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downpour ✾ jackson

“You’re crazy to walk home in this weather.”

You shuffle your feet by the door and adjust the scarf hanging around your neck. “I’ll be fine,” you mutter. “It’s only like, a fifteen minute walk.”

“Why don’t you just call Jackson to pick you up? I don’t get it,” Seoyeon sighs and grabs a pink umbrella by her coat. “Here. If you’re too stubborn to call him at least use this.”

“Thanks,” you grab the umbrella and eye the murky sky outside the window pane of the small coffee shop. “Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

— — —

Jackson hasn’t spoken to you in the past three days (let alone notice you for that matter) so when you come home drenched head to toe with the umbrella dangling by your side, you definitely did not expect this.

You’re barely two steps in the house when a pair of arms throw themselves around your body and haul you flush to their own. Your wet clothes meet dry ones as you stumble forward and cling onto the pair of arms tightly wrapped around your body.

“Are you crazy?!” Jackson holds you closer to him like his life depends on it, “Why weren’t you answering your phone?!”

Evidently at a loss for words, you remain rooted on the ground, fingers awkwardly clutching on to your boyfriend’s upper arms. “Um, I never felt it vibrate,” you manage sheepishly.

“Idiot,” he murmurs into your neck. “You had me worried sick… What would I do if you never came back home?” He pulls away to examine your current state, lips tweaking into a frown when he sees drips of water pooling by your wet sneakers.

You squirm under his scrutiny, averting your eyes from his, “Um, it was raining pretty hard…”

“And this is all my fault,” Jackson sighs under his breath; it’s his turn to avoid your gaze. “I’m sorry.”

“No,” you grab his hand, “I should be the one apologizing. I completely understand why you got mad and—”

“Stop.” Jackson anchors you back into his arms and plants a warm kiss on your forehead, muttering, “I had no reason to ignore you. What if something… what if something happened to you?”

“But nothing happened, Jackson.” You poke his cheek and untangle yourself from his arms. “Now, let’s just put this behind us so I can go take a warm shower and change into some comfortable clothes, okay?”

Jackson’s fingers coil around your wrist and pull you to him once more, connecting your lips to his. It’s a kiss that doesn’t last long but one that conveys sincere emotion, countless apologies pouring into the way he presses his mouth against yours.

When he pulls away, he pushes you towards the bathroom. “Now go get comfortable! I’ll make you hot chocolate and we can watch the new episode of that show you love so much, okay?”