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Can I request for bakugo, todoroki and eijiro with their s/o spending some fluffy cute time alone at home. How do they spend their relaxing home-date night with their s/o? Thank you very much.

Hi dear! Obviously you can, I was looking forward this. What a fantastic ask you sent! I really enjoyed writing those head canons for you! I’m feeling all giddy now and really, those boys are the best.

 I hope you enjoy it!




  • You can tell that is going to be a relaxing, home-date night in the exact moment you see him. Bakugou, at the thought, can’t stop himself from showing small happy grins when he thinks you’re not looking and tends to hum softly his favorite songs.
  • He cooks, as usual since he’s really good at it, but goes out of his way to ask what you would like to eat. During the dinner, he continuously glances at you, trying to not be seen, to understand if you really like what he cooked. Not that he doesn’t believe to your praises, but it feels more gratifying to just look at your shining eyes and delighted expression while eating.
  • Usually after dinner, you wash the dishes and clean the kitchen while he takes a shower. However, on those nights, Bakugou insists to do it together with some random excuses; one washes, the other dries and both of you enjoy the silent presence of the other or tell each other how the day went.
  • Afterwards, you have the tradition to watch a movie together, while eating snacks and sweets, sometimes feeding each other playfully. He likes to pull you closer and wrap an arm around your shoulders, while you rest against his chest.
  • And you really love movie’s night, but you would really like, for once, to see the film till the end. Unluckily, it seems something impossible: it doesn’t matter which type of movie you choose (you’ve tried action movies hoping he was going to get caught by the plot and explosions, and even romantic movie to bore him to the point of falling asleep) but it’s going to end always in the same way. Before the ending, if you’re lucky, (In the middle of it if you’ve pushed his switch), he starts distracting you by caressing your waist or your tight; then he nuzzles against the crook of your neck and leaves a trail of soft kisses on the skin from the cheeks to the shoulders. Finally, those kisses become playful bites; just to be sure he has your complete attention. And, let’s be honest, it doesn’t matter how much time passes, you are never going to have enough resistance to continue watching the movie.
  • The only times it doesn’t end like this, is when you had a tiring day and so, you fall asleep before he can start tempting you. In those cases, growling complains he just switches off the TV and picks you up in bridal style to carry you to the bed. As a pouty punishment, he leaves a big hikey on you neck while you’re sleeping.
  • When you two watch romantic movies, obviously thanks to your insistence and much to his boredom, you force him to repeat and act the cheesy lines the male protagonist says. The problem is that he changes the words so much and pronounces them in a so deadpanned, annoyed or incredulous way that it always ends up with you laughing to your heart content.

“Nobody in the whole world could ever divide us.”

“I’m going to fucking kill the first who tries to divide us.”

“You’re the star of my life, the hope of my existence and the light in the darkness that guides me.”

“You’re a freaking fizzy, glowing mass of matter that I seems to love and follow everywhere like an idiot for unknown motives…Oi, s/o stop laughing! It’s not my damn fault if they’re idiots! Why the hell a stupid, far away star? Don’t they know what a star is made of? Shit, this is dumb, not romantic. I would just kiss the hell out of you and end it there. I hope she breaks up with him.”



  • Home-date nights with Kirishima are the funniest; he really loves them and becomes happy and excited as a child, continuously surprising you with sudden pecks, lifting and spinning you in the air or hugging from behind.
  • The two of you start by trying to cook together, however your experiments doesn’t always end well, even because Kirishima can be very clumsy. So, if you don’ manage to save the dinner in time, the nearer pizzeria is now used to your sudden calls.
  • Washing the dishes includes poking each other with bubbling, wet sponges and splashing with water; no need to say that this can easily transform in real water battles. If this happens, you then have an excuse to enjoy a warm bath together. Nothing is better than relaxing and floating in Kirishima’s arms.
  • Then you always do something different; sometimes you play videogames, do session of crazy karaoke, play “have you ever…” with crazy challenges, watch matches or action movies on the TV or, your favorite, playfully wrestle on the bed.
  • You two are very competitive when you fight, armed with pillows, sheets and blankets, screaming and laughing loudly. The thing that you like the most is the fact the, in any case, Kirishima always treats you with the outmost carefulness and kindness. He pays a lot of attention to hit you lightly and not hurt you, controlling his force and being sure he’s not going to accidentally use his Quirk. Even when he has finally pinned you down on the mattress, (yeah, sorry but he usually wins), you can feel that the hold around your wrists is very light; firm, because he likes to win, but kind, no bruises are going to remain.
  • Well, once he has caught you, he reasonably decides to torture with tickle and stops only when you beg for it with tears in the eyes for the laughter. He then smoothers you with kisses.

“Ne, s/o who’s the stronger, manlier hero ever?”

  • You win only when you play dirty. A sudden kiss that makes him falter, puppy eyes that make him hesitate or faking being hurt (not seriously) to make him let down his guard. Obviously, using those techniques makes the battle ending with him kissing every inch of you too.


  • Nothing is more relaxing than a home-date night with Todoroki.
  • The two of you race to come back home earlier than the other to surprise them by cooking. This usually ends with both of you arriving at the same time and deciding to cook together.
  • However, Todoroki always buys you your favorite dessert and gives it to you at the end of the dinner as a surprise. Or sometimes a flower, a cute hairpin or everything else that during the week has caught his attention and reminded him of you.
  • Todoroki is a big cat. He doesn’t ask for cuddles, he just takes them when he feels the need. Without warning, he drapes himself over you and kisses you, or hugs you from behind nuzzling against your neck, or rest his head on your lap and “force” you to stroke his hair.
  • You usually just cuddle together, talking about everything. The week, something funny that happened, searching comfort if one of you is troubled or just telling something about yourselves. You two chat ‘till you start dozing and he picks you up or guides you by the hand to the bedroom.
  • Other times, you read together or Todoroki reads aloud for you. You also watch movies: you like to choose tragic or scary ones. In the first case he’s going to comfort you with a lots of cuddles and reassuring words; in the second, you can be as clingy as you want and he is going to repeat you that it doesn’t matter what is going to happen, is always going to protect you, so you don’t have to be scared. Moreover, his deadpanned expression even during the most scary scenes and the cold, filled with common sense and perplexed comments about what’s going on are amusing.

“Why she should open that door if she knows all the others are dead? Ah, she’s also without any weapon, she should have taken that baseball bat. I bet she’s going to die.”

  • Depending on the season, you curl against one or the other’s side of the boy, who finds it very amusing.
  • A bath together is a necessity. A long, warm, bubbly bath to relax and enjoy the intimacy.
  • When there’s the right weather, you take a blanket, some pillows and sweets, and exit on the balcony. There you sit down, Todoroki caging you between his legs and wrapping his arms around your waist, and you two look at the stars together, telling made-up stories about the constellations.
  • Todoroki always remembers to give you a goodnight kiss.
up in the air - part 4

read part one / part two / part three here!

pairing: tom holland x reader, featuring harrison osterfield

requested?: no

word count: 2832

summary: tom’s travelling back home to london with harrison, and he just so happens to be on the same flight as you. sometimes, you find love when you’re least expecting it.

author’s note: thanks for the feedback! sorry it’s taken me a while to send this part out but my uni exams begin soon so updates might come slowly for the next month. hope you like this new part :-)


the plane had only been in the air for a few minutes when tom decided it was safe for him to talk to you again. at the sound of his sweet british voice next to your ear, you felt something inside of you loosening, and your breathing slowly returned to normal.

“once,” he ducked his head to glance out the window at the disappearing skyline, “harrison and i were flying back to montreal from london on new year’s eve. we were close to landing at midnight.”

you turned your head slightly to watch him as he talked.

“it was a really clear night and we could see all the little firework displays along the way. these tiny flares, shooting up and going off below us. one after another.”

the view outside the window went white as the plane pushed through the clouds. you felt your heart pounding and closed your eyes, trying to picture tom’s fireworks instead.

“if you didn’t know what they were, it probably would’ve looked really scary or something – but from the plane, it was sorta nice. they looked pretty, plus we couldn’t hear them so they were just silent, small lights way down below. it was hard for me to believe that they were the same huge explosions of noise from the ground, you know? a matter of perspective.”

you opened one eye.

“is this supposed to help me get over my fear of flying?”

“no,” tom grinned sheepishly, “i was just trying to distract you again.”

you smiled.

“thanks. got anything else?”

“yup,” he sat back, dragging a hand through his curls and leaving it resting in his hair. “a whole plane trip’s worth, actually.”


you tugged on the window cover and pulled it down so the sky was gone from view, ignoring tom’s raised eyebrows. luckily, the seatbelt light above your heads flickered off and the screen embedded into the seat in front of you switched on. tom’s did the same and he reached out, tapping on the touch display.

“huh. they have these in first-class too.”

“i wonder what movies they’re showing.”

tom drew his hand back.

“uhh – don’t bother checking. probably that lame cartoon one that just came out. the emoji movie, i think?” he leant over and switched off your screen. “don’t you prefer my company anyway?”

you shot him an indignant look.

“hey! i happen to enjoy movies about emojis, thanks very much.”

tom rolled his eyes.

“talking emojis? hollywood’s running out of ideas.”

“some of the emojis sing too,” you grinned, enjoying the look on tom’s face.

“please, please don’t tell me that you’ve watched it.”

you held up two fingers.


“you do know it’s meant for under twelves, right?”

“good movies have no age limit.”

tom laughed.

“okay, okay. i won’t argue with you on that one.”

you nodded, satisfied with his answer, and turned back to the screen.

“are you sure you don’t wanna watch a movie? i think they’ve got the spider-man remake on here too,” you paused and glanced at tom with a grin, “or is that too childish for you as well?”

tom grabbed your hand, moving it away from the tv.

“okay, for the record, the new spider-man is awesome. but let’s just chat instead.”

suddenly, one of the flight attendants appeared next to your row with an armful of headsets. she carefully leant over the sleeping pregnant woman at the end and smiled at you and tom.

“would either of you like one?”

tom looked at you, and you shook your head. he turned around and gave the lady a charming smile.

“thank you but we’re alright.”

you lifted your backpack up from underneath the seat and unzipped it, rifling around for your earphones.

“just in case we decide to watch spider-man,” you joked, but tom wasn’t paying attention. he was inspecting the small pile of books and magazines you’d pulled out onto your lap with interest.

“you must read a lot!”

“kinda,” you smiled, brushing off a piece of lint from the front cover of your chaos walking book. “i can’t really resist a good story.”

tom reached out, picking up the worn copy from under your fingers. he leafed through the pages carefully, as if they might fall out with the slightest touch.

“have you read this one?”

you nodded sheepishly.

“maybe more than once.”

tom raised an eyebrow and pointed at the dog-eared pages and ripped back cover.

“oka-a-a-y, maybe a lot more than once. it’s probably my favourite novel ever! have you read the series?”

tom looked amused.

“uh, nope. what’s it about?”

“oh, wow – tom, it’s such an amazing story. the main character, todd – he lives in this weird, dystopic world, right? and he meets this girl, viola, and together they go on this freaky adventure and there’s this thing, called ‘the noise’, and it’s always in their ears, and the series goes for three books but the first is the best probably, todd’s the most real in that one, i’m kinda in love with his character, and - ”

tom held up a hand, laughing.

“woah, slow down! you’re really keen on this, huh?”

“yeah, sorry. i get carried away when i talk about things i’m passionate about.”

you blushed and tom shook his head.

“don’t apologise. i totally get it.” he paused and then smiled. “you’re extra cute when you’re excited.”

you flashed tom a small smile and turned away, unable to meet his eyes after the compliment. he exhaled quietly and settled back into the seat while you packed away the books and put your backpack away. pressing your ear to the window cover, you could hear the wind roaring outside as it rushed past the plane. technically, you were afloat – up in the air, thousands of feet above the ground – but you felt steady and secure when you were beside tom.


you opened your eyes, awake all at once. tom’s face was just inches from your own, watchful and quiet with an unreadable expression on his face. startled, you brought a hand to your chest before you registered that your head was resting on his shoulder.

“sorry,” you coughed, pulling away.

the plane was completely dark now, and it was almost silent except for the rumbling of the air all around you. it seemed like everyone had fallen asleep – even the screens set into the back of the chairs had been shut off. you tugged out your arm from where it was wedged between the window and seat, massaging it before glancing at your watch to check the time before realising you had no idea which timezone you were in. running a hand over your head, you snuck a sideways glance at tom. luckily, it didn’t look like there was any drool on his shirt from where you’d lay.

he met your eyes and stuck out a hand, offering you a napkin.

“what’s this for?”

“turn it over.”

you flipped the paper and grinned. tom had drawn a series of largescale emojis in scratchy blue pen.

“so you gave in and watched the movie, then?”

he shrugged.

“hard to resist the temptation of animated facial expressions,  you know?” tom watched as you tucked the napkin into the top of your bag. “how’d you sleep?”

“okay,” you cut yourself off with a yawn and tilted your head to one side. “don’t you sleep on planes?”

“normally, i do.”

“not tonight?”

he shook his head and gave you a small smile.

“apparently not.”

“sorry. i didn’t mean to use you as a pillow.”

tom waved you off and laughed.

“it’s okay. harrison claims i make a very comfortable head-rest, so i’m glad i could help. plus, you looked peaceful.”

“i don’t feel peaceful,” you sighed, twisting in your chair to face him. “is london nice?”

tom looked taken aback for a second but then smiled.

“it is. it’s a beautiful city.” he paused. “you never actually told me why you were going there. may i ask?”

out of all the topics of conversation, this was the one you’d been hoping to avoid. but there was something about tom - something you’d noticed from the moment he’d leant down to help you in the terminal earlier - and it made you trust him.

“i’m actually moving there. to london. to live.”

tom blinked a few times in surprise.

“wow! i – i just sorta assumed you were going on holidays!”

“i wish,” you muttered, and then shook your head. “no, that’s not true either. i’m happy, honestly. i’m just really nervous about the move, i’ve never really been away from my family for more than two weeks and i’ve left everyone i know behind.”

you bit your lip.

“i don’t know how i’m going to survive. the further we get from home, the more nervous i feel.”

tom reached out and took your hand quickly, giving it a squeeze.

“y/n.” you looked up at him and found his brown eyes carefully searching your own. “it’s okay, i’m here. i understand – trust me, i’ve had to face it all before.”

he let out a deep sigh and smiled sadly.

“the best piece of advice i’ve ever gotten was to turn nerves into excitement. you know? it’s really hard at first, leaving the people you love behind. but believe me - going out into the world on your own, while nerve-wracking, is truly awesome. it’s been one of the best decisions i’ve ever made, just taking the opportunity and running with it. if you can find a way to be excited about it, you’ll gain the most! and hey, you’ll be independent and have the chance to be whoever you want, because the only person pressuring you is yourself.”

you looked down at your lap.

“i don’t know… i want to leave, and part of me does feel excited… but the other part is just plain scared of what’s to come.”

there was a silence from tom before he replied.

“being scared is only human. sometimes we have to leave our comfort zone to find the things that make us the most happy in life.”

“tom, i’m going to be all by myself for the first time ever.”

“hey,” he touched your cheek lightly, “you won’t be alone, i promise. i’m going to be there, and so will harrison, and we’re your friends.”

“thank you,” you smiled weakly and tom nodded. “sorry for turning this into a sook-fest.”

“it’s okay,” he shrugged and tugged on a curl of hair that had fallen over his forehead, “like i said – i understand.”

despite tom’s comforting words, you were ready to get off the subject and move on. maybe he was right and london was going to be a great change for you, but it was making you nervous again. both of you lapsed into silence for a while. tom rubbed his eyes, gently letting go of your hand to do so. you let out a breath you didn’t even know you were holding as he started to talk.

“so, that was my big question for you. got any burning ones for me?”

“okay,” you cringed before you’d even formed the words, but your interest had been blooming inside for hours now – since the airport phone call – and you couldn’t help but ask.

“do you have a girlfriend?”

tom’s cheeks reddened, and the smile you caught right before he ducked his head was cryptic – one of two meanings. the bigger part of you is worried that it must be sympathetic and charitable, designed to make you feel less awkward about the question and coming answer, but something else kept you wondering all the same – maybe, just maybe, tom’s expression was something even kinder. something full of understanding, a seal on the unspoken agreement that something was happening right there between the two of you, that it just might be a kind of beginning.

after a long moment, tom shook his head.

“no girlfriend.”

you weren’t really sure how to proceed after his answer. it felt like something had changed, but you weren’t sure what.

“how come?”

tom shrugged with a grin.

“haven’t met anyone i want to spend thirty years with, i guess.”

“there must be millions of girls who work on your movies.”

“probably more like a few girls, actually.”

tom shot you a look and you laughed.

“bet none of them are british though. that’s your type, right?”

“don’t really have a type, if i’m honest. unless you count girls with tomatophobia – that’s my one weakness,” tom smiled and leant sideways, bumping you with his shoulder.

“right,” you grinned. “did you have a girlfriend in high school?”

“at my acting school, yeah. she was nice.”

“so what happened?”

tom tilted his head back against the seat.

“i guess what always happens. we graduated, i left for america, she didn’t. we moved on. what about you? ever had a boyfriend? or girlfriend?”

boyfriend,” you rolled your eyes and tom held up his hands in defence.

“i didn’t know! just making sure.”

“well mr-politically-correct, i had a boyfriend. but he broke up with me, actually.”

“oh. what happened?”

you sighed and mimicked tom.

“i guess what always happens. he got jealous of me being friends with one of his mates, and broke up with me over text.”

“wow,” tom muttered and thumped his fist on the arm wrist. “that’s millenial love at its most tragic.”

“something like that,” you agreed, looking over to find tom watching you closely.

“he’s an idiot, you know that right?”

“that’s true. i guess he was always sort of an idiot, in hindsight.”

“still,” tom replied and you smiled at him gratefully.

your ex had broken up with you right before you’d set the details of your move to london in concrete. you’d never thought about the possibility of what you might have done if you were still in a relationship when making the decision to leave home for another country. would you have reconsidered? or asked your boyfriend to go with you and move in together? probably not. but now, looking at tom, you wondered if you had it all wrong. you wondered if that was because there had been no one in the world you’d liked enough, nobody you felt comfortable with that you’d ask them to come with you to start a new life. you had a sudden fleeting image of tom, appearing on the doorstep of your apartment in a crisp white polo and jeans, holding a bunch of flowers in his hands. the idea made your stomach flutter. you swallowed hard, blinking away the thought.

beside you, tom glanced over at the pregnant lady, still sleeping soundly by the aisle.

“i’ve actually got to use the bathroom,” he admitted, and you nodded.

“me too. i bet we can squeeze past her.”

tom quietly unbuckled his seat belt and half-stood in a jerky motion, accidentally bumping into the seat in front of him. when its occupant didn’t stir, he let out a small breath and manoeuvred past the lady on the end without waking her up. when you’d both managed to make it out of your row, you followed tom as he shuffled down the aisle and towards the back of the economy section. a bored-looking flight attendant in a jump seat looked up from her magazine as you passed but didn’t pay you any more attention.

the ‘occupied’ lights were on above the bathroom doors, so you and tom stood in the small square of space outside. you were close enough to smell that same boy scent on tom’s shirt from before, but not so close that you were touching, exactly. his arm brushed against your own and you were seized by a sudden longing to reach for his hand.

you lifted your chin to find tom looking down at you with the same expression you’d noticed earlier, when you woke up with your head on his shoulder. neither of you moved and neither of you spoke – you just stood there watching each other in the darkness with the engines whirring beneath your feet. it occurred to you that tom might be about to kiss you, and you inched just the tiniest bit closer, your heart beating fast in your chest. tom’s hand skimmed yours lightly and you felt it like a bolt of electricity. to your surprise, he didn’t pull away – instead, he fit your hand into his own as if he was anchoring you there, and then tugged gently, moving you closer.

it almost felt as if you were completely alone – no captain or crew, no rows of snoozing passengers, no one – and you took a deep breath, tipping your head up to look at him.

suddenly, one of the bathroom doors flew open and bathed you and tom in sharp, bright light. a little toddler waddled out, wiping his hands on his overalls as he moved back down the dark aisle.

and just like that, the moment was over.



thanks for reading! feedback is most welcome :-)

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The Way I See You

Genre: Oneshot. Fluff, getting together, friends to lovers, reality

Summary: Fiction. Dan’s shocked when he realises that Phil’s self-conscious about the way he looks. Apparently Phil doesn’t know that he isn’t allowed to be sad when Dan’s around. So Dan takes it upon himself to fix the situation - by complimenting something about Phil’s appearance every day. Trouble is, Dan isn’t very good at hiding his teensy tiny crush on Phil. (Originally written for the phanfic exchange from a prompt from comeonitsphan)

Warnings: Some swearing

Word Count: 11k

A/N: This is the fic I wrote for the phanfic exchange quite a while ago ^_^ It was a really fun experience! I wrote this before the tour happened, so the radio show was still going on. Enjoy the getting together phan schmoop <3

Edited by the lovely OvereducatedAndOverworked, thank you so much for doing this on such short notice! <3

AO3 Link

“I can’t believe you actually said that!”

Dan’s voice was indignant as they crashed through the door into their apartment. He shook his head, a fond smile playing at his lips as he turned to regard his best friend, close behind him as they made for the kitchen.

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Always and forever [c.m x reader]

Connor Murphy x Reader

warnings: anxious reader, big ol’ fight with Con, weed use on his part.

word count: 7,335

requested? kinda lmao


hope you enjoy it, 

it doesn’t really sound like Connor in the beginning but let a girl dream about a soft Murphy boy for a little while! Anyways I needed to vent a little bit so if the negative stuff gets too real ™ I’m sorry! HOLY BDHSUBJHJN this took a long time! idk if this is OOC but i tried my best to make it feel convincing. Now I’m going to sleep for a week lmao.

xoxo, cass

Monday 8:45 am

School wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but you felt so strange for some unknown reason. Not really strange but more of a feeling of displacement. You knew it wasn’t going to be a good week, you hadn’t even questioned it, you just knew. 

You were zoning out and trying to be as small as possible in this massive black hole of papers and stressed out kids with hormones out of the roof.

Connor came up to you and gently tapped your shoulder, shaking you out of your own head. You turned around and softly nodded at him as if to say ’hi, I don’t feel like talking’. 

He nodded and slowly interlocked your fingers with his. 

“You know you can talk to me?” He said quietly into your hair. 

You nodded and sighed leaning onto his shoulder and closing your eyes.

“Always and forever.” You mumbled tiredly as he looked back down at you. 

 He was surprisingly gentle with you when you were like this. Usually, he would say something funny or stupid to cheer you up a little when you needed it or playfully say something like ’stop being a pussy’.

You would hit him in the shoulder but you would feel better because he’s such an idiot but he tries his best and you love him. 

“Always and forever.” He confirmed and continued to walk, matching his pace to your slower one. 

You must just be tired, or maybe someone got on your nerves. You were okay, you had to be. You always were. You were his rock. Every time something bad happened you were right there, even if he didn’t talk about it. It was like you could sense it and you probably could. He tried his best to sense when something was wrong and was usually successful… that is, unless he’s too busy with his own problems he doesn’t pay as much attention to you. 

“Okay, since you don’t want to talk here like a fucking weirdo,” he said, going back to a humorous tone and gaining back his masculinity by erasing any signs of him being vulnerable. 

“How about the park on Wednesday? At like 6 because my parents are weird and won’t let me leave till Wednesdays for ‘academic’ reasons and it sucks but whatever.” He looked at you while he said it, making sure he wasn’t being too inconsiderate of how deeply you were being affected by whatever was causing oh trouble. 

“Yeah.” You said softly, shifting your head slightly on his shoulder and looking up at him. 

“Yeah, I would like that very much, Con. Thank you.” You said slightly louder, to show him that you really did want to see him later and that he shouldn’t start worrying you don’t like him anymore like he usually does. 

There you guys were, just like when you were kids; walking side by side holding hands and enjoying the others company while you walked to class. 

It was the moments like this that reminded you how much you trusted Connor, and you couldn’t be happier with him by your side. 

All was well. No, not well, but manageable. manageable at least until Wednesday night.

Tuesday wasn’t very busy. School was normal and so was home. The feeling still lingered, of course, but you tried to push it down further until tomorrow night when you could talk to Connor about it. Only he would really understand what you’re going through and you knew he would never tell a soul. 

He was also seeming to get worse and you could tell he was trying to hide it. You didn’t know if it was out of consideration for you, or that he didn’t want to deal with it himself. You knew it wasn’t selfish of you for asking him to talk with you tomorrow But you felt guilty regardless. He had always had problems more frequently and he had his fathers temper. He needed to talk more than you did.

Sighing and pushing your hair from your face, you sent him a quick text to see if you were still on for tomorrow. Then maybe, you could talk about him as well.

To: Con

Still on 4 tom. night?

From: Con


To: Con

Ok, goodnight. I love you

From: Con

love you too babe

Your heart swelled a bit at the four tiny black words on your phone screen. You couldn’t wait to see him tomorrow morning.

Wednesday 6:00 am

You adjusted your backpack on your shoulder and stepped out into the cold morning air. You took a deep breath and relished in the sting your lungs felt when the new temperature of air hit them.

You met him at his house, as per usual, but paused before knocking when you heard something. you listened closer and recognized the voices to be Zoe and Connor.

“Shut up, Connor! I’m tired of waking up to the stench of weed every other morning! Would it kill you to open a fucking window?”

“Maybe if you didn’t drive me insane with all your friends over constantly giggling i wouldn’t want to get high! Honestly, you had to ruin my morning so that mommy and daddy will blame me and you’ll still be the fucking favorite, okay? Now move, I need to give Y/N a ride.”

“Connor! Why can’t you ju-”

“Just stop, Zoe.”

You rang the doorbell in panic when you heard loud footsteps come closer. You were greeted with a disheveled Connor with messy hair covering his cheeks and framing his sharp face. He grabbed your arm and dragged you to the car, still huffing and obviously trying to calm himself down. Once you were both in the car and heading down the street, you spoke up.

“I love you. Please, if you need to calm down, let me drive.” you talked gently and leaned closer to his ear so he could hear you clearly.

He tensed before slowly relaxing and reaching to hold your hand, squeezing it tightly and relaxing again. He didn’t have to say anything. Knowing someone for 12 years, you know what they mean by certain gestures. This one meant three things depending on the situation.

1.) I love you

2.) thank you

3.) if I could, I would kiss the hell out of you right now.

You knew he meant all three.

He was angry at lunch. Probably because he had just gotten out of the one class he had with Zoe. You could only imagine that their fight from this morning had continued. You reached for his hand but he pulled away and bounced his legs furiously under the table.

When he saw the hurt look on your face his stern exterior softened. Did he not like you anymore? Did he not want to be touched? Was he okay?

“ Shit, sorry I just… fucking Zoe is always on my ass lately and I don’t know how much more I can take.” He scoffed as he ran his hand through his messy curls.

“It’s okay, babe. How about we talk about it tonight? at the park, remember?” you suggested.

You knew Connor wouldn’t talk about his feelings unless you suggested it. Then he would eventually open up about what had been bothering him that week. It was your own little system, but it worked.

“Yeah… we’ll see. Listen, i gotta go before Evan pisses himself because I didn’t show up to help with his chemistry homework.” He grumbled, his eyes looking towards the doors as if he was planning an escape.

“uh, okay. Later Con.” you smiled and shooed him off.

“Later.” He said, but not before lazily kissing your cheek.

You watched as he stalked away, hoping he was okay. Hoping that you would be okay until tonight because, let’s face it, who wants to talk about their problems after hearing the fight he had with Zoe? You just wanted to both be happy at  the same time, was that too much to ask?

You hoped he didn’t notice the fact that you were almost on the brink of tears, just by him pulling away. Something so small almost set you off… Wednesday night couldn’t come soon enough.

Wednesday night: 6:10 pm

He wasn’t here. He wasn’t where he said he would meet you 10 minutes ago. All you wanted was a nice little date in the park. You knew he was going through some stuff lately but you really needed this. You did your best to seem fine for his sake after you heard the fight but you could only handle so much.

Usually, it was you planning out little dates for him whenever his family got on his case or the assholes at school got into his head.

 Key word: usually. 

You had bad days too. Everyone did, but usually your bad day would be like a broken dam. It would break and begin flooding out a hundred bad days emotions that were pent up. You could deal with a normal persons’ bad days, but your classification of a ‘bad day’ was your own personal Armageddon. 

Connor knew. He knew how your emotions would be put in a special file in your brain labeled ‘unimportant’. Like every file cabinet, however, when it got full you would have to clear it out. 

He also knew that when this happened there was almost nothing he could do but stick it out with you and try to get your mind off of it. That’s why your tradition of small 'get-your-mind-off-your-feelings’ dates started. You both would rather be distracted with each other outside opposed to staying confined in your bedrooms waiting for the other to climb through the window to the rescue. 

 You checked the time on your phone and walked over to the bench across from the park. 


You were sadly used to this. He was probably at home reading or getting high in the quiet of his bathroom, forgetting about you even though he planned the times for your date. You wished you just disappear. 

He was 20 minutes late now and you were alone on a bench at a kids park at 6 in the afternoon. You were going to give him 5 more minutes and then head back to your house to quietly mourn your sudden and complete loneliness and disassociate yourself from the world around you for a while by, hopefully, sleeping. But then again, you didn’t get much sleep on a good night so… you really didn’t know what to do after you left. 

 3 minutes. 

You were angry now. This was one of the few times you really needed to talk to him, to let him hold you and let your emotions run free while you felt safe. You had basically broken down in tears two mornings ago when you told him about the oncoming flood of anxiety and negative emotions. 

You shouldn’t be mad, really he probably just forgot and you were used to being forgotten. No one deserves to be forgotten, though! Did you have a right to be mad? 

1 minute. 

You were mad and you were sad and you were lonely. Your mind swirled a mile a minute with all the worst case scenarios of why he wasn’t here. Maybe he was sleeping or maybe he was high as a kite in his bathroom, completely unaware of you and your ever-present breakdown. 

He probably forgot about you. Or he just doesn’t care about you anymore. He probably saw you how you saw yourself and got out while he could. 

Well fuck. Thanks brain! 


Getting up from the bench and straightening out your shirt, you began to speed walk back you’re tiny neighborhood. You weren’t going to cry. Your stomach was sinking and you wanted to pop the balloon of dread that was inflating in your lungs. 

You walked slower when you reached Connors house, just a few houses down from yours. Smoke seeping almost invisibly through his bathroom window, slowly descending in tiny clouds before the wind blew them away. 

Of course, he was fucking getting stoned right now. Instead of the balloon being popped in your lungs, it seemed to swell while you looked up at his window. You shook your head to yourself slowly and quickened your pace as you watched the swirls of smoke above you.

You rushed back to your house. You entered, trying desperately not to drop your key from your shaky hands. Once you were in, you read the small note your sister had left you on the counter. Your sister always wrote in swirly cursive, like her job was making ordinary things pretty. 

Parents are gone for the weekend on a buisness trip. I’m out for dinner with a friend and crashing there so I’ll be home tomorrow morning.

 Great. House to yourself. 

Usually, you would text Connor to keep you company but seeing as he was preoccupied, you texted your best friend Alana instead.

To: Alana B.

 house to ourselves tonight I’m down for a movie hbu 

From: Alana B.

Lucky you I just finished my homework! I’ll bring snacks? Also I have to be home by 10:00. 

To: Alana B.

 Sounds like a plan, Stan 

From: Alana B.

 It’s Alana….? 

To: Alana B.


 Alana it’s a phrase. 

Just hurry up and get over here.

As you threw on some sweatpants and plugged your phone to charge, you heard the doorbell followed by Alana’s signature ’Tap tap taptap tap’ knock. 

You opened the door and welcomed her in, helping her carry the blanket and microwave popcorn she had brought into the living room. 

After you set everything down she pulled you into a bone crushing hug. When she pulled away she readjusted her glasses and smiled. 

 "Okay, so what’s wrong?“ 


 "I’m in a profiling class for crime and justice, I know when something is wrong especially with my best friend.” She said maintaining eye contact.

“How do you…?” you began, clearly confused.

“Your fidgeting with your hands like you do when you’re anxious. Your hair is kinda messy, no offense, but it seems like you’ve been running your hand through it. Not to mention when I was driving by Connors house I could see smoke from his window… and didn’t you have a date tonight?” She dusted nothing off of her hands on her pants and placed them on her hips.

“So. whats wrong?” She interrogated you.


 you sighed, you could never hide anything from her. 

“Connor planned a little date like we usually do when one of us has a bad day and he didn’t show up. I sat at the park for half an hour waiting just to walk home and find smoke coming out of his bathroom window.”

She gave you an understanding look and held her posture as she motioned for you to continue. 

“I want to be mad. You know? Like this is the one time I needed a break and he even planned it! But he just forgets and gets high? It’s like he doesn’t care, and let’s face it why would he?“ You laughed at the end as if to pretend you were joking and looked sheepishly down at your socks. 

"I’m sorry you had a bad day but Y/n, and you have every right to be mad at him. And if he doesn’t see how freaking amazing you are then he can eat a brick for heck’s sake.” She said as she gripped your upper arms and looked at your slightly cloudy eyes. That was the worst language she’s ever said to you.

You softened and smiled at her, she always knew how to make you feel better. She looked up at you apologetically and motioned towards the couch as she picked up the movie. 

She knew your limits. She wouldn’t push you to talk about the things you didn’t want to, especially since she knew she couldn’t understand it herself. That’s why she was so relieved when you started dating Connor! You seemed happier with him, but these moments made her want to smash a history textbook over his head.

Wednesday 10:00 pm

10:00 came much too soon. She said goodbye as you set her blankets into her small blue Jeep. You waved as she backed up out of your driveway. You were so lucky she was so understanding. But now you were alone again. 

You hugged your arms around yourself and turned back around to your door. It was late and you should probably try and sleep, maybe just for a little while. Try to forget about this whole thing for a few minutes. 

 Staring at your dark room only lit by the street lamps and moon through your window only one thought was repeating through your skull: Anger. 

You’ve never truly been angry for a while, and maybe it was just everything coming back at once, but you were livid. 

“You have every right to be mad at him.” Alana had said.

 Maybe she was right, I mean, he did forget about you and got stoned instead. Yeah, he forgot you!

 You got even more livid when you saw his house across from yours through your window. Great. 

 Now you were pacing across your room deep in thought. Pacing had always been your nervous habit, you only did it when you were angry or confused. Now you were both. You couldn’t believe he’d do this to you. 

Letting your mind wander, it chose the memory of you and Connors first date. 

 “So… what are ya thinking about?” You asked him slowly swinging your newly-entwined hands. 

 His hands were so cold, against the contrast of the warm hoodies you were both in, he could’ve been mistaken as touching an icicle. Then there was his hair, dark and blowing softly behind his ears and behind him. You watched his eyebrows scrunch together as he processed your question, and quickly turned away when he noticed you’re staring. 

 "I don’t really know, I mean I’m not very good at anything. Especially thinking, so I guess I’m just thinking about… well, I don’t know. Fucking whatever I think about.“ He looked sad. 

Well, maybe not sad but disappointed. But at who? Himself? The world? You couldn’t tell. You knew about his rough exterior and why it’s there’s in the first place. He opened up that to you years ago when you first met in the park. 

"Well, maybe I can help you with that. Or maybe I can just help by being there for you, like always. But if this is going to last, and believe me I want it to, then we gotta stick together, ya know? You gotta come to me with these things." 

The soft grin on your face was infectious and as much as he tried he could resist the small smile creeping into his features. He slung his arm around you and sighed. 

 "Always?” You linked your pinky with his and looked at him. 

 "And forever.“ You replied and leaned your head onto his shoulder.

"Always and forever my ass, Murphy. Asshole.” You mumbled as you blinked away the fond memories. 

You were staring at the moon, you realized as you blinked away the green blotches under your eyelids from staring too long. 

You were always drawn to the moon. Maybe it was because you wondered if the moon could hear your thoughts, and if so, if it understood you. You were both trapped in the dark, with only the stars to comfort you both. You sat down at your desk in front of the window, dimly turning on your lamp. 

“Always and forever seems to be shorter to you than me, huh Murphy?” You scowled under your breath. 

Another memory came to you as you continued to stare.

 It wasn’t a rare sight, two 2nd graders walking around a park. The only rare thing about it was that the two kids pinkies were locked together in between them while they were walking, gently swinging them in sync with their steps.

 Connor looked slightly down at you, he was taller but only by an inch or two. You were looking up towards the big trees with orange and red leaves, as if wondering ‘how did they change like that?’ 

He could tell by your face, a mixture of awe and confusion that you were infatuated with them. He smiled and you met his eyes.

“Watcha looking at Connor?” You said through your goofy smile, missing a few teeth, but perfect nonetheless. 

 "I’m looking at you looking at the big twees.“ He said simply, turning his head back towards the the swing set in the distance. 


 "Huh.” He replied smugly, as if he was beating you in an imaginary game of copycat. 



 "Y/N is the coolest kid ever." 

"Y/N is the UN-coolest kid ever.” He shot back. 

 "Hey! Meanie.“ You pouted. 

 "I win!” He shouted, pumping a small fist into the air in triumph. 

 "Beat this! I love you.“ You said raising your tone. 

You were as stubborn as you were small. 

 "Well, I love you too you nerd.” He said sticking his tongue out at you.

He hoped his blush wasn’t too evident, even if he was only 8, he knew that love was an important thing. At least, that’s what his momma and daddy said when he asked them about it. 

“Fine. You win, big deal.” You muttered in defeat, looking down at your shoes while pouting. 

 You never thought he would actually say that to a girl! Didn’t girls have cooties just like boys do? 

 "Hey, what’s wrong?“ 

 "Nothing.” You huffed as you sat down on a swing, dragging your feet across the gravel. 

 "Hey, promise me something will ya? Like pinky promise.“ 

 "Ok. I promise” you said looking up toward his lanky frame beside you.

“Promise we’ll be friends for a long time. Like always.” He said softly. 

 "Like forever?“ You questioned. 

 "Always and forever.” He whispered while nodding his head. 

 "Always and forever.“ You whispered back.

The moon was luminating your face under the soft yellow glow of your lamp. Those were the golden days, free of pain, anger, and destruction.


You looked down confusedly at your desk. Eyes focusing onto a tiny drop of water next to your laptop. Oh. You thought as you brought a hand up towards your cheek. It was wet, you must’ve been crying, not to your surprise. It had to come out sooner or later. You were about to let the waterworks flow when you heard a slight 'tink’ on the glass in front of you. what the hell?

A flash of gray and another 'tink’ hit your window, startling you out of your moping. 

You walked towards your window to see, speak of the devil, Connor Murphy standing under your bedroom window with a handful of pebbles. You crossed your arms and tried to convey no emotion on your paler-than-usual, blotchy face. He gave a slight wave and motioned for you to come down. 

You shook your head no and turned away from your window. Strange. He thought, I guess I’ll have to go to her.

He scaled your house for the usual bricks he could climb onto to get to your room. Once balanced with his feet on a ledge and his hands gripping your windowsill, he knocked again. 

 You turned to see him and rolled your eyes. You flicked your eyes towards the bottom of your window, challenging him to push it open if he wanted to talk to you so badly. He gave you an exasperated look but slowly pried your window open. You sat in your bed and watched him struggle into your room, falling in with a quiet 'thump’. Once he scrambled back to his feet he turned and closed your window before turning towards you.

 "What the fuck? What was that for?” He whisper-yelled at you, motioning his arms so as if to say 'explain?' 

“Why are you here, Murphy?” You deadpanned, motioning towards his disgruntled figure.

One part of you wanted to slap him for breaking your promise, the other half want to breakdown and let him hold you. 

“What do you mean? I always come here when my parents get in my case! Am I not welcome anymore or something?”

He raised his voice slightly, seemingly unbothered that your parents could’ve been in the house. 

They weren’t, obviously, so you didn’t try to shush him, but that wasn’t the point.

“My parents aren’t home, and neither is my sister. Yell all you want!” You smiled sweetly toward him, sarcasm dripping from your voice while trying desperately to keep up an I’m-totally-okay facade.

Key word trying. 

You were failing desperately and you already had a rogue tear slowly falling down your cheek.

Connor was confused and that made him angry. What kind of game were you trying to play with him right now? What kind of sick practical joke were you trying to play, making him think you were mad at him? He was on the brink of blowing up at you when you spoke up again.

 "Answer the question. Why. Are. you. Here?“ You hissed. 

 All the anger you had been previously holding in was seeping out into your brain and through your eyes. Connor froze, he’s never seen your eyes so cold before. He opened his mouth and closed it again. He didn’t know what to say so he just went with whatever came to him first. 

 "My fucking parents? Y/N what the hell is wrong with you right now?”

 "What’s fucking wrong with me?“ You whispered, your stare pierced his soul. 

"You want to know what’s wrong with me tonight Connor? How about you think for a minute on why I could 'possibly’ be mad right now.” You spat, voice raising with every word. 

 If you weren’t mad before, you definitely were now. Every emotion you had held in and every thought you had kept to yourself tonight was rushing back to you like a lightning bolt.

"What the fu-“ his eyes widened and he immediately softened his defensive stance.


You nodded at him, tears welling in your eyes as you watched him realize what he’d done.

"Yeah. Thanks for leaving me to sit at a park bench for thirty minutes alone! It’s not like you 'planned’ the date or anything!” You stood up and raised your voice, tears flowing full steam now from your cold stare.

“It’s not like I want to breakdown and scream and tell you how I can’t fucking feel anything anymore! But no.” You stuck your finger in his chest, poking him harshly backwards as you said 'no’ dramatically. 

“You chose to get stoned in your bathroom instead of remembering how your girlfriend is also having trouble. You forgot how your best friend since second grade needed you!” You became eerily calm despite the tears flowing down your cheeks. 

Connor knew he fucked up, but he got angrier at you every second you spent yelling at him. 

"Well- well maybe if you just considered that I’ve been fucking depressed as shit lately you wouldn’t be so mad about a tiny missed date! Honestly, you make it sound like I killed someone!“ He said, getting immediately defensive. 

"Connor, that doesn’t make you any less guilty for wh-”

"Maybe if you weren’t so fucking dramatic all the time I wouldn’t have to worry about remembering the fucking dates! Stop being so desperate for attention, Y/N! It’s not my fault you’re clinging to me constantly!“ He yelled into your face, cutting you off with his raised tone. 

 The smell of mint and marijuana being huffed onto you as the words slowly sank in. Your problems didn’t matter to him. You didn’t matter to him anymore. He is just tolerating you for a place to go when his parents annoy him.

 He watched as your face slowly broke down with each insult he threw at you. The tough demeanor you previously had melting away and revealing a broken girl who was having all her worst fears confirmed. 

 "Get the fuck out of my house Connor." 

You whispered. You crossed your arms back around your body trying to hide yourself and vulnerability from him. You shrank away, slowly taking a step back from him.

 "As if I’d want to stay here anyways!” He huffed. 

 "Fuck you, Connor! Always and forever? How could I be so blind that someone could tolerate me for so long!“ You laughed as you finished your sentence, which was interrupted by sniffles and hurriedly wiping tears from your cheeks.

 His face immediately softened when you mentioned your oaths to each other from what seemed like an eternity ago. 

 "Fuck you too!” He yelled back.

 He was just now realizing what he had done and what he had said to you. He didn’t mean it! He wanted to scream at you that he didn’t mean anything he had said but you were already shoving him towards your window. 

After you ensured he had a good grip, you slammed your window shut window behind him. You turned off your light and sat on your bed. For once tonight, you didn’t have any tears to cry out. Now you were completely numb to every emotion you had previously felt. 

 You didn’t know which was worse. 

 Meanwhile Connor was in his room as well, in the same position in his bed. His head was spinning and he wanted to punch something. He wished he didn’t smoke the rest of his tiny weed stash a few hours ago, now he had to face his feelings head on. Only this time, he couldn’t sleep it away with you cuddled towards him to relax. He didn’t have sweet kisses on his cheek to help him fall asleep. This time, he was utterly powerless to his mind. This time, he truly fucked up. 

You woke up the next morning with a sore throat, puffy eyes and a blotchy face. You were confused, at first, while looking at your disheveled features until everything that had happened yesterday slowly replayed in your head.

“It’s not my fault you’re clinging to me constantly!”

 "Maybe if you weren’t so fucking dramatic…“ 

 Oh yeah. That happened.

You ran your hand down your face and groaned at the mess of mascara under your eyes, making it seem as though your dark circles were even worse. You looked around your desk and grabbed your hair brush next to your charging phone.

There was no way in hell you were going to check that right now.

You began to brush your hair and tried your best to look normal given the circumstances. You even tried to put on makeup after you took a shower and washed your face. You slipped on some jeans and your favorite gray hoodie paired with your white converse.

Normal. Good job Y/N! Now people won’t pay attention to you any more than they usually do!

Maybe it was because it was 5:30 in the morning, or maybe it was because you had gotten into a huge fight with Connor. Your boyfriend. Your best friend. You couldn’t shake the feeling you were forgetting something, even though last night kept replaying in your head in perfectly painful detail… And then it hit you.

Connor was your ride to school.
Connor was your ride back home.
Oh, come on. Give me a break.

You would have to take your families own small gray car which is surprisingly still working despite it being 15 years old.

You walked back towards your desk and slung your backpack around your shoulder as you looked for your keys. You slipped the lanyard around your neck after double checking you had the right key and unplugged your phone. the screen lit up but there was nothing there.


What did you expect? Even if Connor was sorry, he’d never admit it so soon  if at all.

Thursday 6:00 am

With your fingers crossed that the beat up car won’t break down, you drove to hell   school.

Maybe Connor won’t show up. Maybe you won’t have to deal with it. Maybe he’ll apologize. Maybe he hates you because you’re “clingy and dramatic.”

Whatever the case, you felt the familiar feeling in your stomach of fear and anxiety as you parked in the schools parking lot. If not for your dread of failure you might’ve skipped today, but you couldn’t bring yourself to. you opened the door and tried your best to calm yourself down. you counted as you fiddled with your fingers.

one - calm down

two - there is no point in worrying

three - just find Alana and Evan

four - focus on school not on last night

“Hey Y/N!” Alana chirped when she saw you walk past the cafeteria, Evan right behind her.

Evan gave a small wave before looking back down and biting his nails while he paid attention to whatever Alana was saying. You smiled back and made your way towards them.

“Just don’t mention Connor today, okay? She was mad at him last nigh- How are you Y/N/N?” you heard Alana and rolled your eyes.

 Bless her soul, but she was terrible at pretending things didn’t happen, you let it slide. You gave an apologetic look to Evan and turned your attention back towards Alana, trying to think of a response you didn’t think you had.

“I’m fine. and you?” You did your best to sound convincing, not that your facial expression was helping much.

“Oh, I was just telling Evan how my homeroom teacher approved of the extra-curricular double course I requested to take. This should look great on my college applications, right? Wait, and then maybe I can convince him to write a letter of recommendation!” She almost squealed in joy, talking with her hands (like always) she almost hit poor Evan.

“Nice!” you tried your best to fake the expression of excitement, but your eyes must not have been as convincing as your tone.

“uh, Y/N, are you, uh well, are you okay?” Evan asked hesitantly, not wanting to offend you. when you didn’t respond immediately, he started to panic.

“You don’t have to answer! I mean obviously I would never pressure you because that’s super uncool and you’re like my best friend but you just seem kinda off today and-” Evan trailed off.

His mind was like a snowball rolling down a cliff, slowly building up and getting bigger until someone stops it. That someone was you as you swiftly cut off his anxious rambling.

“Ev, I’ll live! But thanks for worrying.” You said as you gently touched his shoulder to catch his attention.

You gave him a small smile and he just sighed in response and let it go. Alana however, was wickedly confused and upset with herself that she hadn’t noticed anything wrong with you as quickly as Evan did.

“Did you talk to him?” She muttered quietly and sent a nervous sideways glance towards Evan before flicking her eyes back towards you.

“I… I don’t know if I can re-live that to be completely honest with you guys.” You said as you focused intently on your shoelaces, not wanting to see their faces as you gave them the (slightly worrying) news.

You were tough. You could usually tell Alana and Evan anything in hopes that they could help you through it, but you just couldn’t tell them about last night. A lot of insecurities you had about how you act and why Connor even liked you in the first place were confirmed in the worst possible way you could think of.

“Y/N, you can talk to-”

“Just forget it? It’s not important and class starts soon anyway so let’s just go. Walk me to first period?” You cut Evan off and turned on your heels waiting for them to follow you. They did, luckily, and you weren’t completely alone. At least for today.

Thursday 11:50

Oh god you usually ate lunch with Connor.

Connor didn’t sit with you. You didn’t expect him to, to be honest, but it still felt like a needle was poking at your heart and when you met eyes and he quickly looked away scowling to himself, the needle punctured through. You didn’t know where to go, so you decided to sit under a tree near the park at the back of the school. The park that they used for elementary schools in the summertime. Maybe you could clear your head there for a while.

You watched the clouds pass by overhead and hoped that maybe you could become one and float away from all of your problems. You closed your eyes and sat there for a while before heading back towards the school and accepting your doom of boring classes and repressing feelings.

You didn’t know what you thought about Connor anymore, you only knew you missed him. As you walked back home from school that was all that was repeating on your mind, like a broken record or an infinite loop.


But what could you do? Apologize to him for forgetting about you? You might miss him, but you wouldn’t go as far as to apologize for getting hurt. maybe you could text him or something, anything to see if he was okay. Maybe another day.

Friday 11:55

“Okay, so are you and Connor okay?” Zoe asked as she sat beside, setting down her lunch tray.

Despite your 12 years of friendship with Connor, you and Zoe were never really close. She hung out with a different crowd and you definitely weren’t part of it. You looked up at her confused but answered nonetheless.

“We, uh, got into a fight on Wednesday? He hasn’t talked to me since.” You sighed.

“Oh, well he’s acting super strange, which isn’t new, but he’s been different. You should talk to him. Or don’t, he’s an asshole anyway.”

you raised an eyebrow as if to say ‘if you keep talking about him I would tread carefully.’ She raised her arms in defense and laughed a little.

“No offense, just- I don’t know. He’s more bearable when he had you.” She picked up her tray and scurried back toward her group of friends, leaving you to fight the war in your head by yourself.

Was Connor really different without me? Why can’t he just start talking to me? Fine. I’ll take matters into my own hands.

You threw your backpack over your shoulder and left for the old park where you two had made the promise all those years ago. Thank God for half days!

The park was almost the same as when you were kids. Same trees framing a small path to a hiking trail, situated right next to where the long column of swings were placed crookedly facing the rest of the playground. The one thing that’s stayed the same in this tiny town other than you and Connors friendship. Ex-friendship? You honestly didn’t know anymore, but you knew that this was where he went when he needed to escape and shoot the breeze for a little while.

You walked towards the empty playground and sat on your swing. You had claimed it as your swing when you beat Connor in a game of ‘soccer’, which was just running around wildly and saying you scored a point if it came close to the tiny nets you had set up.

As you swung, you heard a muffled yell from in the hiking trail. Then another angry grunt. You knew it was Connor by the third thing you heard, which was:

“Fucking idiot! Stupid stupid stupid…”

You jumped out of your swing and ran towards the angry voice, forgetting about all of what had happened previously this week. He was okay, and that’s all that was going through your mind. He must’ve heard the rustling of you crunching leaves while jogging towards him, because he turned around lightning fast and gaped at you.

When you reached him you could see his red face and rigid stance. He was mad, you knew that, but he also looked so unsure of what to do. As if anything he did would hurt you even more than he already had.

You stared back at him before slowly walking closer towards him, looking at where he was previously facing. A tree, crooked and twisted and missing some bark where he had, presumably, been punching it in anger. Above the patches of missing bark was a small, scratchy engraving punctuated by a sloppy square, trying to look like a plaque, that read: “always? And forever.”

You gasped as the memory came flooding back to you. You and Connor in fifth grade, no more missing teeth but still young enough to think the world was yours, using a stolen exacto-knife from his dad’s tool collection to carve out your little promise. You reached up and gingerly ran your fingers through the sharp grooves you two had once made.

“I knew from an early age promises always got broken, but I always knew we were the exception. If you still think so, that is.” You muttered as you stared at the fake plaque in front of you.

“How the fuck are you talking to me after what I said?” he grumbled back quietly playing with his freshly bruised knuckles. “How can you even look me in the eye and not want to punch me in the dick? Hell, I’d punch me in the dick if I were you.”

You snorted a little and turned towards him.

“It hurt. I won’t lie, it hurt that you had forgotten about me. I was really struggling a couple days ago, ya know? But I said stuff I’m sorry about… and I missed you too much to not try and work it out with you.” You looked at him and walked even closer, bumping into his shoulder with yours.

“I just hate myself for being so stupid. I thought you finally came to your senses and where done with me. I freaked out and got defensive and I just- to be honest, I went home and almost punched a hole in the wall…again.” He said, mimicking you and staring at the old carving.

You looked up at him from where you were standing, shoulder to shoulder and rested your head on top of his bony arm. He tensed slightly at the sudden contact and you were about to pull back, but he wrapped his arm around your waist and held you close.

“I’m sorry.” he mumbled into your hair,

“I’m sorry too.” You sighed out, letting yourself be engulfed in his warmth and bony frame.

he held out his pinky finger and smiled nervously, flicking his eyes between you and his hand. You smiled slightly and he continued.

“Like always.”

You giggled and linked your pinky finger with his long, skinny one.

“Like forever?” You replied, grinning like you were in second grade again and showing off your missing teeth.

“Always and forever.” He gave a small smile back down in your direction, waiting for you to finish.

“always and fore-oof!” You couldn’t finish it, though, because the one and only Connor Murphy himself whirled you around and kissed you before you could even realize what was happening.

He cupped your face in his cold, dainty hands and smiled. He smiled the real, genuine, second grader Connor Murphy smile that you hadn’t seen in ages. After you admired his smile for the couple seconds it was there, you cut it off by leaning back in and peppering his face with little “mwah” sounds before you began giggling so hard you could barely breathe. He kissed you again. You still couldn’t breathe, but maybe that was because of the giggling, or maybe it was because he took your breath away, and let’s face it.

He took your breath away, and always will.

Always and forever.

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RFA + V + Saeran reacting to MC being an mermaid?? Your blog ir my fave mysme hc blog /sorryforthebadenglish

You’re english is actually very good! :) Thank you so much for your support! This was actually a very fun, interesting prompt. As you might notice, I kinda switched between mythologies and kinds of mermaids between characters, so hopefully that makes things interesting! Enjoy!


  • MC decided to show him in the bathtub in her apartment
  • His jaw dropped
  • The only thing that came out of his mouth was, “You look like a mermaid from LOLOL!”
  • MC laughed as he blushed, and explained that her mermaid cousin had actually designed a lot of mythical creatures for various fantasy based games, and she knows her cousin designed the mermaids for LOLOL
  • She’s got scales her and there, imbedded in her cheeks and shoulders, and Yoosung just can’t stop staring because she’s so sparkly and pretty
  • Before he can help it, he says, “If anything happens, at least I’m a vet.”
  • MC laughs and pulls him into the tub for that comment
  • He has so many questions for later, but holds them back in this moment to just let this whole situation sink in


  • For some reason, MC insisted they go to the beach
  • No real explanation
  • MC would only say that there was something she wanted to show Jaehee
  • It was a warm and sunny day, there were plenty of people, but MC dragged her to this perfect little hideaway beach where no one else could see them swim
  • MC dragged Jaehee in once they’d set up camp and they swam and played and eventually MC coaxed Jaehee down into the water so that she could see her bottom half clearly
  • Jaehee was so startled she had to go up for air
  • MC shyly peaked her head up in the water and Jaehee could see how nervous she was and calmed down
  • They go up to the beach, but sit so that the ocean comes up to the hips
  • They talk, Jaehee feels MC’s tail and asks questions about mermaids, a kind of child-like curiosity in wanting to know about her people
  • MC was just relieved Jaehee was so accepting of her and still wanted to be with her


  • It was always interesting to him that MC knew so very little about popular media and some common social norms
  • She had a phone, of course, but she’d seemed surprised when he turned on the TV one day, and half the time, electronics seemed to confuse her
  • Of course, it was adorable watching her flounder and ask for his help
  • she also seemed to eat a lot of fish
  • Then, one day, a woman showed up while they were on a date
  • She and MC went off privately a little and fought about something, the other woman trying to force something into MC’s hands
  • When MC came back, she told Zen there was something they really needed to talk about
  • He almost didn’t believe her when she explained that she was a mermaid, but she had purposely transformed for him, and he was… well, he was in awe
  • MC also awkwardly explained that she… well, she made a deal with a Sea Witch, her sisters are scared she’ll never return to the ocean and die, like fable of the Little Mermaid
  • MC won’t as long as she pays the Sea Witch off or… uses the blood of the man she loves to null the contract all together
  • MC assures him that paying the Sea Witch is already taken care of, so he doesn’t need to worry about that
  • Zen still worries that her sisters will come try to kill him, but MC assures him that they know better than to try


  • When MC told him, he thought she was joking
  • Seriously, if she was a mermaid, how did she have legs now?
  • Well, MC explains that mermaids can leave the sea for long durations of time, but eventually have to return for a year (or five) in order to live
  • Thank goodness for modern amenities, however, as she is able to mix up a makeshift saltwater bath, dip in, and prove it
  • Jumin’s face suddenly darkens and asks if she has any skins that she needs to wear to transform or if she has a mermaid husband, but MC quickly tells him he’s thinking of selkie and he has nothing to worry about
  • MC is very impressed with his knowledge of mythology
  • Then again, he reads a lot of… let’s say, interesting, books
  • She assures him that, because she can mix up a salt water bath whenever she needs, she can and will stay with him
  • That’s all he needs to hear
  • He sets up a few precautions to protect MC, intends to keep her secret secret, and does some research
  • Jumin discovers online that mermaids like shiny things, so he buys MC a ton of shiny things and she goes nuts for it, which makes him happy


  • “I always thought there was something fishy about you!”
  • Omfg, Saeyoung, not now. Get that stupid grin off your face.
  • Btw, he walked in on her in the tub with her tail hanging out the side
  • On the surface he takes the whole thing surprisingly well, cracking jokes, asking questions
  • “How long have you been a mermaid? Can you breathe underwater? Do you have a pod or a pet dolphin? How deep underwater can you go?”
  • On the inside, he’s planning/panicking
  • How is he going to hide her secret and protect her? Because he certainly didn’t know mermaids existed until now
  • MC is honestly surprised by his apparent enthusiasm
  • They end up having a long, semi-serious conversation about her being a mermaid, how they can hide it, and who they should and shouldn’t tell
  • Then they talk mermaid stuff, like how she never gets pruney, she doesn’t need air because she has gils, and what prompted her to leave the sea in the first place


  • Honestly, the moment V heard that MC was a mermaid, he didn’t believe it until she showed him by dragging him to a secluded beach
  • And the moment he saw her, he just wanted to take her picture
  • So he did, catching a gorgeous shot of her tail catching the light just right and the ocean as a backdrop
  • That was the only picture V took, he made one print of it, and hid the film
  • The only people who would ever see the picture were himself and MC
  • The picture was too beautiful to destroy, and V itched to take more, but never would to protect her secret 
  • MC is honestly surprised at how well he handled everything
  • V really likes the sound of her singing, but she has a bad habit of singing sea shanties, so he can’t help but laugh at the stereotypical mermaid things she does


  • When he found out, Saeran was so scared she was going to leave him to return to the sea
  • MC assured him she wasn’t going anywhere, but he was still scared to bits
  • Besides, MC was a freshwater mermaid and grew by a river and a lake
  • Saeran ends up having Saeyoung help him build a bunch of water proof electronic devices (including a phone and a smart watch with a tracker inside) for MC so that he can still keep track of her if she goes underwater
  • As… invasive as it is, the devises also notify her when someone is checking her location
  • MC ends up showing the devises off to her mermaid friends, who then wish to use valuables they’ve gathered from accidents and wrecks to pay for phones for themselves
  • She also takes a ton of underwater photos for Saeran so that he can see what she sees
  • Once they’re living together in a place near a river, he’s so much more at ease

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Heya, can I get 76, Hanzo and genji confessing to their future s/o their feelings and trying to kiss them, only for their future s/o to tell them they don't think they'd be a good kisser because they haven't kissed anyone before?


Jack corners you at the edge of the compound. His face unreadable. The last couple of days he has been acting distant and unresponsive to you. You dreaded thinking of the possibility that he actually hated you.

His arms were on your sides, cutting off any chance for escape. His gaze was intense enough as it bore into you, but his silence hurt.

“Did I do something to offend you,” you ask, your voice cracking. “If I did I’m sorry. I just want to go back to being friends and talking again,” you say, eyes downcast, unable to look at him.

You hear his breath hitch and you take that chance to look at him. His eyes were soft; the pained expression on his face confused you further. He took one of his hands and cupped your face.

“I’m sorry for the way I’ve been acting,” he says quietly, “I’ve been trying to think of how to tell you…but I’ve come to realize that I care for you, deeply care for you.”

Jack grabbed your chin, tilting your face as he leaned in, his lips a breath away from touching your lips. You quickly turned away, your cheeks red with embarrassment. Jack sadly looked down at you.

“I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. I’ll go,” he turned to leave.

“No,” you say grabbing his arm and pulling him with such force that sends you two pressed together against the wall. His hands were on your hips, griping you tightly. Your hands settled on his chest, you could feel the quick beating of his heart underneath them. He was nervous, and waiting for your answer.

“I’m s-sorry for pushing you Jack,” you stutter, “I like you a lot too but…,” you take a long breath and tell him, “I’ve never been kissed before so I don’t know how to kiss anyone and I got nervous and scared and thought you would think I was weird and would think I didn’t like because I didn’t kiss you properly which is why I turned away!”

You looked at his chest, ashamed to look at him as well as scared. You hear him laugh and soon enough he embraces you. You look up at him and he gives you a genuine smile.

“You have nothing to be worried about,” he lowers his face to your ear and whispers huskily, “I’ll gladly teach everything you need to know.”


Hanzo sat next to you on the bench, his arms crossed over his chest and his eyes closed. You were awkwardly waiting for him to say something to you; he had invited you over after all. The garden was lovely, but you wanted to know why Hanzo asked you over all of a sudden. Yes you liked him and admired him from afar but that was the extent of your relationship with him. It was a normal professional relationship from anyone’s standpoint. So why ask me here?

You open your mouth to say something but Hanzo finally turns to you and starts to talk.

“I’m sorry for inviting you over so suddenly. I have been thinking about certain things and thought it appropriate to tell you immediately than to wait.”

You looked at him confused. What had he realized? He had a slight blush on his cheeks has he turned away and you felt his hand find yours and squeezed it. You gasped slightly, your face reddening.

“I have realized that as much as I try to ignore my feelings for you, I cannot,” he said turning back to you. He was obviously nervous, would glance at your face quickly only to look at your entwined hands. “I like you very much and I hope that it’s not my imagination when I say that I know you have feelings for me as well?”

Your eyes widen, and then you groan looking away. Had I really been that obvious in my attraction to him? He chuckles as he grabs your chin, making you look at him. His smile sending shivers through your body. He pulls you closer to him and leaning closer, goes to kiss you.

“Hanzo,” you whipser putting your hands on his chest and stopping him.  

“What’s wrong,” he asks.

“I like you…but I can’t kiss you,” you say. Immediately you see his expression sadden as he turns away from you but this time, you grab his face and make him look at you. He looks at you and you give him a small smile.

“I can’t kiss you because I don’t know how to kiss,” you say nervously, “I’ve never kissed anyone.”

Hanzo chuckles louder as he brings his forehead to yours.

“That’s perfectly fine,” he takes your hands in his; “we can take this as slow at it needs to.”


“Thank you for inviting me over for tea Genji,” you say happily drinking your tea. You and Genji have recently started spending more time together and it made you extremely happy but also sad.

You liked him, a lot, and spending all this time with him only added fuel to the fire.  

“No problem,” he chimes, “I like you and enjoy your company very much,” he says smiling.

You laugh trying not to show how it affected you. Genji saunters to you slowly and sits next to you.

“In fact,” his smile getting bigger, “I like you a lot.” He carcasses your cheek.

You open your mouth slightly at his declaration. He actually told you that he liked you! He likes you!

“You gonna say anything?” he says chuckling.

You look away and feel your cheeks get warmer, “I like you too Genji,” you say quietly.

“I’m glad,” he says tilting your face.

“Umm,” you turn away.

“Don’t be embarrassed,” he teases you.

“Genji…I’ve actually never been kissed or kissed anyone.”

“Oh,” he says solemnly. He looks at you, surprised at first but then smiles and brings you closer to him, embracing you tightly.

“I’ve sorry for trying to kiss you, I should have asked if you were ok with that,” he instead kisses the top of your head. You relax in his arms, nuzzling closer.

He lets you go and looks at you intently. He puts his hands together and continues to silently look at you.

“Is something wrong?” you ask, scratching the back of your head.

“The artist in me is just swimming with ideas.”

You feel your face get warmer, “Wh-what do you mean?”

…finally i am allowed to show the whole illustration for one of the coolest jobs i was allowed to be part of so far. i admit i am really proud of this work. the sheer volume of this work was frightening but it was a blast ‘cause i  enjoyed an unbelievable amount of freedom and trust working with a bunch of really cool and nice people. thank you very much tori, adam, jefferson and ed for your guidance and your patience.
TM & copyright DC Comics
TM & copyright Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s17)

*Tease* (1000 Follower Fic!!)(Stuckony)

Alright darlings!!! You asked and I wrote– this was supposed to be a thousand words of smut for my thousand followers, but things got a little out of control. So here’s Chapter One… of an unspecified amount of smut. I mean this very well may turn into a full size fic because I got this idea of Tony being bored with his soldiers and trying to tease them into being kinky with him and… well anyway. Just read it lol any and all ideas are welcome because I love this so much already.

I love all my readers and followers!! You guys are the best!! Thank you so much for all the love you show me and my fics!!!



Tony was going to be the death of Steve. Bucky too, of course, or at least probably, but Bucky was more used to this sort of thing, this sort of—thing. That Tony was doing. With his mouth. And a–a–lollipop.

Bucky had been teased and chased by girls and guys for years before the war. He was used to the flirty, dirty things girls did with candy and drinks that were meant to get a fella thinking about… about that. So Bucky. Bucky would have been fine with this.

But it was gonna be the death of Steve.

He was literally barely keeping it together, sitting at the kitchen table, so hard in his pants he was sure there would be a wet spot on the front of his khakis if he stood up. So he definitely wasn’t standing up and he thought he would die if he kept sitting there but what else could he do?

Because Tony, his sweet, perfect boyfriend Tony, was sitting primly on the counter chatting with Natasha, his legs kicking the air innocently, laughing over something she said, and sucking on a lollipop like it was the best thing he’d ever tasted.

A big one too, one of those multi colored, swirled, eight or nine inch things you only got at candy stores or fairs.

And right now, Tony’s perfect little pink tongue was lapping up and down the damn thing, his lips looking sticky and sweet as he sucked on the end and every few seconds he’d give a little sigh and lick his lips before putting a few inches of it in his mouth and—

And Steve was going to die.

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My 2nd Ice Show Adventure (Fantasy On Ice 2017 in Niigata)

Summer 2015, I went for my very 1st ice show, Fantasy On Ice (FaOI) in Kobe, and it was the 1st time I saw ‘nama-Yuzu’ (real-life Yuzuru) after being a fan since 2014 Olympics. 

Summer 2016, I had tickets for FaOI again but this time, Yuzu pulled out of all ice shows to recover from lisfranc ligament injury, so I sold my ticket, prayed for Yuzu’s health and happiness, sent him letters of support, and managed to survive the terribly long off-season with other long-suffering Yuzu-fans.  

This summer (2017), I am so busy with work projects that I have no time for fangirling, not to mention ice shows, and I moaned about it to a few friends. Almost like a miracle, one friend told me that if I wanted, she could get tickets for me for FaOI Niigata!  I decided I could get away for the weekend.  I must!  

The shows were on Friday, Saturday, Sunday (16-18 June) and it would be my first time in Niigata.  I took an ANA flight (yay! ANA!) and arrived in Niigata airport on Thursday.   The first meal I had was a very delicious bowl of ramen, and as I ate, I was surprised that I could taste bits of yuzu (the fruit).  I have never had ramen with yuzu before and so I was really happy!  It was really oiishiiiiiiiiii~~!!!  What a great omen, I thought.  My first meal on this trip was with yuzu. xD    

On this 1st night, there was something else that made me think of Yuzu…. I saw Bourbon ice-cream!  “Mo chotto”!  

I was way too full from the huge bowl of ramen and so I did not buy ‘Mo Chotto’ ice-cream to try.  Thought I’d try it another day but I did not pass by this shop again and I could not find it anywhere else.  Sigh.  Regret.  The snack is common but the ice-cream is not. 

Friday 16 June (ice show is at 7pm, doors open at 6pm)  

In the morning, I changed hotel.  Checked into ANA Crowne Plaza (yay, ANA!) because it’s a short walk to the ice show venue.  A Yuzu-fan friend, D-chan, messaged to say she is nearby and asked me to join her for coffee.  OK!   It was a lovely breezy walk from ANA hotel to an area called Pier Bandai and I found her in a cosy little coffee place with comfy sofas.  I ordered an iced coffee and we chatted away.  “I can’t believe I’m really here….”  “He’s somewhere near us now, you know….”  “Omg we’re breathing the same air as him….”   xD

Happiness is talking with a Yuzu-fan while sipping coffee in Japan. :)  

Soon it was time to meet another friend, Kay, the wonderful person who got my tickets for me.  We had plans for an early dinner together and then go for the ice show.  I met her at Niigata Station and we walked around looking for food. Some restaurants were not yet opened for dinner as it was too early. Luckily there was a soba shop that was open and we both felt like eating soba, so in we went.  (soba= buckwheat noodles) 

We ordered their specialty which was soba dipped in a warm broth with tender slices of pork.  And once again, I had the lovely surprise of finding yuzu in it!   I really love the citrusy fragrance it gave to the soupy noodles.  We felt so happy eating soba with yuzu.  It was a very good meal. :)  

From Niigata station, there was a shuttle bus to the show venue, running pretty frequently.  (I really love Japan;  they think of everything.) There was no real need to look for the bus-stop, just look for the long queue!  Luckily, it was a short wait as the buses came quickly and soon we were on our way to Toki Messe!   Just a 10-minute bus ride and we were there, a lovely glassy tall building by the river.  

We were early but the queue for FaOI merchandise was already VERY LONG. It’s ok, let’s admire the pretty Tanabata decorations and chit-chat while we wait in line.  Finally we could at least SEE the sale counter!  It’s going to be our turn!  I got a T-shirt, a towel and the programme booklet.  So happy to get the towel because 2 years ago at FaOI Kobe, the towel was sold out before it was my turn, on the very 1st day!  

Then Kay pointed out to me something that made me very happy…. Ice Rink Sendai merchandise counter!  I have not had the chance to buy anything from Yuzu’s hometown rink before, so I hurried towards it excitedly.  Wow, they really have a lot of pretty things!  

The photo of Yuzu wearing ‘Irene gloves’ was there.  (Irene is short for ‘Ice Rink Sendai’ and is the name of the mascot.)  And also his signature with a message saying “I will never forget, I will continue to do my best and give my support.” (my translation from Japanese)   And there is a little mushroom at the end. ^^

What a simple but heartwarming message for his hometown rink….

I bought the ‘Irene’ gloves, T-shirt, keychain and some stationery.  I love the pink theme!

There were also stalls selling really beautiful books and magazines….. I want them all!

Glad we were early.  It was hard to take a good look at the stalls when it got very crowded later.  

I was also very amused to see a counter that rented out binoculars, haha.  I did not rent one on the 1st day, but I did for the next 2 days.  Best decision ever.  I could see clearly all his cute facial expressions and who he was talking to all the time at the finale.  (Guess who. :))  

And of course, there were big boxes for fan letters and gifts to skaters.  Yuzu’s box filled up quickly and the inner bag had to be changed several times by the staff.  I used my new Irene stationery to write 2 fan letters (one on behalf of the FB international fan group and one from myself) and dropped them into the box on the 2nd day.  On the 3rd day, I decided to also drop a letter into Oda-san’s box.  I told him I enjoy his skating, his talk shows and his blog, thanked him for his great friendship with Yuzu, and may God bless his beautiful family. :)   

After all the excitement outside, it’s time to go in.  The seating arena for Niigata is smaller than some other places, so even the furthest row was not that far away.  I was somewhere in the middle, nearer one end of the rink.  

As usual, there were guys in black jackets who walk around holding up big signs that say “No taking of photos or videos”.  (I took this pic before the show, no pics during the show.  Law-abiding fan.) 

The show started and the skaters were introduced one or two at a time.  Yuzu was the last one to come out and the applause and cheers for him were huge.  It was clear who the star of the show was. :) 

After the opening number, the skaters did their individual performances.  I enjoyed watching all of them.  My favourite ones were the 2 performances by Nobunari Oda – the music was beautiful for both and I love to watch his jumps;  it’s like he lands on marshmallow (once again I am reminded of why they gave him that T-shirt saying ‘landing with cat’s feet’);  Sex Bomb by Plushenko was hilarious and I laughed so much;  and Shizuka Arakawa– what supreme grace and beauty.

Ice dancers Papadakis and Cizeron were very beautiful to watch. So glad they performed in this FaOI.  The acrobatic duo of 2 men in Swan Lake tutu performing ‘Notte Stellata’ was very funny.  I have seen Yuzu perform to this song so beautifully so many times in the past season (and watched it live at 4CC) and now this exact same song is skated in such a comical way….. I was so tickled. xD

For the record, the other skaters were Kaori Sakamoto, Marin Honda, Akiko Suzuki, Miki Ando, Shoma Uno, Evgenia Medvedeva, Denis Vasiljevs, Javier Fernandez, Elladj Balde, Johnny Weir, Stephane Lambiel, Jeffrey Buttle and the Chesnas.  Many of them performed twice, before and after the intermission.  Much thanks to all for their wonderful performances!     

At the end was Yuzu’s Chopin Ballade Number 1.  I had the good fortune of watching this 2 years ago, at the last show of FaOI 2015, when he gave us a surprise performance with live piano music played by Kotaro Fukuma.  At that time, he did the 2nd half of his usual Chopin, in a black FaOI finale shirt. It was awesome. So this time, I was really excited that I would see the full performance with that beautiful white Chopin top. And wow…. he really took my breath away. Although I have watched him perform Chopin for 2 seasons already, it felt like a different Chopin. It was the same and yet it was different. More beautiful, more powerful, more flow, more speed, more precision…. it was already so perfect, how can it be even better, but it is!  (based on my ‘expert’ opinion.)   I am so thrilled that he is doing this for the new season! I LOVE Chopin!

After Chopin, he went backstage to dry his sweat and then came out again to do an encore of ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ (his SP for last season). It was funny to watch LGC performed in that sweet Chopin costume. So mismatched, haha.

For the finale, Yuzu came out in a glittery blue FaOI top with a cat ears-hair band on his head. He danced in the group number and even did a cartwheel on the ice!  And he waved happily to all of us. It was so good to see him enjoying himself. I am very glad he did not do any quad battles at the end. He just did a side lunge for the 1st show (with one under a set of hurdles, so amazing!), a hydroblade for the 2nd show, and a ‘muscle man’ pose with Plushenko at the last show. And when others are doing their jumps or special elements in the middle of the rink, he would skate from his original position to the space between his idol Plushenko and good buddy Nobu. And he was often talking to Plush. Ahhh… Yuzu, still the cute fan-boy after all these years. :)))

After the finale, when all the other skaters have left the rink, Yuzu took a mic and spoke to thank all of us. He said things like please take care of yourselves, take care as you go home, have a meal, have a good rest, who is staying on for tomorrow’s show? oh that’s quite a lot of you (laughs), thank you for your support, I really enjoyed myself, eh to, eh to, there is still so much that I want to say, but never mind, it is already very late, I should stop here, I really want to thank all of you for today……. And he would end by putting the mic down and shouting as loudly as he could with his own voice “Arigato gozaimashita!”

Listening to him speak was just wonderful…. I was touched by his concern for his fans and also half-laughing at some things he said. He wanted to talk more but he did not want to hold us back as it was already way past 10pm on that 1st night. That dear talkative boy. :) Oh Yuzu, your fans would listen to you all night, if only we could. But then we want you to rest too! You need a good rest and a good meal more than us!

In his speech for the 2nd day, he also thanked the people who made the ice rink.  He said the ice was very good to skate on and they all loved skating there. Yuzu and his grateful heart. :) 

On that 2nd day, I was seated at the other end, where the stage was.  (I took this pic as I was leaving.)  When he was speaking, he was standing on the left of the stage just outside the ice.  I had a very clear side view of him through my binoculars ( I was halfway up the stands).  His face was sweaty but dazzling with happiness as he spoke.  How I wish I was sitting this close!   

The shows for Saturday and Sunday were at 2 pm and 1pm respectively.

Most skaters performed the same programmes for all 3 shows in Niigata but a few skaters did a different one for one of the shows. Like Marin Honda, for the 2nd show, she performed in a very cute Japan Airlines air stewardess costume. Elladj Balde was the skater before Marin (he did a great Michael Jackson medley) and when he finished his performance, he skated to one end with his chair and just sat there. Marin skated out in her JAL costume, went to him and said in Japanese, “Sir, would you like some coffee or tea?” Haha, that was how she started and I really enjoyed her performance.  For the other 2 days, she did ‘Crime Tale’.   Javier also had a different one in the 2nd show;  instead of his new SP, it was a funny pirate one where he was a cleaner-boy daydreaming. Johnny Weir performed ‘Amazing Grace’ in the 2nd half for the 1st 2 days, then on the 3rd day, he did a song called ‘Creep’.  His performance was so heart-wrenching, I almost cried.  I can still feel the pain he expressed even now when I think back….. Johnny’s skating is really very special. No wonder he is one of the skaters that Yuzu has looked up to since junior days.

In the 3rd show, which was the last FaOI show for 2017, Yuzu had some surprises for us. 

After performing Chopin, he went backstage as usual, and the rink was dark. As with the previous 2 shows, we waited a while and then started to call his name. “Yuzu, Yuzu….” The MC said we have to shout his name louder because he can’t hear us. So we shouted “YUZU!” as loudly as we could, expecting him to appear for the LGC encore. Suddenly, the sounds of an electric guitar filled the air. There was a guitarist on stage and he was playing ‘Parisienne Walkways’!!!! We recognised it immediately and the fan beside me turned to me with eyes as big as saucers. She grabbed my hand and we started screaming and jumping about, mad with excitement! Yuzu then skated out to all our screams and did his legendary PW wearing his Chopin costume (he did the 2nd half of the usual PW programme). Oh wow!!! What a surprise! What a treat!!! Yuzu’s PW with live guitar!!! I felt like the luckiest fan in the world!!!

After that amazing encore, he went backstage and the finale started. The other skaters came out in turns to do the group number. When Yuzu came out again for his part in the finale, we all went hysterical again! Because he was wearing a yellow headband with Pooh ears!! Hahaha…… this guy really knows how to make his fans scream. He looked so adorable! It was wonderful to see him looking so happy and enjoying himself so much.
(Later, I saw a Japanese fan on twitter say the Pooh headbands were all sold out. But of course. The Yuzuru-effect. XD) 

(2 pics above are fans’ screenshots of a TV news segment on FaOI.)

Then at the very end of the show, when the other skaters have left the rink, he gave a very emotional speech and made me cry.  He said that last year he could not do anything (no ice shows at all due to injury), so now he is feeling very happy to be back doing this and he loves skating and he is feeling most blessed and he is the happiest person in the world. (*may not be the exact words but the meaning is such.)  And he thanked the organisers and other people and all of us.  It was not so much the words he said but the way he said them. There were so much emotions. His voice trembled a bit at the beginning. It sounded like he was tearing and was trying to control himself not to cry. As he spoke, his feelings were just gushing out…… he was just so utterly happy and grateful for everything!

Then he did the usual ending-shout;  he put down the mic, cupped his hands near his mouth and shouted “arigato-gozaimashita!”, and we all shouted back “arigato-gozaimashita!”  And then he bowed and waved and went in through the curtains.

Tears were running down my face. I continued to say softly, “Arigato, Yuzu-kun, arigato.”  Thank you, Yuzu, thank you.  My tears just kept flowing as I thought back.  After going through so much… so much….. he is finally where he is supposed to be…….   

Seeing Yuzu so happy and healthy is one of the best things in the world. 

I met Kay after the show and we talked about how special Yuzu is.  And how is it that he can make us fly thousands of miles to watch him perform just those few minutes and we feel it’s so worth our time, money and energy.  She would be flying home that night, and for me, my flight home was the next day.  As with all good things, it ended too quickly but our hearts were filled to overflowing.

I am very grateful to Kay for her help with tickets and for her fun company.  We met up every day and ate some very delicious food together.  On the 2nd day after the show, we walked around and found a little ramen shop to have dinner.  And again there was yuzu in it!!!  (See the little yellow strips on top of the soup?)  Kay also ordered a yuzu sparkling wine.  I had a sip and it was lovely!   Another meal with yuzu…. ahhh life is good. :) 

On the last night after the ice show, I shopped for stuff like P&G Bold clothes detergent, Lenor clothes deodoriser and softener, Ghana chocolate and Xylitol gum.  I was so happy to find all these things near my hotel, and after I lugged my heavy shopping back to my hotel room, I realised I had forgotten to buy rice! Niigata is famous for very good rice and I had wanted to buy a small bag of rice home. :((  I messaged Kay to lament and she replied, it’s ok, he is not the ambassador for rice.  Hahaha….. I love Yuzu-fans.  (I did manage to get a bag of rice before I left for the airport the next day. :) ) 

Yuzu-fans are really wonderful and generous.  And just like Yuzu, they surprise me all the time.  On the 2nd night, D-chan passed a package to me from a fan that I don’t even know.  Inside were some Japanese newspapers and advertisements with Yuzu, and also ‘Weekend Sendai’!!!  OMG I nearly fainted with happiness.  (Weekend Sendai is a free travel magazine given out in Japan many months back.  Yuzu is featured inside recommending food and places in Sendai. 1st pic below, left side.)   Gosh, how did she know it’s something I had been coveting for ages now???  I told D-chan to give her my utmost gratitude.  And thank you, D-chan, for being a good friend and messenger!  So glad I met you on this trip!    

Another fan gave me gorgeous photos of Yuzu that she had taken herself at competitions.  And she said, “Thank you for the good work that you do in the fan group.”  Aww….. I was so touched!   Thank you, CL!

I was so happy when I was packing my luggage on the last night in Niigata.  I had so many precious goodies in my bag!   Thank you, dear Yuzu-fans!!!  Hope to see you all again! 

Below are pics of my FaOI tee, towel and booklet that I bought on Day 1.

There is so much more that I want to say, but this is already so long, I should stop here now.  Dear Yuzu, thank you for everything!!!  May God bless you and your family.  Always supporting you and hope to see you again soon!   

Note: This is written one month after the event due to being too busy at work.  If any details of FaOI are incorrect, I am sorry for my bad memory. :P   

[Credit: photos are all mine except for the 2 screenshots of Yuzu with Pooh-ears from twitter and the Pooh pics from pinterest - thanks!]

pattheanimator  asked:

Hi Wil. I noticed how bummed you've been about the way Legendary has been handling Tabletop, so I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the show. It's still as much of a treat to watch as it ever was, and it's still introducing me and my wife to fun new games. I'd take delayed Tabletop over no more Tabletop any day, but even if you feel you're done with the show, I hope the corporate BS hasn't kept you from feeling proud of all the awesomeness you've created. Thank you for making Tabletop

I appreciate this very much. Thank you.

guess it’s time for my first follow forever with this blog! :’) I could never imagine I would reach this milestone so fast, especially after remaking and turning my writing around. and even if numbers are not really that important, it is still heartwarming and incredibly touching to see 6,000 people giving me and my writing a (second) chance.

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Fix You Up


Spider-Man: Homecoming: Peter Parker x Reader

Request: Idk whether my other ask went in but I have another one. Can I have a Peter Parker X Reader where Peter gets hurt one night and goes to her house for help with a cut on his arm. she asks how he knows her and he just says he’s friends with Peter (the internship). But the next day when He high-fives ned, She sees the cut but thinks it might be a coincidence. she keeps helping spiderman, but doesn’t confront him until he gets a cut on his face and she tells peter to take off the mask. thanks!!!

Request Here!

Warnings: Minor swearing

Word Count: 1,933

A/N: First of all, thank you so much for requesting. This request was beautiful but my writing however is not always beautiful. Yet, I will not hate on myself today! Anyways, this is very character heavy. I really hope you enjoy!

I sat up gasping raggedly. The mirror in the room showing me the sleepless state I was in - hair stuck in all directions and my exhausted eyes bore through the darkness. I gruelingly rubbed the sleep from my eyes. I can hear the repetitive bangs coming though the thin walls - the source of my awakening.

This better be good, I think as I drag myself off the side of my bed. I rush to my door hoping to yell at the person behind it. I swing it open harshly to see who was behind it - Spider-Man. My eyebrows shoot up in surprise and I look him over to make sure it wasn’t a dream.

What is happening? I think. It was a guest I was not expecting. I stand there for a second just waiting until I see the huge gaping hole in his sleeve. The blue and red around the hole stained with a dark red. A gasp leaves my mouth as I drag him into my house.

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Abysstale Bloopers

I will like to said. thank you very much for supported my arts  and comic.

To celebrated my 2,038 followers. I show you guys four pages that is Abysstale bloopers. one of my friend is also participated too. so enjoy the short but funny comic XD

Abysstale Chapter 1 part 15

Abysstale Chapter 1 part 109

Abystale Chapter 2 part 5

Abysstale Chapter 2 part 30

Abysstale, abyss!sans and soul gaia (me) metakazkz

Mecha @wolf-wrathknight

Error @loverofpiggies

Cross and Jakei @jakei95

sans, papyrus and gaster (undertale toby-fox )

Artwork by me metakazkz


G1 Transformers Episode 1 Season 1: More than meets the Eye, Part 1

Two days ago, this blog reached 3000 amazing followers , which is more than I could’ve ever hoped for. There is no way I could thank all of you for your support and kind words, but I’ll try to anyway.

As a thank you, I will go through with a project I’ve been meaning to do for some time now, and I will recap every single G1 episode.

Not every episode is easy to make fun of, not every episode is pure gold like “A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur’s Court” or “Carnage in C-minor”, but every episode is magical in its own way, and even the genuinely good ones have a whole bunch of nonsense and silly lines in them. This is both a thank you to all of you, as well as an expression for my appreciation and love for this cartoon.

Season 1 is relatively tame and I will try my best to make the recaps of those episodes somewhat enjoyable, because Season 1 is actually not bad and things only really took a turn for the fantastical nonsense in Season 2 and onwards. I hope you’ll enjoy these comics, and I will still make short G1 comics like I’ve done so far.

This is for those who have seen the cartoon and aren’t sure if this show really exists (spoiler: it does) and for those who haven’t seen it and just want to have a very short version of it. I will leave out things on purpose so you can still watch the show and experience a whole bunch of strange dialogues and horrible evil plans that go nowhere without having everything spoiled here.

Thank you guys so much for these past 10 months, they’ve been amazing for me and I hope you’ll stay for some more!

(btw I apologize for all errors etc, I’ve been making this for 8 hours straight and I’m a bit exhausted now)

Don’t get me wrong - Riverdale and Bughead are absolutely amazing all by themselves. But it’s not the show or the actors that make me so happy to be a part of the community - it’s all of you. It’s all the interactions and support and love that just seems to radiate through this community. I would have enjoyed this show by myself either way, but live blogging with all of you and trading theories back and forth and just having fun with it all makes it so. much. better.

So thank you. Thank you for letting me be a part of this fandom family. Thank you for making me smile with every ask, reply, and reblog. Thank you thank you thank you.

Thank you for your honesty - Alexander Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Thank you for your honesty

Pairing: Alexander Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

Prompt: Reader is the leading lady in a new television program and is Italian. Alex is her co-star and has the biggest crush on her and thinks her accent or when she speaks Italian is sexy. And during a interview (Ellen,Cordon,Fallen,etc) he let’s it slip live. So he’s really nervous the next day while shooting.. He sees Reader and goes up to apologise incase he embarrassed her, but she takes him by surprise and kisses him passionately. Reader tells him she loves him in Italian then smut

A/N: I didn’t feel ready to write a real person smut yet, apologies! Hopefully if I can do so soon, I will make one for Alex as well!

“Come on, why are you so nervous? You have more than 24 hours till the interview and you’re freaking out for no reason.” you said with a giggle, handing him his own coffee as he sighed for a moment, throwing his head back all-too-dramtically.

“You don’t understand, I’m going to mess up and it’s going to be everywhere in a matter of seconds.” he groaned, running a hand down his face before taking a large sip of the coffee you offered him.

“Oh come on Alex-” you rolled your eyes, resting your head on his shoulder and getting comfortable on the couch next to him “Don’t be such a drama queen, you’ve had plenty of interviews before this one and you’ll have just as many. I still can’t understand how nervous you can get before each and every one of them! Just relax and everything will be fine.” you said, wrapping and arm around his torso.

“Easier said than done.” he sighed, resting his chin on top of your head “You are always so optimistic about things I don’t know how you do it.”

“Tutto per il caffè!” you said with a giggle and that accent he secretly loved to death as he looked down at you, raising an eyebrow and a small smirk, which only made you laugh more “It’s all because of the coffee!” you explained and he grinned, nodding his head.

“And for a second I thought it was all because of me.” he said with a chuckle and you laughed, hugging him.

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if anyone has asked this yet, but how would the members of the RFA [+ V and Saeran?] react to the male!MC trying to off himself or, at the very least, purposely inflicting pain on himself? Apologizes if this is way too sensitive to be talked about on here; I've just been daydreaming a bit and was curious about how you'd interpret their reactions.

Hey anon! By “off himself” I’m assuming you mean suicide? This is, of course, a very sensitive topic. I have an urge to make it though, I have a feeling it will be comforting to a lot of people since it shows how much the RFA cares about you (the MC!). I hope you enjoy. This will include suicide themes. Please refrain from reading if it is uncomfortable for you. If you or someone else needs help, please call this number:  1-800-273-8255 . Thank you!

♥ He would be coming home one day from school, ready for your happy greeting and your cuddles, but he comes home to something different.
♥ When you’re not there at the door to kiss him hello, he gets concerned, but he knows you must be here. Maybe it’s a game of hide and seek? He smiles and starts to look for you.
♥ “Honey? Where are you? I’ll be sure to find you!”
♥ When he hears your muffled sobs as he approaches the closed bathroom door, his heart drops. He tries to open the door but to no avail, it’s locked. He starts to cry and smash on the door. He’s screaming at you to open the door.
♥ “Open the door, my love! What’s wrong?!”
♥ When you finally unlock the door, Yoosung bursts in. He nearly vomits when he sees a half empty bottle of pills in your hand. He is sobbing and runs to grab you. He looks in your eyes to see that they’re still vibrant and clear. You’re still here.
♥ He holds you and tells you he loves you, that you’re his blessing, and that you’re the reason why he strives to get through college. He can’t breathe when he calls the hospital. His throat is burning from all the screaming.
♥ During your recovery in the hospital, Yoosung visits every single day and brings you a teddy bear and flower. He’s constantly expressing his appreciation for you from now on. He cannot lose you.

♦ Zen would get home from practice earlier than usual one day and he’s so excited about it! He gets to gain your affection and compliments one hour earlier than usual!!
♦ He runs indoors and calls for you in a sing-song voice. He looks around for you and when he can’t find you anywhere, he gets a little spooked. Where are you?
♦ “Chagiyaaaa~ Where are you?”
♦ Then, he finally hears some sound to indicate that you’re here. The bath water is running. Why are you taking a bath this early in the day? Maybe you want him to join you? ;)
♦ He opens the bathroom door which is unlocked to his surprise. His cheeky smile soon turns to a face of sheer terror as he sees the bathwater run red.
“Zen?! You’re here much earlier than I thought you’d be, what are you doing here?!”
  “I came home early. What are you doing to yourself?”

♦ Small incisions are spread across your arms that are oozing red fluid. Zen grabs your arms and washes the blood off. He grabs the razor in your hand and flushes it down the toilet. He doesn’t care how much you’re screaming for him to not discard the razor, he does it anyway cause he cares for you that much.
♦ After he bandages your wounds, he calls for a therapist/doctor to help you furthermore. During your recovery, Zen kisses each and every scar on your body. He loves you so much and he tells you that every single day.

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poplifectv I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who tuned in last night to watch Pop Life with Chris Colfer. The response to that interview has been truly astounding. He has fans all over the world, many of whom have been in touch to tell us how much they enjoyed the interview. If you weren’t able to see the show yesterday click on the link in the bio and you can watch the entire show there! Once again to the hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of you who reached out after the interview aired, thank you very much. It means a lot to us to hear from you.#chriscolfer @chriscolfer #glee #thelandofstories #poplifectv @poplifectv

Hi. Let me start off by saying that I’m not a Camp Camp blog nor am I a maxvid blog. However, I watch it and do ship maxvid along with other things.

Now, if you haven’t looked through the maxvid tag in a while, look through it now. 50% is fan art and the other 50% is hate towards the ship. I think it’s ridiculous that people who genuinely care about the ship have to put up with looking at people calling them pedophiles and shaming them when it’s a completely FICTIONAL ship.

Does maxvid truly effect your everyday life? Have you seen a single post that says if you don’t ship it you’re a horrible person? No. So why is it such a big deal that someone ships it? I don’t care if it’s a HUGE age gap or a small one. Once again, ITS ALL COMPLETELY FICTIONAL. I’ve even been seeing some popular maxvid blogs saying (VERY POLITELY) to not tag the ship in the main tag.





Thank you and have a good day.

EDIT: Also stop purposefully going into the tag to start fights. I’ve now seen several fan arts that were just tagged as maxvid yet they still have hate. STAY OUT OF THE TAG.

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns <3)

A/N: I hope you all enjoy this one. Before reading you should know that trigger warnings apply to this imagine. Nothing graphic but it’s based on a human trafficking case on the show. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: Not On My Watch

Requested by: Anon - “do you remember the episode in which tony had to jump in a river or something like that in order to save gibbs from drowning. can you write an imagine in which gibbs is the one to save you from drowning? thank your for the great work!”

Word Count: 1,099

Pairing: Gibbs x Reader

Tony had a terrible feeling about this. Undercover was a delicate operation when done right, it was a ticking time bomb when something went wrong. After seeing you and three other girls being bundled into the back of a black SUV - which hadn’t been part of the plan he rang Gibbs straight away and tailed them, that was until another SUV ran him off the road. Luckily he only had a few cuts and a bump to the head. He pressed hang up on the screen of his phone and sighed, “She’s not answering her burner cell either. Somethings off, Boss.” DiNozzo said as he came back into the bullpen of desks rounding McGee’s, leaning over him, “You got a fix on that SUV yet Probie?”

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