i will download every free game because

Say what you want about Bioware.

But I think what they do right overcomes their pitfalls. Every time. Look at the Mass Effect series for instance. There is representation there, there are Hispanic, Asian, black human characters. (Hell, side note but it is as needed, there is a canonically trans character in Dragon Age!) There are different romance options for different people and it’s not just “Okay every character can be romanced,” no, Cortez can only be romanced by a male Shepard and is a gay option. Traynor can only be romanced by a fem Shepard and is a lesbian option. And the thing is? They grew with it. Look at the difference of representation of the first game compared to the third. There is a exponential growth. They saw it was needed and added it. Plus, every choice in a Bioware game does have weight behind it. I would argue even the last one in ME3 with the free downloadable content attached to it. And even that I can forgive because of how strong and intense the rest of the choices were. Mordin’s sacrifice, trying to make peace between the Geth and Quarian people. Those are real, painful decisions to have. And people die. And not just for shock value either. Look at the first game, the Virmire mission. Ash or Kaiden has to die. There is no way around it, and that decision is on you. In ME2 it’s because the player didn’t try hard enough to make sure they survived (I.E it’s possible to have everyone, even Shepard, die in the last mission of ME2). Mordin’s death brings closure to his character arch and is done right considering I am tearing up writing this and thinking about it. There were moments in all games where I would break my paragon streak because I was so livid that I had to do the renegade option. After the Virmire mission when the counsel was bitching at me I hung up because they were awful. In Mass Effect 2, the Overlord DLC hits on abuse to an autistic individual and how to handle it and the anger I felt against his abuser had me verbally and physically beat him down. Plus, the soundtrack, oh God the immersion that it brings is something to behold for sure.It adds to the weight of what you are doing, if you lose the entire galaxy is gone. If you lose the reapers will destroy everything. Overall, Bioware has its pitfalls but what they do right they do right and it makes up for it.

Thoughts about Pokemon Go

While I’m super pumped (always) about new Pokemon games, I’m… a little weary about Pokemon Go? For starters, while the announcement trailer is absolutely breathtaking, I get the feeling that the video might be over-hyping it and that the actual app might not be as… impressive. I’m afraid that the app is going to just kind of feel like you’re trying to catch Pokemon in a Pokemon Safari.

Another thing that makes me nervous about Pokemon Go is reading that “the game will be free to play, with various in-app purchases available.” At this point, nothing bothers me more than this pay-to-play theme I see going on in every new game being released. What will there be to purchase in Pokemon Go? Do I have to pay 50 cents for every Pokeball I want to throw? A dollar for a rare candy? Five dollars for a new storage box? I understand the reason they’re doing this because everyone can afford to download a free app, but the thought of new Pokemon games slowly and continuously draining my wallet kills me a bit. Since there’s not a lot of info out right now (its only been a day since the announcement lol) there’s not a lot to go off of (aka this is basically just speculation), but I’m just worried. If this truly is the next step towards a real-world-Pokemon-experience and the app is just as grand and amazing as the video paints it to be, then fuCKIN RAD MAN.

Either way, I’m still pumped af. I live for Pokemon so any news is good news.