i will carve you out an empire

Lancelot "Meant to be yours" Parody Lyrics:

Edit 2: Made this so Keithis the one who rescues Lance

Edit: I revised some lyrics so it sounds better and adds a bit more context to it.

I was listening to Meant to be Yours from the heathers musical today and I was like this a perfect Lancelot song so I changed some lyrics and the setting and made this thing. Enjoy (I guess)!

Scene: Lance has been captured by Lotor and in attempts to escape he is severely hurt. Lance locks himself in a room on Lotor’s ship waiting to either die or until someone come to rescue him. Lotor tries to get him to come out, unaware that Lance has been hurt. Meanwhile Keith infiltrates Lotor’s ship to save Lance.

All is forgiven baby!
Come on, get dressed!
You’re my date to the battle tonight.

You chucked me out like I was trash,
For that you should be dead—
But! But! But!
Then it hit me like a flash,
What if this war went away instead?

Those paladins are the key
They’re keeping you away from me
They made you blind, messed up your mind
But I can set you free!

You left me and I fell apart,
I punched the wall and cried—
Bam! Bam! Bam!
Then I found you changed my heart
And set lose all that truthful shit inside
And so I built a bomb
Tonight this system is Vietnam
Let’s guarantee they’ll never see their conquest rise!

I was meant to be yours
We were meant to be one
Don’t give up on me now
Finish what we’ve begun
I was meant to be yours

So when the Galra Fleet goes boom with everyone inside—
Pchw! Pchw! Pchw!
In the rubble of their tomb
We’ll plant this note explaining why they died!

Lotor & Galra soldiers:
We, the soldiers of the Galra Empire will die.
Our burnt bodies may finally get through to you.
Your society churns out slaves and blanks, no thanks.
Signed, the Soldiers of the Galra Empire.

We’ll watch the smoke roll down the halls
Bring marshmallows,
We’ll make s’mores!
We can smile and cuddle while the fire roars!

I was meant to be yours
We were meant to be one
I can’t make this alone
Finish what we’ve begun

You were meant to be mine
I am all that you need
You carved open my heart
Can’t just leave me to bleed

Lance! Open the—open the door, please
Lance! Open the door.
Lance! Can we not fight anymore?
Please, can we not fight anymore?
Lance, sure, you’re scared,
I’ve been there, I can set you free
Lance, don’t make me come in there
I’m gonna count to three!
One! Two! Quiznak it!

*Sees Lance’s unconscious body in a pool of blood*
Oh my God! No! Lance!
Please don’t leave me alone
You were all I could trust
I can’t do this alone

Lotor & Galra soldiers/Paladins:
Still I will if I must!

*Slightly above a whisper*
I came to rescue you.
*Normal Voice*

Gem Hierarchy Theory/Possible Homeworld Gemsona Statuses

This theory is mostly based on the Mohs Hardness scale for minerals, and most people just leave it at “the bigger the number, the higher class,” and while i agree with that roughly, there must be more to it. So I sat down at recorded themes i saw among gems of certain hardnesses.

First off, the Diamonds are reeeally easy, as they’re shown to be the leaders of Homeworld, and they’re clearly the hardest material on the list. So I’m just gonna leave that one alone lol

Corundum is the next hardest mineral, and corundum is what both rubies and sapphires are made of. Its fairly clear to see in Steven Universe that Sapphire is a very rare and powerful gem held in high esteem, making me to believe that gems around 9 mohs are aristocratic in status. Yes, I see you in the back raising your hand with a question; “If corundum are aristocratic, what’s up with Rubies??” Well, my thoughts are that Rubies are actually higher class than we think, and I’ll cover that more in depth below.

Next is topaz at 8 mohs, with aquamarine being 7.5-8 mohs right next to it. The reason I chose to label this area “elite and specialist gems” is because both Topazes and Aquamarine are both adept at fighting, and they seem specially suited to the mission. If the diamonds knew about the Crystal Gems from Navy, it makes sense to send powerful, elite gems to deal with them once and for all. I also overlapped the aristocracy and elites because it seems that Aquamarine is of a more elevated status than Topaz. It might be due to more experience, powers that we don’t know about, or even the fact that Topaz is a fusion (and seems to want to be a permafusion if she isn’t already). This group is the majority of the upper class of Homeworld without delving into aristocracy or nobility.

The next section doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense with some people, but like, its kind of necessary for a successful society so i added it. Anyway, government positions don’t necessarily mean governing other gems like the Diamonds, but rather assistants, lawyers (like we’ve seen), it could mean scribes, it could even mean overseeing the development of new colonies. I overlapped this a little into Military because in times of war, military officials often take overseeing positions in the government. This also adds Agates into the “Government” type jobs (”An Agate terrifies” is probably a metaphor for them being managers/ drill sergeant type figures). This section also allows Zircons to have jobs other that just lawyer, as that seems awfully specific for my personal taste. This group is like the mid-upper class of Homeworld.

Military is the section i went with for the Quartzes, since its pretty heavily inferred in the show that Quartzes are meant to be soldiers and p much nothing else (though they can take other jobs in times of peace probably). I made this go all the way down to 6 mohs not only because not all quartz is exactly 7, but because it allows more gems to have this ranking. In the Bismuth special, Bismuth brings up a Homeworld pilot who is a Nephrite (coincidentally, Centi is ALSO a Homeworld pilot, hmmmm). Since Nephrite goes down to 6, i started the Military section there, but it might change in the future. I think of this group as a sort of upper-middle class that could be elevated to lower-upper class with enough merit (like Jasper).

Honestly I should’ve made this section bigger (like maybe 4.5-6.5 lol), but I’m too lazy to fix it right now. Anyway, this covers jobs like technicians, enigineers, architectural designers, scholars, basically all the stuff that actually makes a society function. These are like the middle class gems of Homeworld to me, the ones that work hard but at least get some recognition for it. Not enough recognition to get your own Pearl though, apparently (according to Peridot that is).

Finally is the lower class gems, the absolute hardest work, the most dangerous work, and the most demeaning work. I say that because all of the gems we’ve seen with mohs at or below Lapis (5.5) have absolutely rough lives. Bismuth at 2 is a builder, with some really blacksmithy themes. Smithery and construction are pretty tough and dangerous jobs, usually reserved for lower class citizens. Pearls are servants, often acting as maids, footmen (people who open doors and shit), and even private entertainment for their owners. Not only is this an extremely unwanted job, but can be tough depending on the gem they are assigned to. Lastly in this section is Lapis Lazuli, our resident terraformer. In case you don’t know, terraforming is the act of physically changing a planet to better resemble Earth and sustain life, however in this setting it might be carving out areas for Kindergartens, since in both the ones on Earth have notably river-esque patterns. It makes a lot of sense that Lapis has water powers for terraforming, but its probably backbreaking work, like if you were to landscape an entire planet.

And now we’re at the Ruby debacle. first off, i do think they’re like at least upper class gems, but as they are less powerful and have less useful powers, other upper class gems get preference. I mean which is more useful to the sustaining of an empire, future vision or a gauntlet? That and Sapphires are probably more rare than Rubies on Homeworld. But the reason i think they are higher class than others might, is because they’re more like personal guards than infantry, they have more specific jobs. It’s not “go smash up the enemy,” but rather “protect this rare and noble gem” or “rescue this elite war hero from danger since she obviously can’t come back herself.” Also, the fact that Eyeball believed wholeheartedly that she might “get her own Pearl” can be used as solid evidence of Rubies being higher class than Peridot (who laughed and blushed at the notion of little ol’ Peri getting her own fancy Pearl~).

Phew, that was a bit longer than I expected, but I think it was worthwhile! Ask questions, discuss other theories with me, etc.

Clint: They can’t keep being so damn reckless, Nat. If they do, everything we built—
Natasha: Everything you built.
Clint: Stop—
Natasha: No, listen to me, Barton— you keep carrying all this on your shoulders, and it’s gonna screw up your posture. You did it, okay? After Chicago, I thought this was over, but you found this spot, you brought us here. You make it work, and run, every day. Whatever hope these people have, however safe they feel, any normalcy they’re able to carve out— you did that, so maybe stop worrying about your issues with millenials, or water filtration systems, and take a second to let yourself feel good about it, yeah?
Clint: So— you’re saying all that stuff about saving lives—
Natasha: It’s a vaguely attractive quality in a man, sure. Idiot. Now— close your eyes.

So, this happened.

From Secret Empire #1 by Nick Spencer and Steve McNiven.

Some speculation on perceptual differences

Anonymous asked: What would Imperial citizens of Evren’s time be taught or hear about Jedi? Like propaganda, rumors, stereotypes, urban legends, etc stuff? Are Jedi the crazy evil warriors to the empire?

Oooh! Hmm. This is mostly headcanon/extrapolation, but here you go!

The Jedi are definitely scary as fuck to Imperials, I think–they’re like Sith, but wrong, the way Sith are Jedi but wrong to Pubs. I hc that there’s an element of horror to Imperial depictions of the light side–negation of self, loss of identity, loss of individuality, deprivation, starvation, emptiness. Jedi will either kill you like an animal or they’ll capture and try to break you, carve out everything that makes you who you are, everything that makes you vibrant and alive … And they don’t compromise, they don’t surrender, they don’t fucking stop

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Assorted Lore Questions

A list of lore questions I should probably answer when I’m not so tired. Feel free to steal them if you wish! Most of these are focused towards fleshing out a clan’s culture.

  1. How to outsiders know when they’ve crossed you clan’s border? Marks painted or carved into trees or rocks? Glowing runes marking the edge?
  2. How do you identify dragons from your clan? Is there a mark or uniform? Especially for the kingdoms/empires out there. There needs to be a way to quickly recognize an ally when the group is so large.
  3. What about domesticated animals? Does your clan just go with the usual farm animals, or do they have something more exotic? 
  4. A community, especially a large one, needs a steady and reliable source of food. Where does you clan get its food? If they’re hunter-gatherers, what do they do when they can’t find anything?
  5. What is the local food like? Do your dragons have a penchant for spices? Or perhaps they enjoy sugar more. Also, there’s also the question of how they eat. What sort of eating utensils do they use? Some cultures have something like rice, noodles, or bread, and then have the side dishes out so everyone can pick what they want and how much they want. Some cultures just give everyone the same thing. What about your clan?
  6. What does your clan’s territory look like?
  7. A follow-up to #5: Based on that description, what does your clan produce and export, if they trade at all?
  8. If they don’t trade, then how does your clan earn money? Tourism?
  9. If they do trade, where are a few trade routes?
  10. What’s fashionable in your clan? Talk about the clothing, hairstyles, makeup, accessories, ect.
  11. What are your clan’s more unique social rules?
  12. What sort of symbolism is present in the clan? (For example, red roses=romance, 4-leaf clover=luck, swan=grace and beauty, ect.) Why?
  13. We’ve talked a bunch about what the dragons think about beastclan, but what about the other way around? What would each of the beastclans think about your clan?
  14. Talk about the clan’s social organization. It doesn’t have to all be about social classes!
  15. What about family? Are they nuclear (husband, wife, children) or extended (several generations in one home)? Something else?
  16. Are there any special customs or traditions?
  17. ART. LITERATURE. Are there artists or writers? What sort of things do they create? Realistic works, or more fantastical/abstract things?
  18.  Follow up to #16: What materials do they use? (Do the writers carve into tablets? Do they use brushes, quills, or pens? If they write, what do they write on? Where do they get these materials? (For example, there are several territories that can’t possibly have enough trees for everyone to have access to paper. They’d have to import or steal it.)
  19. What are your clan’s values? What’s considered “good” and what’s considered “bad”?
  20. RELIGION. Okay, seeing as the gods irrefutably exist, most clans worship one or more of the elemental deities. However, religion will differ. How does your clan interpret the deities? How do they practice their religion? Are there religious festivals or holidays? Do they pray often, or do they only seek the divines in dire situations?
  21. What are the luxury items? Why are they so expensive/rare?
The Valkyrie- Chapter 2

[Full Chapter List] – [Read Chapter 1]

“…You were out late last night.”

Loki’s frustration hung heavy like an albatross around his neck, the way he kept glancing at you. You made no answer and stoically ate your salad. The elves had laid out an impressive spread in Loki’s room. Unfortunately, true to your Asgardian roots, neither you nor Loki were incredibly fond of vegetables. Loki put his fork down and leaned forward, his brows furrowed.

“You were fraternizing with the enemy,” he muttered quietly.

“The elves are our allies.”

“Thranduil is not an ally. He is a means to an end!”

You looked up at him. “Were you following me? Didn’t you have…company?”

“You know I can be in more than one place at once.”

“That’s disgusting,” you muttered, stabbing at your salad.

He closed his eyes and sighed. “Fine. The truth then, if you must have it. I grew bored of the women the moment you left. I sent them away. Spent the night alone.”

You were about to stuff a forkful of salad into your mouth when he leaned over with a pained expression.

“Do you not believe me? All this time we have known each other, yet you still do not trust me.”

“…I don’t care about these things,” you muttered. “I’m your bodyguard, not your lover.”

“And you refuse to be both?”

Your mouth was dry as he reached across the table and wove his fingers through yours. His hands were that of a scholar, smooth and soft, but for the raw callouses on his palm earned from his recent sword practice.

“The clothes on my back, the silly headdress I wear. They are all remnants of a life in Asgard that never belonged to me. The only thing I have is you. I am no longer the same spoiled princeling you knew in Asgard. Let me be yours and yours alone, and I will prove to be constant and true.”

Foolish heart. How it fluttered at his words, the sincerity of his gaze.

But you remembered the nymphs he fancied back in Asgard. The ethereal, beautiful creatures with flowers in their hair, their flawless skin, their soft, supple bodies. Their honeyed voices whispering only love and longing. How he loved them, chased them. Indulged in their beauty and sweet generosity.

You were Valkyrie. You and your rough, war-weathered sisters soaked yourselves in the blood of your enemies, wearing your battle-scars with pride. The songs you only ever sang were of death and destruction.

All those years in his father’s halls, training with him and his brother, and he only ever saw through you. Why else would he come to you now, if not only out of desperate loneliness?

You pulled away from him and stood up.

“…I will be your shield, sword, and dagger. Nothing more.”

The weight of his gaze lingered like a burn.


Thranduil kept his eyes on you as he smoothed the faded parchment out on the stone table, and pointed at the crimson lizard with wings. He traced his finger down to a small, black smudge near the dragon’s mouth, and tapped. ”…Man.“

"You mean what’s left of the man,” Loki snickered, his boots propped on the table.

“You need to know exactly what you will be up against,” Thranduil murmured, his eyes searching your expression. He spoke to you as if there was no one else in the room. "The fire serpent is cunning. Vicious. One of the most dangerous beasts in Middle Earth.”

Loki swung his boots from the table, and threw his arm over your shoulder. He leaned in close, leering at Thranduil. 

“You underestimate my sweet Valkyrie. She eats dangerous beasts for breakfast.”

You glared icily at Loki until he sheepishly pulled his arm from you. You turned your attention back to Thranduil. 

“You say his hide can only be pierced by black iron, and yet you have no such weapon in your armory,” You stated dully, crossing your arms. “You would have us face the dragon without the weapons we need?”

“Asgardian steel has very similar properties to black iron.”

“There is no guarantee that it will pierce the hide of the beast.”

“…True. It is a risk that Mirkwood would be willing to pay handsomely for. Two thousand men, and half the treasure in the mountain. Enough to carve out whatever empire suit your ambitions.”

“Loki’s ambitions. And should we fail?”

“There will be no recompense for failure.”

You chewed your lip, then stared at the dragon. Then at the smudge at its gaping jaws.

“I need to think about this,” You stood up abruptly and grabbed Loki by the arm. “Can we talk?” 

“This is a suicide mission,” you hissed after dragging him outside and slamming the door behind you.

“It’s just a lizard-”

“No one has the weapons needed to kill this beast. Thranduil’s offering means that he believes his two thousand men are more likely to survive your galactic war than being pitted against that dragon!”

Loki dipped his head thoughtfully. “The dragon is rumored to be missing a scale upon his breast. There would be no need for black iron if we can pierce where he is vulnerable.”

“He will be guarding that spot.”

“Are you doubting your abilities, or are you doubting me?“ He cupped your cheek, his eyes shining. "Three years we have been in exile together. We have been through hell and back. I am telling you, we can do this. You and I.”

You bit your lip. Loki had burned so many bridges over the years, Thranduil was the only resource left with enough might to accomplish Loki’s ambitions. Slaying the dragon would make or break everything you both had been working towards.  

“Slay the dragon for me,” he murmured softly. “And I will release you from your life-debt.”

Your heart leaped in your chest, but chilled just as quickly.

“…One command from you, and I would be compelled by my honor to kill the dragon for you regardless,” you muttered icily. “What are you up to? Why the sudden offer of freedom?”

He looked at you with a strange expression, then shook his head. “I’ll continue negotiations with Thranduil alone,” he murmured and yanked the heavy wooden door of Thranduil’s meeting room open. “Do consider my offer.”

“I will grant you five hundred of my men, a small army to station as you will on whatever desolate planet, as a token of trust. In return, you and your Valkyrie slay that dragon. If the Valkyrie is unable to kill the dragon, not only will I command my small army to turn on you, I will take your Valkyrie.”

“…The Valkyrie again,” Loki murmured, taking a long sip of wine. “Your demands are surprisingly singular.“

"There are very few in this world that capture my interest. She intrigues me.”

Loki smiled slightly, and swirled his wine.

“She is quite something, isn’t she? A beautiful, merciless force of nature. She ravages like wildfire, leaving only ash in her wake.” His voice trailed off, and he set the cup down. “I have told you before. She is not mine to give.”

“She says you hold her life-debt. She is bound to you by her honor.”

“Is that what she told you?” Loki took a slow sip of wine. “…I did not want to mention this, but the Valkyrie has been utterly in love with me, ever since we were children. I know her…intimately. Moreso than any man alive. There is, much, much more than mere honor that binds her to me.”

“…Interesting,” Thranduil said quietly.

“Can you blame her for not being completely forthright with you? She was sentenced to death for insulting and slighting the king of Asgard. She is unlikely to risk slighting an overzealous, foreign king, and lose everything that she and I have worked for so long.”

”…I see.“ Thranduil said, his eyes dark. “I guess I must reevaluate.”

"Yes,” Loki sighed dramatically, reclining back in his chair. “Yes you really should.”


Chapter 3

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This fic posted 4/23/16 only on lemonconfessions.tumblr.com . This fic is not posted anywhere else, so please feel free go ahead and report any rip-off posts on FFN and AO3 if you see any <3  

Occam’s Gift Horse (DC TV)

Title: Occam’s Gift Horse
Fandom: DC TV
Rating: PG
Word Count: 2309
Characters: Mick, Len, Lisa
Summary: Inspired by this post. Len and Lisa are not very good at receiving gifts.

Mick hadn’t gotten more than five feet into the safehouse before Len, going the other way, grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out without missing a step. Flummoxed, Mick asked, “What’s going on?”

“Place’s been compromised.”

Tension gripped at Mick’s back, instantly alert for anything out of place. He hadn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary but if there was one thing he was willing to trust over his own instincts it was Len’s. “We bailing completely?” Wouldn’t be a total loss. They’d learned pretty quickly not to get attached to things in case of situations like this.

“Not sure. Maybe,” Len said shortly, dropping Mick’s arm once they were out in a crowd.

Half an hour of meandering, doubling back and ducking in and out of buildings later, Mick finally asked, “What tipped you off?”

“There was a gun on the table.”


“Derringer. Mother-of-pearl grip, engraved barrel. Darbynians must’ve tracked us.”

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I wish there was an SIS storyline

along with maybe an Imperial Trooper. 

With the SIS story we could see all the not quite legal or just projects the Republic has been up to. I could see a lot of “greater good” vs morality scenarios. Bonus points if Jonas Balkar is a companion/romance.

With the Imperial Trooper you’d struggle with being the Empires most disposable resource. Carving out your place in history either pro Empire or against.  

What do you think being Republic SIS or and Imperial Trooper would entail?

When Snow Falls Part Three

Exo mafia au; you are the sister of Chanyeol, a powerful mob boss who has just hired Kyungsoo (D.O) to protect you.

Kyungsoo (D.O.) x Reader ft. Chanyeol, Baekhyun, Sehun, Kai,

Part 3/11 Part 1 here Part 2 here Part 4 here Part 5 here Part 6 here Part 7 here Part 8 here Part 9 here Part 10 here Part 11 here


Word Count 1,235 

Warning- This fan fiction contains suggestive themes involving violence and death. Please read at your own digression. This is just a fictional story and does not represent the personalities or factual stories of real people.

“Sehun?” You whispered out loud. Clamping a hand over your mouth you stepped back, shoes crunching on snow. Where was Chanyeol? Why was Sehun there? Panic bubbled in your stomach as you tried to come up with a solution. Defeated, you bent down under the window taking deep breaths. “Oh no, what to do, what to do.” You murmured trying to steady your heart rate. Shouting suddenly could be heard coming from Kai’s office and your heart plummeted. Adrenaline began to kick in and you ignored the vicious throbbing in your head. Kyungsoo needs me. Sehun is there and he won’t hurt me. He wouldn’t. You tried to convince yourself as you pushed yourself off the snow. You ignored the part of you that wanted to run away, sure maybe that was the smarter thing to do but you were Y/N. No time for fear. No time for running away like all the other cowards you knew. If Chanyeol hadn’t run away maybe- you ignored the memories that flooded your mind as you began to kick at Kai’s office door.

“Let me in now!” You shouted plummeting your tiny fists against the door. The door opened before you thought it would and you tripped into the room swinging furiously. Suddenly, you didn’t feel brave. Kai closed the door behind you, shooting you a questionable look. He took steps toward you towering over your small frame. Not only was he tall but he was broad as well. His defined features seemed to be carved out of marble. His eyes seemed to swallow you whole.

“Y/N?” Sehun gasped taking steps toward you as well.

“Sehun! Why are you here? Why are you doing this to Kyungsoo?” Your voice sounded childlike and strangled.
Sehun looked away ashamed, blood stained his knuckles and clothing.

“Y/N,” Kai spoke softly, “It’s been so long since I last saw you.” He stared off into the distance, chuckling to himself.

It had been a several years actually. Kai was only a year older than you, when your brother and Baekhyung first started their empire they worked with Kai’s father. They were traitors. They conspired against him and being only 17 Kai’s father didn’t see them as a risk, he treated them like men yet he didn’t look at them as if they were. He figured they would get caught selling drugs or end up killed yet the story ended, or began, much differently.

You remembered Kai’s small and gentle frame. He wouldn’t look at you and enjoyed spending time by himself. You liked Kai, you annoyed him and made him cry by constantly interrupting his activities. Until one day, the last time you saw him, he proposed you climb a tree.

“You want to climb it?” You asked rolling your eyes.

“With you,” Kai answered bashfully.

Then of course you said yes, you raced to see who could reach the top and once you did you sat on a branch together admiring your skills.

Kai leaned into you and butterflies began to fly in your stomach. He then placed his palms firmly on you and shoved you off the branch.

“Yes,” you said softly, returning to the present. “It’s been a long time.” You rubbed your right elbow looking away from him.

“Hm, well unfortunately your coward of a brother wasted no time in running away but Sehun here informed that Kyungsoo is your new lover. How fitting.” Kai grinned and without a warning he reached out and tightly grabbed your arm painfully pinning it behind your back. A scream escaped your lips and you looked at Kyungsoo, he fought against his restraints which only made Kai hurt you more.

Sehun began to panic, his eyes widening. “Hyung! What are you doing?” He asked confused on how to react.

“You think I only welcomed you with open arms so you can take out your pathetic jealousy against him?” Kai snapped, his voice lost it’s silky tone. “Seeing that Y/N is here, letting Chanyeol go proved to be the right choice.” Kai ordered as he shoved you towards Kyungsoo.

Chanyeol’s shoes crunched through the snow. Relief filled his body as he reached the gates to his property and began to scale the fence. There was no time to alert someone to open them. He was running out of time.

“Prepare for an ambush!” He shouted as he slipped onto the snow. Men all around him began to run in all directions he dragged himself up and grabbed one of the foot soldiers by his collar. “Where is Y/N and Baekhyun?” He gasped.

“They’re in hyung’s office, boss. He mentioned not to disturb them.” The foot soldier answered timidly.

Chanyeol hissed pushing the young man away as he hurried into Baekhyun’s office.

“I’ve been stabbed, beat, and chased and you’re trying to get fresh with my little sister?!” Chanyeol thundered kicking the door open. Shock spread through him as he noticed gold bars and guns littering Baekhyun’s desk yet you were no where to be found. Baekhyun himself was bent over on his desk, snoring gently.

Chanyeol growled gripping Baekhyun by his hair yanking him up.

“Where is Y/N?” He asked already too afraid of the answer.

Baekhyun snapped out of his deep sleep shoving Chanyeol away. “Aish! She was here! With me, we were just-” Baekhyun suddenly stood taking in the scene. “Chanyeol you’re bleeding.” He murmured.

“Find Y/N, Kai has Kyungsoo and Sehun is a traitor. They’re probably planning on coming here. Fine her.” His voice lost it’s deep confidence and instead his orders came out as whimpers.

“Find my sister, please.”

“Please!” You begged. “Please let him go.” For the past several minutes Kai had forced you to watch Sehun beat Kyungsoo. His nose wouldn’t stop bleeding and a few of his fingers were broken. Sehun had dropped his emotional manipulation on his victim he didn’t need to intimidate Kyungsoo, he needed to hurt him. You preferred Kyungsoo over himself, how could you? He was your friend. He had been loyal to you for years. He loved you but your tears and screams over Kyungsoo only further angered him.

Kai continued to twist you body in odd angles holding your head in Kyungsoo’s direction. You wanted to fight. You wanted to stop screaming out but it was all you could do. No matter how much you tried to him Kai, he only hurt you even more which caused Kyungsoo to become distressed.

You also noticed how in an odd way Kai he seemed protective over Kyungsoo.

He limited the number of punches Sehun could give him and even stepped in multiple times. You were so confused you wondered if maybe Kai would turn against Sehun instead.

“Untie him.” Kai ordered. Sehun did as he was told and looked over at you satisfied.

“Do you see how weak he is, Y/N.” He couldn’t even protect himself.

“Shut up,” Kai spat. Forcing you to sit in the chair Kyungsoo was just in.

“Hyung, I what are we doing? I thought we were done with her.” Sehun asked, nervous again.

“We’re just getting started. Prove to me that you’re trust worthy.” Kai said cunningly holding you down.

Images of Kyungsoo killing his ex-girlfriend flooded your mind. Would he? Could Sehun your longest friend actually hurt you himself?

Sehun slowly reached toward you, running his fingers through your hair.

“I’m sorry Y/N.” He murmured.

❅ ❅ ❅

Part three completed! I’m really happy with this so far and I can’t wait to continue. Please let me know what you think, feedback is appreciated! Also thank you for how well it has been received. I’m really surprised and I’m glad it is being enjoyed. Part 4 should be up on Monday.

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“For a heartbeat, she could see it- see her face, carved into statues, in kingdoms so far away that they did not even know Terrasen existed. A living god- Mala’s heir and conqueror of the known world. She would bring music and books and culture, wipe out the corruption festering in the corners of the earth…”

OIHFKNFKDGJHDGJHDF I WANT THIS TO BE CANON. LIKE GIRL AFTER THIS IS DONE, I WANT Aelin Ashryver Galathynius TO GO AND RULE THE WORLD. SHE IS TO BE PROMISED TO THE WORLD. If you got the reference dont hate me - I’m still crying after Empire of Storms ok.

you wore red to a party on the same night i did, funereal in our uniformity. you held the door open for me, letting me in, and soft hands held my hair back as i threw up in the bathroom, but you always pulled me tighter. when i walked back into the room you were laughing at a joke someone told you, and i could carve empires into the skin of your neck.

i danced with everyone in the room except for you. i watched as your eyelashes fell on her cheek, stars on night, whispering in perfect morse. 

we shared a taxi on the way back, feet barely brushing, fake leather slick against the sweat of my hair. your hands were roman in the moonlight, and i wondered how long it would take for you to crumble. my eyes landed on the back of your head out of habit, nestling in the seraphic yellow, following the dry riverbeds where our fingers used to run. i kept trying to look away. you didn’t seem to care.

this isn’t love. it never was.

i promise.

—  [ ruins of wonders ] a.g.

FONDATA SUL LAVORO » you were carved out of the sea; a mix for feliciano vargas through the ages (can be considered a partner to UNITY, RIGHT, FREEDOM)

i. watermark - sleeping at last {birth/roman empire} | ii. rocks and water - deb talan {fall of rome} | iii. anchor song - björk {dark ages} | iv. werewolf heart - dead man’s bones {rise of venice} | v. devil’s resting place - laura marling {fourth crusade/sack of constantinople} | vi. salva nos stella maris - mediæval bæbes {13th century} | vii. armada - martin phipps {14th century} | viii. all together the angels in the sky - lycourgos angelopoulos & the byzantine choir of greece {black death} | ix. the might of rome - hans zimmer & lisa gerrard {height of venetian power} | x. miseria nomine - mediæval bæbes {17th century} | xi. saltwater queen - the battle of land and sea {decline of venice} | xii. what the water gave me - florence & the machine {treaty of campoformio/fall of venetian republic} | xiii. addio - dirk maassen {first austrian rule} | xiv. atlas hands - benjamin francis leftwich {royaume d’italie} | xv. elastic heart - sia {lombardy-venetia} | xvi. the lion’s roar - first aid kit {1848 revolutions} | xvii. the boxer - simon and garfunkel {repubblica di san marco} | xviii. flesh and blood - the waifs {3rd italian war of independence} | xix. call them brothers - regina spektor ft. only son {risorgimento} | xx. mouthful of diamonds - phantogram {kingdom of italy} | xxi. daniel in the den - bastille {wwi} | xxii. virgin - manchester orchestra {rise of fascism} | xxiii. bad moon rising - rasputina {wwii} | xxiv. eros - ludovico einaudi {italian social republic} | xxv. unmade - sleeping at last {postwar} | xxvi. we don’t eat - james vincent mcmorrow {1950-1970} | xxvii. harbour lights - the silent film {1970-1990} | xxviii. sight of the sun - fun. {present}

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welcome to part II of “i keep finding neat tidbits when reading and taking notes on the TFA novelization by Alan Dean Foster” (part i)

  • Senate stalled on acting against the First Order, and senatorial turnover has weakened support for the Resistance
  • Starkiller Base was carved out of a pre-existing planet
  • Snoke has “watched the Galactic Empire rise, and then fall.”
  • Poe probably had a concussion when he woke up from the crash, and has this whole little adventure where a scavenger picks him up, they have a neat unnecessary speeder chase with some other scavengers, Poe is charming as always, etc. the big takeaway here is the part where the alien goes, “I might just scavenge you.” and accurately depicts the fandom @ poe 
  • Maz’s place is legit called a castle
  • the evil pretty lady with the painted fingers who rats them out to the First Order while they’re at Maz’s castle? her name is Bazine Netal. the dude she is with is a Dowutin guy named Grummgar
  • Finn ate “synthsust” as a trooper and didn’t think much of it. Rey eats EVERYTHING <3
  • at Maz’s castle, the terrible dude from Jakku, Unkar Plutt, actually followed Rey from Jakku, by tracking the Falcon. he hassles Rey a bit and then Chewie literally rips his arm off
  • Starkiller took out everything in the Hosnian system, including some of the Republic’s fleet– there’s actually a huge explanation of how/why it does and how it works that i’m going to post about next, because that’s some weird science even for star wars tbh
  • the cute lady that we see the camera kind of focus on when things are going to shit in the Hosnian system is Korr Sella, Leia’s personal envoy to the Senate :(
  • at the attack on Maz’s castle (i love saying that, i’m so into the fact that it’s a straight up castle) Kylo is noted by the troopers as not actually being in charge, but nobody’s going to like, say no to him
  • “[Maz] looked up at him and smiled in satisfaction. “Oh wow… I see something else now.”
    “See what?” Finn asked.
    “I see the eyes of a warrior.”
  • on D’Qar, the Resistance has set up their base but is careful not to overly interfere with any of the natural wildlife, and seem to be respectful of it
  • Poe tells Finn he’s got a new jacket— WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE???
  • troopers are apparently trained to recognize high level Resistance officers, like Ackbar and Leia
  • Leia notes that Ben was born with an equal potential for good and evil, but was afraid that Han’s reactions to his sway towards the dark side would drive Ben further away.
  • the First Order got their parts of the map to Luke from the Empire’s old archives, and Statura explains this further later in the book: “The empire would have been looking for the first Jedi temples. In destroying all the Jedi sanctuaries they would have acquired a great deal of peripheral information.”
    and apparently the reason that R2 has the same map (but missing the same piece???) is that it was an incidental file that he downloaded from the Death Star back in a New Hope when he jacks into the wall to find out where Leia is. (source: Belated Media) this raises like a hundred new questions, so.
  • that fox Statura has a science background, and he works out the containment field/oscillator thing. in a moment of excitement he calls Finn “Mr. Finn.”
  • Hux is originally hesitant to straight up destroy the D’Qar system just to get all the Rebels taken care of, but Snoke presses the issue
  • Snoke is 100% more concerned with nobody finding Luke than he is with the Resistance
    “He put his hands on her shoulders, and thirty years fell away in an instant. “Leia, there’s something I’ve been wanting to say to you for a long time.”
    Fighting to hold back tears, she put a finger to his lips. “Tell me when you get back.”

  • Kylo notes that “a great deal of his education had been devoted to learning how to live and move forward in the absence of emotion.”
  • after landing on Starkiller Base, Chewie keeps Finn and Han disguised from patrol droids by using a heat distorter. Finn also brushes their tracks away with a tree branch <3
  • Phasma— while in a Wookie hug hold— mentions “independents” as something separate from the Resistance. are there people besides the Resistance who take potshots at the First Order??
  • Kylo actually finds the Falcon and goes aboard it while searching for Rey, and  sits down in the pilot’s seat in a thoughtful moment
  • Rey gets them into the oscillator facility because of her prior knowledge with Star Destroyer layouts!!
  • “Snow is cold!” Rey squeezed the speeder between a phalanx of willowy alien trees. “It’s the complete opposite of Jakku!”
    “Try living here,” Finn told her. “there are only two seasons: winter, and dead of winter!”
  • Poe refuses to leave while Han/Chewie/Finn/Rey are still on the surface, and all the pilots rally behind him :’)
  • Hux finds the injured Kylo by a position sensor in Kylo’s belt.
  • upon completing the map:
    “Cheers and spontaneous embraces filled the room with so much joy that no one paid any attention to who was hugging what representative of whichever species. Rey and Poe were not excluded, though their sudden, tight clinch of shared excitement led to a moment of mutual awkwardness.
    “Uh, hi,” the pilot mumbled. “I’m Poe.”
    She nodded slowly, searching his face and finding that she liked it. “I recognize the name. So you’re Poe. Poe Dameron, the X-wing pilot. I’m Rey.”
    “I know.” He smiled back, a little more at ease. “Nice to meet you.”

I realize this makes me a pariah (womp womp) to the overwhelming majority of the 40k community, but I officially Do Not Like the God-Emperor of Mankind. Like not even in-universe. Humanity would’ve probably been better off as 80 fucktillion smaller and varied polities than one monolithic oppressive Imperium. I mean, i get the impression that that’s kind of the Point of the setting- the reason it’s the trope namer for ‘grimdark’ is that it was originally designed as basically Black Comedy: “the literal worst regime imaginable” that’s fallen tremendously from even the brutal empire built on conquest that big E carved out, and even that was objectively horrible with lots and lots of planets and civilizations literally wiped out because they didn’t fit with his ‘vision’. In any other setting he’d be the archvillain. That’s the point of the setting- Everything is Terrible. But so many people just full-on embrace it, and it really confuses me. 

Like, you can tell tales of heroism and hope within the setting- the point of all that Inevitable Doom is the courage with which people face it -but I just have a very very very hard time empathizing with like… any human faction apart from like… the Salamanders and a few home-grown Sororitas orders I’ve seen on tumblr. 

So yeah- boo the Emperor. Boo, I say. Kick off already and let the inevitable balkanization of humanity commence.