i will eat your dreams

No silk dress
is as soft as you,
my darling.
I dance with your thoughts. 
and I laugh with your body. 
And I fall to pieces 
when I am with you. 
And I eat all your cherries
in bed. 
I dream of white beaches 
in Greece. 
Riding behind you on 
a motorcycle with
my hair in the air. 
And I love you so much 
I fall to pieces.
You are
my cherry,
my wine,
my rosemary,
my thyme.
For you
I am a love song, darling.
—  Cherries In Greece by Royla Asghar 
  • Normal people: I love you
  • Matt Berninger: you know you have a permanent piece of my medium-sized American heart
  • Normal people: I'm feeling good
  • Matt Berninger: I'm a birthday candle in a circle of black girls
  • Normal people: growing up sucks
  • Matt Berninger: another uninnocent, elegant fall into the unmagnificent lives of adults
  • Normal people: do you miss me?
  • Matt Berninger: am I the one you think about when you're sitting in your fainting chair drinking pink rabbits?
  • Normal people: I look good
  • Matt Berninger: I'm a perfect piece of ass
  • Normal people: my life is falling apart
  • Matt Berninger: this isn't working, you, my middlebrow fuck-up
  • Normal people: I'm drunk
  • Matt Berninger: I'm on a bloodbuzz
  • Normal people: I'm afraid I'll end up hurting you
  • Matt Berninger: I was afraid I'd eat your brains 'cause I'm evil
  • Normal people: you're my dream girl
  • Matt Berninger: you know I dreamed about you for 29 years before I saw you
  • Normal people: I was busy
  • Matt Berninger: I'm sorry I missed you, I had a secret meeting in the basement of my brain
  • Normal people: I'm not very interesting
  • Matt Berninger: when I walk into a room I do not light it up... fuck

Burnt Breakfast

In which breakfast doesn’t go quite as planned


“Good morning Harry,” you greet as you walk down the stairs.

“Morning, love,” he smiles. He finishes setting the kitchen table for a nice warm breakfast as you sit down.

“This looks so good,” you hum, looking down at your plate of bacon, toast, and eggs.

“I hope it tastes as good as it looks,” Harry says.

You’re about to take your first bite when–

*Bleeeep* *bleeeep* *bleeeep*

Your eyes crack open, and your hands immediately jump to cover your ears. The smell of smoke and burnt toast leads you to the conclusion that the smoke alarm is going off.

Harry isn’t next to you in bed, so you get up to investigate. You make it to the kitchen where Harry is frantically fanning the smoke away from the smoke detector.

“What happened?” You raise your voice, so you can be heard over the alarm.

“Was makin’ breakfast, and I forgot about the toast.” He’s running across the room now to find his phone to tell the alarm company that it’s just his cooking and not a real emergency.

You throw the toast into the sink and drown it in water. The smoke starts to fade since the toast is now soggy instead of smoking, and you open the windows to help.

The alarm finally stops, and Harry hangs up the phone.

“I had a dream that you made breakfast that was actually edible,” you tell him, wrinkling your nose at the black bread.

“Heeeeey,” he whines, “The rest is still edible.” He hands you a plate with just eggs and bacon and follows you to the table.

You take a bite.

“’S it as good as the breakfast in your dream?” Harry asks.

“I didn’t get to eat any before I was woken up by the smoke alarm,” you jokingly narrow your eyes at him. “But I’m sure your real life food is better than dream Harry’s food,” you assure him.

“That’s good,” Harry says through a mouthful of eggs.

“Although I did have toast in my dream,” you smirk.

Harry pouts.

“I’m just kidding,” you nudge his foot under the table and give him a smile. “Thank you for breakfast.”

“You’re welcome, love.”

99c dreams

The empty shelves sing, ivory tusks
against snow-razed backdrops,
children with hollow-wide smiles /
picture perfect teeth, and, beyond
the prismatic world of the photo
frames / entrails of dust.

the cashier at the 7/11 never meets
anyone’s eyes / wears a jacket
that stopped being cool in the
1980’s, when you ask him
what he wants out of life /
he’ll say he’d quite like to
drink until his heart stops.

we pass the boarded windows /
the broken traffic light round Coward St,
the car park / everything here reminds
you of streets you’ve already been on /
hospital beds in the form of clouds /
graffiti that reads: WE’RE REWRITING
THE BIBLE, a gum ball machine
promising candy that’ll make
you eat-your-dreams.

i keep returning to this forsaken
place / it’s like whenever i try to
get away from it / i only seem to
be growing steadily closer /
as if my body’s destined
to be buried here.

last day of summer vacation masterpost

After you’ve done everything for school, it’s time to prepare you too!
1. go for a walk (maybe with a friend)
2. take a long bubble bath 🛀
3. treat your body with the nicest stuff you own 💆🏼💆🏼‍♂️
4. drink tea (I like the sweet dreams tea by cupper) 🍵
5. eat your favorite food🍝
6. try products with lavender because it helps to relax/sleep💤
7. watch a few episodes of your favorite show- Gilmore Girls is my personal fave💻📺🎞
8. journal! get it all out of your head and onto paper. It’s so much easier to sleep without all those scary thoughts running trough your mind📝💭
9. meditate (headspace is a good app)🌼
10. shut off all your technical devices at least half an hour before bed📱
11. turn off the light and burn a candle🕯
12. read a book📖
13. go to sleep at a reasonable time ⏰
14. wake up and kick school’s ass ❤️💪🏻
I want you to know that you can do it and that I believe in you. Have faith in yourself! ☘️💫

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Femslash OTP Moodboards (5/20)

Cora Hale x Lydia Martin

“I said: I could be a wolf for you. I could put my teeth on your throat. I could growl. I could eat you whole. I could wait for you in the dark. I could howl against your hair.”

- Catherynne M Valente “The Bread We Eat in Dreams”

anonymous asked:

Few years back I had a mildly odd dream where it was Persona 4, and everything was the same except Yosuke was a goat in a school uniform, and no-one except the protagonist realised it. Like, everyone else treated him like a human student. I've honestly considered banning myself from having a subconscious.

Okay but that sounds like fun, I had a dream last week that I was eating cereal. Cereal. I don’t even like cereal.

Enjoy your dreams anon.

I hope you see me when your trying to focus,
And I hope that it throws you off.
I hope you hear me in songs,
And I hope it ruins them for you.
I hope you think of me when you try to eat,
And I hope it makes your stomach turn.
I hope you dream of me in your sleep,
And I hope it leaves you restless.
I hope I cross your mine when you see little things,
And I hope you can never look at them again.
I hope you miss me,
And I hope it kills you.
—  A.P

* / @cohleric

The man didn’t seem to FIT within the room he had been sat in. All of those shades of grey illuminated by a fluorescent blue light underlined how ALIEN the bearded man seemed to be towards CIVILIZATION. His hair was either awfully brown by nature or unwashed       &&       marks over his face were those of imminent old age … His clothes were dark      &&       there was dirt beneath his fingernails. He carried with him the perfume of a BONFIRE, of dust, of a forest after rain … There sat a man that would go completely unnoticed in a crowd but that still held that wide stare of an OUTSIDER. Of someone who DID NOT seem to recognize the world which he lived in.

A large number of young women had gone missing in the last few months. “BLACK” PHILLIP had been called in to be asked a few questions. He knew those woods better than anyone … Or so the locals said. Every time his name was spoken, rosaries were reached for      &&       mouths spat, desperate to cleanse themselves from such FILTH. They knew so very little about him      &&       yet, at the same time, TOO much. The man tilted his head when the detective walked into the room. A thin looking man … Dry like a twig. When twigs were put under a considerable amount of pressure they tended to SNAP. Yet there was a deep disenchantment locked within that individual’s heavily-lidded stare that seemed to SPARE HIM from mundane anxieties. A man who had seen too much — A man who believed there to be no magic left in the world, who had stepped into the snake pit barefoot      &&       walked out wounded but BREATHING. A burning candle, its’ flame FLICKERING in the darkness of the night, revealing all which was ugly      &&       cruel to the human eye. UNFORGIVING but TRUE.

Phillip seemed to slowly sit up straighter as he watched the man approach the foldable chair on the other side of the table. This was the champion of the new age. LONELY      &&      TROUBLED. A tired soul. Long gone were the days of forgiving soft-spoken boys with HEALING TOUCHES. Nowadays HEROES could be as TREACHEROUS as the dragons they faced. But he would not speak unless asked to. SILENCE was much more intimate than any SECRETS he might be holding on to.

Things Said at College (11)
  • They use a lot of big words. That's why they're smart.
  • Don't put Asian techno music in a learning video.
  • I haven't made any friends. I only interact with people I already knew.
  • Touch... Don't rub or stroke.
  • If things get heated, call a timeout.
  • You just… Fight about fighting.
  • Then violence could break out and people could die.
  • Yes honey, you’re right.
  • Do you ever have it where you sleep too much and you’re crabby?
  • We’re not friends anymore.
  • You’re on spot now, now you have to explain.
  • I only eat the crust.
  • That’s the walmart workout.
  • If you write down your dreams you remember them more.
  • I’m broke, I can’t even afford to pay attention.
  • Oh god, there’s a baby!
  • You’re like one of those monkeys at the zoo who had a magic trick performed on them.

anonymous asked:

Honestly all what i think of these days is how im going to eat ur ass although that its an impossible thing but at least i can eat ur ass in my dreams :(

Your dreams would be the best place to eat my ass, anyway. That way I can’t complain when you aren’t doing it right. 😜