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the genocide of the indigenous people of north america is not “annoying.” it is a horrific aspect of our history that should not be forgotten. acknowledging that it happened and honoring and respecting native americans is something that we all should be doing. it does not reduce people’s sense of gratitude or thankfulness on a day like today. this is not something that we should simply “forget and just enjoy the holiday.” it is a perfectly valid and important topic to address today whether it be on my instagram story or in my recent youtube video.

all further anon messages diminishing / denying / hating on this or disrespecting native americans can and will be blocked and deleted. thanks.

hello! i am thankful for all of you beautiful people who refuse to let anyone ever feel alone in this world. i am thankful for the love that radiates between ourselves and taylor, for being the wonderful person she is. i will always be thankful for the time she took off to be a normal human being and experience the beauty of life as a person in her 20′s without inhibition because no one deserves it more. i cannot believe i have had the privilege of getting to see so many of the most amazing people in my life live their dreams and grow in so many ways this year from taylor topping herself musically to so many of my friends getting their first jobs/promotions/married/ and that special growth that you can feel in their souls and your own! i hope you all have a fantastic day with your loved ones xx

I think at some point, inevitably, Junkrat is going to say—or do—something that makes Mei laugh. Genuinely laugh. And when he does, it’s going to make him so happy, his face is going to light up. And he’s going to remember the sound of it forever. And he’ll keep himself up and night thinking about the first time she smiled at him.

i don’t usually get political but this has all the world to do with my blog and yours.

if you’re an american, please read this. even if you’re not, please read this and signal boost it. 

america has laws on something called net neutrality. this keeps internet service providers from regulating media. without it, they could 

  • block whatever websites they please
  • charge extra for websites
  • charge extra for different categories like social media or research
  • make competitor websites run slower

and our government is voting to repeal it. 

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you know why i fucking love kim taehyung? because he calls his zits his friends and points them out on cam. he’s happy when he gains weight. when criticized about his fashion sense, he basically schooled ARMY telling them fashion is cyclical and he’s going to wear whatever he likes no matter the cost. because he jumps to the other members’ defense in a heartbeat. because he takes care of everyone. stan him.

Sometimes you don’t start your day until 2pm. Sometimes you have to put on a pair of jeans and a nice shirt instead of sweatpants in order to feel good about yourself. Sometimes it’s really fucking hard to get up and take a shower or brush your teeth. Sometimes it’s really fucking hard to take care of yourself and it’s okay. That is okay. Simple things aren’t always easy and simple things being hard doesn’t make you weak, you are doing the best you can and some days there are things you just can’t do and that’s okay. You are healing. You are trying. Do what you need to do to feel good.


reggie holding josie  (◡‿◡✿)

bonus josie & reggie looking like royalty:

So I talked to a sales associate at petsmart about these incredibly cruel tanks and she gave me a number to call to complain (she hates them and has gotten in trouble at work for telling customers off about them) and I spent 10 minutes going off about proper betta care and they said they’d never received a call about the inhumane tanks they sell. I figured the fishblr community would appreciate a number to call and complain and if they get a decent amount maybe they’ll actually change how they do things. The number is 1-800-738-1385