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What can a female character do without being criticised mercilessly? [insp]

PSA: If you're looking to buy prints, posters, or merch and come across a site called TeeChip DON'T BUY ANYTHING FROM THEM, EVER

They steal artwork from artists without their permission and attempt to resell low quality crap of it, and trick people into buying it by stating “BEST SELLER, NOT AVAILABLE IN STORES, LIMITED TIME ONLY”

And hey, guess what? Someone messaged me earlier and I found out that this “company” is selling MY ART that I definitely did not give permission to use, sell, or distribute.

This “company” literally edited out my work from the original images, rotated a few, and slapped them all onto a poster.

Uh, NO. Not cool at all.

I have already filed a DMCA and hope to have it taken down within a day, but who knows if they’ll even do that seeing as their “DMCA form” is literally an email to “someone who takes care of these matters” 🙃

PLEASE don’t support shitty “companies” like TeeChip who steal the hard work of others! If you ever recognize artwork that you suspect is stolen on any site that sells artwork or merch, please let the original artist know if you’re able to! It’s always greatly appreciated when people let us know this kind of shit is happening and we can take actions to stop it

Seaside Lessons

“Those are called Ironshell Crabs. I’ve read that cooking them into dishes can strengthen the body’s durability!”

“Is that so? Hylians certainly are a resourceful bunch. Still, I’d rather have my hardiness built in; not many enemies will let you take a snack break before battle, Princess.”

Holy crap there’s like 2k of you dorks following me now! Hope you like Zelda and Urbosa, cuz to celebrate after the cut I have both of these seperated into transparent stand alone images~ (Well, Urbosa’s alone - Zelda’s having a nice convo with the crab~). Love ya’ll!

PS: I love these designs but MY GOD SO MANY DETAILS EVERYWHERE!

Edit: Going to edit the backround colors later today probably~ keep looking at it and its just a bit off from what I want~ Done! more blue now to balance things out~

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Writing Advice For The Rest Of Us

This post is my message to everyone else who also reads a lot of writing advice lists and feels frustrated and broken as a writer because so much of the near-universal advice doesn’t seem to work. 

1. Don’t write if you don’t feel like writing. Some writers thrive on forcing themselves to crank out words they hate. Uh, bully for them? Every time I try to write when I don’t feel like writing, I end up not only deleting all the crap I spew but also staying in a don’t-wanna-write mood for a lot longer than normal. If forcing the words doesn’t work for you, don’t do it. Give yourself time.

2. Editing before you start writing is fine. “Don’t do it!” they holler. “Make new words, don’t get stuck rewriting forever!” Fuck you, Hemingway reread every time he wrote and so can I. Even if you do wind up editing the whole time and not writing any new words, so what? Improving what you’ve got is perfectly worthwhile.

3. It’s okay to be a perfectionist. Sometimes it takes an hour to write a sentence. That is fine. Wordcount is not the end-all be-all of productivity; quality matters too. The “your first draft is just gonna be shitty, accept it” attitude doesn’t work for everyone.

4. Procrastination is good. Man, I seriously cannot tell you how much less stressful writing has become since I decided procrastination was a crucial part of my process and stopped feeling guilty about it. It gives you time to work through things subconsciously, and sometimes you get a whole lot of housework done in the process. Or a whole lot of Netflix-watching. Whatever. It’s okay. You’re okay.

5. Writing advice is a pile of bullshit. Yep, even this writing advice. The only writing advice you should really listen to is the stuff that comes from people who know you and your style and your flaws well. Everything else is a suggestion, and anyone who thinks their advice is a magical exception that applies to every writer is not worth your time.

You are not alone, and you are not broken, and you are not a bad writer just because your process is different from others. Hang in there.

Theories (Peter Quill)

Pairing: Peter Quill x OC

Warnings: None…tiny, tiny spoiler for Vol. 2

A/N: This might be complete crap, but I desperately needed to write some Quill. I hammered this out earlier this morning and just did a quick edit, no rewriting. But hopefully it’s post worthy! I think a second part is in order? xD


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The sound of bickering voices drifted back from the cockpit, making me roll my eyes. I lowered the manuscript I was flipping through.

“Will you two morons cut it out already?” I hollered. I waited a beat, but the arguing went on. Probably hadn’t even heard me. Anyways, it wasn’t my job to break up the idiotic pissing contest that went on between Rocket and anyone he met. Or at the moment, Drax.

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Inspired by @drawverylittle, engagement rings and gold medals.

It should’ve come as no surprise when it happened, but it still took Viktor’s breath away. 

When Yuuri finally wins the Grand Prix Final and stands at center ice, a gold medal hung around his neck, Viktor realizes he’s never felt the warmth of happiness the way he is now. Even his own success could never compare. 

Yuuri’s eyes burn with a fierce sense of pride and even from a distance Viktor can see his hand shake as it rises to touch the medal. Disbelief. Pure , but ecstatic, disbelief. Yuuri must think it’s a dream, but Viktor knows it’s anything but that. 

His eyes sweep the crowd, taking in the smiles, the cheers. Each one more justified than the next. They all deserve this praise and more. He comes back to the rink, seeing JJ’s dim smile as he lifts a bronze medal in front of his chest, Yurio’s scowl at the silver that hangs from his neck. 

Viktor is proud of Yurio too, proud of his ability and the way he skirted past JJ with sheer determination, sheer desire. But it’s nothing compared to the way he feels about Katsuki Yuuri taking home the gold. 

He finally sweeps back to the middle and notices Yuuri staring right at him, a smile spread wide across his face. Viktor lifts a hand to blow him a kiss in congratulation when Yuuri opens his mouth and shouts, “Viktor Nikiforov!" 

Viktor’s eyes widen and his finds himself moving to the gate to let himself on to the ice. Something swells in his chest every time Yuuri says his name and his heart is screaming for him to be on the ice beside him. 

Yuuri’s eyes follow him, his smile never wanes. "You were the one to say this first, but… I want to say it now. For real.”

Viktor shoves the gate open and steps on to the ice. He takes slow, sliding steps, listening to the hiss of Yuuri’s skates against the ice as he makes his way toward him. 

His heart skips a beat when Yuuri stops in front of him and reaches out a hand. He doesn’t hesitate to reach forward, lacing their fingers and pulling Yuuri ever closer. His finger brushes the golden ring wrapped around Yuuri’s, catches sight of the gleam out of the corner of his eye. Yuuri uses his free hand to lift the medal between them, a whole different kind of gleam. 

“Gold,“ he whispers. 

Viktor laughs. "I see that." 

"Viktor,” Yuuri’s voice rises, LOUD enough to draw more eyes. “Will you marry me?" 

Viktor stares at him, sees the way Yuuri’s eyes sparkle with unshed tears, sees the way his breath catches in his throat, the way he bites his lips. He’s not uncertain. Viktor hasn’t been shy about his feelings and Yuuri knows this, but he’s still expectant. Never allowing himself to believe he’s worth as much as he really is. 

And Viktor loves him for it. 

Loves him for all the insecurities as much as he loves him for his confidence. Loves him for what he’s afraid of as much as he loves him for what he’s passionate about. Loves him for his drunken honesty as much as he does for the sober way he holds his tongue. 

"Be my coach, Viktor." 

Viktor leans forward, pressing their foreheads together. "Yuuri… I said yes a long time ago.”

“Since you’re the one who found me in the woods and you’re the one who helped me with the shift, I think we should make out. That’s how you thank people who help you, right? And since I never thanked you … We should start making out”

Derek is confused. He’s really confused. “That’s … not how you thank people, Stiles”

“Oh, okay. Laura said if you don’t wanna make out, then we should go straight to the fucking. Whatever that is” Stiles mutters, looking thoughtful and confused himself. The men just learned how to speak and walk again. Of freaking course he doesn’t know what “fucking” is.

Fucking Laura!

“LAURA!” Derek yells. Stiles jumps next to him (He probably scared the crap out of him)

Upstairs, he can hear Laura laugh.

Fucking Laura.

Historical AU Reylo!  Not even gonna get into what a pain it was to make Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ dainty proportions even remotely resemble Adam I’mBasicallyAnOakTree Driver’s…

(Fun fact: this artwork was inspired by PoetHrotsvitha‘s fantastic medieval fic Fortune’s Throne, which I just binged the crap out of last night. If you haven’t checked it out already, go do that.)  http://archiveofourown.org/works/8436406/chapters/19328221



.。.:*・° |  孫 悟空 x チチ  | .。.:*・°

Few Son Goku x Chi-Chi related merchandises from Japan since 1989 till 2017. 

This is just a sneak preview, there are more Goku x Chi-Chi stuff out there, though its not easy to get them cuz they were released long time ago, some of them are limited edition release. (I wouldn’t have even known about most of them if my older siblings hadn’t shown them to me!)

Also, the number of couple and family related mercandise is very less, like only 5%. The rest 95% is hot aliens either in fighting poses or ‘beating the crap out of each other’ pics. So, that makes these kind of pics very rare.

And the only way to get them now is through ebay or auction pages…where they ask too high prices 😓

Also, main reason I made these posts because of stupid messages like this - here.