gemma’s number while I hoped for her to answer.

“Gemma! Come quick! I-I think the baby’s coming!” I screamed into the phone while another contraction came on.

Whoa, oh-oh-ooh, Whoa, oh-oh-ooh, oh, Whoa, oh-oh-oh, oh-woohoo-oh, Faithfully, I’m still yours, I’m forever yours, Ever yours, Faithfully.


I laid back on the bed as another contraction hit me again.

“Ahh! H-how f-far apart are they?” I questioned Gemma as she smiled.

“Five minutes apart, baby. Almost time,” I smiled at here while I began taking deep breaths.

“Ah! Ms. (Y/L) and Mrs. Teller. How far are your contractions?” I was about to answer when another contraction hit me.

“They’re less than five minutes now,” Gemma answered for me. The doctor smiled before handing the nurse my chart.

“Alright, let’s get you ready to give birth,” I shot up on the table.

“I am not giving birth until my fiancé gets here,” I said as the doctor smiled softly.

“I’m sorry, Ms. (Y/N) but the baby is ready to come now and I don’t think he’s going to wait,” I sighed before turning to face Gemma.

“It’s okay, baby. John wasn’t there for Thomas birth and I did just fine. You will too,” I smiled at her before nodding my head. The nurse leads Gemma out of the room while they prepped me for birth. I was getting ready to push when my door busted open.

It was Jax.

“I’m here baby. I’m here,” I smiled at Jax as he rushed to my side and gripped my hand. I couldn’t respond to Jax as another contraction hit.

“Alright, start pushing!”

Time Skip:

The nurse handed me a towel to wipe away some sweat from my face.

“Here you guys go,” The nurse said before handing us our new baby boy.

“Oh my God, Jax he’s perfect,” I said in awe.

“What should we name him?” Jax questioned with a smile.

“I was thinking Thomas,” Jax smiled down at me before nodding his head.

“That’s perfect,” Jax said turning back to the baby. I turned Jax’s head back to me before pulling him into a kiss.

“Thank you for being faithful to me,” I said once we pulled away.

“Thank you for standing by me,” Jax said with a smile.


Okay, so I literally woke up and started crying after seeing this was confirmed. We lost our Robin to cancer 💔

I feel so bad for Harry’s whole family and can hardly believe this is happening.

Like, Robin has been there forever. He stepped in when Harry was 7 and Gemma was 9/10 and like he’s such a sweet and funny guy…It really hurts me seeing people I love lose people so important to them especially someone who was so close with our boys and so dear to our hearts

I can’t even imagine losing my step dad 😭 I’m praying for the Styles/Twist family 🙏💕

RIP Robin Twist, at least we know you’re in a better place 👼

My heart is with the Twist/Styles family at this time.

Let’s show them all respect.

~Sending my love, J xo


Tagged by @servantofclio for the Ryder Files! :D Thank you! 

I tag: @dearophelia, @pearwaldorf, @stormcallart-blog, @meggannn, @bloomingcnidarians, @genginger, @thievinghippo, @probablylostrightnow, @tetrahedrals, and @todisturbtheuniverse! :D

Gemma Ryder

Full Name: Gemma Sara Ryder (her twin is Geoffrey Scott Ryder; she calls him “Scoot”, and he calls her “Gems”). 

Combat Class: Sentinel, with unpredictable vanguard tendencies. 

Personality Profile: E M O T I O N A L. To say Gemma wears her heart on her sleeve is the understatement of the year. She gains a little more professionalism as the game goes on, but she will forever be a feelings-first kind of woman. 

Love Interest: Jaal Ama Darav. 

Major Decisions: Didn’t destroy the Voeld facility (though she did kill the Cardinal); gave the Remnant Core to the krogan; saved Drack’s scouts; revealed the truth about Sarissa Theris; supported Sloane Kelly; nominated the Moshae as ambassador; didn’t shoot Akksul.

Bio: Gemma is emotive and empathetic to a fault. She trusts easily, gives far too many second chances, and lets her heart rule her head in every situation. Her optimism is inspiring, but her Pollyanna tendencies can alienate people with less idealistic views of the universe. 

She’s Lawful Good, with an emphasis on Good; given a choice, she’ll always pick helping people – especially those close to her – over upholding law and order. 

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Request: Bad luck

Request: Imagine Reader Coming home and find Juice in the bedroom pleasure himself. Ends in rough sex with daddy Kink.

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: smut, daddy kink, language

Originally posted by opieandteller

Gemma Teller had been following you all day long. She was like a bulldog, determined not to let you get close to Juice. You were going crazy, thinking all that was the stupidest thing in the world. Thankfully, TM needed her attention and with an innocent threat, you made the prospect help you to escape.

You weren’t being stubborn, you had truly forgot something at your house and she wouldn’t let you go back. You smiled as you drove through town and was singing when you parked on the driveway. You opened the front door and rushed to the bedroom. Gemma must had noticed your escape already. The door was slightly open, letting you see the bed and Juice laying down.

“What?”, you whispered, covering your mouth with you hand. He was naked, a towel next to him, he was getting ready for that night. His hand was around his cock, stroking. You licked your lips and walked in the room. His eyes were close and he groaned a little, making you giggle.

“Do you need help with that?”, you raised an eyebrow and pressed your lips together, trying not to laugh as he jumped, surprised.

“What are you doing here?”, he grabbed the towel to cover his body. “It’s bad luck to see the bride before the wedding”

“Nonsense!”, you scoffed, rolling your eyes. “Plus, I’m not wearing my dress. That is what they say…Don’t see the bride in her wedding dress”

“You are terrible”, he got up wrapping the towel around his waist but you could see his boner. “I think I’m calling this off”

“Oh you are not, Ortiz!”, you smirked, walking towards him. “And you are not hiding from me. Come on, you needed it”

“What?”, he creased his brow, confused. You smirked and wrested his towel, letting him naked again, his cock proudly erect.

“You need me”, you purred, your nail trailing down his chest. “Did you miss me?”

“Y-Yes”, he stuttered, closing his eyes. “Y/N…You shouldn’t be here”

“Please…”, you whispered, closing your fingers around his cock. You kissed his chest, pleased to see Juice tremble. “I missed you. You are not the only one feeling hot and bothered Juan”

“You are…”, his voice was husky, his eyes now focused on you, pupils wide. “You are such a bad girl”

You sucked a breath. You had played the daddy kink thing once and he loved it, but it had been a while. You smirked, stroking his balls, making Juice hiss.

“Yes daddy”, you purred again. He growled and pulled you to him, smashing his lips on yours. You moaned on his mouth, his hands grabbing hard your ass cheeks.

“Strip”, Juice pulled back, panting. You quickly took off your clothes, licking your lips when you stood naked in front of him. Juice came closer, his thumbs brushing your nipples. “You are all mine baby girl”

“Yes daddy”, you shuddered, desperate for his touch. Juice smirked and pressed you against the wall, making you gasp. He lifted you, legs around his waist and breasts close to his mouth. He sucked them, hard, as you hold on his shoulders. He slowly lowered you on him, his cock filling you.

“So wet for me”, he whispered, grazing his teeth over your low lip. “But still a bad girl”

“Please daddy”, you needed him, badly.

“What do you want baby girl?”, he pulled back just to thrust harder, scratching your back on the wall.

“Fuck me”, you gulped. “Fuck me hard daddy”

His hands grabbed hard on your thighs, slowly pulling his cock out of you again, then he thrusted. He did it hard, going deep as you tried to hold onto him. Your moans were choked on your throat, your fingertips were digging on his skin, leaving red marks, your marks.

“You are all mine”, Juice groaned, locking his eyes with yours. “Say it, little girl…All mine”

“Yes daddy”, you whispered. “I’m all yours”

He held you tight as he turned to bed. Juice slapped your ass making you scream before lay you down. His hands roamed over your body, squeezing your breasts. You bucked your hips, trying to create some friction between you. Juice only laughed and took your hand in his.

“I can’t wait to see my ring on your finger”, adoration filled his voice and he sucked the finger where he would put your wedding ring later that night. “Forever mine”

You swallowed and tangled your fingers with his, “Forever yours”. His gaze was so intense that you lost your breath for a moment. Juice was so passionate, adoring you every moment you were together, but that look was new for you. You realized that he meant every single word. He wanted you to be all his, forever. You realized you wanted that too, belong to each other.

Juice held your wrists together, pinning them above your head. You arched your back to welcome his cock deeper. You tossed your head back, your breasts bouncing as he pounded inside you.

“Fuck!”, you screamed as he was balls deep on your pussy. “Daddy! Please…”

“What?”, he laughed, pinching a nipple. “What baby girl?”

“Make me cum, please make me cum”, you begged, squirming under him. His thumb rubbed your clit and you moaned louder, you were close.

“Not yet”, he hissed, putting your ankles on his shoulders. The headboard hit the wall, the noise and your moans filling the room. He was merciless, his fingers leaving bruises on your thighs as he held you. 

“Daddy”, you whispered. He ran his hands down your legs and then over your sides, reaching your hand again, intertwining your fingers. You wrapped your legs around him, bringing Juice closer as you could.

“Fuck”, he cursed, starting to lose rhythm. You pulsed around him, receiving a deep growl in response as he spilled his cum inside you. Juice hide his face on the crook of your neck as he calmed down.

You kissed his shoulder, smiling on his skin. He didn’t release your hands, or moved as he his cock softened. “I love you”, he whispered. You closed your eyes, smiling. Your old man was really one of the kind, being rough, and incredible soft and kind at the same time.

“I love you too”, you whispered back. Juice pulled out of you, laying by your side, holding your hand close to his heart. You rolled on bed, facing him.

“I’m forever yours”, he locked his eyes with yours. “Tonight I’ll promise you that in front of everybody. You are mine and I’m yours”

“Yes, my love” you smiled, your lips meeting his in a sweet kiss. “You are mine and I’m yours”

Juice smiled wide, you couldn’t wait to see him at the altar, waiting for you. That reminded why you had gone to your house. Gemma was probably torturing the prospect to know where you were. 

“I gotta go”, you muttered, getting up.

“Damn”, Juice looked at the clock. “We should be getting ready already”

“We have time”, you laughed, putting your clothes back on.

“How did you escape from Gemma?”, he asked, propping his body up on his elbows. “And what are you doing here in the middle of the day?”

“Prospect helped me, I threatened him”, you smiled, putting your dress on. “Are you complaining?”

“No, not at all “, he grinned.

“I forgot something”, you said, opening the closet. You felt Juice watching as you stood on your tiptoes to grab a bag. You slipped your shoes back and waved the bag to him as you walked out. “My little number that I’ll be wearing under the dress”

You winked and Juice’s eyes widened when he realized it was a Victoria Secrets’ bag. “Oh man!”

“Yes”, you laughed, nodding. “See you later baby. I’ll be the one in white, walking on the aisle”

“See you gorgeous!”, he yelled back. “I’ll be the one on the altar…Squirming…Thinking about this damn little number!”

Dear Mr.Twist

Thank you for guiding Gemma and Harry through their teenage years alongside Mama Twist and for teaching them to be such nice and kind human beings.

Thank you for pushing and encouraging them to be the best they can be.

You have done so much and I know I would never be able to express all my gratitude to you.

We are forever grateful for you and we love you so much, Mr.Robin Twist.

May you rest in peace.


Character Aesthetics: Lyra & Will (His Dark Materials)

“I will love you forever; whatever happens. Till I die and after I die, and when I find my way out of the land of the dead, I’ll drift about forever, all my atoms, till I find you again.”

anonymous asked:

i'm gonna go ahead and ask about gemma, vivian and harathi (especially harathi, it's such a lovely name😍)

Aaaaaah, thank you!! I looked at Hindi names forever and that was the only one I thought suited her <3

Gemma Carter – Although she’s the lowest in status as the Phantomhive scullery maid, Gemma is happy for the opportunity to work, and is a bright addition to the household. She adores her coworkers, who have never treated her any differently, and is bubbly when it comes to new people… like the recently hired footman, Snake, who’s joined the household. Unbeknownst to most people, she’s actually half-siren; giving her a hypnotic singing voice and the ability to breathe underwater.

Vivian Jones – One of Queen Victoria’s household maids, Vivian is actually the housekeeper and therefore head of the female staff. Her job puts her in close contact with a one Charles Grey, whom she’s recently become engaged to. She was married before, to a nobleman who died early in their marriage. Her heart was closed off to other men until she met Grey and suddenly, she fell in love again.

Harathi Sadana Iyer – Although she grew up in India with very little, Harathi’s parents had arranged for her to marry an influential Brahmin. Despite her husband’s often corrupt ways, she believed in her faith and prayed every day that she could do something good for the world. She and her husband were blessed with a son shortly after the marriage, whom she named Arshad. Six years later, she became ill and passed away, leaving her son with only his father as a role model. Despite her death, she still watches over her son, who has been given another chance and a new name, and waits for the day they will be together again.

Request: Plans

Request: A Happy imagine where you guys fight because Y/N is jealous of some Crow eater?

Originally posted by samcro-redwoodoriginals

Happy’s POV

“So you never thought about getting married?”, Wendy held her bottle of beer halfway to her mouth. She was leaning on the counter in the kitchen, looking Y/N make sandwiches.

“No”, Y/N shook her head, “Never was a plan”

Happy was on his way to the kitchen when he overheard their conversation. Silently, he walked away, clenching his jaw until it hurt.

Since that day, Y/N’s words had been repeating on his mind. Happy had to leave for a run, which took a few days and helped him to think. His brothers didn’t notice something was wrong, he had always been quiet and since he had met Y/N there were no other women. She was everything for him.

Happy realized that a few months after Wendy take Y/N to the clubhouse. They worked together and the girl started to spend more and more time around the club. She was a good, strong and hardworking woman. Happy felt for her, surprising everyone when them started dating.

They never had talked about future, made plans and everybody thought he wasn’t the kind of guy that would think about marriage. Well, Y/N made him plan those things and even spend weeks looking for the perfect ring. He was nervous for the first time in his life, waiting for the special occasion to propose. Now, he was back from the run, seated by the bar, looking to his glass and feeling the engagement ring weighting a ton on his pocket.


He hadn’t said goodbye or called while he was on the run. I knew he was back, but Happy hadn’t come straight to my house, like he used to do.

Since the first day I walked in the clubhouse, I heard the gossip, about everybody. Crow eaters used to talk too much. Tig was the freak, Juice was the cutie pie and Happy was the scary guy. Everybody didn’t waste time in warn me about his nickname, Tacoma Killer. I wasn’t scared, I was curious about him. I had broken up with my boyfriend a while ago and Happy was a very welcome distraction.

Well, in the beginning, it was just sex, but then we started dating and things got kinda serious between us. Gemma, the biker’s queen, had told me Happy never had dated before and I was a lucky woman. “When a guy like Happy falls for someone, he falls hard, it’s forever”, she had said.

Yes, I felt hard for him too and he made me want things I never had thought before. Marriage, children, grow older together. We never had talked about future though and I didn’t want to pressure him. I knew Happy loved me, in his own way of showing it. Well, I wasn’t pressuring him about marriage, compromise, but nothing could stop me from worry when I noticed his strange behavior. I hopped in my car and drove to the clubhouse, where I knew he was.


When I left my house I was worried about Happy, but now I could kill him.

I had walked in the clubhouse, already knowing I would find the boys around the bar. What I wasn’t expecting was to find my boyfriend with a crow eater all over him. I was jealous, furious. I walked towards them and pushed that bitch away from Happy.

“You better stay away from my man”, I hissed at her.

“Or what?”, she smirked. Oh you didn’t say that…

“Y/N”, Happy grabbed my arm but I got rid of his grip.

“You shut up!”, I snapped, turning to look at him, “You were letting her, those fake tits rubbing on your arm!”

“Don’t yell at me little girl”, he groaned, getting up.

“Don’t little girl me Lowman”, I poked his chest, hard and turned back to the crow eater. Before I could punch her also fake nose, Happy wrapped his arms around me and took me outside. “Let me go!”, I screamed all the way, squirming on his embrace and kicking his legs. It didn’t work.

“Not until you calm down”, he said, his lips close to my ear and he held me. He put me back on the floor but didn’t let me go, “Do you get into catfights now?”

“When there is a bitch all over my man I do!”, I growled, trying to get free, but he was stronger than me.

“Your man?”, he scoffed, “So now I am your man?”

“What?”, I stopped squirming.

“Why do you care?”, Happy let me go and I turned to look at him. He was frowning, eyes dark and angry, jaw clenched, “You are playing with me”

“Where the hell is this coming from?”, I took a step towards him but Happy walked backwards.

“I’m wasting my time here. I do everything and anything for you, but you don’t really care”, he wasn’t yelling. Even during an argument Happy could keep his voice low which was scarier than screams and punches on walls, “I’m planning a future with you, but you don’t want that”

“Happy…”, I couldn’t argue with him, defend myself from whatever he was saying. I was shocked, that was the first time Happy talked about a future together.

“I heard you and Wendy talking”, Happy blurted, “You said you didn’t want to marry, never was your plan to get married”

“With my ex boyfriend!”, I was frustrated, running my fingers through my hair, that night was being insane, “Wendy asked me why I had broken up with him since we had been together for so long. Then she asked me if I never had planned to marry him. I said no, because I never saw myself growing older with him. We were doomed since the beginning”

My voice was a whisper at the end. I sighed and looked at Happy. He blinked a few times and took a step towards me, “What about me?”

“The white picket fence, children, dog…”, I sadly smiled, “This is what I see for my future with you, what I dream”

Next thing I knew was Happy sweeping my feet from the floor and pressing my body against the wall. My legs were wrap around Happy’s hips and he was kissing me as his life depend on it. I scratch his scalp making him growl and move my hips so I could feel him getting hard. I moaned on his mouth and we were both breathless.

“Did you mean it?”, he asked, holding me tight.

“Yes”, I whispered, clinging onto him. Happy put me back on the floor and reached for something on his kutte’s pocket. I got speechless when I saw the ring on his hand.

“Marry me”, he just said.

Happy’s POV

Reluctantly, Happy put Y/N back on her feet after their breathtaking kiss. He didn’t think, he just picked up the ring from his pocket.

“Marry me”, her eyes had widened when she saw the ring and now Y/N was covering her mouth. “I had been waiting for the perfect moment, but…This is it; now…Marry me Y/N. Please be my wife.”

She uncovered her mouth, looking at the ring and then turn her gaze up to him. Happy was holding his breath, waiting for her answer. Y/N started to cry and smile at the same time. He barely heard when she said “Yes”

“Yes?”, he breathed again, smiling back at her.

“Yes”, she said louder, “Yes Happy Lowman, I’ll marry you”

“Thank God”, he mumbled as he crushed his lips over hers again. Her soft hands cupped his face and Happy held her close, as she could disappear. She gave pecks over his lips and he smiled, taking her hand. He slid the ring on its place and admired it, “Perfect”

“Did you really think I didn’t want to marry you?”, she raised her eyebrows, her thumb tracing his low lip.

“Yes”, Happy admitted, kissing her fingers, “I got crazy, I didn’t want to see you and… I hated you for a moment”

“Crazy…”, she smiled, grabbing his chin, hard, “I’m crazy about you Happy Lowman”

He smirked and sucked her low lip, pleased to listen her whine. “Wanna go inside and celebrate with everybody?”, he asked, running his hands down her sides.

“No. We can do that later”, she purred. Happy couldn’t help but grin when she nibbled his ear and whispered, “Take your bride home Lowman”

anonymous asked:

I am 31 and have stage 2a breast cancer. I have been in treatment all year and it is never ending. I feel so deeply for Gemma and Harry and Robin's children, but especially for Anne. My fiance and I had gotten engaged right before I was diagnosed. This sucks for the person going through it, but sucks even more for their loved ones witnessing helplessly. I hope we all take moments today to tell our loved ones we love them. Life is fleeting, but telling others they are loved lasts forever.

Aw anon, im sending you all the positive vibes and love in the world. And your message is very important. 

Preference, BSM: He Realizes You’re Growing Up

Niall, 18: “Does mum know you’re going out this late?” Niall questions, one eyebrow raised as he leans against the doorway to your bedroom. You looked over, confused, “I don’t know, didn’t really think about it. I’ll probably tell her before I leave or something.” “So mum’s gonna let you go out at eleven at night?” Niall asked, looking disbelieving. “Niall, I’m eighteen now, have been for a few months before you got home” you laughed, continuing to apply your makeup. “I’m in UNI, I’m moving out in a month-“ “What?” he sounded upset now. “I’m moving out in a month,” you continued, ignoring him. “I don’t really need to ask mum or dad’s permission anymore. I run things by them because I respect them. But I don’t ask for permission.” He watched you finish getting ready in silence and watched you from the living room window as you left later on, driving off in your own car probably to go pick up your boyfriend and not come home until the next morning. It wasn’t until later that night, when Niall was alone with your mum in the kitchen, both looking over old photo albums, that he realized why he had been so bothered, “I guess I thought she’d be little forever.”

Zayn, 20: “We’ve been talking about moving in together,” you said slowly, looking across the table to your older brother who had stopped eating. You waited as he cleared his throat and nodded slowly, looking at you with a strange expression, “That’s…that’s great babe. You’ve been dating since you were 16, known each other since you were five. I think that you’ve been together long enough to do this.” You nodded in agreement, narrowing your eyes at him as he picked his fork back up and stared at his plate, not eating anything. “You don’t look very excited for me. I thought you liked James,” you said after a few seconds of silence, not being able to help the feeling of being crushed. Zayn’s head shot up at the sound of disappointment in your voice and he shook his head back and forth quickly, looking worried, “No I do, I do! He’s amazing (Y/N), you two really love each other.” “So what’s the problem then?” you asked sadly. “I thought you’d be happier for me.” “I am happy, I am,” he repeated forcefully, before lowering his voice and looking back down. “’S just weird, you know? You’re my baby sister. Don’t really like thinking how you’re not always going to be the baby.”

Liam, 17: “You bought this?” he asked incredulously, running his hands over the outside of the beaten down car and feeling somewhat upset. “No help from mum or dad at all?” “I did it all on my own,” you said proudly, eyes gleaming. “I work a lot of hours and I’ve been saving ever since I was little.” “I could’ve helped, I could’ve gotten you something new,” Liam said, not sure why he was feeling so lost suddenly. “I don’t mind it,” you said happily. “It’s better knowing I did this all on my own.” “You’re like a little grown up aren’t you?” Liam teased softly, his eyes crinkling as he smiled at you but swallowed the lump in his throat. He was feeling a lot of pride, but he couldn’t help and feel the nostalgia kick in as well. “Don’t need your big brother to take care of you anymore then?” There was the slight crack in his voice that you missed as you answered, laughing. “Hopefully I’ll be able to take care of myself. But I’ll still keep you around, I’ve grown fond of you.” Liam laughed along with you, keeping his head tilted down so you couldn’t see how red his eyes were.

Harry, 19: “So what do you think?” you smiled softly, watching your older brother and sister turn in a full circle in the middle of your living room. Harry and Gemma exchanged looks before Gemma nodded her head proudly, “You’ve done well (Y/N). I thought it would look like a garbage truck to be honest, with your sense of taste, but you’ve made me proud.” You laughed loudly, shaking your head, “Ass.” “I think it’s quite lovely (Y/N),” Harry said in a quiet voice, hands behind his back as he smiled. “You’ve done an amazing job making it seem like home.” “I know, I already feel comfortable,” you ran a hand across the back of your couch and grinned. “Course the first few nights I was miserable, it was so quiet. But now I love it. I can’t believe I have my first apartment.” They both continued smiling, nodding when you asked if they wanted tea. As you walked into the kitchen, leaving them alone, Harry collapsed onto your couch and stared blankly at the wall. Gemma chuckled, sliding down next to him and putting a hand on his back, “Weird isn’t it? Seeing her grow up? Felt the same watching you.” “I always just sort of thought,” Harry started slowly. “That she’d be the baby forever, you know? It was natural seeing you grow up, you were older than me. But watching her is scary, I don’t like it.”

Louis, 19: “Aren’t you worried about her?” Louis asked, his eyes constantly flicking towards the front door. “Of course I am,” Johanna laughed. “I’m worried about all of you, all the time.” “So why don’t you tell her to come home, I mean it is one in the morning,” Louis ignored the last part of his mother’s sentence, his fingers drilling impatiently against the kitchen table. “Because she’s nineteen now Lou,” your mother said patiently, smiling softly. “She’s allowed to make her own decisions.” “She’s just a kid,” Louis said indignantly, ignoring the way his voice shook. “She should be home right now, sleeping where we can keep an eye on her.” Johanna stopped loading dishes into the washer, looking over with soft eyes, “Oh Louis. I know how you feel, I felt the same about you. She’ll be okay.” “They’re all going to be old one day, fuck,” Louis said in a shaky voice, resting his head on the table.

Series: Becoming Mrs. Styles (part 2)

–Harry tells Anne and Gemma that he’s going to propose to you


It hadn’t been more than a week since it had hit Harry like a train that he wanted nothing more than to make you his wife. He knew, really, from the moment he met you that if it was up to him, you would be his forever, and he yours. It was more the formalities that really freaked him out, the idea of making it official and finalizing everything. Harry hadn’t realized until he finally took the time to think, to really think about the future and why it was he had been afraid, that once he proposed, you would be engaged, and once there was the wedding, you both would be married. One proposal, one opportunity to ask you to be his forever. One engagement, and one wedding, and then it would be over. These are the things people talk about their whole lives, things that everyone hopes they’ll experience. And Harry was just so nervous about it all being perfect and living up to your expectations. But the idea of being with you forever was enough. It was more than enough to make him see that even though getting engaged and getting married happen only once, what followed was even better. Starting a family with you, lounging on the couch with your kids sprawled on top of you, raising them to be as much like you as possible, loving them and loving you and growing old together. You were more than enough. And Harry knew that.

Harry’s mom and sister lived about an hour drive from your and Harry’s shared apartment. It was more often that you and Harry would visit Anne and Gemma than it was that they would come to you. But Gemma’s friend, who happened to live only blocks away from you two, had just had a baby and so Anne and Gemma had made arrangements to spend the day at your place after paying Gemma’s friend a visit. Unfortunately, you had to work the first half of the day, but that meant that Harry got to have some time alone with his mom and sister. 

You had been gone at work for a little over an hour when Harry heard the knocks at his door signaling that two of the most important women in his life had arrived. Harry smiled as he thought of the conversation he was about to have with them.

“Harry! How are you love?” Anne greeted her son as he opened the door, kissing his cheek.

“Harry, looking like a mess as per usual I see,” Gemma remarked with a smirk on her face as she gave her brother a hug. 

Harry smiled, happy to be with the people who never failed to put a smile on his face. “’Ello mum, Gemma,” he greeted them and closed the door as they made themselves at home.

“Oh I forgot how cute this place is, Harry. I love how you’ve decorated it,” Anne remarked. She had only been there once before, right after he had gotten the place. 

“Yes, the underwear next to the couch is a lovely touch,” Gemma noted, looking quite proud of herself for having already found a reason to poke fun at her little brother.

“Oh shit,” Harry muttered as he grabbed your pink lacy underwear that were, sure enough, lying by the couch. You two had had a fun night last night. Harry’s cheeks flushed red as he threw your undergarment into the bedroom. Anne laughed and Harry felt thankful that his mother was so nonjudgmental about that type of thing.

“Alright, thanks for that Gemma,” Harry mumbled as he joined his mom and sister on the couch after grabbing two mugs of tea from the kitchen.

“Anytime brother,” Gemma replied, a wicked grin on her face.

“So Harry, how’re things going with Y/N? Still haven’t driven her away yet I see,” Anne said jokingly as she sipped at her tea.

“Yeah, somehow,” Harry added with a laugh. “I actually wanted to talk to you about her, though.” 

Anne and Gemma quickly shared a look that didn’t go unnoticed by Harry. “What about?” Gemma asked with a slight smile on her face.

“Erm,” Harry chose to ignore their behavior for the moment. “I want to marry her. I’m gonna propose within the next month or so I think.” 

Anne’s and Gemma’s faces both immediately lit up as smiles spread across them.

“About time, Harry!” Gemma exclaimed as she leaned forward to attack Harry in a quick hug.

“Oh Harry, we were so hoping you would propose soon. We love Y/N so much, and it’s just so obvious that you do too. It was only a matter of time,” Anne smirked.

Harry, however, was slightly surprised at this reaction. Of course he knew his family would be so happy, but he had told them repeatedly how he was scared of finally committing and making the moves to ensure that you and he would be together forever. “But how did you know it was only a matter of time? You know how scared I was about actually telling her I want to be with her forever and, like, finally deciding to settle down and all.” 

His mom and sister smiled back at him with the same look, that smug look that he was so used to seeing growing up.

“Harry, she’s the one. Mum and I have known it, Robin’s known it, your friends have known it along with everyone ever. And I think you’ve known it too, but you were just scared to admit it,” Harry’s sometimes annoying but always intuitive sister responded. Anne nodded her head in agreement as they both looked at Harry with now amused expressions. 

Harry’s face lit up. Something about the way Gemma worded that just made him feel more in love with you and more ready to make plans to be with you forever. 

“Well, I guess you’re right,” Harry laughed as he brought both women in for one of his massive bears hugs.

“Like always,” Gemma retorted, the three of them smiling with thoughts of the proposal and wedding swirling in their minds.

“I’m just so nervous about the proposal, you know? It has to be completely perfect, she deserves it,” Harry said after finally releasing them from the embrace. “I have an idea of what I want to do but there’s just so much pressure.”

“It’s going to be perfect, Harry, whatever it is. But the most important thing is you and you asking her to spend the rest of her life with you. And you’re going to be an amazing husband, love. I know how big that heart is of yours. And hopefully, one day, an amazing father as well,” Anne trailed off as her eyes started to well up with tears.

“Oh mum don’t get me crying yet,” Harry laughed with glossy eyes as he kissed his mom’s cheek. “I love you.”

“I love you, Harry, always,” Anne replied with a soft smile.

“And I love both of you but Harry let’s hear this proposal idea, shall we? We’ve got work to do people,” Gemma broke the sentimental mood, as usual. 

“Alright, then,” replied Harry. “But do you think she’s gonna say yes?” he asked, half joking, a smile spreading across his face.

“If you’re stupid enough to think she wouldn’t, you don’t deserve her,” Gemma laughed, playing with her brother as she loved to do. 

Harry laughed, but he knew deep down he would never deserve you. But he wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of his life trying to.


Up next, the proposal! Feedback and requests welcome as always!


“Why what a beautiful SAMCRO wedding,” Gemma announced as she entered the room.

You beamed at the sight of your favorite ‘mother,’
“You know we wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Gemma kissed you cheek as she pulled you in for a hug, “You look beautiful sweetheart.”

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Request: Secret

Request: Chibs imagine where his old lady finds out she’s pregnant, and even though they’ve been together for a long time, she’s afraid to tell him, because she remembers she once overhead him mentioning (to his brothers, maybe even drunk) that he was done with the whole kids thing, he was getting too old for that, he didn’t see himself having more kids, something like that. But after trying to hide it for a while, thinking about what to do, she has a heartfelt conversation with Chucky and he talks her into telling Chibs and makes her realize, like, what’s the worse that could happen? And then when she tells Chibs, he reacts totally different than she imagined, and he is super happy and excited for the baby and it’s all just cute and fluffy 

Forgive me if I described something wrong…

Originally posted by samcro-redwoodoriginals

He had a failed marriage and a daughter in his past, so everybody had warned you, saying that marry Chibs might not be a good idea. You ignored those people, focusing only in your new family and him. Yes, marry with Chibs came with SAMCRO family and that was a big, loud and full of love family. You didn’t regret your decision one single day.

Every day you prove people were wrong and your marriage was already in its third year. You and Chibs weren’t trying to have kids and never had really talked about it, so it was a completely surprise and a shock when the pregnancy test was positive.

You were late and getting worried as the days passed. It scared you, but you had to put an end in that, so you bought a pharmacy pregnancy test and did it at home. Thankfully, Chibs was at work and you did at least three tests before sit on the bathroom, your back against the cold wall.

“Oh God!”, you started to cry and felt nausea, turning quickly to the toilet. You laid on the floor, in fetal position. Your mind was playing tricks, leaving you more scared as you reminded of a talk you overheard at the clubhouse one night…


“So… Third anniversary next week”, Tig smiled at his brother. “Are you planning something special with Y/N?”

“Nothing I would tell you, dickhead”, Chibs smirked, pouring the whisky down his throat.

“I bet it’s PG rated”, Tig shrugged. “You guys are together for years and the girl isn’t still knocked up”

“We are careful”, Chibs said. “Plus, I don’t see myself being a dad again”

“Why?”, Juice asked, always romantic. “You don’t want a kid with Y/N?”

“Juicy boy, I love her”, Chibs rested a hand on Juice’s shoulder. “But I’m getting old, don’t you think? I don’t know, the whole kids thing is exhausting…”


You were at the kitchen as they played pool, talked and drunk. Nobody had saw you and after that you sneaked out, going to Clay’s office, not wanting to hear more.

That memory was letting your entire body cold, but you couldn’t even think about giving up your child. It was the result of the love between you and Chibs, and you wanted to be a mother, though you never had said that to your old man.

The best thing to do was go to your doctor and do a test at the hospital to be sure. You got up and turned the shower on, a warm bath would do you good.


You hid the test deep in your purse. You doctor said you were one month and a half pregnant, the little baby doing just fine. She did an ultrasound and gave you the picture. Your baby was a dot in the picture, a tiny baby growing and the heart was being formed, the doctor said. You hid it with the test and drove back home to make dinner for your husband as always.

Chibs arrived a little late, but the dinner was still warm. “Love”, he called out as he walked to the living room. You forced a smile and he kissed your forehead, “Are you okay?”

“Yes”, you stretched on the couch. “Just a little tired. Dinner is still warm, I think”

“I can handle this. Stay here, love”, Chibs smiled. “Get some rest”

Your smiled faded as you old man walked away. You wouldn’t be able to hid your pregnancy from him much longer, but you were still scared about telling him. Your needed a few days to think about a backup plan before tell him, just in case things went wrong…


More than a week had passed, you were getting closer to the second month mark and you still hadn’t told Chibs. You were planning to have a conversation with Gemma, woman to woman, and ask for some advice. You drove to the clubhouse, the bikes weren’t there and only found Chuck at her office.

“Where is Gemma?”, you asked, throwing yourself on the couch, tired.

“She is at Jax’s, with the kids”, Chuck watched you closely and before you noticed he was offering you some water.

“Thanks”, you said, accepting the glass.

“You look tired, madame”, he said and you opened an eye. Chuck was frowning, looking really worried. The poor guy cared so much about the whole family.

“Yeah, I’m tired, Chucky”, you sighed and involuntarily rested your hand over your belly.

“Oh! Is this what I think it is?”, his smile was wide. Chuck was great with the kids and a really smart guy. He obviously had did the math.

“Chucky, please…”, you whined. “Don’t tell anyone”

“I won’t”, he frowned and sat by your side, holding your hand. “I supposed you didn’t tell Chibs”

“No”, you accepted the tissue he was offering you. “I… I overheard this talk…”

You told Chuck all about what you heard Chibs saying and he didn’t interrupt you. Closing your eyes again, you rested your head against the couch.

“I think you should tell him”, Chuck said. “Soon”

“I intend too”, you laughed. “Well, I won’t hide it forever, but… I’m still scared”

“You have SAMCRO family with you. We won’t let you go through this alone”, Chuck smiled. “Plus, I don’t believe Chibs will be mad or anything”

“Oh Chuck I hope you are right”, you smiled. “Thank you”


Chuck let you rest on the couch for a while and you woke up with a thick accent talking on your hear.

“Love…Wake up”, he laughed, kissing your hand as his fingers ran through your hair. You opened your eyes, still feeling sleepy and looked at Chibs. He smiled. “What are you doing here love?”

“I came talk to Gemma”, you said, swallowing. “She wasn’t here, I talked to Chuck a little and… Felt asleep?”

“It looks so”, he chuckled. “You are so tired lately lass. Are you sick?”

“No”, you whined, resting your head against on couch and closing your eyes.

“Lass…”, Chibs warned, his voice was serious now and you know he wouldn’t leave you alone until he knew what was going on. You got rid of his grip on your wrist and grabbed your purse. You could feel his eyes as you looked for the test and ultrasound. You held the papers tight on your hands. Chibs voice was worried now, “What is it love?”

“Here…”, you unfolded the ultrasound and showed him. “See this black dot?”

“Aye”, he frowned and looked from the paper to you.

“6 weeks… Well, almost 8 now”, you looked at him. “This dot… Is a baby. Our baby”

His eyes widened and he looked at the photo, grabbing it from your hand. You pressed your lips together, waiting for his word. Would that be the end of your marriage? Well, you would take care of your baby, you wouldn’t give up on him or her.

“A baby?”, Chibs was staring at the photo. “Our baby?”

“Yes. I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, you said, trying not to cry. “I know you don’t want another kid…”

“What are you talking about lass?”, Chibs snapped, frowning as he look at you.

“I heard you talking…”, you sighed. “You don’t see you as a father again. You are tired of the whole… kid… thing”

“So…you overheard this?”, Chibs held your chin, making you look at him. You nodded and he shook his head, impatient. “Apparently, you didn’t hear the entire conversation lass… Having a kid it’s not that easy. I’m getting old, but I still can be a dad. I was afraid I wouldn’t be good, I would fail… That is what I don’t want. Fail you or our kid”

“You are a good man Filip”, you caressed his scars, making him close his eyes, smiling and leaning to your touch. “You are a good father for Kerrianne”

“I want our baby”, he opened his eyes and grabbed your hand, kissing it. “You should have told me, I want to be in every appointment”

“You do?”, you blinked a few times.

“Of course!”, his smile was wide and Chibs crushed his lips against yours. “I love you lass and I love our child”

He raised your shirt, exposing your belly and leaned to kiss it. Chibs put many kisses over it, his beard tickling and making you laugh. When he look at you again, his eyes were sparkling.

“You are so beautiful”, he cupped your face. “I can’t wait to meet our child. Boy or girl?”

“Well, it’s too soon to know Filip”, you giggled.

Chibs kissed you and laid on the couch, head on your thighs as he looked at the ultrasound again, and caressed your belly. You ran your fingers through his hair, smiling and looking at him. Someone opened the door and stopped, eyes darting at you two.

“Am I interrupting something?”, Gemma smirked, ready to leave again.

“No”, Chibs jumped, walking towards her showing the ultrasound, a wide smile on his face. “Look… We are having a baby!”

Gemma’s eyes widened as she looked from Chibs to you, who smiled as your old man, excited, told her all about your pregnancy. You felt your eyelids getting heavy again, a smile on your lips as Chibs kept talking about your family.


Drew’s gifts to @skclctongirl

  • A surprise from both him and Gemma of a hotel room completely decked out in balloons, steamers, confetti, etc.
  • A framed picture of one of the very first times they hung out.
  • A journal with Polaroids from every date they’ve been on, some sort of memento from that day (pressed flowers, concert tickets), and a description of why he fell in love with her on that specific date.
  • A ring engraved with the words “I Promise”, with a little note inside the box finishing the sentence. “I promise to love you forever.”

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