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Zombie Au Fic is Now Posted! (Featuring my bad gun drawing!) 

Running is hard. But, hey, Lance can deal with running. He’s great at running! He’s done it his whole life! But sometimes, things-situations- just aren’t made for running. Sometimes…sometimes you gotta walk through things. Sometimes you gotta crawl, or limp, or not move at all.

Lance isn’t good at those things.”

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I'm so sorry your blog got deleted :((( but I'm really new to your blogs in general, and idk if you do requests? Or suggestions? Idk if I've seen u draw jayfeather, but I think it's awesome when people draw him as an oriental? Sorry if you're not looking for this kind of ask! Either way I looove your art and I hope this setback doesn't make u feel too terrible, I know you'll always be able to create amazing things whatever happens

i don’t take requests but here are some jayfeathers i’ve drawn!

Here is the first WIP of the Modern Male Witch Home Office!

The theme is high tech shizzle, with lots of neon colors (mostly blue and pink). Am I still missing things? I found it very hard to think of what to put in there. Just think of this as the ultimate cozy PC gaming hub! What would you want to have in there?

Suggestions about what to leave out, what to add, what to animate etc. are all welcome! <3

Masamune’s Fabulous BANANA Fashion!!!

Art by Nekkyo Usagi

(伊達 政宗) Date Masamune ~ ( 戦国BASARA) Sengoku Basara


A lot of you messaged me about the clothing challenge thing I posted a time ago. It seems lots of people are interested in something like this, because they have no inspiration for outfits to put characters in!

So I decided to make this a thing. Every week I will post 2 outfits (if I am able to) and you guys can draw characters wearing these outfits! It doesn’t matter what you do, OC’s or your favorite characters, go nuts!

I always love seeing your work, so if you tag the thing you drew with “weeklyshittchallenge”, I will be able to see them all! :)

Have fun drawing! 

Both outfits -> H&M

Thank you for all of the birthday wishes, everyone!!!

I’ve gotten so many of them, and I appreciate all of the nice messages and little drawings you’ve done for me! I’m really touched that some of you even took the time to draw me things.

This year’s birthday was good, lets hope next year’s will be just as nice!

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please help your one of my favorite artist on here and lately i feel like my art has just been in a slump online ive been at the same amount of followers on all of my accounts for months and idk what to do different to attract more people

;0; aaah. i think first and foremost, you have to just enjoy drawing for yourself… it sucks when it feels like your stuff isn’t getting recognized, but it’s kind of a bad habit to rely on validation from others, cos even when you are more popular, people will not always react how you want to your stuff. if you don’t love your own work, and don’t enjoy drawing just to draw, it’s kind of a ‘what’s the point’ thing, you know? draw for yourself! ;0;/

that said, i have def noticed that comics get more attention than stand alone pieces…and really the shit posty ones get way more attention usually than the ones i spend a lot of time one :’D but yea, ppl enjoy a story, and short comics are a nice way for ppl to quickly consume a bit of a story. so that’s something to think about?

in that same vein, and if you have trouble coming up with your own story, then maybe choose to draw for a fanfic you really enjoy? that way you are drawing something both for yourself and for another person that you admire, and hopefully helping to promote both of your works in the process :> i think they are p good for comic practice too, since you can use it to translate a fave scene into comic form. :D 

i asked a friend (@baneismydragon) for some other ideas and on top of what i said, she also suggested that networking is helpful… so basically making friends with other ppl in the fandom, doing collabs, and doing any challenges you see floating around that seem like fun to you, basically just putting yourself out there and participating in things?  

but yea, tl;dr:  !!draw what you enjoy!! try drawing comics if you haven’t already, and if you have trouble coming up with comic ideas, try drawing your fave scene in your fave fanfic :D 

i leave you with my fave inspirational song:

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Just discovered your comic and it's so great! Love the art style. And to top it off you are gorgeous as heck! Wow beauty, brains, and talent, you're the ultimate triple threat. <3

Willkommen, bienvenue, welcome. Come on in.

(Jesus, does anybody even get this reference? I hope so.)

Thank you so much for the kind, kind, kind, kind, kind words! And brains? 

Oh, go on. All ya’ll are complete sweeties.

I seriously appreciate you writing in, new reader, and I sure hope you enjoy your stay and everything I have to offer! *vaguely waves hand behind her*

If it turns out you do like what you see, and want to keep me fed and the strip afloat, bitte, baby, bitte schön, won’t you check out my Patreon?

Get all of next week’s strips early, and I draw all my Patrons pretty and exclusive things every week for a fraction of their commission costs! 


Masterpost On How To Improve Mental Health

Thought i would collect all the things I personally do to feel better about myself
I hope this at least helps some of you :)

•Stop overthinking
•Be kind and good things will happen
•Cry if you need to, you’ll feel better afterwards
•Cuddle with your pets or your friends pets
•Hug your friends
•Hug your parents
•Take some ‘me time’
•Take care of your body! Drink at least 1.5l a day! If you don’t like the taste of pure water, then mix it with some taste you like, but drink. Especially when it’s hot outside
•Appreciate yourself, you’re doing great!
•Walk around outside in the sun
•Sing to yourself
•Do what makes you happy!
•Smell flowers
•Eat what you like
•Buy gifts for yourself or just do so,ething nice for yourself!
•Use face masks if you like them, leave them on for longer if you feel you need to
•Dress how you like
•Use the makeup you like or none at all
•Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do
•Smile at yourself
•Smile at other people
•Love yourself
•Scream if you need to
•Go for a run
•Spend time with yourself
•Learn a new language
•Study, be a smartass
•Watch a movie
•Spend time with people you love
•Remind yourself that you are not alone!
•Talk to people if you don’t feel good! Talking about what bothers you can make you feel better
•Go out
•Watch funny videos
•Party with friends
•Go to are lonely new place
•Learn something new
•Meet new people
•Be thankful
•Lay in the sun
•Go for are swim
•Eat ice cream
•Dress well

Not really a request, but my dad is an artist and he and I used to do this thing when we were younger where I’d draw half of something and then he’d fill in the rest. Like I’d draw a really shitty, lumpy horse body and he’d draw the head in like incredible realistic detail with ribbons in it’s mane and stuff. But I just imagine that’d be something Yusuke would do with his kids and it’s just super cute!


I hope you don’t mind me sharing this publicly, but this is so adorable??? Like I want to write a scenario for this soooooo bad now dkfhdkfj. I can totally see Yusuke being a super sweet dad and doing things like this with his kids and he’d be so patient with them. Like he’d just chuckle and say, “We all start somewhere. I’m sure you’ll excel at anything you set your mind to.” And his kid’s just like ?????? because Yusuke still can’t say anything under 140 characters lolol. Anyway, thank you for sending this!! It made me smile like a fool lol and your dad seems super cool! I hope you’re both doing well! ^^

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How did you learn to draw anatomy so well?

Thank you! but I still have so much to learn about anatomy! I struggle with so much stuffs!

I love drawing the human body, it is one of my favorite subjects. I have literally tried to learn the names of the bones and muscles.

Making these sort of studies help me a lot. I did this for all parts of the body. I’m really a nerd. but I still struggle a lot with hands. Urgh drawing hands is a thing I need to practice more often.

My drawings are usually stylized, but learning the anatomy cannot be avoid! I don’t draw all muscle in my regular drawings, but it is important to be familiar with them. 

I also read books about anatomy for artists and gesture drawings. I just draw a lot, you know. and it’s because the human body fascinates me :) Maybe you find this post interesting ^^ http://blvnk-art.tumblr.com/post/158329283219/anatomy-studies-1-anatomy-is-scary-but-once-you 

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Tim drake moment i have a majority of the time: im allergic to oranges and lemons... a lot of the time i will purposely draw attention from the fact im grabbing a lemon cookie or taking a bit of someone's oranges without them looking.

THE THOUGHT OF TIM DOING THIS IS SO CUTE LIKE HE STEALS BRUCE’S COFFEE OR DICK’S CEREAL ALL THE TIME (It’s not rly stealing when they just let him do it but, details. also when he’s not sposed to have coffee or anything with caffeine, Bruce’ll put salt in it instead of sugar and watch Tim gag and push the mug away bc he is a cruel, cruel man)

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There are roughly one million reason I love you and your work and your posts because you're such an inspiration and talented person. I can legit only barely draw stick figures with hair, let alone take the time to create about a billion different incredible masterpieces (they all are; "incomplete" sketches I love so freaking much) and you're just some crazy inspiration to me. Your shattered glass stuff is amazing and I've started an SG fanfic featuring Sides & Sunny, but need a cover. Ideas? ❤️

Oh gosh aren’t you so sweet! Thank you so much, you’re too kind.
I’m really honored and for a cover, maybe you could do them like bickering or wresting? I really like doing those Sg KOBB things but idk really about Sunny and Sides

Sorry guys but I don’t really know what I want from my art plus artblock is bothering me.
But I’d like to thank you for liking my art and for your support in general
thank you all so much.
I especially want to thank @drawnchaos you reblog almost all of my drawings and write a very nice things.
Thank you!
Today @sparklolfine cheered me up with their reblogs and pleasant n funny things that they wrote.
I also want to thank people from instagram.
Especially @beicon you’re such a nice and sweet person.

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This might be too much to ask but I broke my laptop and only have access to mobile and I'm dying to know what I'm actually missing but I can't check would you be able to describe it? Sorry I know this is annoying ignore it if it's too much trouble

It’s not annoying so don’t worry about it, but my posts should all be visible, now? At least my app doesn’t give me the option to request a review anymore… if you can’t see them still they’re all (aside from the one I posted earlier) backed up on my wordpress blog! You can see them from there without me needing to describe them~

Anon said: Franeri-san what dimensions do you usually use for your canvas? When I draw I end up making the canvas too small, so when i zoom in to make details it becomes pixelated. But I also don’t need my canvas too big because I won’t be able to proportion it;; it’s a visual thing… Ah I’m rambling sorry <(_ _;)>

I use a 6000pxx5000px with a 4px brush, usually, but I really rarely use it all, mostly it’s just like, corners of the whole thing. I tend to draw a lot of things on the same canvas before switching to a new one - that said, personally I can’t draw properly if I don’t zoom in above 100% (usually I work at 150% or 200%, more for details) so I’m really not the right person to ask this haha

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I’m not really sure about the prices, but never mind. 

If you’re interested, feel free to send me a little message ! I’ll maybe change some things, later. 

Besides that, thanks you all ! I love you all. ( ;^;)

P.S : I have forgotten one thing, duh : I only accept Paypal. And I don’t accept furries, because I don’t really know how to draw them, to be honest. x’) 

P.S (2) : Thank you @ask-trafalgar, I just didn’t realized the text was that small ! I did my best to fix it, even if it’s still a bit small. x’) 

Just checked my stats and saw that I’m about to break 800 subscribers … which is insane! 

When I started this blog late last year I thought I would just post a couple of drawings to get things out of my system and eventually I would just stop and abandon it, cause that tends to happen with a lot of creative endeavours I get started with. But somehow I stuck with it, and it’s been half a year now and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. Keeping a thing like this going is kind of a big deal for me. So I just wanted to thank everyone for your support and encouragement, for the messages you send and for all the kind words you leave on my drawings. Especially over the last couple of days I’ve gotten so many super nice replies and comments, I read them all and they make my day so THANK YOU! It’s a blast being part of this community.

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Heal yourself,
Don’t blame anyone;
(don’t even blame yourself)
for any scars
that they caused
to your soul

Love yourself.

I don’t care if you think
that these things are lame;
but try this:
plant some flowers,
write poems,
draw everything,
or simply stay in bed
listen to your favorite musics
all day, all night

Just simply
stay strong.

It won’t be easy;
but I promise you,
one day this all will pass,
one day you’ll realize
that these scars
are the things
that keeps you strong
and beautiful;

You were a blank canvas
look at you now, Darling;
an art

Don’t stop filling your canvas, my love;
I promise you one day
it will be a masterpiece
and someone will finally
love you
for your scars

—  Serafina Ophelia, “Heal”

@therealjacksepticeye Thank you for being amazing. You inspire me so much towards my drawings and other positive influential things in life. Keep doing what you are doing. Here is my Rick and Morty Style of you and I hope you enjoy it! Wish me luck at my FFA vet science competition. If you like this, punch the repost button in the face LIKE A BOSS and high fives all around. *whapsh, Whapsh* I’ll see you in the next drawing, buh-bye!!!!