i will do more this week

“Don’t get your hopes up” – ummm, fuck off?? I will absolutely get my hopes up? What, like years worth of hope hasn’t just been crushed and one more week is gonna change that? I’ve got one more week in me. I’ve got one more week of hope that groundbreaking television is coming. Fight me. If you have a problem finding hope, that’s fine, but I do not. And don’t coddle me to save my feelings. I die like a conspirator. I die knowing my version of events would make television history. I can sleep fine at night.

spiritguardian  asked:

I'm taking a course this semester focused on environmental education (my concentration is Fish and Wildlife Conservation), and we're volunteering at an elementary school's environmental club every week. Do you have any tips for working with kids or just teaching in general?

This was honestly one of the things I struggled with the most during my training as an educator. The best advice I came out of it with is that you shouldn’t dumb down the concepts you’re teaching, even if you have to simplify your vocabulary and some of the explanations. Just because they’re kids doesn’t meant they won’t be interested in or able to comprehend some of the really neat stuff that’s more complicated. 

You Make Me Wanna

Reid x reader

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

You’d had that song stuck in your head on repeat for the past six weeks. You knew what had triggered it and you just wanted it to fuck off. Everytime you found yourself humming it, you felt yourself getting more and more confused. It was like the damn song was mocking you.

You’d been singing it at work earning strange looks from Spencer, and you’d been singing it when you were at Chelsea’s apartment, earning curious looks from her.

“Didn’t know you were an Usher fan?” she’d asked you one night, wrapping her arms around your waist as you washed the dishes together.

“He’s okay….” you’d shrugged her off, feigning a headache and that you needed to be at work early the next day and heading off to bed.

You didn’t technically need to be there early, but Spencer was always there at least an hour before everyone else was so you’d started going in at the same time so you could spend longer with him away from the team.

Which was bad.

So bad.

You told yourself that it was just because you didn’t get to spend that much time alone with him now and that you missed your best friend. But you knew you were lying to yourself. And you were lying to Chelsea. And to an extent, you were lying to Spencer as well. Your mornings together were no longer full of the fun and witty banter, they were a tinged with a slight awkwardness. But you still couldn’t stop yourself going in early and everytime you did Spencer was waiting for you with your favourite coffee and pastry ready for you. He couldn’t stop either.

It wasn’t like you were doing anything wrong by spending time together. Not technically.


When did this all get so fucking complicated?

Rossi’s annual fourth of July party, that’s when. Chelsea hadn’t been able to make it, she’d been called away on a business trip. So you and Spencer had ridden there together, sharing a cab there and home again.

You’d invited him in for a night cap and you’d lounged on your couch together, your head in his lap. You’d carried on drinking, watching crappy late night movies together and you both fell asleep. When you woke up later, you’d managed to twist positions and you were lying side by side. With just the light from the TV you’d found yourself studying his face, his eyes searching yours. There’d been no words between you, but you suddenly found yourself pressing your body against his, your hand tracing his jaw bone, his own hand lightly skimming up and down your arm causing your hairs to stand on end.

This was your best friend, the person that had introduced you to your girlfriend of eighteen months. She’d been a member of a book club he was part of and Spencer had known that you were bi, it wasn’t a secret.

This was the man you bitched about her to when things got a bit rough, the person you made you laugh so hard that you cried. He was the person you knew you could count on out in the field, who would come and hug you when a case had gotten too hard.

In the three years you and Spencer Reid had known each other, you’d become the best of friends. You’d learned everything about each other and had become each others rocks. You could tell him anything.

Yet that night on your couch there was one thing you couldn’t tell him. And that was that at the particular moment, you’d wanted nothing more than to press your lips to his and to kiss him. From the look he was giving you and the stroking of your arm, it seemed he was having the same thoughts. You’d lain together for what seemed like an age, just looking at each other, your breathing growing heavy as you both waited.

Nothing happened. You didn’t end up banging each other. You didn’t even kiss. But there’d been a connection there deeper than friendship. You’d communicated with each other through the small actions of your bodies that night. His fingers trailing on your arm, you gently caressing his jaw, his eyes closing as you ran your thumb over his stubble.

It was….weirdly intense. But that small moment had changed everything.

Before anything came between us
You were like my best friend
The one I used to run and talk to when me and my
Girl was having problems (that’s right)
You used to say it would be okay
Suggest little nice things I should do
And when I go home at night and lay my head down
All I seem to think about is you
And how you make me wanna

Since that moment, all you could think about was what Spencer would be like as a boyfriend. You weren’t picturing him between your legs or anything like that. Not all the time at least, although there had been one heated night alone in your bed where you may have let your imagination run wild.

You were imagining going home with him and curling up on the couch. Taking him home to meet your friends and family, spending holidays with him. You were imagining him doing everything you and Chelsea would be doing together. And in your imagination, you were happy. So fucking happy.

You weren’t certain of what exactly was going through his head, but you knew him well enough to know that SOMETHING was. His eyes would linger on you for longer and when you’d sit next to each other on the jet or in the meeting room, he’d press his leg against yours or find some reason to touch you.

And then you’d heard that bastard song on the radio one day. And the whole song resonated with you.

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

Spencer and you needed to talk about this. And soon. But you didn’t know how to approach the subject, what to even say?

“Hi, I know we’ve been friends for years and currently I’m in a relationship with someone you introduced me to, but I’m fairly certain I love you and I think you might feel the same?”


That was not how to do this.

But you had to something. It wasn’t fair on anyone, especially not Chelsea.

Things hadn’t been great recently, even before that moment on the couch. You’d been drifting apart, not spending as much time with her as before. And now, when you were with her you wished you weren’t.

You couldn’t even pin point what was wrong, it just wasn’t the same anymore. But you couldn’t bring yourself to do anything about it. You both kept trying to make it work, because you did still love her. She was a great girl and for the most part, your relationship had been great. She was kind and considerate, funny and loving, and the sex was unbelievable.

Except you hadn’t let her near you since that moment on the couch and that was six weeks ago. You didn’t dare. You couldn’t trust yourself not to close your eyes and to fantasise that it was someone else doing those things to you.

Did he sit at home wondering this same things?

Now what’s bad
Is you’re the one that hooked us up
Knowing it should’ve been you
What’s sad is I love her but I’m falling for you
What should I do
Should I
Tell my baby bye-bye
Should I
Do exactly what I feel inside
‘Cause I
I don’t wanna go
Don’t need to stay
But I really need to get it together

You were minutes away from leaving work for the day and you’d just finished up in the ladies restroom when Emily walked in as you were washing your hands.

“Hey Y/N,” she greeted you.

“Hi Em,” you gave her a smile back. You liked Emily.

She was about to go into the cubicle when she paused, turning to you at the last minute.

“Y/N. I don’t wanna pry but… You know I’m here for you if you ever wanna talk about something right?”

She must have seen your face drop in shock. How did she know?

“You’ve not been yourself lately babe, that’s all. You’ve been quiet and I can see those cogs turning behind those big eyes of yours. Is everything okay at home, is it you and Chelsea?”

Oh god. This was why working with profilers was the absolute worst sometimes. But still. Maybe a fresh perspective could help. And Emily wasn’t one to judge people.

“I don’t know Em, that’s the problem. I just…..oh fuck, it’s all a bunch of shit,” you were struggling to hold it together now and your friend walked towards you and rested her hands on your shoulders, squeezing them lightly.

“Hey… Just breathe okay. You don’t have to tell me, just know that I’m here for you.”

“Em… I… I… think I’m in love with someone else. I haven’t, I haven’t cheated on Chelsea, I swear. But… If the opportunity arose, then I’m not sure I could stop myself again. I love her but… I love him too.”

“Oh honey.” She pulled you in for a hug, smoothing your hair down, “Does this other person know? Do they feel the same?”

“I think so. I can’t be sure because I haven’t actually asked them. I’m scared of the answer.”

“Y/N, I can’t tell you what to do here. But I remember someone saying once that if you fall in love with two people, pick the second one. Because if you truly loved the first person that much, then it wouldn’t have happened. You’re sure it’s love and not obsession or infatuation?”

You nodded, now you’d said those words out loud, you knew it was true. “It’s love, Em.”

“Then you need to have a conversation with Chelsea about this. It’s not fair on her and you’re not being fair to yourself either. Even if this other person doesn’t feel the same, although if my suspicions are right about who it is, then I’m fairly sure they do. But even if they don’t, it’s not fair on either of you for you to stay in a relationship with someone if you have feelings that strong for someone else.”

She released you from her embrace. “Talk to Chelsea. And then talk to Re… him.”

She knew, and the flicker in your eyes as she started to say his name just confirmed it.

“I… I will. I’m just scared to. I don’t wanna hurt her.”

“Y/N. You’re hurting both of you by not doing anything about this. And you’re hurting him to. I’ll be home all night if you need someone to talk to, or to cry on and to feed you wine and ice-cream. Okay?”

“Okay. Thanks Em. I know that you’re right.”

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with (oh baby)
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

You’d pulled yourself together and had gone back out into the bullpen, gathering your things ready to go. A shadow fell across your desk and you looked up to see Spencer stood there, his messenger bag over his shoulder.

“Any chance I can get a ride?” he asked softly and you nodded. He didn’t live far out of your way.

The drive to his apartment was silent. The whole way you could hear you both going to start a sentence so many times and then stopping. This was not going to be easy, at all. As you pulled into a parking space outside his building, you took a deep breath. Staring straight ahead and not looking at him, you blurted out.

“What would happen if I wasn’t with her? If we broke up?”

He didn’t speak for the longest time, but he made no move to exit your vehicle.

“I think….I think… It depends on why you broke up,” he said quietly.

“Does that matter?”

“Yes. Because… You might be ending it because you’re just not happy with her. That doesn’t mean anything for m….. I mean, I’d be sad for you and her, but I don’t know what would happen.”

Okay. You could see what he was getting at. He was asking for a reason you’d end it.

You shifted in your seat and turned to look at it.

“What if it ended because I had feelings for someone else. Feelings I don’t want to hide anymore, feelings that have probably been there for a lot longer than I’d care to admit but only came to light recently… Say on the fourth of July.”

Theres was no way you could be anymore obvious here without coming out and saying it. But you didn’t want to, not whilst you were still in a relationship.

“Then I’d… I’d be happy. And… I think that you and this person would be wonderful together. It’s probably all he’s been thinking about for a while now too, but he’s just not wanted to say anything. He was scared of having his feelings rejected and he knew that it would be wrong to say something because you’re with someone else.”

Nicely done Spencer. Refer to yourself as ‘he’ so as to avoid actually saying it.

God this was so fucked up.

“Spence… Are you… Are you in all weekend?”

Because there was a definite chance you’d be turning up at his door.

He nodded. “All weekend. Doesn’t matter what time it is.”


“Okay….Y/N…?” his brown eyes connected with yours as he opened your car door.

“Be sure she’s not what you want. And be sure that he is…..” He gave you a pained expression as he slid out of the car and shut it, not looking back as he walked into his apartment.

You drove around the streets for an hour after that. You needed to think, come up with a speech. You went back and fourth in your mind, still not sure what to do even though you knew you had to do something.

Emily was right. It wasn’t fair on anyone.

Finally, you found yourself outside Chelseas building, not even remembering driving there. You trudged into her building and up the stairs, not using your key to open her door. It didn’t feel right anymore.

You knocked and she answered a few minutes later, a smile plastered on her face.

“Y/N, hey! Did you forget your key?”

You held up your hand to show her it, already separated and off your key ring. Her face dropped when she saw that, and you felt your heart begin to break.

“Chelsea… Can we talk?”

At this point
The situation’s out of control
I never meant to hurt her but I
Gotta let her go
And if she may not understand it
Why all of this is going on
I tried
I tried to fight it but the feelings just too strong

Three hours later and you were now outside another apartment door.

That had been one of the hardest things you’d ever had to do. Your eyes were red and puffy from crying and your make up was streaked down your face, but here you were.

She’d asked, of course she’d asked. “Is there someone else?”

You couldn’t lie to her, not now. “Yes. But we haven’t done anything, I swear.”

“It’s Spencer, isn’t it. Who would have thought it, the man that introduced us, being the man you leave me for. Guess I’ll be changing book clubs.”


There’d been shouting, she didn’t believe that nothing at happened. Spencer had apparently been acting off around her the last few times he’d seen her. You couldn’t blame her for not believing her. You weren’t sure you would either if it were the other way around. Finally, you’d left. She’d pack up the things you kept there and leave them at the front desk of your building and could you please do the same.

You’d nodded sadly, hating every minute of this. She looked so…. Broken. And you’d caused that.

But you needed to do it, and when you walked out of the building, you felt like a weight had been lifted.

You hadn’t intended on going straight to Spencer’s either, you’d go home or to Emily’s. But ten minutes later and you were outside his door, waiting for him to answer.

He did, quickly; almost as if he’d been waiting for you. His eyes raked over your face, taking in your tear stained cheeks. He went to open his arms to you and then hesitated.

“It’s done Spencer, me and her are over,” you whispered, watching as he breathed a sigh of relief having the confirmation he needed, and then pulled you to him enveloping you in his arms.

You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me wanna leave the one I’m with
Start a new relationship with you
This is what you do
Think about her and all the things that come along with
You make me
You make me

It was done. You could say it.

“I think I’m in love with you, Spencer.” You murmured into his chest.

“I know that I’m in love with you, Y/N.”

anonymous asked:

Hi. I'm cis. I'll also be a nurse practitioner in two years or so, and partly because of your blog, I've been giving a lot of thought to how best to be a real ally to trans folk in that role. Could you elaborate on why you think I shouldn't do (1)

healthcare for trans people? I want to actually help and not be an asshole who just thinks she’s helping. I want to increase access to care rather than gatekeep. Is there a way I can do that, do you think?

That post got a lot of cis people writing long thoughtful essays on why like having trans people in charge of or more a part of trans healthcare is bad or whatever, and like, honestly it was a 15 word text post on the internet that was coming off of an incredibly frustrating week in terms of like my interactions w medical professionals.

But this message got sent to me and like, I guess my thought here isn’t like “if yr cis and thinking of going into trans healthcare, DONT” because yeah it would be better to have people who are less terrible providing services. My honest opinion is that *all* doctors and medical professionals should be aware of and attentive to trans healthcare, not only because the chances of having a trans patient are increasing, but also because knowing about trans healthcare (patient autonomy, endocrinology, whatever) is just generally helpful for like practicing medicine in the first place for all one’s patients.

i have had healthcare around being trans in 3 different cities and 2 different countries over abt half a decade, multiple of these places were LGBT/women’s clinics that specifically highlighted their trans competency, or were surgeons who are seen as specializing in trans medicine. Both of the ones I went to recently were not only completely unable or unwilling to get the documentation I needed, but were actively and almost aggressively oblivious to the political situation and my anxieties that resulted in needing an incredibly simple document quickly. At none of these clinics have I ever been seen by a trans woman.

My points here for any cis person who would be looking to getting into healthcare that involves trans people are

1) Listen to your trans patients. Above everything, make sure to like, listen to their concerns and not act as if you are some sort of savior or like know their priorities better than they do. I’ve known my endocrinology better than multiple of the doctors I’ve seen, and I’ve been told incorrect information by doctors and professionals who think they know what I need for a form better than I do, but this is *my life*.

2) Most medical professionals are ime (at least) subconsciously physically repulsed by trans people (particularly trans women i’ve noticed) and stop being able to do normal medical school things like ‘take blood’ effectively when treating a trans client. I don’t know how to get over this, but fuck someone should try.

3) Trans people have healthcare needs that are independent of being trans. Since starting HRT i’ve had more cis medical professionals ask me either about my breasts or how I have sex than have asked about my exercise habits or my chronic pain.

4) Tbh part of the reason that I think trans people should be in trans healthcare is because I think so many of these organizations, medical professionals, etc are making so much money off of us, and we are currently a disproportionately poor demographic. If you know trans people in healthcare w you (particularly trans women, trans people of color, etc) and you hear abt clinic jobs or positions that serve many trans people, maybe those particular jobs that deal w many trans people could be better served than by a cis person, and potentially reccing those jobs to the trans people you know in the field might lead to a more stable community in general in a material sense.

5) Like, I don’t know yr life, and this is probably basic, but you should like… know and associate w trans people in yr day to day life if you are going to make a career off of our forced interactions w the medical establishment (and that’s what it is! we are hostage to gatekeepers every month/period of time that we need a script). Never forget that you are in a v. real position of easily-abused power given by cissexist institutions so that someone can simply exist.


Requested by Anon

Request: Hi i love your blog and was wondering if you could do a jealous allison×female reader imagine? Thank you so much 😀

Pairing: Allison Argent x Female Reader
Word count: 438
Warnings: None

Allison frowned when she saw you giggling at yet another one of Scott and Stiles’ jokes. You were introduced to the pack for about a month ago and you already got pretty close to them all.

Lydia saw the countenance on Allison face and pursed her lips. Allison sighed before she spoke. ”Since when did Scott and Y/N start to hang out on regular basis?” making Lydia turn towards the spoken persons and shrug.

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I’ve had a lot of new followers in the past week. So I thought I might as well do the ‘meet the artist’ thing now, since I’ve been meaning to do it forever.

(Edit: so I uploaded this earlier and it was the wrong file, so that’s why I had to re-upload it. But it’s fixed now, so it’s all good!)

I have an idea for the Loud House fandom

Hello my beautiful people! This is your friend Marco speaking.

I have thought about doing something special for the Loud House fandom. Me and a favorite artist of mine, who is very well known in the fandom(some of you probably know who), along with a few other people, have just begun working on a project that I call The Loud House Wholesome Week

What is Wholesome Week exactly? Wholesome Week is an event in which it’s purpose is to relieve the fandom of the negativity that has taken place recently.

I took inspiration of this idea from what the Star vs. The Forces of Evil fandom is currently doing

Anyways, I would like to ask you, my followers and my friends, and other people in the fandom, to do me a favor: I need at least 3 more people to help administer a blog that will oversee the Wholesome Week event. So far I have JumpJump and Guyhero6. I still need three more people. However, I want people who are well-known by people in the fandom(for example: people who have more than 300 followers), and have a good reputation as well. I will be picky about this just so you know, and by the way I already have a few people in mind that I would choose, if only they would be willing to do this. If you would like to be an administrator for the Wholesome Week blog, you can just send me a message. 

Well, that is all that I have to say. I will talk to you later chumps!


im taking 5 classes next semester (3 three-hour classes and 2 seven-hour classes per week)

and im working one shift a week in ceramics so that’s 4 more hours

and they want me to work 15 hours a week in the library 

and theres at least 3-ish hours of homework a week for each class usually

so I’m looking at about 52 hours per week of MANDATORY DOING OF STUFF next semester

I’ve started a post on this a few times since Sunday and think I can finally write a bit without keyboard smashing.  I have had a very bad weekend which made me extremely angry and killed a lot of enthusiasm I had for 2017 plans.  I’m still angry.  

The short:  I found geckos I sold two months ago on a table at Repticon, and the girl was on that table gravid. 

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Hard-Drive: Dead

Hey, everyone! This was not the post I was expecting to make this morning, but here we are. As of last week, I started hearing the death throes of my (very much loved) Lenovo laptop. I knew the hard-drive was going out by the sounds it was making, and lo and behold, today I heard the tell-tale pop and stop that indicates the end of times (i.e. a hard drive head error). It was honestly like a horror movie. 

The hard drive stopped spinning. Things kept working. I kept doing my homework. 

Then the background vanished.

Then my icons. 

Then my windows. BSOD. 

Thankfully I’d backed up most of my major work when I heard it starting to go last week, and even more thankfully, I was able to turn it back on again. I can hear it struggling, but I’m hoping I can get another week out of it. 

That being the case, don’t expect too much from me in the coming weeks. I don’t want to push this computer any harder than I have to for my school work. If anyone can recommend a new laptop (I’m looking for a laptop that can handle some serious games, like the ASUS ROG), I’d love to hear it! I’m coming from a Lenovo y50 gaming laptop, but I don’t think I’m going to buy Lenovo again because of the screen matte quality. 

On that note, if you want to help me out of the dip this is going to carve into my savings, I’ll be taking $15 traditional pen/pencil commissions and $30-$40 traditional watercolor commissions.

Send me an ask if you’re interested.

(Below is an example of a $50 watercolor edited in Photoshop.) 

anonymous asked:

The Sirius interviewers were awful, but this is on Louis' team. The dude has a reputation for this, so they'd have anticipated these Qs (and they'd clearly blacklisted the topics they wished to truly avoid). So this is his team's PR strategy in action. Also, Louis had talking points prepared like mentioning the birthday. And he followed up by posting the baby chair. I think he didn't expect that bone-headed tactic about his mom, but again: he was set up for that.

exactly. the host is a dickhead but as i have been saying for the whole week EVERY host will ask him about it cause simon jones will use this for promo and allow questions about it. If he allowed him to ask about Jay despite how uncomfortable it is for Louis, imagine what they’ll do with a stunt purposely created to get publicity. simon jones doesnt do anything else but reducing louis to this and damage his image to general public/fans’ eyes even more. how could people think they wont use this for the entire promo if this happened and its just day 1? thats why i didnt want him to do anything before it could end, looks like its not so get ready. i
am just sorry for louis who has to deal with his personal stuff PLUS THIS on top, and also steve who gets to be ignored in favour of people asking louis if he wrote lullabies instead of focusing on their music and their project.

Sketches from my Sketchbook:
Agent Kallus after defecting to the Rebels (sometime around Rogue One maybe?).
I’m such a sucker for flannel shirts, man buns and leather jackets…

Drew this a few weeks ago but completely forgot to post it 😅
Anyway, fellow Agent Kallus fans, what do you think?
(More designs coming soon^^)

To friends and past mutuals

I’m really sorry to everyone and especially my friends and those who used to be my mutuals. I’m just really in not a good place mentally, and idk why but socializing is really difficult and overwhelming for me rn. So if I didn’t/haven’t replied to you, pls don’t take it personally. I swear it has nothing to do with you. It’s just me and my depression that’s making me a bit more withdrawn and easily drained than usual. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be seeing my therapist in two weeks so I’ll be in good hands soon. Sorry I know I’m such a drag when I’m depressed, and thank you all for being so understanding thus far. Love you lots 💕


So Nat @haroldjagger Allison @littlebird006 and Amina @alototalk all tagged me to do Piper and Harry for Leesh @mackabees‘s super awesome couple thing and because I’m a natural procrastinator it’s taken me like a week but here it is and thanks for tagging me, this ended up being a blast to write

rules: choose a couple of fave photos/gifs/manips/etc of your ship! copy and paste the questions down below! answer as if you’re the characters that have been tagged! then tag some more of your fave ships/characters to answer next!

pretty sure everyone has done this already so yeah, here we go

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You know, at first I thought my lack of muse was due to me being in-between jobs for the last 3 weeks, but if I were to be honest with myself, I’ve been struggling to maintain activity for a while now. It seems that I turn to memes more than I do my actual drafts, and that’s not a good sign.

Fact of the matter is, I’m growing as a person in so many areas. I want to take my Christian faith more seriously. I want to learn how to play music. I want to read more. I want to learn more about politics. There isn’t enough time in a day to do all of this, especially once I find a new job. This blog takes up so much of my free time, and most of it lately is spent refreshing the dashboard, waiting for something to inspire me to write again.

Tumblr and I aren’t a good match any way you slice it. I figured once I got rid of my personal blog and just focused on rping, it’d be all right, but it’s not. I don’t fit in here, and that’s just fine!. You live, you learn.

So in short, I’ll be archiving this blog and thus, cutting my ties to the website as a whole.

Thanks to every single one of you who made these last two years enjoyable, whether through this blog or Yukika’s. It was blast while it lasted. This may come off as a hasty choice, and I’m sorry to those who are plotting with me in any shape or form. but the thought has crossed my mind off-an-on for months now. I cannot deny that the peace I feel while writing this post is tremendous. My time has truly come. It’s time to move on and open a new chapter in my life!

 Thank you for opening your creative minds to me, for writing alongside me, for laughing it up with me. Thank you for following me, for supporting me, for allowing me into this small corner of your lives. It’s been an honor!

Yet another picture taken in the near-dark just after waking up this morning. Not sure why I occasionally take these, but whatever. They’re cute, I like them. Plus, sleep is like the greatest thing ever.

 I just got back from a meeting at work. Nothing too eventful, but stuff to cover nonetheless. Some people want things to get done differently, some other issues. It’s basically a little extra pay, but otherwise time out of would otherwise be my day off. Either way, at least I get paid for it, haha.

 Now that I’m back home I think I’ll stay up for a bit and take a nap (see above sleep comment). After that, I’m probably going to play some game or another, and/or play with makeup some more. I haven’t painted my nails in weeks due to other stuff going on, so I’ll probably do that next weekend, or at the latest, before my next laser appointment on the 31st. Either way, I’m getting antsy for makeup practice!

 I’m pretty tired either way this afternoon, so perhaps I’ll just take that nap right now and then play around with makeup, After all, I do have that primer and some other things I have yet to play with. Everything is more fun with makeup.

 So I hope you all have a great afternoon/evening, wherever you are!

 - Lana