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The Hellblazer #8 has such good covers

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omg adding onto the hc of the dog watching you and Chris- Pluto (who has to be a sausage dog can I just say) running out of the room so Chris mumbles a small "thank god" as he pushes back into you and starts thrusting again and just as you and him are getting close you hear squeaking getting louder and Pluto bursts in the room with his favourite Kermit the frog toy and his tail wagging waiting for Chris to throw it and Chris is like "I CANT DO I THIS!" and your just giggling into your pillow

Omfg this is my new favourite headcanon

Sinful Sunday™

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Lmao Grant doesn't like karaoke and he chose RHTY as the show theme song or WA's theme song 😂❤ love it 😉

LOL, so do I. 

omfg, the timing and phrasing of that second fan’s question made the pettiness even sweeter, in that she asked what theme song he’d choose for Barry and it was right after that nonsense, b/c he awkwardly sings summer lovin’, and then he just come back and is like, “Runnin’ Home to You is the theme song for Barry and Iris’ love story.”


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Suddenly you hear a crashing sound coming from the next room. you rush over to see what the heck just transpired. You see that there is a flaming wreck of a Hammond Organ on a motorcycle sitting on top. It is on fire with twenty daggers sticking out of it. You go over to ask the driver what the fuck. The organ pops open and Keith Emerson stares out at you. So does Greg Lake. "Come inside," he says "Come inside."

omfg what did i do to deserve this nightmare

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my anxiety is so high today i don't know what to do if Marine Le Pen wins omfg

I’m sorry, friend. I doubt there’s much I can say or do at this moment to comfort you. We’ll all just have to wait and hope. I have faith in the French people! And that’s very hard for me as an English person to say. Okay, I’m being optimistic. And I am never optimistic. I suppose the only comfort I can truly give is that is Le Fountain Pen wins this round, there’s still a second chance. 

The younger generation is always much more likely to vote on the left, so yes tell and if need be drag yours friends out of bed and in to the voting booth. I know a lot of shit is going on in France and to an extent I can understand the fears and why Le Pen is so popular right now, but is she propaganda for terrorism. She encourages more terrorism. Explain that to your parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles. They’re the majority. 

If it gets too much for you during the day just don’t read the news, turn off your phone and all social media and fuck, just Netflix. Just distract yourself the best way possible, you deserve some rest. We all deserve some rest. I’m sorry, I know this isn’t the best or a long term solution but it’s all I really got.

The very best of luck! 


a thing; the hero fam love to go to cons and surprise everyone but also love to drag their one beloved friend to cosplay with them and it’s a fun yet dangerous tyme

Fanon Lotor be like

i am not even sorry just take this

favourite underappreciated characters andromeda tonks