i will debate this all day if i have to

this post is going to sound corny and over the top tumblr angry™ especially given the format but please take me a little bit seriously: when 43+ bomb threats have been called in to synagogues, JCCs, and religious schools in a mere two week period irl, when people were planning an armed march against jewish people existing in a town, when nazis are having a field day out there since the election, and a self proclaimed antisemite is nominated to be chief strategist, when I have seen jewish personhood casually debated on news channels that aren’t even Fox or some shit, when WWII antisemitic rhetoric is getting repeated by politicians verbatim in speeches, and everyone has to hear nazi germany coded language about the jewish media conspiracy every day, all of the above means jewish people probably do not have any more patience to listen to people on tumblr opening their mouths on judaism in any way when they should not be. 

if you are not jewish and you feel entitled enough to do the following (these are all things I’ve seen in the past month done by various relatively popular non jewish bloggers)….

  • define ethnic, cultural, and/or religious judaism and make yourself the authority on those lines
  • police/judge how jews with complex jewish identities talk about and interact with those identities (mixed ethnic jews, ethnic jews with complicated or no religious background, jewish adoptees, patrilineal jews, jewish converts, secular jews, jews who recently found out about their jewishness, etc) 
  • make posts mocking how jews word their experiences about their jewishness
  • cast judgement on whether or not a jew “looks” ethnic or religious enough to face antisemitism
  • decry someone for punching a neonazi in the face
  • use the unjust situation in palestine as an excuse to condone bomb threats buildings full of jewish people including children have been getting 
  • use jews as political props in general or reduce our issues to one political issue
  • insert yourself into a situation where a jew is calling another jew on something and deciding to use the jew who behaved badly as a reason to make posts about how you’re “uncomfortable with jews” 
  • tell jews how we can and cannot use words in jewish languages 

congrats, you now owe your local antifa $$$. also, the unfollow button is pretty noticeable, please make use of it. you don’t get to benefit from hearing and reblogging my thoughts, emotions, or jokes at this time if you’re going to act those ways. (those things should never be acceptable but especially under the current climate, if you needed any incentive to knock it the fuck off now is the time)

The signs and their actions before The Day of Reckoning that is November 8th
  • Crying, shivering, scared for their lives: Taurus, Cancer, Sagittarius, Aquarius
  • Already learning how to speak Canadian, eh!: Gemeni, Leo, Virgo, Pisces
  • "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE SO LET'S FUCK SHIT UP!!!!!!!!!!!": Capricorn, Libra, Scorpio, Aries
It's a bird...it's a plane... it's a dumbass!!

I have been debating this post for the past few days, but just decided to do it and get it over with. If for no other reason, it will make me feel better, and may help some of you too!

Aside from the current mood that is surrounding Shippers ( and some quite understandably and with good reason…they know who they are and have my unwavering support!), I am trying to figure out why any of us want to continue fanning at all based on all of the horse poop I have been reading lately. The fear and intimidation some have felt is very real, so I am not diminishing that one bit. If anything, I am royally pissed that trolls and scumbots have the ability to do this to anyone, and especially to anyone here. But, that is not what this post is about.

I am truly baffled why people in our part of the community cannot seem to enjoy SC and the reason we came together any longer. Maybe I am a little delusional, but since I am one of the perceived few people who see pictures and tweets and think positive thoughts instead of automatically descending into “Spot the Swiffer mop”, or “I Spy bad roots” ….I truly don’t get it!! SA has been a gold mine as far as I am concerned, but for whatever reason, people are turning it into the worst game of Clue ever invented. As far as I am concerned, the goodies we have seen from them have been quite fun, and it is one of the prime reasons the other side is ramping up the doubt through anon’s and asks. My hat’s off to the folks that answer these ridiculous people, and I won’t do it because I have neither the time, nor the patience for such idiocy. I love those who take them down with the witty responses, and wish more would do just that!

So, if I might offer any suggestions….think about this….next time we get a pic of them hiking, how about enjoying it instead of questioning every thing about it. This last round was crazy…“ is Sam with them, is he planking somewhere else, is he on another peak, did Cait not hike with Sam” is Sam’s dick on the peak??..you see where I am going with this. Based on Cesar’s IG, and the fact that a group went hiking, and Sam’s own post said he was at Table Mountain answered the question for us….so, WHO THE HELL CARED about those other questions??? They went hiking together….WHEEEE!!!

My point is sometimes we need to take our collective heads out of our own asses and enjoy the fanning experience. Instead, we are becoming our own anti’s, and as I have said a zillion times….I will NOT do their work for them. At the end of the day, this is a TV show, and these are two actors, and two people that will probably never be my BFF’S, nor will I exchange Christmas cards with. But, I will be damned before I let anyone decide or prevent me from enjoying what I came here for, and that includes ourselves. I am not a rainbows and unicorns type of person, and compared to the real issues of the world (London, bullying, doxxing..the list is long), this is escapism entertainment at best, and we should treat it as such.

So, find your joy where you can, snark where you need to, and stop waiting for the sky to fall. I for one am sitting on the Lido Deck in the sunshine, lamenting the plight of some of my virtual friends, yet toasting and bragging about how great our ship really is. And ,watching my SA duo work, hang out personally and continue to contribute to the narrative that has been written for three fucking years, and continues to be written to this day. We just need to pay attention. Fake blondes, wannabe BFF’S and wankers need not apply!

SAIL ON SWEET SHIPSTERS!! Love to you all!❤❤❤

okay but if all the good people leave america, nothing will ever get fixed. we all leave to go to canada and the state of america will just get WORSE. i’m not going to lie, this sucks. this is terrible. but i love this country. and i still have faith in us. this election proves that no matter the result, we have a lot of work to do. we have a lot to fix. so let’s get to it, shall we?

you’re in love

REQUEST: Hi! I love your blog so much and I wanted to asked you if you could write something based on the song “You’re in love” by Taylor Swift, like maybe the reader and Seb have the same type of story? 💕😘😍

WARNINGS: just straight pure fluffffffffffffff

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves!!!!!!! I hope you all have/had a wonderful day! This one is a preeeeetty long one… uh, I don’t even know where all of this came out of lol but probably listening to the song on repeat helped, though i’m not sure. Anyway, here it is.


You walked into the dark room and bit down on your bottom lip. The amount of people scared you and you were debating on running out and going back home.

Looking around, you spotted an empty crook near the bar. You rushed over and flagged down a bartender before ordering the strongest drink you could possibly think of. That usually calmed your nerves.

Smiling politely and nodding your head at the bartender, you took a sip of the drink and winced at the taste burning the back of your throat.

You were suddenly nudged forward and you rolled your eyes. Of course there were drunk people around already. People didn’t waste time at events like this.

“I’m sorry!” The person placed their hand on your bare shoulder.

You looked over to see who dared to place their hand on you only to have your breath taken away. His eyes were as clear as the blue sky and his smile was charming.

“It’s-uh, it’s okay.”

He went back to talking to the person next to him and you drowned yourself in the liquor in your cup. Once you had downed it, you placed a bill down and set your empty glass cup over it.

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i wear insecurity as a second skin.

as a child i was constantly told that i wasn’t enough / my brain and body always a topic open for debate / i forged friendships that should not be named friendships / they were so toxic i’m surprised i survived without chemical burns.

i am still salvaging the ruins of my self-esteem / long thought abandoned in an empty churchyard / an overgrown graveyard haunted with the voices of girls who never made it out / i have always been inches away from following in their footsteps.

when i was a teen girl a thing like an ego was unworldly / all my laughs were make believe / my future, a haze of days striving for some kind of peace. 

have you ever heard the sound a tear drop makes against concrete already damp with salt from another girl’s eyes? / it sounds like a heart breaking / like a bird mourning because it forgot it ever knew how to fly / society strips us of our wings / before we even know what a feather is / we miss the weight of them / without ever knowing why.


The District: Chapter 7

“I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go. My own wisdom, and that of all about me, seemed insufficient for the day.”-  Abraham Lincoln, Third Debate against Stephen A. Douglas, 1858.

The city happened. The uncharacteristically warm day of mid-January erased the slate and flushed free the gutters and streets until it was a constant river of frozen trash and saltwater feeders. The sun came out and blinded everyone who grew accustomed to the overcast sky of December, attempting to convince everyone that they could trust it, that this was here to stay, and so eager were the inhabitants to accept it, that they foolishly fell into the trap despite the warnings of every morning weatherman’s smile.

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Marriage Dreams- RFA+MC

Sorry for the delay, the whole election thing was very stressful (even though i dont live in America) but here it is i hope its what you wanted :)


-  poor bean was so worried
-  he kept private messaging seven asking if you were married
-  seven didnt give a direct answer of course
-  making yoosung a huge ball of worry
-  he practised conversations the night before
-  he debated whether to make notes
-  at the party you laughed i his face when he asked if you were married
-  *cue cute blushy yoosung*


-  momma was hung up about work
-  so having nightmares was a regular
-  but this one actually got her thinking about it all day
-  when she thought about it she realised she didnt even know your sexuality
-  when she saw you though she instantly looked for the ring on your finger
-  noticing you have a lot of rings it resorted in asking
-  you just giggled and assured her you werent married
-  so you walked around the party, showing off baehee


-  instantly believed you were married
-  “how could she lead me on?”
-  acted like it was evidence
-  ranted at jaehee about it, and she just sat there acting like  she knew what he was going on about
-  finally shook it off
-  “I will have to sweep her off her feet, her husband wont know what hit him”
-  made a big deal out of it when he met you
“um..zen, im not married lololol” making zen want to curl up and die


-  eh it was just a dream
-  he knows everything about you 
-  it made him a bit uneasy at first but he knew he had nothing to worry about
-  he text you about the dream
-  lowkey worried adding a cheeky “lololol” onto the end
-  you answered him with the same “lololol” not really settling his suspicions
-  he  shook it off when he saw you at the party
-  “what was i worried about? I know everything about this woman”

daddy Jumin-

-  shrugged it off
-  had more important things to worry about
-  but when he got to the party and saw you acting very chummy with a guy he didnt know he thought back to the dream 
-  hung around jaehee, watching you carefully
-  as soon as the guy walked away he walked over
-  asking who it was repeatedly until you gave a straight answer
- turns out it was one of the guests
“why? who did you think it was?”
-  “Nobody, lets go and get drinks”

Entitlement Entertainment..the choice is yours!

I have debated this post for two days, but after watching people once again try to splinter this fandom with some rather sanctimonious views on others, I believe it’s time for a reminder of what free speech and having differing views are all about!! And, there will be some humor and snark to go along with it, so buckle up!

Let me start by saying that the reason the fandom even exists is because of our love for OL, the story of Jamie and Claire, and the love of the two actors, Sam and Cait, who bring them to life. They have allowed us to follow this journey with them, and presented themselves as gifted, and guileless human beings from day one. And because they did not adhere to the “trash celebrity ” types that rule the airwaves today, it was a refreshing change and quite frankly, lovely to watch. And, we were also treated to the growing love and affection between two people right before our very eyes, and we sighed along with them. That is on them because they showed us that, and who doesn’t love the idea of love and success? And, you can only choose to believe what is presented to you, and the story was there for all to see.

Fast foward to 2016!! It seems that the fandom has been put through the ringer…IFH, cutesy videos, flirty banter, S2 premier, Tartan Day Parade, Shared Vacations, MIA/Radio Silence, Cannes, Fake Pictures and Grainy Videos , IW, perceived SO’s….you name it, we got it. And therein lies the real problem….WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING, and WHY??

For you sensitive types, I suggest you log out now, because I am going to exercise my opinion on my blog, and someone will probably be “offended ” , but that’s too bad.

For the record, if Sam and Cait are not together, so be it. However, they need to stop with the flirty banter, innuendo, looks of love and act like the professionals they want us to believe they are. If they are with others, then own it. Don’t continue to sell us the story…we can all see and hear. And no, clickbait, trash journalism articles, placed and planned pictures will not sell that for you. I give Cait a little credit here because she seems to live her life off of SM, and what she does show us now is very little. And, if she has a SO who is not Sam, then stop flirting and taking vacations with your co-star….quite simple. That way, fans can’t get the “wrong "idea.

As for Sam and the latest Blonde of the Month….go for it! For someone who has actively engaged with fans for 3 years, while gushing over his costar every chance he gets, all while pushing the privacy card….what an about face now, don’t you agree?? And, just to be crystal clear, my respect for him dropped when he hitched his wagon to the IW back in the summer, and I haven’t changed my opinion since. And this story that is being sold now…..please, spare me!! The orchestration is so apparent that even a blind dog can sniff it out. There are fame mongers everywhere in this narrative, and it is pretty easy to see. And, if he really is with (insert gasp*) Appalachian Barbie, then I wish them well and hope they have a wonderful future ahead of them. And again for those who think this is name calling, I beg to differ. I am not a fan of celebrity wannabes, and won’t give any D-List actress another thought all. If you are a fan, good for you…..you have that right. I am not, nor will I ever be….that is my right. I see a fame hungry person who wants everything celebrity can bring, and I hope she gets it.

So, where does this leave us?? Actually, wherever we want to be. I will watch OL because I love the show. I will remain a fan of Cait because she has not hitched herself to anyone or anything to gain followers, nor diminish her pursuit of her acting dreams, and her charitable work is to be admired. I will continue to be a fan of Sam’s work, and I believe underneath the self-promotion and whatever BS narrative he is being advised and willing to use these days, there is a sweet caring man who is trying to please everyone but himself. And for those who ask why I don’t think he is doing just that???….just look at the Bafta footage, look at the Bloodwise Presidency announcement, and tell me if you see a man happy with his current circumstance?? I do not, and that truly saddens me because I do like him. It seems too many people are stirring that pot, and for what…future Bond, 2.3 million followers ? I hope it’s worth it for him.

And, I will stand tall on this ship, wherever it may roam. I have made wonderful friends within this fandom, and I absolutely adore the smart, sarcastic, sweet, funny, and creative women who make this a fun place even when it feels like it is not.

And remember, this is only entertainment, and for anyone who takes this stuff too seriously, I suggest you step outside and smell the Kale. As for me, I can be found in the bakery section with the boxed wine under my arm. And who knows, I could be the next winner of a free trip to Scotland!!

Love to all my shipsters and even those who aren’t. That choice is yours!!🍷🍰❤

jaime_king@safeaaandsound sticking up for someone does not need to be done publicly. Let me remind you I was the first person who said anything in regards to Kanye. Friends don’t have to share their love via photos or tweets. It fuels the flames and I choose to not do that because then that becomes a story. I believe she and everyone deserve privacy in good and challenging times. True loyalty in any relationship needs to be honored as such. I have 2 kids and my focus has been much more inward. One day you will come to understand that the “pics or it didn’t happen” is an illusion. Just like TS stays quiet on many public matters. Feminism is for all and inclusive. And not all relationships are up for display. You can debate what you want but I say out of kindness, I am a mother- I am working all of the time and my kids, friends and work are sacred. I am always there for her. Period.

jaime_king@lostintranslation13 thank you. You are a insightful person. She is the Godmother of my child. You are beautiful. 💕

jaime_king@safeaaandsound - I truly hope for all of your generation that you take in the fullness of your lives and live presently and consciously. You deserve that joy- it is not dependent on followers, likes, or social media. It’s not real. When Leo Thames was born- my whole world shifted, I realized the fragility and the miracle of human life and what that means. Hold onto what you love and cherish that- not with a craned neck and urgency to post. Be in the moment. Be you. Don’t let anyone hold you back because this world tells you otherwise. Samuel Jackson once told me “I don’t read reviews, because if I believe the goods ones I will believe the bad ones” I don’t want that for any of us. It’s time to detox digitally. Love fully. And that doesn’t mean record it for the world. When you are there for your friends it’s the silly times and the sad times on the couch, watching tv, all the little things that are so special. In our business- we live on different coasts. We don’t get to see our parents and friends often- it’s those little things that will always make us happy. ✨❤️

anonymous asked:

Teacher! AU prompts, please, i really need them

Coming right up!

1. “I’m the cheerful, friendly teacher that all the students love, and you’re the grumpy, rude teacher that everyone hates. But now I know how much you love your students, and I’m never letting that go.”

2. “We have the same last name, and the students are convinced that we have a huge rivalry because of it, but actually, we’re married. That doesn’t mean we correct them, however.”

3. “We always debate random things in the hallways, and all of the students think we’re together, but I just really love debating with you.”

4. “You always stick your head in my class, at least once a day. Don’t you have your own class, or something?”

5. “I’m the grumpy teacher everyone hates, and I know it. You’re the perky new teacher who has decided to befriend me, and somehow isn’t scared of me. I don’t really know what to do with you.”

6. “If our students try to set us up one more time, we should probably tell them we’re already together.”

7. “We both somehow ended up locked in the school with no way to call for help. Now’s a great time to discuss the new teaching methods, don’t you think?”

I hope these help!!

It’s You - II

SUMMARY: It’s been 2 years since Sebastian’s fiancé died and his friends and family have been telling him to move on because that’s what’s best for him. Then, one day he suddenly bumps into you and theres an instant connection.

WARNINGS: mention of death. i think language. day drinking/alcohol. some angst.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: part dossssssss is here! ummm let’s see, so i made a playlist for this series — listen here. also, there’s a tiny flashback in italics! I’m debating on giving the fiancé a name. What do you all think? I believe that’s about it for this chapter.



The next day Sebastian woke up with a killer headache. The alcohol was to blame. He hadn’t drank that much since she had passed away and he vowed to never let himself get to that point again. But yesterday was a different story. He was having fun and letting loose.

He groaned as he turned over, face buried into the fluffy pillow next to him. He tried to swallow, but his mouth was so dry that he choked on nothing and was sent into a cough attack.

After his body stopped trying to wreak havoc, he got out of bed and walked into the kitchen where he pulled out a water bottle from the fridge and some Ibuprofen from one of the cabinets. After he downed the pills, he walked back to his room and went back to sleep.

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i have a feeling that phil in particular is one of those people who doesn’t like to celebrate valentine’s day because he feels that you should show your love to your significant other all year round and not go all out on one specific day, so they don’t celebrate, but dan still gets him a little gift or two because it’s dan and dan loves to spoil him

so to put my two pennies into the whole ‘will dan do a liveshow next tuesday’ debate, i think he will, because they never make a big deal out of the day

ways to pass the time at work:
  • debate which year david duchovny was/is at peak hotness
    • it doesn’t matter if no one else participates, just keep showing pictures.
  • queue up paley to the one night stand conversation and ask your coworkers if they think anything is going on
    • sit back and relax as they become flabbergasted and/or frustrated, validating your entire existence in less than an hour.
  • drop hints all day long about blue, suede, and shoes until someone finally plays the song and then use the opportunity to show everyone the greatest dance scene ever
    • it’s not weird. i swear.
  • bring up a-list celeb gossip and wait until someone bites. let them go off for awhile and casually drop “i heard david duchovny is dating gillian anderson” like it’s not even a thing
    • it is totally, 100% a thing.
  • mention gillian anderson. you don’t even have to do anything else, everyone loves her.
  • shop for merchandise on amazon prime
    • i totally bought an xf blanket and a hoodie yesterday for like $30. for real.
  • maybe try to work a little
    • just kidding, there are cutting room kiss gifs to watch.
  • “hey remember that show the x-files?”
    • no matter how they answer, you totally get to talk about it.


Okay but an AU where Yuri is unbelievably oblivious lmao

Like one day he’s super distracted during practice. He’s flubbing jumps he can do in sleep, only giving halfhearted retorts to Yakov’s yelling, etc. until someone (Mila) finally asks him what’s on his mind during a waterbreak and he’s just like “Well, I know this’ll sound crazy but… I think JJ’s been… Flirting with me recently.”

And everyone around them just stops and stares at him in disbelief, even his coaches, until Mila finally breaks the silence with “…You can’t be serious. He’s been flirting with you for literal years, like debatably since the day you met.”

And Yuri’s just all scoffs and scowls as he skates off to resume practice because there’s no way that’s true bc there’s no way he wouldn’t have noticed??? Rip JJ

annaidziaszczyk  asked:

It's just dat I wanted to tell you I REALLY like the way u look at ships&other ppl opinions. 2 d ago I watched MV w/ one ship&I wrote that I liked it (cause its really cool)&also dat i don ship them.&an h I had to face with many insults (some even called me a slut like wtf)&Im still really confused like Were from the same fandom so Y just wanted to tell u that I really like u so if you have a bad day remember dat many people not only enjoy your work but Also likes you as Creator so keep goin Ma

Thank you so very much! I think it’s always important to respect other people’s opinions as long as they aren’t putting other people down. Everyone’s different and we can all like different stuff and what use is it when I’m rude to people who ship something just because I don’t like it? I understand there’s a huge debate about ‘problematic ships’ but tbh I think that discourse got way out of hand. I always try to keep this blog a peaceful space that’s respectful to everyone. Thank you and sorry that you had to experience such an unnecessary thing. I love you!

Now It's Time to Say Goodbye.

I’ve been debating making this post all day or leaving it as is and letting it go where it may, as it may. In the end I decided it would be wholly unlike me not to say something, so that brings us here, to where we are.

It’s time for me to move on, I should think. I have enjoyed my year and a half in this fandom immensely, it’s been life changing and wonderful and tragic and sad and beautiful and breathtaking, all rolled into one. I have made friends and I have lost friends, I have felt on top of the world and buried underneath it; I have laughed and I have cried, felt immense joy and immense sorrow.

Thank you for being a part of that, whomever you are. Whether we are friends or were once, whether you were merely a spectator of this blog or a regular contributor, I love you all and always will hold you in incredibly high esteem with vast amounts of love and fondness.

To be clear about the inevitable: No, I do not believe Louis is a father. Yes, I still very much believe him to be mind numbingly infatuated with the love of his life, Harry Styles. I do not think he chose this for himself and I absolutely foresee a day when he will move forward from the current station of his life, Harry by his side.

For me, this fandom became a place that held more sadness than it did joy, and so I’ve chosen to follow the advice I’ve given so many wherein we are responsible for our own happiness. To those I’ve hurt along the way, please hold my most sincere and deepest apologies. Regardless of what may be thought, no hurt ever inflicted was intentional.

It has been the greatest joy being a part of this community, and I do hope we all cross paths one day again in the future. Thank you for the honor of your company and your friendship, and please remember to be good to each other and practice kindness, it will be your savior when you feel the most lost.

All my love,
Ashlee AKA Unintentionalarry

Hey, everyone!

*Brief hiatus announcement*

I want to apologize for how inconsistently I’ve been posting over the past few months. I’ve been really busy lately and have had no time to make new cards. I was hoping I wouldn’t run out if I just posted every few days instead of every day, but sadly I’m all out 😭

I won’t be able to start making cards again until after the JLPT (I’m super behind on studying and that’s the main reason I have no free time), so I can’t start posting anything new until after December 4th.

I’m sorry again!