i will definitely miss these past weeks

Bahhhh. This would’ve been done so much sooner, but I got sick this past week. ; o ;

Look at these little fluxers…. Love, love, love drawing these two. Thank you, Kim and Duncan, for making a 2.0 version of Flux Buddies. I’d be sorely missing out without the lovely banter and teasing.

Best shit ever?

Best shit ever.

Thanks to everyone who came to the streams, though! And thanks to my bestie for hosting the streams because I’m mental. Not sure if I’ll stream future projects on my own or not, but you have all definitely given me something to think about!

Private Office Hours

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Request:  I will definitely request a professor/reader insert if I could then. Preferably Sam as long as they are more of a dom character? 

Pairing: professor!Sam x student!reader

Word Count: 2,000ish

Warnings: language, smut (dom Sam, sub reader)

A/N: I love me some Professor Sammy…

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Here’s what you missed on...

Glee, well, @fictorium in the past week.

Since the Americans had a holiday weekend and Britain is barely functional right now, I thought I’d do a round up of what I’ve been up to, since Tumblr isn’t always the easiest format to keep track on. 

Good fic what I read:

One Bridge At a Time by @dinovia-countryman​ - I’ve been helping to edit this one and let me tell you, it is a doozy. Backstory, romance, realistic action, it’s all coming at you.

The opera battle entries by @bridgetteirish​ and @spaceshipsarecool​ are definitely worth a read.

Tender Mercy by lisaof9 - oh you wanted 20 complete chapters of another take on Black Mercy, this time with a whole bunch of satisfying Supercat. Go for it.

Fancy some Cat/Lucy? @ratherembarrassing​ has you covered. So good.

And as a splash of Supercat smut, let’s wrap up with Transparency by @abcooper​.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but with a lot of chatter lately about how best to promote and support each other, I wanted to start getting in the habit of sharing things I enjoy. I have a fairly decent reach on this blog, I think, and I know how frustrating it is to miss out on a good read just because you didn’t get to go back far enough on your dash!

Fic what I wrote:

Asking Too Much is complete! Need 29 chapters of fake dating, alien battling and Kara’s new longterm identity solution? I got you.

A Night At the Opera - another smut battle, make sure you read the others too, they’re fantastic.

5 sentence meme responses - I started off quite disciplined then it all went to hell in a handbasket. People seemed to like this one about a tattoo, this family discussion about protesting, and that time Diane Lockhart got them married.

I also tidied up some outstanding quote meme prompts.

Reya had taken to her favorite lounge chair at the coffee shop, minding her own business as she kept to her laptop or phone, depending on who she was talking to on the devices. However, someone caught her attention as they walked through the door, her brow raising slightly. “Look who decided to show up, with a stalker in tow as well” She said in a surprised tone, gesturing behind them to some random person that was most definitely not stalking the other before she stood up to walk over to them. “Nah, not really. Just figured I’d break the ice somehow and make it less awkward to come and talk to you since I’ve been M.I.A for the past… I don’t even know how long. Fashion week was calling my name, obviously..” She grinned, patting the other on the shoulder. “How has everything been? Miss me while I was away? If you say no, just know that you’re getting a ton of ‘uncool’ points from me and you won’t be getting any more flower crowns or cookies.”


Some photos from the last day of vacation.

Vacation overall was nice. The first week was pretty lazy, partially because I was just being lazy and not wanting to be out in the hot weather, and partially because my car was in the shop. Labor Day weekend was spent enjoying the boat, and it was fantastic.

We saw a few historic sights over the past two weeks: The FDR Home, Eleanor Roosevelt’s home, the Vanderbilt Mansion, and Weir Farm - a national park preserved by artists in the name of.. well.. art.

The second weekend was spent - you guessed it - enjoying the boat. My body is definitely struggling due to too much indulgence, both food and drink, but I’m happy to get back to my normal (and much healthier) routine. I’m also happy to get back to blogging! I’ve missed it and I’ve missed you guys.

Kiva Rapattoni on Facebook - It was a pretty incredible experience getting to spend the day on set watching all the rehearsals for the finale shows. So many past idols were in the house! I’m being careful not to post a pic that would give anything away but you definitely don’t want to miss the shows this week. Loved catching this photo of Dalton when he got to sit down for a moment to watch and take it all in. #idolfarewell #americanidol #idol15 #top3 #daltonrapattoni #imnobodytoo

A Pigeon Looks On - I know this type of picture (the Blue Mosque seen from the second-floor window of the Hagia Sophia) is overdone to the point of cliche; but this is what I have.  It’s been far too long since I’ve posted, and much has happened over the past several weeks.  We are out of Turkey and moved across the continent, on to our next adventure.  Will definitely miss Turkey and its wonderful, hospitable people.  (Istanbul, Turkey) (April 2015)

ShowbizJunkies: Adam and Eddy Kitsis Wonder Con Interview Transcript

We want all the secrets from next season.

Edward Kitsis: “You have to watch this season first or else next season will make no sense.”

Any chance August Booth will be back anytime soon?

Edward Kitsis: “Not this year but definitely. We love Eion Bailey and we love that character. He’s always on our mind.”

Adam Horowitz: “August is in our mind and how to incorporate him in the show.”

We’ve found out a little bit about what happened to Hook over the past year. Are we going to get more memories back before the finale?

Adam Horowitz: “I think that the mystery of that missing year will be definitely resolved before the end of this year.”

Edward Kitsis: “We will see a big chunk of that next week in episode 19 called ‘A Curious Thing.’”

[Read the full transcript on ShowbizJunkies site]


My friend recently dyed her hair blue for the second time and she looks AMAZING, I just couldn’t help posting some pictures haha. Sadly, she’s moving to the UK next week.. I’m happy for her, because she will definitely have more opportunities there than she would ever have in Romania.. but in the past 2 years she’s been my only and best friend and I’ll probably feel all alone once she’s left.

I will miss you.

picture unrelated

Based on the notes and messages I’ve been getting, folks seem concerned that I’ve been captured by the Illuminati and forced to fight in the underground thumb-wrestling circuit.  

No worries my friends!  The truth is far less exciting and, sadly, doesn’t come with an awesome Champeenship Belt.

Babscon is coming up supah fast and while work has plot-blocked me from attending, I am making art for the entire cast and crew.  That’s over 20 VIPs.  That’s 20 unique pictures of ponies doing pony stuff for awesome people I admire and want to impress.  Most of the requests came in the latter half of March so time has definitively NOT been on my side. 

Over the past two weeks, when not in the office I’ve been locked away in my art tower making pones making pones and making pones!

Stress level high.  Sleep level low.  Ability to form coherent sendance ort wasddl flud.

So, rest assured I am neither missing nor Middleweight Thumb Wrestling Champeen of the NorthEast.  

And, like you dear reader,  I find that news a little disappointing.


Here is the second chapter. I’m thinking of putting up a schedule to when I post each chapter of this fanfic, it would definitely be flexible because of school starting up for me in a weeks time. I’m thinking I will post a new chapter on Mondays, starting this coming Monday I will post chapter 3 and so on. please if I miss a Monday don’t worry because it will be because of school, if I am late on posting a new chapter it will be up as soon as I possibly can make it. But in the meantime here is chapter 2 and I will see you on Monday with Chapter 3.


*1439 words

Over the past two days all I could think about was the conversation I had with Caspar, I felt so sorry for him. I’m now waiting at the airport for my flight to London, I didn’t tell Caspar that I would be arriving earlier.

I checked the time on my phone quickly, 10:17 AM I read, my flight would be boarding soon. I looked up from my phone to see a familiar face, as soon as he realised that it was in fact who he thought I was his face lit up like a Christmas tree, my mouth turned up into a grin and I jumped up to go and hug him.

“I haven’t seen you in ages Mr. Tyler Oakley” I said as I pulled back slightly from the hug.

“I know” he exclaimed excitedly. “What are you doing here?” he then questioned.

“I’m going to go see Caspar for his birthday”

“Oh, I’m going to London as well, I have to catch up with everyone, I haven’t been anywhere in about 10 months so I thought I deserved a holiday” Tyler stated.

“Well I’m guessing your taking the same flight as me then?”

“Yeah it looks like it” Tyler managed to get out before there was an announcement on loudspeaker saying that our flight was about to board.

I grabbed my carry-on luggage and lined up with Tyler to board the plane. Tyler and I had a small chat on the way to the plane, it was cut off by myself having to find my seat, and once I found it I put my carry-on luggage in the top compartment and took my seat near the window. After a few more minutes someone came up to the seat next to me and sat down after placing their luggage in the top compartment with mine. I was too busy looking out the window to see who had sat down next to me.

I heard a little chuckle from the person who had sat down and so I turned my head and finally saw who it was that had sat down next to me, once I saw who it was I couldn’t keep the giggle that was inside of me, it was Tyler, what a coincidence that he had the seat next to me. This was going to be an amazing plane ride I could just feel it.

After about an hour and a half of catching up with Tyler two flight attendants came to a stop on our row, one of them turned towards to two of us and asked if we would like something to eat, I chose a blueberry and choc chip muffin with a coffee to go along with it. She then turned towards Tyler and he ordered the same, we waited for about 3 minutes and collected our food from the flight attendant. Once they had given out food and drinks to everyone in our row they then proceeded down to the next row. I pulled off a piece of my blueberry and choc-chip muffin and turned my head towards Tyler who I found was scoffing his face with the muffin I laughed a little too hard at him which caused many people to glance my way, I really didn’t care because Tyler looked hilarious with his hair falling in his eyes and the desire for this muffin, it was too good to not take a photo of him.

Once Tyler had finished devouring his muffin I then turned my head away from my phone to look at him, we both cracked up, which caused more people to glance our way, but all I could think was ‘hey who cares I haven’t had this much fun since the last time Caspar and I saw each other. Speaking of Caspar my mind then wondered onto his roommate and how he has been treating Caspar, I was then drawn away from my thoughts by Tyler calling my name, I looked at him and he had a face full of curiosity.

“Hey, what were you thinking about?” He questioned.

“Oh, just Caspar and his roommate Joe. On the phone to Caspar, Joe sounded quite annoyed at anything that Caspar would do. But apparently Joe has had a lot on his plate with YouTube things and other personal things in his life. I just don’t know what those things are because no-one has told me anything, so I can’t really help Caspar in any way.” Stating my thoughts out loud. Tyler nodded his head in understanding of my words.

“Well I guess once you get there you can see how big the problem is with Joe. I know from personal experiences that you’re a great person to talk to when I have a big problem or I’m stressed, you’re like a psychiatrist I mean you’ve helped me out quite a lot with many things. All we had to do was sit and talk about what was worrying me, and I suddenly knew what I had to do to help myself get through what was worrying me and come out the other side happy.” Tyler explained.

“Oh Tyler, you’re a great friend. You just did exactly what I did to you and you have just made my problem less of a worry.” I said while resting my head on his shoulder and closing my eyes. Tyler shook with laughter from what I said causing my head to shake as well.

That’s the last thing I remember before waking up to someone poking my arms and face. I looked up at the culprit and screwed up my face in annoyance at Tyler.

“Surely there was a better way of waking me up Tyler” I grumbled out.

“Well I could’ve flicked you with my finger, or pinched you, or shook you. But I thought I would pick the less hurtful way and poke you instead.” He explained.

I turned to look out the window and found that we were quite close to the ground. I turned to look at Tyler with curiosity.

“We’re just about to land in London, that’s why I had to wake you up.” I nodded in response my curiosity fading away.

20 minutes later we were off the plane and on our way to find our luggage. Tyler and I stood together watching all the suitcases come out on the conveyor belt, once we found our luggage we made our way out the front door to the airport.

“Is Caspar picking you up?” Tyler questioned.

“No, Caspar thinks that I’m supposed to be here next week Tuesday. I decided to come earlier to surprise him.” I replied.

“Well, Zoe is actually picking me up, does she know that you were coming today?” Tyler asked.

“No she didn’t know I was coming here at all, I didn’t tell her” I exclaimed surprised at my own actions. How could I forget to tell Zoe I was coming?

“Well you can tell her now, she’s right over there standing with Alfie.” I looked in the direction Tyler was looking. I saw Alfie towering over a smaller figure that was looking around the crowd in search of Tyler, I felt my mouth grow into a massive grin and I started to walk towards Zoe and Alfie.  

“Zalfie!” I slightly yelled out. They looked in around to the sound of the voice with slight worry on their faces, they must’ve thought I was a fan from the look on their faces. Once they had looked in my direction and saw my face both of their faces lit up from surprise.

“Y/N!?” Zoe cried out in surprise. She slightly ran up to me and enveloped me in a massive hug, we both had massive grins plastered on our faces. She pulled back from the hug and asked “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to surprise Caspar for his birthday” I answered. She gave me another hug and then asked.

“How long are you here for?”

“Month and a half” she squealed in excitement and started to rattle of all the things we would do together while I was here in London. We made our way to Alfie and I walked up to him to give him a hug, he pulled me into his grip and gave me a massive bear hug. We pulled back laughing, I turned around to find Tyler and Zoe having a quick catch up, after their catch up Tyler and I piled our luggage in the boot of Zoe’s car. I then found myself in the back seat of the car on our way to the Zalfie household.

today is cfs awareness day

chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness that i’ve had for the past almost five years now

i think what i’d like people to be most aware about is what it’s like to live with cfs day in and day out

because it’s not a bad day once in a while

it’s constant

you’re not just sick for a week, it’s months, there’s no quick fix, there’s no definite fix at all

sick this week, sick the next

and it’s so hard loosing relationships because of it

it’s so hard missing classes because of it

it’s so hard failing tests because of it

it’s so hard having to explain why you missed you best friends birthday party because of it

it’s so hard only being able to take half days at school because of it

it’s so hard when all your friends are worrying about whether they’ll get in to their dream university when you’re just trying to get though the day

it’s so hard trying to live as normal a life you can whilst having a chronic illness and having others not understand your illness how it affects your life just makes it worse

New Interview with A and E

We’ve found out a little bit about what happened to Hook over the past year. Are we going to get more memories back before the finale?

Adam Horowitz: “I think that the mystery of that missing year will be definitely resolved before the end of this year.”

Edward Kitsis: “We will see a big chunk of that next week in episode 19 called ‘A Curious Thing.’”

Glinda helped Hook calling it now!

What does the future hold for Hook and Emma?

Adam Horowitz: “As far as Hook and Emma…”

Edward Kitsis: “…there’s more to be told.”

Adam Horowitz: “There’s more to be told and there’s a lot of craziness going on in Storybrooke right now that they’ve both got to deal with.”

Edward Kitsis: “Unfortunately, Emma wants to go back to New York and Hook wants her to stay, so we’ll see what happens.”

This upcoming episode will kill (x)

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hi.. I miss ur gif's :'( no pressure, but can u make some if or when u have time? I miss Jaejoongie, but all tumblr fanblog seem dead </3

awww anonjjang!! :(((((((

I’ve actually been super busy the past few weeks and this week should be a bit more chill. Even though they’re nothing spectacular, I’ll definitely try to find some good moments to gif when I get a chance next week!! (´・ω・`)

we’re already down to the double digits so not much more waiting!


Swedish Artist Busu releases newest single “116 RIP” with accompanying visuals this past week. He, along with his group Europagang, are actively putting their own Swedish touch on the European hip hop scene.

The new track has a hard beat that dances on the lines of acoustic and electric. When paired with his lyrics, the song has a bit of a solemn feel to it. “I missed it all, you’re better off without me” a reflection of a past relationship, and the effects it has had on him since. Even though he is doing his rap/singing thing it definitely brings a fresh spin to the American idea of hip hop. With his “116 RIP” track, Busu has found his musical “sweet spot,” finding the perfect combination of his signature approach to hip hop and just the right amount of anticipation for the forthcoming debut album.

Busu’s songs usually feature bright and colorful themes. Every single one of them challenges the western idea of what Hip Hop is. This allows him and his group to stand out from European rappers who make trap music and hip hop tracks fashioned after the mainstream music here in the states.

External image

The European rapper’s newest single was produced by Haydn, this track proves their musical chemistry which challenges Busu as an artist while being able to showcase what he can do.

The visuals for the track allow for an extension of that solemn feel that you get from the audio for the track. Shot on a cloudy day in a damaged car the visuals definitely play on the feelings you get from listening to the track. Makes you want to pick up the phone and call your ex because you are missing it all too.

Make sure you check out Busu’s Latest Visuals for “116 RIP”.

Get connected and stay up to date with the up-and-coming Swedish hip hop artist:

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