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emmit-gical  asked:

Ok how do I put this...I literally just started following you. Like three seconds ago. And I went through your #my cosplay tag. And omg damn! You look absolutely ravishing. ;) I love all of the pictures of you cosplaying. It amazing!

Awww thank you so much! I really appreciate that! It’s such a fun hobby and I’m glad you enjoy it!

wewontbesleeping  asked:

For the Taylor ask thing: 1989 and All Too Well

1989: what time perioud should you have been born in?

This question always fascinates me tbh. I’d love the 1920s. But also I like my rights as a woman. So Idk tbh

all too well: what’s your favorite taylor memory?

I’ll give you my top 5:

1) When I Saw Haunted Live

2) When Taylor Followed Me and I fell in the floor hyperventilating and my dad asked if I needed an ambulance 😂😂

3) The Time I actually threw up because I thought Taylor liked my winter formal pictures but it was actually @taylorswrft

4) meeting Sienna at the 1989 world tour!

5) Both My first Song on guitar and mandolin were Taylor songs (WANEGBT and OOTW

LEO: You really don’t want to admit it, because it’s a pretty ridiculous thought, but you’re scared of what being fully healed from the heartaches you’ve experienced entails. Because you aren’t sure of who you are when you aren’t hurting and you don’t know how to observe the world with unclouded eyes. It’s okay to be apprehensive of the sides of yourself that you haven’t had many opportunities to become acquainted with. While you may know yourself better than anybody else, that doesn’t mean that you need to be an expert on all things you. It’s okay to still be in the process of meeting yourself and figuring out who you are. You aren’t racing the clock.

VIRGO: You’re finally embracing the things you’ve been talking about doing for so long, but something feels off about it and you don’t know why. Because isn’t this the thing you’ve been working towards? Isn’t this the life you pictured yourself living after pulling yourself out of the gutter and onto the grass? I don’t think it’s right to assume that you’ve made the wrong decision here, but it’s important to remember that not everything you wrap your arms around is going to feel soft and easy to swallow. Sometimes the right decision has to hurt in order for it to be the right decision. Soon you’ll know if there’s anything that needs changing.

LIBRA: I know that trusting your instincts after being led astray so many times is a difficult thing for you to wrap your head around. You’re not the type to forget about the poor decisions you’ve made, or the mistakes you’ve given life to. However, road bumps and wrong turns aside, you are still a person worth listening to. It may seem as though everybody else has a map showing them the route to success and that yours was lost in the mail, but I’m going to let you in on a secret: nobody has a clue, a lot of us are just really good at acting as if we are. You haven’t fallen behind, you’re running with the wolves.

SCORPIO: Everyone assumes that you have a lot of love in your life but, while it’s easy to pinpoint a handful of people that have handled your heart with the utmost care, it’s easier to identify those that haven’t. At the end of the night the latter is what plagues your thoughts and wrings the tears out of your eyes, and admitting to that seems like a sign of weakness. But I want you to know that you aren’t obligated to live up to the expectations that the world holds for you. You’re allowed to make your own goals and visit your own places of interest. And the people that can’t love you for that aren’t people that you need surrounding you, anyways.

SAGITTARIUS: You have a tendency to look for yourself in everybody you meet, stacking your personality traits up like chips in a poker game that you’re destined to lose. The problem here is that in order to do this it involves reducing yourself to the most basic of traits and that isn’t what you are. Just because you can rattle off a list of acquaintances that use humor to detract from a situation in the same way that you do, doesn’t mean that you’re a carbon copy conglomerate of the souls you’ve met and interacted with. You’re unique, and you’re a lot more than simply a list of shared qualities. There are parts of you that cannot be put into words.

CAPRICORN: Has anybody told you lately that they’re proud of you? I know that things have been piling onto your windowsill and that you haven’t had the energy to clean it off yet but you’re still standing tall and you’re still here and that’s something to be happy about. Celebrating the small victories isn’t something that you’re used to doing, but it’s time that you start; it’s time that you open your eyes to all of the things that you do on a daily basis that warrant praise and positive attention. An action doesn’t have to be monumental in order to be important. You do wonderful things each and every day.

AQUARIUS: It’s been difficult to get back into the depths of your passion because there’s a really loud voice in your head saying that it isn’t worth it. A feeling of insecurity welling up in your throat and spilling out of your mouth whenever you open it to speak. Sure, your dream is big. Cynics may have told you that it isn’t worth pursuing. But there’s a reason that you’re chasing what you are, right? It’s because it makes you happy, and it makes you feel whole. And I know that it can be incredibly discouraging to stumble over things you care about, but you just have to keep walking despite all of that. Your goals are worth it.

PISCES: Lately you’ve been haunted by the memories of people that only came into your life to take. The nightmares have become an almost regular guest in your bed, taking the sheets and kicking your shins every night like clockwork. I want you to know that what you need to do in order to gain closure over the unkind past seems terrifying because it is. I also want you to know that you deserve to move on from those that have harmed your growth in the past. It may seem impossible to reach a place of contentment with the situation you’re picturing as you read this, but you’re more than capable of surviving what’s follow you. Allow yourself to thrive.

ARIES: Taking care of yourself still feels foreign, sometimes. Acting adult-like is an oversized jacket that you’re familiar with shrugging off and leaving at home despite the weather that requires its presence. There’s too much societal and social pressure to be fully grown all of the time, in my opinion. Not to say that you shouldn’t be responsible, or that you don’t already take care of the things that you need to, but you’re able to reevaluate what it means to be a successful human being. You aren’t chained to standards or rules or cookie-cutter definitions of “being a grown-up.” Don’t lose touch with the roots that mean so much to you.

TAURUS: Another ending, another heartbreak, another name written through the steam on your shower wall. It isn’t fair that you give so much and still only get apple cores and empty promises handed back to you. I know you’re starting to wonder if it really is a “you-thing,” if the absences you’ve needed to learn to exist around were created by your own hands in ignorance. While most failed connections falter on both sides of a line, that doesn’t mean you’re allowed to be mean to yourself for things that aren’t exclusively your fault. Being kind to yourself is a practice that will benefit you more than you know. It’s okay to give yourself a break.

GEMINI: Happiness is a lover that always sends you postcards but never tells you when they’re coming home. You’ve grown so accustomed to their quick scrawl reading “wish you were here” that you can almost predict each cards’ arrival after every new bout of sadness. It feels like your emotions enjoy mocking you a lot of the time, making you cry over your latest heartache while reminding you of the moments in which you felt nothing but pure and unfiltered joy. I can’t guarantee the continuous presence of bliss in your life, but I will say in confidence that it’ll always come back to you. Even when you think it won’t. Especially then.

CANCER: It’s a lot easier to let the dying embers of a fire fade into darkness than it is to stoke them back to life. I know that you’re tired of crouching next to weak flames, watching them flicker and refuse to glow despite your best efforts, and for good reason. Everybody knows that you deserve better from the world, that isn’t a question. How could you, the big-hearted lover of love, be destined for something as ugly as this? The answer is that you aren’t. Large, beautiful, fulfilling things are on their way, slowly but surely. Don’t forget that it won’t always feel like this. You won’t always view happy moments as a quick reprieve from the norm. Promise.

Soulmate AU where:

When your soulmate is eating something you can taste it on your lips, just slightly. And maybe feel it on your lips too, like the powder of a cinnamon donut, except you can’t lick it away, so you’re just stuck with it like ‘damn you asshole, lick your goddamn lips! This is annoying!’

If they’re having cravings you do too. Sometimes you’ll get cravings for what you’ve just eaten.

If you taste something like strawberry lip gloss you know their either getting ready for a night out or kissing someone. Or maybe they just like the taste.

You constantly lick your lips when they’re eating something you like because ‘oh gods this taste so good, what is it?’ or 'I haven’t had that in ages!’

You get jealous of the fact that they have such nice food ALL THE DAMN TIME.

When they’re eating something you don’t like you try to not lick your lips for so long. It gets annoying and is hard to do for a while so you just put on lip gloss. Then you think 'awe, man. What if they don’t like… And that’s why they put on lip gloss the other week?’

One day you try to send them a recipe. So you just, like, munch on a piece of toast, then lick some honey, then eat some banana so they’ll try your favourite meal and you’ll have that taste on your lips without actually eating it.

One day you think 'what kind of idiot eats peanut butter with jam - holy shit it’s an American! Or someone in America… Maybe they just like it? Oh god will I have to take 20-something hour flight to find them? Uuuhhhggghhh!’

You’re in the middle of a test but just can’t stop licking your lips because 'oh god glazed donuts…’

You can’t place a taste but you know you’ve tasted it before.

After going to Harry Potter world you realise 'it’s butterbeer!’ and then you try a butterbeer cappuccino or whatever and are just - 'goddamn it you jerk you ruined all my experiences!’

You start craving a signature dish from your town that is only served there. You go to the restaurant and see three people eating the meal, so you just walk up to the counter, order something that is nothing like the dish or something that you know that person hates because every time after you eat it you taste mouthwash.

You calmly sit down and just watch the people as you eat your meal. The person you least expected it to be - oh god it can’t be - looks up and is just like 'fuck’ and has that expression on their face.

They look around and see you. Their eyes widen at what you’re eating. You’re the only one eating it. You smirk and wave at them because 'haha sucker you laughed when I was teased about my soulmate and it’s you!’

Or one day you turn to your best friend like 'hey, can you see if anyone is eating -’ your eyes widened as you see they’re eating the EXACT MEAL you can taste.

Or a different ending where you follow a celebrity on Instagram and just see a picture of a steak with the caption being 'why the hell do I taste banana and honey… I’m eating a steak!’

And you just drop your toast. Your family stares at you as you squeal. Then you realise 'shit. That could be anyone.’ But you do taste steak… 'But anyone can be eating steak!’ You rush to the kitchen and pull out dark chocolate and go to the bathroom and start brushing your teeth.

Soon you see another picture of a steak and a caption of 'okay, now I’m tasting ANOTHER thing that clashes with my meal. Soulmate, please let me eat in peace… AND WHO HAS DARK CHOCOLATE AND TOOTHPASTE?!?! Will my future babies eat like this too? God save me…’

Something like that.

Because we are all emotional right now I felt like it would be a good time to spread some positive vibes when it comes to our beloved Choi Seunghyun. I don’t know how you guys feel about this, but it makes me even sadder when I want to go online and all the news about him are related to the scandel. Which is why I decided to do a little T.O.P. masterpost - starting with pre debute pictures of him being the cutie we all love!

Baby Seunghyun will always be one of the sweetest things on this planet

followed by the time when he started to lose weight and was known as “Tempo” plus his selfie game was 10/10 back then already

I mean look at this smug grin

and I don’t know how you guys feel like, but I have a special place in my hear for this haircut - especially the second picture with the baseball cap! Most people will probably say it was terrible, but I think it suited him 

pulling faces while eating or even talking on the phone to the camera - my aesthetic for sure 

Also, can we talk about this shot? I feel like this is the typical “come on, bro, I need a new profile pic for cyworld - and I wanna look really cool!” - “dude, how about we stick a patch on your cheek an- perfect! Now look at me like you looked at Seungri when he ate your favourite candy!”

oh and speaking of cyworld - last but not least: some of my most favourite pics! (feat. the baby dragon bc those two were the masters of taking stupid selfies)

It’s not much, but I hope you guys at least had to smile a bit. It always warms my heart when I see these pictures. The next masterpost will follow for sure! 

Feel free to add more pictures of him


Hi Guys!

Like I promissed, here is my 7k Follower Gift for you. The Toddler-Set!

Thank you all so much for your support, likes, kind and lovely words and messages, reblogs etc! Thats so breathtaking! Love you all! <3

The Set inclued:

- Wallpaper - 12 Swatches

- Carpet - 6 colors

- wood Floor 10 colors

- rugs - 10 Swatches

- Pictures - 6 for Boys and 6 for Girls

- Mattress - 20 colors from my own color Palette

- Blankets - 18 Swatches

- Curtain - Maxis Mesh - need Movie Hangout! - same Patterns as the blankets

Credits for the Meshes I used: thenumberswoman on TSR ( Rugs ), @mxims for Picture Frame and Blanket, @simspirashun for the seperated Mattress. All Meshes are inclued! I hope you like my Set!

Download - Simfileshare


aaaaaaaaa okay i absolutely ADORE these and im so excited to share them!! i’ve always wanted them for my game and now that thought has finally come into fruition :P

there are 3 deco meshes, one laying flat, one standing, and one thats on a slight angle (to look like it’s leaning), and each version has the 10 swatches pictures above. these are not cas items (though that may come in the future)

i’ve worked SO hard on these and so if you attempt to steal them or claim them as your own i will hunt you down >:( if you wanna recolor them, just follow my tou! let me know if you have any issues with the meshes. i don’t bite! and i never get asks so when i do get them i get really excited and reply super quick lol

enjoy them in your game!! post pictures and tag me!! i love seeing my content in people’s games :))))


Hey guys, can you help me out? If you have an instagram account, can you like all the pictures (or as many as you can) and maybe follow (totally don’t need to but it’ll be great)?? 

I’ll like your photos back and even follow back as many people I can!! :D

Message me if I missed you, ok?

(this is my psychology project… the professor pit us against each other)


I like it more because it’s bad
you know it deep down
now we don’t stop (you can’t stop)
be more honest

let’s stop looking and start studying for the exams
your parents and boss hate me
the video clips you watched, various pictures and tweets
gotta watch V app
i know that you like it, what do you do
stop it, you can analyze the MV later
you already have plenty of my pictures in your room
not one hour, but a year or two flashes by
this song is a reward I give you
you’re nice***

you’re not being punished
come here, you are my paradise
can’t close your eyes
can’t close your eyes
you may struggle but it won’t matter anymore
(don’t reject me)
just close your eyes and listen closely

follow the sound of the flute, follow this song
it may be a little dangerous but I’m very sweet
I’m here to save you, I’m here to ruin you
you’re the one who called me, see how it’s sweet
follow the sound of the flute

I’m takin’ over you
I’m takin’ over you

you know that it’s already begun
the moment you heard the sound
yeah maybe I’m a little dangerous
like a guy who leads you with a flute
you test me
I’m knowingly drawn to you like the fruit on the tree of knowledge

my flute wakes everything up
the sound of it makes you worry more
you react because you’re drawn to it
I play the flute endlessly
I am your guilty pleasure
you can never get out of this

you are not being punished
come here, I am your paradise
can’t close your eyes
can’t close your eyes
you may struggle but it won’t matter anymore
(don’t reject me)
just close your eyes and listen closely

follow the sound of the flute, follow this song
it may be a little dangerous but I’m very sweet
I’m here to save you, I’m here to ruin you
you’re the one who called me, see how it’s sweet

yeah I’m a little dangerous
I can’t handle myself either
don’t worry, my hands are
warm, warm only to you

if I am
ruining you
will you forgive me
because I can’t live without you
because I know

I’m takin’ over you
I’m takin’ over you

T/N: ***착해 means good natured/kind in korean, and has no sexual connotation linked to it at all.

trans by Kai @ bangtan tumblr do not take out or repost without permission.

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Giveaway ends October 31st 11:59pm EST.

Imagine being Dean’s daughter and announcing to him that you are dating Jack.

“Him?” Dean’s rough voice broke the heavy silence that had set between the two of you “You are dating him?” he all-but-growled as he stared deeply in your eyes.

“Well, I- I wouldn’t say exactly dating yet, he’s not that familiar with the term and I’m-”

“Yet?!” Dean exclaimed, his voice coming slightly high-pitched “Yet? You mean this will keep going on?!”

“Well, yes dad of course it is!” you huffed, rolling your eyes “That’s why I am telling you, because this is actually important to me. And maybe Jack doesn’t quite understand the terms yet but I know that his feelings are real, that all of this between him and I is real as well.”

“Which again brings me back to my original question: Him?!” he looked at you with so much shock it made you groan and cross your arms over your chest.

“Will you try to be a little less surprised, please? I thought you’d be a little less shocked at your daughter-”

“Dating the son of Lucifer? Oh yeah!” he cut you off full of sarcasm and a hint of angst “Why the hell would I ever mind that (Y/n)?!”

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It’s almost that time of year again. :) SamSepticeyeDay. Last year we had an amazing turnout and I promised that we’d make this into a annual thing.
So here’s what you can do to join.
On August 30th
A) Draw a Sam or write the word Sam on your wrist. OR
B) Draw a Sam elsewhere. OR
C) Both of these.
No matter what you do though, make sure you take a picture or screenshot of it, post it on any social media platform. (Tumblr twitter, Instagram, ifunny ect.. ) And tag it one or all the following: #SamSepticeyeDay #SamSepticeye #Sam #jacksepticeye #therealjacksepticeye.
I will be looking for the tags again and once again will be making a compilation video slideshow of the pics after.
I’m super excited about this just like last year and I really want to get this to as many people as possible. Help me spread the word! I love community projects and I can’t wait to see what happens! :D Love you guys!

I recently started following @hnery-sims and I’ve become so overly emotionally invested in their game’s silly antics ;w; I adore these soft boys so much.

I’ve been meaning to draw something of these bros for a while, but it took me a while to get to. This actually started as something else and somehow morphed into this when Papyrus decided to join the picture (at first it was just Sans) But I like the final result :)

Thanks for sharing your game with us, Hnery. I hope you’re doing ok <3

Your Sims have better fashion sense than I do in real life 8′D


New icon who dis?

With this news, I wanted to let you all know that I just created an ART ONLY Instagram and Twitter! I’ll be posting a lot more work in progress photos/videos of some of the art that you will see here on Tumblr! 

As for all of my @jociemamacie accounts, these will remain personal, but I will continue to post pictures and videos that pertain to my other interests and hobbies! Such as cosplay, music, video games, and filmmaking. If you’d like, please follow these accounts here!

- twtich

Thank you all so much! Your support means so much to me! :)


It’s time for… A giveaway!  (Insert excited cacophony of music here)

This time there will only be one winner, mostly because I don’t have the energy or time to do much else.  No particular reason, though I did hit a follower milestone sometime recently, so let’s go with that.  


This time I am going to give away… THE COLOSSUS. 

That’s right, the precursor to The Juggernaut!  To go with The Colossus the winner gets 75 ectoplasm AND 25 gold. 

Now for the rules:

  • You do NOT have to be following me, but if you are I will throw in a full body, uncolored picture of your GW2 character. 
  • One like and one reblog per person, please!  I don’t want to spam dashboards with my goofy post (haha). Each counts as an entry.
  • You must have your ask box open and be willing to give me your in game name.  The winner has 48 hours to respond before I draw for a new winner.

Pretty simple, yeah?  I’ll do this drawing on Friday, June 9th sometime early afternoon after I get off of work (usually around 12 CST).  My schedule tends to get shifted around a lot, so I will reblog this post one hour before I do the drawing to let everyone know.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask!  Good luck to you all. :D


Huaaa!!! LOOK AT THIS so many peoples and I’m like… so smoll.. have mercy! Thank you so so much for the support! I’ll keep working hard to improve and bring you all some comics and art!

So since i didn’t made one of this for a long time here comes a…

All you gotta do is make sure you are following @underchaser and reblog this. 

you can also express your love for hot sauce

Prizes will be:

1st: Full character picture

2nd: Anime screenshot like of a character

3rd: Flat color of 1 character

4th: Chibum of 1 character

Here some samplesss:

Raffle ends on October 31st, best of luck!

“Hey mom ! ...I mean Mrs. Stark...” - Tony Stark x Reader x awkward!Peter Parker

Summary : Peter calls Tony and his wife (the reader) “dad” and “mom” by accident and…oh it’s awkward. 

Just a silly little story. Wrote in ten minutes on the verge of exhaustion, because I have almost no free time lately and…yeah. Uh. Hope you’ll still like it.

My masterlist blog : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com


It was the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to him. By far. 

It outdid that time when, as Spider-Man, he hit a signboard while swinging from web to web, and fell face first down in a busy NYC street…There were videos on YouTube, and pictures on the internet of “The Friendly neighborhood Spider greatest fail”…but at least, no one saw his face. No one actually knew him. 

But now ? Oh God. He was good old and regular Peter Parker and everyone knew it. And this all thing was embarrassing beyond all measure ! 

He had just called Mrs. Stark “mom” on live TV ! 

He obviously didn’t mean to but…it was the stress really. 

People were starting to get curious about Anthony Stark’s mysterious intern, and he just had to give an interview about it so as not to blow his cover. After all, it was the first time Tony’s company was taking interns ! And everyone was curious about that guy that teenage boy who got the first one ever. 

With how obsessed with the Starks the World was, the interview was a huge deal…Millions of people watched the great Iron man’s new protégé, the boy so many were jealous of for landing the best internship ever at Stark Industries.

The journalists asked him hundred of questions, and everything was going smoothly. Besides, Peter felt like with Mr. Stark by his side, he was invincible, his hero and role model giving him strength…Up until he talked about you and used the word “mom” to do so…And you were right next to him…Oh, awkward.

It happened barely a second ago but he already rewinded the scene in his head a thousand times…The journalist asked :

-How is it to be so often in the presence of Tony Stark, a genius and also one of the biggest and most famous superhero on Earth ? 

And stupid, embarrassing, idiotic, nervous Peter answered :

-It’s ok really, Mr. Stark is amazing, and his wife, Mrs (Y/N) Stark is really great, right mom ? 

And he turned to you. Right after he called you “mom” in front of millions of people…and just froze. Why didn’t he stop at “Mrs. (Y/N) Stark is really great”, why the Hell did he turn to you and said “right mom ?”…he would never know. 

There was a sudden silence in the room, all the journalists and even the damn security guards staring at Peter. He cleared his throat and laughed nervously, but he wasn’t able to say anything. 

He glanced quickly at Tony and your husband was just like everyone else right now, staring at him, probably thinking : “wait…what did he say ?”.

This was Peter’s worst nightmare. Public humiliation. Saying something so damn stupid. In front of so many people…

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