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Lead Me Home [Part Four]

summary: As a young girl, you sat next to Bucky Barnes every single day on the bus, claiming your rightful spot as his best friend. But as the two of you grow older, Bucky and you seem to grow closer together in a way that neither of you expected.

word count: 1,137 words

warning(s): lots & lots of cursing, angst, a breakup

pairing: bucky x reader

note:  I’m sorry it took so long to get up. All of you who are supporting this series make me so happy and I’m thankful for you. This chapter was really hard for me to write, but all cutesy, good, things must go through rough patches to get even cutesier. [TAGS ARE OPEN]


In sophomore year, you were crowned queen of your school by the popular crew. You had seen shows like Gossip Girl where girls like Blair Waldorf ruled the school and had their “minions” who would follow them to the ends of the earth, and your school was exactly the same. Natasha Romanoff had thought you were the coolest, most pretty, underclassmen and you deserved the title of “Queen.” She had convinced the other girls to find you a posse and they were going to initiate you the day of their senior prom. You were finally getting what you had always wanted, you were finally going to be a part of Bucky’s world.

But, Bucky couldn’t have been more displeased when he found out what his friends were planning. He tried to convince them that they should choose someone else and that you weren’t the right type. All of his friends laughed it off, not thinking anything of his protests. You were Steve Rogers’ girlfriend, you were one of the most feared girls at your high school. You were one of the homecoming princesses - the youngest princess in the court. You had become one of the most popular girls in school just by changing how you dressed and who you associated yourself with. You were the girl who everyone else wanted to become but couldn’t.

“How could you do this to me?”

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Abort Mission 3-Stiles AU


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When I finally arrive at our shared apartment for the mission I find Scott waiting for us in a worried state.

‘’WHERE’S THE OTHER ONE ?’’ he asks referring to Stiles as he hugs me.

‘’Dead’’I answer and he pulls back

‘’REALLY ?!’’ anxiety spread all over his features

‘’No, but I wish..’’ and just as I say that the door opens revealing the subject of discussion, the man himself.

‘’YOU KNOW YOU COULD’VE WAITED FOR ME !’’ he yells and Scott backs away a bit.

‘’not my fault you’re slow’’ I say uninterested.

‘’She stole the motorcycle I’d stolen and left me in a burlesque club with two of them !, chasing me down ! ‘’ he lets out.

‘’Right…this is my cue to go..’’ Scott says.

‘’Scott ? where do you sleep ?’’ I ask.

‘’ in my car !’’ he yells excited and leaves the room

‘’ it is your fault’’ Stiles sighs.

‘’ how ?’’ I ask cleaning my guns blowing once through the hole.

‘’ it’s obvious you don’t want me as a partner , but it is your job, and this is a shared mission. We have to share’’ he protests taking off his wet jacket shirt and bowtie , staying in the tuxedo pants.

‘’ don’t be so full of yourself Stilinski, this has nothing to do with you. I work alone and that’s that’’ I say placing my guns back in their place, letting go of my sheet.

Then suddenly Stiles grabs my shoulders and pushes me against the glass huge window sort of wall. The night’s street lights make his eyes sparkle for a second .

I can easily knee his private parts and escape, but I am not doing so , because his facial expression is not the jerky-cocky one he always wears. He seems serious.

‘’ we’re both smart enough to know I am not the one who is full of himself’ he says in a low whisper letting go of my shoulder , but I still stay there.

‘’ so my question is, how did he die ?’’ he says and I close my eyes.

‘’who ?’’

‘’ your previous partner..’’ and then I slap him.

I slap him hard and he takes it chuckling. I leave him and head towards the drawers. He stays there looking out the glass, when he opens the door and goes to the balcony , with a fag. I simply put one of my grey t-shirts and head to bed.


Minutes later I smell the smoke as he enters the room again. I feel him grabbing one of the pillows and then distancing himself. I assume he is heading for the couch.

‘’ you can sleep here ‘’ I say and then internally facepalm , Listen in all honesty I hate this guy, but if he has a sore back and dark eye circles tomorrow ,he won’t be able to perform well , and it is all about the job ( bout the job , no trouble HAHAHAH )

I feel his weight on the bed. And then hear a sigh.

Then I hear a mumble , as if he says something but it is not clear. However being a complete egoist and making out a double rr I choose to believe he says a faint sorry.




I am in this state of half awake half asleep but slightly more asleep , when I hear barking. The sweet sound of a barking dog.


He is lying in bed  with his lips open , saliva dripping on the pillow , when he smiles and starts mumbling

‘’good boy , good boy ‘’ in his sleep.



I open my eyes wanting to pet the cute fluffy masterpiece of God , but the only thing I can see when I open them is Y/N holding her mobile , replaying the sound of a dog barking. I tosh her a pillow but she grabs it mid air.

‘’ you’re a terrible person !’’ I yell

‘’ I’m not sure you even are a person . Nothing woke you up besides that’’ she says and I get up . on the table she has already opened her files , and my laptop. I get up stretch and yawn.




‘’ Liam Dunbar’’ she says bluntly.

‘’ your boyfriend ?’’ I ask taking a sip of her coffee. She grabs the coffee , from my hand replacing it on the table.

‘’ our next target’’ she says looking at the files.

‘’ so it is your boyfriend’’ I pull the chair and sit down.

‘’ you know what is weird about him ?’’ she asks.

I place my chin on the table looking at her.

‘’ tell me. Does he have a weird sex toy fetish ?’’ I ask and she rolls her eyes.

‘’ he is not exactly a target..’’  

What ?

I turn the laptop so that I can look at the screen. Bank accounts, clear , business checks, id checks, there seems nothing wrong with his files.

‘’ what is he then ?’’ I ask looking through the copies in the envelope.

‘’ a suspect. ‘’

‘’ is that some sort of foreplay ?’’ I ask and smirk.

‘’ he is a suspect for a murder , 8 years ago.’’ She informs me showing me a high school’s photo.

I decide to open the file and read for myself.

‘’ Eleanor Noble, murdered , at her school’s prom , 8 years ago. Liam was her boyfriend ?’’ I ask

‘’ yes , there were many suspects , all questioned but police had too many dead ends, so they turned it into a cold case.’’

‘’ so why is he our target now ?’’

‘’ because . look at this !’’ she opens another file. It is a video tape of a cctv camera, showing Liam, killing a guy. Then Y/N  zooms on the guy’s uniform and we see the sign of my company.

‘’ guess this is personal…’’ I mumble.

‘’ he killed one of yours , but look at our orders.’’ She gives me our file.


‘’ our bosses don’t want him dead. They want him in prison. ‘’ she continues.

‘’so , we have to prove he murdered Eleanor ,8 years ago…?’’ I ask and she nods.

‘’ How ?’’ is my next question.

‘’ there is a reunion party. This weekend., Liam was in the top 10 council students , and so are our characters. We are responsible to organize the party. In fact , we are supposed to be there in 10’’’ she shows me an address.

‘’ Reunion ? wait . we can’t fake our characters. These people will remember their co-students’’ I protest and she pulls out the fake ids.

‘’ Sameen Jacobs and Andrew Halst ‘’ she reads out loud.

‘’this Is too risky , and if we involve police , it will blow our cover’’  I get up sighing. Why not kill him . why did he kill one of ours?

‘’ I know. Which is why , our characters are real..’’ she says and pulls out a yearbook of 2006. She opens a page and points at a  girl in a cheerleader’s uniform.

‘’sameen Jacobs -I don’t want your boyfriend nobody wants your boyfriend. That’s why he is with you- ‘’ I read


‘’damn sameen , you were a proper bitch back then. ‘’ I say and smirk but why is se smirking more. SHE CAN’T WIN THE SMIRKING CONTEST. WHY IS SHE SMIRKING MORE ?

‘’wait……show me Andrew Halt’’ I say and she bursts out laughing. SHE LAUGHS LOUDLY


‘;what ? what is it ? show me !’’ I scream and she turns the page.

Her finger traces the name Andrew Halt.

‘’ Andrew Halt- does it matter what I write here ? nobody will read it anyway..- ‘’ I see the picture of a curly haired chubby boy full with acne , wearing glasses , and having a huge brown birth mark on his forehead. Y/N laughs even more.


I point at me


I point at the picture.

‘’ relax Halt, Just don’ talk to me , you will ruin my popularity..’’ she mocks me.

‘’ the question is…where is the real sameen and Andrew. ‘’




‘’sameen ?’’


‘’ OMG Andrew ! it’s been forever!’’

‘’wait ..where are we…?’’

‘’ why are there cute boys in bathing suits , hawain beauties , and drinks everywhere?’’

‘’ who cares ! ‘’



‘’we should get going’’ I say and get up. I choose to wear something that the grown up sameen would. A pair of skinny jeans and a green shirt that shows of my boobs. I curl my hair slightly as were Sameens and choose to give justice to the geeks  out there getting bullied by cheerleaders by putting on a pair of glasses. Stiles on the other hand , wears a black sweater and his jeans.

We walk down the stares and find Scott, asleep in his car. Stiles enters and slowly kisses his cheek,

‘’ no mom , five more minutes’’ Scott whispers.


‘’ but I’m Cumming now’’  Stiles says in his low manly voice and Scott opens his eyes widely. I laugh.




We arrive at this high school, and are guided in a gym, where the party for the reunion will be held. There are waiters, and party organizers and plants being moved , and tabled added. We see a door saying council and assume we must enter.

‘’wait!’’ I stop Stiles from knocking.

‘’what ?’’ he asks.,

‘’we can’t go together , I was the prom’s queen and you were Yoda, if they see us together they will never buy it’’ I let him know as he steps away leaving me to enter first.

Once inside I notice 7 people , sitting around a table.

‘’ could it be Sameen Jacobs ?’’ a blonde girl with nip tacked lips and fake implants ( my best friend I assume ) says and I hug her.

‘’ in flesh’’ I lie in a high pitch voice. I look around for Liam , but he seems to not have arrived yet.

‘’ not all of us here …’’ I ask and then there is a knock on the door. Stiles enters.

‘’ oh my god ! who is that?’’ that girl says.

‘’ I think…blind me, I think it is Andrew.’’ I fake my surprise.

‘’geeky Andy ?’’ she asks and I nod.

‘’time’s been good on him,!’’ she exclaims before rushing to hug him. Stiles hugs her back.




This girl hugs me while I try to look for Liam around the room.

‘’what happened to your birth mark Andy?’’ she asks.

‘’ lazer removal incredible huh ?’’ I comment and soon more girls gather around me.



I show Stiles my middle finger from a distance and turn to one of the guys.

‘’isn’t there supposed to be one more? ..Dunbar  ?’’ I ask.

‘’yeah , but I don’t think he is coming. In fact it would be best if he didn’t’’ he says disgust.

‘’why ?’’

‘’well after what happened. You remember, with Eleanor at the prom. Most of us still blame him. He would do us a favor by not showing u-

The door opens and in comes a mesmerizing guy with marvelous walk in an expensive suit. His blue eyes lock with mine, and I spontaneously smile.

‘’fuck’’ the guy I had been asking mumbles.

‘’ oh , Dunbar..you came’’ that girl says and turns back to Stiles., But now Stiles notices Liam . And smiles at him.

He seems me and then wonders off at my smile.

‘’BOYFRIEND’’ he shapes with his lips.

Well at least I don’t have to kill this guy. However , everyone in the room ., looks like they want to. They stare at Liam  as if he is the world’s worst criminal.

We are asked to sit around the table and start organizing the reunion. Liam takes a seat next to me.  Stiles raises a brow.

‘’ I have here … the playlist of 06’s prom’’ a girl says excited. Liam looks at the floor.

‘’ ah , the prom. Yes , I remember falling into the punch, dancing with my cousin, and getting diarrhea from the cupcakes..’’ Stiles says trying to stay in character.

‘’ what if , this year , you just keep the falling from that sentence?’’ that girl asks him holding his hand.

Stiles pretends to chuckle at her cheap line showing off his dimples. She stares at him. God Stiles we are on a job.

‘’let’s not stall this , continue with the preparations…’’ I say and Stiles smirks.

‘’oh of course it is boring for you Jacobs, it was all perfect for you back then !’’ Stiles slightly chokes in that sentence earning aw’s from the girls.

‘’well it was years ago , Andrew so , why don’t we put this behind us , and carry ON WITH OUT JOBS’’ I say the last one through gritted teeth.

‘’ they only thing I will put behind you is-

‘’Soo , should we decorate the walls as well ?’’ I cut him off keeping the conversation going.

After we have solved almost everything. We decide to have a break. I head out to get some fresh air.


‘’You’ve changed…’’ I hear a raspy voice and turn to see Liam

‘’ well it’s been 8 years’’ I comment . he moves closer and places his hand on my chest.

‘’ I mean here…’’

Shit I am not in character enough.

‘’well all- I am about to say something bitchy but he cuts me off.

‘’ I like it..’’ he says. And smiles but then his smile fades.

‘’ Liam , everyone thought you were not gonna come..’’ I change subject.

‘’ yeah well , everyone thought I was not gonna make it in law school , everyone thought I was not gonna come..’’


‘’ everyone thought you killed Eleanor’’ I whisper and his look changes. As If I bring back memories. What if he did not kill her ? what if he really is in pain.

‘’do you ?’’ he asks and I honestly can’t answer.

‘’ i think , whatever happened you regret it…’’ I move closer trying to use my charm.


‘’EHEM!’’ we turn to see Stiles with both his hands behind his back , tapping his foot.

‘’ may I speak to miss Jacobs ?’’ he asks and I furrow my brows annoyed.

‘’Not really , I was kinda talking to her. Besides you hate her right ?’’ Liam raises and eyebrow and I want to laugh because


‘’ I am not leaving until I speak to her’’ Stiles says and before I can do anything Liam is pulling my waist close to him and his lips land against mine. As soon as he realizes what he is doing he pulls away with widened eyes and moves his fingers awkwardly through his hair. I quickly look at Stiles


‘’ sorry..’’ Liam says and turns to leave.

‘’ no wait !’’ I call but he keeps on walking away until he has left completely.

I look back at Stiles.



Why can’t we kill this guy ? maybe prison is not enough ,.. I mean he did kill somebody.

‘’Listen Y/N , ‘’ I begin. And she stutters awkwardly.



We both say at once, and then widen our gazes.

‘’ you fancy him!’’ I protest and point at her.

‘’ you’re jealous !’’ she points at me.

‘’ no I talked to the rest guys and figured out what happened. He is the only one who does not have an alibi. ‘’

‘’ and he seems sad Stiles really sad’’ She says.

‘’So ? killers can feel sadness.’’

‘’  but not sorrow..’’