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If I Had A Star (Lin x Reader)

Word Count: 9,636 (YIKES)

Warnings: swears, little nsfw


Summary: a series of short stories to your forever. 

(each bolded word starts a new short story, the horizontal lines also divide each story.)

Dedicated to:

@hamilton-noodles Jo is a blessing to this earth. THE MOST eloquent person I have ever come across. I personally give this story to her, and all the stars in the sky. I want to publicly thank her for being one of the best people I have ever met (PERIOD) I love her so much and she is my bestest of the best friends. 

@adolescenthowell RACHAEL was my first friend on this blog and I want to thank her for reading my shit, facetiming me when I need motivation to write, and most importantly sticking by me. She is so talented and I love her. 

@fanfrickinhamiltasticimagines Sophie is the kindest human being alive. I want to give her all my thanks for proof reading for me. She is an amazing human being and so so out of this world talented. Love ya girl!

@whatdimissmotherfuckers Ruby for being such an adorable little bean. She’s the most giving yet still sassy person ever and I admire her self confidence. I hope you keep doing you babe. Her art and writing is the BESTEST. AND I ALSO LOVE HER DEARLY.

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If life had worked out perfectly; you would have never met him. You took the wrong train going downtown. Stupid, you knew, but being a first time New Yorker was hard. You wandered the streets aimlessly until you found a subway station late at night, hoping and praying you’d be able to find your way back home, your phone having died hours ago. You sat on a bench tapping your foot anxiously waiting for your train going up when a subway car rattled its way to your station. You were passing the doors when you saw a man runselfning down the length of the aisles in the subway car, singing loudly with a pair of headphones on. He didn’t notice you immediately, but when his eyes finally fell on you he practically tore off his headphones and stopped dead in his tracks. You gave him an awkward smile before he blushed red and returned one.

“Can you help me with directions?”

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One More Time (Newt x Reader)

One More Time (Newt x Reader) -Angst

Summary: You were in love with Newt from the moment you met him, but he was unavailable to you. So you settled for being best friends. Newt has a bad habit of saying I love you to you and nothing pissed you off more. 

Word Count: 2520 - I know short haha :)) -

Characters: Reader, Newt, Alby, Thomas, Winston, Gally, Chuck Teresa, Minho, Ben, Frypan, and Aiden (OC)

Warnings: light swearing, homophobia, gayness, character death, use of gun, slight gore, implied mentions of sex, and slight pyromania

Author’s Note: I know this took me forever because I’m a shitty person and a procrastinator plus I mean I started all over again. Anyways props to @writing-obrien to helping me edit and for being literally the best person ever. 

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Lipstick Stains: Part 9

Originally posted by kurkcantalimadonna

Notes: This one’s a little short, and took forever to put out, but I hope you enjoy nonetheless :)


Word Count: 1k+

Song: Jaymes Young - What Is Love

Warnings: Implied smut, negative thoughts, probably a swear or two.

You pushed Dean through your front door as the two of you continued to kiss, breaking it so you could smile and laugh.

You reached your hand back around and closed the door, trying to fumble with the blinds before giving up and returning your hand to Dean’s neck.

“My room,” you murmured as you pulled away to catch your breath.

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anonymous asked:

Are requests still open? O: I know you've got a lot right now (take your time, if anyone complains then theyre, pardon my language, /fuckin rude ass people/) but if you end up getting to it at some point in this lifetime, may I have a short request to their gf saying she'll share her peanut m&m's with them? (This probably sounds really strange but I don't share my peanut m&m's with /anyone/ they're like drugs to me I swear, and I don't tend to eat many sweets either but they're an exception lol)

This made me laugh so hard but also made me super happy like you don’t even understand xD I know this took forever and I’m sorry I hope you like it~

Gifs aren’t mine

Seokjin was actually really touched that you would share something that you loved so much with him - especially if that something was food. He’d tell everyone that would listen that he got to eat some of your favorite food and they didn’t, a wide smile on his face the entire time.

Yoongi tried to act very nonchalant about the whole thing, but the gummy smile on his face as he savored the food you’d given him gave away how he really felt, though he didn’t really care that you knew; he didn’t mind if you teased him so long as you continued sharing with him.

Hoseok was almost giddy as you offered him some of your favorite food, nearly forgetting the food completely as he beamed at you and told you he loved you over and over again. He would eventually take the food from you, popping it into his mouth and eating it like there was no tomorrow.

Namjoon loved that you were offering your favorite food to him, but he didn’t want to take it from you if it made you so happy. So, instead, he acted jokingly disgusted by the food, scoffing and saying he didn’t like them; it made you laugh, and you got to eat all of what made you so happy, so it was a win-win for both of you.

Jimin actually was touched that you would share your favorite food with him, but he was going to over-dramatisize his reaction; he would act over-the-top as he “graciously” accepted the food from you, only to laugh and mutter a sincere thanks before eating what you’d given him.

Taehyung would assure you that you didn’t have to offer him any of your food, especially since it was your favorite, but he’d take what you’d offered and eat it before you could try to take it back, not wanting to miss his chance at eating the food that you loved so much.

Jungkook would end up making a joke about the whole thing, pretending to get flustered as he took a step back and asked if you were sure that you were ready for that step in the relationship. Of course, he’d snatch the food from you before you could take it back, grinning all the while.

well well well,, it’s been a short and honestly frickin’ wild ride (no swears cause trying to keep a clean image for the youths™) but we finally hit 1k,, haha what i’m not late guys 2k !!! (look i know i said i would do a follow forever at 1k but guess what i didn’t so what are you gonna do about it, huh?) anyways i want to keep it short and sweet but ~  holyy molyyy guys i haven’t even had this blog a full 2 months yet??? like that’s absolutely wild ~

so in the short time i’ve had this blog i’ve made some awesome friends and met a lot of people with a lot of cool blogs and basically i’m so thankful to everyone who puts up with me and actually reblogs my shit and sends me messages and asks like you guys are all so amazing,, so uhh basically everyone on here i’m giving you a hug or just a high five if you’re not into hugs or even just supportive, excited jazz hands because i love you all so much 💕 💕

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MGG and I were both at Endless Night and I swear to god I felt my soul leave my body when I realized who I was dancing next to.

I was too shy to approach him by myself (we had lost someone we were with so my bestie went to find her and took forever) so I made a friend with someone else who noticed him. She grabbed me, hugged me, and dragged me along to take a picture with him. He is TALL and I am SHORT so his glorious goofball face eclipsed me, but then I saw him later at the bar (dude was getting some srs double tequila something) and I got a picture with him, me and my friend that was lost/found.

Nobody could figure out what his costume was, but his GF was dressed as a maid? You can’t really tell but his hat was covered in sequins, so he kind of stuck out at a party full of vampires. 

Anyway, dreams really do come true, kids!

Due to popular demand on a post I made of how I was thinking of creating a network, I have decided to finally create one! Also thank you for 2.5k followers :). Okay, so here’s the info

rules & applying

➳ mbf me

➳ fill out this form (its super short i swear)

➳ reblog! likes will not count, only for bookmarking


➳ group chats

➳ internet friends who’ll defend you from haters duh

➳ a cool network page on your blog (which i still need to make)

➳ people to reblog your selfies and writing and creations

➳ it’ll just be hella rad ok

increase your chances

➳ come talk to me I don’t bite

➳ seriously you will make your way to my heart just by sending a message

➳ if you follow my insta (ask me for it) i will love you forever and ever

➳ tag me in stuff or use the #social casualties network cause that will be cool

I’ll be picking around 10 people, maybe less or maybe more. I’ll choose when this posts gets a decent amount of notes OR at the end of February. Thanks for all who said they would join, I’m so excited! Good luck :)


prompts: i had two requesting this fic and the idea has been haunting me forever. i couldn’t not write it ;D

genre: smut (what else would it be at this point sigh)

warnings: swearing, toys (fleshlight), masturbation uwu

word count: 998 (nice)

A/N: surprise mother truckers, i bring you something that isn’t really written a lot. i know it’s short, but bare with me, i think you will enjoy it…. i hope. i uploaded a fic last night, didn’t i? wow i’m on fire. okay well here’s this mess. hope you like <3

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uh so i hit 7k and i felt like doing a short follow forever cause yeha. also thats my dog i love her (i love u guys 2 but i love her more lmfao). i sweaR these things get shorter everytime ?? this was like 15 out of 223 people im following wow i must really love u guys

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Carol & Daryl / Michonne & Rick - One More Day With A Chance

►Please watch in 720p [HD] + headphones

FINALLY Done. OOOH! I’M SO PISSED AT SONY VEGAS RIGHT NOOOW!!! Vegas refused to cooperate. It crashed at least ten times while I was working on this and then stopped running half way through rendering. SO, yep I know it’s too short but I swear it took FOREVER O_O