i will be the happiest

I don’t mean to fold every smile I touch into corners I can’t see, I guess I’ve always wanted something stronger than my lips to say we’re together, something bigger than the trees cutting down your spine. I’m happiest when I’m watching the world place stories into your eyes, when my shirt is catching the wind to race my feet on water draining in your last goodbye. You love deeper than anyone is willing to go, and maybe that’s why all the clouds have your eyes, every morning kiss wakes my coffee for more thoughts of you. days don’t end when you’re waiting for the first leaf to fall. so dance with me darling, we can borrow the steps from the moon’s grave, we can toast to the birth of pulsating stars, we can replace our heartbeats with wishes keeping your gaze afloat. We never crossed the line, we just moved it - baby, they don’t make magic like you anymore.

okay but wow is platonic love is so pure and beautiful…like all y’all can think about is romantic love but i’m the happiest i’ve ever been w my qpp? no romantic complications, just true platonic love. like wow, i’m so surprised a concept like this hasn’t taken over the world yet, it’s so great and more people need to recognize the beauty that is queerplatonic love.

Hey everyone so I’m the happiest I’ve ever been

i am rn doing things that I thought were not viable for me + things that I would want to kms for not doing like up until a month ago

And a year ago I wanted to kill myself

so don’t give up!


things change so sudden u wouldn’t even believe. Like I used to hate myself for failing college and now I’m doing research and my professors think I’m a good candidate for a Doctorate program right after my BS. And I would hate that I didn’t live in my own place and feel useless and immature and I just moved out with my bf :o (he also got really complacent and depressed but we encouraged each other and did it!)

I know a lot of ppl say these things and you’ve heard it before, and I’m no different but I remember seeing those and saying “god I wish” or “lmao lucky I’m still awful and wanna kms and things have been the same forever and there’s no way XYZ” BUT like the world is wild and things change a lot and suddenly and sometimes even just doing a leap of faith can help u hella so Ya That’s just a post

Dear Charlie,

I feel very lonely, very lonely, more than ever before. I wish everyting was like a year ago. A year ago I was the happiest human being,I would hang out with my friends every weekend and we had lot of fun, I was happy, really happy. But now I´m in uni, and I don´t have any friends, I don´t anyone to hang out with, anyone I can talk to. It feels like shit, I need someone. I need someone.

- Lm

“Master?” Genji called softly, nearly whispered, as he shuffled into the med bay. His faceplate was off, revealing a worried lower lip and timid, hesitant eyes. He held his hands in front of him, fiddling with his own fingers. A million thoughts had already raced through Genji’s mind and only one had stuck.

I love Zenyatta. I want whatever will make him happiest.

The thought seemed to give him a bit of courage and he called out again, a bit louder this time.


Sorry for the sudden onslaught of pictures! I have been seriously slacking with updating my tumblr. I’ve been concentrating on my videos and instagram along with planning life. There’s just not enough time in the day. Making youtube videos has really been so much fun for me, even though I wouldn’t say I’ve been very successful haha but I feel like it’s really getting my creative juices going and I’m really happiest when I’m constantly learning new things and pushing myself. There are a lot of videos that I want to make about my views that I think would maybe open the door to a lot of negative people flooding my youtube and tumblr so I’m a little apprehensive about making them right now, so I’m concentrating on sharing my life through vlogs right now and then slowly putting out more talking videos.

I’ve realized that the things that get a lot of views on youtube are usually things to do with Korean guys or kpop. The first thing I’m thinking of making parody videos about, the second thing I’m just not particularly interested in since I don’t follow kpop at all (other than listening to whatever is popular and playing everywhere here). I’m just going to continue making the things that I like without worrying about views or exposure. No matter what, going back and looking at the videos I’ve made, makes me really happy!

This weekend was a bit difficult for me but still really nice. Sun and played a lot of Overwatch together, something we haven’t done in a long time! He usually plays League. It was so much fun. We ate gamjatang on Saturday over some soju and makeolli and had so much fun just talking and planning our future. I’m really lucky that Sun is really good with managing money because I’m really not great at it. He’s investing our money and studying so much. It’s fun to hear him talk about all that stuff. Unfortunately, I ended up getting sick. I don’t even know why because shared a bottle of soju and a bottle of makeolli and I was barely tipsy. But I had a migraine and spent Sunday morning throwing up and feeling insanely dizzy. It didn’t get better until about 1PM when we ate lunch in Ganghwado. In Ganghwado we had a really nice time just chilling, eating lunch, and playing with Bori. We explored the mountain and picked a ton of chestnuts and then headed home. We got back to Seoul pretty early which was nice. We had time to eat dinner just the two of us, chill and watch videos before heading to bed.

Other updates in life include the fact that my school is being bought by a bigger company. We’re not sure what’s going to happen exactly. The CEO will remain the same and he has indicated that nothing will change this year aside from the name and that the school will be completely renovated. We’re even getting electronic boards. The Korean teachers are very nervous about their money,, but since I have collected my severance money every year that I’ve been here, I’m fairly confident that they’ll give us what’s ours. If not, I’ll happily take them to the labor board. However, this new company is huge and rich. They’re investing 500,000,000 won just on renovating our school, so I really don’t think our severance payments will be an issue.

We’ll see! I’m not staying here next year either way. It’s time to move on to bigger things!

Right now, I’m looking forward to Chuseok. I’m looking forward to relaxing, filming, spending time with Sun and his family and doing lots of planning for the next few months. I’m sorry that I don’t update as often! Life is busy~~~  

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I just read "Full Circle" and I already love it! Steve in a bookstore is like one of my favorite scenarios lol. Can't wait for more :)

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Bookstores are the place to be. Now if I could stumble upon him there, i’d be the happiest camper. And you don’t have to wait too long! The next part is coming your way tomorrow 😊

Full Circle (Strangers)

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Do you have any tips for a new Mommy? I want to make my little boy the happiest he can be but I don't know were to start....

I think the best thing to do is communicate I don’t know what your little boy likes~ Some basis tips though: many compliments! all the compliments! give your little attention when you can and let him know when you’re busy.. Just embrace the mommy role and treat your prince like a prince!

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for the self-ship meme: 1, 4, & 15 !! ☆

1. How did you two meet?

Oh man. How did I meet Red. Okay so, I don’t like going outside. Or to places with large crowds, so it was probably online. I bet he said something stupid, either on tumblr or some other website, and I decided to message him to tell him a few shitty jokes involving it.

4. Do you have petnames for each other?

BOY DO WE. I usually go with the classics; babe, hon, sweetheart. If I’m feeling particularly affectionate, I’ll call him love. Red goes for babe, sweetheart, sweetcheeks, doll. When we’re teasing each other, I’ll call him bone daddy and he’ll call me sugar momma.

15. Happiest moment together?

There isn’t any one moment. The times where we’re happiest is when we’re both in bed cuddling, just enjoying the quiet of the night. It’s peaceful and relaxing, and it feels safe.


“my happiest memory is you… because it’s not just a memory, it’s the present”

//slams hands on desk// when I thought I was finally over this yoi hp au, my friend gave me ANOTHER prompt and it just flew from there;;;;

more hp au