i will cry when daryl hooks up with beth though

Remember last season when Daryl and Beth escaped the prison together, and then later after Still and Alone aired, and some people who didn't like the pairing claimed that people "suddenly" liking Beth so much was only because she was with Daryl?

Well am I the only one who started liking Daryl more because of Beth?

Don’t get me wrong, I always liked Daryl. I thought he was a badass of course, and I got a kick out of snarky comments in earlier seasons and thought he was a good character, and even liked how he sometimes acted like a jerk, but I liked him just as much as the other characters in the show, too. Granted, when I started watching the show, Season 3 had just started and I had binge-watched seasons 1-2 on Netflix with my husband, and then caught up with Season 3 as it was on TV, so I saw a lot of the character’s progressions up until that point within a matter of days, rather than a couple of years.

I recognized and appreciated the relationships he had with Rick and C@rol specifically, and could see that they had a big influence on him and what kind of a person he was becoming with their help without his brother around. It was truly beautiful!! And even early on as a casual viewer I saw that and loved it.

When Daryl found Merle as a walker, my heart broke in two, and I started to see that he had a much softer side that he rarely let anyone see, and I started to acknowledge him as more than just the sultry, badass redneck with a crossbow.

BUT up until this point, I still liked him just as much as any of the other characters in the show. Sure, I suppose I liked Rick the best at that point, since he is the main character of the show and I was still fairly new to it all, and Hershel (gosh I cried like a baby when he died😭😭😭) and Dale (still not over that either😓). As Season 3 progressed I started noticing Beth more and more for the reasons that a lot of people didn’t like her for:

1. Taking care of Judith, and
2. Singing

She’s just a lot like me. This little blonde thing, not a mean bone in her body, quiet but observant, full of hope, has a huge heart, always wanted to be a mother, and is willing to take on the responsibility of taking care of a child out of the goodness of her own heart. I’ve always been a musical person, and have been singing my whole life, so while some people laughed at her singing, I always found comfort in it because if I were living in the ZA, I would be Beth Greene.

When Daryl and Beth escaped the prison together, in the midst of me bawling for Hershel, my crying ceased for a few seconds when I saw them running away together. I’ll admit, my mind went to the gutter for a minute and I even asked my husband, “So do you think they’ll have the cute blonde and the hot redneck hook up now that they’ll be alone?” even though I knew it would be OOC for them both and knew it wouldn’t go down like that. The pairing and the relationship just intrigued me, just knowing that they are basically the exact opposites of each other. The “opposites attract” type relationships have always really resonated with me because my husband and I are the exact opposites of each other, so even back after the MSF aired and I discovered the Bethyl tag and totally fell in love with the idea of the two, I reconigzed that even if Beth and Daryl don’t go the romantic route, whatever relationship comes out of their time together will be absolutely amazing because of what they will teach each other and how they’ll change each other. How they will balance each other out. I knew it would truly be beautiful, romantic or not.

I had NO IDEA how much I would come to love Daryl Dixon’s character, though. When Merle died, I started seeing more and more that Daryl was actually a big softie, but the way that Beth brought it out in him…. I just. Wow…the development Daryl has gone through has been amazing, and now Daryl is one of my favorite characters. But that was all because of how Beth Greene showed him that its okay to have the past he has, that its okay for him to love and miss his brother, that its okay to have things about yourself that you don’t like, but that it’s also okay for you to be the person you want to be. For Daryl to be the person he was always meant to be had he had a different upbringing. He has depth now, he lets himself feel now, and its just so beautiful.

This turned out much longer than I intended, but as I’m watching the New Years Marathon and seeing Season 1-2 Daryl, it just really hit me how much he’s changed and how much more I like him now than I used to. And its because of Beth Greene. I think about when I used to read that “people only care about Beth now because she escaped with Daryl,” and I laugh now because even though I liked Daryl before, I LOVE his character now because of what he went through with Beth. She made him a better person, he has such depth to him now, he has an incredibly beautiful soul, and we see that more clearly now because of what Beth taught him.

So, if Beth really is gone forever (and I say IF because I’m about 99% Team Delusional, and 1% Team on the Fence) I’ll be very sad that we won’t see any more new development between them. How we won’t see them continue to balance each other out in such a beautiful way, and become each others other half. But I will still watch the show because I LOVE it, and fell in love with the show first.