i will call him george

I love whenever I’m reading fanfics about the boys and they refer to Joji as Joji. Idk why but I feel like Joji is something I call him over on the internet and George is the name that would be used in real life and you know how when you’re reading, you’re picturing that it’s happening in real life w u and i just picture ian saying joji and it’s the funniest thing djdisjfjsih

I’m applying for a position at the legislature and now I have to deal with the incredibly real possibility that my posts talking about how I want George Washington to fist me while I call him daddy are going to come back to haunt me


She was absolutely stunning and perfect in her role in “Roman Holiday,” 1953. She had a kind of aura around her, as if she were born to play the part (of a princess). I called my agent, George Chasin, and told him I wanted her to have co-star billing, because it was obvious to me that she was going to be a big star and maybe win the Academy Award. Chasin gave me an argument… and I said, ‘Look, George, just do it! It’s really the princess’ story.’ And I thought, ‘She’s so terrific in this and I’m going to look like a jackass if it says “Gregory Peck in ‘Roman Holiday.’” It was absolutely clear to me that equal billing was the way it ought to be. — Gregory Peck ( October 8, 1989 )

Literally can’t remember any of these bitches names. From left to right-
Dude with glasses- James Potter
Blonde guy- egotistical protagonist (but I call him gayer sting for short)
Twins- weasley twins fred and george (Fred is voiced by natsu, george is the other one)
Girl-Boy- homely child
Little blonde one- That’s honey, I know him
Silent guy- tadashi or some shit idfc

Hollywood is so pressed about not hiring Asian actors that they got John Cho’s Korean 40-sumn ass to play a 20-sumn Japanese/Filipino character and I’m like ???? You’re in California you tellin me you couldn’t find ONE Japanese or Filipino 22 year old to play Sulu?