i will be the pirate queue!

The world must be ending because I actually got something else finished this month…and within the same week, no less! But even more amazing, I drew someone who isn’t a certain golden rabbit. Truly, this is post-Christmas miracle.

I’ve gotten really rusty when it comes to drawing foxes. He’s transparent, though, so…yay?

And so it begins...

Moved Goopy and Sandy into their house in their otherwise-empty neighborhood…and the very first thing they did was trot off to break in their bed. They tried for baby, even. Unsuccessfully, alas. Once they got that out of their system…

There was lunch. There was also lots of Sandy playing bathtub pirate. This iteration of her seems very fond of it…

(I’m going to queue posts of this neighborhood, to avoid flooding your dash at any one time. Four posts a day, I think, starting around 10PM, my time. Maybe that’ll make it look like I’m around when I’m really not. ;) Can’t guarantee how long it will go on; it will depend on whether or not I’ll have any time to play my game in the coming days/weeks.)


Perfect In Every Way…


Although she was blessed with good fortune,
She never saw what form such “good luck” would come in.
She saw merely the horizon, sun, stormy sea, stars, and enemies.
Every day without humor or adventure,
She finally decided on something.

“I’m done with Lady Luck!
But I should at least show some gratitude.”

She prepared a golden rudder.
Shining on the heart of the devil’s ship, that flower bloomed fully.
That ship would continue on toward the crest of hope until the day it reaches it.

“No, it’s good! Really good!
This tacky thing is fitting for pirates, sis, gyahaha!”
“Alrighty, open up a cask of Bombay.
Unless you’d like a seafloor expedition?”