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I hope you guys aren’t getting sick of these because they’re so much fun for me. I’d love to do them regularly once/twice a month if there’s the interest.

What you get:
A kitten! No. An old shoe? No! A PORTRAIT. Any character from any world or universe. OCs/RP characters, fanart of a character you love, anything you’d like. I’m still a student - above are examples of my work so you know my skill level and limitations but I will give anything a go!

What you need to do:

Like and/or reblog this post to enter (they each count as a separate entry, as do multiple reblogs within reason)
Be following this blog!
A winner will be picked on the 16th May (shorter this time) and has a day to reply or I’ll re-raffle the prize!

Thanks so much to everyone who gets this out there and to those who have supported me over the year(s)! Good luck! <3

Tumblr search is fucked.

and it’s not just ‘links in posts takes you out of searches’.

I’ve noticed that some art posts of mine recently have just not gotten notes. Ones that I’d expect to get X amount of notes, like my sai//ouma phantom thief comic, for example, had no traction at all for days. Nothing too bad, just a little disappointing, right? Maybe I just posted it at the wrong time. Maybe people didn’t get the joke.

But then I went and searched sai//ouma into tumblr and it just wasn’t there. I checked every day and it never showed up, and is still not in the tag. The only reason that post gained any traction in the end was through the tumblr equivalent of word-of-mouth. Reblogs from people who follow me either here or over on my art blog.

We’ll take the ‘inchara’ search as an easy example. I have to block out the character this is referring to in order to prevent spoilers, but if you search inchara on the ‘most popular’ tag, you have 3 posts from myself and one from @/ecomexi, then below that is maybe 10 posts from RP blogs who used ‘inchara’ as their ‘in character’ tags.

Now, if you change ‘Most Popular’ to ‘Most Recent’, you get this:

Okay, so these RP blogs just posted after we did, right?

Nope. The first guy’s theme just won’t let me see when it was posted but at the very least, this person posted in this tag last in 2014. So where are all 4 ‘inchara’ posts from myself and Mexi?

The only thing that I can think is that it’s because our posts are image posts, whereas the others are asks/text posts. So let’s try a text post.

Waited ~2 minutes and

There you have it. I may have been lucky, but it seems that text posts are showing up in tumblr searches. I’m not sure about the other stuff to do with links and this post is far too long already, but please share this for fellow artists. I’m assuming tumblr’s spam system has gone overboard or something, I’d recommend using text posts for now.

“If you’re gonna follow me just to reblog literally every RP meme I put on my blog and never send any of them in, why even bother following me at all? There are dozens of actual meme archives on Tumblr that are built to provide you memes to reblog. Go to one of those instead. Stop using actual RP blogs who want character interaction from the memes they reblog as meme archives.“

I need more people to follow, so...

Reblog if you’re an rp blog for any of the following fandoms:

  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Harry Potter
  • Alice in Wonderland (any version, mine is interpreted from many sources)
  • X-Men
  • TMNT
  • Welcome to Night Vale
  • Hetalia
  • Doctor Who
  • Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit
  • The Kane Chronicles
  • Fandomless OCs
Here we go! Sayuri Hanayori RP blog (still working on pages etc)

// ofsnipcr mun here (Fla)! This is my Sayuri Hanayori blog, it was once a sideblog, now that one is archived and I’m back on this one.

To anyone who would like to, please like or reblog this if you’re willing to interact! 

To anyone who was already following me on the old sideblog, I’m starting from zero, so any previous relationship/thread is gonna be forgotten, if you wish to keep it or to restart something, just tell me OOC and we’ll discuss it!

/ got some new followers around here which is really awesome and im v glad you like this space! but just a quick psa to personal/non-RP blogs who may not be aware of my general RP preferences:

  • please don’t reblog any threads between me and my partners! but feel free to drop an ask message by or a comment on the post because it’s always cool to hear what you think and talking about threads is fun 8)
  • please don’t reblog headcanons! i like to keep this blog away from the Main Side of fandom and a more quiet personal space to talk about my interpretation of keith. if a keith post i make is rebloggable it will be tagged with [rebloggable]. but again, feel free to comment and/or shoot an ask my way about a post you want to engage with! 

i think that’s the basics. thanks a lot, i appreciate you reading! 

I need more activity on my dash it’s lazy. Reblog if you post:

Doctor Who (Classic or modern)

RP of any kind

Five Night’s at Freddy’s

Hunger games

Harry potter



Sarah-Jane Adventures




The Voice (UK)

The 100

ART (I need tips and tricks)

I will follow each and every person who reblogs after checking there blogs I will not follow nsfw blogs

RP Secret Santa

So I don’t know if people are already doing this, and I know we’re barely out of Halloween but

                              Let’s make a Secret Santa!!

What is this?

Every one who participates gets assigned one blog to whom they will give a present come Christmas!! (Please note: this date is indicative. Just try to send your gift during the holiday season)

What do I give them?

It could be anything!! A drabble, a painting, a fanart, a promo… be creative!!

What if I don’t know them?

Yeah, that happens. It’s okay!! You can use the time you have until Christmas to get to know them!! Take a look at their blog, at the very least :)

If you really think you can’t overcome the whole not-knowing-them thing, for whatever reason, it’s okay too :) Send me a message and we can figure something out. 

Who can do it?

Any Roleplay blog. You do not need to be following me.

I have multiple roleplay blogs

You can enter on as many blogs as you want (provided they are RP blogs), and you will be assigned one person per entry. 

How do I sign in?

By reblogging this post :) Likes for bookmark only. You can reblog it as many times as you want for advertising, but only the first reblog counts.

You have until the end of November. I will not accept new entries after November 30th, midnight (GMT+1)

Are there any other rules?

Be polite and courteous. No, being someone’s Secret Santa does not mean they have to follow you or write with you etc. Just, don’t take this as an excuse to start drama.

Have fun, and Happy Holidays!!!

Please reblog if...

You are a NON-NSFW(non-smut) blog (personal or RP) that reblogs mainly any of the following:


-Rise Of The Guardians
-How To Train Your Dragon
-Doctor Who
-Pacific Rim
-Star Trek (new trek movies preferably)
-Marvel (AoS, Thor, CA, IM, etc)
-Assassin’s Creed


-Robert Downey Jr
-Chris Pine
-David Tennant
-Cobie Smulders
-Catherine Tate
-Matt Smith
-Karen Gillan


-Graphic tutorials
-Fanart tutorials
-coding tutorials
-cosplay tutorials
-Computer Tutorials


-Random Facts
-Funny GIFS
-Graphics (edits)

I need to follow a bunch more blogs and I follow back so please do feel free to reblog or like this! If you like this post I will also check out your blog :3 but it’d be great if you could spread the word because my dash is 100% dead x.x

This Seems To Work For Other People, So...

My dash is empty from about 6 am to 6 pm, so to solve this problem, I would like to follow more people. Can you all please do me a huge favor and reblog or like if you post any of the following:

Welcome To Night Vale
Ouran High School Host Club
Free! Iwatobi Swim Club
Shingeki No Kyojin/Attack On Titan
Baka And Test
Soul Eater
Doctor Who
Tom Hiddleston and Loki
Marvel Comics
Fruits Basket
Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler


And here, we have a guide on how to 1x1. I’ve been 1x1-ing for a few months now, and will share the basics seeing as my friend wants to break into the community. Please note that this does not cover how to get a theme or set up the pages. For that, please refer to part 02 of this guide.

LAST UPDATED: 6 September 2014 + updated links & more resources!

Keep reading

A Cry For Help (FR Event)

Your dragon(s) come across a small crystal, some find them stuck up in trees, some find them carried by birds, however the method the minute you touch it, it lights up. The flickering image of a worried Spiral appears.

“To those who find this, the world is in danger. My partners and I have found evidence of a large concentration of The Shade. The same Shade that attacked Sornieth so very long ago. We had been monitoring Shade in Beastclans for a while now, only to stumble across a very heavily infected Talonok. We have good reason to believe that parts of The Shade are trying to gather together to increase their power. This power may already be enough to corrupt dragons. Please, we can not fight this alone. We need your help.”

Cursed Currents is a Flight Rising Event. Over the course of 5 days this story will unfold and you all will have input on how the story plays out. Everyday a new story part will be released as well as a task for you to carry out. These tasks range from deliver x number of items to finding information in certain dragon bios. More information will be available when the first task goes out.

There also will be Community Tasks for everyone to help in. These task will be larger versions of the Daily Tasks, such as deliver 1,000 of an item. These will unlock new pieces of the story and/or give benefits in the next day’s tasks.

Role playing is encouraged but not necessary, I will be reblogging any art or story pieces that get written about this event. Please follow this blog to keep up with the event and the story!

Anyone who completes all 5 of the daily tasks will get a small reward bundle as well as be entered into a larger giveaway. More information of these prizes soon.


Dashboard reset part two!

Hello hello Tumblr! I can follow up to 350 blogs! YOU MIGHT BE ONE OF THEM.

What do I want to follow?

  • Homestuck
  • Maryams and Lalondes
  • RPers (not the RP blogs, but people who RP OCs)
  • Vampires (Not Twilight)
  • Achievement Hunter/Rooster Teeth

If any of those apply to you, please give this a rebubble, and slap on this post what it is you blog about. (If you just reblog without adding anything I’m going to assume you’re being a Super Cool Person who is signal boosting me) WHO KNOWS. WE MIGHT BECOME FRIENDS. (Or I just follow some cool blogs.)


I need blogs to follow
If you post or rp any of the following please reblog:
•puella magi Madoka magica
•black butler
•blue exorcist
•full metal alchemist
•doctor who
•chrono crusade
•attack on Titan
•beyond the boundary
•angel beats
•pandora hearts
•kurokos basketball
•say “I love you”
•rurouni kenshin
•kill la kill

More blogs to follow~! Hihi!

So basically, if you’re a blog who posts stuff from the animes I mentioned below, please reblog this and I’ll follow you! it would be better if you do RPs, since I want to do so. ^_^

- DRAMAtical Murder
- Bakumatsu Rock
- Kuroko no Basket
- Kamigami no Asobi
- Nisekoi
- Mekakucity Actors
- Tokyo Ghoul
- Independent blog of any characters from UtaPri, Free!, and KnB

Thanks a bunch everyone :))