i will draw your favorite characters as animals

Fun, but specific OC questions
  • 1. What's their full name? If they're an alien and their name is in their native planet's language, have you thought about what it means?
  • 2. Say your OC made a playlist on Spotify. What bands would be on that playlist? Any specific genres?
  • 3. What kind of video games would they play? Any specific titles?
  • 4. What would their favorite cartoons be, and why? What would their favorite characters be?
  • 5. What's their favorite type of weather? Do they like to do anything specific on days when the weather is how they like it?
  • 6. If they're a fan of Hot Chocolate, Tea, or Coffee, how do they like either of those drinks prepared?
  • 7. What kind of animals would they like as a pet? What names would they give their pets if they got any? If they already have pet's what are their names?
  • 8. How does your OC keep track of time? Do they have a planner? A calendar?
  • 9. How do they write? Do they write in cursive? How do they dot their i's and j's? Do they have specific ways that they write certain letters?
  • 10. What's their favorite time of day?
  • 11. What kinds of foods and drinks do they like? Do they like certain foods to be fried? Do they prefer certain foods to be prepared hot/cold?
  • 12. If they were an actual character in an animated film or TV series, who would they be voiced by? Do they have a certain accent that the person would need to perfect?
  • 13. If you are an artist, and if your OC can draw as well, could you replicate what their artstyle looks like? Or, if you can't, could you describe it?
  • 14. If your OC owned a Tumblr blog, what kind of content would they post?
  • 15. How do they type? Do they use emojis? Do abbreviate and shorten words?
  • 16. If your OC was a film director, what kind of movies would they make?
  • 17. If your OC was a musical artist, what genres would they do?
  • 18. What type of singing voice does your OC have?
  • 19. Does your OC like to collect things? What kind of things do they collect?
  • 20. Was your OC inspired by anything? Another character? A person?

boomboxgod  asked:

Hi :) I've been stalking your blog for like an hour probably. I love the colors and designs you use! I was wondering if you had a list of all the helpful websites or tutorials you use? Thanks! 😎😎❤️


Hi there! Pinterest has an amazing character design board with so much useful material (tutorials, professional model sheets, etc…). I would recommend starting there.

And gesturing drawing is always super helpful for learning how to quickly simplify anatomy. Here are my two favorite sites. 

https://www.quickposes.com/en/certificate (Fun because you can track your progress and earn little printable certificates.)

https://line-of-action.com/ (Great because this site also has a section for gesture drawing animals.)

Happy drawing! :D

Today, I drew fanart for my favorite blog @dailyskyfox! This character is just too cute, and it makes me smile with a new cute drawing every day. If ya ever need some cuteness and positivity in your life, go check this blog out!


Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Characters.

star-the-assassin-yordle  asked:

Your art is sooo good, I love your style and the way you color, and your lines are so clean and smooth. Do you have some tips or suggestions for who's starting with digital.

Thank you so much! I’m really happy that you like my art. :D I’m going to write this post for complete newbies, but I actually have some specific advice for you near the end. I hope you’ll bear with me!

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geekyfox1  asked:

So I was thinking about animation and I remember you once posted a sneak peak of Cross jumping onto a sofa (or couch) and showing all the frames and it got me thinking, do you draw every frame separately or do you have certain things copied down so you can paste them easily into the frame like clothing or facial expressions? Awesome animations by the way, you've really inspired me over the coarse of your animations. ^-^

There are few things where I use different layers and then I just move them to make a fast and easy animation (Heads, faces, hair, some parts of the body) But I’m very used to draw frame by frame like that Cross in the couch scene when I have to animate a character in full body.
(The fighting scene of the next animation will be a challenge for this reason, and will be my favorite scene so far :’D )


Since I’ve gotten a lot of requests for it and I said I was going to update my commission info a long time ago– here it is! 

DaPandaBanda / Destiny-Islanders / Legendary-Defenders / Traitorsandpancakes commission info! (Pick your favorite DaPanda hahaha)

So here’s the basic info you should know:

  1. I’ll only accept payments from PayPal. I’ll send you an invoice to the e-mail address of your choosing once I’ve received your request. Please pay me at least half up front!
  2. OCs and characters outside of fandoms I usually doodle for are totally cool in my book! If you do want me to draw your OC, though, please send me lots of references so I can be as close to your interpretation as possible!
  3. Check out my main gallery if you want to get more of an idea of what to expect from a commission from me, especially for the comic strips. :)
  4. Feel free to be as detail-oriented as possible when you commission me. If you want me to draw a character in your favorite canon costume, let me know! If you want a character to have a certain look that they don’t have in canon (e.g. Jason Todd with his hair in a bun), let me know! If you want a character to be in a certain kind of pose, let me know! If you’re commissioning a comic strip and you want to write the script and just have me draw it out, let me know! You’ll be helping me out by being as specific about your commission as possible. :>
  5. Things I will not commission: Animals/furries (It’s not a matter of like/dislike; I’m just not confident enough in my animal-drawing abilities to charge money for that… sorry), backgrounds, NSFW, gore

PLEASE NOTE: I work full-time, so I will probably ask for around two weeks to complete your commission. I will communicate with you personally about when you can expect your piece to be done, depending on my schedule.

Commission Slots: Currently filled! I’ll update when they’re open again.

  1. FILLED!
  2. FILLED!
  3. FILLED!
Holiday Commissions!

The Holidays are upon us! That means lots of delicious food, time spent with loved ones, obligatory time spent with not-so-loved ones, and/or time spent with your favorite cat/dog/gerbil/monitor lizard.

personally, I have a lot of Christmas gifts to buy for family and friends, and this has been a particularly tight year, financially speaking.

so in order for me to breathe a little bit easier this holiday season, I’m opening up commissions!

Sketches! $10

Linework and color, with gradient background! $20

Full illustration, with detailed background! $35

Additional characters $5 apiece!



-MLP characters

-Zootopia/anthro characters





If you’re not sure, or have any questions, please ask. I’m more than happy to answer.


1. Open

2. Open

3. Open

4. Open

5. Open

If you’re interested, contact me here on tumblr, or shoot me an email at cedarfroghair@gmail.com

ravenmoodle  asked:

AAAAAA!! I love your OCs! Your stories are so neat! I can't even pick a favorite- The characters in 'Collection Man' look fun!! But I also really likes 'Eyes', it looks fun too!! And 'Venomous Dish' is so clever, with the people being typed of venomous animals!! And the style of 'Homeward of Mind', and 'Opaque' looks so nice! You're so talented and creative, they're all so cool

Hhhhh y you saw it!? y you flatter me! …I’m embarrassing but you make me sooo happy. And you keep my motivation up to draw ;; Thank you so much! <33

Nina Cosford’s GIRLS Illustrated

“I try to depict a range of scenes from quiet to hilarious, touching to manic. The show covers such a maelstrom of emotions and themes and I try to translate as much of this as I can into my drawings. I enjoy capturing a pivotal moment in an episode, for example when a character has an epiphany or reaches melting point. Some really interesting (and bold!) statements are born out of these moments.” – Nina Cosford, GIRLS Illustrated Artist

Keep an eye out for more thoughts from Nina and share your favorite moments from GIRLS week to week on Twitter and Instagram @girlsHBO using #GIRLSIllustratedEntry and you could score some illustrated swag.


Why are you such a nerd?

Writing. Writing your heart out, giving everything you’ve got into a fic or a piece of creative writing and having readers tell you that you made their day. That’s a great feeling.

Then getting your research paper for school back and having a big fat red 70 on the top of the paper.

Remember how you poured your heart out? Didn’t matter. Spellings wrong. Weak vocab, and God, choose better diction next time—oh, and your analysis sucks.

Except when you go back to your fanfic, you’re amazing.

Why are you such a nerd?

That song track from that nostalgic movie that you love? So good. It’s like stepping into the crisp-October-air-on-a-field-trip-day-in-4th grade awesome.

Then somebody sees what you’re listening to. That’s so weird, and, why don’t you know the name of the song I told you about? Everyone does. You don’t know the words to this song? It’s because you listen to that weird, movie stuff.

Except when you put your headphones in and just listen; that’s an amazing feeling.

Why are you such a nerd?

Drawing. Being able to sculpt every detail of your favorite superhero, animal, character and just imagining. It’s yours. You can decide how they’re feeling in this scene.

Then, when you get that grade back, your amazing original comic character gets an 80. An 80, well, that’s good I guess. Except I want to be an animator. I want to be an artist and everyone online says my stuff is great but my teacher said she doesn’t really like my style. My greatest work is just an average grade in a school full of average people.

Except in your fandom, that work that was reposted by people and enjoyed. It wasn’t just an 80 to someone, it was everything.

Why are you such a nerd?

I am a nerd because being what’s considered uncool, unpopular and down right lame makes me feel powerful. I am a nerd because I am appreciated, and I feel above average and worth more than a grade. I am a nerd because my work means something to me. I am a nerd because the people who share the same interests as me behind a screen make me feel more included than a lunch table full of my “friends.”

I am a nerd because being a nerd makes me happy.

Commission for tinyquill, an inked drawing of the Mystery Skulls!  …or what seems to be left of them, at any rate.  Things aren’t looking too good for Arthur right now, are they?  Vivi and Mystery better hurry up, or their team is gonna find itself short one more member!

(No orange noodles were harmed in the creation of this drawing.  …I hope.))

sup! it’s her again, the girl without monéy. I’ve just moved back with my parents from uni to save up on money, but because I thought it’d be fun to turn 25 I now don’t get any support from the gov anymore and am sitting on the bills for health insurance and me phone and while I’ve been applying to jobs left and right I’m still a poor ass student and am 24/7 internally screaming

so  ᐠ( ᐛ )ᐟ

I DO THE DRAW FOR YOU AGAIN!!! prices and samples and contact details under the read more! signal boosts as always appreciated  💖

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AJ Inktober Prompts!

Inktober is a great event that happens every year during October! Inktober is about drawing, experimenting, and becoming better at art. Think you need to get better at digital art? DO IT. Want to do everything in black and white? DO IT. Just want to get into the habit of drawing more? DO IT.  This October I decided to do everything Animal Jam related. So I made These prompts for every day of the month! Feel free to join me if you want!

1.       An Alpha Phantomized.

2.       Design a Pokémon as a pet!

3.       Your character’s greatest nightmare

4.       A facial expression you don’t normally draw.

5.       Favorite Halloween item

6.       If a phantom was de-toxified what would it look like?

7.       Your character in your favorite Halloween movie.

8.       draw using only a pen!

9.       Headless horse….horse…

10.   Abandoned Jamaa township/ other land.

11.   Two or more animals spliced together.

12.   Your character with inverted colors.

13.   An animal you don’t usually draw, as a vampire.

14.   Zios’s True Form.

15.   Character 1 pops out of a pumpkin and scared character 2.

16.   Listen to your favorite Jamaa music. Draw what it makes you feel.

17.   An underappreciated animal given lots of candy.

18.   Jamaa needs a super hero!


Hey everyone, it’s your friendly neighborhood demon queen, Dana. Summer’s here and I’m (finally) opening up commissions!

What I’m offering:

  • Sketches (black and white, minimal shading): $5 busts, $7 waist ups, and $10 full bodies
  • Flat Colors (black or colored lineart, minimal shading): $10 busts, $15 waist ups, $20 full bodies
  • Full Shading (fancy lighting, colored lineart, etc.): $15 busts, $25 waist ups, $35 full bodies
  • I’ll also do digital paintings! They take me quite a bit longer to do, though, so their prices will vary depending upon the size and complexity of the piece. Contact me if you’re interested and we’ll narrow down a custom cost for you!

Extra characters are $5 for busts, $10 for waist ups, and $15 for full bodies. I’ll give you a solid color/simple color square background free of charge if you’d like, but any complex backgrounds are an additional $5-$10, depending on what you want. All prices are USD.

What I’ll draw:

  • Just about anything, pal. Your favorite characters, your OCs, Pokemon, humans, animals, monsters, furries, monster furries. I’ll take a crack at gore and NSFW, too, if that’s what you’re looking for. Complex mechs are really the only thing I explicitly won’t do, mostly ‘cuz robots aren’t quite my forte.

No limited slots right now, but first come, first served. Visual refs for whatever character(s) you’d like me to draw are 1000% encouraged and appreciated. You can contact me on twitter, through message or askbox on here, or shoot me an email at dsanginari@gmail.com!

Thanks everyone, I appreciate y’all so so much! ✨

coololdsoulpoetlove  asked:

Besides kissing, hugging, hand holding and cuddling, how else does the squad show Reader their love?


  • writes little poems/sonnets to you
    • it takes him hours to write the perfect one
    • he’s also really nervous when you read it–he’ll leave the room so he doesn’t have to watch you
    • so go find him and kiss him! and tell him thank you!!! because it’s seriously so sweet
    • sometimes he’ll just stick them on your desk or slip them in your purse


  • he likes to draw little pictures for you
    • sometimes they’re of you (usually your eyes!)
    •  other times it’s little animals or maybe characters he’s imagined
    • he tries to include little puns and cute sayings so make you smile
    • he’ll always have an i love you somewhere though
    • he finds out that you keep them and he thinks it’s really sweet


  • he’ll make you things
    • usually clothes (dresses are his favorite to make for you)
    • you don’t even have to directly tell him but it’s helpful if you do
      • if he notices your hands are always cold when he reaches for them, then he’ll knit you a pair of gloves
      • he’s really sweet that way
  • if he doesn’t make you things, he’ll buy you stuff
    • his favorite thing to buy you is stuffed animals
    • you use them as comfort items and it’s sweet when herc sees you curled up with one under your arm
    • he’ll buy you your favorite candy/snack if he’s out too just bc he was thinking about you!


  • he likes to cook for you
    • it’s usually these extravagant french dishes that you can’t pronounce but you love them anyway
  • or if you’re more into sweets, he’ll bake for you!
    • usually these desserts are more simple–like cupcakes or brownies
    • he tends to bake when you’re having a rough day
    • he’ll listen to you rant as he bakes and he’ll eat some of the treats with you

anonymous asked:

hello!! i have a question! after years of strictly drawing animals, i recently decided to buckle down and REALLY focus on learning to draw people. i'm trying my very best to follow the most common tips, especially the whole "anatomy first, style later!" thing. that being said, trying to learn an entirely new sort of anatomy is INCREDIBLY tedious and difficult for me, to the point where i cant even have fun with drawing anymore. any ideas on how can i overcome this lack of motivation/patience????

ya!!! so when i first started drawing people i actually did start stylizing first. (i think most people do! by drawing your favorite characters and stuff you see on tv or in comics or whatever) it’s definitely true that you need to know your anatomy to make properly stylized cartoons, but i don’t think you should force yourself to wait to draw cartoons until you deem yourself good enough at anatomy.

i started off drawing strictly animals too, then started drawing people without reference and they all looked kind of weird and animal-like. so i looked at the scott pilgrim books a lot and tried to draw kind like of that. it seemed more achievable to me than drawing perfectly accurate and anatomically correct humans. (lots of artists i know started out by copying anime/manga when they were younger! which made for some pretty whack anatomy, but it’s what got them started and got them practicing! so while for some people i think it’s like a cringey thing to look back at, it’s still a valuable experience to have because they found something that inspired them enough to start drawing human beings) 

so while i was doing stylized humans, i was learning how to improve my cartoon’s anatomy by looking at other artists, and just from in general being able to tell when things were off as i got older and my eye developed. i also started going to sva’s precollege and started developing stuff for my portfolio to apply to college with

so i kind of developed both the stylizing stuff and my anatomy at the same time. and now, at art school i still have to do both! i have drawing classes and cartooning classes so i improve both things.

i’d say don’t refrain from drawing cartoons because you want to perfect your anatomy first! practice your cartoons AND practice your anatomy, or you’re just going to get frustrated because you’re only doing stuff you find boring and not fun! do some fun cartoon drawings, do some observation studies, do some figure drawing, do some more cartoons while keeping in mind what you learned from those studies, etc.

good luck!!


Interview With @danaterrace by  Fulle Circle Magazine

Storyboard Artist, Animator and Director Dana Terrace stops by Fülle Circle to discuss the race cars, lasers and aeroplanes that may or not be in her next big project (with Showrunner Matthew Youngberg and Co-Producer/Head Writer Frank Angones), Disney XD’s nostalgic return to Duckburg in a reimagining of the 1987 series, DuckTales. We also discuss Gravity Falls, her childhood obsession with cats, the appeal of Carl Barks, and her advice for aspiring animators.  

Jason Anders: Do you remember the first cartoon you fell in love with as a kid?
Dana Terrace: I had always watched cartoons as a kid, but the first thing I obsessed over was Pokémon. It was 1999, I was eight years old, and I wanted a furry friend with magical powers to beat people up for me. I watched everything else but I never missed a new Pokémon episode. I didn’t know what an animator was, but I knew “I want to do that - whatever it is.”
JA: What first influenced you to start drawing and what were your favorite things to draw?
DT: I don’t know when I started. I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil. What encouraged me to continue was that every time I sat down with a marker and pad of paper the adults would leave me alone. I was an anti-social kid so when I discovered this trick I used it as much as I could.
I was big into cats. Every character was either a cat or a cat-girl in a dress being chased by ghosts and dinosaur ghosts. One of my favorite drawings from 1998 shows a cat-girl swinging by a vine over a pit of lava, and the cat is saying “this SUKS” (suks crossed out twice and rewritten in all caps).

JA: Was DuckTales a show that you were into as a kid?
DT: Nope! I never watched it until I was hired onto the show. I watched a bunch of episodes for study but had a hard time with the relationship between Webby and the triplets. It felt hateful and mean. That’s something I love about the writers on our show, they treat Webby like one of the kids and make her a joy to board! Besides that, I’ve read a lot of Carl Barks/Don Rosa comics. Those are just delightful.

I feel like I should add a caveat: Though I didn’t grow up with the original show, literally everyone else on the crew did - all of the writers, board artists, designers, directors, etc. They are very aware of keeping the “spirit” of the show intact. I just wanted to work on a show with cute animals going on adventures.

JA: Where are you from originally?
DT: I’m from New Haven County in Connecticut. Then I was in NYC for four years to go to college.
JA: Is college a path you’d encourage for those who want to pursue a career in animation?
DT: My time at School of Visual Arts was a mix of experiences. It wasn’t perfect. I made some great friends there and they had the facilities I needed to make my own short films. However, I found the program lacking in actual knowledge of how the industry works. Many of the teachers hadn’t worked in the industry for over twenty years and were very out of the loop with how things worked. Of course there were exceptions; I had some amazing animation/layout teachers and a couple of figure-drawing teachers who completely changed the way I approached drawing. But because we were so far away from LA studios it was hard for us to imagine what an active professional looked like. I learned a lot from my peers, online tutorials, and students from CalArts and Gobelins that I would talk to in forums.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from doing anything just because of my singular experience. It all comes down to the individual. Some people have amazing experiences in school, I didn’t. Art school isn’t for everyone, especially those in financial straights, but there are alternatives! There are a million online classes students can take that offer a solid animation education by current working professionals at a fraction of the cost. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to strike out on your own but it isn’t impossible. I hope students look at both options very carefully to decide what’s best for them!

JA: How did you land a job working on Gravity Falls, and what was your immediate reaction to the offer?
DT: It was strange! I hadn’t watched Gravity Falls before they contacted me and sent a storyboarding test. Someone on the crew found my Tumblr and liked my drawings enough to email me! I did the test and they immediately wanted to bring me on as a revisionist. At the same time I was waiting to hear back from Steven Universe for a position. I was leaning more towards SU, I was a fan of Rebecca Sugar ever since I saw her films at SVA, but they took too long to reply and I needed a job so I half-heartedly accepted Gravity Falls’ offer. I think it turned out alright.
JA: What is your fondest memory of working on Gravity Falls?
DT: There are so many good memories on Gravity Falls - drinking with the crew and playing Smash Bros., drunkenly playing Smash Bros. with the crew, etc.
One memory I go back to is storyboarding on “Dipper and Mabel Vs the Future.” There was a scene where Mabel is sadly looking through her scrapbook while Stan attempts to cheer her up. It was a real “father/daughter” kind of moment and, having lost my own father around Mabel’s age, I poured my heart into it. I don’t know how much of that came out in the finished animation, especially after some things were cut for time, but it was the first time I didn’t get notes from my director. If I went back I’d change a million things, but I remember being very satisfied and proud at that moment. JA: How did the opportunity of working on the new DuckTales present itself?
DT: The Line Producer for DuckTales was also LP for season two of Gravity Falls. When she heard I was looking for work in November 2015 she hit me up! I was originally offered a boarding position, but I had just finished boarding for a few projects that left a bad taste in my mouth. So I took a chance and asked if they had a director’s position open. Fortunately, they did - and even more fortunately, they were desperate enough to try me out!
JA: What do you love most about DuckTales, both the new and original show?
DT: I can’t say much about the original show, but I’m a big fan of the Carl Barks comics. What I love the most is the way he drew Scrooge and Donald. Their closed-eye designs were so cute and their smiles so appealing. Happily, we’ve integrated some of those Barks-isms into our designs.
I feel so biased talking about the show I worked on. Of course I love it! The scripts are funny, the characters have depth, and best of all Webby has an actual goddamn personality besides “girl”. She’s my favorite character to work with. I think people will appreciate what we’ve done with her.

JA: What can we expect from the new series?
DT: Same as the old; really cute animal characters going on adventures, but with a little more personality for the kids and a little more depth for every character all-around. I think people will like it!
JA: What is your all-time favorite piece of animation?
DT: If you’re talking about animation as in “which piece of pure context-less piece of art do I like”, I go back to the scene in Ghost in the Shell when Major Kusanagi’s arms are being ripped apart while trying to defeat a terrorist robot, or the marching parade in Paprika, or just the little looped GIFs made by talented friends like Jeff Liu, Spencer Wan and Toniko Pantoja.
Just for the sake of narrowing it down, my favorite animated movie is Princess Mononoke. It’s stunning, heart-breaking and otherworldly. Without fail I start crying ten minutes into the film every time. I’m awful to watch it with. JA: What inspires you?
DT: The inevitability of death! Before I die I want to make sure I put 120% into my passion.
JA: What advice would you give to artists who are just starting out and trying to get their foot in the door?
DT: I say this all the time: DRAW! Draw every goddamn day. Or write every day, if that’s your thing, and show your work to people, online and offline. Learn how to take critique and never let yourself hide behind “styles”. That’s how amateur artists stay amateurs. If you want to get into animation it will behoove you to be versatile. At the end of the day, the quality of your work is all that matters.
JA: How would you describe yourself in three words?
DT: Very. Tired. UUUGHHH.

anonymous asked:

Who is your favorite lizard character (from a movie or TV show) and why??

i really love the “god-awful” design of godzilla, the centropolis one. it’s a terrible movie and they totally miss the concept of a godzilla, but it’s a really nice and agile (if not bizarre, as per Tatopoulos’ style) creature design with all the bits that I like… and i keep drawing it (and becoming it), so that too. 

the animated series version was also really great and i try to draw it as sort of a mix between the two.

and especially smaug, the bakshi one for the pear design/fluidity and the weta one for the detail. like, there’s a whole set of peardragons that i like, but the way that the first one one was drawn/animated, and the style of those specials in general was a big influence on my own. 

also, the jurassic park raptors and actual godzilla (obviously), the lizard (the ‘94 one), shendu, and a bunch of others.. i don’t think i can remember any favorite mammal characters, now that i think about it..