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thoughts from my Raven Boys reread:

highlights include some rambling analysis of Adam and Ronan’s dynamic in the first book, yelling about how Gansey definitely has social anxiety, gushing about the Henrietta library, and trying to accept the fact that this is probably the best book out of the whole series. WOO. ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

  • Blue is impatient and vain along with being sensible and I love her for it because it helps her feel so real to me yknow? she constructs her difference so carefully and owns it and all that but unlike most YA protags she still feels BELIEVABLE in spite of how intentional she is about being “different” because she does it in a way that doesn’t feel contrived to me
  • there may be other issues with the writing in TRC but Maggie got that right good job
  • “I thought you were dead in a ditch” oh honey just wait :^)))))
  • I know we talk about Ronan’s oral fixation like…. all the time….. but. Okay I just really love this fidgety boy and his habit of chewing on those bracelets. Someone please get him a fidget cube or something
  • (jumping ahead to TRK but I loved the detail of Opal chewing on Adam’s watchband, it’s a nice tic for her and Ronan to share and it reminds you that she’s been living in his head for most of his life)
  • “All night. This was going to bother him all night” did you mean the moment I vowed to protect this socially anxious child with my life
  • Persephone is working on a graduate thesis?? She listens to angry music when she’s working on it??? Why didn’t we get to explore that more I have SO MANY questions (does she listen to Halestorm when writing like I do omg I would die)
  • “ARE YOU LISTENING, GLENDOWER? I AM COMING TO FIND YOU!” Gansey….. my nerdy son…… a dweeb…….
  • The gang doing traditional library research!! Digging through courthouse records of land ownership! Making maps!!! 
  • Honestly I’m probably biased as a current library science student but I would read an entire book about the staff at the Henrietta Library dealing with these weird teens and their magic quest.
  • …..yeah i gotta put the rest under a read more this got SO MUCH LONGER than I meant it to be just like every other post I make whoops

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anonymous asked:

Hey, I absolutely adore your writing and I have read all of your fics multiple times. I would just love if you could tell me what are some of your favourite Malec fanfics? So basically if you could do a rec list of sorts. Thank you and once again you are very talented hope to see more from your Malec wedding planner au fic.

ok but this is so nice tho?? also i’m working on the au i promise, i promise. i finally posted the lightwood family dinner scene i’ve been futzing around with for way too long and the next part is where the malec starts to pick up so i can’t wait tbh!!

but more importantly, recs! so i read an enormous amount of malec fic and i always mean to do a rec post but then i.. don’t. i’m sure i’m leaving out some that i’m going to kick myself for later but this has already taken way too long, so here are some of my faves (these are my own thoughts/non-official descriptions for these fics, so if any author wants me to remove theirs, just let me know!):

  • Magnus Bane’s School for Young Warlocks (WIP - Part 21/30) - single dad!alec meets teacher!magnus au set in the shadow world. this is one that gets rec’d a lot, but there is a reason for that because it is fantastic. single dad!alec is such a weak spot for me and insomiak writes him so well
  • Strange Love - fake dating mundane au. mutual pining kills me and this fic does it really well. super cute and frustrating to no end
  • Never Stand Between Two Mirrors - canon!alec meets alt!alec au. i am such a sucker for this trope, and oncethrown’s characterizations are always the best. you will love every character you already love a little bit more after reading this fic
  • Blue (WIP - Part 8/?) - dom/sub au set in the shadow world. aaaaand yet another trope i’m hopeless against, but this story starts off really strong and well-written so i’m excited for it to be continued
  • Five Times Alexander Lightwood Almost Lost His Virginity (and One Time He Learned Virginity Was Imaginary and Stupid) - this is a slightly different take on alec than i’ve typically seen (one where he’s been in love before), but such a great look at his character through the lens of different relationships (and non-relationships) he’s had over the years. really, really great
  • A Fighting Chance - mundane mma fighter!alec meets dance instructor!magnus au. oh my godddddd. this might be my favorite fic in this fandom. it’s so so good, and the payoff at the end is fantastic
  • morning’s come, you watch the red sunrise - single dad!alec meets neighbor!magnus mundane au. just super cute and fluffy with great characterizations
  • Counting Lies - heroes/villains au? i don’t even know how to describe this fic except to say that you should give it a shot. it’s a wild ride from start to finish and leaves you with a ton of questions about the world you just stepped into (in a good way)
  • We Face the World - future canon!verse. despite the fact that this 5+1 style fic deals heavily with homophobia, it’s also a really sweet look into the lightwood-bane family
  • Guide Me (To You) - blind!magnus meets cursed mute!alec au set in the shadow world. this is such a cute story? the premise of alec’s situation is a little odd, but it has a great payoff at the end of the story
  • spend the days dreaming and the nights awake - canon!verse magnus and simon roommate shenanigans. this one is kind of more gen with a heavy focus on simon but it is soooo perfect (and there’s background malec and simon/alec interaction that’s golden tbh)
  • White Wine and Lamp Posts - canon!verse. this one’s very gen but i still want to include it bc it’s just some really cute alec and clary friendship in a way that feels like it fits with their canon relationship so far

+ some smut:

  • can’t take my eyes off of you - kinks: masturbation, voyeurism. alec gets bored and impatient waiting for magnus and starts without him and then magnus watches him finish, a++
  • coax the coals - kinks: figging. oh man… did not know what figging was and did not think I would enjoy this from the description, but boy was I wrong. wow
  • Everything Golden - kinks: sex pollen. this fic deals with issues of consent since it’s a drugged, ‘fuck or die’ scenario, but if you’re a fan of the sex pollen trope, this fic does it really well and in a way that definitely has angst but with a generally happy ending to balance it out
  • don’t take it easy - kinks: edging. !!!!!!!!!!!!! this is my favorite malec smut ever. there are no words
hiatus time !!

WHOO WE’VE REACHED THE END OF CHAPTER 1 !!!  i honestly didnt think this day would come but here we are, gosh

like i promised, im going to take a hiatus until further notice to rest and start thumbnailing the next chapter !!  i’ll be doing personal projects for once too (like commissions ayy), hopefully i wont take too long tho ;v; it might probably just be as long as the previous hiatus was–yknow the one that started in like…novemeber/december and ended a couple months later jflsdkjf sorry about that one


thank u so much for the support youve given me so far !!!  ur what’s keepin me goin :’)

here’s to more chapters on the way !!! <33

tw suicidal self harm venting shit

welpp im an awful fucking person and i want to die.
please dont try to make me feel better.
idek how long ill have my phone im pretty fucking shitty, never doing work, failing a few classes, but who cares bc im alive, right?

my mom really doesnt need more stress but i just spent a few hours sitting with her as she sobbed bc im fucked up and always hurt myself

im terrified bc she said she couldnt take it and next time she might die or smthn tho shed never kill herself but im so shitty idfk if i will end up doing more but i really need her and im just fucking up her life so much kill me

and im shitty to all my friends im sorry
i wont do anything i promise i did enough last night

im gonna regret oversharing later but who the fuck cares i sure as hell dont bc life is temporary and shitty and i want to die

im really gonna miss the sting and seeing blood and seeing eyy how deep can o go before i need to be hospitalized or die

i made it to the former once bc im just fucking amazing kill me

i dont deserve people being nice to me i just want to release this into the void of tumblr before i have to go ill be okay i have people to stay alive for please dont try to make me feel better

im sorry

hey, so! i’m gonna be gone for most of today because i have a concert with my out-of-school choir ( it’s our annual  gala that acts as our major fundraiser —– always a lot of fun, but very stressful, too ) and i have the queue running to make up for my absence, but i always need more threads. so like this for a starter that will post sometime this evening or later tonight. as usual, reply or im me if there’s a specific muse you want!

Gif Reaction: Your child wanting a sibling

Thank you for this request. This is cute AWWWW! ^_^

Suho: “Of course, Anything for my princess !”

Baekhyun: “We’ll just have to see what mommy says.”

Chanyeol: “I don’t know yet but, im sure i can persuade Mommy.”

Kyungsoo: “Dont you think having you is enough??”

Kid: “DADDY!”

Kyungsoo: “Im just playing. Daddy loves you and ill see what i can do, i Promise.”

Kai: “Ya know, i think that’s a great idea kiddo!”

*Comes to you later with the news like*

Sehun: “Oh my gosh..” *Laughs*

Kris: “This is a big step for Mommy and daddy. Think about this.” (He totally wants another child tho.)

Chen: “You got it dude!”

Luhan: “Yes sweety, Ill get you what you need.” *giggles like a schoolgirl*

Lay: “Baby, im on it!”

Xiumin: “Oh really? A BOY you say?”

Tao: *Hes happy but hes more hysterical*

*Gifs Arent Mine*