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Feeling Alive- Part 11

Summary: Dance school!AU (or the Step Up/Pride and Prejudice mash up nobody asked for). Bucky Barnes is forced to take twelve hours of commercial dance classes to pass the year- and that just happens to be your regular weekly dance class.


Part 1 (Slow Hands)

Part 2 (Stay)

Part 3 (There Will Come a Time)

Part 4 (Weapon of Choice)

Part 5 (Came Here For Love)

Part 6 (Where the Sky Hangs)

Part 7 (When Can I See You Again?)

Part 8 (Manhattan)

Part 9 (Skip To The Good Bit)

Part 10 (Poison & Wine)


Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Chapter 12/?: Clean

Word count: 2412

Warnings: swearing and ANGST

Just… YOU GUYS. I am utterly indebted to your enthusiasm and love. Thank you a hundred times. (Because TSwift is who she is, the version of Clean I linked is a cover, but you can find the original on Spotify).

Y: Hope you’re OK, despite the awful situation

Y: Give my best to Steve tomorrow

Y: Try to sleep as much as you can

Y: OK I’m hoping you’re asleep, good night


Friday is your day off. You can’t decide if that’s good or bad. On the one hand, you don’t have to try to get through a day at work, with all that happened yesterday clouding the back of your mind- on the other, you have nothing to distract you from the horrible reality of the situation. You force yourself to get up and make a start on tidying your apartment. Anything to keep your mind from swerving back to the ugly bundle of Steve’s knee resting on stark white blankets, or the expression of hopeless anger on Bucky’s face.

Y: Hope you’re bearing up

Y: Try to keep eating etc.

You know that Bucky’s probably in class or at the hospital, so the fact that he isn’t replying doesn’t bother you too much. Instead you try to stay focused on the tasks in front of you: vacuuming, sweeping, rearranging your bookshelf until finally everything looks neat once more. Then you check the time and pick up the phone.

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Day 1: Haunted

For @shouritshou and their event, Ritshou Fall Week! 

Warnings for major injury (its just like a bg thing, though, its not described) 

“Ritsu blinks. A shadowy form appears in front of him. It’s gone again before he can scream.“

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anonymous asked:

I went this far and I basically googled Bloody Nose Islam and I came across this website www(.)myislamicdream(.)com/nose_bleed(.)html and this sentence stuck out the most for me: "If the blood from one's nose drips on the road in the dream, it means that he regularly pays his due alms which he distributes to poor people in the streets. It is also said that seeing one's nose bleeding in a dream means finding a lost treasure. Otherwise, it means distress and depression." idk it sounds interesting

Hiya anon! First of all, wow, that’s some dedication and you have my admiration here! I am not very familiar with Islam myself so I don’t know the legitimacy of this source but if it is indeed correct then these are some very interesting connotations for Even’s nosebleed, no doubt (which I am also certain Julie must also be aware of to some extent because the woman does her research and every event in this trailer occurs on a symbolic plane anyway). The way that Even and Sana were both portrayed as the starting and the ending point of the chain reaction that Sana (deliberately? involuntarily? we’ll find out) might have provided the spark for is linking them intrinsically on a separate level from the rest of the characters . This, coupled with the fact that Even was the one the camera lingered on for the most time aside from the main most probably means that Even’s association with Islam which was hinted at quite heavily in season three will probably be explored more in the future (according to my research, and please someone correct me if I’m wrong, the notion of charitable giving holds an important place within the faith of Islam, so I’m excited to see how it translates when it comes to what we discover about Even’s connection to it).

And of course given that for Even the theme explored in this season seems to be the fact that you can’t really escape your past, since it will always resurface, in a rather painful way at that, reopening old wounds that had never truly healed and upending your life, I‘m not surprised to see distress and depression as possible interpretations of the nosebleed as well. It’s clear that there is some traumatic event haunting his past, something that made him delete all evidence of his online presence and cut all ties with the people that mattered to him and it seems that with the reappearance of Mikael and his squad he will have to face whatever happened head on. And really there is nothing more cathartic than reconciliating with your past, especially when it means mending bridges and reforging bonds and relationships that had fallen apart. For Even, who truly looks like he has heaps of love to offer, isolation from his friends must have been excruciating, especially if he blamed himself for what happened or if by some misunderstanding (could the words of the song apply to him as well? very likely) the last words they exchanged were cruel ones. Ultimately getting closure over something that clearly still weighs on him will definitely feel like finding treasure because not only will he be able to finally reach inner peace, but also he will reclaim his friendship to people he used to be very close to and this I feel is something he regards as truly invaluable.

Graded Performance

So I have another contribution to Birbwin’s Jean walking in on Eruri idea (I was also lucky enough to have them beta this for me.)
This is also partly inspired by districtsandwizards fantastic! idea, and thank you for letting me continue with this.

Door locked.
Blinds closed.
Headphones securely in.
Open favourite porn site in Private Browsing and unbuckle belt.

Jean had always been wary of those who had a favourite porn star. In his mind, watching porn was something that was done discreetly and alone, never discussed and forgotten as if it never happened. A few weeks ago, however, he stumbled upon an amateur duo who had released quite the selection of videos.

Jean hadn’t meant to click on their video. He’d been several minutes into a porno starring an overly helpful plumber and a horny housewife when he’d accidentally clicked one of the recommended videos to the side. He’d meant to turn the video off but there was something about the actors that caught his attention and left him hooked. The two men on screen synched together perfectly, all their movements natural, nothing fake in their actions or moans.

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for ravenandericareyes, aka Gabby, because no one is allowed to want fic and not get it while I’m around

Sassy Clarke who works/owns a book store and bellamy comes in to get a book for octavia and is all mean and stuff cause ‘i don’t fucking need to read im a cop’ and clarke is just omg shut up and take these two books. one is for octavia and one is for him and he reads the book and finds out that she wrote her phone number in the back and i just yessss i want this 

I hope I did this justice bby

Of all the things Clarke was expecting to end up doing with her life, owning a bookstore was not one of them. She’d always been planning of following her mother’s footsteps into the medical field, but after her dad had died and Clarke had found out about her mother’s involvement in it, she’d left that part of her behind.

Now, she runs a successful shop downtown, where she spends hours completely content behind the counter or in the backroom or between the shelves. She has regular customers who come in every week, addicted to the books she’s chosen for her shelves and for them specifically. She’s found, over the past four years she’s owned the shop, that she has a knack for matching books to readers.

Jasper and Monty are the only workers she has, and they work all day together Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, letting her have the weekend off if she wants them—she usually spends the time in the back room—but the rest of the week she works alone. Not that she minds in the slightest.

Today is Wednesday, and she usually has three or four of her regulars come in today, along with enough new people for her to pay bills. Clarke’s sitting behind the counter, reading one of the newest books she’s gotten in so she’ll know who to recommend it to, when the bell above the door jingles.

She looks up to find a young man, probably not much older than her, standing awkwardly in the doorway. He’s cute, she thinks, but he would definitely be cuter if he wasn’t wearing what appears to be a permanent scowl.

“Hi,” she says, hiding her smile when he jumps slightly, obviously startled. “What are you looking for today?”

“I’m Octavia’s brother,” he says, voice lower than she expected, but she likes it, “She said you’d know her.”

“Yeah, I know Tae,” she says, feeling worry rush through her. “Is she okay?”

“She’s fine,” the guy says, the scowl disappearing to be changed in a second to a look of wariness and fatigue, maybe a little anger too. “Under house arrest, but fine.”

A laugh makes its way past her lips before Clarke can stop it as she makes her way into the usual section of her store that Octavia gets her books from. “Sorry,” she apologizes, raising her voice so he can still hear her, “that’s just so Tae.”

“And how would you know that?” It’s Clarke’s turn to be startled, because she didn’t hear him walk across the store, but now he’s leaning against the shelf she’s inspecting the books of.

She recovers herself quickly, shrugs as she turns back to the books in front of her and grabs a couple of books she just know Tae will love. “She’s one of my regulars. She’s in here for at least an hour every Wednesday.”

This at least gets a chuckle out of the guy, and Clarke forces herself to stay focused and to not lose herself in the sound of it. Or in the thought of how a genuine laugh would sound from him. “I’m not going to be able to stay that long,” he says. “O was driving me crazy for new books. It’s the only reason I left her alone.”

“You don’t have a job to do?” she asks, tucking the books she’s chosen under her arm and turning to him, tilting her head as she studies him.

“I’m a cop,” he tells her, “I just took the week off.”

“A cop,” she echoes. “What’s your name?”

“Bellamy,” and now he sounds suspicious. She nods, chews at her lip in thought as she makes her way first back to the counter to put the books down and then over to the opposite side of the store. “What are you doing?” he asks.

“Finding you a book,” she says, grinning at his raised eyebrows when she pokes her head around the shelf to look at him. “It’s kind of my thing.”

“I don’t have time to read,” he says, coming to stand near her again so she can see his crossed arms. “I’m a cop.”

“I heard you the first time,” she says absentmindedly, scrapes her top teeth over her bottom lip again. Her eye catches on Stephen King’s name on the spine of one book, and she grabs for it quickly, before he can stop her. She flips the book over in her hands so she can read the back, flicks her gaze between the book and him, before nodding and heading back to the register. “Everyone has time to read. You just have to find it.”

“Well it’s a pain in the ass to find,” he mutters.

Clarke laughs. “Do what I did,” she suggests. “Start a business so you have an excuse.”

The smile that lights up his face disappears in a second once he realizes she was serious about the book. “I’m not paying for that,” he says, and sounds annoyed again.

She shrugs; it’s a paperback, and one that’s been on the shelf for months. It won’t exactly hurt her to give it away for free. She grabs a pen when he’s getting his wallet out, scribbles in the back when he’s getting out money to pay for the books for Tae so that he won’t notice. She bags the book along with the two he actually paid for, hands it over with a smile. “Have it anyways.”

“I’m never going to read it,” he warns her, taking the bag and walking towards the door again.

“Yes you will,” she calls after him, leaning across the counter. “Come again!” she adds as the door closes behind him.

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