i will be tripping balls

Okay… okay. I think the 101 - 102 degree fever + lack of sleep from the coughing fits + this wackadoodle medication that I keep tripping balls on is just… the worst thing. It’s worn off and my fever broke so I’m somewhat sane at the moment, but it’s been a wild ride BOI LEMME TELL YOU

1) I decided that 80′s synth-pop was the soundtrack to my night which I’m sure only provided a breeding ground for my descent
2) I ate half a box of Apple Cinnamon Cheerios by the handful
3) I had many conversations that I only remember bits and pieces from if I’m honest but that was right when the medication (with the warnings about driving vehicles/heavy machinery) kicked in
4) I wrote an outline for a new D&D Curse of Strahd game where it’s all Candyland and I’m still convinced it’s really good which tells you everything
5) I had a complete panic spiral about “these hard things on my hips” that I suddenly felt. I was totally convinced it was cancer. Husband confirmed it was actually my hip bones.
6) I played Zeus and Poseiden while spouting such witty lines as “Fuck off, Atlas whatya gonna do SHRUG AT ME”, humor lost on the people around me.
7) I gave a very passionate and teary speech about how much I love cactus plants despite my frog-like voice.

tbh I’m kind of scared to take that medication again. It has warnings about not operating heavy machinery and drowsiness, but nobody mentioned “complete insanity”.

Things I keep AND recommend you keep in a travel bag (For Autistics)

-Noise blocking headphones, Awesome when you have to sit around loud people and don’t want any noise

-Earbuds/Headphones, for listening to music or watching videos

-Tablet/Phone/Ipod If you have one, perfect for playing games or listening to music or watching videos

-Tangles, I use the Tangle Jr. but overall it’s awesome for fidgeting

-Chewey necklaces, I like to use the ones that look like normal jewelry, in case I’m around people that are rude when I stim

-Fidget Cube, I love these, easy to use in your pockets so you don’t have to deal with judgemental people

-Travel pecs book if you need it, I get pretty Non-Verbal in public, so this helps me tell people what I need/want. My travel pecs book is just smaller and only has things to do with traveling, so I have stuff in there like restaurants, stores, the food I want to eat etc. I also have it so I can change out the pecs that would be relevant to that trip.

-Stress ball, I have one that is shaped like an alien, so if you can find one that relates to your special interest that makes it even better

-Plastic baggie full of textured items, mine has things like fabrics, sandpaper, feathers, and straws 

-Something to do with your special interest, it can be a book, a stuffed animal, anything really

-Small bottles of scented oils, if I’m going out to eat it helps distract me from the other smells in the restaurant

And that’s about it, I use a pretty big bag that has a lot of room in it. Sometimes if I’m going to be gone overnight I also bring my weighted blanket and weighted stuffed dinosaur.


decided to draw some of my faves over the years. apparently my thing is guys who think they’re cool but are actually huge losers…. and then there’s oot link who’s just too good for this world.

check out the pic captions for names & series 8′)

fic: knock me out, I fall apart - Dragon Ball
Vegeta muses on his race's history and culture in light of Bulma's pregnancy.
By Organization for Transformative Works

Dragon Ball Super; Bulma/Vegeta; General; 600 words; Complete

hahahaha i can actually still write words that might actually make sense in order, who’d’a thunk it? And a whole new fandom too. I’m about 99% sure this is @stlgeekgirl ‘s fault, because she posted some V/B stuff and I … kind of fell down a rabbit hole, found @ladyvegeets and @nala1588 and @vegetapsycho‘s tumblrs and HERE WE ARE, THANKS A LOT U GAIZ

There was going to be some pregnant smut too, but that didn’t quite happen.

There are a lot of risk-takers out there, but not everybody gets high on life. Some folks are dragged to the tanks mentally kicking and psychically screaming. According to Cameron, who worked in a sensory deprivation spa, his job mainly consisted of comforting those folks.

“Everyone is worried about different things” he told us. “I’ve heard, ‘Will I go crazy in there?,’ 'What if I come out a different person?,’ 'How can I call for help?,’ and 'Do I have to be naked? I’m not going in there naked.’ And, if they’ve seen Fringe, 'Will it fuck me up that badly?’”

Worse, the guy who dragged his buddy to the sensory deprivation tank in the first place usually isn’t all that helpful.

“I had a claustrophobic guy come in with a friend, and he took one look at the pod and said no way,” Cameron remembered. “I told him that inside, as soon as the door was shut, he’d feel like he was inside a vast area. His friend said the exact wrong thing to say – 'Hey, maybe this will cure your claustrophobia!’ He finally agreed to try it, but I felt compelled to tell him that it may help him, but it’s not a cure, but he said 'I know.’”

I Work At A Spa Where You Can Take Drugs, Trip Balls And Pee

‘everyone thinks they know what I am
I just want to prove them wrong…
…I wanna go to space.’

((Because tripping balls on the floor of a shower cubicle fully clothed leads to honesty hour for Rick.

Random IC garbage for College AU Rick and Ford with @fordfpines ))

katsstories  asked:

Got a scary horse story? (H3)

Horses can be on the scary side anyway when you remember that they are the species most likely to send a veterinarian to the morgue. This is made worse when working with people that don’t really understand horses as well as they think they do.

The case that made me decide to stop mixed practice was a horse with over confident owners. The horse had cut itself on the inside of a hind leg, and was not the sort of creature that was happy to let you pick up its feet anyway, so even getting a half decent look was going to be hard, and suturing the skin flap under local would be impossible.

The decision was made, after discussing the various risks of anaesthesia, to knock the horse out and close the wound. I would have liked to have had a competent nurse with me, but didn’t have that option with it being a public holiday.

Horse anaesthetics can be dangerous, for everyone involved. The horse is a large creature with powerful muscles that can flail its limbs to devastating effect. While it is going under anaesthesia there is the danger of it falling badly, either on itself on on you, and they can go into an excitement phase where they kick, trash, or stagger around. If this happens, there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop a disorientated 400kg+ horse except get the hell out of the way.

This horse did not go down quietly. It decided, as the anaesthetic took effect, to rear up and attempt to cartwheel backwards.

Now imagine you’re at the front of the horse when this happens. Neck and feet flailing in front of you as the horse rises higher and higher. 

The owner, for some reason, was more worried about the horse’s safety than her own, and was trying to yank the lead rope down to stop the horse cartwheeling. This was a stupid thing to do because firstly you can’t stop the horse anyway, and secondly you’re placing yourself in the middle of the danger zone.

So I grabbed the lead rope from the owner, yanking it forcefully out of her hands and shoving her away.

It was then that the horse went over.

With me holding the rope.

Now I am not a frail lass. I’m pretty heavy, but that’s nothing to a full grown horse that’s proceeding to trip balls. I was lifted momentarily off the ground, hooves flashing near my face and the lead rope tearing through my hands.

Tearing is the right word. It burned. Texture in the rope tore away at the skin of my hands causing such pain coupled with fear that you would not believe.

I couldn’t look at my hands. I just couldn’t. They felt like they were on fire but I would have to drive myself to hospital and now the horse was anesthetized on the ground, I only had one chance to close the wound. No way on earth would the owner, who was now a mess despite the fact that they were not injured and I was, would allow me to knock their precious horse out again.

In shock, with hands that felt like they were still on fire, I started stitching up its leg. I wont claim it was my best work, far from it, because I was not in a good state and acutely aware that I was now kneeling at the back legs of the horse, which was probably a more dangerous position to be in once it started to wake up.

And I wouldn’t have long. 

I got a few sutures in, my dexterity was awful and the surgical scrub stung badly, before the horse started to twitch and I was out of there. I made sure the thing recovered ok, left instructions and drove myself to hospital, clutching the steering wheel with the little undamaged areas of my palms, still not being able to bring myself to look.

It was a strange fear that played in my mind. Obviously i had survived because I was now driving, though probably not as alert as I should be. I was fearful for my hands, and my future.

You need enough feeling and dexterity to function as a vet. You have to be able to feel the texture of a mass inside an abdomen, perform delicate procedures through gloves, sense a vibration in a pulse when you’re up to your shoulder in a cow. If I lacked feeling or sensation, I would not be as good a vet as I should be.

When I was at the hospital I found out I had second degree burns on eight fingers and both palms. I also realized, as the adrenaline faded, that my glasses were missing and I had a bruise on my right cheek.

The glasses, as it turned out, had been crushed under the horse, and I hadn’t noticed.

It must have hit me.

That was my last horse anaesthetic.