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I can't wait to see how Felix is gonna react when he finds out what's happened to Dasha and the state he's in. Looks like there's gonna be a blood bath and hell to pay

sldfhs dasha is,,currently fine,, im sure u meant dara buT ANYWAYS U RIGHT,,

he immediately takes dara to the hospital,, thats his top priority
he stays with dara to keep him company but also kind of acting as a bodyguard hes paranoid theyre going to try to steal him again
marina and mikolaj will be taking care of his mutation and giving him check ups while the hospital takes care of his very weakened ill state
after mikolaj has fully recovered from rozyczkas murder felix asks him to help make them pay
felix asks him to go delete all files on dara and himself so miko doesnt see what he does to bonifacio, cipriano, and rosario(the 3 responsible for dara)

My theory on VIXX trilogy

Warning: Foul language


Let’s start off with the sexy motherfucking Zeus daddy Ken. So Ken is over here controlling us and VIXX, playing them like lil puppets and shit with freezing time powers. 


Ravi is Ken’s bitch or something cuz he does whatever he says.Maybe he poisoned N with the liquid he be spilling all the damn time like boy get a sippy cup or sumthing.  He also tied N up cuz u know he got that kink.


N is like yo this girl is hella fine I want her. Then he finds out she belongs to mister steal your girl Leo. So u know, ur boy gets all jealous and shit and become Zelos. 


Leo is Hades because he stole ur girl so they start fighting and shit.


Hyuk is the N’s personal cockblocker.


Friends with the cockblocker. Also poseidon because ur homeboy be transforming fangirls into waterfalls.

There are so many intellectual Starlights and obviously I am not one of them. XD

For the best person in the world @rniq

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(br) Heyyy~ congratulations on 2K! I really like your blog!! :33 I'm quite into languages, but unfortunately I don't have much time as I have to study school related things T.T I really want to learn Chinese better, I'm a beginner :') I hope I'll have more time in the future for it! :D

hii thank u sm!!! :) and yesss learn chinese its such a beautiful language i love it, hopefully u do find time for it i think its so worth it 

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I wouldn’t usually name drop but this needs to be done to avoid any possible chances of identity theft. This person has not only stolen my art and claimed it as theirs, but seems to be implying that my art tumblr belongs to them.

To clarify: this is not me. I DO NOT have a Facebook (only a private personal one, which has my name on it). If you see anyone on Facebook claiming to be me, please report this immediately. In fact if you find any account claiming to be me using the fucking ‘xD’ face unironically report that shit instantly. Thank you to the person who brought this to my attention!

Remember: u wouldn’t steal a car, identity theft is a crime, drink water, be soft, thank u

Being best friends with Yoongi would include...
  • “Why am I even friends with you?”
  • “Don’t be so grumpy.”
  • Stealing his jacket when it’s cold, even if he does make you give it back
  • Helping him with assignments when he finds himself too busy to do them before deadline
  • Him buying you food in exchange for you helping him out
  • He would cook for you, and has already tried that, but you decided that his cooking could possibly burn a hole in your stomach
  • Though he always brags about his cooking in front of everyone when he can
  • Creative swear word replacements made up on the spot because Yoongi always forgets that he’s sometimes in front of children
  • You carrying around a swear jar
  • Him doing your hair for you (after much begging)
  • “Stop being so sensitive!”
  • “You’re tugging the hair right out of my scalp.
  • Getting icecream in the middle of a winter night and getting hot chocolate in the middle of a summer day
  • A lot of picnics and just relaxing at the park on the weekends
  • Lots and lots of movies for friend dates
  • Him complaining about all the plot holes to every ‘girly’ movie you drag him into, just to hide that he actually enjoyed the film
  • Whining about having to see a horror movie because they’re “too predictable”
  • Shopping and eating together on off days
  • Photography days where you just go around and take pictures of everything together
  • Many great attempts at camping but always ending up finding a cabin to stay in
  • Napping near the fire together on cold days
dont steal someones art please just dont fucc

UHHHG…… i hate when twitter stans/any leaf stans in general (but ive really only seen twitter stans do this cuz he has a twitter to notice them on)STEAL FU CKING ART and tweet “I SPENT THREE HOURS ON THIS ogmm pleeaselike it and follow me” like bitch what the actual DAMN fuck. It’s not cool to steal art IT REALLY FUCKING ISNT SOMEBODY DAMN WELL SPENT PROBABLY MORE THAN 3 hours on that shit, now u fuckin stealin their limelight, like bitch wtf if u aint talented at art uh find something else?????TO DO??? like fuck man, im an artist myself and im scared of either tweeting leaf/posting my art here because i dont want anyone SWIPING IT and saying its their own. like seriously why are u that awful. why must you be this way.