i will bug someone to practice with

it bugs me when i see those posts that are like, “here are all the crystals that you NEED to be a witch” or “here are all the herbs you need to PROPERLY start practicing witchcraft”. like?? you don’t need shit for witchcraft, my buds. it’s all extra jazz. you have to find out what personally vibes and works with you. there is no reason to stress out over or empty your wallets over things that someone else told you you need. take some time to figure it out.

And then I realized Prompto was my spirit animal: by someone who hasn’t finished chapter 4

+ riding shotgun is practically a necessity 
+ ♫♪ I. WANT TO RIDE MY CHOCOBO. ALL. DAAAAAY ♫♪ “Can’t get it out of my head!”
+ gun
+ “That’s right, you hate bugs” “Yeah, can’t stand ‘em”
+ why did you bring me along on this crazy ride again?? what is my purpose here alongside your private tutor/maid/mom friend and personal bodyguard???
+ photo hobby
+ super queer
+ “We’re alive! Let’s celebrate by eating something DEAD! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧”
+ CHocObOs!!!1!!1!
+ HOPELESSLY PINING [I see you looking in the side mirror boy (¬ ⌣ ¬)]
+ *sigh* “Why do you have to be so photogenic?”
+ precious cinnamon roll, to good for this world, too pure™
+ but also potential to be a little shit

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Prompto  Argentum

SugarDaddy!Cal Pt. 19

A/N: This chapter is long asf you guys, but I’m sure you expected it. The drama in this is to die for lmaoo, but I promised they’d be alright and I’m going to keep that promise. I wouldn’t ruin your little hearts like that. So, remember 100 notes and feedback and I hope you enjoy💕

At the rate this story gets notes, I’m pretty sure you’re all going to want the last chapter tmr. So, I’m gonna get to finishing that and try not to get upset that it’s over.

*WARNING**: Just a pinch/ mention of smut, nothing too detailed or serious.

One/ Two/ Three/ Four/Five/Six/Seven/Eight/
Sixteen/ Seventeen/ Eighteen/ Nineteen/Twenty{END}

You all had been standing there in an eerie silence for what felt like hours after the recording had stopped. Calum was standing there stiffly with no sign of emotion on his face. It was as if the Māori had shut down completely after hearing the news. You were beyond nervous at this because Calum was usually one to let out his anger as soon as he felt it, he never thought about what to do, he kinda of just reacted. Luke on the other hand was praying for the ground to open up and swallow him whole instead of Calum getting to him.

“Mate…you okay?” Ashton was the first to speak as he took cautious steps towards Calum.

“You…you slept with Y/N?” Calum questioned Luke who now resembled a deer caught in headlights.

“Calum, I’m so sorry.”

“You slept with Y/N.” he repeated to himself, almost as if he had to get the words stuck in his brain so that he could believe it.“That’s got to be a joke right, you wouldn’t have…You know how much she means to me.”


“What the fuck, Luke?!” He shouted, knocking over the lamp on the couch side table. The glass shattered the second it hit the floor and you had to keep your thoughts focused on the situation and not how hot you found an angry Calum to be.

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So, I’ve managed to do yoga every day for the last 9 days! As someone who gets bit by the lazy bug pretty often, I’m pretty damn proud of myself. I don’t always get around to posting my sessions but this year I aim to focus less on “doing it for the vine” (or IG in this case lol) & more on the practice & how it affects me mentally, physically & spiritually.

One effect is the acceptance & collaboration of the facets of my personality. I used to have two personal IG profiles, one for my yoga/fitness journey & another for everything else. However, after a revelation - thanks to my yoga journey - I’ve decided to choose this page as my main one. I guess it’s sort of a metaphor for the merging of all my selves into one focus.

Yoga has taught me a lot about myself over the last year regarding my strengths, weaknesses & inconsistencies. This year, it’s already putting some more very important things in perspective. 2017 is looking up. I hope it is for you all, too! Namaste 🙏

#365daysofyoga #yogaeverydamnday #niyama #namaste #vibratehigher #blackgirlsdoyoga #mindbodysoul #instayoga #thickgirlyoga #happyfitbeautiful

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[INFO] Lee Woojin & BNM

Apparently Lee Woojin’s agency’s office (MediaLine) is really close to Brand New Music’s office, which is only 5-10 minutes away if you go by foot.

original post (with pic): @991102_woojin
translation credits: @_leewoojin

Lee Woojin said in an interview that, “I don’t get in touch with Daniel hyung bc we both have no phones but I meet up with the Brand New Music hyungs bc their agency is nearby. I would meet up with the BNM hyungs at a convenience store and they would buy food for me.“

translation credits: @mnet101boys

Lee Woojin also said that Youngmin is the best practice bug (someone who practices a lot). Among the hyungs that survived during the ranking, BNM’s Youngmin hyung practices a lot. There was a time Woojin was in the same team as him for a mission and he did a lot of things like writing down everyone’s names on water bottles to teach the formation.

translation credits: @snoohij

Dear Journal,

Even though i love being at home, Hogwarts is special to me. I slowly woke up to the sound of rain tapping on the roof and the far sounds of thunder. I don’t particully like thunder storms… I closed my eyes, praying that the thunder wouldn’t get close to the school.. But it did. I snuggled close to Sirius’ naked back and burried my face in his hair. A loud lightning struck in the school grounds and there was a lound thunder following. I jumped and Sirius woke up. He turned to face me and took me in his arms close to his chest.

“It’s okay baby.. I’m right here.” He whispered.

“I don’t like it pads..”

“I know love but it can’t get to you..” he said, kissing my forehead.

“I know I just.. I’m scared of it that’s all..”

“It’s okay moons.. How about we go grab breakfast? With everyone im the great hall we won’t hear it as much.”


He stood up and grabbed my shaky hand. He was right being in the great hall made the sounds fade. We sat down at the Gryffindor table where Sophie and Lily were already eating breakfast. We sat in front of them and Sirius layed his hand on my thigh. He often did that when there was a big storm. It’s like he was protecting me in some way.

“Where’s Jamsie?” Lily asked.

“He’s still asleep.. He had a lot to drink yesterday!” Sirius giggled.

“For Merlin’s sake!” Lily laughed.

I was happy because there was still a bunch of cinnamon rolls left. They’re my favorite! Sophie was eating her eggs and toast while reading a book.

“What book are you reading?” I asked her.

“This? Oh it’s only Hogwarts a History! Since i’m now a Hogwarts student i need to learn about everything!” She said with her french accent.

“You’ll get it eventually Soph! Hey I heard someone sneak out of the dorm last night..” Lily smirked.

“Shut up!” She giggled.

“Did you sleep in the Slytherins dormitories last night Sophie?” Lily said, just to bug her.

“Stop it! I just wanted to see Regulus.. nothing happened!” She said, blushing.

“You haven’t even kissed?!” Lily practically screamed.

“Ugh.. Yes we did!” Sophie responded, feeling kind of annoyed by her cousins’ questions.

“Was it just kissing or did you guys had se..” Sirius asked.

“Stop it! It’s not like that!” She interupped him.

Sirius and I were just sitting there with wide eyes. And then there was a long silence and everyone started laughing. We saw Regulus arrive and he went to sit down next to Sophie. He kissed her cheek and looked at all of us.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“Nothing’s wrong babe it’s just the older kids being imature like always!” Sophie said, smirking.

“Hey we’re not imature! Tell her Reg! Am I imature?” Sirius asked.

“I mean.. sometimes you kinda are..” he laughed.

Everyone bursted into tears of laughter. It was the best thing to make me forget about the thunder storm.

February 25th 1976

hey @ movies, stop fucking adding jumpscares that dont fucking matter for cheap tension. dont fucking slam on the piano when someone moves into frame all fast. im looking @ u guardians of the galaxy 2 for that fucking unnecessary bug squishing scene. there was absolutely ZERO reason why u had to do that other than to startle the viewer. fuck u. fuck all the movies that do that bc its popular and cant create tension and interest in a scene. if i wanted to be startled i wouldve watched a horror movie or something that would thrill me. just stop. i dont enjoy getting scared, i dont like hearing my heartbeat thru my ears, i dont like the embarrassment of practically jumping out of my seat while everyone handles it with ease. fucking stop will ya

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Bawson prompt: Ginny having a bad day, mike bringing food to her hotel room, they fall asleep together & wake up cuddling (smut if you want)

Okay, so I tweaked a few things, and while I almost always want smut, I couldn’t get my brain to go there this time around. perhaps next time?

baseball is pretty good too | ao3

Ginny’d been so excited to start training again. The ten weeks between her collapse on the field and her first time back on the mound was the longest she’d gone without picking up a ball since the accident. 

Then, she couldn’t force herself to confront the game. Now, she wasn’t allowed to.

She’d practically skipped into her first bullpen session. Her physical therapist had been a little leery of starting a throwing regimen so quickly, but Ginny’d finally hounded him into agreeing. So what if a few of the exercises still gave her a little trouble? They were mostly for conditioning, rebuilding strength. What better way to condition than put her arm through the motions?

Because, really. If Ginny had to go one more day without getting on the mound, she was pretty sure she was going to scream or cry or both.

Which, funnily enough, was exactly what she wanted to do upon waking the morning after that work out.

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*In Flynn Riders voice* Hi *smolder* XD okay Okay, enough jokes Lol, can you do HCs about Johnny before, during, and after his wedding ceremony? I love you btw thanks!!!!

YES, YES I CAN AND BTW *in Flynn Rider’s voice* Here comes the smolder *smolder*

- this little bug would be so nervous
- he would be practicing his vows and like straightening out is outfit a billion times
- ‘But Pony what if she changes her mind? Do you know how embarrassing it would be if I had to stand there and wait for someone who already left to go marry some other guy from like Italy and they already have three kids together, and oh my god im gonna pass out Pone.’
- pep talks with himself
- Pony would be so done with this dramatic little nut
- 'kid you don’t wanna keep ur wife waiting.’
- 'shit.’

- then the music would start
- he would start shaking
- Honestly Dallas is such an ass he would probably be standing there laughing
- okokokokokokok when u would walk out he would let out this breath and a little smile
- ok he would like mouth 'I love you’ while the person would be talking and u would like blush soooo hard
- when it would come to the kiss the bride let he would be so blushy and cute and like grab ur face with both his hands and just kiss ya

- he would be all 😏😏
- his hand would never leave your waist
- so giggly and cute oK????
- 'we are MARRIED. Like actually married. You can’t leave me anymore.’
- he will kiss u every other fucking minute
- will never leave ur sight the entire night
- tbh y'all were too tired to do anything that night

Going Official High School AU (Pharmercy)

Summary: Cheer Captain Mercy finds her relationship with Star Basketball player Pharah getting a little rocky. 

Rating: PG

Pairing: Mercy x Pharah

Requests: Open

The rustle of pom-poms and the sound of sneakers on the floor echoed through the gym. Practice was as strenuous as usual, their coach Zarya pushing them far past their limits. Not many, if any, cheerleading coaches ever incorporated putting weights into Pom-pops but Zarya did…

“Weight lifting builds character and brings home medals. You’ll be best cheer team in no time.”

The pink haired woman could probably bench press half the cheer team, at the same time. When their old coach retired the Russian woman had stepped in, and her training was harsh but it did bring back plenty of trophies for the school. Even when they were out of season the cheer team kept up the same routine, and drills. The only respite they received from in between practices was when they went and cheered at games. Football, Basketball, and Baseball they were at every game because,

“Unity builds strong school. Every team must be cheered for, so every team wins.”

Or something like that was said in a thick Russian accent, that in all honesty the cheer team had forgotten just what she was saying as they struggled to recover from one drill to the next. Practice was strenuous but they enjoyed it none the less, and at their school the cheer team was associated in a clique that one might consider the “populars”. After all, they were had gone to nationals and competed, and brought back more trophies and medals than any other cheer team in the state.

Despite the negative stereotype often associated with a “popular” image or being in a corresponding clique, many of those on the cheer team were pleasant to be around. That and many of them hardly fit into the negative popular stereotype. Freshman Hana was a complete gaming nerd with a fiercely competitive streak, she was one of the teams fliers. There was also Amelie, a foreign transfer student who might have fit into the “mean girl” stereotype if not for her edgy persona and way of dress. Mei was the sweetheart of the team, a Junior at their school she was one of the bases and the best at science. Then there was the Team Captain herself-

Angela Ziegler

Blonder hair, blue eyes and the brightest smile, Angela had been on the team for four years. Working hard to make her way to the top, and she was the sweetest thing all the while. Also one of the fliers for the team she was skilled to say the least, but her ability to lead and her kindness is what had landed her the position in the first place. She loved her team with all her heart, even the occasionally gremlin like freshman Hana, and the distant edgy Amelie. Yet somehow try as she might there were some misguided stereotypes that the closed minded would cling to.

High School was a place in which rumors would fly, and stories were spread often times growing more elaborate with each retelling. Angela had a number of stories associated with her, none of which were true. She supposed it came with the territory. Being the team-captain of their successful and very visible cheer team meant that it was unavoidable. She was there cheering at every game, in front of countless other students. Rumors would fly and the smallest of actions could be misconstrued. That was why for the longest time, and still to some extent most of the school believed her to be dating the star quarterback of the football team.

Jack Morrison, Senior, and quarterback for the varsity football team was one of the most desirable guys on campus. Blonde hair, blue eyes, and an excellent build after four years of football made him the golden boy of the school. Topping it off with a nice personality, Jack had a number of girls pining after him. While, Angela could see the appeal to Jack, and the Cheerleader and quarterback romance was a prominent cliche, Angela unfortunately had no desire to date him. If anything the rumor about the two of them going out together had become a great inconvenience when trying to convince a certain girl that she was in fact available to date.

Fareeha, or “Pharah” as friends called her after a substitute had butchered her name into Pharah, was a junior on the varsity basketball team. She was essentially the star player, and there was no doubt that next year she would be team captain. Always serious, and somewhat quiet save for barking out the occasional order Pharah was considered “mysterious” by her peers. After cheering at a number of her games it didn’t take long for Angela to be smitten with the junior star of the team, who could jump higher than anyone else.

Though the feelings between them were mutual, it took a great deal of convincing on Angela’s part to get Pharah to realize that she was not dating Jack Morrison, and that she’d love nothing more than to date Pharah. After some convincing the two were essentially dating but… They hadn’t exactly gone official with their relationship but Angela wasn’t one to push things, certain that when Pharah was comfortable the two of them would go official. Until then she attended every basketball game, and cheered louder than the whole squad combined when Pharah dunked a ball, or scored a basket. Honestly, she cheered when Pharah just about did anything. The dark haired woman could do no wrong to Angela, and truth be told the cheerleader was head over heels for her.

“Weird. She’s not picking up her phone.”

“What your petite amie’s not picking up?”

“Hey can-it Baguette or else I’ll call Leeeeeeeenaaa~!”

“Come on you know Amelie doesn’t like it when you bring up Lena.”

Angela slipped her phone into her pocket after sending a quick text to Pharah, “Where are you?” before paying attention to her fellow cheerleaders. Amelie had an affair of sorts going on with a certain track runner by the name of Lena. The two had bickered from day one, and now Hana had taken it upon herself to tease Amelie with Lena whenever she could. Mei was the only one who made an attempt to keep the team at peace when Angela was busy.

“I’m sure she’s just hung up at practice is all. You guys head on home before Coach Zarya see’s us and decides we need more training. And please don’t bug Amelie with Lena-” That had made the three girls get moving with a call of goodbye to their team captain. Turning back towards the gymnasium, Angela decided to search for her elusive junior. Certain that Pharah probably got stuck at practice Angela wasn’t too concerned just yet.

“She wasn’t in there either… I always give Pharah a ride home… Weird…”

Nibbling her lip in thought, Angela pulled her phone out once more sending another quick text as she made her way towards the parking lot. “Do you need a ride home or did someone else take you? : ( ” Driving Pharah home was their bonding time, and the least Pharah could do was tell her if she was getting a ride home from another friend. Right? A knot of worry formed in her stomach, already coming up with silly scenarios that she knew to be untrue. Did she do something to upset Pharah recently? Was Pharah mad at her? The worst of all was:

Had Pharah found someone else?

“Don’t be silly Angela. We’ve been together for a couple of months. Well, not officially together but we’re together. Pharah isn’t the type to cheat on-”

All small self reassurances were tossed out the window as the blonde made her way to her car, a sight not too far off in the distance catching her eye. Under normal circumstances she wouldn’t have paid the sight any mind, and would have walked to her car as blissful as usual. Yet alone and concerned for Pharah, Angela found herself more attentive than normal. Which is why she quickly noticed an unfamiliar motorcycle parked in the visitor section of the school.

Black and expensive, but worn with dirt and scratches, the motorcycle had clearly seen better days. It was an odd sight considering no one at their somewhat small school rode a motorcycle, let alone owned one. Especially, not something so expensive looking. There was also a number of stickers on the bike, most of them random and only a few really sticking out. “Route 66” and “Deadlock Gang” were two that had immediately caught Angela’s eye.

The motorcycle itself was what had initially caught her eye but its owner, was what kept her attention. Tall, gruff, and rugged the man leaning against his bike was not someone from around the school, or even the state. Leather jacket, cowboy boots complete with spurs, and a cowboy hat rested atop his head. He was a man straight out of the south- and he was also a man who was holding Pharah in his arms. Embraced together, Pharah’s face was burrowed into his chest, arms wrapped around his waist, and in turn his own arms were wrapped tightly about her torso holding her close to him.

That was the day Angela Ziegler stopped talking to Pharah

She had been hurt, her heart felt like it was torn into two pieces. Things that she had previously overlooked suddenly started to make sense now. Was that why she hadn’t wanted to go official? This entire time Pharah was having an affair with an older man? A cowboy from god knows where? He was probably involved in some gang or other! Angela had spent a whole night pacing her room with worry, concocting outlandish possibilities as to where and how they met, how long the affair had been going on, and just what the two of them have done together.

“I probably wasn’t even her first kiss.”

Hurt gave way to bitterness, it was easier to be angry than to be sad. Even worse was when Pharah had finally replied to her texts that night, only Angela told herself she would not reply, and so she began to ignore Pharah. First text messages went unopened, and unanswered. Then calls were never picked up and avoiding her digitally eventually turned into avoiding her in reality. The bright and happy cheer captain, who attended every game no matter what no longer showed up to the varsity basketball games, but made it a point to attend every other game. If she was hurt then she would damn well make sure that she hurt Pharah back, if her junior even cared at this point.

“Probably not…”

Her change in attitude and attendance had not gone unnoticed by her team. Many of them trying to talk to her about the situation but none of them getting the time of day from Angela. In terms of attitude and general bitterness, she had given Amelie a run for her money. Her team was forced to become as miserable as her, not that Angela minded. If she was hurt and suffering then she didn’t care if they were too. There was something about the idea of others going through the same pain that suddenly made her own pain almost bearable, almost. Whatever guilt she felt for them was swallowed or ignored, she was upset and she wasn’t going to stop being upset until-


A familiar shout rang across the gym, causing the blonde to freeze as well as her teammates, who by now had a good guess as to why their captain had become so moody. The other cheerleaders, Amelie, Hana, and Mei included were quick to flee the scene. Even Angela tried to slip away but another shout of her name had her frozen in place,

“Angela! Why are you avoiding me!?”

“Don’t turn around, if you look at her you’ll be tricked.” Angela told herself, already shaking, biting her lip out of habit, “Like you should be the one asking questions!” Her voice sounded unfamiliar to her own ears, so bitter and cold it was completely unlike her. It even gave Pharah pause but she pushed through, determined to get to the bottom of Angela’s sudden change in mood.

“What do you mean?”

“I know you’ve been cheating on me, I saw you the other day in the parking lot with, with that man.” Suddenly her voice wasn’t so strong or so bitter anymore. There was a shake to it, almost shaking in time with her body. “C'mon don’t cry Ziegler, you have to be strong.” She tried to mentally reassure herself, she was always so quick to cry, too emotional for her own good. Yet tears were already welling up in her eyes, and her body was convulsing ready to start sobbing so hard that she couldn’t really breathe properly.

“Angela, face me.”

She shook her head a silent, “No.” because her voice was going to fail her.

“I mean it Angela look at me.”

Again she shook her head knowing that if she looked she’d lose it. She’d cry and be weak, certain that Pharah, her once noble Pharah would poke fun at her, mock her for her tears, tell her that the cowboy was better than her-

Suddenly, hands were on her shoulders forcing her to turn around, tear filled blue met a warm brown. “I’m not cheating on you, Angela.” She smiled, smiles were always rare from Pharah and it warmed her heart- No! She shook her head, sniffling more, blinking away tears. She was lying! “Come on sit down, Angela-” Again she shook her head but Pharah pushed her back with ease, making her sit down on the bleachers, her trembling legs giving out on her. “Look at me Angela I mean it. Remember when you had to convince me that you weren’t dating Jack? Well, I’m about to do the same thing right now.” Pharah was kneeling before her, reminiscent of a knight in Angela’s head-

“That man you saw, that’s my brother.”


“Yes, he was my brother.”

“Y-You’re lying, you don’t have a brother, you never mentioned-”

“He’s adopted. He hasn’t really been around for a long time. He ran off a few years ago after my mom told him he was adopted. Joined some gang or other, and roamed the Midwest trying to find himself I guess.”

“…Then why is he?”

“Well, you know how my mom….” Died was unspoken, Pharah herself not quite yet comfortable with saying it out loud, the whole subject a sensitive matter, “He caught wind of it and came down here as soon as he heard. This is my first time seeing him in a few years. He felt bad not being here for me after it happened, and for not making peace with my mom before MMPH!” Pharah was cut off as Angela wrapped her in a warm albeit crushing embrace.

“I’m so sorry, I’m sorry I was so awful to you. I was convinced you were dating that Clint Eastwood look alike. I mean I’d understand why you would have left me for him. Oh god I don’t know how you’d ever want to date me after this. I assumed when I should have asked-” A pair of lips found hers before she could continue apologizing or rambling as she was prone to when upset. They didn’t kiss often, Angela always the one initiating a kiss so to have Pharah suddenly kissing her was a change of pace, leaving the blonde more than a little flustered.

“Don’t worry about it, I was way more pig-headed then you were when you had to convince me you weren’t dating someone.” A faint flush covered Pharah’s cheeks, the junior opening up more and more than she had ever before. It almost made Angela feel worse but luckily Pharah was quick to put a stop to any self-pitying, “I want you to meet my brother. I don’t want to introduce you as my friend either. I want you to meet him as my girlfriend and-” Their eyes met, Pharah smiling her rare but beautiful smile and the next words that left her lips made Angela’s heart flutter,

“I want us to go official.”

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yo yo yo do you have any marching band AU's anywhere

  • “I’ve been playing the trumpet for years now, and although brass usually gets a bad wrap in the ‘band industry,’ I honestly don’t think it’s necessary to always quite literally wrap our cases in plastic wrap…looking at you, woodwinds.” AU
  • “While we were marching in formation I accidentally stepped on the back of your heel and knocked everyone down…many apologies…” AU
  • “Who says that marching band isn’t a sport? We don’t care about the technicalities - we will call our conductor ‘coach’ for as long as we need to in order to be allowed to have a huge cooler of Gatorade on site.” AU
  • “This…is not…the art room. Wait what are you – NO PLEASE STOP I DO NOT NEED THE EYE OF THE TIGER GREETING” AU
  • “Someone set fire to the adjoining room by accident and we’re locked into the practice room without a way to escape - no, dude, we are not like the quartet on the Titanic, now help me open this stupid window…blockhead…” AU
  • “There’s a new rule about no cell phones in the band room, which was implemented after this one time where the conductor couldn’t find the fifteen people who were perfectly playing pitched  and toned fart noises on their phones in time with the music” AU
  • “In the most recent parade, we were rounding the corner when we saw the ice cream truck in the distance. Not even kidding, it was like a hive mind, and we all made a beeline for that truck in perfect formation while someone covered by playing ‘Ice Cream Man’ by Van Halen on their flute” AU
  • “The marching band decided to have a retreat to a lake this year…well, this is definitely going to go well.” AU

Prompt #65: “If I ever see you anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me!”

Thanks to @mycapt-ohcapt for helping me get ideas!

This story features Chris and his daughter Adelaide from my story Perfectly Imperfect.

Chris had spent the morning in his office running through lines for his upcoming audition, but now he needed to practice with someone else. Leaving the room, he searched the house looking for his wife, Wren, only to find her and their newborn baby both asleep in the bedroom.

Knowing how badly Wren needed the sleep, he closed the door to the bedroom and headed back down to his office. He had just decided to call his sister when Addy came into his office with one of her Barbie dolls.

“Hi, daddy,” she said. “Will you play with me?”

“I’d love to, bug, but I’m trying to learn my lines,” he told her. “I have to find someone to read them with me.”

“Can I read them with you?” she asked. “Momma taught me how to read and I read to the baby every night with momma.”

Chris studied her for a moment, she was right, Wren had taught her to read and she was already reading at a second grade level despite only being a kindergartener. He knew the two pages of dialogue didn’t have anything in them that would be inappropriate for her.

“Alright,” he said. “Give me your best impression of grandpa’s voice.”

The little girl rubbed her chin for a moment before she tilted her head down and did her best impression of his dad’s face. Then she opened her mouth and made Chris laugh with her attempt at a deep voice.

“Alright, bug, you’ve got yourself a job,” he said. He picked her up and put her on his desk. “This is the only time you are allowed to stand on my desk, capeesh?”

“Capeesh!” she echoed.

“Ok,” Chris said, grabbing the script. “My lines are in yellow. I need you to read the other lines in your grandpa voice, ok?”

“So I’m first?” she asked, looking at the page.

“That’s right.” Chris nodded. “You can start whenever.”

The little girl took a deep breath and then contorted her face. “If I ever see you anywhere near her, you’ll have to deal with me!” she read in her pretend deep voice. Chris couldn’t help, but laugh again. The little girl, however, furrowed her brow. “Daddy, you aren’t supposed to laugh here.”

“You’re right, bug,” Chris said, sobering. “Ok, I’ll do my line now.” He cleared his throat and recited his line.

They went back and forth until the lines were done.

“That’s it?” she asked. He nodded. “It’s going to be a short movie.”

Chris chuckled and then explained, “this is just the audition. So it’s only one scene.”

“Ooh,” the little girl vocalized. “Can we play Barbie’s now?”

“How about we watch a Barbie movie instead,” Chris suggested.

“Can I have popcorn?” Addy asked. Chris nodded. “YES!”

Writing Prompts (listed for reference only, no longer taking requests)

Masterlist:  Becca’s Memorial Day Weekend Writing Prompts

It’s been about six months since I had bed bugs.

God that’s actually one of the scariest things for me to write or publish on the internet because for some reason it feels even more shameful and like you will judge me than anything about my weight.  (Which I guess is an eating disorder win, right?!)

And I realized, as everyone is panicking about bedbugs on Facebook and on the news right now, that potentially it wouldn’t be bad practice in honesty and using this blog that I rarely use anymore to help someone out there feel less alone, less ashamed, and less freaked out.

I got bed bugs. I spent a lot of money, but I survived. They’re gone (I am kind of superstitious so saying that feels like I am just asking them to come back but I’m going to write it anyway) and I can sleep again.

The Discovery:

I lived with a roommate in South Philadelphia and we moved to a beautifully newly renovated bi-level apartment in March.  It was pretty and there was a cool blue wall on the staircase (there still is, the apartment still exists) and we were pretty thrilled to be in a bigger, lighter place.

In May, my roommate started breaking out in what we thought were hives. She gets anxiety hives, and work was stressful, so we just chalked it up to that. She sent me and my mom pictures of her bumps and saw a doctor and we just assumed hives. I wasn’t having any reaction to anything, so it wasn’t much of a worry.

In June, when I was in California, Roommate called and told me she’d found a bug and it was a bed bug. Turns out they’re pretty easy to see, she found a live bug crawling on the bed and began calling exterminators. She found the Best in Philadelphia exterminator, and it would be 1200 dollars to heat-treat the whole apartment. I was in a wedding, so I tried not to think about it. We treated the apartment. I basically moved out to my boyfriend’s. I washed all our clothes in hot hot water. Skirts were shorter, shorts were a little tight, but hey, it was summer. We thought everything was fine.

Then, perhaps from Boyfriend’s job (in-home therapist) or from something I brought over, in August I was changing our sheets before a weekend in New York and saw a bug. And then I checked the corner of the bed, and there they were, those tell-tale little black dots. Like thin sharpie marks on our bed. And I panicked. And sobbed. And called the same exterminator who worked on the other apartment.

Bleh just writing about it is terrifying. So onto the next part of this entry. I obviously still have some bug PTSD (Excuse me while I start to feel itchy). 

What to look for:

Not all bugs are bed bugs. Since the bed bug debacle, I have found a handful of bugs in/around my bed that I panic, send photos to my great exterminator, and are just normal house bugs. So make sure you identify it. Keep the bug in a plastic bag, tightly shut and call an exterminator and have them look at it.  Check your bed when you change your sheets (I check weekly).  Look for tiny black dots that smear a little when you touch them. They really look like sharpies. They like to stay on the seams of the bed or in the corners, but also check your mattress top for any blood stains. We found them early, a 3/10 infestation, and were able to fix it. 

What to do:

Don’t do what I did. I freaked the fuck out. I sobbed and cried and rocked back and forth and read 18 hours of bed bug websites in the days after we found them. I would recommend not doing that. It did not help.

DO call the best exterminator. If you live in a city, there will be a bunch of exterminators who are good at bed bug extermination now. And do what they tell you. Bed bugs are sneaky little fuckers, and it’s worth spending the money to do the most effective treatment insteado   using pesticides that won’t actually kill them and then you’ve wasted 300 some dollars and still have a bug problem. Don’t touch things, because bed bugs seem to have a way of knowing that you are going after them and if you alert them they could hide somewhere else and you have a bigger problem. Call a professional. It is worth the money.

Our exterminator was voted Best in Philly for bed bug extermination. They were extremely kind, unlike the large name companies I spoke with. And they did a multiple approach treatment: they did the heat treatment (basically they heated our entire apartment to 140-150 degrees for 8 hours, and every 15 minutes came in with these steam guns and steamed the shit out of the bed, corners, dressers, everywhere) and they also put pesticide in the walls so if any smart bed bugs went into the walls to avoid the heat, they’d die anyway.

What does the treatment entail?

Take everything out of the apartment that could melt. Take everything off the walls and push all furniture etc. 2 feet away from the walls. De-clutter (the boyfriend is crazy clean so that wasn’t a huge issue), take electric sockets off if possible, remove all animals for many days. Take all important valuables out. Bring all luggage out and open to be treated. Stay out of the house all day. 

So on a Tuesday morning in the end of August, the bed bug killers came. We signed our life away, I handed most of my savings to the exterminator in cash (1,200 dollars). When I came back, it was 106 degrees inside and the apartment looked like it had been ransacked. Our neighbors were pretty curious, their walls were hot from our treatment. We said it was just termites. Everything was turned over, pulled out of drawers, pushed around from steamers and whatever else they did. One picture frame was broken, but small price to pay for bug-free-ness, I think.  That night, we spent a few hours putting things back in order.  I didn’t want to, in case we had to have ANOTHER TREATMENT because that one didn’t work.  Boyfriend said that aws not reasonable. I found a cockroach hiding under a bag and flipped out, but the exterminator called me and was very kind and eventually I calmed down a little bit because he was confident they got them all and also, I have klonipin because i have an anxiety disorder.

In those three days, I took 14 klonipin. I usually take 1.5 per day. On the bug-finding day, I took 10. And was STILL panicking. Thank god for on-call psychiatrists. 

The exterminator assured me we could keep our mattress.You pay the expensive money so that you don’t have to get a new mattress. But the room and the mattress were haunted to me now and there was no way I could do it. They don’t really tell you about the psychological PANIC that can accompany these critters. I had trouble going into our bedroom. We slept on an air mattress on the floor in the living room (I wouldn’t sleep on the couch because I had read too much about bed bugs and heard that they are attracted to your breath and I didn’t want them on the couch) for a week. I cleaned everything in the bedroom with bleach and vacuumed everything, standing in the room and crying and cleaning. Panicking. Anxiety and bugs and the internet are a pretty terrible combination.

So then we decided to just throw out the bed. It was labor day weekend, and there were sales, and I couldn’t get it together, so we thought we should just start fresh. So although I was panicky that we would transfer some surviving bed bugs from the bed onto our carpet (although they were all gone), we took the bed outside, I wrote DO NOT TAKE and drew a bug on it, and in a week or so it was gone. We went to a department store and bought a new mattress. I asked a lot of questions to the sale’s man about how they assure there will be no bed bugs on the mattress, especially since they deliver and pick up mattresses. He assured me the mattresses are wrapped in plastic and not opened from the warehouse to our apartment and the boyfriend reminded me things would be fine and I signed up for my first credit card and we bought a mattress.

And we also invested in a bed-bug cover that we put on the second the mattress was unwrapped.  It keeps the bugs in? Or something? And shows their poop and stuff if you have them again, so they can’t get into the mattress. It was 50 dollars, my mother purchased it for us. I also got pillow covers. They’re itchy, but worth it, I think.

Also, we washed everything. I washed all of our clothes in burning hot water and through the dryer on super hot for an hour. Everything. Did things get ruined? Yes. Is it worth it for peace of mind? I think so. It sucks now because I can’t tell if my jeans are tight because I gained holiday weight or if they are tight from being washed in burning hot water and in the dryer for 2 hours for the first time ever. My nutritionist says I should just buy new jeans, so I think I’ll do that eventually.

Stay off of the websites. Seriously, do it. Be vigilant, obviously,  and vacuum and check your bed, but the websites don’t help. I took sleeping pills for about a month and a half and checked the bed obsessively. My therapist and I worked on slowly checking less. I got down to once a week. Now I only check every month, when I make the boyfriend lift the mattress and I check every corner of the bed. I am sleeping without pills through the night. I put a pillow in the corner where the bugs were (they were on my side of the bed) still, but sometimes I forget to now. Unfortunately, boyfriend and I don’t show bites. But we had his parents visit us, and they do, and slept on our bed, bite-free. That was helpful.

We didn’t tell anyone, other than my close friends, because it’s so embarrassing and shameful and scary and anxiety provoking. But I kind of wish we had, because I don’t know who else has suffered and I now am a bed bug expert. I know what they look like and I know how to treat them.

I realize my survival method is dependent on income. We spent $1200 on treatment, $50 on clothes washing, $1100 on a new mattress, around $150 buying new things that I threw out (pillows, pillow covers, etc.). So total, we spent around $2500 total. And then if you include my therapy, which I was going to anyway but went to more, that was another 300 some dollars to make sure I got through the weeks without losing my shit. (And I still did). If you don’t have money, there are lots of ways to deal with them without spending your savings on it, at least the websites say so, but this is what worked for us.

So it’s been about six months, and we are bug free. I am sleeping again. I did make us change hotels in Vegas, buying a new hotel room on the plane with the wifi after realizing I hadn’t googled bed bugs in Vegas and there were a few alerts of them in the hotel that a friend had booked. Luggage does not go on beds ever anymore. Sometimes I have momentary PANIC when I’m in a public place (like this weekend when we were in the movie theatre watching Anchorman 2) but then I realize that even if, worst case scenario, it happened again? I know how to treat it. And it seems like it’s just something that is growing. So be careful, but don’t lose your mind. I survived them. You can too.

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▲ *hands you a huge bottle of Morton's salt*

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Accepting | @lynchthedove 
*Happily TAKES the huge bottle of Morton’s salt*

       I’m a big time speaker of respecting people, and respecting what they choose to do, and the best course that needs to be taken toward peace. And I try my best to follow that belief. I do. But I’m not perfect, I never said anywhere that I was. I get angry, I get peeved. BUT I make damn sure that i practice what I fucking PREACH.

       It bugs me so much when someone reaches out with posts left and right; talk it out, just IM, just go to your inbox, just have a chat like adults. If you have a problem talk it out, I’m willing to listen and we can solve this. But when it comes down to it the individual pining and crowing about that particular thing turns around and does EXACTLY what they were just talking against about 5 seconds ago.

      And this also applies to people who do false white knight-ing. And by that I mean, play the hero, play the savior of positivity, the force of goodness, the PILLAR of strength. When you flip the mask over it’s actually THEM that’s causing all the problems. (vaguing, ignoring, sending self hate, being two faced by acting like everything is alright here but be passive aggressive here and there, LYING ABOUT PEOPLE TO VICTIMIZE THEMSELVES and for some reason thinking it’s this vs them, the list goes on).

      Just practice what you preach, it’s not hard. Just literally POP into the IM’s, INBOX, w/e, and talk it out. I’ve talked to so many people and come to so many good conclusions and set problems aside for the better. I know it feels awkward at first but when it’s a friendship, or w/e, that is at stake. I think a little awkwardness is worth getting over for the sake of peace.


포문을 여는 민슈가 #침침생축ㅎ

Firing the first gun is Min Suga #ChimChimHappyBday

T/N: He means he is the first to tweet for Jimin’s birthday

Suga’s letter to Jimin:

안녕 지민아 윤기형이야
연습생때부터 연습벌레였던 지민이
생일만큼은 연습하지 말고 쉬거라 허허
항상 노력하고 발전하는 지민이
정말 많이 늘었고 더 늘거라 믿는다
지금처럼 열심히 노력하면 분명 더 멋진
가수 지민이가 될 수 있을거야
항상 노력해줘서 고맙고 사랑한다
-슈가슈가 민슈가형이-

Hi Jimin-ah, it’s Yoongi hyung
Jiminnie who was a practice bug* since [our] trainee days
Please don’t practice on your birthday and just rest haha
Jiminnie who is always working hard and growing
You’ve improved so much and I believe that you will continue to improve
If you continue to work this hard, there is no doubt that you will become a cooler singer Jimin
Thank you for always working hard and I love you
- From. Suga Suga Min Suga hyung - 

* 연습벌레 (practice bug) Someone who is constantly practicing

Trans cr; Christie & Mary @ bts-trans 


Son Sungdeuk about each BTS member.

Rap Monster dresses well. I couldn’t believe his visual (T/N: it was bad) when I first saw him, but he’s really become cool/stylish. Ha ha. He has a lot of interest in clothing, and he’s really become the most cool/stylish (out of the other members). He (now) gives off the ‘leader aura’ as the leader, and he has charisma too.

Suga’s thinking is really deep. He’s very well-mannered (T/N: can also mean gentle, respectable, like a ‘gentleman’). Out of all of them, it’s easiest to communicate with him (T/N: they understand each other the best / Suga ‘gets’ him the most).

Jin, since he’s the eldest hyung, used to be sly (T/N: can also mean slighly prideful or stiff in terms of associating with others) but we talk a lot (now). He used to be the one who got in the most trouble (was called out/punished the most) but now we’re comfortable (with each other) and we’ve become close. He’s become mature. He’s really positive.

Jungkookie is really innocent (T/N: can also mean pure, genuine). He hasn’t changed any since debut. He’s the same 15 year old Jungkookie that I met on the first day (that first time). His body has become that of a man (though).

I’m really thankful toward J-Hope. It must (definitely) be difficult (T/N: referring to J-Hope being the dance leader) but he’s dependable (reliable). Rap Monster is the leader for the team itself, but in terms of dance, J-Hope’s the one who, more than any of the other members, is the/our greatest strength. He organizes everything on his own.

Jiminnie has a lot of good/positive aspirations (T/N: actual word is ‘greed’ but since that has a negative connotation, I changed it). He’s a work bug (T/N: Korean expression for someone who’s always working diligently). Even now, he practices singing a lot. He practices to fill in the things he believes are lacking (in himself). He stays behind and practices (too).

V also has a blank/dazed charm. I/we also laugh a lot because of V. When they’re learning the choreography, he thinks (for us) about what else he can do for his part. His sense is no joke (T/N: it’s really good) (T/N: ‘sense’ also means ‘talent,’ refers to how quickly he picks up/learns the dance and how well he notices what is missing/what could be added; good ‘sense’). V has good memory too. He does have talent in dancing (to an extent). 

Read the whole interview.

51. Confession.

Mark: “Can I… confess something?” Your eyes widened. It was rare of you to encounter moments like this, and the fact that it was with Mark, someone you have been talking to for the past few months, made you a bit anxious. He scooted his chair across from yours closer, making your heart beat even faster. With the inhale of air into his lungs, you grasped onto your chair. “There’s a piece of lettuce between your teeth and it’s been bugging me.”

Jaebum: “We need to talk,” he sighed. Those four words practically made your heart stop. You knew it was happening, you knew it was going to happen one way or another eventually, but you didn’t want to admit it. You kept denying it. And when the following words left his mouth, you were speechless. The confession he admitted made you shut your eyes, trying to hold back the tears. You wish you were dreaming, but you weren’t. He tried to offer a hand, but you swatted it away, walking away, not looking back as your heart ached.

Jackson: "I need to tell you something,” he confessed. He leaned back in his seat. “There’s someone I’m interested in.” You nodded, internally crushed, seeing that you were growing fond of him. He sighed “It’s just… what if they don’t like me back?” You tilted your head and gave him a warm smile, suggesting that he should confess anyway so he’ll have no regrets. He agreed to call them and, suddenly, you felt your phone ring.

Jinyoung: “There’s something I need to get off of my chest.” He looked at you, his eyes making you concerned. You two have been in a relationship for quite some time now, and you saw nothing too bad between you two, but maybe he did. Could he? He was always one to speak his mind but was he hiding something? “Please don’t get mad at me,” he pouted. He sighed as he straightened his back. “That sweater you bought me for my birthday? I re-gifted it to Mark… Sorry, it isn’t my style.”

Youngjae: “I’ve been meaning to tell you,” he paused, watching you look up as you were sipping your drink. He stiffened, making his hands into fists on his thighs under the table. Should he tell you? Should he not? He wasn’t sure what to do. You asked what was wrong and he shook himself back to reality. “Y-you…” You tilted your head as he groaned to himself. “Hang on,” he stood up, fixing your hair to get a better look at your face and he tilted your chin up as your eyes met and he grinned. “There, I can admire you better.”

Bam Bam: "I’m just gonna say it!” You looked around, face flustered, at all the faces staring at the two of you. A bit (really) embarrassed, you quickly pulled him back down to his seat as you pressed your pointer to his mouth and shushed him. The bystanders continued on with their day and you sighed in relief, glaring back at him, wondering why he had that outburst. “I-I just really need to tell you,” he sighed. “I’m in love with you.”

Yoogyeom: "I don’t know how I should say this,” he scratched the back of his neck, completely flustered by the looks of it. His cheeks were rosy, something that usually happened when he was nervous. He took a deep breath before breathing out and giving you a shy smile. “Y-you…” his mouth was open as you were anticipating what he was going to say next, but he just couldn’t say anything. He looked you over and coughed. “Uh… y-you… I think you’re beautiful.” He squealed, quickly looking away as you sat in shock.


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theamazingcat replied to your post: …

I’m not against sponsorships or ad videos, they gotta make money. I think I’m just sick of the constant pushing of these either totally expensive out of reach brands or these totally shit inexpensive brands like morphe, they’re has to be a balance.

Yeah, I would have less of an issue with sponsorships if not for the fact that people have deals that sort of fall into a gray area and aren’t transparent about quality?  Like, if you do a video about a product and you’re like “this is sponsored” or hashtag an insta photo with #ad or whatever (and in the States at least you’re legally supposed to do that) then cool.  It’s the Jaclyn Hill-type thing that bugs me, where someone will use cheap, shitty products like crazy and either lie about the quality or the business practices of the brand, or evade the truth.  Like, she uses Morphe brushes all the time and talks about how long they last and gets made when people call her out–she wouldn’t know how long their real lasting power is because she gets sent so many that she can toss her brushes as soon as they show the slightest bit of wear, whereas people like us probably want a brush to last.  Or, in my case, if I’m getting something “good for the price” versus “good” I wanna know.  Like… don’t try and tell me a Morphe shadow is on par with an Anastasia shadow, it just isn’t and there’s a reason for that.

I mean, I’ll be upfront and say that I wear a lot of more mid-range brands on my face (at Ulta they’re called ~prestige but lbr there’s shit that’s way more expensive).  I’ve spent waaaay more money on makeup than I should, but I’m not gonna tell someone some $1,000 face mask makes SUCH A DIFFERENCE on my face because it’s made of gold and act like it’s something attainable for everyone.  Or even most people.  It’s a really gross culture, and it’s equally harmful imo to try and sell people on shitty products because you have deals with them while not being transparent about those deals.  I can see through a shill without it being an official sponsorship video, but lots of people who watch beauty gurus are young and can’t.  (Again: Jaclyn is the famous example, but it’s incredible to me that she shills Morphe to such an extent while hardly ever using those products on a daily basis, or using them in an expert way that most people can’t that makes them look better.  She adds setting sprays to foil them, uses a ton of the mattes to build them up…  Meanwhile, if you buy something a bit better you can use them much more easily.)