i will forever have renly feels

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asoiaf fandom

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am i familiar with it? no becca absolutely not. i just… i love asoiaf so much. i’m so ridiculously salty with the show, like you know this, but omg, i could talk forever about asoiaf. i love it so much and so yeah, more than familiar.

do i like the fandom itself? god. i have a lot of mixed feelings on the fandom itself. like i’m not sure there’s one that can get me worked up as much (that’s honestly not always easy to do). but i know it’s not all bad.

who’s my favorite character? so there are only about 900 characters to choose from. but renly. stannis. loras. margaery. garlan. willas. honestly, just house baratheon and house tyrell are by far my favorite houses and i will fight for them and everyone in those families. i’m pretty sure that also makes it pretty clear why i’m so upset with the show.

if i had to choose, who would i roleplay? renly. over and over again, renly. i love writing him so much. there are also others i’ve already played. but as far as ones that i haven’t really explored, i think i’d be interested in willas, stannis, or rebellion era robert.