i will fine true love


Okay you may be wondering why I think starco is more likely happen more than ever. For instance in the first part of episode 11. there were so many stark references. For instance

To me this symbolizes how her heart is in two different places at the same time. One is with Tom and the other is With Marco. Then soon after 

This is the third time we have seen captain blanches sugar seeds. Let’s not forget how captains seem to only appear when it comes to Starco, as in captain of a ship. This episode shows more than one captain though. Because I believe this symbolizes that both of their hearts are in the same place, Star is just scared to get hurt. The reason I think this, is because this is the first time we have seen both captains in the same episode. And they both winked. look

and then a few shot milliseconds later,

I think the delay is intentional, because Star is now the one delaying the ship because of her lingering feelings for Tom. Also This refers to Eclipsa shipping starco. 

Also notice how Marco and Star look like a couple that is meeting the parents for the first time. Marco, trying not to mess up. Bonus

I just thought this was really cute.

Another starco thing that might not beset first hand, is theft that they are very honest with each other and do not keep secrets. Whereas, star specifically asks Marco not to tell Tom. And says

no problem. Like he does not want to eat with it. Also honesty is brought up a gain later in the end of the episode a Star says she does not have the dreaming portals under control. and then he also disobeys her and stay anyway,

He is genuinely worried about his future wife. And he an Glossaryk become buddies. It’s as if he approves of Marco. 

Now onto Lava Lake Beach 

This is the scene where Marco sees that Tom is wearing his hoodie. This is not just some scene to brush off. There is more to it than just it looking like Marco is being replaced. It is also a scene that actually represents the strength of Starco and how it is inevitable. That is because this is not Marco being replaced by Tom. It is actually star trying to replace Marco ad his place in her heat. The hoodie itself represents a lot of things. or instance it is torn. This is not just a fashion choice, it is also representative of how Marco feels seeing him wear his clothes that star so willingly gave to him. It is also how star feels because she is trying to fill the hole in her heart that is Marco and thinks that Tom can do it. But the fact that its torn also shows that it isn’t really doing the trick. Therefore, Tom is a rebound for Star. But her love for Marco is too strong. Also remember, when Pomny head mentioned how the memory of Marco’s scent was in her heart. This is most likely subconscious, but Star is trying to keep Marco close to her by Tom wearing Maco’s hoodie. To her it is probably like having Marco there, but not really. This scene was necessary for Marco to help him realize that the does in fact have feelings for Star. But, Tad forces hi to confront his feelings. 

Tad is the entire fandom. He is like “dude it’s so obvious to everyone but yourself.” and Marco is like

No?!? The fact that he says no is not him rejecting his feelings for Star. It is actually 

him saying “No! How could I not see this?” He is saying “No! my best friend” “No, I can’t be in love with my best friend, she has a boyfriend.” It him saying “No! I can’t believe this is happening!” But most importantly 

It’s him saying “No! I am in love with my best friend and…

I’m too late

this is the face of him realizing the truth. This is the face of heartbreak. 💔

This scene might seem romantic one thecae of it. But to me is just lookalike to lonely people in search for comfort and found it in eachother. Also When Kelly says “They don’t need this. They haven’t earned it.” She re grading the fact that they are still hiding things from themselves. For star it is her love for Marco that she is suppressing by using Tom as a rebound. And for Tom it is him still living in denial about Star and how she truly feels. 

This is them finding comfort in each other. It is also pretty clear to Kelly knows how he feels about Star and how star felt/still feels about him. So she and him will most likely use each other for comfort which will likely make star jealous and realize that her feelings for Marco can’t just go away. These two are both heartbroken using each other as a safe place to just be sad and true to themselves. 

This final shot is not just to sol rise or his birthday, but the rise of Marco’s feelings for Star. And that is probably theist birthday present he could ever receive. 

Me vs the rest of the Mystic messenger fandom
  • Mystic Messenger Fan: Wow, I love Mystic messenger. 707 is my favorite! he loves memes, his story is so developed, and I want to marry him in the space station! >3< what do you think?
  • Me: *Reads all the Zen fan fictions. played through Zen's route a gazillion times. complains about why he can't be real. love's literally everything about him. Thinks he's a sweet marshmallow who wants to protect me from all the 'wolves' out there. fantasies of watching him act. fantasies of cuddles. want's to own a Zen dakimakura. Is Zen trash. has a flash drive mostly composed of Zen selfies/fanart* Y-yeah, Seven. *nervous laugh*
I’m happy now. I’ve finally come to terms with the fact that you will never love me the way I loved you. You never did and you never will. I spent a year saying that you left me but I realize now that you weren’t there in the first place. I understand that I’ll have to live out my entire life to say this with any validity, but as far as I know right now, you are the love of my life. You always will be and there’s no getting over you. There will always be those songs that remind me of us, or what I thought was “us.” Those nights I fell asleep thinking of you with either butterflies in my stomach or tears staining my pillowcase will always mean something. You will always mean something. And yes I love him, but no, not the way I loved you. After all, I loved you with my entire heart and I’m just loving him with what’s left. You were my first love as well as one of my best friends and you’ve come and gone. But I’m okay with that.
—  I never had a chance
  • Molly: *working*
  • Sherlock: *brings her a cup of tea* Hot tea.
  • Molly: *smiles* Thanks *sips her tea*
  • Sherlock: They say you are what you drink.
  • Molly: *chokes*
Yuuri is self-sabotaging and love doesn’t magically cure your anxiety

Ok, I need to address the major fandom freakouts I’ve witnessed about episode 11. Basically, Kubo knows how to write anxiety, and specifically self-esteem related anxiety, extremely well. Frustratingly, painfully well. Still this

This is what we call narrative tension. Ending abruptly on this ambiguous line is meant to be a cliffhanger and make us suffer because we only have one episode left and we can’t go into the last episode with no narrative tension (say, Yuuri placing first and being super lovey-dovey with Victor) or else there would be no stakes. It doesn’t mean the series will end badly. 

1. Yuuri messed up Eros because he wasn’t focused on love

As soon as Yuuri talked about changing the jumps and compared his program to JJ, I knew he would mess up. Yuuri’s performances rely on his mental state a lot, Eros in particular always has him adopting a very particular persona to pull through. We had none of that in episode 11. Yuuri is too focused on landing the quadruple flip and forgets to focus on love, and he ends up failing the jump but also losing presentation points. It’s why his score is lower than usual for a performance he had perfected before.

I also feel that the thing about Eros is that Yuuri’s original motivation is gone. Eros is about enticing and seducing a target and so far Yuuri’s focused all of that on Victor. Yuuri doesn’t need to seduce Victor anymore and he’s not trying to do that at all, so the message he’s trying to convey with Eros is not working anymore. He aimed too hight because of anxiety instead of focusing on delivering the same sort of perfect Eros performance we’ve seen from him before. In a way though, you could say he reached the limit of what he can do with Eros, but not with Yuri on Ice, which is why I believe he will ace his Free skate with a perfect Yuri on Ice performance next episode, thus surpassing himself and completing his self-improvement journey.

2. Victor and Yuri are not breaking up, but they are on completely different wavelengths when it comes to the relationship

Let’s get this one out of the way since it seems to be the major source of panic. “Let’s end this” is ambiguous, just so we can suffer the most. Yuuri can mean the coach-skater relationship, he can mean the romantic relationship, he can mean both. I would hope he means the first. If we follow through his thought process along the season however…he probably means both. In the sense that, he probably feels like ending the coach-skater relationship, as he intends to do, will end any sort of relationship he has left with Victor. So what he’s saying is that he wants to retire and let Victor go as a coach, but what he’s feeling probably goes beyond that, even if he doesn’t actually break up with Victor.

This isn’t new information. Yuuri has been unsure about his future in skating since episode 1. He’s been doubting his entire relationship with Victor and wether he will stay or not since episode 2. The types of looks we’ve seen Yuuri sending Victor this episode are not new.

Yuuri has always believed, as he expressed back in episode 4, that his time with Victor was a limited blessing. He believes that Victor will inevitably go back to Russia and skating like everybody around them says he should do. Yes, even after Victor kissed him on international television, even after Victor announced that they were engaged to be married, you can bet Yuuri still believes that Victor’s love is purely conditional and dependent on Yuuri’s skating performances and that this relationship is only temporary. Because Yuuri’s type of anxiety is that type that makes him hear “We’ll get married after he wins gold at the Grand Prix.” as “We’ll get married only if he wins gold at the Grand Prix and thus deserves it.” 

There’s been moments he has believed otherwise, of course. The airport scene I’m sure calmed him down, most of episode 10 as well, he probably believed for a moment that maybe this was it, maybe it was real and he deserved this lasting happiness. But then he’s at the Grand Prix and messed up his Eros performance and watched Victor appreciate other skaters doing better than him, so he’s back to questioning everything that’s ever come to pass between him and Victor because right now Yuuri is very set on the “I’m not good enough for him and am just holding him back.” mindset. 

Victor meanwhile? Having the time of his life! I mean I should hope nobody gets so caught up in Yuuri’s POV that we start to doubt Victor’s feelings when we had an entire episode narrated by him about said feelings. Victor was leading a lonely and empty existence where he felt like he couldn’t rely on anyone and like he was prisioner to his carreer. Until Yuuri came along, and now he’s finally enjoying life, he’s in love, he’s at peace, he’s free to see fellow skaters as friends and not just rivals. The tiny amount of Victor POV in this episode only reinforces this. 

Victor is having a grand time and he’s so invested in Yuuri, so focused, so in love, so ready to marry him on the spot, which is why he doesn’t realize that Yuuri’s anxiety is not exclusively over skating performance anymore but over their relationship as well. 

That said, they definitely love each other and they both want to stay together. So this is good. I mentioned this before, they desperately need to talk and let out all their feelings towards each other. This will make things better in the long run. Remember, Yuuri is making assumptions on what Victor actually wants. It’s time Victor tells him exactly what that is, because no matter what it will include staying with Yuuri. They need to discuss the future, together.

The rings were focused on once again in this episode and both characters are still wearing them in the preview for the next one. Add to that that Yuuri says he will “skate both his and Victor’s love”. 

They won’t break up.

3. Yuuri is not out of character nor is he experiencing character regression

Yuuri has an anxiety disorder. I’ve discussed this before. Yes Yuuri has progressed very far, yes Yuuri has gained more self-confidence. That doesn’t make the anxiety go away. Victor’s love doesn’t make the anxiety go away. It flaring up at the Grand Prix, when he’s at the peak of pressure? Completely understandable. Especially when you consider his anxiety in particular is connected to his self-esteem and how you see the way his self-esteem works. Basically, Yuuri measures his self worth through his achievements and recently in his life, particularly through Victor. Remember, Yuuri believes Victor’s main interest in Yuuri comes from Yuuri’s skating. So messing up Eros, even if not much? Was a huge blow. Watching Victor happily watch and appreciate other skaters who are doing better than Yuuri? An even bigger one.

Yuuri still doesn’t know what really happened between him and Victor at the banquet last year. He doesn’t know any of the things Victor monologued about to us, the audience. For Yuuri, the only thing keeping Victor around is whatever special spark he saw in his skating in that video. So Yuuri feels he’s losing that spark since he’s underperforming, he feels like he’s not good enough anymore to keep Victor around. Victor didn’t say anything to Yuuri after his short program and then spent the rest of his time looking and even complimenting other skaters. In Yuuri’s head, Victor is disappointed with him. 

Thus Yuuri also feels, most likely, that he’s hurting Victor and taking advantage of him. He feels guilty for keeping Victor to himself all these months. If Victor remains his coach he will be unhappy, that’s what Yuuri believes. Hell, he probably thinks he’s been forcing himself on Victor. He asked Victor to stay over the Hot Springs on Ice, he asks again later that he stays until he retires, he gives him the ring first, all of this is probably weighting down on him in the shape of terrible guilt because he loves Victor so much and he wants Victor to be happy.

So, there’s this panic response your brain has to extreme levels of anxiety, which is self-sabotage. Self-sabotage gives you the illusion of being more in control of the situation. Yuuri feels like the relationship with Victor, be it coach-skate or romantic, is doomed to fail, so he decides to end it, to free Victor himself before Victor loses interest and leaves on his own. Things still fall apart but he controls how they fall apart, which is less stressful for his anxiety muddled mind. That, and he gets rid of his crippling guilt over ‘holding Victor back’.

Everything about Yuuri’s actions and thoughts in this episode make sense. I want Yuuri to come out of this not letting anxiety and his insecurities conquer him. I want him to learn how to love, how to be openly vulnerable, in spite of his anxiety.


So way back before episode 7 graced us all with that kiss and canon status, I believed that we would only achieve said canon status in episode 12 and the way I thought it would happen would be through Victor skating “Stay Close to Me” to Yuuri, thus confessing his feelings. Then episode 7 happened and I was a bit confused about the scene. Because the scene is totally happening, we have the duet version of the song in the soundtrack, the opening scene in the anime is clearly half a flashforward to that scene, so I knew it would still happen but I didn’t know how they would make it emotionally significant. Now, I think it might be the ultimate reassurance Victor can offer Yuuri about his feelings. 

Reassurance, that’s what.

Victor can’t make Yuuri’s anxiety go away, that’s not how it works. But this series is about love. Love wins, love makes Yuuri stronger. Anxiety may not magically disappear but it can be fought against, it can be overcome. So everything will be alright, they will be alright, Yuuri will be alright.

Speaking of music and how it works as meta-narrative in this series, if you still feel unsure, go listen to the Yuri on Ice track. Listen to it, think about how it mirrors the entire story of Yuuri over the course of the series, and note how it ends in a joyful harmony between the piano and the violin. 

If you need me, call me, I don’t care if I’m sleeping…if I’m having my own problems or if I’m angry at you. If you need me and if you need to talk to me I’ll always be there for you. No matter how big or how small the problem is, I’ll be there.
—  Daily Cute Pictures

I’ve seen you cry, I’ve seen you smile
I’ve watched you sleeping for a while
I’d be the father of your child
I’d spend a lifetime with you
I know your fears and you know mine
We’ve had our doubts but now we’re fine
And I love you, I swear that’s true
I cannot live without you

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one of the saddest things about long distance relationship is that we can never be there for them physically to hold them and rub their back if something’s wrong, to wrap them between our arms securely to reassure that everything will be fine without saying a word


So somehow a writer for Yahoo UK has gotten a hold of what I said in my original post on Tumblr describing Harry being groped on stage. I was never contacted to speak about this, so I’m not really sure if someone else has posted my quotes elsewhere, but either way it’s confusing.

The real problem is that I’m being called an eyewitness by Yahoo when I’m not. I only described what you could see in the video of Harry on stage. Other sites are using my quotes and linking back to Yahoo UK, saying that I’m an unnamed witness that spoke to them. That’s not true. Teen Vogue, E! Online, Perez Hilton, Bustle, Cosmopolitan AU, Mashable, etc have all used my quotes and called me an eyewitness.

If you see my quotes anywhere, please know that I am not an eyewitness and that I was not at the show. There’s plenty of people that were at the show, including ones that got video, that could be quoted with much more validity.

said it before and i’m going to say it again, and even more after that

joseph robert “joe” hawley? he’s an excellent musician and a friend who has a knack for comedy and interacts with his fans because he’s that great of a person. also he’s into v

❝   demi   lovato   /   starter   sentences.

all these starters are taken from the 2015 album “confident”. feel free to change the pronouns to make these fit!

  • ‘ are you ready? ‘
  • ‘ i’m the boss right now. ‘
  • ‘ this is my game. ‘
  • ‘ i make my own choice. ‘
  • ‘ bitch, i run this show. ‘
  • ‘ you can’t make me behave. ‘
  • ‘ what’s wrong with being confident? ‘
  • ‘ is your tongue tied up? ‘
  • ‘ it’s all about me tonight. ‘
  • ‘ tell me what you want. ‘
  • ‘ it’s okay. ‘
  • ‘ i’m a little curious, too. ‘
  • ‘ tell me if it’s wrong. ‘
  • ‘ i don’t care. ‘
  • ‘ i can keep a secret, can you? ‘
  • ‘ got my mind on your body and your body on my mind. ‘
  • ‘ don’t tell your mother. ‘
  • ‘ we’re cool for the summer. ‘
  • ‘ take me down into your paradise. ‘
  • ‘ what’s my prize? ‘
  • ‘ i just wanna play with you. ‘
  • ‘ fuck it. ‘
  • ‘ it was fun playin’ with knives. ‘
  • ‘ surprise. ‘
  • ‘ no more watching the world from my doorstep. ‘
  • ‘ not going back to my old ways. ‘
  • ‘ now i know what’s good for me. ‘
  • ‘ i can’t wait to sink my teeth in. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not afraid to fall. ‘
  • ‘ i’m spiraling. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not burning out. ‘
  • ‘ i’m not afraid anymore. ‘
  • ‘ i just keep changin’ my colors. ‘
  • ‘ reasons why you ran don’t make you a good man. ‘
  • ‘ i understand. ‘
  • ‘ you were on time at the wrong time. ‘
  • ‘ you can act cold on a dime and so out of line. ‘
  • ‘ i’d do anything for you. ’
  • ‘ i take the blows like a champion. ‘
  • ‘ reasons for my hope, all make me a big joke. ‘
  • ‘ why did we turn a good time to a dark one? ‘
  • ‘ maybe if i don’t cry, i won’t feel anymore. ‘
  • ‘ give me the truth. ‘
  • ‘ we’ll make it through. ‘
  • ‘ i’m happy for you. ‘
  • ‘ i wish i could mend this. ‘
  • ‘ here’s my goodbye. ‘
  • ‘ can we love until there’s nothing left? ‘
  • ‘ cross my heart, that i’ll die for you. ‘
  • ‘ you’re my kingdom come. ‘
  • ‘ i don’t take things too personal. ‘
  • ‘ you made shit personal. ‘
  • ‘ fuck my bad habits. ‘
  • ‘ we were going way too fast. ‘
  • ‘ we could set the world ablaze. ‘
  • ‘ baby, you’re all i need. ‘
  • ‘ play me like your first guitar. ‘
  • ‘ your light is inside of me. ‘
  • ‘ you’re in my veins. ‘
  • ‘ your voice is serenity. ‘
  • ‘ our story binds us. ‘
  • ‘ my love will be your armor. ‘
  • ‘ we are lionhearts. ‘
  • ‘ you’re the brightest moon. ‘
  • ‘ i am safe. ‘
  • ‘ face me. ‘
  • ‘ take me. ‘
  • ‘ save me. ‘
  • ‘ don’t try to change me. ‘
  • ‘ i won’t try to change you. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll try to give you everything you deserve. ‘
  • ‘ i can’t promise that it’s gonna be fine. ‘
  • ‘ love me. ‘
  • ‘ earn me. ‘
  • ‘ stay true. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll never hurt you. ‘
  • ‘ i’ll do what i have to. ‘
  • ‘ i wanna mean those words. ‘
  • ‘ we’re stars tonight. ‘
  • ‘ working all week got me all crazy. ‘
  • ‘ we’re the only ones who can fight the sun. ‘
  • ‘ he missed his chance to be with a star. ‘
  • ‘ this is for the times you broke my heart. ‘
  • ‘ listen to me, honey. ‘
  • ‘ i’ve got something new to say. ‘

Fan: Haechan, do you really love Mark? You’re always teasing him I don’t think you really love him !!!!!!! :”(


Fan: :”))) 

Mark, *walks by*: did i just hear my name ?

Haechan: LOL NOOOOooOO u did not just hear ur name your probably being delusional after 3 debuts nd being on that rapping show or whatever lol why are u asking such a weird question like why would your name even be in this conversation in the first place ok its not like u preoccupy my mind like 99.9999999% of the time haha why are u looking at me like that what did i do hahah stop it mark I sAID STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT MARK JUST LEAVE ME ALONE UGH WHY ARE U SO ANNOYING OHMYGOD MARK WHAT THE HECK–

photocreds (x

Let Me Love | Pt. 1

Let Me Love You | Pt. 1

Pairings: James “Bucky” Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 1.6k

Summary: You try to engage in a romantic relationship with Bucky, but he is hesitant to love you because of the people he has hurt in the past. He is afraid he will hurt you like her did everyone else he has ever loved.

Warnings: Tiny tidbits of Angst & a ton of Fluffiness

Author’s Note: Justin Bieber’s song Let Me Love You inspired this imagine. I hope you enjoy so let’s roll…

Originally posted by buckingoffthebed

I used to believe, we were burning’ on the edge of something’ beautiful, something’ beautiful. Selling a dream. Smoke and mirrors keep us waiting’ on a miracle, on a miracle.


The rain drops plastered on the window sill as I looked out onto the lonely streets of Brooklyn. The cool crisp air circulating through my apartment just enhanced the feeling of loneliness. Slowly as the street light began to flutter on it strangely made me reflect back on my life. I used to have a stable job, but now I am struggling to pay the bills. I used to have a car, but now I have to ride the bus, or walk everywhere. I used to have a stable love life, until I meet him. Everything was fine until I meet him. But, I never knew what true love was until then.  

He used to come into the coffee shop with Steve every morning for of cup of coffee. Steve was a regular. He was always polite and left a tip. James on the other hand, was the complete opposite. He always liked his coffee black with no sugar or cream. He was just like mysterious character from a movie. One day, Steve decided to introduce us. He spoke a few words but decided to keep it professional. I was okay with that and that’s how it was, or at least with I hoped was all.

One morning, I was working a morning shift when Steve and James came in for their regulars.  I was walking down the aisles with cups of coffee and I bumped into James on the way to their table.

“I am so sorry. Let me help you.” He offered as he frantically grabbed some napkins.

I was really fine but he insisted. After I was half way dry, I finally got a good look at him. His eyebrows were furred in frustration as he threw away the napkins in his hands.

“I really am sorry this happened……could I take you out for something to eat sometime to make up for it?”

It may have been a simple apology gesture, but it made my cheeks burn. Of course I agreed because who turns down an offer for free food, am I right? That very afternoon he took me out for burgers and milkshakes at a local diner down the street from the coffee house. It was sort of awkward at first. All I kept doing was pulling on the bottom of shirt to edge off the nervousness while the sound of classical 60’s music played in the background.

“How are you?” I asked quietly

“I am fine, and yourself?”

“I am great.”

“I really am sorry about this morning, it was a pure accident.”

“Don’t worry really it is fine.”

           As our food arrived, we began to eat. It noticed a little bit of barbeque sauce on the side of his mouth. I chuckled to myself a little. I guess he didn’t even notice. He was so innocent in his own little way. He peeked through his eyelashes up to me from his meal.

“What’s so funny?” He questioned with a little smirk. I shook my head slightly.

“It’s nothing. You just have something right…” I reached up and wiped the sauce off of his lip with my thumb. I stared into his blue eyes for a few seconds but it seemed like eternity. His eyes were like an ocean of blue. After a while, I finally realized I was staring. I looked down at my skirt again as a faint red blush spreaded across my cheeks. I looked back up at him to see him staring directly into my eyes. He chuckled.

“I guess we’re even now.” We both laughed at the comment. After eating, he decided to take me home like a gentleman. But unlike actually getting in a car, he took me home on a motorcycle. We walked outside as he drew me a helmet.

“Hop on” He said as he straddled the motorcycle. Is he serious? I raised my eyebrow at him.

“Are you serious?” I questioned him.

“If you want to get home of course.” He stared at me as he patted the back seat of the motorcycle.

I decided to climb on. I strapped my helmet as tight as I could. I wrapped my arms around him tightly. He looked back at me and smirked.

“Hold on Tight” He yelled as he started the bike and drove off.

As we began driving down the street I noticed how fast life was passing by. It was a blur of shiny city lights and the sounds of cars on the streets of New York. I closed my eyes to take in the smell of the city. I have never seen it like this before. I looked up at James’ face. A face full of mystery and thrill. I could tell he probably all something he had done before. This was the life he lived. The life I longed for.

After a while we finally pulled up to my house. We got off of the motorcycle as I put the helmet of the back seat. He walked me to my door as I spun around towards him.

“I had a real great time tonight, thank you.” I smiled at him. The moonlight reflected perfectly off of his skin.  

“Goodnight, Y/N” He whispered as he began to turn around.

“Wait” I yelled at him. He turned around to face me. I stood on my tippy toe as I gently kissed his cheek.

“Goodnight James.” I whispered into his ear as I opened my front door and walk in. I rested my back on the front door and looked up. I cannot believe I just did that.

When I went to sleep that night that moment was all I could think about. From there I could tell there was the start of something new. I sighed to myself thinking about the good moments we had. After that, James and I started seeing each other more often that day. But just because we had amazing times together did not mean that we didn’t have bad times. There were a few bad times I could recall.

Say, go through the darkest of days. Heaven’s a heartbreak away. Never let you go, never let me down. Oh, it’s been a hell of a ride. Driving the edge of a knife. Never let you go, never let me down

           After a few months into the relationship, we started arguing about everything, even the smallest of things. Such things as me not wash dishes before he got home or him leaving the toilet seat up. Always something stupid, but whenever we broke up we would come running back to each other. Except the last time was serious. James was moving upstate to start a new job he couldn’t tell me about. Everything I loved was here so I couldn’t leave, but he couldn’t understand that at all.

“Why can’t you come?”

“Because I don’t want to!”

“Don’t you love me enough to leave with me?”

“It’s not that I don’t love you, but this is the place I grew up in. The place I love. I can’t just leave that all behind. Why don’t you understand where I am coming from?!”

“Since you love this city so much. Why don’t you just stay here then.” He grabbed his keys and leather jacket. He left slamming the door hard enough to make a vase fall and shatter.

I jumped at the sound. I stared at the vase through my tear stained eyes. The vase was something I put the first flowers he ever gave me in. I know it was something small but, it held a lot of sentimental value to me. I swept up the broken pieces of glass. I didn’t even know when he would come back or even if he would past this point. I sat down on the couch thinking. Could I do this anymore or should I just quit while I am ahead? I don’t even know anymore.

That was the last fight we had before today. Today was the day James was supposed to be leaving. The last day of our relationship. We’ve made it this far I guess. But did I really want to throw that away now?

Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah. I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah. Let me love you. Let me love you. Don’t you give up, nah-nah-nah. I won’t give up, nah-nah-nah. Let me love you. Let me love you. Oh baby, baby

A question burned in the back of my mind. Is there something more here? I didn’t realize it but it started to rain of the streets on Brooklyn. Puddles of rain formed as the downpour started coming down heavier and heavier. Soon, spark of lighting and the booming of thunder sounded through the area. What a stormy night. I got up from my comfortable bed to get a cup of tea. I turned on the facet to fill up the tea pot as I sat it on top of the stove. But I still though, did I really want to give up everything me and James had? My wandering thoughts were interrupted by the steaming of the tea kettle. I took the pot off the stove as I poured myself a cup. As I began dipping my tea bag into the water, my phone rang. Of course I would remember the caller id but I hesitated slightly before answering.

“Hello, James.”

“Hello, Y/N.”

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