i will be tripping balls


decided to draw some of my faves over the years. apparently my thing is guys who think they’re cool but are actually huge losers…. and then there’s oot link who’s just too good for this world.

check out the pic captions for names & series 8′)

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: i… i still can’t believe star, in canon, actually fell for marco? i didn’t expect that? all this time, i could have sworn marco would be the one to do so. with episodes such as the blood moon ball… and camping trip… i honest to god thought marco was head over heels for her? jackie fell out of the plot for a while, and star always seemed so indifferent to marco (other than being a good friend)? but in the end it makes sense. who wouldn’t fall for marco. i know i would have. nefcy fucking caught me with my hands on my ass. she got me. she tricked me and it all makes so much sense and i’m Ready for what else is gonna happen in this show……. whew…..


Twist and spark up a joint & smoke out the bong.

Drink a few beers, we were just playing along.

We were all young and didn’t understand.

Addiction sneaks up & snatches our hand.

Going to parties and living it up.

Playing beer pong, we’re so grown up.

Time’s flying by, the seasons are changing.

Looking in the mirror saying, I’m the one changing.

Eating mushrooms and LSD tabs.

Tripping balls off at six fucking flags.

Popping the pills that your mom was hiding.

Feeling fucking good and pretty undecided.

Now you like that high and you’re looking for more.

Mom’s catching on and now there ain’t no more.

Drop all your friends that just smoke and drink.

I wanna be high now lets fucking tweak.

Introduced to cocaine, I was fucking high.

Got the drip numb in and outside.

Loving the life, high 24/7.

Almost past away, but didn’t go to heaven.

The cocaine up my nose and the pills in my lungs.

I wanted to get higher, so here it all comes.

Got introduced to opiates, the pills weren’t enough.

Stuck a needle in my arm, yeah it was pretty rough.

She was the one, she was the love of my life.

Her name was heroin.

She fucked me hard, she fucked me good.

Did shit to me that I never understood.

And I never will and it’s the game we play.

I rolled the dice, and its the consequence I’ll pay.

I win some, I lose some more.

But I’m always right back, knocking on the door,

Looking for more.

Dialogue between Adam and Behati from the sneak peak of Maroon 5's newest music video for "Cold".
  • Adam: *plops down in bed*
  • Behati: *in bed, already sleeping, with a sleep mask covering her eyes* Hey.
  • Adam: Heyyy.
  • Behati: How was it?
  • Adam: It was weird.
  • Behati: Yeah?
  • Adam: Yeah. Somebody slipped something in my drink. I think it was acid, because I started tripping balls. Future turned into a teddy bear...James was getting fucked by a chicken...
  • Behati: *not really paying attention* Hmm.
  • Adam: It was crazy. Then I got arrested when the cops came. But they really weren’t the cops. It was like this adorable little cartoon stripper and she gave me like a adorable little cartoon stripper lap dance.
  • Behati: *still not really paying attention* Hmm.
  • Adam: That was weird. And then these two girls, they pulled me into a room for a threesome...
  • Behati: *takes off her sleep mask, turns and looks at Adam*
  • Adam: But nothing happened. Nothing happened.
  • Behati: *puts her sleep mask back on, turns back over to go back to sleep*
  • Adam: One had the head of a donkey and the other one had the head of like a skull I guess, like a gemsbok or a deer or an antelope or some shit. I really don't remember. And then like this body builder lady, she was wearing Uggs... She threw me into the pool and I kinda just snapped out of it and left the car there because I was way to fucked up to drive. So I just came home. And here I am?
  • Behati: Did you get the milk though?
  • Adam: I got the milk.
  • Behati: Awesome.
  • Adam: I love you.
  • Behati: Love you. *turns over and curls into Adam*
  • Adam: Goodnight. *closes his eyes*
  • Behati: Goodnight baby.
Sherlock 4.2 logic

Culverton took the note from his sister, and later it got to Euros, via mutual friends (I believe she said). Therefore Culverton wasn’t necessarily working for Euros, tho it is possible. (I doubt it, because Smith is a big-mouth, she wouldn’t have trusted him.) So Euros is presumably working with Moriarity to destroy Sherlock, and having Smith kill him would have been okay, but there are bigger fallback plans. But do they start with shooting John? Notice how Sherlock is doing fine until he grabs the gun from Smith’s daughter, and suddenly he’s tripping balls. I think the gun was coated in something. This mystery hallucinogen would possibly explain why the first episode was wonky - maybe she was already feeding it to them (she obviously has cameras in 221b, as she knew about the secret brother and “it is what it is.”

‘everyone thinks they know what I am
I just want to prove them wrong…
…I wanna go to space.’

((Because tripping balls on the floor of a shower cubicle fully clothed leads to honesty hour for Rick.

Random IC garbage for College AU Rick and Ford with @fordfpines ))

My initial experience with the ‘A Date with Markiplier’

-Well, this is nice, i assume I’m not in my PJ’s and in a nice black dress
-Aww, he gave me a ro- okay he snorted that Rose pollen and threw it aside, he must be high from that cheap plastic shit
-I wasn’t hungry anyways I didn’t want the foo-OOH CAKE
-Jesus christ Chef Boyardi is pissed- OKAY I WILL FUCKING PAY, SINCE I’M THE MATURE AND RESPONSIBLE ONE HERE- Awww, he seems super nice!
-Oooh! A play! I can clearly see that “The Dark Mark” Is a horror play involving a certain you know who let’s watch that
-”Oooh! It’s starting!” *Looks at Mark, then to the empty stage, then to Mark’s seat* Did he need to go take a leak or something I know the popcorn was microwaved but seriously
-Am I suddenly tripping balls or something because I see a million stages in front of me- now it is dark af- WHO DE FUQ ARE YOU ARE YOU SECURITY
-Well, Dark, you seem to be in a very professional suit. Did you get that at Salvation Army? Goodwill? That black eyeliner is screaming Kiss. 
-Was there some weird shrooms in that dinner I snorted with Mark or something I am tripping balls because I see one dark two dark red dark blue dark
-Jesus feckin’ crow bud you gave me freaking good choices. Hmm… relax? FUCK NO. Don’t Blink? *Blinks eyes furiously in protest* Don’t move? *Does the fucking Macarena* DON’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO AAAAAAAAYY MACARENA AIIIE!!
-Okay I grab freedom and now I am facing- Holy shit Mark has curly hair as well? Yeah, that’s definitely Mark with the white paper mask I’m going right m8 fuq you Darkiplier ya buttswipe
-Ooooh! Ice Cream! Yay! Usually I would go with either chocolate or cookie dough but vanilla is nice as well~ I’m bias on that end :)
-Awww, Mark is so sweet- Wtf why is my bowl tripping balls now- Jesus, I shouldn’t have snorted that Chicken Parmesan!
- “Hello, Ice cream~ My name is Markiplier, and welcome to- my mouth! Mmhmm~” You are too adorable, dear sir.