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Film day with Ethan.

Requested by @dolanangels: “a really fluffy imagine with ethan and Y/N where they vlog and do a girlfriend vs boyfriend challenge”


“(Y/N), come oooooon.” Ethan wined from the living room.

“I’m almost ready, chill out.” You called back. You and him had a beach day planned and he was getting restless while waiting for you to finish getting ready. 

“We’re just going to the beach, sheesh.” He complained. You tied up your hair in a messy bun and walked out of the restroom.

“Alright, I’m ready. Goodness.” You joked. You loaded up the car with all your bags and other beach gear and headed off to Santa Monica for the day. 

“See, this is why I took forever to get ready. I knew you were gonna vlog today.” You laughed as he set up his camera on the dashboard of the car.

“I can’t have an amazing day with my girl and not vlog.” He said as he kissed your cheek. You smiled and turned up the radio as you hit the highway.

Once you got to the beach, it was pretty empty, you had infinite choices of spots. You set up your towels and everything and just hung out. It was just the two of you, and it was nice to be able to spend time with each other like that. 

You bought passes for the pier and rode a few of the roads and got lunch at one of the many restaurants on the pier. After lunch, you walked down to the end of the pier and enjoyed the view.

“The water is so pretty.” You said.

“Not as pretty as you.” Ethan said.

“Haha, you’re cute.” You laughed. You kissed him softly, knowing that his viewers would go crazy once they saw that footage in the video.

After you day on the beach, once back home in your apartment that you shared with Ethan and Grayson, you sat down to film a video.

“What’s up guys, we’re back.” Grayson began.

“And today, we’re with a special guest, my girlfriend, (Y/N).” Ethan said, motioning to you. “You’ve only seen her in vlogs, but today, we decided to switch it up and have her film with us.” He added.

“So, today, we’re gonna put Ethan and (Y/N) to the test and see how well they really know each other, and their relationship.” Grayson began. “They each have written five questions, that I will be asking them. They’ll get a point for each correct answer, and the one with the most points at the end is the winner.” He finished.

“We haven’t decided on a punishment yet-” You started.

“Loser gets dumped.” Ethan joked.

“Alright then, loser gets dumped.” You laughed. Throughout the video, the questions were pretty easy. They were mostly favorites questions, like favorite movie, favorite past time, and favorite outfit that the other one wears.

“Oh, c’mon, that’s an easy one.” Ethan said has he wrote down his answer to his favorite outfit that you wear.

“It’s not that easy. Because you have different favorites. You have a favorite dress up outfit, and a favorite casual outfit. You told me this the other day. Also, you like when I wear your clothes.” You said.

“That is true, I do like when you wear my clothes.” He agreed. “Okay, I’ll give you a hint. The answer I wrote was a casual outfit.” He said.

“Okay, that helps.” You said. “I’m gonna go with, your maroon Vans hoodie and leggings.” You said.

“My maroon vans hoodie and leggiiiings.” Ethan said as he showed his paper to the camera.

“Awe, seriously? I went out on a limb with that one.” You laughed. 

“Alright, that’s another point for (Y/N) and the score is now tied at four. Whoever gets this next one wins.” Grayson said. “Alright, Ethan, the last time (Y/N) bought you clothes, what store did they come from, how many articles of clothing were there, and what were they?” Grayson said.

“Oh my gosh, what kind of question is this?” Ethan asked.

“I gotta throw a few curve balls in there.” You laughed.

“Jeez.” He said. He sat there for a minute, trying to come up with an answer. “Okay, I think I got it. It was H&M for sure, I remember that much. And I wanna say it was three items. It was the red and black flannel, the purple crewneck, and that blue baseball tee.” Ethan said. You laughed and looked down at your answer sheet. “Is that it? Was that it?” He asked.

“Red and black flannel, purple crewneck, baseball tee, AND a pair of black jeans.” You said as your flipped your paper around.

“Ooooh, nooo. I forgot about those jeans.” He said.

“She also got me this camo t-shirt, but that’s besides the point.” Grayson added. “So, that’s another point for (Y/N), which means that she won. Ethan, are you ready to get dumped?” Grayson asked. Ethan shook his head.

“Well, Ethan, it was nice knowing you. It was a nice seven month run, but I guess this is it.” You said. You kissed his hand and walked off out of frame. Ethan pretended to be distraught and fell off of his chair and faked tears. You laughed and came back into frame and sat down in Ethan’s lap.

“Just kidding. No one is getting dumped.” Ethan said. 

“Well, that’s it for this week’s video. If you liked it, go ahead and give it a thumbs up, and if you didn’t like it, you might as well give it a thumbs up.” Grayson said.

“Yeah, and go ahead and click subscribe while you’re added.” Ethan said.

“We’ll see you next Tuesday,” 

“PEACE.” You all said simultaneously. 

“Awe, that was fun.” You said.

“It was. We should film together again.” Grayson said.

“We should do the girlfriend versus brother challenge next time.” Ethan said.

“Oooh, that would be interesting.” You agreed. 

You all sat around the living room, just lounging around for the rest of the night, not doing anything in particular, but you enjoyed it nonetheless.

"My Idiot"-A Bellamy Blake imagine

“(Y/N). Are you ever going to cut your hair?!” Clarke sighs as she watches me tie it in a messy bun.
“Never. It took me forever to grow it out this long.” I smiled.
“Plus at this point I’d look weird with short hair.” I shrugged.
“Aren’t you tired of having it get dirty all the time?”
“Not really I mean we are in nature.” I responded as she rolled her eyes playfully.
“Smart ass.” She muttered.
“Sup pretty ladies.” Jasper smirked popping into the seat next to me.
“We’re discussing (Y/N) and her hair.” Octavia rolled her eyes at Jaspers greeting.
“Ah. I think it’s gorgeous.” He smiled.
“Thanks Jasp.” I smiled.
“I think it’s nice too (Y/N).” Monty blushed.
“Thanks boys. See Oct! I have fans.” I giggled as she shook her head.
“One day it’s gonna need to go. And I’ll be there when it does.” She teased.
“Only on my deathbed.” I said as dramatically tossed it over my shoulder as it rested till my lower back. After eating with Jasper and Monty and Harper who later joined us I excused myself to go talk to Bellamy. I guess you could say I have a minor crush on him. Who didn’t though?! We talked a lot but I knew there was no way he would ever like me. I sighed till I heard his voice.
“You don’t like (Y/N)?!”
“Well… I mean she’s very sweet but she just lets people walk all over here and then complains about it afterward! And she eats so much too! I’m surprised she hasn’t eaten all the food! She’s a klutz too! She would be dead if I hadn’t caught her when she fell out of that tree. She’s just…careless.”
“She’s pretty though.” The other (male voice) stated.
“Kind of. Her hair just…it’s always got twigs or leafs in it…I don’t know dude. Cmon I have to go talk to other people.” Bellamy sighed.
My heart felt like it dropped to the pit of my stomach. Tears stung my eyes as I looked at my feet.
“Hey (Y/N)! What’s up?” Bellamy smiled.
“Nothing. I have to go.” I snapped as I turned around and quickly walked away. I didn’t see him furrow his eye brows in confusion. As I walked back out I saw Octavia and Clarke at the fire. Octavia saw me and her face contorted into a confused one as did Clarke’s.
“What’s wrong (Y/N)?” Clarke asked.
“Octavia…I’m ready for a haircut.” I breathed out.
“Woah woah woah…really?! I thought you wanted to keep it?!”
“I changed my mind. I want it to my neck.”
“That’s a lot (Y/N)! Are you sure your okay?!” Clarke asked worriedly.
“Positive. Please just cut it.” I begged.
Octavia hesitated before nodding as she stood up and I sat in her spot. I took a deep breath.
“Here we go…” She murmured one last time.
“Do it.” I whispered. Suddenly my head felt lighter.
“Woah…you look…hot!” She smirked.
“It looks good…but I thought you loved your hair before?”
“Something happened. Doesn’t matter. It’s too late. I’m uh…going to bed now.” I coughed.
“Night (Y/N) ” They said still suspicious. I passed Monty and Jasper and Monty dropped his moonshine and Jaspers jaw dropped.
“(Y/N)! Your hair!”
“It’s called a haircut.” I snapped as a brushed through the both of them.
“Woah…what happened to (Y/N) !” I heard them ask Clarke and Octavia. I completely ignored Bellamy as he called my name. Once I got to my tent I let out a small cry as I brought my hands to my hair.
“(Y/N)! I’m talking to you!” Bellamy barked outside of my tent.
“Yeah well. I’m not talking to you!” I barked right back.
“What the hell is wrong with you right now?!”
“Screw off Blake.” I said as I heard a snicker.
“Way to go Blake.” I heard Murphy snark.
“Shut up Murphy. What is her problem?! She was just fine at dinner.”
“You truly are not the brightest huh?” Murphy scoffed.
“What?!” Then it was silent. I shook my head pulling on my pjs before shutting my eyes. Falling fast asleep.
Next morning I sat next to Clarke and Octavia, without food. Octavia gave me a weird look as she chewed on a berry.
“(Y/N)? Where’s your food?” Clarke and Raven looked up from their food as they heard Octavia. I shrugged.
“Just not hungry.” I said forcing a smile. Clarke squinted at me suspiciously. I felt a huge hand on my shoulder and could already tell who it was.
“(Y/L/N). We need to talk.” Bellamy said.
“Actually. We don’t! Now. If you’ll excuse me. I have to help Monty.” I shrugged his hand of my shoulder before standing and walking away briskly.
“Well…what did you do?” Octavia sighed. Bellamy shook his head.
“I don’t know.” He muttered. I went to help Monty and made sure to be less clumsy. Carefully placing my feet as I walked. Monty raised an eyebrow.
“Okay. What’s going (Y/N) !” He asked finally.
“You’ve be acting strange for the past day now and it’s freaking me out.” Monty said as he gave me a ‘try-and-lie-to-me-I-dare-you.’ look and I sighed. I took a deep breath and was about to respond when I heard Murphy speak.
“(Y/N). We’re going hunting and I’m suppose to come get you so move.” I gave Monty a 'what-can-ya-do’ look before all but running to meet up with Murphy.
“So. What’s with the whole….badass (Y/N) thing now?” Murphy asked with a raised eyebrow as I picked up a gun.
“Nothing. Don’t worry about it Murphy.” I pleaded. He shook his head.
“If he hasn’t figured it out by now. He’s not worth it.” I was taken aback at Murphy’s comment as he shrugged.
“How did-”
“I saw you spying on the conversation.” He stated casually.
“Well…thanks Murphy…” I smiled. He shook his head.
“Don’t mention it.”
“What don’t want everyone to know you’re a secret softie.” I teased. He rolled his eyes before nudging me hard. I stifled a laugh until we were quickly hushed. I didn’t realize Bellamy was staring at us till he brushed through me and Murphy.
“Oh. My. God.” I snarled in anger.
“Something the matter there (Y/L/N) ?” Bellamy asked sarcastically as he rolled his eyes.
“You think you’re hilarious don’t you?!” I asked with a raised brow.
“I don’t need you and your girlish attitude distracting one of my best hunters.” He explained as i went slack jawed.
“What do you mean 'girlish attitude.’?!” I asked getting close to his face.
“Guys I don’t mean to interrupt the 'secret sexual tension’ you two have going on but-”
“Shut up Murphy!” We both said in unison.
“This is why we don’t take you on hunts! You’re too damn stubborn and-”
“I can get myself killed right?! Because I’m such a klutz right?!” I laughed bitterly. He furrowed his eye brows before he froze.
“No. Say no more. I’ll get out of here so I’m not a 'distraction’. Bye Murphy.” I rolled my eyes as I shoved my weapon into Bellamy’s hands before nodding at Murphy who gave me a triumphant smirk before nodding himself.
I tried to hold back the few tears as I came closer to the camp walls.
“Don’t be weak” I whispered to myself. When I walked in I saw Ravens eyes drift over to where I stood before she smiled and waved at me. I bit my lip before heading straight to my tent. One I opened the flap of the tent I threw myself onto my make shift bed. Tears pouring down my cheeks before I let out a silent sob so no one could hear me. My hands covering my mouth before I heard foot steps rapidly approaching my tent.
“(Y/N)?!” I heard Raven call. I stayed silent.
“(Y/N) I know you’re in there!” She huffed.
“What is it Raven.” I asked shakily.
“I want to know what the hell is going on.” She asked. “But you’re gonna have to let me in okay?!” She asked.
“Come in then.” I sighed sitting up as I looked at her. Her expression became soft as she saw my tear streaked face.
“Oh my god (Y/N) what’s wrong?!” She asked as she sat beside me.
“Bellamy. Fucking. Blake.” I cried. She pulled me close as I cried into her shoulder before I finally calmed down later. I told her what happened. She grew steadily mad before she hissed out
“the fucking nerve! I mean the man use to stick his dick in any women with a heartbeat and he has the nerve to talk shit about you?!”
“It’s no big deal now…it happened and-”
“But it never should have happened!”
She rolled her eyes.
“(Y/N)? Are you in there?! It’s Octavia!” I heard from outside my tent.
“Come in!” Raven and I said in unison.
“Woah…(Y/N) what happened?!” She asked as her eyes widened.
“Your brother-”
“Jesus what did he do now.” Octavia groaned as I buried my face in my pillow. Raven explained what happened before Octavia rolled her eyes and rested a hand on my back soothingly.
“(Y/N). Don’t worry about Bellamy. He’s a dick anyway. I’m his sister and if he honestly can’t see how beautiful you really are then he’s asshole. A blind asshole because he can’t see what he’s missing.” She said as I giggled.
“Cmon. We’re gonna go find new eye candy.”
“Not looking like that she isn’t.” Raven said before getting some water and splashing it on my face.
“You know…I still have a little make up left from the ark…” I bit my lip.
“Go for it.” I smirked. They squealed before they got to work.
“What. A. Masterpiece.” Octavia squealed. I giggled before we got up out of the tent. Finn’s jaw dropped as he peered over Bellamy’s shoulder. Bellamy turned around to see what he was looking at and his eyes widened at the sight of me.
“Anybody up for moonshine!” I could hear Jasper shout. Everyone cheered as I giggled and strutted up to Jasper before kissing his cheek.
“I’d love some Jasp.” I smiled.
“Alright let’s go (Y/N)!” Monty cheered as I down a glass before shaking my head at the burning sensation. After shamelessly flirting with Murphy and even Finn and two cups of moonshine later I felt a hand on my arm harshly yank me away from Finn.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” My eyes looked up to see Bellamy with a cold stare.
“What the hell do YOU think you’re doing touching me?” I barked rolling my eyes before yanking my arm.
“Saving you from making a stupid decision.”
“Bellamy Blake my only stupid decision was loving you.” I said with as much venom as I could muster. His face fell as I ripped my arm away and he let me walk away as I said good night to Octavia and Raven and Clarke. Walking back to my tent I opened my flap as I saw Bellamy standing inside pacing as I coughed.
“What the hell do you think you’re-”
Two strides and his lips were smashed against mine as he grabbed my face. Electricity shooting up our spines. It was the passionate kisses that made the butterflies in your stomach turn to fireworks. He pulled away as we panted before resting his forehead on mine.
“Don’t say that…” He pleaded with big brown eyes.
“Don’t say what?” I whispered.
“That your stupidest decision was falling in love with me.” He begged.
“I know you heard me the other day. I only said it because I didn’t want people to know that you are my biggest weakness…that your smile makes me feel like I’m a ten year old boy again…that your laugh makes me realize that there is beauty in the world after all the hell we’ve been through. I would walk on glass to make you happy…and knowing that I hurt you makes me feel like a monster.” He whispered.
I stood there in shock.
“Say something-”
I cut him off by kissing him again.
“Bellamy Blake…you make be an idiot…but you’re my idiot.” He grinned
“I’ll always be you’re idiot if you let me.” He added.
“Duly noted. Now kiss me again.”
“Your wish is my command darling.”

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Hi! I recently found your blog and it's amazing! I love your ships so could I also have one? I'm 5'8 with brown eyes and my hair is golden brown in a messy bob. I'm a sarcastic kinda antisocial introvert and often prefer to be by myself rather than with others. Well, that applies to everyone except my best friend who I can be with forever and never get drained, so when I find someone I really like I love just being with them. I love horseback riding, books and gymnastics and I'm really athletic.

Thank you, doll, of course you can have one! <3

I ship you with Darry. Knowing your personality, he works with it well and gives you plenty of time to have with yourself. He tries not to bother you, but if you need him, he’ll jump to his feet and do whatever it is you need in a heartbeat. Darry loves you to pieces and he always makes the time to witness your sports events. He likes that you do several different things. Darry is very protective of you, especially near the boys. He’ll place boundaries and make sure they don’t brush you the wrong way. Darry does enjoy affection, but he only does so with your permission and when you’re comfortable. (I hope you like this, dear)

I never knew that I would fall this hard for you, but god there is not a single thing wrong with you and your care and compassion light up my world. I can not go a single day with out thinking about you. The way your hair is so long and messy drives me crazy, I love it. I love the way you tell corny jokes and say sarcastic things that make me giggle. I love how when it takes me forever to respond to a text you ask if I am okay…because I need to be checked on sometimes. You care for me so much and are so kind. I have never met a guy like you before and all I can be is thankful and all I can do is hope you love me like I love you.
—  The things I want to say to you

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S: -Caassuaally sneaks up behind Peach and gently taps him on the arm- S- S'cuse me... Have you seen my brother....? He's tall... Has messy hair... Brown....? Tall? He's uhm... Should be with me... I lost him...

i-i havent seen your brother but…
ohmycompany! Sierra where have you been?? i thought something terrible happened, i- //he picks her up gently but holds her close/
I missed you so much! Did.. did i do something wrong? did i drive you away?
d-did i hurt you or something?
i…. I thought i hurt you…. i thought… i thought you were gone forever, i was so worried,,,


HS AU Short Comic: The Lady Doctor

I’m not really sure about the title, but I wrote it in pen, and now it’s forever.

I’m still getting used to the short format, so the storytelling in this one is a bit messy.  In short, though, it’s a humanstuck AU about Caliborn and Calliope, very loosely based on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  Calliope’s parts were written with my right hand, Caliborn’s with my left.  Extra clarification for his parts can be found in full-view, since my left-handed writing is terrible.

Pairing: Bokuto/Akaashi
Theme: static

“Hey, Kuroo?”

Kuroo Tetsurou woke up four hours past midnight, four hours into a brand new day due to the ringing of his phone. Blearily, he peered at the incessantly bright screen, scowling as he pushed his messy hair out of the way. “What… dude, it’s four… do you know what that number is? Too early to be awake.”

“I’ve got a question. About physics.”

“You have a test today? Shoot.”

“Can a person be all static-y forever? Because, you know, every time Akaashi touches me lately, it’s weird. It’s like when in winter and you take off a wool sweater. Except it’s not just one time. It’s constantly. So that’s why I was wondering; maybe he’s got all those electrons or–”

“Oi, this isn’t physics,” Kuroo muttered tiredly, managing a smile before hanging up. “Figure it out. Night. Or, well, morning, since you woke me up and all…”

Kuroo was vastly unhelpful, leaving Bokuto to fret over this issue by himself and cause absolutely no sleep before school that day.

Rubbing his eyes tiredly, Akaashi’s call of his name had him the most alert he’d been all day. Straightening, Bokuto hopped out of the way, narrowly avoiding feeling Akaashi’s hand against his shoulder. Grinning, he rested his hands on his hips and puffed his chest proudly. “Hey there!!! Any wool sweaters today?!”

“…It’s spring,” Akaashi said slowly, eyes narrowed suspiciously at Bokuto’s behavior. When he took a step forward, hand still outreached, Bokuto immediately mirrored the movement. They continued the dance until Bokuto headed about two steps too much into the net, fumbling from its grasps until Akaashi grabbed his shirt and pulled him back.

And then he felt it.




Expression impassive as he let go to Bokuto and watched him scuttle away, Akaashi took a full ten seconds to figure out what was going on, deciphering both his gibberish and flailing hand motions. Sighing, he took a large step, leaned in and kissed him firmly, hands not touching him at all.

And then when he pulled back, he locked eyes with Bokuto. Raising a hand, he pressed it to his chest.

“Any static?”

Bokuto gawked and it took several mechanical movements of his jaw before he was able to speak.

“I… I can’t feel anything…”

“Good. Problem solved. Now let’s get to practice.”

Walk of Shame (Steve Rogers x Reader)

a/n: I FINALLY FOUND TME. I’M SO SORRY THAT THIS TOK FOREVER AND ITS ONLY THE 2nd ONE. I HAVE 13 MORE NOW. On the plus, I really hope that you guys enjoy this.

Prompt: Can you do a one shot where the reader is an avenger and the rest of the avengers (who don’t know they’re together) catch Steve coming out of her room in the morning with messy sex hair and they confront both of them later? By the way you write AMAZING stories!!!! 😍😍

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Connor’s not sure when exactly it happened, when Oliver stopped being that guy I sleep with and became the only guy I want to sleep with for the rest of my life. It happened gradually, he thinks, when he wasn’t paying attention.

He went to bed with Oliver holding him and woke up strewn atop Oliver who had rolled over onto his back in the night. Oliver’s snoring, hair messy, one hand curled into the comforter, the other wrapped protectively around Connor’s shoulder.

And Connor knows, this is the guy I want to spend forever with.

So there he is, wrapped up in a sleeping Oliver, having an existential crisis. What does he do? Does he propose? Do they get married and move to the suburbs? Buy a house with a garage? Adopt a few kids?

What if that isn’t what Oliver wants? Does he even know what Oliver wants?

Oliver’s hand twitches in his sleep, fingers tightening on Connor’s shoulder, pulling him closer. “‘ove you,” Oliver mumbles into Connor’s hair.

Okay, so maybe Oliver’s always made it obvious what he wants. Connor laughs, relief blooming, washing away unfounded fears.

He’d ask and Oliver would say yes. Just like when he suggested they move in together, and Oliver insisted they go to Lowe’s right now and get another key made to apartment 303. Oliver smiled so wide that night, Connor didn’t think that strange fluffy feeling in his chest would ever go away.

It’s back now, vibrant and pulsating and Connor can’t stop laughing.

He decides to ask Oliver the minute he wakes up.

He waits a full 30 seconds before deciding it’s taking too long and shakes Oliver’s shoulder.

“Huh? Connor?” Oliver asks, voice sleep-rough. He blinks a few times, then rubs at his eyes with the hand that had gripped the comforter. The other still sits on Connor’s shoulder even as Connor pushes himself up on his elbows to look down at Oliver’s face. “Is everything okay?”

“Marry me,” Connor says.

Oliver stills. He blinks again, slower and longer. “Am I dreaming? I’m dreaming aren’t I?””

“No.” Connor crawls up over him to kiss him on the lips. “It’s Tuesday morning. The alarm’s going to go off in three minutes. We stayed up too late last night watching Netflix, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Oliver’s eyes are wide open now. And there’s that smile again, just like at the Lowe’s, wide and toothy and breathtaking. “Connor.”

“I love you, Oliver. Will you marry me?”

Yes.” Oliver pulls Connor down for another kiss, and, when Connor eagerly returns it, rolls him into the mattress.

They don’t make it in to work that day.

But in a few years, they get that house with a garage in the suburbs. And not long after that, they adopt some kids.

Connor’s not sure when exactly he became the luckiest guy alive. Oh, wait. Yes he does. It was when Oliver said, “I do.”

Not getting anything done tonight so have this quick warmup I did of teen Dipper and Mabel.

I like to think they both get the strong Pines’ family jawline and messy hair. Mabel’s hair is probably all different colors at one point. Just cause she can. And Dipper just forgets to actually do anything to his hair. Like me.

Mabel will forever be taller than Dipper and you can’t change my mind.

In case you never noticed there are a lot of similarities between Nico di Angelo and Damian Wayne. They’re both dark skinned black haired boys who’s hair gets messy too long when you leave them alone too long. they’re both a little too hung up on death. They were both born and raised outside the US by non-American mothers. they’re both brooding, grumpy and rude, as well as sarcastic and hate any one to see their feelings. They’re both a little too in love with their blades. they both have grim dark fathers who scare every one but turn out to be really great dads. I could go on forever here, but one more, They both have/had a murderous relationship with a older black haired blue eyed hero/big brother, so I guess what I’m saying is, when will Damian confess that his whole fight with Tim his because he didn’t know how to handle his baby crush? also can we get Damian an adorable blond doctor boyfriend stat? wait….. blond, son of Apollo….. its about time Green Arrow got a new side kick

How You Get The Girl // George Weasley

Y/F/N = Your full name
Y/E/C = Your eye color

Y/H/C = “ hair ”

His P.O.V

Y/F/N, Damn she’s fine. But she doesnt know who I am, I guess. But I know that she doesnt give a damn about me at the moment. The Yule Ball is only a few days from now and I have no date.

Talk about boy problem number 29387

“Isn’t that Y/N” Fred said and nudged me. Yep, it is her. She was with a few of her friends probably talking about the up coming ball. “I heard no one’s asked her yet” Fred said. And this brought my hopes up.

I was staring at her. I could do it forever. Her Y/H/C hair in a messy bun. Her Y/E/C eyes probably twinkling at something. Only if I could get near her. She looked at me and smiled. I waved at her and she waved back.

“Damn, you are in love” Fred said. “You should go ask her out”

“Yeah like how?” I stated. He shrugged and said “Get her out of that herd of girls and take her somewhere and stuff and then ask her romantically ‘Will you go to the ball with me?’”

“Sounds easy” Sarcasm was every evident from my voice. “No seriously. GO!” He said and pushed my shoulder lightly. “Okay. Okay”

I plucked out courage and started going to her direction. When I was near, I wanted to back out immediately and run, especially when her friends started staring at me.

Shit, this sure isnt good.

“Uhh…. Y-Y/N” I stuttered. She batted her eyes at me and smiled sweetly. “Yeah?”

“Can I talk to you for a minute? Privately” I said with a smile escaping my lips. “Sure. See you guys later” She said to her friends and they started walking away. As soon as I knew that they were out of earshot. I looked at her.

“Y/N” I breathed out

“George” she said



“Okay. You see. I was kinda wondering something….” I trailed off. She looked at me curiously and nodded her head slowly telling me to go one. “You know that the Yule Ball is coming up, and all….” THIS. IS. BAD.

“Aaannnnddd??” She said dragging the word.

“I kinda like, like you so umm…. This sounds stupid but,would to the ball with me?” I said. A few seconds passed and I was scared to death. mErLiN hElP mE

I closed my eyes tightly but before I knew it, arms were wrapped around my neck. “Its not stupid. So yes” she said in a muffled way.

“Yes?” I said and I couldn’t believe it.


“HELL YEAH SHE SAID YES” I shouted and a few people were staring at me. She laughed a bit and poked my cheek. “See you later then” She said and waved bye to me and I waved back

“Yes huh?” Fred said and I nodded still shocked by the events


oi hi

@aksarah How bout some Grauntie Ford? Sorry if you were actually looking for something more but whatever Ford is, she will always be this mess of a scientist. Messy hair, bags forever under her eyes, covering every part of her body, but the fun Grauntie none the less. She’s the only grauntie but no one is counting