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OOC: So like the lady at Gamestop™ gave me two more Arceus codes than I could use. So I thought it would be cute if I did a little giveaway. For those who are either too lazy reach their local Gamestop and don’t want to pay for the codes online this giveaway is for you!

I didn’t want to do it like a regular giveaway where you need to reblog and follow, instead I wanted to make it a little more fun but before I go into that…

The Code

-For you to use this code you obviously are going to need a copy of ORAS or X&Y


- The code is also only redeemable up until November 30, 2016.

The Contest

The way to enter is to draw a quick little drawing like this: 

post it and tag it #GOD4GOD

get it cause like Yato’s a God and so is Arceus omg guys im so witty!!!

The drawing really shouldn’t take any time at all and you don’t need to really put any effort into it but it should be Noragami related in some way. The art can be expressed in any way you would like traditional, digital, a sculpture, music, interpretive dance, seriously anything. You could draw a stick figure with a scarf and I’ll accept it. The winners won’t be chosen based on artistic ability and will instead be picked at random (why is why you shouldn’t put too much work into it).Anyway, I thought it would be a nice way to have a bunch of silly Noragami sketches flood the fandom, since nobody really looses when everyone gets art! If you for any reason want to post a sketch but live in an area where the code wont work  or just simply don’t have the game say so in your tags and you’ll be skipped. Please also have your asks or chat enabled so if you do win I’ll be able to contact you.

Remember to have fun guys!

Okay so what I’ve gathered and correct me if I’m wrong please is that:

  • Victor won HOH
  • Paul is still sided with Nat, James and Meech so he’s trying to keep them safe
  • Victor is going to put up Nicorey because he’s still trusting of Paul
  • And if ½ of Nicorey comes down Victor is going to put up and backdoor Paulie like Paulie backdoored him? 

If this is correct than I’m just 

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What does your everyday-job as (what I think is) a nurse (correct me if I'm wrong) consist of? x

I work mostly as a charge nurse and nurse educator, so those jobs are really just managing the unit and being sure that everyone is on the same page with skill level and practice.  As far as patient care goes:

1. charting.  a lot.

2. seeing many, many body fluids in sometimes the wrong place

3. putting tubes in various body parts and openings

4. cleaning up adult diapers

5. giving a lot of medications and having to remember nuances such as how fast to push them into an IV, what the side effects are, what you need to watch for after giving it, and if it isn’t compatible with something else you have to give

6. getting beat up by demented old people

7. getting beat up by withdrawing alcoholics

8. cranky doctors at 3am

9. cranky doctors when they see the candy drawer is empty at 3am

10. comforting scared patients and families

11. comforting scared coworkers after a major event like a code blue

12. patient death

13. patient survival when you know it probably wasn’t better to save them

14. thankless work

15. thankfulness to be doing the work

Spencer Parallel Theory

This theory may be very very far fetched but I think that the parallel in 7x07 could possibly be foreshadowing that Spencer isn’t really Spencer or that she is going to run away like Ali did. Here’s the parallel in case you don’t know:



By what I remember, correct me if I’m wrong, this was part of Alison’s ‘dying’ plan and she lured Bethany into Rosewood and gave her an Alison bracelet too. Bethany is rumored to be Alison’s twin. What if this is Spencer’s twin and she plans on fake dying and giving the real Spencer her bracelet? This probably won’t happen but who knows.

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hey gio idk if you've already answered this so im sorry if you have to answer this again but im genuinely curious as to what happens after theyre done touring? (i think in September?correct me if im wrong) like what will happen next for the girls and especially C + L when their tour is over

i think they’ll have a break and record the new album 🤔

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I am going to guess that you didn't mean to offend heterosexuals, nor did you mean to say that you were against their sexuality. You were just pushed back with people making ships Heterosexual even though there are AMAZINGLY AWESOME homosexual ships out there. Also, you yourself being a Lesbian, you just have your personal opinion. Correct me if I am wrong, that is what I got out of your tags.... I read the tags >:3


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3, 4, 30, 39 (:

I’m gonna guess this is for the Unusual Asks (correct me I’m wrong oh wise anon) 

     3. what color are your eyes?

My eyes are a mostly brown hazel (I was looking at them yesterday and they seem to be getting more green which is cool). 

     4. do you like your name? why?

Yeah, I guess I like my name. I like that there’s a lot of vowels in it so it’s easy for people to say. I also like the way it rolls easily off the tongue. I don’t like that people mistake me for Emily because no hon, Emma is not Emily, she’s Emma. But yeah, I think I like my name.

     30. whats your favorite candle scent?

Okay, as someone who loves candles very dearly, and loves buying new candles of all different kinds of scents, this is a hard question. But I have to say I like the scent of Lavender candles the best? As well as vanilla? Those two are candle-scent-staples for me. 

      39. do you have a nickname? what is it?

Yep! My mom likes to call me Emma Dilemma sometimes (but only sometimes) and I guess people call me Em as well. 

Thanks for asking!

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Hello! I did pretty badly on an exam, even though I studied and put all my effort into that course. I feel disappointed and frustated. My professor is one of those doctors you look up to, and I really wanted to prove myself as capable, hence I feel worse, haha. Any words of encouragement? I have to take another exam soon and I lost all my motivation.

I’m sorry your exam didn’t go well!! Trust me when I say it happens to all of us.

I think that reviewing what went wrong and making corrections, knowing that you have another opportunity to prove yourself, is a great method of motivation. Know that one failure doesn’t define you! Also know that you are not alone. Failure is part of success, so don’t give up!!

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May I ask what demisexual is?

someone correct me if i am wrong but it’s when someone has a deep to have a deep emotional connection with someone to have sex with them rather than plain attraction

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If my husband and I are overseas and I want to get my care in the states because I will be spending a lot of time there in the near future, can I just enroll in regular Tricare Prime and not the overseas or am I forced to enroll in overseas because I live there? I haven't enrolled in Tricare yet because I had my own insurance previously (but it is getting cancelled), so neither of us are familiar with it. I have looked on their website as well as google, but I can't seem to find an answer.

From what I know ( correct me if I’m wrong) is that you have to change it to where you are going to be at. It’s incase something happen to you so that you will be covered. If you happens to go home, you can always switch it.

For example, I live in Germany right now. When I was pregnant , I went back home to California until I gave birth to our daughter, so when I got back to California, I switched my insurance and made sure I am covered in CA, it’s a pain but it’s doable. Then we flew back to Germany when my daughter was 3 weeks old and then switched back to international one or Europe one. Does that make sense?

If you want more information, the best place to go is to talk to a TriCare specialist. They will help you.


my issue

so my friend is gay and she was like referencing the “triggered meme” and she was like “why don’t you ever tweet that” and I said BC people that follow me would get offended because they actually get triggered by things and she was like “but like I don’t get offended if someone says the f word” (derogatory term)(she said the actual word) and I said that I did get offended and I would get mad at them and correct them. she went “wow you’re the social justice warrior who gets involved in everyone’s business even when it doesn’t involve her” and I went “what?” as if I didn’t hear her and she just goes “oh nothing.” I don’t see what’s wrong with correcting someone who is using a derogatory term even if it doesn’t apply to you. 1) you don’t know me that well. as far as I’m concerned, I think guys are attractive and I have seen pretty girls and I honestly don’t know my sexuality so don’t tell me I can’t correct something that offends me just because you don’t think it applies to me because it actually might. 2) we’re supporting the LGBT+ community by getting people to stop using words like that. why are you getting annoyed

I get why some women promote for the “desexualization” of the female body, but as human beings we have feelings and natural sexual orientation so it’s only natural for some people to sexualize certain things. I totally understand that men are disrespectful toward the female body, but there’s no way you can make a “straight” or “bi” guy find the female body not “sexy” (yeah lol I hate the word “sexy” but whatever).

What has to be done is educate men to better treat women and stop objectifying them, they can still find them attractive but just treat women with respect. I believe more men nowadays are more open minded so they are not treating woman bad, but there’s still a huge amount of terrifying men out there, even terrifying for me.

I’m open to people correcting me in this subject if what I said is wrong please let me know your opinion

Also I’m referring to Women over 18 years of age, under no circumstances can a guy over 18 sexualize a girl underage

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sooo there's thiis girl i work w who's about to leave for college and i feel like we definetly like each other and i want to make out with her (at least) before she leaves because i think it'd be awesome, but i dont want her to think i'm using her, but i aaalso dont want to come across as trying to create a long distance relationship, what should i do?

Lmao please correct me if I am wrong anon, but it does sound like you are using her???