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I Don’t Mean To: Part I

Here we go. This will be the very first time I have shared anything I have written. Thank you to my amazing hubs for reading, editing, and only smirking a tiny bit. (I couldn’t have handled any outright laughter…fragile ego and everything). I promise I was working on this fic before Andromeda came out. What can I say…movie night is just a great idea. Thank you to @vorchagirl for a brief, “Just keep working on it.” 

Kaidan Alenko x Commander Shepard - Pre-Romance - ME:1

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Part I:

Sitting comfortably on a sofa, drink in hand, Kaidan pondered exactly how he came to be in this moment. Ashley lay to one side of him, hogging the couch, with her feet tucked under his thigh, fast asleep. Shepard was pressed against his side gripping the long empty popcorn bowl against her chest. The day started off the same way most did since joining the Normandy Crew. A mission briefing, gear check, suit up, ship out, hit the ground running. He took pride in the fact that Tavrien Shepard trusted him to watch her six, he was on the ground team nearly every time. Being a skilled medic, tech specialist, and decent with biotics certainly made him an asset. Garrus had, on more than one occasion, jokingly referred to him as “Commander’s pet.” Shepard would take a moment to stare Garrus down, but Kaidan noticed pink tinge her freckled cheeks.  He knew it was fanciful, the great Commander Shepard, military brat, savior of Elysium would never blush for the likes of him.  He was simply another marine in the midst of many. 

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Fic: Epistle [Carolina, Epsilon, Freelancers]

She won’t like that injury part. She never does.

Turns out York’s journal entries weren’t the only Freelancer logs Epsilon recovered.

[Set shortly before Carolina’s reappearance in s12.]

[AO3 | FFN | Fic Tag]


“Shit,” Epsilon says, and then, even less helpfully, “No, wait!”

Carolina stops dead. This is, in later analysis, how the sniper’s bullet misses her heart. What she notices first is the way her muscles protest the speed unit’s emergency shutoff, the crackle of acid through her thighs and calves. She stumbles.

What she notices second is the blood in her mouth.

“Shit,” Epsilon says again, his voice splitting and wavering. “Carolina, you gotta move.”

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"Ex's" and "Oh's"

Warning: this post contains quite a bit of MM, so if that’s not your thing- keep scrolling! I don’t intend on giving her houseroom on my blog after this, but I thought the following would be worth sharing for any shippers who are still confused as to her role in Sam’s life.

The story begins at the October 2014 People Magazine Ones to Watch party. An event hosted to showcase up and coming Hollywood talent. In attendance that evening were Sam and Cait who were making their first public appearance for Outlander, a young actress named Cody Kennedy, and a couple of New York stage actors fresh from filming the Disney movie Into the Woods and looking to get into the Hollywood movie scene; Billy Magnussen and his costar and future (or perhaps current) girlfriend, the recently, or soon to be, divorced Mackenzie Mauzy. Sometime during the evening of networking Sam and met and followed each other on social media.

Flash forward to December 2015. Billy and Mackenzie are very publicly on IG having a holiday skiing in the Swiss alps, then it’s on to Zurich and Paris for the new year. They are a close enough couple that their families are noticing, and following, too. Billy and MM’s mom follow each other on Twitter, and MM’s sister follows him too. Billy’s brother and mother both follow MM on IG, and she follows them back. MM’s mom also follows Billy on IG. And of course Billy and MM follow each other on Twitter and IG. Some of MM’s friends also follow Billy; A writer and her artist husband; Lyndsay Faye and Gabiel Lehner. This couple are also intertwined with another couple who are friends with MM; the woman whose baby M was holding in her recent IG pic, and her husband.

Flash to Easter 2016. Sam has just returned from his world press tour and is in LA, as is Cait, for Outlander season 2 promo. And as is usual whenever Sam is in LA, a certain internet troll starts rumors of “sightings” of Sam with “a girl”. She is short, and tall, with long, and short, hair. And she is blonde. Always. No one ever gets a picture of anyone. And no name is ever put forth; she is, as usual, an enigma.
Until the end of April when Sam goes for his birthday hike in Skye and posts a picture about it on 1 May. By whatever chance a woman that Sam follows on Twitter has posted a picture from Skye three days before. And she is blonde. It is Mackenzie Mauzy who happened to be in Skye so close to Sam’s visit, and the mystery girl with no recognizable features that Purv has been “seeing” everywhere with Sam suddenly has a name. And as simple as that Mackenzie and Sam were now “dating”, and since, except for the holiday trip, Mackenzie and Billy hadn’t been splashing their relationship all over SM it was easy enough to make this coincidence look like something more in the eyes of some fans.

Flash to June 2016. Since April MM and Billy had continued just as they had been doing all along; migrating between coasts, sometimes separately, sometimes together, and their families continued to follow, suggesting that nothing had changed between them-but MM’s IG had been turning into a battleground for Sam’s fans with every post that could even remotely be construed as having anything to do with her “relationship” with Sam- even though the posts themselves in no way suggested that she was in any way involved with Sam.
Until in mid June a picture was posted to a public Facebook page by a Starz producer of Sam and MM having a conversation in a Santa Barbara winery. And the next week a video of MM following Sam as he left his seat after a Dodgers game was given directly to the same internet troll who had started the whole “relationship” rumor. Sam left LA for London shortly after and he and MM did not spend any more time in the same city after that except for what seems to have been a brief stop that Sam made in Montreal in July when MM was filming a movie there. After a fan posted a pic several days after her encounter with Sam, MM posted a pic of herself wearing a hat with the same Patagonia logo as hats that Sam and his friend Marina had been seen in. But just a day before MM posted that hat pic she liked an IG post by Billy of himself, shirtless and holding two eggplants, with the hashtag #kissyou and I really can’t imagine her liking that post if those eggplants, and that kiss, had been intended for any other girl in his life other than her. Seems like she and Billy were still good.

Flash to September 2016 and the family and friends continue with their intertwined following of these two just as they have done since the beginning. And MM posts a pic from NYC just the day after Billy arrives back to the city after the Nomad Games. Several days later she, and then Billy, like an untagged pic of him posted by a charity that she doesn’t follow- and since at this point she was only following Billy on Twitter, and her like was before his, about the only way she could have known about this pic was from Billy himself telling her about it. At present both are still in New York, though only Billy seems to be working.

Since it seems very much like MM and Billy have continued on with their low key relationship throughout this whole “Sam” thing what is going on here with those three “incidents” (winery, baseball game, and the hat pic) that suggested that MM had some connection to Sam?
While I don’t know anything for sure, I have a theory.

I think at some point MM and Sam had been in contact over the issue of his fans suddenly taking over MM’s IG account with their fighting and I am sure he would have explained the situation to her about the troll and the blondes.
I think Sam had been looking for a way to end the constant disruption the troll had been creating in the fandom using women whom he followed on his SM, and with the help of MM and a few other friends he was finally give the opportunity to do just that. And the events of this summer suggest that he took it.
And Sam and MM using friends and acquaintances to get the pic and vid out make sense with this theory too. The whole thing was too low budget to be an official publicity move, and too “in house” with a Starz producer posting the winery pic, and the video likely taken by MM’s friend not posted publicly, but instead going straight to Purv, for the “relationship” to have been an actual one.

This post would not have been possible without the help I was given by a good friend who wishes to remain anonymous, but contributed much to the research needed for this post.

teenwolfwiki asked me: Is it ever okay to share your fic with the talent/crew?

Thanks, TeenWolfWiki, for asking this.  Odd that I didn’t think to address this before now.  I guess I am just bothered that the quesion even exists. Breaks my heart.

“So, is it ever okay to share your fic with the talent/crew?

The Question gets answered in pieces:

  1. Is it ever okay…..  Yes.  I answer unequivocally, because it is Yes, for me.  I’d love to hear or read fic.  Writers must bear in mind, though, that “Is it ever okay” is NOT the same as “Is it always okay….”  which leads me to the next part;

  2. Every day I still work on the notion that just because I think it, does not mean I have to vocalize it at the moment it spawns in my brain.  Obviously, you know me as one who speaks her mind.  Yet, when to speak and when to hold one’s tongue is an indication of sensitivity, consideration and respect for other humans with whom we must co-exist.  Let me be specific with an innocuous example:  If you want to share with me what you thought of the way some movie ended, I might ask you to wait until we’re not standing in front of other people who haven’t yet seen it.  Doesn’t make me ashamed or timid; makes me conscientious.  Savvy?

  3. The next part of the question is pivotal:  “Your fic”…by which I know you, TWWiki, mean the author sharing their own writing.  Yes and only if it’s indeed YOUR fic.  It s a violation of the author’s rights to reproduce (by reading out loud, for example)  a piece of their work in a publically accessible venue.  …which frankly, in this day age is any place is public (“Hi, Social Media!  I know you hear me!  ;)

  4. Perhaps most important to me, though, is HOW said fic is shared.  Blindsiding a talent/crew member with fic is rude, selfish, thoughtless, and disrespectfuL IF the writing is known to make the person to whom they want to read is uncomfortable.  This is particularly infuriating to me right now (I just posted a comment on a recent contentious YouTube Vid and am awaiting one last bit of information to take big next steps to cut down the violator *clenches teeth.*  I’ll post about THAT soon, don’t worry >.<

  5. Also, trigger alerts apply when sharing fic with anyone, right?  Then the same courtesy must apply to sharing with Talent/Crew.  People don’t know my triggers.  If someone stands up during a Q&A, for example, and starts reading me something that spins me sideways, I’m going to have a big problem and likely have a temper tantrum :D  Just sayin’.  

  6. There’s probably more, but nothing  more that I can think of this very moment.  

  7. Does that mostly answer your question?  If something’s unclear, just let me know! Plus, I’m super sleepy right now and so may not be very articulate. If so, I’ll clear it up soon.

Thanks again, teenwolfwiki, for asking the smart, relevant questions. You keep me on my toes :)

with Love and Respect,