i will be so warm and toasty this winter

listen, i love jack ‘it’s only minus ten out i can wear shorts out’ zimmermann as much as everyone else but as anyone who lives in a cold place can tell you, we get VERY worried about people from warm places who clearly Do Not Understand How To Winter. 

and while bitty is very good at bundling up he clearly doesn’t know what to wear out (he wouldn’t have to wear so many layers if he had good winter clothes after all) and it is Very Upsetting to jack. so every single time bitty visits jack starting from october, jack has another piece of high quality winter clothing waiting for him, whether it be double layered mittens, wool-lined boots, or a coat that feels like duvet. 

so even though bitty still complains bitterly about the winter and (more amusedly) about jack’s wintery mother hen tendencies (”jack it’s the third of october, i don’t need woolen socks”) he’s at least warm which makes jack’s heart as toasty as bitty’s toes. 


ok so on dec 26th we were gonna drive to utah to stay with my grandparents, which means we pack teddy into his travel cage in the rear of our SUV under lots of stuff so it is nice and cozy. he loves traveling, like he just hangs out and eats hay and sleeps the whole time. when we stop he gets all excited to explore and meet new people.

so we’re getting ready to leave early in the morning and i take the tedmonster out of his cage to put him in the back. and it’s december so it’s kinda nippy, but it shouldn’t bother him because his fur is suuuper thick in the winter and the car is toasty and warm. so i put him down in the back and he hops into his travel cage like a good boy.

but then he stops and turns and looks at me. and he gives me this really intense glare. and then he thumps really loudly.

because it is slightly colder than he is accustomed to and he was mad at me for not controling the weather.

gay thumping shitbaby

i accidentally ended up with a bunch of thoughts for a superhero au who wants to add to these ideas

  • kanan’s an ordinary college student who works part time coffee barista except yeah okay she isn’t actually Ordinary considering she can control the temperature i.e. anything she touches, she can raise or lower its temperature
  • she just wants to have a normal life tho so she keeps her powers a secret and just uses them for mundane things (e.g. keeping her hoodie a wonderful toasty warm during winter, maintaining her drinks like coffee and hot choco at the perfect drinking temperature, never letting her ice cream turn into a sad puddle)
  • riko’s the first one to discover kanan’s powers and after a bunch of plot things happening, she introduces kanan to the gang
  • riko’s powers involve some sort of auditory caused synesthesia? i.e. emotional manipulation using the music she plays. it can also, to some extent, induce hallucinations to the hearer
  • dia can manipulate the time of animate things. ruby can also manipulate time but she can only use it for inanimate objects. the easiest and most often thing they use their powers for is to stop time but the aoe affects how much strain it is and how long they can hold it 
  • the kurosawas cant reverse time tho
  • (dia has a sword)
  • mari claims to be a teleporter. 
  • technically she can teleport? but her powers are actually closer to the category of time traveling? its limited to her ‘personal time’ tho and rather than moving temporally, she moves spatially i.e. as long as she’s been in that place before, she can go back to it. hence the pseudo-teleportation
  • also mari isnt actually part of the ‘good guys gang’
  • she’s that mysterious super who seems to have questionable morals and just randomly shows up, sometimes to help kanan + co, sometimes to actually hinder them. nobody’s actually sure who she is and what her real goals are
  • spoilers but mari’s “mundane identity” is that she’s part of the board of directors(?) to a really powerful tech company who’s very anti-people with powers
  • idk about the others yet but chika’s probably a furry can talk to animals maybe
Okay but imagine

Isak going to evens house and even is a mess. He hasn’t slept, eaten washed or anything. Just getting high and drinking. So isak makes Even a cheese toastie with extra cardamom on it, changes evens beds sheets then runs him a warm bath because it’s winter and he doesn’t want Even to be cold. They then have a bath together and isak gently washes evens hair and body making sure he doesnt miss a spot. Then uses a hair dryer to make evens hair soft and fluffy. They then lie in bed together, no words, just holding eachother until isak whispers to Even ‘I love you’

Shield Sledging

Originally posted by james-nat

Fandom: Marvel/Avengers

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: N/A

Writer: @imaginesofeveryfandom aka @thequeenofthehobbits

Summary/Request: Requested by anon:  OMG i just came up with the most adorable thing ever. So Steve x reader and it has just started to snow but in like an hour there is ALOT of snow. And reader wants to go out and play and Steve comes up with the idea of using his shield as a sledge and they have a lot of fun. When coming inside they drink hot chocolate and a lot of fluff happens. :) x

Notes: I tried, i’m not sure how good it is, but I hope you like it anyway!

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Idea: Tim modified his cape so that it can warm up or cool down. That way it works as camouflage from heat detection. And also means that it works as an heated blanket.

I like this because it’s very practical but also he’s smirking to himself as Nightwing is shivering his perfectly sculpted ass off on a winter patrol while Rob is nice and toasty. The downside is Nightwing, and any other team members now try to burrow in his cape on cold nights. It’s hard to be menacing while there’s three teens huddling under his cape bickering. This must be how Bruce feels all the time.

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What do you think the guys favorite seasons would be?😁i love this blog so detailed and lovely.

thank you so much!! i’m glad you enjoy our content c’:

Noctis: Winter. Longer nights mean more time to nap, and Noctis loves curling up next to a fire all toasty and warm with hot cocoa in hand. He also will destroy you at snowball fights.

Prompto: Spring. Not too hot, and not too cold either. The gentle winds are perfect for flying kites, and Prompto has always tried to despite him having no idea how the technique works.

Gladio: Summer. Gladio fares well in the heat, and tans nicely in the sun. Not to mention plenty of opportunites to go to the beach ;). Lazy summer mornings are his favorite. 

Ignis: Autumn. Ignis admires the beauty of the changing leaves, and also appreciates the cooler, breezy weather. He has a particular affinity for pumpkin recipes too - his pumpkin pie is godly. 


I often get asked about how I keep warm in the winter while keeping it stylish, so I though I should post some more outerwear pictures :)

Here I am wearing thermos leggings, shorts on top of those and then my dress. I am wearing thick wool socks under my leather boots, whose length also contribute to keeping heat in. My faux fur coat keeps me super warm with a thin sweater underneath, and the knit scarf is actually a poncho that you can wrap around your shoulders for extra heat. Top it with a wool beanie and mittens and you’re toasty :)

Coat from TaoBao
Beanie from H&M
Googley eyes mittens from dollar store (TIGER)
Everything else is thrifted

Yui: winter ver. Lol big scarf she stole that fashion idea from Carla

It’s getting cold where I live, so just wanted to make sure everyone is taking care of themselves and is nice toasty warm.

Unless you live in the southern hemisphere of course. Then go all out and rock that swimsuit

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Finn/Poe/Rey Christmas morning!au if it suits your fancy

“So why are they exchanging gifts today?” Rey asked as several locals wrestled a tree the size of a tie fighter vertical. “I mean, I understand gifts.” Which was true, though it had taken most of Rey’s surprise birthday party for her to fully master the concept. She kept thinking people were handing her things to admire, and she kept trying to return them to the gifter with her thanks for letting her look at them. When Finn had explained that she got to keep everything, that she was supposed to keep everything, Rey had tried to keep a straight face, but Luke had needed to come over and pull her down because she’d started to Force levitate from sheer excitement. “But why give them today in particular?”

“It’s a holiday on this planet. Sort of like Life Day, but a little different. It’s sort of a religious event, sort of secular celebration, mainly boost to the local black market,” Poe replied. “I don’t know the exact ecclesiastical reasons, but as far as I understand you exchange presents because it’s cold out, winter is terrible, but it’s halfway over so let’s power through to spring.”

Rey nodded like that made sense. “Winter is terrible.”

Poe grinned. “Still cold?”

Rey, who was having this conversation with Poe bundled so tightly against his chest, wrapped in his jacket as she huddled against him, said, “No, I’m doing this because I like you so much.”

Poe laughed, and Rey nuzzled her face into his chest like she was trying to nuzzle his laugh. “I thought you Jedis were supposed to be mind over matter.”

“Have you seen Luke? Have you seen our uniforms? We wear many layered robes and we are very toasty and warm all the time.”

Poe laughed again. “Good point.”

They stayed like that for a while, Poe watching the locals of the planet set up for their celebration, Rey curled against him so still that he thought she might have fallen asleep standing up. The sun had risen about three hours ago and it was getting ready to set, a storm front was moving in, and the ritual tree had fallen over for a third time, much to the consternation of the locals. All in all, it was one of the nicest moments that Poe could remember.

“Poe?” Rey asked softly, sleepily.


“Is Finn’s outfit a religious thing too?”

Poe looked over at Finn, who was partially buried by the neighborhood children who’d figured out that he had candy and was a sucker for big eyes and bright smiles. The parts of Finn that Poe could see were clad in what looked like a red velvet flight suit and the most unsettling large fake white beard Poe had ever seen. Finn saw Poe looking and tried to wave at him before a four year old tackled his arm.

“Honestly,” Poe said, “I have no idea what’s going on with Finn.”

“You got pictures, right?”

“Oh yeah, I got pictures. The pictures are the gift we’re getting today.”

Rey laughed, and Poe laughed, and Finn laughed, though since he couldn’t quite hear them, he had to have been laughing just because Rey and Poe were laughing, and then a toddler got him by the neck, and cuddling for warmth took a backseat as Poe and Rey waded into a sea of young children to extricate their man, still beaming happily through a fake beard slightly askew.


Hey Everybody!

Knowing that it’s everyone’s exams all around, I’m extending the project deadline to December 18 0AM KST! So that you would be able to concentrate and write cute letters to the boys~ Also, so that you can write letters about their new mini album which will be released on December 5th!

Also, due to popular demand, I’m now allowing multiple letters to send to more than one member! So gone are the bias wrecker woes~ AHAHA!

Send them to: theproject2k17@gmail.com

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Anyway, I hope you keep supporting this project and please reblog this so that word will go out to other Carats!

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It’s really cold in my house right now and I keep thinking about how nasty winter weather must be for tinies!

So how would you keep warm at such an itty bitty size?

Well, you’ve got a few options available to you…

If you live all hidden away from humans, it might be time to befriend a fluffy animal- perhaps a cat might be tameable for you? Their fur is very soft and they make great protectors too!

Or maybe you can find a way to sneak into a humans house and set up camp in their walls, the heating from the house should keep you toasty enough!

But if you’re a tiny who lives with humans, well then this is a much easier problem to solve!

Simply request a hot drink- tea, coffee or even hot chocolate will do- and then voila! Your own teeny hot tub!

Or my favourite way of keeping warm, snuggle up with your big buddy, humans hands and clothing is rather toasty and cosy and there’s no way they’ll be able to resist your cute looks- just one glance at your puppy-dog eyes and they’ll melt like butter!
You could sleep in their pockets, in their scarf, even in their cosy winter jumper! The possibilities are endless!

It's 7th grade stuff

So this is a little thing I came up with while experimenting with styles. Have some modern, still powered, a/o, established cherik au *slinks off *

When Charles steps into Erik’s apartment that night, shivering from both the cold and nerves, he’s greeted by the sound of running water and clattering pans. Muffled tones from a radio struggle around the walls, but the smell of cooking food goes through them easily enough, making Charles’ empty stomach growl. There hadn’t been time to get any lunch today, apart from a sandwich from the cafeteria on campus – he’d sent Erik a message saying as much.

Slipping out of his coat, still wet from the rainstorm outside, Charles pats his pocket to make sure he hasn’t forgotten anything, before he heads out in the kitchen.

By the sink, freckled forearms covered in suds from the dishwater, Erik is finishing up the last pans from what according to the smell must be a dinner worthy of gods. His usual suit has been replaced by a pair of worn jeans and a t-shirt (the AC/DC one he’d worn when they first met, at a rally against the Public Place Act back in college) and his hair is curled with moisture from a recent shower.

Charles leans against the door frame for a moment. Sometimes (every day) he just can’t help but stop and admire the long lines of Erik’s body; the way his shoulder blades strain against the cotton fabric of his shirt as he shifts his stance, the jeans hanging low on his narrow hips, the shadows of his eye lashes against his (always and still too sharp) cheekbones. People (his mother, mostly) have told him that Erik doesn’t look like an omega should (“I’m just saying, he looks so gaunt and sharp, dear – no softness at all. You could have done so much better. Do you even feed him properly?”) but Charles couldn’t care less.

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