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This conversation happened like every two weeks in high school
  • Rich friend: just use your allowance!
  • Me: my wot
  • Rich friend: the money your parents give you?
  • Me: the wot my wot give wot
  • Rich friend: for doing chores?
  • Me: that doesn't happen
  • Rich friend: so what do you get for doing chores?
  • Me: not grounded?
  • Rich friend: you just do chores for free?
  • Me: yeah I mean my parents don't charge me for food but
  • Rich friends: plus I get money for good grades, $50 for each A, $40 for each B, $30 for each C, and $20 for each D. What do you get for a good report card?
  • Me: I get a good report card
  • Rich friend: so what do you do if you want to buy something?
  • Me: I ask my parents
  • Rich friend: and they just get it for you?
  • Me: no
  • Rich friend: so how do you get it??
  • Me: I don't
  • Rich friend: haha wow! Anyway what kind of brand new car are your parents getting you for your 16th birthday

hey, remember two weeks ago when i said i bought something cool and would give more deets when it arrived in the mail? i finally got it today!

this is an illustration collection by hidehiko sawada, a key animator on hxh 2011. it was sold at comiket 87 back in 2014, so limited quantities were produced.

anyway, it’s 40 pages of gorgeous artwork featuring almost every character in 2011. seeing as how it’s almost impossible to get a hold of (and incredibly expensive if you do happen to find it from a third party seller) i’d like to scan it.

The signs as love quotes

Aries: “Maybe in my black and white world, you were the only thing that was gray.”

Taurus: “If you fall, I’ll pick you up, if not, I will lay down with you.”

Gemini: “We loved with a love that was more than love.”

Cancer: “One of the most amazing feelings in the world is having someone fall in love with you who you thought you never had a chance with.”

Leo: “I like when you smile, but I love it when I’m the reason.”

Virgo: “My only mission is to make you happy.”

Libra: “You know it’s love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not part of their happiness.”

Scorpio: “When two people are meant for each other, no time is too long, no distance is too far, and nobody can keep them apart.”

Sagittarius: “I bet not even all the fireworks in the world can light up my world like you do.”

Capricorn: “I would love you in any shape, in any world, with any past. Never doubt that.”

Aquarius: “I feel like I could love you forever, and that scares the shit out of me.”

Pisces: “You are the first thing I think of every morning, the last thing that stays on my mind every night.”

source: the one and only - tumblr


Me coming to the abrupt realization that Johnny Seo is the most caring, corniest and loving man out there and therefore the Best Man Alive™ and I can’t BELIEVE I exist on this planet at the same time as him

anonymous asked:

Recently the idea of witchcraft has become very interesting to me, would you possibly be able to share any resources to possibly help out a beginning witch? thank you so much!

Ooh have I got posts for you:

Other posts not by me:


  • You do not need to be Wiccan or any other kind of religious to practice magic
    • Nor do you need to be any specific gender, sexuality, race, etc. 
      • And don’t let anyone tell you otherwise
    • The only thing you really need to be a witch is a desire to be so
  • The term “witch” is gender neutral, but you don’t need to go by that if you don’t want to, there are plenty of other alternatives; “magic user” is a good basic one
  • Do a lot of research 
    • It never really stops1
  • Figure out what it is you want to do with magic (everything, only specific types of magic, whether or not you think you might curse, etc.)
    • What you decide for these is not concrete - you are not bound to working with one type of magic if you want to change to something else, you are allowed to change your mind
      • Sometimes things just won’t work, you aren’t stuck to continuing with those things if they aren’t helping
    • On this note, you don’t need a “witchy label” (i.e. sea witch or whatever), these things are just more meant to help other people recognize what sort of magic you practice at a glance - you are also not confined to that label if you decide you want one, you can do other kinds of magic as well
  • Don’t let other people tell you how to do YOUR magic - it’s YOUR craft for a reason; play around, experiment, find what works for you and run with it
    • Sometimes people are just shitty and will tell you you’re doing it wrong, no matter what you do - so just kinda be prepared to see that
    • Again, you’re not bound to working with anything - try out many new things if you want, find the one thing you really like and stick with it; you do you
  • See what you already own that you can use within magic, and then find out what you can do with those things
  • Don’t worry about buying “organic,” “fancy,” or “exotic” herbs - you can find the same properties and associations in regular household spices and herbs
    • On that note, if you have a Bulk Barn / Barrel in your area, GET YOUR HERBS FROM THERE. Seriously, my exand I went to one some weekend, and they have EVERYTHING. And so cheap!
  • Also, you can get a lot of stuff from the dollar store, WalMart / Target, thrift stores - hit these places up if budget is an issue
    • For the longest time all my crystals came from Green Earth, and every single one has worked for what I wanted it to thus far
  • If you don’t care about deities or spirits, just don’t work with them
    • Same thing goes with the astral plane- if you don’t wanna go near it, you don’t need to
  • Practice your fire safety methods
    • DO THIS
  • It’s okay if you don’t practice every day, miss the moon phases or sabbats - these are not the things that define a witch, they are just things you CAN do
    • You are not less of a witch for not practicing every single day; life does not need to revolve around magic, nor do I honestly think it should
    • I have never practiced a single sabbat, and I think last month was the first or second time ever that I actually had my spellwork correspond with the right day of the week and moon phase
    • It’s seriously okay if things don’t line up perfectly timing wise; it adds a bit of a boost, but not enough to make it or break it
  • Try to have fun with it - magic is not 100% serious all the time, nor does it need to be

Best of luck anon! :D

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do you have favourite klance moments?? I wanna make an edit but I need scenes of them interacting ahahh

So this ask is 2 weeks old ಠ_ಠ …….sorry about that, but here is my detailed answer that I hope makes up for the delay :D 

Ranked in reverse order, here are my top 10 klance moments from both seasons (plus bonuses). It’s long, so, under the cut.

10. Pool Klance

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*deleting the text or self-promoting on this will disqualify you*

Hello, there darlings!  Julie @guardehn and Joel @kartuzi (omg our names are going so well together lmao!) and we are here to present an Indie showcase together to celebrate the different styles of indie blogs on tumblr! This is our second time presenting an awards page together and we are so excited to present this idea to all our followers for a second time! ♥

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  • You can ask for a promo (of your choice) once a week to both of us
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- O T H E R S -

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  • If you have any questions, feel free to ask us
  • Banner created by the lovely Haniah @rehticent When you need a banner go here @bannersbyrehticent they’re all real pieces of art!

Happy reblogging and stay flawless!

Love, Joel & Julie xx

odia13  asked:

Hey Wiishu! Your vlogs are amazing, I look out to watch them every week, but are you going to upload a speedpaint again, like your old videos? These were also fun and inspiring to watch! Have a great day/night! :D

Good question and right now I still haven’t decided haha!
I like doing speedpaints but I don’t like uploading a 10 min video with just music playing? Idk, it seems a little off somehow? Maybe I can make it into a podcast thing of some sort in the future, but for now I don’t know how to incorporate it so that I’m satisfied with the end product, sorry!

Jay Park & Dean Reaction to: You Always Falling Asleep to Their Heartbeat

Thank you!! :D I hope you enjoy ~

Jay: “Aww, aren’t you so cute?” But he only does this in private, not actually wanting to embarrass or possibly humiliate you. All he wants to do is tease his cute s/o. The moment feels so intimate, having you cradled in his arms as you drift off to the sound of his heart.

“It’s beating only for you,” he’ll say, cringing from the cheesiness but meaning every word.

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Dean: Won’t comment on it. He picked up on it a few weeks into the relationship and finds it to be such a simple and loving concept. He feels like you must trust and adore him very much and his stomach does tumbles when he thinks about it. He loves stroking your hair as your breathing slows, ear pressed to his chest. These are the times when his best song ideas and lyrics come to him; all of it inspired by you.

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When I say “I am ADHD” and you say “no no you HAVE ADHD, you aren’t your illness” all it does is show me how little you know me. Because honestly I AM ADHD. Everything I do, say, and see is affected by ADHD. Every conversation and action is under it’s heavy influence. All my interests and my grades and basically everything are under its scrutiny, maybe next week I’ll forget about doing my favorite things, maybe tomorrow I won’t have enough motivation to do my homework. ADHD is both the cruel dictator I live under and the air in my lungs. It tells me how well I am going to do things, it keeps me moving, and tells me how to move. My ADHD is mine, my ADHD is me, I am ADHD.

ignore how I ran out of steam towards the feet lmao

Day 3 (aka Tuesday) of @teamblueandangry‘s Anders Week theme was GREED/CHARITY and you know, I have feelings about Anders and charity. :D

He runs a free clinic in the bowels of the city, spending every last bit of his energy there helping the people of Darktown and Lowtown ON TOP OF doing his everything to help the mages of Kirkwall and peacefully (as peacefully as he can) protest their treatment by the Chantry and by the Templars by writing letters, smuggling people out of the city, writing his manifesto despite the ridicule it receives; AND he’s helping Hawke - the man gives every little sliver of his energy towards helping those who need his help. This is what the Chantry should be doing. This is what the Chantry should be doing. (Imagine, if you will, people of Darktown coming to Anders’ little shrine at the clinic to pray because up in Hightown they get nothing but dirty looks and cold shoulders in answer to their prayers. Down here they  feel like somsone at least is doing the Maker’s work.)

Hawke probably sends a whole basket of food with Anders to Darktown every day because they know Anders just gives away his food as well. Too charitable for his own good.


but i’ve never made sense … until   y e s t e r d a y

Monsta X members on We Got Married

A/N: Hey there @shelteredego! That girl is me. I had fun, I daydream about this kind of scenario 7days a week. Hope you like this, hehe.


He tries to act cool and manly in front of the cameras, but as soon as you do something cute he loses it and just silently chuckles with his signature eyesmile. Shownu’s not the kind of guy who’d develop feelings during the variety since he likes to keep his private life separated from his work, but he finds it hard to resist you. Your chemistry is no joke and his awkwardness makes every scene you film a hit on internet. In no time, you’re everyone’s favourite couple and people are rooting for you. You both secretly feel like you should give the relationship a try when the show ends. The best thing about this pairing is that you’re working really hard to initiate physical contact with your hubby, but he’s completely clueless.

Oppa, come hold my waist so I don’t fall! I just wanna grab this mug…

Get off that chair. Don’t worry, I can grab it from here.” 

*Proud manly, useful and platonic husband.*

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When Minhyuk sees you standing at the meeting spot, he immediately freaks out. He had his eyes on you ever since your two groups promoted at the same time on music shows. After the first meeting, he never shuts up about his “wife” to the members and they all can’t stand him anymore. He makes sure to learn all the little things about you from old interviews to impress the viewers and seduce you. (Little does he know you liked him from the start… How could you not?) He learns the way you like your ramen, your favourite colors and smells, your groups dances and even your parents’ names. Oh! Parents! He insists for his virtual wife to meet his family and you get to meet them all one day for a special episode. He works hard to make sure he’s now vital in your life and is purely devoted to your happiness. People are obsessed with you two dating in real life. Minhyuk too. He gets lowkey mad everytime you mention a guy so you do it on purpose.

“VIXX’s Hakyeon-sunbaenim called to congratulate us!

Oh, that’s nice… *Waits 30 very casual minutes* Soooo, how many of our male sunbaes have your personal phone number?

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HE’S SO GOOD AT IT, it’s infuriating. Kihyun is born to star on We Got Married, he is very natural. Almost totally in control of the game and his emotions, he keeps saying cute things and doing cheesy stuff you didn’t ask for. Every time you think you’re safe and good at “playing” wife he says something or touch your waist in a way that sends shivers down your spine. He loves to see you blush, so Kihyun tries to destabilize you whenever he has the opportunity. He even bought you a puppy for christmas to make you cry and now he secretely dreads when he’ll have to separate from it. He kinda gets caught up in his own game and each of your smile now sends his heart into frenzy. He also loves to serenade you, it makes you cringe, but the viewers and Kihyun love it so much you bear with it.

“Neon neomu areumdawo, nuneul ttel suga eopseo-”

Oppa, if you want to sing to your wife, at least write me my own song!

*Stops ‘cause he is flustered by your sass, you learned from the best.*

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Doux Jésus, Wonho keeps getting too involve and he forgets it’s a variety show 80% of the time. Skinship comes very naturally to him so you two get close fast. At first you found him very intimidating, but his cute and loving personality helps you warm up to him. You can’t get enough of each other. If he’d dare to ask, you’d accept to spend even your free time on friendly dates with him. Friendly, because you have no idea where to draw the line. Wonho is so intense and personal with you that you can’t guess where the real part of this relationship is going. He has no idea either, he’s just impulsive when it comes to you. He’s so cute and caring, even when you aren’t filming, that the whole WGM camera crew is highkey shipping you together.

*Gives you the last biscuit and leans in to kiss the tip of your nose while you eat it*

You’re so cute jagi, you look like a lil’ squirrel.”

Oppa, you do know the cameras aren’t rolling, right?

Oh…*shrugs and smiles* SOMEBODY STOP THAT FLUFFY MAN

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Thinks he’s doing fine, but is the worst member at it. You totally have the upper hand on this one. The problem with Hyungwon on WGM is that he likes to plan and analyze situations, you keep destabilizing him and he doesn’t know how to handle it. He’s an actor so he can “play” the husband just fine, but he never knows what to do with you as soon as the camera stops so you’re quite awkward with each other. There’s little chance for your relationship to evolve in something more even if he was interested in the beginning, since he’s so professional. After a while, when you’re more comfortable you can have a lot of fun together, both teasing each other endlessly. However, you’ll never be one of those hit couple on WGM that everybody is rooting for. You’re show is more about the struggles of letting someone new in your intimacy than an awkward budding love story.

*You surprisingly hug him from behind and bury your head in his sweater*

“Oppa, you smell so nice.”

“Unh? Oh, well… Thank You, ja-jagiya…

*Stiff body and awkward laugh*

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Jooheon is so nervous at first, he keeps dropping things and crashing into stuff at the coffee where you first meet. When he gets comfortable, he keeps joking around to make you laugh. He does aegyo all the time just because he knows it annoys you and the viewers love your chemistry. However, you quickly got a way to get back at him, thanks to a tip from Changkyun, by hiding in corners and suddenly jump to scare him. Jooheon doesn’t even try to pretend he’s not falling in love with you. It’s obvious for everybody involved, his ears are scarlet red 24/7 and he’s a flustered mess everytime you make a move on him. Both of you are so involved in this fake wedding that on your last episode, you plan to confirm the relationship and start to publicly date in real life.

“Ok. Enough with the creepy aegyo.”

Why? I’m a cutie*Does that kuku-kaka shit just to annoy you*

“I’ll give you a kiss if you stop doing that right now.”

“You’ll… W-what?” *Is interrupt by your lips on his*

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The second best at it after Kihyun. Changkyun has a way of being nonchalant and avoid his feelings that helps him a lot on WGM. Because of what you saw of him before, you thought he would be a bit shy, but he surprises you a lot. He loves to initiate physical contact with you, like back hugs or kiss the top of your head. For the show, Changkyun does and says stuff that shocks you all the time, he’ll start cute and cheesy and turn savage to make you laugh. He’s also really good at staying in control of his emotions and he keeps you on your toes. However, if you decide to switch this game around, he’ll get nervous and might even take his distance or appear a bit cold, not knowing how to react. You guys are becoming extremely close friends with a lot of skinship. Oh and one more thing: He’s killing the casual aegyo game.

Noona, your hand fits so perfectly in mine, I’d want to hold it forever… But I really can’t, it’s just so sweaty.

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- Lyly


One Dominant's Credo

Over the last few days, @exasperatingbutnot (ebn) and I have had a series of discussions that will ultimately lead to life altering changes for her. At the conclusion of one of these discussions, ebn said something to Me that caused Me to take pause and reflect on the impact I have had on the direction in which her life is going. You may be wondering what she said that was so profound for Me. I will tell you. she said,

“Thank You so so so much for Your clear headed, insightful direction.”

I have since thought about the magnitude of such a statement and what her underlying message was to me. Coupled with the seriousness and significance of our latest talks, I believe with that one statement, ebn was really saying,

“I trust You.”

People, I am humbled. I am truly humbled by the level of trust ebn has willingly placed in Me. she is entrusting me with her future. In many ways, if I am totally honest, she is entrusting Me with her life.

Now I must say this level of trust did not come overnight; it was earned day after day, week after week, month after month. How you ask? Through transparency in communicating with her, consistency in caring for her, and and selflessly loving her unconditionally - with her needs always coming before Mine (see the post below for more on the D/s hierarchy - https://exasperatingbutnot.tumblr.com/post/163266359547/pleasurewhore-just-a-reminder-to-the). In fact, I still work every single day to earn that day’s trust. I do not take her trust for granted; nor do I take her for granted.

All of this got me thinking about the principles that guide My actions and behavior with ebn; My tenets, My credo. My tenets are simple. My credo true. These are the principles that guide My actions and behaviors with My precious ebn.


I will love you unconditionally.

I will always put your needs before Mine.

I will use you sexually for My pleasure.

I will coach you through difficult situations.

I will guide your thinking with logic when dealing with work or family.

I will make your decisions for you in those areas we agree I own.

I will lead you through life with thoughtful consideration.

I will support you in all endeavors you partake.

I will mentor you so that you over-achieve at everything.

I will inspire you to high self-confidence, high self-value, and high self-esteem.

I will encourage you to grow, expand, and learn new things.

I will challenge you in all aspects of your life to go further than you ever have.

I will establish rules to keep you healthy, safe and progressing in your humanity.

I will help you become a better person (admittedly, this one is hard; you are already perfect).

I will hold you accountable to our established rules.

I will discipline you when necessary.

I will be fair when issuing discipline.

I will rely on you when I am down; Dom’s are human, too.

I will never abuse you - not psychologically, nor physically.

I will never take you for granted.

I will never take advantage of you.

I will exhibit patience, understanding, and empathy with you.

I will always listen to what you have to say.

I will value you and your chosen profession.

I will always protect you.

I will always respect you.

I will let you be you and never try to change who you are.

I will never, ever judge you.

I will admit when I have erred, correct mistakes I have made, and apologize when I am wrong.

I will give you your space when you need down-time (I know I overwhelm you at times).

I will comunicate with you openly about all things.

I will transparently share My feelings with you - be they good, bad, happy or sad.

I will always be honest with you.

I will never violate a hard limit.

I will take very good care of your heart.

I will control you.

I will command you.

I will ensure you feel submissive to me at all times.

I will love you…forever.


“ Who’s your Gladdy? ” :D

Missed some FFXV action in real life?
Then enjoy a new Gladdy Daddy video just for you! <3

There’s always so much heart and dedication behind every single post I make, especially for Gladio this period and I’m so hyped for the new FFXV Fan Movie I will post next week on my social medias! :)

You better stay tuned, do you feel the feels ? :D

Source - @muffin_geek_production and #whitewhaleproductions

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Welp, here it is - Part 1!  

Because I can’t write, I have to make comics of what I imagine so here is this, a long ass story I have planned that I will hopefully not lose the motivation to finish 

I’ll do my best to update this every week or every other week, depends on how much work I have~

You’ll be finding out more about what exactly is happening as the story goes :“D

Turian Appreciation Week

the lovely @kestrelsansjesses has already made a post about it, but I figured I’d do another one :)

Turian Appreciation Week:

Going on from August 14th through August 20th 7 days to smooch celebrate your favourite species!

Your Turian can be in the Milky Way or in Andromeda, can be your OC, an NPC, part of your squad or even a certain Councillor most people tend to dislike.

Prompts will be shown on July 15th so you can prepare, and every week until the 14th comes.

One Night - Tom Holland x Reader imagine

Title: One Night
Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader
Synopsis: You and Tom get drunk and sleep together, and he pretends as if that night never happened.
Word Count: 1378
Warning: Some smut.
A/N: Written for anon - “Might I get an imagine with Tom including the prompt 73 (“That night never happened!”) if you’d like, then make it angst with happy ending.”

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Relationship Day 1: Our Garden

There’s a lot of noise out there. A lot of eyes, a lot of mouths, a lot of people wanting attention. And it’s great, you know, being recognized on this scale, being able to connect with people, to chat, to flirt, to be a person that people want to know. But I do have a Master, my partner, and well… sometimes he’s felt drowned out by the chorus.

Not today. Enter Relationship Day, our day, the day I dial down the noise and let our partnership sing. I’d already been marking this day between us as a special day of the week. It’s our anniversary. Every week I pause in my day, alerted by my phone, and give praise to my man at the exact minute we first spoke to one another. The day my life changed and this wonderful new experience began. It made perfect sense to make today the day of celebrating us even more.

Apart from how I interact with others on this day, I have been inspired to aim to write a little bit about how Master and I’s relationship has evolved each week. It might be a small thought or it might be big. Hopefully not too saccharine. But exploring it with words for my own benefit even.

Today’s subject is a concept Master and I put into words in recent weeks. We call it our garden. A metaphor for the relationship, our love, our desire, something we put work into, to grow and nourish just like a living thing. A space that’s ours that we feel comfortable in. And that we may, if we choose, invite others into. 

You see Master and I definitely don’t have a closed relationship. We don’t believe in or practice monogamy. But nor are we out seeking our own pleasures. Rather than an open relationship, we call it a shared relationship. People that we trust can share in the garden, can share in what we’ve built. But they have to respect it; too often lately uncaring people are trampling the plants underfoot, particularly in their pursuit of the bull. We won’t tolerate anyone being pushed aside for the other. We are as one. 

I finish this post with a beautiful picture from when Master and I first met in December last year. One of my favorites. A powerful, bonding moment. And soon, very soon, I will be in his arms again.

 - Bull 2017