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@chainedintimacy a réagi à votre billet “i wanna do one last drawing for the night to destroy my wrist nice and…”

Some gayness possibly? Though don’t hurt your wrist too much! If it does hurt, you should ice it after! ;w;

My hand is beyond the icing point rn


I forgot to showwwww but I did a real, tangible painting!!! irl!!! For a contest. It was the first time I ever painted something original on a canvas (I had painted on canvases loooong ago but. studies and still-life…) It was an adventure lmAo… the canvas was huge (80cmx50 or smth like that) and forming colors in real life was HARD but I loved the experience

ELI5: Is letting wounds 'breathe' a thing, if so, what purpose does it serve?

I’m a nurse and have taken a number of courses on wound dressing and healing. Here’s what I can quickly write out for you.

The goal of wound care is moist wound healing. If wounds are draining plenty of blood/pus/serous drainage and it isn’t being removed from the wound by an absorbent dressing, the tissue can become macerated and will appear white. It’s too wet, the tissue is swollen with water. This is bad for wound healing. This is maybe where people got the idea of letting a wound “breathe” to dry up some of the excess moisture.

However, letting it dry out completely is not ideal either.

Natural healing involves developing a scab, a dry cover for the wound. However, if the wound were instead moist (not wet), you would have faster migration of immune cells, new cells, growth factors, etc. as they can move through a moist environment easier. This is what topicals like polysporin (besides the Abx) help to achieve. Petroleum products will moisturize without macerating.

And the other question everyone asks: should I use peroxide to clean it? no. maybe. Here’s the thing. You can clean a wound very well with water or saline (although who has saline at home). Many wounds wash themselves out by bleeding! Peroxide will kill bacteria, but it also hurts exposed skin cells/other tissue, and that can slow healing. The surface of your skin is mostly keratin and peroxide won’t affect intact skin, but when it’s cut, the deeper layers can be affected. Basically, don’t peroxide every wound, but something like a cat bite, go for it.

*edit: I’m aware now of how many people have saline. I pour like half a liter over new wounds, so I’m not sure people have that much contact solution. I have 25/20 vision privilege so am unaware. Yes, you should see a doctor quickly for cat bites. I’ve seen people need strong antibiotics 4x a day to avoid death from cat bites. Go to ER NOW if your wound starts streaking red up your limb. Helpful to outline areas of redness with a pen and the time you marked it to show how it’s progressing.

Explain Like I`m Five: good questions, best answers.

i feel like i only ever come on here to complain bout shit but seriously… stop reposting gifs.

stop taking gifs from people’s blogs and reposting them on tumblr, twitter or any other site without permission

stop using people’s content that they’ve spent time and effort creating just to get urself a few 100 notes or a couple dozen RTs

it’s so disrespectful towards people who spend so much time and have so much talent creating gorgeous thing in photoshop for u to enjoy For Free when u take that content and repost if just so u can take the credit for it

you might thing ur not doing that, but u are. if you repost content w/ no credit or source link, you are taking away recognition from the creator. you are taking the attention away from the original creator and giving it to urself, thats stealing credit even if u dont claim to have made shit 

gifs arent magically shat out by the Mystical Gif Fairies or shit. it takes time. it takes people months, years to get to the level they are at. it takes hours of work. it takes so much frustration and anger and hard work. its shitty to disrespect all that just so u can get a couple RTs on twitter when u repost someones gif along with ur bland ass comment that adds nothing to the gif. 

if you want content. if you want gifs, which probably make up like 80% of ur blog if ur a fandom acct, then respect gif makers. appreciate them. or they will leave

link to our shit. give credit, ask permission. use the millions of tutorials out there to make ur own. ask me, I’LL MAKE U SHIT TO USE. just dont take things from ppls blogs that u have no right to. just TRY to look like u give a shit about the time we put into this ok 


When your favorite album turns one year old, it’s only logical that you should turn it into cross stitch. Happy Birthday Badlands 💕

“Date” Night

DP: “Look, they gave us dandelions! Isn’t that cute?”

DP: “…Spidey? Sugar plum? You all right there?”

SM: “No, Wade. I’m mad at you. You said we were going on a Stakeout.”

DP: “No, I said we were going out for steak. There is a difference.”

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