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Hello! I just wanted to say I love your art work so much. You are one of the most talented people I know on this app and I know you’ll go far. I hope you know how many people look up and admire you. Your fans love you so much along with me. Don’t worry about having to put school first, it’s what you should do! Getting an education is important just the same as art! We love you and hope you aren’t under to much stress! I hope you finish your work soon and pass your exams and tests easily. Much ❤️

god I can’t stop smiling like an idiot 

ily so much <3 

Just this unexpected support is enough to make me smile for a week. It’s crazy how amazingly sweet and understanding the people I’ve met on this website are. Tbh I’m at a loss for words because I just don’t know how to express my appreciation and love through any combination of words via text alone but i just?? Can’t understand?? This site and the people who have supported me, even those who have simply left sweet comments or silent reblogs/likes/etc have given me so much inspiration and have fueled my determination of improvement. Thank you so much for this, much love <333

Random thoughts about cmbyn

I just finished re-reading CBMYN, the first time was super rushed because the movie was coming out soon and I wanted to finish it before. I have been highlighting stuff and I know I realized this the first time but I needed to read it once more to able to get this right.

Elio and Oliver’s relationship is hands down the healthiest relationship I have ever come across. I am a fan of so many canon and non-canon ships and almost all of them are deemed problematic, toxic and unhealthy. (Patrochilles - Johnlock - Stucky…) all of these have the same kind of Im-willing-to-sacrifice-the-world-for-you-and-to-be-with-you kind of love which is amazing, of course. But also so unrealistic and would always only exists in fiction, and I have always thought of it as the “true kind of love” until I read Call Me By Your Name which made me realize that you CAN love someone so deeply but also be able to know when to let them go, to learn how to let them go. Which is a very grown up thing to do and something that I guess can bring one peace. 

Now I know it might be unfair to compare these ships considering the different setting and all, but I still thought it was refreshing to read a story about a love that is so pure and soulful and with no… “heroic act” I guess, to prove it.

I was going to add a song that I liked to my CMBYN playlist but then played it again to make sure the lyrics really fit, but there was a part that says 

Let’s draw a line between us
Paint a map back to the start
Leaving footprints to remind us
Where you go, I’ll go
And if you fall, I’ll fall

but that was not the case for Elio and Oliver, when it was time to part they both accepted their fate. Elio didn’t resent Oliver for his decision to get married, never followed him or sought him out again, though he still loved him, nonetheless. in their time apart they both lived and loved, but also held on dearly to the memory of each other, to what they both have of each other. 

one more thing that I thought made their relationship so healthy was the validation and the assurance Oliver was constantly providing Elio with that he felt safe and comfortable enough to admit this:

“if you only knew how little I know about the things that really matter.”

“Why are you telling me all this?”

“Because I thought you should know.” 

“Because I wanted you to know.”

“Because there is no one else I can say this to but you.”

If you have read the book you would know how insecure and doubtful Elio is, Oliver knew that Elio liked him before Elio himself realized that and Oliver never stopped showing him how much he liked him back and it took Elio a fairly big amount of pages in the book to realize that. 

“So what if he saw? Now he knows. What never crossed my mind was that (…) that someone else in my immediate world might like what I liked, want what I wanted, be who I was”

it is a rare thing to find someone who would make you feel this way, someone who is not arrogant or self-centered or someone who is, even during intimate moments, doesn’t think “what can I get out of this” but shares the intimacy with you and makes sure both of you are enjoying this. 

“Does this make you happy?”

and while some (ones who haven’t read the book, I assume) found the peach scene very kinky, or thought that Oliver was doing as a show for Elio or maybe even to irritate him. you are, with all due respect, so very wrong here because in eating something that was part of Elio, Oliver was trying to show him, one more time, how much he loved him, to show him that everything that was part of him, could easily be part of Oliver as well, that even his most shameful deeds, were not more than just deeds, to Oliver. This act of acceptance had Elio sobbing with tears of gratitude. 

“I was crying because no stranger had ever been so kind or gone so far for me(…) I was crying because I’d never known so much gratitude and there was no other way to show it.”

“I had never been able to admit to myself how happy Oliver had made me the day he’d swallowed my peach. Of course, it had moved me, but it had flattered me as well, as though his gesture had said, I believe with every cell in my body that every cell in yours must not, must never, die, and if it does have to die, let it die inside my body.”

so, yes, this is, hands down, the healthiest relationship I have ever experienced as a reader, and I sure hope isn’t the last. 

Hey guys, so I’m probably going to be mia again, classes start back tomorrow, so I’ll be focusing on that again. I do have a pretty big update in my drafts for sometime soon (as soon as I get the energy to finish writing it). I would have posted it sooner but I’ve been sick and pretty busy these last few days. But I’ll get it up eventually!! Thanks for being patient with me recently! Also I’m not ignoring anyone promise! Again I’ve been super sick!! I’ll get to that soon too! 😊😊

Fic updates in case anyone is interested:

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Lighthouse prompt fic - chapter one will either be posted today or tomorrow depending

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